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Woman Accuses Timothy Busfield Of Sexual Battery
2012-05-20 16:11:00
An unidentified woman is accusing actor Timothy Busfield of sexual battery after a date gone wrong at the ArcLight theaters in Sherman Oaks on Wednesday night (May 16). According to the woman who filed the sexual assault report the next morning, the two began kissing and the 54 year-old took advantage of her and groped ...
Tennessee governor signs controversial "gateway sexual activity" bill
2012-05-12 05:24:00
NASHVILLE, Tenn (Reuters) - Tennessee teachers can no longer condone so-called "gateway sexual activity" such as touching genitals under a new law that critics say is too vague and could hamper discussion about safe sexual behavior. Governor Bill Haslam's office Friday confirmed that he had signed the bill, which stirred up controversy nationwide and even was lampooned by comedian Stephen Colbert. ...
Proliferan volantes promoviendo la oferta sexual. Para algunos jueces no es
2012-05-12 04:21:00
Tras el decreto que prohibió el rubro 59 para luchar contra la trata, se registra un notable crecimiento de los “papelitos”Un polémico fallo avaló la oferta sexual promovida mediante volantes 11–05–2012 / Tras una denuncia y una “tarea de inteligencia” que se limitó a tocar timbres en departamentos privados e identificar la titularidad de los ...
Multas de 362 mil pesos a Clarin por promover avisos de oferta sexual
2012-05-12 02:21:00
Multan al diario Clarín por violar reiteradas veces la prohibición de avisos de oferta sexual 11–05–2012 / Por primera vez, un diario de tirada nacional fue sancionado por violar en reiteradas ocasiones el decreto 936/2011, que prohíbe publicar avisos vinculados con la oferta de sexo. La penalización se aplicó al diario Clarín, que deberá pagar ...
Wachiturro acusado de abuso sexual fue liberado
2012-05-12 00:27:00
Tras pasar cuatro días detenido en la localidad argentina de Las Temas de Río Hondo, el wachiturro acusado de abuso sexual contra una menor de 13 años fue liberado. Emanuel Guidone, conocido como DJ Memo, tuvo que pagar una fianza de más de US$10.000. Asimismo, el músico indicó que sus días detenido fueron ?los peores? ...
John Travolta's Difficult Week: Another Sexual Harassment Claim
2012-05-11 09:11:00
Actor's lawyer vehemently denies all three claims that have been made so far.By Gil Kaufman John Travolta Photo: Getty Images After two anonymous male masseurs came forward with claims alleging that John Travolta assaulted and sexually harassed them during rub downs, another man has come forward with a similar story. The third alleged victim, the first to be publicly named, is Chilean cruise ship employee Fabian Zanzi, who, according to reports, says that Travolta accosted him in 2009 while he was working as a VIP liaison on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Zanzi told that Travolta offered him $12,000 to have sex, but that he spurned the "Pulp Fiction" star's advances. "He hugged me and asked me to do a massage," Zanzi said. The cruise ship worker has reportedly filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Travolta, but no evidence of that suit had emerged at press time. The latest allegation capped a difficult week for the married star, who has long battled allegation...
Barack Obama's Sexual Heeling
2012-05-03 14:14:00
1982.  The year Marvin Gaye embarrassed his reverend father (who shot and killed his rogue son two years later) with his top 40 hit "Sexual Healing." ("Please don't procrastinate.  It's not good to masturbate.")*The same year Barack Obama was relieving himself with a white chick he traded in the next year for for an Aussie whom he met in NYC while at Columbia eerily resembling his mother.Genevieve Cook outs Obama's Dreams of My Father "composite white girl" in June Vanity Fair. When he ceased crooning Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" in 1985 the Aussie predicted: "That lithe, bubbly, strong black lady is waiting somewhere!"Obama took his "sexual warmth" and "guarded, controlled" cold "mixture of smells" self elsewhere. Genevieve had the foresight to hold on to her Obama diary which she gave to VF's David Maraniss.  Somebody flesh out this obvious planted story and tell me why the Obama campaign authorized Maraniss and the chicks to chat.Well this should quell th...
