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2012-05-02 17:12:00
Here's a crafty lesson in skateboard cinematography courtesy of Tony Hawk's RIDE YouTube Channel. Filmer Josh Martinez breaks down how to effectively use the dolly shot to spice up any skate video or montage. He also shows us how he built his highly-efficient DIY dolly utilizing only a few hardware store essentials and some skateboard wheels. Proof, yet again, that skaters aren't just a bunch of know-nothing slackers!
NY cops fire 84 shots at suspect, who lives
2012-04-27 20:54:00
NY cops fire 84 shots at suspect, who lives Man charged with killing his sleeping kid sister NEW YORK ? Two Harlem cops yesterday fired a staggering 84 shots at an armed thug after he squeezed off one round at … Continue reading →
Venecia ? 48 Shots on a Mobile Phone
2012-03-02 14:00:00
VENECIA///48 shots on mobile phone from Thorsten Rother “This is our first project which was created entirely on a mobile phone. A part of the image processing has also been edited with mobile applications. The project was very interesting for us. It proves that everyone can be a filmmaker! There is no need for high ...--------- Join Travel Blog Success today and learn to build a better travel blog. Membership includes 27 tutorials, 12 expert audio interviews, private support forum, and much more.
Silky Microneedles Could Make Shots Painfree
2011-12-30 13:51:00
From Scientific American: Nobody likes getting shots. But what if you could make the needles so tiny that they broke the skin painlessly? Engineers from Tufts University have created such microneedles--made from the major protein in silk, fibroin. The work is in the journal Advanced Func
Illeana cute shots
2011-08-02 10:21:00
Illeana cute Stills Illeana cute shots
Are you Chunking Pitch/Chip Shots?
2011-05-10 20:50:00
When I play with my hacker golfer friends (who shoot beyond 100 on average), one of the things that I do them over and over again during the course of round is “chunking” their pitch shots/chip shots. So, how do you “not” chunk pitch/chip shots? It’s pretty simple, most of my hacker friend who are ...This post: Are you Chunking Pitch/Chip Shots? Is Originally from: ProgolferDigest Please do not scrape content from
How to Hit Long Sand Shots and Put a Lot of Spin On It!
2011-04-28 22:28:00
One of the easiest shots in golf  for pros and scratch golfers is a sand shot inside 30 yards. One of the hardest shots in golf for anyone is a long sand shot more than 30 yards. Why?  Because with the sand wedge, you can only hit it so far from the beach.  Since you ...This post: How to Hit Long Sand Shots and Put a Lot of Spin On It! Is Originally from: ProgolferDigest Please do not scrape content from
Zumanity Glamour Shots - Doing It Right
2011-04-17 13:44:00
Four years ago in 2007, I attended the Better Software Conference in Las Vegas. It was the first time I had been to Vegas, so I definitely wanted to take in all the sights and a show (as well as learn about agile software development and testing ? woo hoo!). Since I was in Vegas with no kids, I decided to see Zumanity, "The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil" (18 and older). The show was wonderful ? light-hearted, sexy and fun. Beforehand, a photographer took me aside and asked whether I'd like some glamour photos taken. I was all sweaty from hoofing it over to the hotel in the late June desert heat, and was wearing a striped t-shirt, shorts and walking sandals. Um, I'm not really dressed for that? The photographer immediately put me at ease and threw on a purple feather boa to glam me up. Since I don't know the first thing about posing for a glamour shot, she told me exactly where to put my hands and feet and how to look at the camera. I appreciated all the tips, but it ...
180 Movie Snap Shots
2011-04-01 13:54:00
180 Telugu movie Photo Stills-Snap Shots nitya menon once again looking awesome. priya anand and siddharth also looking good.
