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Milliamps Source.
2012-05-23 14:42:00
Kindly send me details as how to make milli amps Source and what is the Range upto I can Source?
Four Greek parties to take part in Monday talks: source
2012-05-14 08:29:00
ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece's president has invited the leaders of the country's three biggest parties plus a smaller, moderate leftist group to take part in talks to form a coalition government on Monday, a senior presidency official told Reuters. "There will be a meeting with the leaders of the three big parties and (Democratic Left leader Fotis) Kouvelis," the official said. Greece's three biggest parties are conservative New Democracy and the Socialist PASOK which back the country's international bailout and the radical leftist SYRIZA, which opposes it. ...
AP source: MLB drops Alfonzo?s 100-game drug ban (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-14 06:22:00
NEW YORK (AP) A person familiar with the decision says Major League Baseball has dropped its 100-game suspension of Colorado Rockies catcher Eliezer Alfonzo for a positive drug test because of the same procedural issues that came up in the Ryan Braun case.
New iOS 6 Apple-made Maps With 3D Support Confirmed by Another Source [Goog
2012-05-12 03:04:00
Earlier today we picked up a new report claiming that Apple is finally going to ditch Google Maps in favor of an in-house mapping solution built by the mapping companies purchased by Apple in recent years including Placebase, Poly9 and C3 Technologies. And it looks like the initial report published ...
Chlorophyll: Detoxing Straight From The Source
2012-05-11 19:28:00
With concerns that their sushi habits, silver fillings, or Gowanus apartments are exposing them to mercury, many New Yorkers are reaching for chlorophyll as a detoxer. More »Post from: Blisstree
Facebook's IPO already oversubscribed: source
2012-05-11 04:17:00
Facebook Inc's record IPO is already oversubscribed, a source familiar with the listing said, days after the world's largest social network embarked on a cross-country roadshow to drum up investor enthusiasm.
Google, Twitter quizzed on Facebook-Instagram: source
2012-05-11 02:55:00
The Federal Trade Commission has reached out to Google Inc and Twitter in an investigation into Facebook Inc's $1 billion acquisition of photo-sharing service Instagram, a source familiar with the probe told Reuters.
240 Dual Leg and Return to Source
2012-05-07 23:51:00
In 240 volt circuit, return of current is said to return when sine wave is at zero voltage? How? as the hot legs are never connected to ground or neutral!
U.S. News ? US claims ?unprecedented? success in test for new fuel source
2012-05-06 11:33:00
Could the future of cleaner fossil fuel really be frozen crystals now trapped in ocean sediments and under permafrost? Backed by an oil industry giant, the Obama administration recently tested a drilling technique in Alaska’s Arctic that it says might …Read more »
Edwards' hush money source was 101-year-old woman
2012-05-04 15:59:00
The key person funding John Edwards' cover up of his affair was a 101-year-old philanthropist who had swooned over the Democratic presidential contender in 2007.
AP source: 3B Brandon Inge to sign with A?s (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-04-30 02:26:00
OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) Third baseman Brandon Inge has agreed to sign with the Oakland Athletics, a person with knowledge of the negotiations said Sunday.
AP source: 3B Brandon Inge is signing with A?s (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-04-30 00:28:00
OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) A person with knowledge of the negotiations says third baseman Brandon Inge has agreed to sign with the Oakland Athletics.
Study: Arctic Ocean could be source of greenhouse gas
2012-04-22 19:18:00
The Arctic Ocean could be a significant contributor of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, scientists reported on Sunday.
Open source electronic modules that snap!
2012-04-18 05:14:00
Little Bits One of my favorite electronic kit of all time is the one I had found in a yard sale, the Lectron, magnetic electronic blocks to discover the magic of electronics in a minute! This was very cool to find at a yard sale, but I was always wandering why such kits did not exist today. Well... a friend of mine from the MIT Media Lab, Ayah Bdeir, did it beautifully with LittleBits: the magnetic blocks hands-on remain, there is less an "electronic understanding" per se and more of an an "experiment me first" attitude. The design is very well thought out too with the color coded modules and the easy snap-on pieces.Electronic components are classified: input, output, power and wire, are color coded (sooo cute) and easily snap-able. With 50 modules in hands, everything can happen! I can't wait to put my hand on the started kit and see how my little one (just turned 2!) will adjust to this new creative medium!
