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Name-calling: Tactic of (All Too Many) Obama Supporters
2009-09-16 19:12:00
About those who use the “teabagger” slur to describe those protesting the President’s big government policies, I wrote last month That term, a sexual slur, shows they would rather deride us than engage with our heartfelt opposition to the ever-increasing size (and ever-encroaching power) of the federal government. Today, Jim Geraghty offers a thought in a similar ...
Did Obama supporters assume that their guy?s election meant opposition woul
2009-08-29 08:42:00
One of the things I love about driving cross country, particularly when I traverse the beautiful empty spaces of the American West, is the opportunity let me mind wander. I listen to books on CD, then sometimes pause the narrative to let my mind wander. This time, I brought along a digital recorder so ...
W Addresses a Critic: A Lesson for his successor (& his supporters)
2009-08-11 23:09:00
At Gateway Pundit, Jim links footage of former President George W. Bush addressing a critic in a town hall meeting which should be required viewing for all critics (and haters) of that good man, but flawed politician. The respect the Republican showed for his adversary is at odds with the imagery the left used to ...
Challenge to Obama Supporters:Explain your Enthusiasm for the Presidentwith
2009-07-07 08:30:00
While I initially found candidate Barack Obama a compelling figure, as least year’s campaign wore on, I found the Democrat was more like Gertrude Stein’s description of Oakland, “There is no there there.” His briefly celebrated speech on race followed the revelations of the racism and conspiracy theories of his pastor (for twenty years) has long ...
Why Demonize Supporters of Traditional Marriage?
2009-05-03 20:00:00
Watching a growing number of left-wing pundits and bloggers trip over themselves to join Perez Hilton in smearing Carrie Prejean, Miss California, for offering a position on gay marriage nearly identical to that of the Democratic President of the United States, we see yet again an interesting aspect of the gay marriage debate. At the same ...
Obama?s Idealistic Supporters & His Administration?s Reality
2009-03-28 08:07:00
In commenting on an editorial in the Economist wondering where President Obama went wrong, the ever insightful Jennifer Rubin summarizes how this supposedly post-partisan leader has governed. His mode of governance ? denigrate the opposition, engage in ad hominem attacks, refuse to compromise on substantive policy, disguise radical policy intentions with a haze of meaningless rhetoric ...
American Hamas Supporters Blog
2009-03-09 22:33:00
View his blog HERE.Just thought I would point this out. Also he has a Youtube channel and posted this video of himself saying he supports Hamas.
Obama still losing supporters and appointees
2009-03-06 04:19:00
Obama still losing supporters and appointees WASHINGTON (AP) - CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta won’t be the next surgeon general, the Obama administration confirmed Thursday. Gupta, 39, a neurosurgeon with star appeal, was seen as President Barack Obama’s first pick for the job. He would have brought instant recognition to the office of surgeon ...
Video: Hamas Supporters Assault College Republicans
2009-02-15 03:53:00
More on this HEREMichael Savage also talked about this on this show listen HERE
Opponents of Prop 8 Outspent Supporters
2009-02-03 06:36:00
Not quite sure what to make of this, but it goes to show that money alone does not a good campaign make. Just read that opponents of Proposition 8 outspent supporters of the ballot measure by over $3.5 million dollars: More than $83 million was donated to support or oppose the ballot initiative that abolished same-sex ...
Will Obama?s supporters break the law in the latest flag flap to hit the ca
2009-01-21 08:01:00
-By Ken Marerro (Originally posted on Blue Collar Muse) Barack Obama and flaps over flags are nothing new. It seems every so often he or his campaign do something ignorant and then try to explain it away. Very rarely they are proven correct. Most often, however, they just look like anti-Americans. One has ...
A Thousand Israel Supporters Turn Out to ?Battle for Truth? Rally in Vancou
2009-01-12 20:44:00
Roughly a thousand people turned up at the sprawling Schara Tzedeck Synagogue on Oak St. in Vancouver on Thursday evening to a high security ? no purse or back packgot through the doorunexamined — ?Community Solidarity Gathering for Israel?. Some in the overflow crowd at the rally organized by the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver ...
Obama online supporters key to pushing his agenda
2008-12-30 19:57:00
Obama online supporters key to pushing his agenda HONOLULU (AP) - President-elect Barack Obama’s top asset in pushing his agenda will not be his Cabinet secretaries or aides, but rather his online network. Obama’s political e-mail list tops 13 million names, a digital force that the incoming White House can tap to push for his legislation, ...