Some recent shots from my iPhone
2010-09-06 18:30:00
Here are some recent shots I’ve taken with my iPhone. I feel like the 100′s of photos I’ve taken with my camera would go to waste just if I was the only one who sat and stared a them on my phone whenever I have a spare minute. I literally look at my photos I ...Some recent shots from my iPhone
Announcing my new TekPub series, where you call the shots
2010-09-01 17:51:00
Last Friday, the ?final? two episodes of Mastering jQuery went live: Using Custom Events and Upgrading to jQuery 1.4. While we?ll almost certainly add another episode when jQuery 1.5 is released, we?ve covered what we set out to. Weighing in at nearly six hours of video, we covered a wide range of content, and have ... You've been reading Announcing my new TekPub series, where you call the shots, originally posted at Encosia. I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for reading. Related posts:Mastering jQuery now available at TekPub I’m giving away 10 free months of TekPub this week Hear me talk jQuery and ASP.NET on the jQuery Podcast
Video of Dirty Dwight Howard & his Cheap Shots in 2010 Eastern Conference F
2010-05-28 23:59:00
If you've had any doubt that Dwight Howard is a dirty ass player, whose smiling and joking is a facade to the cheap player he is - let the below be all the proof you need. The Celtics need to...
Scatter Shots
2010-05-28 19:04:00
The May Art in America was rife with polemic – but before I begin my “Scatter-shot” of critiques, let me say, “Thank You, Peter Plagens!’ for driving another nail into the Whitney Biennial’s dispirited coffin. His angular wit and crisply tart evaluations of this year’s crop was dead-on. I can only add that Tauba Auerbach must also have gleaned a few ideas from Simon Hantaï’s pliage work of 1960 – everything old IS new again.First off, Pepe Karmel’s presumptive authority on Yves Klein must be taken to task. True, Klein’s “IKB” monochromes do reign as “classically modernist paintings” but are they his “most significant achievement?” I hardly think so, given Klein’s prophetic and surgical attack on the art “object.” In addition to directing the pioneering “body art” of his Anthropometries, and regardless of what Karmel opines about how critics misrepresent Klein as a “prophet of postmodernism,” Klein did introduce early concepts of ...
Mug Shots 2009
2009-12-18 15:26:00
Most Memorable Mug Shots Of 2009Best Mug Shots Of 2009‎ It’s my favorite time of year again. The time in which the dumbest criminals of the year get saluted via their place on one of the many “best mug shots of 2009″ lists. In this case, it’s Buzzfeed’s 30 most memorable mug shots of 2009. There are some great shots on here, including some excellent celebrity mug shots to be added to the
Opening Shots of NONE MORE BLACK.
2009-11-09 04:31:00
NONE MORE BLACK opened a few weeks ago at 4th Wall Project here in Boston and I have finally gotten around to putting together a couple facebook albums. Honestly, I was hoping to get them up sooner but between a...
New Alexandra Burke Promo Shots
2009-09-13 01:34:00
Check out these promotional shots for Alexandra Burke's new single 'Bad Boys'. The weave does looks a little Bargain Bucket, but she looks great all-in-all.What do you think of the pics?
Video: Top 10 Circus Shots of the 09 Season
2009-08-30 15:36:00 has been producing many top 10 videos from last season. They are getting pretty creative with them now, so here's the top 10 circus shots:
First Shots of the GT2 Corvette C6.R
2009-08-14 13:00:00
When I was covering American Le Mans last year, I was blown away but how incredibly loud the GT1 Corvettes were. You could seriously feel then pass by in your chest, and while I know it wasn't the loud noise that scared the other factory teams out of the GT1 class, as a dedicated fan of the Ge
Pregnancy Glamor Shots Make The Most Of A Bella Belly
2009-08-09 19:19:00
Everyone loves baby pictures, but before the baby even arrives? Japanese mothers-to-be are baring their bellies in exclusive photo sessions that capture the pregnant pause.
Revisiting the Effectiveness of Blocked Shots
2009-07-29 15:45:00
I'm not John Hollinger, but I have had some thoughts about the way blocked shots are recorded recently. I've noticed a growing trend of blocked shots that go out of bounds. Some examples are LeBron's blocks: he runs down on another players fast breaks and usually bats the balls out of bounds. Also, most of Dwight Howard's blocks go out of bounds.While this is still a play the helps (the blocks that go out), it's not near as effective as a block that starts a fast break. All these blocks do is prevent an easy shot from going. They just force a team to regroup offensively. I'm not sure how many of the sets after blocked shots are successful, but most good teams can execute halfcourt offense pretty well. So that begs the question, how should we change the way blocks are recorded?The simple solution is to classify blocks that go out of bounds and blocks that stay in bounds. Blocks on box scores are recorded under the acronym BS. The simple solution would be to use these two acrony...