AP source: Indians agree to $1.25M deal with Damon (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-04-13 02:03:00
CLEVELAND (AP) The Cleveland Indians may have found a boost for their stagnant offense.
Source: Indians to sign Carlos Santana to deal (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-04-10 05:52:00
CLEVELAND (AP) The Cleveland Indians are building for their future up the middle.
Revolutionary Guard source warns of ?response? to interference with Iran?s
2012-04-05 09:45:00
Iran must be starting to get seriously worried about an Israeli attack by placing terror cells on high alert. I don’t remember this type of action before concerning an attack on Iran’s nuclear facility. Iran probably senses that time is …Read more »
T-Shirt and Coffee Mug Sellers Take Note: A Trademark Must Indicate Source
2012-04-05 06:29:00
This may sound a little circular, but to be protected as a trademark, the word or symbol at issue needs to function as a trademark. That means it has to tell the consuming public that the good or service you sell in connection with the trademark comes from you. A common pitfall is the ornamental use of a word or symbol. Let’s say you have a cool design or catchy saying, so you decide to put it on t-shirts and coffee mugs. That’s great, but it’s tricky protecting your words or design as a trademark in that context. Unless, of course, they actually function as a trademark by indicating source. Think about where a brand appears on a t-shirt or coffee mug. On a shirt, it’s often on the inside tag or on a hang tag before the shirt is sold. On a coffee mug it’s usually on the side or even on the bottom. In both cases, the brand — the signal to customers who made the shirt or cup — takes a back seat to the catchy words or cool design that likely...
Is there any open source for learning Comsol Simulations?
2012-04-05 03:18:00
I dont have a valid liscence to get info from website of comsol, if any other alternative is present It will be of a great help.
AP source: Niese, Mets agree to $25.5M deal (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-04-04 23:28:00
A person familiar with the deal tells The Associated Press that the New York Mets have agreed to a $25.5 million, five-year contract with pitcher Jonathon Niese, the team’s first major move since resolving the lawsuit by the trustee in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. The person spoke on condition of anonymity Wednesday because the ...
AP source: MLB approves Dodgers? finalists (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-03-28 00:18:00
Major League Baseball owners have unanimously approved the three remaining groups bidding to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers from Frank McCourt, setting up a final private auction for the bankrupt team. A person familiar with the talks, speaking on condition of anonymity because no announcement was made, said the vote took place during a teleconference ...
AP source: MLB to vote on Dodgers? finalists (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-03-27 22:39:00
Major League Baseball owners scheduled a teleconference for Tuesday to vote on the three remaining groups bidding to buy the bankrupt Los Angeles Dodgers from Frank McCourt. A person familiar with the call, speaking on condition of anonymity because no announcement was made, said the call was scheduled for 5 p.m.
Using 12V DC Source for Heating, Without Inverter
2012-03-25 15:40:00
Can some one help me with this ? I want to use 12V D.C. power generated by a solar panel, DURING DAY TIME ONLY, for cooking. Will it be possible to do so. I can use upto 500 watts solar panel for this job.
Voltage Source
2012-03-19 07:49:00
If you have 400volts source of voltage 3phase +N+G.How could you get a secondary voltage of 220volts Line to Neutral without using Transformers
MicroSIP ? Free Open Source Portable Voice Over IP
2012-03-15 17:28:00
MicroSIP is a Free Open Source Portable VoIP Voice Over IP Software. It can be used to send and receive ...
Inspiration Source: St Patrick?s Day!