Gay rights supporters should protest Obama?s choice of antigay minister Ric
2008-12-23 15:48:00
Gay rights supporters should protest Obama’s choice of antigay minister Rick Warren to deliver inaugural prayer, say Greens GREEN PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES Obama should have the US sign UN statement endorsing universal decriminalization of homosexuality WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party activists challenged gay voters and advocates of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender rights to protest ...
SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters
2008-11-14 04:00:00
SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A South Carolina Roman Catholic priest has told his parishioners that they should refrain from receiving Holy Communion if they voted for Barack Obama because the Democratic president-elect supports abortion, and supporting him “constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil.” The Rev. Jay Scott Newman said ...
Obama Supporters Kids Denied Candy on Halloween.
2008-11-02 15:03:00
This kind of behavior right here is RIDICULOUS. For real, and this woman ought to be ashamed of herself.
By: Hip Candy
How Many Obama Supporters Will Switch to McCain?
2008-10-31 08:36:00
Since the mortgage meltdown last month, I’d always thought a good number of those who then switched to Obama as the candidate of the party out of power would take a second look at the Democrat and return to the Republican fold. With increasing evidence of Obama’s redistributionist ethic, they have greater reason to fear ...
A few questions for Obama and his Jewish supporters
2008-10-29 17:00:00
The Democratic Party and the Obama campaign started worrying several months ago that Obama would not get the kind of majority among Jewish voters that Democratic presidential candidates have gotten in the past. So they have made special efforts to bring the lost Jewish sheep back into the fold. Sheep is the right word for Obama voters, Jews and others. Obama might cause them to be slaughtered. Senator Carl Levin and Congressman Henry Waxman have defended Obama as a mentsh, to their everlasting shame. The deceitful, sinister Obama, good pal of Rashid al-Khalidi and Bill Ayers and Judeophobic imperialist strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski, is anything but a mentsh.As to Obama's deceit, how can any sensible person accept Obama's dishonest excuse that, although he had sat in Rev Wright's church for 20 years, he didn't know what Wright was saying? Then there's Obama's demagogic charge that McCain represents the Rich. No doubt many rich folk support McCain. But how about the billionaire...
How I can respect certain Obama supporters
2008-10-28 12:00:00
In a recent defense of Sarah Palin, I quoted an Obama supporter who, like many with whom I’ve spoken, couldn’t identify any of his candidate’s accomplishments (nor define any of his policy positions).  He supported the Democrat because of his abilities to inspire and unite.  In the comments section, a reader wrote “So, you’re using one ignorant supporter’s lack of knowledge about his candidate to support the view that there is no reason to actually support the candidate.“ While I am amazed at the number of Obama supporters who have no clue what their man stands for beyond “hope” and “change,” I do know that many have solid reasons for backing the Illinois Senator.  Indeed, I’ve been having a regular e-mail exchange with one such woman, a smart and well-read Democrat from my synagogue. While she and I both have great respect for our rabbi and our faith, we have little in common politically.  She believes the market m...
Race Issue Could Sway Voters [McCain supporters in Colorado are Racist]
2008-10-27 09:27:00
You shameful bunch of evil racist white redneck crackas. A vote for McCain is a vote for slavery, anti-civil rights, and white oppression! You racist bastards considering voting for McCain should be ashamed of yourselves!! Late one afternoon, Roy Loeks rushed into the Obama campaign office in a Castle Rock strip mall and signed up to ...
Trafficking in Disruption: Supporters of Vancouver?s Cocaine and Heroin Inj
2008-10-24 22:50:00
I have an insight. The block party Insite supporters held yesterday afternoon was an attempt to embarrass Canada?s freshly re-elected Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Insite supporters — particularly executives and staff at the PHS Community Services Services Society which operates Insite — do not want Harper to shut down this space where junkies in Vancouver ...
McCain Supporters Attacked
2008-10-24 00:54:00
The home of a Central Florida Republican headquarters manager was shot up and damaged over his support of Sen. John McCain, the man told police. But this is the worst one. A 20-year-old woman in Texas was robbed, assaulted and had her face mutilated because of her support for John McCain.
A Challenge for Obama Supporters
2008-10-14 00:40:00
Even before her election as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin had succeeded in taking on her state party’s corrupt machine. Thanks to her efforts, the then-state party chairman was forced to resign his seat on the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission. With the help of a Democrat, she exposed a corrupt state Attorney ...