Woods, Mickelson pairing at U.S. Open? Kodak golf shots worth $1 million, c
2009-06-18 18:10:00
Click here to listen.What do Tiger Woods, Padraig Harrington and Angel Cabrera all have in common? Aside from major victories in 2008, all three will be grouped together during the first two rounds of the 109th U.S. Open.This was a smart pairing by tournament officials as each has a story to tell.Tiger Woods is not only the defending champion (holding off Rocco Mediate and a bum knee) but also held on to victory (and a score of par) in 2002 at Bethpage with Phil Mickelson on his tail. With fourteen majors under his belt, a fresh win at the Memorial and a great family behind him "I couldn?t be happier than where I am right now", Woods is ready to tackle Jack Nicklaus' record."It's five to pass him, four to tie him," Woods said. "I'm healthy enough where I think I can give it a go."Harrington is one of the odds favorites this year (+2500 for a payout potential of US$2500 on every US$100 bet at SBG Global.) Paddy should be as he has won the past two British Open Championships as wel...
LeBron's Amazing Pre-Game Shots
2009-05-19 02:32:00
Props to again; this is amazing:Embedded video from NBA Video
?Bruno? Movie Promo Shots
2009-04-17 06:43:00
Promotional portraits for Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming flick, Bruno. Related Smacks ‘Bruno’ Official Site Launched ‘Iron Man 2′ Pics Robert Downey Jr. on the Set of...
Anthony C.: New Outstanding Shots
2009-04-04 09:25:00
Allamericanguys have published a series of new, wonderful photos of Anthony C. The young hunk has the magic mixture of "cute and masculine", as his muscles become thicker and thicker. He obviously works out hard.You find a big number of high-quality photos and videos with Anthony C. on Allamericanguys.
By: 101 Boys
Hilary Duff Butt Shots In Jeans
2009-03-25 12:39:00
Hilary Duff was photographed filming a scene for an upcoming episode of ?Law & Order Special Victims Unit? with Mariska Hargitay on Tuesday (March 24) in New York City.Hilary Duff will play Ashlee Walker who is described as a "rebellious, trashy, slutty, irresponsible young mother". She is suspected as the murderer of her baby named Sierra. Enjoy Hilary Duff's butt shotsHilary Duff - In Jeans On Set of Law and order
Teens Capture Amazing Shots 20 Miles from Earth's Surface With a Ballo
2009-03-19 18:43:00
From Gizmodo: Using a $77 Nikon Coolpix and a $60 latex balloon filled with helium, a team of teenage students captured these remarkable shots from 20 miles above the Earth's surface. Radio-synced to Google Earth, the team tracked the package as it soared 885 feet per minute int
The Best Shots of Zac Efron in HSM 3 - Part 2
2009-03-19 15:07:00
I could not stop capturing beautiful Zac Efron in many stills of the DVD High School Musical 3 which I had bought. So here is part two of Zac Efron's best moments in High School Musical 3 - Senior Year:
By: 101 Boys
The Best Shots of Zac Efron in HSM 3 - Part 1
2009-03-19 10:35:00
This week I bought the DVD High School Musical 3 starring magnificent Zac Efron. I love the movie, especially its songs and its brilliant dancing acts. And I love the DVD because it contains a great deal: several deleted scenes, and a look behind the scenes with nice interviews of all main actors. I visited all big Zac Efron fansites on the web, but I was not satisfied with the stills from HSM3 there. Therefore I decided to make my own stills from the DVD I had bought. Making stills is a passion of me anyway. I'm very happy to present you part one my work now. Please enjoy gorgeous Zac Efron in his best moments of the DVD High School Musical 3 - Senior Year:
By: 101 Boys
Anthony, Shane, Ray: New Shots
2009-03-14 15:35:00
Allamericanguys have posted new outstanding shootings with some of their hottest attractions: very cute Anthony C., very muscular Shane Giese, and very cheeky Ray. Enjoy these examples:Anthony C.Shane GieseRayYou find much more of these high quality photos plus new videos on Allamericanguys.
