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Charlie Sheen Exchanges Pregnant Wife for Strippers in Vegas
2008-11-04 22:35:00
Charlie Sheen might have a beautiful wife who is expecting twins, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to get his mack on with strippers and young women in Las Vegas when he feel like cutting loose. Sheen headed out to the desert playground on October 25th with the intention of having some Vegas style fun. ...
Michael Phelps Las Vegas Strippers Pics, Michael Phelps Photos
2008-09-13 00:23:00
Even with hand-on-ass, Michael Phelps still looks like a dork. I'm not saying he doesn't have stamina and couldn't bang ya for four days straight - screw Viagra's four hours - but he's a nerd. A nerd who can get more ass than Tommy Lee and Brody Jenner combined right now. Michael's just like, 'Watch me in action, and suck my big ears, losers!'I'll suck more than that for ya Michael. I'll suck your knees, too. Heh. Gotta keep it clean for the kids.radar
Male strippers for the ladies!
2008-06-06 00:46:00
This one’s for the ladies! It’s that time of the year when things get a bit steamy in our bar.. join us on 14 June for saucy games, prizes, drinks and 2 hot male strippers. We will have a satellite bar for the guys until after the main acts ……. The tickets are pre-book only, so grab your ...
VA - DNA And Dirty Yella - Somethin 4 The Strippers Vol.6 - Bootleg 2008
2008-05-30 09:52:00
01. 05:12 Lil Wayne Ft. Static And Gorilla Zoe - Lollipop Remix02. 03:36 Usher Ft. T.I. And Young Jeezy - Love In This Club03. 03:06 2 Pistols Ft. T - Pain-She Got It04. 04:12 Three 6 Mafia Ft. Unk - I'd Rather05. 03:00 Rick Ross - Money Makes Me Cum06. 03:33 Young Buck - The Strip Club07. 02:53 Shawty Lo - Dunn Dunn08. 02:52 Rocko - This Morning09. 03:50 Mariah Carey Ft. Camron - Touch My Body(Desert Storm Remix)10. 04:02 Trina Ft. Killer Mike - Look Back At Me11. 03:00 Snoop Dogg Ft. Lil Kim - Sensual Seduction Remix12. 02:56 Shawty Redd Ft. Big Gipp - Drifter13. 03:07 Stuey Rock Ft. Rob Fetti And J Nicks - Nymphomaniac14. 03:52 Three 6 Mafia Ft. Project Pat - Lollipop(Pop That Body)15. 02:56 Flo - Rida Ft. Timbaland-Elevator16. 03:19 Young Dro - All That Money17. 03:11 50 Cent Ft. Young Buck Lloyd Banks And Tony Yayo - IFucked Yo Girl18. 03:27 Plies Ft. Neyo - Bust It Baby Pt.219. 03:36 Ray J Ft. Lil Kim - I Like To Trick20. 03:37 Lil Scrappy - Trash Bag Money21. 04:33 Trina Ft....
[] FLOP UND TOP: Prom Night Zombie Strippers
2008-05-30 00:00:00
Amazon. de Widgets FLOP UND TOP: Prom Night amp; Zombie Strippers Eine kleine Erkl#228;rung Liebe Leser. Ihr habt sicher schon gemerkt, dass #8220;Die Ausweidung#8221; in letzter Zeit etwas auf sich warten l#228;sst. Tja, viel Arb...
By: BlogNews
Owen Wilson Is Single & Happy (Including Strippers)
2008-05-28 11:47:00
Owen Wilson handled his latest bust-up with Kate Hudson a lot better this time around by immersing himself in blondes, boobs and beer.After the on-again, off-again lovebirds, Owen and Kate Hudson broke up this month for the second time; Wilson merely headed straight for a Philadelphia strip club last Thursday and partied with a topless Hudson look-alike. That is an improvement from his suicide attempt when they broke up the first time!"He spent 4½ hours at Rick's Cabaret and was in an upbeat mood," one spy said. "He watched the Flyers game, drank beer, and when a parade of 75 half-naked girls caught his eye, he asked for dances from several and definitely had a preference for blondes. He tipped at least one with a $100 bill."Later, a luscious blonde who resembled Hudson spent some private time with Wilson in a VIP suite. "If he had any problems, you'd never know it. He didn't seem upset in the least," the buxom look-alike told. "People tell me I look like Kate, and it didn't bot...
