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Surface Finishing for Aluminum Extrusions
2012-04-27 15:42:00
Aluminum extrusions are drawn through dies to producealuminum parts with fixed cross-sectional profiles. With hot extrusion, a cylindrical billet of aluminum alloy is heated, forced through a die, and then cooled for subsequent straightening, work hardening, and sawing. Cold extrusions are prod
Surface Finishing for the Aerospace and Aircraft Industry
2012-04-10 18:00:00
Flexible honing tools and industrial abrasive brushes are used in the aircraft and aerospace industry. Jet engine builders and aviation MROs use flexible hones for applications such as through-hole edge rounding, chamfer blending, automated cutting, deburring, edge breaking, and rust removal. In
Flexible Honing for Surface Finishing
2012-04-03 18:00:00
Modern Machine Shop is a monthly magazine for production, engineering, and management personnel in the metalworking industry. Recently, Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) was featured in both the on-line and print versions of this popular periodical for its flex-hone tool. The in-depth case stu
heating surface area reg
2012-03-24 12:22:00
what should be minimum heating surface area for generating 10 tph with a steam pressure of 65 kg /cm2 with a temperature of 495+-10 deg centigrade
Heating Surface Area of Fire Tube Boiler
2012-02-17 13:03:00
I am currently working on designing of a fire tube boiler. I have to calculate the heating surface area. I've heard a rule of thumb that 1 sq ft of area is required to produce 7 lbs of steam. I am opting to go through a standard procedure of calculations. any help fellows!!
Surface Preparation
2012-02-07 18:59:00
what is the technical reason of spools belongs to PWHT , After blasting substrate getting blackish mark soonly, required blasting surface cleanliness is SA 2.5
Surface Preparation
2012-02-07 13:22:00
What is the technical reason of spools belongs to post weld heat treatment, After blasting substrate getting blackish mark soonly
Risk Sentiment Recovers But Greece Concerns Still Lurk Below Surface
2012-02-02 09:59:00
Source: Advanced Currency Markets | G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD JPY 0.16 EUR 0.03 GBP -0.01 CHF -0.10 Risk appetite has consolidated overnight, with Asian equity markets following European and US markets higher. The Nikkei is up +0.8%, Hang Seng +1.6% and Shanghai Composite + 2.0 %, while EURUSD has managed to remain above 1.3150 for most of the session. Contributing to this uptick in sentiment is undoubtedly the easing of stress in European bond markets, as well as the largely encouraging… Read More …
Surface Finish Process
2011-12-01 04:50:00
I want to do surface finishing on a clamp, the material of clamp is steel, but requirement is after zinc plating both side of clamp should be covered with plastisol & plastisol should not disperse on plastisol uncovered area, which should be as it zinc plated.So please tell me process how to do
Surface Area Calculation for Insulation work
2011-11-25 17:46:00
can you provide how to find the insulation surface area for pipe,vessels,fittings,valves. also inform the shall the measurement including the thickness of insulation? Please help me.
surface area
2011-11-08 16:26:00
what is the surface area of ISMB,ISMC,ISA,M S Plate,NPB ,UB
Surface Cleaning
2011-11-06 07:32:00
Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos Surface
2011-09-14 19:12:00
It seems like Scarlett Johansson is the latest celebrity to have fallen victim to the hacking scandal in Hollywood after nude photos leaked online earlier on today. It was rumored back in March that Scarlett’s iPhone had been hacked by the mystery hacker, who is also believed to have hacked the likes of Jessica Alba ...