McCain Supporters In Bethlehem, PA
2008-10-11 00:39:00
Video from: MorrillMajorityWhat say you?
Obama Tells Supporters to Confront Unbelievers, ?Get in Their Face? He Says
2008-09-19 23:07:00
-By Warner Todd Huston Well, so much for the kinder, gentler Obamessiah we all kept hearing about. Now he is telling his supporters to belligerently impose their views on anyone not falling under The One’s spell. In a Nevada campaign stop as he was on his way to the adulation that Hollyweird was to bestow upon him ...
Qatari Football Supporters
2008-09-11 12:51:00
Enthusiastic football supporters at the Bahrain-Qatar world cup qualifying match in Al Sadd football stadium, Doha. A heady start saw Qatar scoring in the first few minutes of the game and dominating the first half of the match, with Bahrain going down to ten men prior to half time. Qatar proved distinctly lacklustre in the second half, and Bahrain both outplayed Qatar and equalized in the second half, despite their numerical advantage.Also see: Qatar Football & Qatar TennisQatar Visitor FriendsQatar JobsFind the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about QatarTagsfootball
Hillary Supporters, John McCain and Sarah Palin
2008-09-01 17:20:00
I’m no great political mind, but I wanted to share a few thoughts, or rather observations. Like most, it seems a little hard to believe that Hillary supporters are supporting John McCain in large numbers. Both Clinton and McCain do have quite a bit more experience than Obama, and they are much more widely known. Still ...
McCain picking Palin was pure Win, Hillary supporters are Retarded
2008-08-30 11:38:00
Quick post before I head off and fall asleep to The Wire.  I was reading around the net today and came across this forum which pretty much validated the thoughts I had when Vir first posted the... Hi, want more? Visit for more StarCraft 2 news, rumors, videos, contests & more!
CNN: Angry Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Supporters Choose ?Jonestown II? Ov
2008-08-27 09:33:00
Clintonistas So Willing To Cling To Their Utopic Dream Of A Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton Monarchy, Are Advocating Voting For Anti-Choice, Anti-Small Business, Anti-Middle Class Candidate, Seor “Panama” John Sidney McCain At Denver, Colorado’s DNC Convention… “We’re... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Report: Edwards? Call for Forgiveness Met with Rage Among Former Supporters
2008-08-26 20:49:00
Call for Forgiveness Met with Rage John Edwards calls to former advisers asking forgiveness for lying about his affair have been met with rage, according to a report published Monday in The New York Daily News. “It was kind of pathetic, to tell you the truth,” an ex-aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the paper. The ...
Hillary Clinton?s Supporters HOPE To CHANGE The Top Of Their Party?s Ticket
2008-08-08 21:36:00
Analyzing a spate of recent polls, political analyst Michael Barone finds that even with Obama?s whirlwind trip around the world and the MSM?s relentlessly favorable coverage of every breath he takes, every move he makes and every vow he breaks (second item), ?the basic dynamics of the race haven’t changed?: [H]e doesn’t come close to maximizing ...
John McCain Resorts To Begging Supporters To Spam Popular Blogs With Offici
2008-08-08 00:02:00
Republican Candidate Admittedly Could Not Turn A Computer On A Few Weeks Ago But Has Now Learned How To Spam The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi is reporting Senator McCain of Arizona Panama has... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the latest rantings of a gun toting liberal with a chip on his shoulder... harsh views, comments expressed.
Plenty Of Polls Out There Right Now To Please Supporters Of Both Barack Oba
2008-08-06 00:34:00
Polls, Polls, Polls — Both Democrats And Republicans Are Having A Hey-Day Picking Favorite Their Favorite Surveys And Popping The Champaign Corks Today Gotta love those polls, insignificant as... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the latest rantings of a gun toting liberal with a chip on his shoulder... harsh views, comments expressed.
Women Can Be Sexist Too: Clinton Supporters And Sexism
2008-07-13 07:49:00
This video is nothing less than a monologue on how some remaining female supporters of Senator Clinton for President are, in pointing out sexism, being sexist themselves.I point to's Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh as a main example and as one who looks the other way when Michelle Obama is the target of sexism and racism, but not Senator Clinton, followed by Harriet Christian, the terrible and outwardly racist Clinton supporter who gained national attention for her racist and sexist rant against Senator Barack Obama at the DNC Rules Committee Meeting of May 31st.In fact, I point to this blog "Too Sense" and the article "The Limited Empathy of Joan Walsh" where the blogger dNa writes:Walsh and Ferraro, experts both on being a black man and running for president, and presumably how easy such an endeavor is, given the vast number of black presidents we have elected. It wasn't that Obama built a top-tier fundraising organization, (from scratch) studied the primary rules and how t...