NYT: Close But No Cigar
2008-05-12 22:08:00
Does this sound like a strip club? "Larry Flint's Heated Roof Deck and Cigar Lounge." The NYP reports the New York Times is running an ad for the above - Flynt deliberately misspelled - when the establishment is really "Larry Flynt's Hustler Club." The Times not only takes liberties with the perv's last name, the ad is only for the cigar bar. Busted...
Zombie Strippers - Reviewed
2008-05-12 06:17:00
Finally got a chance to check out the movie Zombie Strippers this weekend. The film released last month but downloadable via Bit Torrent stars Jenna Jameson & Robert Englund. Set in an absurdly near future where the world has gone to shit, George W Bush is on his fourth term as president along with Arnold Schwarzenegger as his V.P. and the US is mired in wars with not only Iraq but also Iran, Syria, Canada, Venezuela and other oil producing countries. Yes it starts off that stupidly.Anyways the ridiculously thin plot basically goes like this: The government is desperate for new troops to fight all these wars so they create a virus that brings the dead soldiers back to life, zombies soldiers if you will. Of course this whole plan goes awry, the virus is unstable the zombies attack everyone and a military unit is sent in to kill them all off. One of the army dudes gets bitten by a zombie and then ends up carrying it to a strip club. Still with me here?Recently retired porn ...
Are all strippers prostitutes?
2008-05-08 06:25:00
Great title eh? So I?ve been harassed, er I mean URGED to write about this topic by the lovely and talented Fifty One Fifty for awhile now. She has made her thoughts clear on the subject so I suppose I should chime in and tell you mine.Are all strippers prostitutes? The short and simple answer is no, not by a long shot. Strippers are there simply to take their clothes off and give you a show. That?s all. If they were there to fuck and suck you, there would likely be beds everywhere inside the club instead of couches to facilitate that act I would imagine.Most exotic dancers are just trying to make a living. Perhaps they were in a bad situation, or they just saw the idea of stripping as a quick way to make a good buck while in school or something but they aren?t there to fuck you and they don?t want you touching their pussy either. If caught it can get them either:A. FiredB. ArrestedorC. Beat up by the other pissed off strippers.Even if they did wanna fuck you for free, they ...
Zombie Strippers 2008 DVDRip XviD
2008-05-07 05:48:00
     Zombie Strippers 2008 DVDRip XviD Info :   Sample: or    Download Links or http://w...
Immigration Minister Threatened over Strippers
2008-05-05 06:01:00
Security has been tightened around Canadian Immigration Minister Diane Finley following threats related to Conservative efforts to keep foreign strippers out of Canada. Numerous threats, of an escalating nature, have been made against the minister in recent weeks. The exact nature of the threats was not revealed, but they are directly linked to Bill C-17, the government's anti-stripper legislation, and hinted at an organized crime connection.Finley introduced the anti-stripper legislation early last year- it was re-introduced in the fall - as a measure she said would crack down on sexual exploitation and human trafficking.Bill C-17, once passed, would authorize immigration officers to assess the risk of exploitation and refuse entry to temporary workers, in particular exotic dancers. Organized criminals have been known in the past to threaten civil servants over regulations involving strip club workers.In the mid-1990s, intimidation in the adult entertainment business led Human Res...
Tito Ortiz Cameo in Jenna Jameson Video Zombie Strippers - Video Preview
2008-04-28 23:18:00
Tito Ortiz is making his way to the big screen, well… maybe your tv set, in Jenna Jameson’s upcoming movie “Zombie Strippers”. Zombie Strippers is about a secret government chemical virus that gets released and ends up in an underground strip club. The strippers get exposed to the virus and start a new fad…. We dug up an interview video which shows a preview including a Tito Cameo. check it out 10 seconds in…
Jenna Jameson at the premiere of Zombie Strippers
2008-04-21 06:35:00
Acouple of weeks ago we already showed you the trailer to the new movie starring Robert Englund and Jenna Jameson called Zombie Strippers and just a couple of days ago the premiere for their movie took place and Jenna of course made an appearance. Is she really out of porn now and into main stream movies becoming an actress trying to win an Oscar at a certain point in her life? Click read more to see what it looked like. Related: - Zombie Strippers trailer - Jenna Jameson on Attuworld - Jenna Jameson on Startingiseasy
By: Attuworld
Zombie Strippers movie photos
2008-04-21 04:47:00
9 Zombie Strippers movie photos added : more … When a secret government agency lets out a deadly chemo virus causing the reanimation of the dead, the first place to get hit is Rhino’s, a hot underground strip club. Zombie Strippers (production of Production Headquarters) is a horror comedy movie directed by Jay Lee starring ...