2012-03-15 09:00:00
For those that don’t know, it’s St Patrick’s Day next Saturday (favourite feast of the Irish, and a great opportunity for beer lovers worldwide to drink a little extra and get lots of freebies in return!). Make sure you find your favourite green outfit for the occasion (so you won’t get pinched! Haha)! Over the years St from Strawberry-Gashes.netInspiratio-n Source: St Patrick’s Day!
AP Source: A?s minor leaguer faces suspension (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-03-09 23:25:00
Oakland Athletics minor leaguer Jason Pridie faces a 50-game suspension for violating baseball’s drug policy, a person with knowledge of the situation said Friday. The person, speaking on condition of anonymity because details had not been made public, said Friday that the 28-year-old Pridie’s infraction was for a drug of abuse rather than a performance-enhancing ...
Yellowstone's Hot Water May Be From One Source
2012-03-04 13:35:00
From Science: When you think of Yellowstone National Park's famous Old Faithful geyser, you may think of its power, its size or even its reliability. But you probably don't think about where its water comes from. Unless you're a geochemist. A team from the U.S. Geologica
What Happens to a Constant Current Source with No Load?
2012-03-02 17:14:00
I'm using an LM317 as a constant current source. What happens if there is no load? Does the output voltage just go to max in an attempt to make the current, or would the LM317 be damaged? And if the load were to be intermittent, say 2 kHz with a 30% duty cycle, could the LM317 keep up and provide a
Open Source Shopping Carts ? What to Look Out For
2012-02-28 15:44:00
Though open source software has been mostly associated with web applications, operating systems and multimedia functions, it is also being increasingly used in e-commerce. This post offers some insight into open source shopping carts.   Open source software is a great option for anyone who wants to add a shopping cart to their site. Open source offers several advantages. First, it is very cost-effective, and in many cases absolutely free. Secondly, it is very flexible. Open source will enable you to create your shopping cart according to your specific requirements. There are find numerous modules and templates which you can use to design your cart according to your business needs.     Before choosing open source software, you need to carry out some research. You need to make sure that the open source shopping cart fulfills all your needs. The following are some things to look out for. Compatibility with payment gateway Your...
Open Source Civilization Starter Kit
2012-02-26 19:55:00
Marcin Jakubowski PhD has invented a starter kit of farming and industrial tools that can be made by the do it yourself method. The information is open source. He claims that this equipment can be easily and quickly produced, at 10 to 20% of retail cost. He started a small farm after university, and
Cannot Detect Source of Leak
2012-02-21 13:56:00
Cummins K-19 marine diesel leaking water on side of engine. Does not leak when idle or moderate throttle. However, when full throttle engine begins to leak. Prior to the leak engine ran hot due to day tank water line clogged. Engine stopped running. Rocker arm inside valve cover was found to have co
Open-Source Slideshare alternative
2012-02-21 12:47:00
There were 2 reasons for me to create an alternative to slidehsare's slide-show plugin : My uncle had a 170MB PPT file which is over-the-limit of Slideshare's 100MB size limit.My previous company's CEO wanted to display 6 slideshows on the company's homepage and 6 slideshare plugins was being extremely heavy esp on the flash part. So I created a simple slide-show using jQuery as a jQuery plugin. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages.AdvantagesThis is completely customizable using CSS.Flexible slide sizeUnlimited slidesDisadvantagesThe slides are all images though, not HTML on the inside. Images would consume more space than HTML sildes.You need to export the slides to images, which you can do using Open Office.Require basic programming knowledge in HTML, CSS & JavaScript to embed this.An example of this :Usage : $(document).ready(function() { $('#div-element').jscoin_slide(-{effect:'slideUp'}); });The other options for effect are fade, flip and slideThis proj...
By: Anjanesh
Presidential Campaign News Source: Cable, Internet, Not Newspapers
2012-02-08 12:27:00
According to a study released by the Pew Research Center For The People and The Press, the leaders in where Americans get their news are cable, local TV news, network news, the Internet, and local papers. But what’s interesting in the Pew study, is how its own author of the online article explaining its results (Read More...)
