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2012-02-24 18:00:00
Thought we'd have a little fun for this last post of the work week. Check out this Batman impersonator (albiet, a very good one) running amuck in the streets of Toronto interrogating and terrorizing its citizens. Happy Friday!
Are Google using Monopoly City Streets as an advertising platform?
2009-09-22 16:19:00
I’m sure many of you have noticed Hasbro’s new, very popular, website Monopoly City Streets. Due to the fact that the online game is based on Google Maps and you have a worldwide choice of streets available to buy, this received a huge amount of attention very quickly. In fact, the demand for using the ...© SEOptimise. Signup for the SEOptimise monthly newsletter and hire us for Search Engine Marketing!Are Google using Monopoly City Streets as an advertising platform? Related posts:Google Car: Search Traffic Becomes Real Traffic10 Non-Google SEO Ways to Promote your Business Online in 2009The Conversion Attribution Problem
Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010
2009-09-13 16:37:00
Microsoft Streets & Trips makes trip planning easy. Accurate maps and route-planning options help you get nearly anywhere in the United States and Canada. Customizable features let you plot your course, and more than 1.7 million points of interest help you plan your trip down to the last detail. Once you?ve planned your trip, you can send your route to your GPS device for navigation on the go.System Requirements?PC with 300 megahertz or higher processor clock speed.?Windows Vista with 1 GB RAM, Windows XP with 256 MB RAM, Windows Server 2008 with 512 MB RAM or Windows Server 2003 with 256 MB RAM (64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Server excluded); service packs for operating systems recommended.?Certain features require Internet Explorer. If not present, Internet Explorer will be installed but will not displace your primary browser.?Available hard-disk space: 1.8 GB (some users may require up to an extra 300 MB).?For installation of software: DVD drive or high-speed Inte...
Monopoly City Streets, an Online Game Powered by Google Maps
2009-09-11 05:52:00
If you like to play the Monopoly, you will love this new online game by Hasbro, called Monopoly City Streets, an online version of the popular board game powered by Google Map. The game, launched yesterday, 09/09/09, is “an immersive experience that gives players a chance to experience the thrill of negotiating and building first hand. ...Original Post on The Sun's Financial Diary Special bonus offers Citi Forward Card 11,000 Bonus ThankYou Points Lending Club $25 Sign Up Bonus TradeKing $50 New Account Bonus in August Monopoly City Streets, an Online Game Powered by Google Maps
Monopoly City Streets já pode ser jogado online
2009-09-10 09:03:00
Monopoly City Streets é a versão online do famoso Banco ...Monopoly City Streets já pode ser jogado online
Monopoly City Streets ? nova online igra
2009-09-10 08:43:00
V?eraj je bil uradni za?etek nove online igre – Monopoly City Streets. Vendar je bilo vsako upanje, da bi jo lahko za?el igrati zaman. Namre? preko 1.7 milijona obiskovalcev je imelo podobne namene in vse skupaj se je sesulo. Ko sem zjutraj ob 4. uri poskusil kupiti karkoli, je bilo vse ?e razprodano – Miami, ...
Google lanza ?Monopoly City Streets?
2009-09-10 03:13:00
El día de hoy se ha lanzado un juego que esta causando sensación entre los usuarios de Twitter, Monopoly City Streets, un juego creado por Hasbro y Google, en el cual el todo mundo se convierte en un tablero de Monopolio. Gracias a la tecnología de Google Maps, podemos navegar a cualquier lugar de la tierra ...ILMAISTRO.COM actualmente participa en el concurso "20 Blogs Peruanos". Si te gustó el post, un voto a favor de este blog me sería de mucha ayuda! Solo te tomará un segundo.Este es un post de ILMAISTRO.COM, Blog de Tecnologia. Suscribirse via RSS.Google lanza “Monopoly City Streets”
Delhi Streets: Beggars Free before 2010 Commonwealth Games
2009-07-20 14:22:00
Delhi Streets: Beggars Free before 2010 Commonwealth Games Posted using ShareThis
Bike Laser: Making Streets Safer for Bicyclists
2009-06-10 22:00:00
If your daily commute involves biking post-dusk on busy streets, the Laser is of interest to you. Replace the ineffective bike light with a full laser perimeter that honks when vehicles get to close.