Obama ex-girlfriend recalls ?sexual warmth,? charm
2012-05-02 19:34:00
The poignant, often intimate recollections come from "Barack Obama: The Story" by David Maraniss. Vanity Fair published excerpts of the book, which will be published in June.
Sexual Predator Daniel Snodgrass Finally Gets His Just Deserves
2012-05-01 03:01:00
It was with some delight that I read this article from First Coast News. At long last an injustice has been set right. Today a judge sentenced 58-year-old Daniel Snodgrass, a circus performer, to life in prison after he was found guilty of molestation and sexual battery charges. Snodgrass was found guilty of tying a young girl ...
Photos: Men wear heels for sexual violence awareness
2012-04-19 05:18:00
Bill Kincaid (L-R), Antonio Ayala, Robert Barrientos, and Chuy Jimenez share a bench while wearing women's high heels during the 10th annual Walk A Mile In Her Shoes to raise awareness against sexual violence in Plaza De Cesar Chavez in San Jose, California April 18, 2012. According to the Department of Justice's National Crime Victimization Survey, an average of 207,754 cases, or one victim every two minutes, of rape and sexual assault were reported between 2006-2010. REUTERS/Stephen Lam (UNITED STATES - Tags: SOCIETY CRIME LAW TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)
Panetta introduces proposals to fight sexual assault in military
2012-04-17 03:39:00
The Pentagon proposed initiatives aimed at curtailing sexual assault in the armed forces. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced the measures on Capitol Hill after closed door meetings on the issue with members of Congress.
Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Sexual Tension Building Up For 8 Years
2012-04-08 14:57:00
No one can call Kim Kardashian out for jumping into a relationship with Kanye West. The two lovebirds have reportedly only been dating for two weeks, but they have a long history. The sexual tension between them has been building up for eight years. Kim Kardashian On Kanye West & Kris Humphries (Today Show VIDEO) ...
AMAZING Premature Ejaculation Treatments To Improve Sexual Stamina!
2012-04-06 15:56:00
Premature ejaculation is a common problem with a lot of solutions. Creams and sprays don't work. Reach your sexual prime with NATURAL cures for better sex NOW! Related articles: Fixing Premature Ejaculation ? What Makes A Good Treatment To Boost Sexual Stamina (Most Guys Are Clueless) Preventing Premature Ejaculation ? Are These 4 Myths Killing Your Sexual Stamina in Bed? Do THIS For Amazing Sexual Stamina! How To Stop Premature Ejaculation & Enjoy Amazing Sex! Premature Ejaculation: How To Increase Your Stamina
How To Escalate To A Sexual Relationship With A Stripper
2012-04-04 23:00:00
Seduction is a process. If you don't know how to progress the relationship sexually, body contact will feel forced. Learn how to escalate the relationship NOW!Related Posts 4 Rules For A Relationship With A Stripper (And When To Move On) Stripper Seduction – How To Pick Up A Stripper (For Free!) Stripper Seduction: The Key To Dating A Stripper How To Increase Sexual Attraction In An Existing Relationship Using Only Your Eyes How To Achieve Emotional And Sexual Intimacy In Your Relationship
Woman reports sexual abuse by imam, muslim community makes her out to be th
2012-03-30 11:21:00
Another imam caught violating little children. Figures, muslims WOULD defend a child molester. After all, their hero, the inventor of islam, “prophet” Muhammad, was himself a pedophile. Nottingham Imam jailed for sex attack on two boys   AN IMAM who sexually assaulted two boys has been jailed for three years. Yazeid Osama Aqqad, 24, of ...