Thanks to My Supporters
2008-06-21 15:24:00
I will drop the third person routine due to the seriousness of the current situation... I couldn't have made it through the last week if I didn't know there were people who supported and believed in me, so I must thank those of you who made the sympathizing comments on both sites. The situation is much like a death in that my reputation has been attacked and killed in an underhanded an unnecessary manner. When one knows they have done wrong and are caught is much different from when one makes an effort to do the right thing and others use their power and influence to make that person appear to be wrong. I don't want to use words such as "witch hunt" or "framed" but those words in a sense could be seen as appropriate. Since this has happened to me I have researched the history of the issue and read about the Harrison Act of 1914 that led to thousands of physicians being arrested and jailed for treating patients with opioid medications for medical reasons. That was almost a hundr...
UP Minister sacked after supporters kill policeman
2008-06-09 04:49:00
Uttar Pradesh Minister Jamuna Nishad was on Sunday sacked by Chief Minister Mayawati hours after he was charged with murder of a police constable during a violent clash involving his supporters in Maharajganj district. Mayawati also ordered a magisterial inquiry into the incident but ruled out the arrest of the tainted Fisheries minister until the probe ...
Portugal Supporters Fill Euro Atmosphere
2008-06-08 08:54:00
Whoever wrote the banner raised an interesting point. With more than 174,000 football-loving Portuguese immigrants living in Switzerland, any match in this region is tantamount to a home game for Luiz Felipe Scolari's swashbuckling side. If they continue to get behind their team as they did against Turkey, their route to the final will be made an awful lot easier. "It's just like being back home," said captain Nuno Gomes. "From one perspective, having so many fans here has really helped us to relax and feel at home; from the other it has made us realize just how much winning this tournament means to the supporters. The expectation is huge but we know we will deliver."
McCain Targets Frustrated Clinton Supporters, as Dems Strive for Unity
2008-06-06 18:02:00
As Hillary Clinton sets the stage to bow out and endorse Barack Obama for president this weekend, Republicans are targeting the spoils of the bitter Democratic primary campaign.
By: Gun News
Obama reaches out to Clinton supporters
2008-06-06 17:58:00
Senator Obama has a tough job ahead of him. After a long and occasionally ugly primary battle between himself and Sen. Clinton, there’s a lot frayed edges on both sides. In fact, we’re already starting to see signs that some of Clinton’s more conservative Democratic supporters are so frayed by Sen. Obama that they’re going to support Sen. McCain instead. That this goes against their best interests almost goes without saying. But when you’re really, really, really angry, you’ll occasionally argue that the sky is a beautiful shade of plaid instead of the usual blue, all evidence to the contrary. So I’m going to try to do quick little blurbs here on S&R from now until the convention that describe and show examples of what Obama and his campaign are doing to reach out to Clinton’s supporters, both party VIPs and the average voter. If you know of examples you think should be more widely publicized, please let us know via the Conta...
Clinton Supporters For John McCain
2008-06-06 08:27:00
Take a look at this site recently launched by a disgruntled Hillary supporter. His name is Ed Hale and he claims to be a lifelong Democrat, but is now determined to defeat Obama and elect McCain. The site has already gotten nearly 1,000,000 million hits in less than two weeks. Hale says he’s setting up a 527 to run ads against Obama. Related PostsObama Nomination Causes Celebration Around The WorldTHE NOMINEE75,000 People Attend Obama Rally In OregonObama Calls McCain’s Foreign Policy Ideas “Naive”Shock: John Edwards To Endorse Obama
Obama and Clinton Meet in DC; Clinton Urges Supporters to Back Obama
2008-06-06 06:49:00
Senator Barack Obama delayed his flight to Chicago on Thursday, so that he could meet privately with Senator Clinton in Washington, DC. On Wednesday, Senator Clinton met with members of the Democratic Party about what to do now that the contests have finished. Fellow Democrats urged Senator Clinton to end her pursuit of the nomination and back Obama. Clinton will make a formal speech on Saturday, in which she will announce her support for Obama and host a party for her campaign support team. Rumors abound as to how Obama and fellow Democrats will face the pressure to give Hillary Clinton the vice presidential nomination. Many supporters and even many in Washington feel that Clinton deserves to have the spot. Senator Clinton has told the public that she is interested in the number 2 spot on the ticket but has told supporters not to intervene and urge Obama to pick her. "While Senator Clinton has made clear throughout this process that she will do whatever sh...