Blu-ray Hits The Streets: World's First Portable Available This Month
2009-06-04 04:00:00
If you enjoy Blu-rays but hate being trapped inside your home, the new Panasonic DMP-B15 is a necessary upgrade. Take your Blu-rays wherever you go and then connect to your HDTV when you're ready to sit and relax.
Hedras Ramos: still got love for the streets!
2009-05-20 20:15:00
News: 19-05-2009: Hedra Ramos says: "Thank you" in a recent radio show, documented on On the radio show that I listened to, Hedras Ramos played four songs from his CD. If you wish to support with donations to help the musician fly to London can find more information on the site To learn more about the festival visit the British... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Frontispiece: Charles the King walked for the last time through the streets
2009-05-05 13:18:00
King Charles is followed by a priest, and surrounded by soldiers with lances. He wears 17th-century costume.(read more...)
Rat Children of Pakistan beg on streets
2009-04-21 16:26:00
Outside a Muslim shrine in this dusty Pakistani city, a "rat woman" with a tiny head sits on a filthy mattress and takes money from worshippers who cling to an ancient fertility rite.Nadia, 25, is one of hundreds of young microcephalics -- people born with small skulls and protruding noses and ears because of a genetic mutation -- who can be found on the streets of Gujrat, in central Punjab province.Officials say many of them have been sold off by their families to begging mafias, who exploit a tradition that the "rat children" are sacred offerings to Shah Daula, the shrine's 17th century Sufi saint.Pakistani Shah Daula rat woman Nadia"These are God's children. We are proud to look after her," said Ijaz Hussain, the shrine's government-employed custodian, as Nadia shrieked unintelligibly and put coins in a battered wooden box at her side.According to local legend, infertile women who pray at Shah Daula's shrine will be granted children, but at a terrible price. The first child w...
How to Design Livable Streets
2009-04-08 20:24:00
It’s no secret that Good produces the best graphics to illustrate the most current and important points.  They tend to go viral and get passed around.  I like their popular graphic on vampire energy and guide to prefab construction.  Good has a knack for distilling complex information, and I think their new guide to livable streets is worth reading.  In it, they explain ten ways to redesign and transform streets to become livable: Allow street vendors Provide pedestrian street lamps Install curb extensions at crosswalks Create dedicated bus lanes Create dedicated bike lanes Install raised, textured crosswalks Adjust street lights to give lead to pedestrians Install bollards at intersections Nurture street trees and plantings Use speeds bumps where necessary Growing up in Texas, I never really had experience with urban streets.  My suburban street was quiet and livable, although when young, I almost planted my bike directly into the side of a...
2009-03-19 20:30:00
This year Younity's 3rd exhibition entitled FRESHER! will host 40 female urban artists who will participate on an exhibition indoors and outdoors dedicated to bringing community awareness to environmental issues like; recycling, consumerism, global warming, pollution, health and renewable energy. Along with the exhibit YOUNITY will self publish it's second collectors book series that will help keep the message alive. Throughout the exhibit YOUNITY will host youth workshops, mural projects, and panel discussions to help educate the community about the importance of living GREEN.
Mafia Parade from Prison to the Streets to Last Throughout 2009
2009-03-12 02:35:00
Prison doors will swing open this year for some of the city's toughest mobsters.By an odd coincidence, some of the heaviest hitters from New York's fabled Five Families all have release dates in...