4 Simple Ways To Build Sexual Tension
2012-03-24 15:00:00
Sex tips will come in handy when you are building sexual tension with a woman. Knowing how to keep her interest will help you with EVERY woman that you encounter.Related Posts How To Attract Women By Using The Power Of Sexual Tension A Little Sexual Tension Can Be Just What A Relationship Needs Female Orgasm Tip #2 ? How To Build Sexual Excitement With Anticipation How To Use Sexual Tension To Get Immediate Results Do You Know This Simple Technique To Increase Your Sexual Stamina?
3 Sex Tips For A Better Sexual Relationship With ALL Women!
2012-03-23 15:02:00
Sex tips usually try to tell men how to last longer in bed. Technique is important, but learn these 3 EASY concepts to keep sex exciting with all women.Related Posts Sex Tips: What Is Sexual Programming? 7 Titillating Tips To Unleash The Sexual Desires In Her Sex Tips – The REAL Secret to Sexual Confidence A Little Sexual Tension Can Be Just What A Relationship Needs 5 Funniest Sexual Bloopers (Relationship Humor)
Frustração sexual atira moscas para o álcool
2012-03-22 17:42:00
Cientistas norte-americanos descobriram que, tal como muitos humanos, também as moscas macho se refugiam no álcool quando rejeitadas pelas fêmeas. Ao contrário, as moscas sexualmente satisfeitas abstêm-se de beber. As moscas cujas investidas tenham sido desprezadas pelas fêmeas têm maior probabilidade de virem a embriagar-se do que as bem sucedidas sexualmente. Esta é a primeira ...
Democratic Congresswomen refuse to condemn fellow partisan who uses sexual
2012-03-07 22:30:00
Obama senior strategist David Axelrod’s faulted Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney for his muted response to derisive comments made by conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, in which Limbaugh called a Georgetown student a “slut” for supporting government-financed birth control. He said Romney is “afraid to challenge the de facto boss of the Republican primary,” ...
Cubs SS Castro accused of sexual assault (AP)
2012-01-07 00:28:00
Chicago police are investigating an allegation that Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro sexually assaulted a woman last fall. The 21-year-old Castro has not been charged with a crime, and police otherwise declined comment. “It’s an ongoing investigation,” Officer John Mirabelli said Friday. Castro was unavailable for comment, but his attorneys said the allegation is false.
Monta Ellis: Sexual Harassment Lawsuit By Erika Ross Smith Panned On Twitte
2011-12-21 22:04:00
Whatever Monta Ellis did, Erika Ross Smith’s just opened herself up to a World of bad media. The problem with what seems to be a flurry of sexual harassment claims and charges in the New Media Age is they are starting to make the accusers look really bad. Such is the case with Erika Ross (Read More...)
Ginger White Claims 13-Year Sexual Affair with Presidential Candidate Herma
2011-11-28 23:30:00
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has a new twist to his Casanova-like campaign with alleged mistress Ginger White, from Atlanta, coming forward with the allegations of a 13-year affair according to Fox 5 Atlanta. Cain’s campaign has been dogged by claims of sexual harassment while he was in charge of the National Restaurant Association. Cain has denied ...
The Hypocrisy of Ashton Kutcher and Sexual Slavery
2011-11-10 06:18:00
B-list actor Ashton Kutcher has exposed himself as a hypocrite of the highest degree after tweeting his disgust at Penn State firing head football coach Joe Paterno. Kutcher and his on-again/off-again wife Demi Moore have used Twitter to rail against sexual slavery involving women and children.  They’ve been relentless about it which is a good ...
Bialek Fired From NRA For False Accusations Of Sexual Assault
2011-11-09 17:32:00
Bialek Fired From NRA For False Accusations Of Sexual Assault  ?She was fired from her job, and her boyfriend suggested she contact Cain in hopes he could help her find employment.?. In this particular incident she was fired for falsely accusing her boss of sexual harassment, a charge denied by co-workers, as well as being ...