Gestural manipulation of an actuated surface
2011-04-15 04:09:00
Relief, created by Daniel Leithinger, Adam Kumpf and Hiroshi Ishii is an actuated tabletop display which is able to render and animate three-dimensional shapes with a malleable surface. A direct extension of this work, Recompose created by Matthew Blackshaw, Anthony DeVincenzi, Dávid Lakatos, Daniel Leithinger and Hiroshi Ishii, is the gesture control of such actuated surface.By collectively utilizing the body as a tool for direct manipulation alongside gestural input for functional manipulation, we show how a user is afforded unprecedented control over an actuated surface. We describe a number of interaction techniques exploring the shared space of direct and gestural input, demonstrating how their combined use can greatly enhance creation and manipulation beyond unaided human capability.Video
As MMA Arrives in Ontario, Anti-MMA Voices Surface
2011-03-07 15:15:00
By Michael David Smith We’re used to it by now. Those of us who love mixed martial arts have come to accept that our sport will be subjected to ignorant, unfair commentary from people who don’t understand it and don’t care to understand it, and that the anti-MMA voices will grow particularly loud any time ...
Doubts surface over St-Pierre v Silva superfight
2011-03-06 17:09:00
By ESPN Major doubt exists over whether Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva are still heading for a UFC superfight later this year. The two champions of the welterweight and middleweight divisions respectively had been expected to finally put on the most eagerly awaited fight in UFC history if they both came through their latest title ...
Apple iPad 2 Cases Surface with Two New Slots
2011-01-18 14:21:00
More speculation over the next generation Apple iPad today in the form of more Apple iPad 2 case images hitting the net waves from a Chinese supplier , and these new images depict a slightly different design to the iOS device case. According to an article over on Engadget by Vlad Savov and by way ...
Rust Prevention on AISI410 Hardened Surface
2011-01-17 05:57:00
How do we prevent rusting on the surface Threading area of Hardened AISI-410 stainless steel
#4: Samsung Q430 14-Inch HD LED Laptop (Aluminum surface with Black finish)
2011-01-01 06:10:00
Samsung Q430 14-Inch HD LED Laptop (Aluminum surface with Black finish) by Samsung 52 days in the top 100 (21)Buy new: $879.99 $694.99 16 used & new from $693.00(Visit the Bestsellers in Laptops list for authoritative information on this product's ...
AMD Phenom II X6 CPU prices surface
2010-03-22 17:02:00
Intel released its new 6-core Gulftown CPUs earlier this month with high-end versions going for over $1000. AMD is set to launch its own 6-core processors with the code name Thuban. The Thuban parts will be officially called the AMD Phenom II X6 processors. Pricing on a couple of the CPUs has been revealed today. The ...
AMD Phenom II X6 CPU prices surface
2010-03-22 17:02:00
Intel released its new 6-core Gulftown CPUs earlier this month with high-end versions going for over $1000. AMD is set to launch its own 6-core processors with the code name Thuban. The Thuban parts will be officially called the AMD Phenom II X6 processors. Pricing on a couple of the CPUs has been revealed today. The ...
Surface Preparation Procedure For Steel Painting
2009-11-26 23:27:00
Painting is the most common way to protect steel structures. Before carrying out painting work, surface preparation must be properly taken. Here after is surface preparation procedure for steel structure painting. Steel surface treatment: 1. Welded areas shall be checked to verify any defects that may affect the protection quality of coating paint. 2. Sharp edges shall be ...
Chandrayaan finds water on Moon's surface
2009-09-24 05:58:00
NEW DELHI: Indiaâs maiden Moon mission Chandrayaan-1 has found water on the lunar surface before the project was aborted.
By: Get rich
Did Chandrayaan find water on MoonâEURs surface?
2009-09-23 00:07:00
MUMBAI: Did Indiaâs maiden Moon mission Chandrayaan-1 find water on the lunar surface before the project was aborted? There were indications on Tuesday that it had.
By: Get rich
?Surface subway? vs Porr
2009-09-21 05:13:00
Do we really need Porr and more highways if we have a bus rapid transit system like in Bogota? I like the idea of encouraging people to cycle to the nearest bus rapid system main stations. Look how they store the bicycles – a lot less space consumed than car-parks. Thanks to nkkhoo for the link.