By: 101 Boys
Friday Flash..A Few More Auto Trend 2009 shots
2009-03-13 01:23:00
A few more shots from last weeks Auto Trend 2009 show in Nagoya.One of a number of highly customised Hummers on display.This one had expensive interior fittings and a huge stereo system.The paint work shone like glass.Another photo of a set of models who drew hordes of admirers vying for a photo or an autograph.A nicely finished and detailed Mini.There are a number of kits available to accessorise and customise these cars such as bumper bars,muffler sets and various audio and video equipment options.This model was standing near one of the audio stands.
One Million Shots? Yes, WE can!!
2009-03-08 00:46:00
One Million Shots? Yes, WE can!! Here’s an idea than may be a bit out in *strange* land but hear me through. A friend of mine called me with this idea, we start a group and spread the word, gun owners all over America synchronize this as a *MUST DO* activity. We pick one night per week, we ...
China Auto. Who Calls The Shots?
2009-03-07 19:04:00
Great discussion going on in the blogosphere regarding consolidation/globalization of China's auto industry. I am of the strong view that the issues surrounding China's auto industry extend well beyond that particular industry as they pull in all sorts of issues, including China's companies going international, Chinese government involvement in industry, consumer sentiment, and how to handle manufacturing overcapacity. The ChinaBizGov blog has a new post on the auto industry that does an excellent job setting forth the various issues. The post is entitled, "Auto Industry Consolidation: Who Calls the Shots?" and it has some great links to other blogs (Silicon Hutong, and Aimee Barnes) that have analyzed China auto. I strongly recommend this post.
Shane Giese, Jesse, Ray: New Shots
2009-02-14 09:00:00
Allamericanguys have posted new outstanding shootings with some of their hottest attractions: very muscular Shane Giese, bulked up Jesse, and cheeky Ray. Enjoy these examples:JesseRayYou find much more of these high quality photos plus new videos on Allamericanguys.
By: 101 Boys
Anthony - Shane - Ray: New Shots
2009-02-07 10:28:00
Allamericanguys have posted new outstanding shootings with some of their hottest attractions: very cute Anthony C., very muscular Shane Giese, and very cheeky Ray. Enjoy these examples:Anthony C.Shane GieseRayYou find much more of these high quality photos plus new videos on Allamericanguys.
By: 101 Boys
Alcones1 commented on the blog post A few shots from The Florida Natural Hi
2009-01-22 04:21:00
Alcones1 commented on the blog post A few shots from The Florida Natural History Museum excelent photos!
Richard Daniel Baas wrote a new blog post: A few shots from The Florida Nat
2009-01-22 02:38:00
Richard Daniel Baas wrote a new blog post: A few shots from The Florida Natural History Museum
asian hot shots berlin
2009-01-01 13:09:00
"The 2nd Asian Hot Shots Berlin is going to take place in the the cinemas Babylon Mitte and Z-inema. The focus country is INDONESIA.Look forward to our 8 'Green Chilies Award' COMPETITION features. Don't miss the charming ladies of our festival band THEE 50'S HIGH TEENS from Tokyo. Experience our VIDEO ART installations. And get in touch with our GUESTS from Asia in filmmaker-talks and panel discussions."asian hot shots berlin - festival for film and video artFacebook |
By: weblogART
Spy Shots: 2010 Lincoln MKT caught in the cold
2008-12-25 17:38:00
Just a year after the MKT Concept debuted at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, Lincoln will be unveiling the production version of its new three-row CUV next month at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Fortunately, our spy photographers have snapped the most revealing views yet of this new 2010 LincolnMKT  being driven out on ...
By: Auto Fans
Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Taurus - Now with undisguised interior!
2008-12-25 15:32:00
Late last week we clued you in to some spy shots of the 2010 Ford Taurus, and now that more mules are circulating frigid greater Detroit, we’ve got a whole set of even more revealing snaps. These KGP photos of a different prototype shed even more light on the Blue Oval’s pivotal new sedan, including ...