2009?s Most Fashionable Vending Machines: Shoe Dispensing Hits UK Streets &
2009-02-24 01:19:00
After a long night of dancing and partying at the hottest nightclubs, especially if you like to let loose Studio 54 style, there's nothing worse than having to walk home in the high-fashion heels or stilettos that you started the evening with. Fashionable and convenient vending machines popping up all across the UK to give club goers (and those suffering from other emergency shoe dilemmas) the convenience of comfortable shoe dispensing when they need it most.
Bullrun 2 on SPEED - One Helluva Ride hits the streets: Team Porsche is sen
2009-02-20 07:38:00
As I sit here watching the first episode of SPEED’s new series Bullrun for the second time after last week’s sneak peak which was the full first episode, I remember watching the first season of Bullrun on Spiketv back in 2007, what a distance to season 2, however if you want to caught up or your new to Bullrun, below is the recap on final three episodes of Bullrun season 1: Final four: Team Lotus goes home, Final three: Team Charger goes home, setting up Team Trans-Am, Team F-150 and Team Olds, the run to the Border, And the winner of Bullrun is: where Team Trans-Am winning, a 2002 Pontiac Trans-am WS6, driven by the father (Mike)/daughter (Morgan) team…)So with that said, Bullrun season 2 seems to be starting out almost right where they left off almost two years ago, however while the cars are different, so is the format. In Bull season 1, the format originally was teams would race from the starting point to a check point taking either My Way (Goldberg’s way) or the Highway...
Teenage Stories - Huge Girls On Streets.
2009-02-14 16:10:00
Teenage Stories - Huge Girls On Streets.Julia Fullerton-Batten was born in Bremen, Germany and graduated with a diploma in photography from the Berkshire College of Art and Design. She has since traveled the world a lot and rapidly developed a reputation as of one the leading young photographer in the country and credit for it surely goes to her surreal urban imagery.In her Teenage Stories image series, Julia has taken typical scenes and individuals; shows the lives and feelings of young girls as they transform from a relative innocence to heightened awareness of their grown up lives. Many of these are involved in everyday leisure activities, at home, in the garden, at the swimming pool, or at the beach. She juxtaposed them at strange and incredible scales. Another thing deliberately done here was selection of ordinary girls as models to produce a slight intentional awkwardness in the posture of the models that enhances the usual surroundings. Other Posts:Monowheel.Not The Usual Sch...
"Keeping The Streets Clear on Inaguration Day"
2009-01-19 16:57:00
President Elect Obama has already made it clear that he will look towards technology to help solve our probelms. Now technology will help solve the problem of how to get to his historic swearing in. 
Palermo's streets- how they got their names / Las calles de Palermo y sus n
2009-01-15 02:48:00
Many foreign visitors keep asking me why there are so many streets named after Latin American countries in Palermo Viejo, so I did a little research and here are some facts.In 1890, the city of Buenos Aires had spread to such extent that it was necessary to formaly name the streets in those neighbourhoods which were far away from the original core of the city - San Telmo. Therefore, in 1893, the government issued a bill organising and naming most streets in the city, including the neighbourhood of Palermo Viejo. At the time, it was decided to name streets by groups to honor historical personalities, countries, artists and so on. This explains why we find in PV so many streets named after Latin American countries (Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala), legislators (Uriarte, Malabia, Gurruchaga, Serrano, Cabrera, Gorriti) and scientists (Humboldt, Fitz Roy, Bonpland). As a matter of fact, I remember people used to mention the area as ?América Central?, years before ...
Kwanzaa parade celebrates African-American culture on South Dallas streets
2008-12-27 19:02:00
Kwanzaa parade celebrates African-American culture I have very little to say about this *made up*African BULLSHIT other than to ask you to look at the *Kwanzaa Events* and ask yourself, what in the hell is it that these African-American Asshats really want? Children’s activities at the Act of Change, 3200 S. Lancaster Road, Suite 320, Dallas, ...
PUMA Seoul - takes it to the streets!