Seek assistance finding a source for 2-Octyl cyanoacrylate
2012-02-03 06:33:00
Greetings: To conduct some experiments, I'm seeking a source of 2-Octyl cyanoacrylate, located in the US, Europe, or Asia, that can provides quantities up to 1 liter per order. Potentially, seeking larger quantities if the experiments perform as expected. Please contact Peter @ phboyd0714@gmai
Free Open Source Cloning and Software Deployment
2012-01-30 09:30:00
I once wrote here on Bauer-Power about a really great open source cloning solution called FOG. Not only does it handle disk cloning though, but it can do a lot of computer management tasks. It can deploy software, it can rename computers, it can map printers, it can even join computers to Active Directory. All of this for free!I also wrote an article on how to Sysprep Windows 7 easily. The main reason I wrote that one is because the standard method for creating an answer XML file for Sysprep in Windows 7 is kind of a pain in the butt. My way simplifies it with the help of a free 3rd party tool.Well I got a related email from Bauer-Power reader, Matt Bradley, on Sysprepping Windows 7 based on my article above, and how FOG's FOGCrypt program fit in. In this latest Tech Chop, I tell you more about FOG, and I try to answer Matt's question about FOGCrypt!What do you think? Did I answer Matt's question? Do you have a question yourself about FOG? Let me know in the comments! ...
Open Source Science vs. Peer Reviewed Journals
2012-01-17 19:24:00
Here is an interesting discussion on the evolution of scientific publishing alternatives that I find interesting:
Save $50: Duracell Powerpack 600 Jump Starter & Emergency Power Source
2012-01-09 09:00:00
List Price: $219.99Deal Price: $169.95You Save: $50.04 (23%)Households around the world trust Duracell for high-quality, long-lasting batteries. As part of their industry-leading line of superior quality power products, Duracell has created highly reliable, rugged portable power solutions that you can count on in any situation. From power outages and roadside emergencies to remote jobsites and the great outdoors, the heavy-duty Duracell Powerpack 600 will be there to provide plentiful power for work, recreation and emergency backup situations. Do you frequently need extra power for your tools or accessories, but none is available? If an outlet is not in reach or plugging into the dashboard's cigarette lighter is simply not an option, the Duracell Powerpack 600 is the perfect solution. This robust stand-alone battery based power source is powerful enough to run many popular electronics, small appliances and power tools, and can even jump-start vehicle batteries. A multitude of safet...
Symantec Confirms Source Code Leaks Out
2012-01-06 06:36:00
So, there was a hubbub today about an apparent breach and release of Symantec’s source code for their antivirus product. The good folks at Infosecisland got the scoop. From Infosecisland: Cris Paden, Sr. Manager for Corporate Communications at Symantec emailed Infosec Island editors with the following statement concerning the exposure of source code for the ...
Gabriel Marin: Fret-Less Double Neck - Consider the Source 2011
2011-12-31 18:52:00
Band Consider the Source jamming on there tune 'Do Not Shrink Me gypsy' Live December 3rd 2011 in buffalo NY @ Nietzche's Filmed by Bene Torres, Dawn Mullen and Douglas Caskey. Video edited by Bene and Dawn..Audio sources mixed by Bene and Bert at Jamgarden studio... CTS is Gabriel Marin - Fret-Less Double Neck Guitar John Ferrara - Bass Justin Ahiyon - Drums/Percussion Gabriel Marin: Consider The Source 2011
Free Open Source Quote and Invoice Software
2011-12-21 09:00:00
In the IT world we deal with a lot of different VARs (Value Added Resellers) to provide us with quotes for purchasing hardware and software. A couple of my vendors use an online quote and invoice management service called Autotask. It's pretty handy, when I ask for a quote on a product, they load it into Autotask and it emails me a link that is good for 30 days or something. If I decide to buy, they can turn around and use that same quote to invoice me, and provide me with a receipt.Now I'm not sure how much Autodesk runs, but I'm sure it isn't cheap. At the beginning of the month I wrote a post on why new business start-ups should use open source instead of paying for expensive software and services like Autodesk. I mentioned a few types of products one can find an open source alternative for, and I found another one to add to the list. It's an open source Invoice, and quote management system called Simple Invoices.From their page:Simple Invoices is a free, open source, web ba...