?Zombie Strippers? an Intentionally Killer ?B? Movie That Loves the Skin It
2008-04-18 18:00:00
CHICAGO ? As the title implies, ?Zombie Strippers? has everything and more. How many films about strippers who are zombies also quote the bible and Friedrich Nietzsche? This film is loads of fun because it has loads of everything. Like nudity? Like bodily gore? Like sly political and military commentary? Love Robert ?Freddy Krueger? Englund? Yeah, it?s all in ?Zombie Strippers?. The film begins in a shadowy lab corporation where an experiment has gone awry. In the not-too-distant future, the fourth term of the Bush administration (certainly the scariest concept in the film) has engendered perpetual war. Read Patrick McDonald?s full review of ?Zombie Strippers? in our reviews section.View our full, high-resolution ?Zombie Strippers? image gallery. With the army spread too thin, experiments with a chemical virus to raise the dead have the potential to establish a zombie army. The regenerative effect, though, has been released in the lab. A special unit of military defense is calle...
Zombie Strippers!
2008-04-17 06:31:00
Forget fucking Batman and that fag Iron Man, the movie to see this year is Zombie Strippers. Starring Robert Englund AND Jenna Jameson, it has strippers, zombies and what is surely to be plenty of T & A. What more do you need people!? In theatres April 18th check out the official website or watch the trailer right here.
Jenna Jameson @ Zombie Strippers premiere in Los Angeles, April 15 - 10 HQs
2008-04-16 12:41:00
Related PostsJenna Jameson @ Monarchy Collection Fall 2008 fashion show (Front Row) during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Culver City, March 13 - 5 HQsJenna Jameson @ Bow & Arrow by Alan Del Rosario Fall 2008 fashion show (Front Row) during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Culver City, ...
Jenna Jameson Promotes Her New Film "Zombie Strippers"!
2008-04-16 11:00:00
Zombie stripper Jenna Jameson promotes her first film after porn, "Zombie Strippers", we are not sure how this movie will fear in the box office, but from the plot and the look of things this will be a horror film. Can you believe there is a Jenna Jameson Film that she doesn't participate in a sex act. We guess the career in porn is really over. The plot of the movie is about a secret virus capable of turning people into zombies is released into a Nebraska strip club, the club strippers struggle whether to accept the trendy transformation. The only thing Jenna needs to learn is to stop starring in films with the people she's dating. Her current BF Tito Ortiz is also a star in the film. Can you smell the cheese. (photo via wireimage)
Trailer Zombie Strippers
2008-04-12 02:16:00
Argumento: La historia se centra en el club nocturno que regentea Ian Essko (Englund), todo va bien hasta que a una stripper la muerde un zombie y se convierte en una Zombie Stripper. El codicioso dueño intentará sacarle provecho económico a esta ... Link: Tags: Argumento:, historia, centra, club, nocturno, regentea, Essko, (Englund),, todo, bien, ...
[(17+) Trailer] zombie strippers!
2008-04-11 02:01:00
Una de las más gratas noticias del cine para abril: Zombie Strippers! … con Jenna Jameson y Freddy Krugger. No puede… NO PUEDE haber una combinación mejor. Más si ella además se entretiene matando zombies y leyendo a Nietzche. Jenna habla de su rol para “The movie blog” en el siguiente video: Algunos clips de la película: Zombie Strippers ...
Zombie Strippers
2008-04-09 20:39:00
What do you get when you put a porn star like Jenna Jameson in a zombie movie? Zombie Strippers! Share This
Zombie Strippers
2008-04-09 20:39:00
What do you get when you put a porn star like Jenna Jameson in a zombie movie? Zombie Strippers! Share This
Zombie Strippers - Official Trailer
2008-04-09 19:00:00
It looks like Zombie Strippers is going to be the first smash hit of the spring when it drops on April 18th. From the trailer it looks like they took different things from every kind of movie a guy would like and sandwiched them all into one. You’ve got secret government experiments, guns, strippers, zombies, ...