HCSFJM National Organization of Hillary Clinton Supporters For John McCain
2008-06-05 20:26:00
The inevitable back lash has begun. I love it! Disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters banding together to support John McCain! At the time of this posting the site has 406,435 visitors since 5/31/08!!! Welcome to the National Organization of Hillary Clinton Supporters For John McCain We are over 7000 strong and growing What good is a great economy if ...
Hillary Clinton Urges Supporters To Rally Behind Barack Obama, But Has Not
2008-06-05 16:29:00
In an e-mail to supporters Thursday morning, Hillary Clinton stated her intention to concede to Barack Obama on Saturday and urged her supporters to rally behind him as well.
Hillary Clinton Urges Supporters To Rally Behind Barack Obama, But Has Not
2008-06-05 16:29:00
'My differences with Senator Obama are small compared to the differences we have with Senator McCain,' Clinton writes in e-mail.By Gil Kaufman Sen. Hillary Clinton Photo: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images A day after telling disappointed supporters that she needed some time to figure out what to do next, Senator Hillary Clinton has announced that she will endorse Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama at an event in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. But after a hard fought campaign that ended with Obama's slim victory following Tuesday's final two primaries, Clinton still seems to be keeping her options open and has not yet agreed to release her delegates to Obama. "On Saturday, I will extend my congratulations to Senator Obama and my support for his candidacy," Clinton wrote in an e-mail sent to supporters early Thursday morning. "This has been a long and hard-fought campaign, but as I have always said, my differences with Senator Obama are small compared to the differences...
Are Indonesian Youth Supporters Of Sharia Law?
2008-06-05 09:22:00
A recent study conducted by the Setara Institute for Democracy in Indonesia revealed a confusing picture regarding the attitudes of young Indonesians regarding the meaning and purpose of sharia law. The results of the survey claimed about 56% of young people living in the Jakarta area support the imposition of sharia law, but the overwhelming ...
Hillary’s Supporters & Thoughts On KY
2008-06-03 06:04:00
Nick Wallace at the Sample Gates finds a news video showing Hillary Clinton supporters in Kentucky saying that they can’t vote for Barack Obama. While I still believe you can’t judge the quality of a candidate by the opinions of her supporters, Senator Clinton’s supporters are certainly a group of Americans we don’t often consider in this age of technology and education. It’s sometimes easy for me to forget that there are people out there who would not vote for someone based on race — the point comes through even though Hillary’s supporters are smart enough to not say it out loud. They say they’ll vote for Hillary Clinton, but will never vote for Barack Obama.  It doesn’t make sense to me. While we have problems in Northwest Indiana, it’s nothing compared to what it is like further south in the poverty stricken areas of eastern Kentucky and other places that time and economic prosperity has left behind. Many of my relatives live in Ke...
Hillary Clinton and Her Supporters
2008-05-31 05:18:00
Hillary Clinton and her supporters are making what may be their last stand at a Democratic Party meeting this weekend in Washington D.C. When a rules panel of the Democratic National Committee takes up the issue of disputed Michigan and Florida primaries Saturday morning Clintons campaign will continue to argue that the delegations from both ...
Marxist Third Party, Father Michael Pfleger: More Bad News for Supporters o
2008-05-30 06:57:00
Obama actively sought and received the stamp of approval of a Marxist third party that operated briefly in Chicago between 1992 and 1998. The group was called the “New Party” and was started in 1992 by Daniel Cantor (a former staffer for Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign) and Joel Rogers (a sociology ...
By: Webloggin
Clinton?s (and her supporters?) situational ethics
2008-05-29 06:25:00
Harold Meyerson. That Clinton has impassioned supporters, many of whom link her candidacy to the feminist cause, hardly qualifies as news. And it’s certainly true that along the campaign trail Clinton has encountered some outrageously sexist treatment, just as Barack Obama has been on the receiving end of bigoted treatment. (Obama has even been subjected to ...
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