Sharon Bialek, Gloria Allred, Herman Cain, Sexual Harassment and Credibilit
2011-11-08 19:14:00
More at Yesterday, Sharon Bialek teamed up with famed celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, stepped up to the mic to give graphic details about her alleged sexual harassment encounter with Herman Cain, and immediately found herself the target of charges that she’s less than credible. If you didn’t see her talk on video, here it (Read More...)
Woman accuses Cain of bold sexual advance
2011-11-08 00:01:00
Woman accuses Cain of bold sexual advance NEW YORK (AP) – Leaving little to the imagination, a Chicago-area woman on Monday accused Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain of making a crude sexual advance more than a decade ago when she … Continue reading →
Sexual Harassment Whiplash
2011-11-04 08:42:00
In 1991, in the highest of dudgeon, Democrats told us how serious an allegation sexual harassment was, that if a woman (even if unable to corroborate her claim) said a man hinted at finding pubic hairs on a can of soda or just happened to mention a pornographic movie with a title derived from the ...
Stewart Isn?t Entirely Buying Herman Cain?s Sexual Harassment Defense
2011-11-03 02:08:00
The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Tags: sexual harassment, herman cain, full episodes, political humor <BR/>
Herman Cain Sexual Harassment? Donald Trump? Rick Perry Gay?
2011-11-02 14:57:00
The allegations that GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain was involved in some sexual harassment investigation when he was head of the National Restaurant Association in “the 90s” reminds this blogger of the claims all over the blogsphere that Texas Governor Rick Perry is Gay, and how the main stream media handles the rumors – by (Read More...)
Herman Cain, sexual harassment & the media:Once again, more scrutiny to a R
2011-10-31 18:47:00
Tongues are waging in the media — and across the blogosphere — about two women who, in the 1990s, accused Republicans presidential candidate Herman Cain of “inappropriate behavior.” When we talk about these things, it seems the inappropriateness of the the behavior depends on the political affiliation of the accused.  A Republican who jokes about ...
Real World?s Tonya Cooley Claims Sexual Assault By Castmates
2011-10-30 14:59:00
?The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins? star, Tonya Cooley, accused some of her male co-stars of sexually abuse in a new lawsuit against MTV, Bunim/Murray Productions, and male cast members, Kenneth Santucci and Evan Starkman. “Real World” Star Kevin Dunn Arrested For DUI (Mugshot) Tonya claims the production offered them large quantities of alcohol ...
Article Series Asks Sathya Sai Alumni To Admit Large-Scale Male Sexual Abus
2011-08-13 02:00:00
The following excerpts are from my recent article series, the main burthen of which to say that alumni of Sathya Sai education institutions now have a unique opportunity. I was a lecturer, (1978-1979, at the Sathya Sai College, outside Bangalore, South India. By showing fearlessness, truthfulness and compassion for those who suffer - virtues endlessly preached in Sai institutions - they can tear aside the veil of taboo against addressing sexual abuse. It is a suppression extremely prevalent in India. But, then, extreme conditions are those in which courage in straight speaking and clear moral action are called for. Since, like many teachers everywhere, my fond hopes for my former students to turn out well, have never died, I would dearly wish to see them vividly live those vivid speeches that Sai Baba's handpicked students would give. Perhaps forever doomed to disappointment will be those many listeners who have fondly thought that the rousing speeches of these students predicte...
Depression and its effect on your sexual relationship by Dr. Christina Vill
2011-08-08 17:03:00
The hallmark of most new romantic relationships is a passionate physical connection. But when one or both partners suffer from clinical depression, a couple's sexual chemistry can suffer. Approximately 35 to 47 percent of people with clinical depression report having sexual problems. Sexual problems worsen depending on the severity of one's depression; sixty one percent of people with severe depression report having sexual problems. In my practice as a clinical psychologist, problematic sexual functioning is a common complaint of people seeking treatment for depression and anxiety. What leads to the reduction of sexual functioning in those experiencing depression? The human brain is the body?s most powerful "sex organ." Sexual desire begins in the brain, shaping our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters help brain cells communicate with each other in order to stimulate blood flow to the sex organs. In a depressed person, their neur...