Fingernail Scratch Plate for Estimating Surface Finish
2009-09-08 21:43:00
Back in the 60's I had a small metal plate whose surface was divided into a number of zones with different textures. A machinist could scratch a metal part with his finger nail, then scratch zones in the Scratch Plate until he got a similar sound. When he did, he could read the surface finish. They
Painting for Hot Surface 90 Degree Celcius
2009-08-28 05:14:00
Hi all, We removed the insulation on vessel to avoid corrosion under insulation. The vessel was coated but when insulation removed, it does not meet the painting spec. We want to apply more coating on the exsingting coating. Is there any paint product can work on the hot s
The weight and surface area "per meter" of human hair.
2009-08-03 05:28:00
Would someone tell me the above info, and the location of their source ? Also what is the diameter assuming that hair is perfectly cylindrical at a minimum? Does anyone know a nano technology lab that might be able to look any questions relating to this, and also a lab where it would be possible t
Calculation of Surface Area of H Beam
2009-07-22 06:43:00
Is there any formula or charts for finding Surface area of H - Beams ? Can any one tell me how to calculate the above for a H beam -- 200 X 100 Pls help me
Controlling The Electronic Surface Properties Of A Material
2009-07-20 18:02:00
From ScienceDaily: Latest Science News: Researchers in Switzerland have for the first time created thin films with controllable electronic properties. This discovery could have a large impact on future applications in sensors and computing. Read the whole article
Simulating Motion on the Surface of a Sphere
2009-06-16 15:07:00
i know the velocity components of a body,i need to simulate its motion on the surface of a sphere... my approach is to calculate the distance travelled by the particle using x and y velocity components and using the sphere equation find the third coordinate....i know some thing is wrong
steam surface condenser
2009-06-14 09:03:00
I want to ask about the turndown ratio of water cooled steam surface condenser & how it is calculated. Generally how much minimum turndown ratio is allowable for the water cooled steam surface condenser
Why is DOD not considering Unmanned Surface Effect Vehicles?
2009-06-13 16:19:00
After reviewing FY2009–2034 Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap There is no mention of unmanned surface effect vehicles such as Wing in Ground Effect (WIG or WISE) or Hovercrafts. They are not considered aircraft because th
Surface Treatments for Wind Turbine Mountings
2009-06-05 06:04:00
OK guys, I don't want to mount my all of 1 kW wind turbine on galvanized angle iron served up plain. Cost-effective, but way too reminiscent of olde tyme wind mills. Yes, white paint is an option. So is re-painting it every other year or so. I'm looking for ideas -- electroplate maybe? -- on ho
surface roughness
2009-05-31 13:09:00
truemap surface topography software?
fines remoival; from ground metal surface
2009-05-30 10:34:00
After grinding the steel surface, fines remains holed up in the cavity formed due to roughness.How to remove fines out? any idea? Wer are grinding metal pipes for coating .
surface roughness
2009-05-29 15:15:00
Dear all please help me to find ISO 25178 standards?
surface texture
2009-05-29 15:15:00
Dear all, Please let me know the crack version of truemap software.
ISO 25178 Standards for Surface Roughness
2009-05-29 15:15:00
Dear all please help me to find ISO 25178 standards?
scraped surface heat exchanger
2009-05-28 14:40:00
frnds, could anyone help me to tell the details of scraped surface heat exchager & its area calculation
Bespoke Interior Prints, Blinds and Murals From Surface View
2009-05-14 13:50:00
Switched On Set posted a stunning Misty Tree photo mural from Bespoke Interior print firm Surface View. The company allows you to "create stunning murals, blinds or prints all digitally printed with an image of your choice. Choose from an incredibly varied library of over 1000 images of artwork and photography, from sources as diverse as the V&A, Marvel Comics and Ella Doran."Prices start at £75 per sq metre plus VAT and its well worth browsing their website I've picked out "Dreams Are Made Of This" (Blind) from Wayne Hemingway and Stella Mitchell's Land Of Lost Content Collection. Le Pouple Colossal (Print) from teh Natural History Museums collection of Illustrations and etchings. And "The Invincible Hammer Of Thor" (mural), a classic panel illustration from teh "Marvel" collection. Via: Read More tags: bespoke, blinds, decor, images, interior prints, ...
can UV paint coated surface be glue?