2008-12-24 11:38:00
How can anyone on the street blindly miss these PUMA Promoters, decked out in flash green jackets! Not to sure what the occasion was to wave wave the big cat around town in Seoul, but there seems as though something is missing in this picture; can anyone tell me why they forgot to include some ...
Terror on the streets of Mumbai Photos
2008-11-27 17:41:00
Terror on the streets of Mumbai 100 dead, Terror on the streets of Mumbai photos, Terror on the streets of Mumbai hidden caps, Terror on the streets of Mumbai walls,Terror on the streets of Mumbai pics
New Hybrid Bus Will Hit the Streets in 2009
2008-10-29 22:25:00
Public transportation in large cities has made a huge impact on how much fuel is used and the amount of emissions produced. However, as more people turn to it to due to rising fuel costs, cities are looking for ways to make cleaner, more efficient buses to reduce those numbers even more, and Proterra has released a new hybrid bus design that may be the perfect solution.
Las 42 canciones de Step Up 2 the Streets
2008-10-04 19:09:00
Canciones de la Banda sonora Oficial: # Título - Artista - Longitud 1. “Low” Flo Rida featuring T-Pain 3:50 2. “Shake Your Pom Pom” Missy Elliott 4:13 3. “Killa” Cherish featuring Yung Joc 3:50 4. “Hypnotized” Plies featuring Akon 3:08 5. “Is It You” Cassie 3:57 6. “Can’t Help But Wait (Remix)” Trey Songz featuring Plies 3:24 7. “Church” T-Pain 4:00 8. “Ching-a-Ling” Missy ...
The Streets - Everything Is Borrowed
2008-09-12 13:43:00
5/10 Everything is Borrowed fourth album from The Streets, and it's independent on its genre. It's...
New Dananananaykroyd, Streets, & Justice Goes Electro-Prog!
2008-09-07 02:14:00
The Scottish sextet Dananananaykroyd transcend greatness with alarming regularity, transferring songs that are above-okay but hardly legendary on record into attendee-snaring behemoths that demand absolute sing-along reverence. The formula?s simple enough: a dash of Blood Brothers (twin vocalists, sweet and sour, nice postures), awesome pop hooks that would sit pretty in the catalogs of The ...
CBS is walking The Streets of San Francisco again
2008-07-30 09:12:00
CBS is bringing back The Streets of San Francisco to the small screen according to The Hollywood Reporter. The remake will keep key elements from the original Quinn Martin production: the title, the names of the two main characters and, of course, the backdrop of the City by the Bay. But the main focus is to ...
CBS is walking The Streets of San Francisco again
2008-07-29 21:10:00
CBS is bringing back The Streets of San Francisco to the small screen according to The Hollywood Reporter. The remake will keep key elements from the original Quinn Martin production: the title, the names of the two main characters and, of course, the backdrop of the City by the Bay. But the main focus is to ...
Italy Proposes Fines For Muslims Praying In Streets
2008-07-07 23:16:00
Milan, 7 July (AKI) - The President of the northern Italian city of Milan, Filippo Penati, has triggered widespread debate with a controversial proposal to fine Muslims who pray on the streets outside the city's mosque.According to authorities, the number of people praying on the sidewalk creates traffic and obstacles for pedestrians in the area surrounding the Viale Jenner mosque, a converted garage."Article 190 of the law regarding the obstruction of streets should be applied immediately," said Penati."I do not know or understand why the law has not been applied before," he said."The municipality of Milan should apply the law and fine transgressors, not to limit their freedom of worship, which should be guaranteed for all, but prayer carried out on the sidewalk is forbidden by the laws of our country."The Viale Jenner mosque, or cultural Islamic centre, can only hold 4,000 faithful. Those who cannot fit inside bring their Islamic prayer mat and lay it on the street outside the mo...