Fotos de Zombie Strippers, la pelicula de Jenna Jameson y Robert Englund
2008-04-09 02:18:00
Jenna JamesonSi bien tiene la participación del mítico Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), la verdadera atracción de «Zombie Strippers» es Jenna Jameson, una de las más famosas estrellas del cine porno. Nacida en 1974, Jennifer Massoli fue ... Link: Tags: Jenna, JamesonSi, bien, tiene, participación, mítico, Robert, Englund, (Freddy, Krueger),, verdadera, atracción, «Zombie, Strippers», Jenna, Jameson,, famosas, estrellas, ...
Zombie Strippers, la nueva película de la estrella porno Jenna Jameson
2008-04-08 02:17:00
El poster un poco parecido a los de «Planet Terror» no? Seguramente no lleguemos a ver este film estrenado en nuestras salas, sin embargo, vale la pena dedicarle algunas líneas en nuestro blog. Se trata de «Zombie Strippers», ... Link: Tags: poster, poco, parecido, «Planet, Terror», no? Seguramente, lleguemos, este, film, estrenado, nuestras, salas,, embargo,, vale, pena, dedicarle, ...
Tráiler: Zombie Strippers
2008-04-07 02:18:00
Esta cinta se va directo al DVD, (claro no esperábamos más). Un tráiler bastante malo, sin idea, desdibujado completamente, pero aun así es una opción para rentar cuando de plano quieras ver viejas encueradas comiéndose a los malos clientes que visi ... Link: Extracine Tags: Esta, cinta, directo, DVD,, (claro, esperábamos, más). Un, tráiler, bastante, malo,, idea,, desdibujado, completamente,, ...
Zombie Strippers
2008-04-04 08:25:00
In the not too distant future a secret government re-animation chemo-virus gets released into conservative Sartre, Nebraska and lands in an underground strip club. As the virus begins to spread, turning the strippers into "Super Zombie Strippers" the girls struggle with whether or not to conform to the new "fad" even if it means there's no turning back. And besides Robert Englund, who we all know from the Freddy Krueger movies, it is laso starring Jenna Jameson. Yes, she is a real Zombie Stripper.
By: Attuworld
Jenna Jameson ?Zombie Strippers? Movie
2008-04-01 03:50:00
Well doesn’t this look good — a little Resident Evil, folded in with a little porn. Zombie Strippers stars Nightmare on Elm Street actor, Robert Englund and ex-porn star Jenna Jameson. In the not too distant future a secret government re-animation chemo-virus gets released into conservative Sartre, Nebraska and lands in an underground strip club. As the ...
?Zombie Strippers? Gets A Theatrical Release
2008-03-28 21:51:00
Post-mortem pole-dancing picture heroine to be portrayed by previous porn queen? You betcha. Zombie Strippers is heading your way, and you can find out all about it right here.
Zombie Strippers, 100 % bizarra
2008-03-09 13:09:00
La impensada unión de Robert Englund (sí, Freddy Krueger) y la ex estrella del porno Jenna Jameson dio como resutado Zombie Strippers, una película bien bizarra que irá a parar directamente el DVD.   Dentro hay una historia: en un futuro no demasiado ... Ver nota completa en Cine en Innet Tags: impensada, unión, Robert, Englund, (sí,, Freddy, ...
Blogging Vegas: Strippers, salesmen, and swordplay
2008-03-07 08:49:00
Look at the third guy from the left: He's a frickin' magic user! Las Vegas: I went, I saw, I blogged: Many people know Vegas by one of its sobriquets, "Sin City" or "The Entertainment Capital of the World." Well, I went with my wife and three children so sinning was out of the question. As for entertainment capital: A billboard announced that Carrot Top won comedian of the year. On the other hand, if your tastes run towards some variation of strip tease, Las Vegas is the place for you. There's Zumanity where good-looking people move like animals- thin, good-looking animals; Bodies: The Exhibition where naked bodies don't move at all; and Prive', a strip show that claims to have "perfected sexy" (Darn! Somebody beat me to it.). I'm not exactly sure how Prive' differs from "flawed sexy" strip shows, but the video billboard suggested that it has to do with moving slowly. Eight more Democrat super-delegates abandon Hillary for Obama. The advertising screens at the hotel prom...
