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Cement Bond Sand (CBS)
2012-05-14 15:31:00
Hi The Cement Bond Sand(CBS) help in increasing the Thermal Resistivity of the Underground Cable so that the cable can able to carry the maximum load(say if conductor designed for 1000A, this CBS help in carrying the same range in the area of poor Thermal Resistivity). This CBS will be applied abo
A Kremlin Made of Sand ? By Leon Aron | Foreign Policy
2012-05-06 18:52:00
Instead, what we may be seeing is a Russian version of a familiar post-authoritarian democratization that swept through Greece, Portugal, and Spain in the 1970s, South Korea and Taiwan in the 1980s, and Mexico in the 1990s. Having reached unprecedented …Read more »
Are Stratfor?s ?Generational Shifts? like ?Falling Grains of Sand?? | 21st
2012-05-05 10:32:00
In their most interesting Annual Forecast for 2012, has identified this year as a very special time that they call a “generational shift”: There are periods when the international system undergoes radical shifts in a short time … We …Read more »
MIT 'Smart Sand' and 'Robot Pebbles' Replicate Objects
2012-04-02 20:37:00
From CNET News: Research effort uses distributed robots that communicate with each other to auto-duplicate shapes by forming an object out of a larger pile of smart sand. Read the whole article
Army Starts Testing Bots Inspired By Sand Fleas, Roaches
2012-03-28 18:22:00
From Crave: gorgeous gadgets and other crushworthy stuff. - CNET: Boston Dynamics, creator of the very awesome BigDog and a menagerie of other bots, is sending two small reconnaissance robots to the U.S. Army for testing. Read the whole article
Keystone ECO NautiCase Protects Your iPhone From Water, Sand, Shock
2012-03-05 02:41:00
Last year, I brought you a Ballistic HC iPhone Case Review and found it to be an awesome rugged case. At the time, I wished it would protect my iPhone from water, too. Today, I have a Keystone ECO NautiCase, which promises to be shock proof, sand proof, and splash proof, so I put it ... Related posts:Ballistic HC iPhone 4 Rugged Case – iPhone Armor How To Make Your Own iPhone Stand For Free New iSkin Products Add Functionality Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
Porosity in Steel Sand Castings
2012-02-09 01:27:00
I need help in solving a porosity problem in a steel casting valve body poured in SS316. We see porosities,small in size in various areas inside the housing bore after machining. Our customer is particular that the housings should be 100% free of these small voids. The foundry has done everyth
Golden Sand Prawn ????
2012-01-31 17:01:00
This is a modified version of this dish. We love prawns but sometimes we are just too lazy to remove the shelled. At times, we just remove the shells without enjoying the flavours on it. Hence, I modified the recipe a little so the prawns now get all the flavours and not just on the shells. Since the shells are removed, you have to be careful not to overcook the prawns. I didn't deep fried them, just a bit more oil to shallow fry. Those who doesn't like to get their fingers dirty will like this. :) Ingredients: 10 Large Prawns, shelled and devein 2 Salted Egg Yolk 1 stem Curry Leaves 1 tablespoon Butter 2 tablespoon Evaporated Milk 1/2 teaspoon Salt 1/2 teaspoon Sugar Marinade: 1 teaspoon Oyster Sauce 1/2 teaspoon Sugar 1/2 teaspoon Sesame Seed Oil 3 tablespoon Corn Flour 1 Egg a dash of pepper How to do it: Marinate the prawns for 10 minutes. Shallow fry the prawn till 80% cooked.  Drain well and set aside . Meanwhile, steam the salted egg yolks for 10 minute...