Sexual Abusers Must Be Convicted And A Public Educated (the Sai Baba Saga)
2011-08-08 02:33:00
This article continues from: Sathya Sai Alumni Need To Speak Out. Hiding Maintains A Culture Of Dirt. Posted by Barry Pittard on August 8, 2011 and:  The Upside Down Chair In A Sathya Sai Baba College. Posted by Barry Pittard on August 8, 2011 and:  Bhagavad Gita and Facing Villains. Will Sathya Sai Alumni Speak Up? And Fight!? ...
Will Court Decision Topple A Top Sathya Sai Teacher? Male Sexual Abuse Case
2011-07-22 11:36:00
STOP PRESS! Breaking NEWS ...... This morning, Friday, I received important news, the details of which are being wrapped up in an Indian High Court today. Until I access the notes, I shall wait and examine the details, and check on what those on the spot have to report. Witnesses to the court proceedings made such comments as: "Our side had only three 'suits' (ed. i.e., lawyers or solicitors). The Sathya Sai lot had no fewer than thirteen!! Our three advocates ran rings around them. The judge removed the gag". One of the family members I spoke to, who along with other family, have long suffered the effects of Sai betrayal, was so overjoyed at the routing of a formidable accomplice of Sathya Sai Baba that he told me: "I was so happy that I leapt into my swimming pool forgetting that I had my Sat(ellite)Phone in my pocket. I have to get a new one" .... Prison Sentence - More Sentences To Come? I can attest that there is growing determination among those who have t...
Oprah Winfrey Show On Male Sexual Abuse: Sathya Sai Baba Cult Survivors Sho
2011-07-21 02:23:00
At this juncture of preparations to litigate against those in the Sathya Sai Organization or allied with it who have sexually abused, or permitted to be abused, I copy below some details and links relating to a November 2010 Oprah Winfrey Special on sexual abuse of males. It is important for those survivors of Sathya Sai Baba's and his accomplices serial wrongdoings to raise their awareness of a number of psychological and social issues, including various forms of remediation that are available. I had earlier spoken to an Oprah Winfrey producer about the Sathya Sai cult cases, but nothing came of it. Activists - strong in the truth and justice of their cause - who take on powerful antagonists invariably come to know two things especially. They learn how powerful vested interests are, and to what extraordinary lengths they will go to defame, libel, threaten and bully, and to distort and lie. They also know that only dogged persistence, unblinking, unyielding, will finally win the...
?Rock Spiders? and Sexual Abuse of the Young
2011-06-17 13:07:00
Little Fly. By Barry Pittard She was 9, and she knew nothing 'Little fly,' 'Little fly' he called her As she writhed in his spider toils As kind Uncle with his charm enthralled her
Tech Crunch Breaks, then Later Pulls Story of Tech Writer?s Sexual Assault
2011-01-22 06:24:00
A friend of mine, Mark Carras of, sent me a message last night alerting me to a story that Tech Crunch had published about Google technical writer Noirin Shirley taking to her personal blog to speak out about sexual assault she endured at the hand of Twitter engineer Florian Leibert, at a post-conference party ...
Sexual Dysfunction in Schizophrenia: Findings
2011-01-05 15:22:00
A Spanish group[9] has examined the effects of quetiapine in 82 outpatients with schizophrenia in a multicenter, noncomparative, open-label, naturalistic study. Patients received open treatment with quetiapine, the mean dose being 525.4 mg, and were followed up to 6 months. Sexual functioning was evaluated using the Psychotropic-Related Sexual Dysfunction Questionnaire (PRSexDQ). This scale includes questions about libido, orgasm, ejaculation, erectile function and general sexual satisfaction, higher scores relating to higher degrees of sexual dysfunction. As the authors state, ?due to the naturalistic design of the study?, no laboratory tests were performed. It is important to note that most of the recruited patients (n = 56) had been treated with antipsychotics before and were switched to quetiapine. PRSexDQ total scores decreased from baseline to end point. When only patients who received quetiapine as their primary medication without having been switched were analysed, scores re...