Gay Strippers & Dumb French Broads
2008-03-05 06:25:00
Normally I?d wait to do a post about American Idol once they?ve narrowed down the field a little and kicked off the usual bunch of craptastic posers but the first ?scandalous? news item has surfaced about a contestant early this year. Unfortunately the story wasn?t about any slutty pictures of any of the hot female contestants popping up on the internet (remember these?) but rather exposes a male participants former career choice as a male stripper.Contestant David Hernandez worked as a stripper previously to auditioning for American Idol at Dick's Cabaret (no seriously, that?s the name of the place) in Phoenix, Arizona. He appeared fully naked and performed lap dances for the club's "mostly male" clientele according to the club manager Gordy Bryan. Wow, a gay stripper on American Idol, hard to believe eh? Hernandez of course failed to mention any of this to Idol producers however they don?t have any plans of kicking him off the show. If anything what they should do is kick off th...
The future of the realtor profession: Models, strippers and hookers?
2008-03-02 09:52:00
Well, I guess some people figure if realtors want tens of thousands of dollars for doing nothing, while ruining you financially, they'd better at least be hot...Catwalk models stimulate sales in upscale New York - Realtors are hiring chic girls to push condosDEALING with cut-throat real estate agents can be like floating on your back in the sea as hungry sharks circle ever closer.Recently some Manhattan brokers seem even more desperate to secure sales in a slowing market -- arriving at showings stressed and sweaty, with bags and black circles under their eyes.Would it ease the pain if these brokers were chic, beautiful young women?One boutique agency thinks so, and has hired fashion models from the catwalk to be real estate agents. Paramount Realty, in downtown Soho, has six models on its books and some have already made multi-million-dollar apartment sales.These women are extremely attractive and dress accordingly. Forget the usual broker attire of casual jeans and sneakers -- the...
Ninja Cheerleaders / Models / Strippers
2008-02-29 19:07:00
This looks like an Oscar contender for next year. April, Courtney and Monica are three beautiful, intelligent and tough college freshmen. They are finishing their first semester at Los Lomas Malas community college, the armpit of community college’s. They must do well on finals to gain entrance to an Ivy League University, cheer at the ...
Ninja Cheerleaders / Models / Strippers
2008-02-29 19:07:00
This looks like an Oscar contender for next year. April, Courtney and Monica are three beautiful, intelligent and tough college freshmen. They are finishing their first semester at Los Lomas Malas community college, the armpit of community college’s. They must do well on finals to gain entrance to an Ivy League University, cheer at the ...
Wire Strippers: Stripping Two Conductors of the Same Gauge at the Same Time
2008-02-11 16:48:00
Hello, I am looking for a semi auto or manual wire stripper that can strip two conductors of the same gauge at the same time. In the current application I am working on I have a twisted pair of 28AWG wire, I would like to be able to strip both conductors with as little stress to th
Strippers vote for Hillary Clinton - but that still doesn?t tell us who the
2008-02-05 20:19:00
Hillary Clinton has recieved support from a group of strippers in New York. The girls of Scores in NYC remind you to vote today and try to persuede you to cast your vote for Hillary Clinton. With that kind of backing how could she lose.
Marisa Tomei Likes Strippers
2008-02-04 03:29:00
Marisa Tomei has recently been spotted at two different strip clubs, ‘Headquarters’ and ‘The Hustler Club.’ Is this business or pleasure? Marisa Tomei Likes Strippers Witnesses say Marisa was joined by some guys and looked like she was having some fun. “She came in with male friends and watched the girls dance. She seemed to be having ...
2008-01-29 21:14:00
University program features monologues by strippers, prostitutes and other sex workers… your standard mix of liberal arts graduates The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va., has given the green light to a student-run Sex Workers’ Art Show on campus. University President Gene Nichol approved the controversial sex show in a statement that also said ...
Detroit Mayor: Strippers and Text Messages
2008-01-25 17:11:00
Whew lawd! I really didn’t want to touch this story the other day because I’m a frequent visitor of Detroit and this man is capable of many things. Steamy texts between Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his top aid have been revealed which could get Kwame in alot of trouble for lying under ...