No Title - Retired - Sand Castle Molds
2012-01-30 07:11:00
I am trying to the second page of someone who developed my sand castle molds in 1977. His name is Riley Lohr and the company was Design & Development Models. The instructions are very explicit and I used the molds at Santa Cruz, took pictures and have been trying to work the "bugs" out for the last
Sand Castle Molds
2012-01-30 07:11:00
I am trying to the second page of someone who developed my sand castle molds in 1977. His name is Riley Lohr and the company was Design & Development Models. The instructions are very explicit and I used the molds at Santa Cruz, took pictures and have been trying to work the "bugs" out for the last
Pho Ten in Sand?s Plaza, No 5 Road, Richmond
2011-12-09 16:00:00
A reader alerted us that there is a new Vietnamese restaurant in Ironwood. That is a good addition as there is no Vietnamese in this part of Richmond. Pho Ten Restaurant is located at the new Sand's Plaza on No. 5 Road. It is across the No. 5 Road from the Ironwood Library.
Qty of Cement( in Kg) in Cement Sand Mortar Mix (1:1.5)
2011-11-22 12:32:00
We are executing work of Cement Sand mortar (1:1.5) lining inside Mild Steel pipes. Qty. of mortar shall be 0.34 cubic meters per pipe. Please tell me how much Kgs of cement shall be reqired.Density of cement and sand is 1440 Kg/cubic meters and 1840 Kg/cubic meters respectively. Water-Cement ration
Growth of Plants in Silty Sand
2011-10-24 14:25:00
Dear all, Please confirm that weather the growth of plants or vegetation is possible in silty sand which will be used for construction work? Also confirm that the same can happened in sand itself? Awaiting for experts reply.... Thanks to all.
How to Hit Long Sand Shots and Put a Lot of Spin On It!
2011-04-28 22:28:00
One of the easiest shots in golf  for pros and scratch golfers is a sand shot inside 30 yards. One of the hardest shots in golf for anyone is a long sand shot more than 30 yards. Why?  Because with the sand wedge, you can only hit it so far from the beach.  Since you ...This post: How to Hit Long Sand Shots and Put a Lot of Spin On It! Is Originally from: ProgolferDigest Please do not scrape content from
Black Sand Beach at Playa La Esperanza in Manatí
2011-02-20 23:00:00
We've been to a number of beaches along the northern coast of Puerto Rico, and I've rarely been let down by their rugged beauty. Playa La Esperanza was no exception. Located in Manatí, it is a remote and beautiful place. Not only did it have a great cove for cooling off in the water and beautiful views, it had a surprise — a black sand beach area.Continue reading this article → Black Sand Beach at Playa La Esperanza in Manatí Are you on Facebook? If so, go on over and "like" our FB page to see updates and FB-only information in your timeline → This article is copyright © Travel Guide.
Wave Generator (Sand Sculpture Art)!!
2011-01-17 18:33:00
You like it? Share it with the rest of the World!!
Bask in The Isle of Wight Sun, Sea and Sand
2010-10-28 08:25:00
If you are planning to get a big portion of sun and entertainment, and partake of the most delicious food you have to head straight to the Isle of Wight.
Are You Taking A ?No Brainer? or ?Head in the Sand? Approach to Investing i
2010-10-27 11:56:00
It is genuinely amazing that so many economists and investment professionals continue to promote ?business as usual? investment advice.  Their clients will surely pay a steep price for this ?head in the sand? approach to investing. Here?s why. Current Investment Realitiesa) Stocks – RiskyIn spite of the fact that equities are more or less fully priced, there are those who continue to recommend stocks without caution to their inherent risk.  We know the FED?s propensity to create money out of thin air continues unabated and that money has to find a home somewhere. Is a traditional portfolio of stocks the place… . . . → Full Story: Are You Taking A ?No Brainer? or ?Head in the Sand? Approach to Investing in Gold and Silver?
A phrase written on sand by a small boy who lost his parents in flood
2010-09-15 19:16:00
Dear River, I will never forgive you, I will never forgive you, even if your waves touch my feet million times.
Enjoy the Ocean Without the Sand
2010-08-20 15:32:00
Don’t you just love to go to the beach an play in the surf? Spending some very valuable time with your family enjoying the outdoors, can bring hours (or even days) of pleasure to everyone. But, for all of the fun that the beach brings, it also brings the dreaded sand in the swimsuit. Many ... Further information to read:Your Personal Fountain of Fun – Water Features For Swimming Pools If you are building your own swimming pool, you can do much more then just construct a rectangle to swim... Adding in Water Entertainment – Options For Pool Accessories Once you have the water moving in your back yard swimming pool, you can add in the extras to invite... Adding a Sparkle to the Waters – Basics of Pool Lighting If you want to dive into the waters after the sun is down, then you also might want to consider...