Source for Remote Photo Electric Switch
2011-12-18 07:29:00
I had been using an Intermatic Model LV81-4PR Remote Photo Electric Switch to control lighting on a landscape fountain. When it recently failed, I find that this item is apparently no longer available (Google search, EBay, etc.) Does anyone know of a source I may have overlooked, or is there a good
What's the Best Power Source?
2011-12-16 14:18:00
Demand for power just keeps going up, and experts are divided on the best way to handle that. While some are calling for a switch to clean and renewable energy, others say nuclear power is the way to go — and still others say that natural gas supplies are plentiful and cheap. Where do you come
Why Start-Ups Should Use Open Source
2011-12-07 09:00:00
I currently work for a relatively small start-up firm in La Jolla California, and it's budget time. I'm not going to lie, I am not fond of justifying IT spending, and it rather gets me sick to my stomach. To me IT spending is very necessary in this day and age. Everything runs on computers, and everything is stored as little ones and zeros on hard drives. You really can't escape it any more. If you are a technology company, which is to say you provide some kind of computer based product, IT spending is even more critical.Where I think a lot of start-ups go wrong is in their choice of software. You can't really get away from buying server hardware, but you can get away from spending gobs of money on software if you go with open source from the get go. Even if you have the money to spend on software, why would you not want to take that money and better spend it on faster, more robust hardware?What got me thinking of this is I recently got some quotes on VMware, and Microsoft for n...
Philippines Not Source Of Porn Spam Attack on Facebook
2011-11-21 22:28:00
Early this week, there were speculations around the web blaming Philippines as the source of porn attack on Facebook users around the world. This news caused alarm among Filipinos users as such malicious statement led to the announcement from Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg its decision to ban the entire Philippines from Facebook if spam attack ...
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Released
2011-11-15 05:39:00
Google announced this afternoon that it has released the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich into the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository. These files contain Android 4.0.1 which is the version that will ship on the Galaxy Nexus. As expected, these Galaxy Nexus files are the only build available; builds for other handsets will ...
An Era of Ecommerce and Online Shopping ? Did you Ever Think of the Source
2011-11-14 11:39:00
Wіtһ tһе onset οf globalization different חеw related economic concepts һаνе аƖѕο come іח. Tһеѕе economic concepts һаνе now gone οח tο become tһе backbone οf tһе modern day economy. One such concept tһаt һаѕ changed tһе whole tһουɡһt οf tһе “buying selling trade” іѕ consumerism. Consumerism һаѕ gained Ɩаrɡеr importance іח tһе modern ...
An Unlikely Source of Alkaline Water?
2011-11-02 06:37:00
An Unlikely Source of Alkaline Water…I’ve written a LOT lately about alkaline water, and water ionizers, and how you can ensure you get the hydration habit embedded into your life. And in this article I am going to reveal an unlikely, often overlooked, but powerful source of alkaline hydration… Quite simply, I believe that hydration is THE most important part ...From Energise Alkaline Diet & Natural Health Blog - health news, alkaline diet resources & tips to make you happy! do something nice today...
Apple?s Lossless Audio Codec or ALAC goes open source on its seventh year
2011-10-29 06:59:00
A tweet from MacTrast stating its decision to open source The Apple Lossless Audio Codec or ALAC, is an audio codec used and developed by Apple since 2004, and supported on iPhone, iPad, most iPods, Mac and iTunes. The release of the code is under the Apache license. Probably, the reason behind is to promote ...
Profane Source of Truth?
2011-10-21 15:26:00
Let every good and true Christian understand that wherever truth may be found, it belongs to his Master Continue reading →
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