The U.K. Has A New Generation Of Strippers
2008-01-22 00:03:00
Meet 74 year old Lena. She doesn’t hold the record for best chocolate chip cookie but she does own the record for the oldest working stripper in the U.K. Lena has 7 kids and 9 grand kids and she was been strutting her stuff for the last 25 years. Fed up with busty young blonde girls ...
Richie Sambora Talks Strippers
2007-12-21 00:00:00's Detox episode 37 features Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora talking by phone about the upgrade for strippers in Vancouver from the group's New Jersey days and their affection for the city since they lived there through three records. Watch
Vargas Girl
2007-12-13 21:45:00
High end NYC strip club chick sues for sex harassment claiming the head management thug forced her to "pose for sexy shots" for Howard Stern's website. NYDN Just another legal problem piled on the lap of Scores owner Richard Golding. NewsdayFrancis Vargas, a former Scores waitress and not stripper, claims the sleazy manager told her to "act like a dumb blonde." Honey, fuggedabout waitressing. Dye your hair and take the goon's advice. Fox News will be champing at the bit to add you to their blonde anchorbabe harem in a New York minute...I see you scratching your heads. Vargas? Back when Playboy only titilated with nude boobs Alberto Vargas drew the Vargas Girls in Playboy from 1960 to 1978. The Pin-up Files
11 A-List Actresses As Strippers
2007-11-26 23:52:00
Here are ten clips I came up with of (mostly) A-list actresses in stripper scenes. 11. Elisha Cuthbert Girl Next Door 10. Jessica Simpson Dukes of Hazzard Share This
Puppet Masters
2007-11-16 00:12:00
Why you should immediately take advantage of George Bush's magical, mysterious wave of his wand today making the skies friendly and fast again - and fly to LA posthaste: FRIDAY 11-16-07WHAT: Sock puppet retelling of "Showgirls"WHO: Puppet geniuses behind Avenue QWHEN: 11 p.m.WHERE: Theatre AsylumTicket info: 323-962-0046Are the puppets acting in the nude? Former teen idol Elizabeth Berkeley ("Saved By The Bell") turned porn star (who knew the wholesome lass was itching to ditch those high school duds?), was naked for most of the movie. I saw it when it came out in 1995. Apparently Miz Elizabeth had hooked up with director Paul Verhoeven. "Showgirls" is a bad, albeit fascinating, movie written by "Basic Instinct's" Joe Esterhas. Parts of it were laughable. Kyle MacLachlan faking an orgasm as the naked Miz Elizabeth performs a wicked, energetic lap dance. The UK Register annoints the pool sex scene between the pair the worst of all time. " Like two dolphins caught in a tuna net." I ...
Happy 16th Birthday! Mom Sends Stripper To School
2007-11-08 01:44:00
I am not sure if this would have made an episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen but this is a pretty kick ass birthday gift to receive from Mom and Dad. But - thanks to what has been put down as a booking error - a female stripper turned up in place of the gorilla-suited ...
Why Girls Become Strippers
2007-11-06 06:04:00
I have visited a gentleman's club or two in my lifetime. Each time I go, other than the nice scenery, I often wonder how a woman could get to the point of getting nude in front of a bunch of guys they don't know.From my point of view, there are three main reasons. The first reason being the opportunity for a quick influx of cash to better their future. In addition, there own personal desires play a huge role in their life changing decision. By this I mean some women desire attention from males to make themselves feel better and they would go to this extend (becoming a stripper) to get the feeling of them being on top of the world. Finally, previous experiences in life and their skills and attributes greatly affect girls in their decision to become strippers. A common theme I encounter when chatting with strippers is that they often come from a single-parent background and either was abused or left home very young for whatever reason.I suppose there are the true few who actually do...
Job Center advertises for webcam strippers in Cardiff
2007-10-28 20:13:00
This controversial advertisement was posted in a Job Center Plus branch in Cardiff, South Wales and nationwide on the agency’s website. According to the advertisement, the role involves “explicit dialogue” and “performing for clients’ or customers’ fantasies”. Theres definitely a wider range of jobs in south wales these days compared to 50 years ago isn’t there! Although ...
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