4x4 ride at the paoay sand dunes
2010-07-16 12:55:00
The best ride in getting to and around the Paoay sand dunes is via a rugged, 4x4 vehicle. This would ensure adequate traction especially at loose spots and in going up and down the sand hills. Stay away from the tricycles or your family sedan when you can help it. The last thing you want to do in this beautiful place is getting your car out if it gets stuck along the way. The other alternative is to buy a camel to complete your Arabian desert-themed party. It is an outrageous idea but it is worth a try nonetheless. You could just imagine how we beamed when a blue 4x4 truck fetched us at the Paoay Lake one afternoon two weeks ago. It looked like a blown-up Matchbox toy that I grew up playing, back in the days when portable electronic gadgets have not yet overtaken the world. The roar of the engine, the tire size and the elevated chassis gave us the feeling that we actually ruled the road. Other than the presence of goats and a few shanties at the dunes, I could say that we were t...
Bekut Nikola : Lines In The Sand
2010-06-29 19:01:00
Bekut Nikola - Lines In The Sand
Hands Across the Sand this Saturday
2010-06-22 22:23:00
  Many of us will be driving our cars to the beach this weekend. That’s okay. Hands Across the Sand is a movement made of people of all walks of life and diverse political affiliations and modes of transportation. This is more about the universal quest to utilize optional, clean power sources. The Hands Across ...
Green Sand Grits in Water
2009-12-18 22:00:00
I have Green Sandy looking grit that fills my faucet filter up all the time hince no water presser. What can I do to get rid of the green sandy gits?
Sand dune vegetation hindering their beauty: Goa?s education minister
2009-09-18 19:40:00
The Corporation of the City of Panaji along with education minister Atanasio Monserrate, in their eagerness to give children visiting the science centre in Miramar a lesson in sand dunes, may infact be instrumental in the destruction of the last of the dunes on the beach. Environmentalists have cautioned against the CCP’s plan to uncover ...
By: Goa Blog
Problem with Sand-Based Pool Filter
2009-09-10 10:52:00
I recently rebedded the sand filter for our above ground pool thinking that age (about 7 yeears) was the reason that fine particulate matter was not being removed from the water. However, the water still remains cloudy and when sediment is vacuumed from the bottom after the pump has been idle for a
time between sand blast and paint
2009-08-29 10:50:00
dear , can you please help me to know the minimum time (hours) between sand blast and start paintting fro tanks plates and steel structure and i think it is not same in winter and summer and can you told accoring to wich standard and is there afree copy fom it regards
Sand Eating Woman
2009-08-25 21:17:00
This woman is from one Russian village.She attracted our attention because of one weird fact about her. According to her words she is found of eating sand. Yes, just regular sand you can get from outside. This what she does - takes the bucketful of sand to bring home.She didn?t tell how much she eats and why she does this. The only information was shared is that she is found of doing this.I?ve heard about a lot of weird things that people take pleasure in eating, but sand?Apparently there is someone out there who not only eats sand, but considers it a delicacy. Not much is known about this woman, other than she lives in a Russian village and every day she goes out, fills her bucket with sand and?eats it. You can see from the pics that she likes her sand very much.
Kseniya Simonova - Sand Artist
2009-08-13 18:16:00
Hat tip to Huffington Post (*). Here, ((Kseniya Simonova)) recounts Germany conquering Ukraine in the second world war. She brings calm, then conflict. A couple on a bench become a woman’s face; a peaceful walkway becomes a conflagration; a weeping widow morphs into an obelisk for an unknown soldier. Simonova looks like some vengeful Old Testament ...