By: Auto Fans
The First Shots of the Civil War
2008-12-04 18:01:00
The first shots of the American Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter on December 26, 1860. The fort was not yet fully constructed, and the Union commander had moved his forces there without orders from Washington because he thought reinforcing it might delay a Confederate attack. [source]
Man Shot 45 Times by Best Friend Lived Through First 32 Shots
2008-11-16 22:25:00
Man Shot 45 Times by Best Friend Lived Through First 32 Shots JEFFERSON, N.C. ? Prosecutors say a man shot by his best friend 45 times lived through the first 32 shots. They highlighted the findings of pathologists at Freddie McDowell Jr.’s murder trial Thursday after defense testimony claimed the 24-year-old man suffers from post-traumatic stress ...
More Promo Shots for Christina Aguilera?s ?Keeps Getting Better?
2008-11-13 18:32:00
What do you guys think about Christina Aguilera’s latest attempt at reinventing herself? Related Smacks New Christina Aguilera Promo Pics Celebrity Quote of the Day - Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera’s New Target Commercial Christina Aguilera’s New Video, ‘Keeps Getting Better’ Kat Von D Does Latina Magazine
some Moscow subway shots
2008-11-11 06:48:00
as i was on my own & didn't speak any Russian, i opted to not get my camera out much in the Underground (& most of the photos i did take were blurry!), which was a shame as it was quite simply an amazing place - worth going to Moscow just to travel about down there, get off at random stops, & check out the amazing stations, halls, statues, etcgreat sites/photos here...Moscow Metro by Bee Flowers 1Moscow Metro by Bee Flowers 2virtual tourWikipedia info overload!google photo searchwhat i've tweaked .. nothing much ;)What am i listening to? .. Jackie Chan - Sing Lungcamera .. samsung pro 815
By: Hokum.
Friday Flash..A Few More Dream Car Show Shots
2008-10-03 00:50:00
A few final shots from the Dream Car Show 2008 held at Port Messe Nagoya last weekend.The first one shows a couple of "kangaru" or campaign girls posing beside a motorcycle.Not my dream car but given the driving habits of drivers in Nagoya it seems a good choice of vehicle.Im just not sure where I could park it. This armoured vehicle along with two or three others was part of the Self Defence Force display at the show.This bright shiny racing car was displayed by a custom paint company.Many specialised companies had their products on display including car stereo,car television and audio firms.Body trim and paint companies as well as hubs,tyres and wheels were on show.Another kangaru posing with her sponsors product in hand.This last shot shows a car with its gleaming paintwork including a bikini clad model featuring prominently on both sides of the car.On the hood or bonnet of the car the said model is sprawled suggestively and seems to have problems keeping her top on.The vehicle d...
Jennifer Aniston - New Bikini Shots in Los Cabos
2008-09-30 18:07:00
Jennifer Aniston was spotted back on the beach in two peace bikini.Bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston soaks in the sun as she enjoys some seafood by the shore on a beach in Los Cabos, Mexico on Sunday.Jennifer Aniston - New Bikini Shots in Los Cabos, Mexico
Guillermo does tequila shots with the stars at the Emmys!
2008-09-24 05:38:00
That is one of the funniest red carpet shoots I ever saw! I love that Guillermo was doing tequila shots with the stars on the red carpet and they were doing them with him too! Ricky Gervais was hysterical, I love what he asked Guillermo for at the end and his response to him. But the ...
Vaccinate or Veto? Shots or Titer for Your Pet ? Part 2
2008-09-10 07:01:00
Each year, you receive the cute puppy postcard in the mail, reminding you that your pet is due for its annual vaccinations. You cringe at the thought of dragging your pet through the vet's door and writing that big check at the end of the day spent in the antiseptic office. Of course,
Vaccinate or Veto? Shots or Titer for Your Pet ? Part 1
2008-09-03 07:01:00
The $150-300 bill for shots makes you groan every spring. But do these shots hurt your pet (or large animal) more than they wound your wallet? Some studies have shown that animals may build enough immunity to skip their annual vaccinations. Testing that immunity every year or so is enough, and
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