The Effects of Schizophrenic Medications on Male Sexual Dysfunction and Qua
2011-01-05 14:55:00
Sexual dysfunction often goes unrecognized in adult schizophrenic patients, but reportedly affects up to 60% of these individuals. This is twice the incidence in the general male population. Antipsychotic medications, including olanzapine, risperidone, quetiapine and haloperidol, can contribute to male sexual dysfunction in schizophrenic patients. Dr. Mark Olfson and associates from the New York State Psychiatric Institute and South Beach Psychiatric Center in New York, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Rockville, Md. and Bristol-Meyers Squibb Company, Wallingford, Conn. examined the prevalence and clinical correlates of sexual dysfunction in schizophrenia outpatients treated with the above 4 medications. Their findings are reported in the March 2005 issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. They conducted a cross-sectional study of sexual function of male outpatients with schizophrenia from 3 state psychiatric hospitals. They studied patients aged 18-70 years who met diagnostic criteri...
Some sexual health issues discussed
2010-11-24 17:42:00
Erectile dysfunction is of increasing incidence day by day. This may be a matter of ego for men to discuss openly about the problem. This problem is related to inability to achieve the erection of the male primary sex organ penis or to maintain the erection for require duration of time. Due to several reasons the incidence of this problem is increasing. Only in North America one in every ten males are found to be facing erectile dysfunction problem. Viagra køb Worldwide there may be millions of people who have this problem. In conservative societies this problems may be prevalent but there may be reluctance to talk about this problem and seek professional help to manage the problem. An erectile dysfunction may be related to a psychological problem. It is very necessary to understand that and then plan a proper disease management program to get maximum benefit from the treatment. Science and technology has advanced and considerably contributed to the advancement of medical sciences...
2010-11-24 17:36:00
There are several sexual difficulties experienced by both men and women. These can cause a deep psychological impact in them and to address this, several methods have been coming up in the past decade to overcome this big stigma attached to impotence. Sexual dysfunction is a condition where a man faces difficulty in erection, i.e. he cannot hold his ejection or when has a premature ejaculation. There are primarily three major medicines which are consumed to treat this problem. The Viagra prix pills was a bold introduction in the market to treat erectile dysfunction in 1998, it was the first of its kind and received such a positive response. Over 3 million swear by it even today. In 2003, priligy, a similar pill was also introduced in the market only with an additional advantage that its effect duration is much longer. Both these pills have side effects which are mainly persistent headaches, stomach disorders and Face Flushing and potential side effects of Cialis prix include back p...
Falta de desejo sexual depois do parto
2010-10-16 14:55:00
Resumo A falta de desejo sexual depois do parto é muito comum e se deve a causas psicológicas e hormonais. A nova mãe enfrenta mais responsabilidades, inseguranças e medos. Nessa fase a mulher investe toda a sua energia no recém-nascido, seu mundo gira em torno do bebê e tudo ao redor desaparece. É muito comum que o pai se sinta rejeitado. Passos 1 Tenha paciência, não se pressione.
David Boreanaz sued for sexual harassment
2010-07-23 15:23:00
David Boreanaz is being sued by a former extra on his Fox drama Bones for sexual harassment.  Kristina Hagan filed suit claiming at Boreanaz made unwanted advances towards her on several occasions which included trying to kiss and fondle the her.  In addition to the advances he also reportedly sent suggestive text messages, graphic images ...