2009-05-06 06:06:00
Need advice and recommendations from expert in gluing. I am designing a household product which required to coat with UV painted on it.both joining area is in cyclinderical shape with 14mm in diameter, does this surface able to be glue to form a strong joint? type of glue? regards, surface
Gluing a UV Coated Surface
2009-05-06 06:06:00
Need advice and recommendations from expert in gluing. I am designing a household product which required to coat with UV painted on it.both joining area is in cyclinderical shape with 14mm in diameter, does this surface able to be glue to form a strong joint? type of glue? reg
Microsoft muestra cómo imagina que será el sucesor de Surface
2009-04-28 12:57:00
Si hay un desarrollo de Microsoft que me ha llamado la atención en los últimos años, ése ha sido sin duda Surface, una combinación de hardware y software que cuenta con una pantalla táctil desde la que se pueden manejar contenidos digitales y que ofrece múltiples posibilidades. Fue presentado el 29 de mayo del 2007 en el ciclo de conferencias D5, aunque la primera unidad, que fue a parar a una tienda de AT&T, no se puso a la venta hasta el 17 de abril del año pasado. El producto actual es ciertamente espectacular pero en Microsoft han querido mostrar cómo será su sucesor, al que por el momento denominan XUI (eXperience-User-Interface), las posibilidades que ofrecerá en un futuro próximo, las facilidades de manejo que tendrá y cómo abandonará la pantalla táctil para pasar a integrarse en el entorno en que nos encontremos. Para ello han elaborado 2 vídeos en los que han plasmado las ventajas que ofrecerá tanto en un entorno doméstico como en el trabajo. Son estos:Últimamente Mi...
More Ford GN-34 Program details surface
2009-04-22 14:20:00
Intiguing GN-34 details are very slowly coming to light. Read more about the GN-34 by using the "See similar posts" link in the tools section of this post below. We've copied this letter verbatim from NextAutos for the sake of posterity: Interesting article you ran on the GN34 test mules at Roush.  However, as someone who was on the GN34 team from the start, I can say that Jack's memory (or the reporter's transcription) is not quite right!  For starters, this was not a Ford Europe program, as Jack said.  It was initiated by SVO under the leadership of Glen Lyall.  SVO had been searching for their next program after the 1984 SVO Mustang.  After a couple of planned SVO programs were pulled out of Ford's cycle plan, SVO decided to go after independent corporate funding to do a new sports car, which was code-named the GN34. We first looked at ...
Surface Waves and Ultrasonic Testing
2009-04-15 14:08:00
You can use surface waves (Rayleigh) in Ultrasonic Testing. They penetrate to a depth of appr. 1 wavelenght. Why then are they so easily blocked by fluids (by water, oil, grease)? on the surface of the test object?
Maximum PC Builds a Surface-like Multitouch PC for $350
2009-04-07 20:19:00
From Gizmodo: Maximum PC didn't like the idea of paying $12,000 for a Microsoft Surface. So what did they do? They made their own multitouch table PC for a fraction of the price. Utilizing an array of infrared LEDs around the table, the guts of a PS3 Eye camera, a projector and
surface texture
2009-04-03 20:43:00
How to compare 2D and 3D parameters in surface roughness?
Allegations Surface of Mafia Rigged Football Games in 2003
2009-03-29 00:01:00
Serie A footballers Franco Brienza and Salvatore Aronica and the retired Vincenzo Montalbano are under investigation for match-rigging while playing for lower-division Ascoli in 2003, Il Giornale di...
New Surface Material That Resists Biofilm Growth Created
2009-03-27 15:21:00
From ScienceDaily: Latest Science News: This is the tale of two biological substances -- cells from mammals and bacteria. It's a story about the havoc these microscopic entities can wreak on all manner of surfaces, from mighty ships to teeth and medical devices, and how two researc
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