Kseniya Simonova - Sand Artist
2009-08-13 18:16:00
Hat tip to Huffington Post (*). Here, ((Kseniya Simonova)) recounts Germany conquering Ukraine in the second world war. She brings calm, then conflict. A couple on a bench become a woman’s face; a peaceful walkway becomes a conflagration; a weeping widow morphs into an obelisk for an unknown soldier. Simonova looks like some vengeful Old Testament deity as she destroys then recreates her scenes - with deft strokes, sprinkles and sweeps she keeps the narrative going. She moves the judges to tears as she subtitles the final scene “you are always near”. *Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian artist who just won Ukraine’s version of “America’s Got Talent.”
sand production
2009-07-14 19:55:00
i am needing a quote for cleaning of bags for a baghouse. there are 765 bags and they have oil on them. they are nomax brand. we need to have them picked up and laundered for reuse. can you help me?
sand casting risers
2009-07-07 20:26:00
Hi, does anybody Know how to find the suitable location of the risers in sand casting
Shauna Sand Topless [PICS]
2009-06-12 21:04:00
Shauna Sand goes topless for a minute while on the beach in Miami. Sand knows how to get attention and does so by constantly showcasing her body in bikinis and by hanging all over whatever guy she...
Cement, Sand and Gravel Mixing Problems
2009-06-09 12:49:00
i have a hard time analyzing the main reasons that some cement:sand:gravel mixing cannot reach to its desired strength! I'm in a study now of making concrete beams. the 1:2:3 , 1:2:43 and 1:3:6 mixing cant make the beams successful to reach the desired strength. my main questionis "what is the reaso
A Woman, who's delicious food is sand from 10 years
2009-06-03 16:06:00
An abnormal woman in Lithuania. She is having her everyday main dish is sands from more than 10 years. She said: ?Sand is more delicious to methan chocolate.? It?s on you to decide is this usual or not, i think it is the most tasteless food for the normal peoples... But for someone it is eatable and taste so good hat you can?t even imagine that... She can even save her money be eating her favorite food.--If you like this post, then please subscribe to my Also you can Subscribe by Email so that new posts will be sent to your inbox. PRIYANKA CHOPRA TOO HOT TRY THESE HAIRCUTS
Shauna Sand Bikini Time!!!
2009-05-27 14:04:00
After the Pamela Anderson bikini pictures, now i post her rival, Shauna Sand!Shauna Sand and Gregory Knudson, her new boyfriend spent the Memorial Day weekend in Miami. The new couple played in the surf, hugged and kissed on the lounge chairs and drank cocktails.Shauna Sand In Bikini in Miami
Sea and Sand~! Here I Come!
2009-05-14 23:40:00
All this warm weather is really getting me into the Summer mood! To celebrate that feeling today's featured Etsy product is an abstract painting that brings me to the brink of that feeling! It's Sea and Sand painting! The colors, and swirls; just invoke pleasure! I adore it!Original, Modern, Fine Art By Contemporary Artist, Pamela Miller. Painting and Art includes: Abstract, Cityscape, Seascape, Asian, Fantasy, Animal (ie Fish, Cat, Horse Art), Nudes, ACEOs, SFA and Still Lifes. Mediums Used: Acrylic, Watercolor and Mixed Media
Topless Shauna Sand With New Boy Toy At The Beach (NSFW Photos)
2009-03-20 18:07:00
Former Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand is completely in love with her new boy toy, a model named Greg Knudson and the happy couple posed for a sexy photo shoot in Malibu. Shauna says: ?I found a best friend who I love spending time with. I love him and feel that he?s a part of my family. ...
Bizarre 'Sand Puppies' Could Be Next Japanese Character Sensation
2009-02-26 12:00:00
Naked mole rats dig deep into Japanese hearts... in a GOOD way. What were you thinking? The so-called "sand puppies" at Tokyo's Ueno Zoological Gardens just might be the next cute character sensation, and the Zoo is helping things right along by selling plush toy versions of the bizarre, bucktoothed rodents.
Wood and sand combined for eco friendly soundproofing.