Earthquake-damaged cars hit China’s streets
2008-06-09 07:44:00
Thrown about and buried under rocks by the Sichuan earthquake, they have nevertheless proved resilient in the face of all that nature can throw at them - a metaphor, some hope, for the country itself. Along with refugees, army relief lorries and ambulances, a new fleet of vehicles has begun hitting the streets. On the principle that anything that can be salvaged from the rubble is better than nothing, residents of the earthquake zone have taken to trying to restart cars and vans apparently damaged beyond repair.
By: Attuworld
Limited Edition Tony Hawk T-Mobile Sidekick LX hitting the streets
2008-06-06 01:00:00
T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition (Credit: T-Mobile) What do Dwyane Wade, Diane von Furstenberg, and LRG have in common? Give up? They all have their own special edition T-Mobile Sidekick model, and now you can add professional skateboarder Tony Hawk to that list. Today, T-Mobile and Hawk introduced the …
lisbon streets
2008-06-05 23:05:00
ISO50 © Justin for materialicious, 2008. | Permalink | No comment | Add to digg Want more on these topics ? Browse the archive of posts filed under All, Art and Photography, Building Materials, Outdoor and Landscape.
Support Safe Streets/Strong Communities THURSDAY
2008-06-04 00:00:00
FYI: Safe Streets will FINALLY see a city council vote on an Independent Monitor for New Orleans Police Department.  New Orleans needs your support! WHAT:  Come out to City Council. Wear Orange.  Call City Council.  Say YES to public safety and police accountability! WHEN: Thursday June 5th around NOON Where: City Council Chambers, ...
Seen On The Streets.
2008-06-02 18:03:00
Seen On The Streets.Ramenskoye's Painted Houses:These are the painted houses in Ramenskoye, a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 46 km southeast of Moscow & its famous for two things; one its Zhukovsky airfield & the other its painted houses. Here is the rest of the gallery. Street Paintings Of Kurt Wenner:These are the 'Street Paintings Of Kurt Wenner' & here is the rest of gallery. From The Streets Of Hong Kong:Tape Sculptures: Tape sculptures by Mark Jenkins.3D Street Paintings By Julian Beever:Portable Computer painted on The Strand, London.This picture is part of a series used by White's Electronics of Inverness in Treasure magazine. These are the street paintings by Julian Beever & here is the rest of gallery.Light Graffiti:Cool time-lapse photography taken using LED glowsticks & flashlights by light graffiti artists. Here is rest of gallery.Street Art:Here are a few images of street paintings which just look amazingly pretty & here is the rest of gallery.Statues on St...
Next-Gen Chemical Substance Identification on streets
2008-05-31 23:09:00
GE Security today announced its Homeland Protection business has introduced StreetLab Mobile, its next generation, point-and-shoot handheld unknown substance identification system. The Raman Spectroscopy-based device?s chemical substance identification capability is expected to be complemented soon by the addition of biological substance identification capability. The biological identification upgrade is expected to make StreetLab Mobile the first ...
A Man On A Mission: Taking Love To The Streets One Soul At A Time
2008-05-25 09:41:00
Photo courtesy of Imagine you are a history scholar, young father and newly wed in your 30?s, pushing hard for your doctorate from one of the leading universities in the world?and then it happens. You read an old version of the bible and you are blown away. The experience is life changing and the transformation you ...
? Ashanti - ?In These Streets?
2008-05-24 06:00:00
New music from Ashanti has hit the web from her latest and upcoming album, The Declaration (The Inc./Universal). The title of the track is called “In The Streets”. I’m actually liking the tracks that we’re hearing from Ashanti recently. Although, she has been off the music scene for awhile and I guess the name of ...
Ashanti - In These Streets
2008-05-24 03:04:00
Once upon a time she was dubbed (by her label), the princess of hip-hop and R&B. She was making music like “Foolish” and “Rock Wit U” and everything was peaches and cream. And then, well, it all went downhill for Miss Murda Inc, but now she has dusted herself off and is back with a ...