Nityananda, Sathya Sai Baba et al? Do Hindus Really Approve Sexual Immorali
2010-05-21 02:05:00
The court appearances of Swami Nityananda of India on charges of improper sexual behaviour towards a number of young women have made him the butt of outrage throughout India. Innumerable news articles, blogs, chatrooms, attest to the overwhelming abhorence of a very broad Hindu public for the types of sexual practices being referred to in the Nityananda court proceedings. In recent years, a top-ranking Hindu leader sent me an email (which can be verfied for bona fide media and scholars who may wish to check that what networked former Sathya Sa Baba devotees and other critics claim is true). See: Sathya Sai Baba: ?Considerable Concern? In Wider Hindu Community. This outstanding leader, recognized by a wide cross-section of Hindu organizations in his country, wrote: ?There is considerable concern among the Hindu Community, especially among the educated. It is very hard to get any action from the temples as they do not wish to cause difficulties with the Sathya Sai Baba groups. Peo...
More Testimony To Male Sexual Abuse By Sathya Sai Baba
2010-04-30 23:07:00
Below, Sebastian Engelbarts of The Netherlands relates his account of abuse experiences at the hands of Sathya Sai Baba. I need hardly point out that many testimonies have been shared with us with the request that they be kept confidential, and Robert Priddy and I (in our role of coordinators) have respected this. Others have stated that would only wish to make public their experiences in the context of investigation by, for example, a respected organization such as the BBC, Times of London, UNESCO, etc and/or by a court of law in a demoncratic country. I wish to add, as often, that for those who wish to avail themselves of legal or counseling services, we are happy to assist in obtaining those in the context of international best practice, with all the proper guarantees of accountability. In genuine circumstances of need, professionals in these areas can look to fee modification or waiver.
Sexual Abuse Priests. What?! The Pope Never Knew?
2010-03-28 01:37:00
Some international commentators opine that there is a net of terrible revelation closing in on Pope Benedict XVI. One revelation after another indicates that he has for many years known about the endemic sexual abuses, both of children and adults, happening within the Roman Catholic Church. And that he has, all along, failed with any probity to act. To the contrary, he has called, along, for secrecy. (I shall shortly turn to the mounting allegations of massive cover up of sexual abuse by the Boy Scout's of America) If any should think that the Vatican has not been for centuries, and is to this day, a heavy hitter in the murky world of realpolitik, they have not paused to read even the standard historical accounts.
Jessica Simpson Reacts To John Mayer?s Sexual Napalm TMI Remark
2010-03-05 01:02:00
Jessica Simpson says John Mayer apologized for describing her as “sexual napalm” in Playboy, but she isn’t accepting it. TMZ had highlights of Simpson’s appearance on Oprah...
What is the difference between a fetish and sexual addiction?
2010-02-12 04:45:00
There's a difference between a fetish and hypersexuality--also known as sexual addiction. For every female who exhibits this disorder, there are 20 males who do, so most of this discussion will revolve around men.A fetish is defined as erotic or sexual significance being projected onto some (ordinarily!) nonsexual inanimate object. Targets of fetishists' desire can include shoes, stockings, jockstraps, underwear and practically anything not typically considered to be sexually arousing in and of itself. Many people can be aroused at the sight of someone wearing these articles of clothing, but the course of any sexual act with that person, such "accessories" are quickly discarded. But for the fetishist to experience sexual arousal and gratification, he needs to have the article of clothing or inanimate object physically present . He depends on the object for tactile and (usually) visual stimulation. Without it, he's often unable to ejaculate or even become erect.A fetish is similar...
Is Sexual Addiction the right term? Free audio class
2010-02-02 02:03:00
Sex Addiction, Is it Real?with Dr. Joe KortWhat would you do if Tiger Woods and his wife came to your office? Would you know how to treat them? Sex addiction and sexual dependency are common in today's treatment offices. But do you know how to make a differential diagnosis? And more importantly, do you know how to help these people and their partners?For a free download click here this is primarily for clinicians, everyone could learn and understand how sexual addiction is treated by certified sex addiction therapists.
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