2009-02-20 18:40:00
Phonewell is a soundproofing product made from wood and sand and available in Ireland, the UK Netherlands and Germany. It is an "eco-friendly product that is breathable, pollutant free and odourless". It can be used to combat both airborne and impact noise and can be used on floors, walls and ceilings.
new tecnology sand washing
2009-02-13 08:39:00
i need design sand washing
Head in the sand
2009-02-10 08:38:00
In Iran, Natanz isn?t the main problem. The peaceful power plant in Bushehr produces 20% plutonium ? that is, 20% of its 82-ton payload. Iranians had tested the extraction of plutonium from spent rods. Even if Israel bombs Natanz and somehow deals with underground nuclear facilities deep in the mountains, there?s a fully loaded Bushehr ...
Howe Gelb & Giant Sand
2009-02-06 09:51:00
•Howe Gelb (from Tucson, Arizona) & Giant Sand en concert au Depot à Louvain, 5 février 2009.Het Depot, Muziekcentrum, Leuven.... Giant Sand (myspace) - Stranded Pearl (new album proVISIONS) ...
Sand Filter for Swimming Pool
2009-01-29 15:42:00
I am looking for advise on construction of a sand filter for an 1800 gallon swimming pool using a 55 gallon drum and locally available sand, aggregate, and rocks. Is there any specific materials that i should use or avoid? I know that commercial units are available but in these uncertain economical
Green Sand in Water Line
2009-01-06 18:03:00
I have just come across an unusual water condition in a fairly new building. There is a green residue and green-tinted "sand" coming out of a lavatory faucet in a building that has only been occupied for ten months +/-. It is alledgedly more prevalent in the hot water side. Building use i
Shauna Sand is a Victim of Spousal Abuse
2008-12-02 19:07:00
Shauna Sand claims she was choked, punched and thrown across a room in front of her children — and the bastard behind the alleged beatings is her very own husband. The former Playmate received a temporary restraining order against Romain Chavent yesterday, after she filed documents in L.A. County Superior Court alleging that this weekend, her ...
The Sand Creek Massacre
2008-11-29 13:56:00
On November 29, 1864, 144 years ago today, Colorado Militia troops attacked an encampment of Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, about 120 miles southeast of Denver, massacring 150 unarmed brothers. These Indians had surrendered themselves to the U.S. Army at Fort Lyon, they were travelling to an Indian Reservation in Oklahoma, and believed themselves to be under the protection of the U.S. Government.Peace on you and have a great weekend on this priceless planet we share.
By: Apache
Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn’s sand runs out on Days!
2008-11-19 00:40:00
(photo from My John & Marlena Screencaps) The good news last week was that Days of our Lives was renewed by NBC for at least 18 months, the bad news was there are going to be a lot of casting cuts. According to Soap Opera Digest the sand in the hourglass has run out for ...
Shauna Sand All Boobs and Fake Tan
2008-11-13 18:13:00
Shauna Sand was a bit embarrassed by the fake tan stains on her white shirt last night, but she made light about it and showed it off the the paparazzi.  She arrived at Villa Lounge with her boyfriend David Hansen. Sand is a Playmate and was featured in Playboy magazine back in May 1996 as the ...
China As Downturn Neophyte. If I Stick My Head In The Sand....
2008-11-08 08:05:00
CLB's own Steve Dickinson has just returned from the annual China Maritime Law Conference, made up mostly of China's leading maritime lawyers. This year's conference was in Wuhan. Steve reports as follows after the first day: I just finished the morning session of the first day of the All China Maritime Law Conference being held in Wuhan. The theme of this year's meeting is the shipbuilding industry. The conference was organized when Chinese shipbuilding was booming and China had plans to replace Korea as the leading shipbuilder in the world. Due to the recent economic downturn, virtually every presenter revised their presentation at the last minute to discuss the effects the current situation is having and will have on the maritime industry in China. The presenters all agreed on the following. The downturn in shipping is having a profoundly negative effect on all segments of China's maritime industry. Shipbuilders are finding that their shipbuilding contracts are being ...
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