Troops sent onto S Africa streets
2008-05-22 16:53:00
South African troops have been deployed for the first time in an effort to stop attacks on foreigners that have left 42 dead and forced thousands to flee.
By: Get rich
Inside Hizbullah In The Streets Of Lebanon
2008-05-19 09:59:00
Hanady Salman, writing for Al-Ahram from the streets of Beirut described how policies of the United States, Saudia Arabia, and inept leaders of Lebanonon forced Hizbullah fighters to openly oppose the government. Hizbullah militants went a gainst the wishes of their own leaders in asserting power against government forces. “It did not mater how many ...
zuerich picturesque old town with little and nice narrow streets
2008-05-17 20:06:00
In Switzerland’s largest city “Zürich”, written Zurich in English, visiting the marvelous old town is absolutelly recommended! Zurichs old-town streets are so picturesque! See many tiny little shops in Zurich old town. All absolutelly specialized on a specific topic. So the streets and the shop’s window are really picturesque!
Fox: Takin' It To The Streets
2008-05-13 12:17:00
"How often do we see somebody who's homeless on the street and wonder what it would be like to live like that?" Wonder no more as Fox launches a tasteless voyeur reality show "Secret Millionaire." "It's going to be huge." TV Newsday
Seen on the Streets of Paris
2008-05-12 15:22:00
More fun stuff from wooster collective:
Beirut Streets from 7th to 11th May 2008
2008-05-12 00:00:00
On 7th day of May, began in the ?Mazraa Corniche? youths gathering at Junctions leading to the main street, a voice bump has been thrown on those who had gathered at the "Gallery Shore corner" the cornerstone which will witness many acts of violence, which then would send correspondents ...
Beware of Sedition in Beirut Streets
2008-05-12 00:00:00
That was the slogan of Lebanese group when tens of thousands of Lebanese reached the voice of reason and wisdom in the bloody confrontations that took place between opposition forces and pro-government forces in Lebanon through their participation in numerous groups within Facebook. The consensus of those Lebanese people through these ...
Spring Festival in Paris Streets
2008-05-11 18:32:00
During the weekend of 17 and 18 May, around the Canal Saint Martin, Paris 10e, the streets will be the stage for the 11th street-art festival. 2 Days packed with dance, theatre, circus and colourful shows like the "Bollywood show", as the name indicated inspired from Bollywood. (Saturday 17 May at 8pm le Grand Parquet). There are also interesting workshops, for free so no excuse not to learn something new that weekend!for the programme and other information please visit the website.
Walk the Streets Like Kimbo Slice - Kimbo Nike Air Force One Sneakers
2008-05-11 16:36:00
Rumor has it that Kimbo Slice may have his own line of Nike Air Force One Sneakers coming out.  Based on the pictures that I’ve come across, it’s most likely a rumor.  Someone probably created these sneakers themselves or with Nike ID.  But regardless, it’s a cool concept.  Check out the Kimbo Slice Nike’s with the 305’s on the side… damn son!
Opponents say taxi rules could mean ‘fights in the streets’
2008-05-07 20:51:00
DENVER - Taxi cab executives are predicting fights in the streets between rival cab drivers and even some including passengers as a result of a measure passed by Colorado lawmakers deregulating the taxi cab industry. Supporters of the plan to make it easier for drivers and companies to enter the marketplace call those statements "way overblown." House Bill 1227 re-authorizes the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), thereby making its veto by Gov. Bill Ritter (D-Colorado) extremely unlikely. The amendment to the measure, which has the Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau as well as the taxi cab companies concerned, significantly lowers the barriers drivers and independent companies need to climb in order to get a license to operate a cab in Colorado. "When you have too many taxis in a market and not enough demand, you end up with fights," said Brad Whittle, an executive with Yellow Cab, one of the three cab companies (Yellow, Freedom and Metro) with licenses ...
By: Taxi Blog
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