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2011-11-17 17:56:00
The Dominican Republic Education And Mentoring Project (DREAM Project) is a 501(c)3 based in Caberete, Puerto Plata that dedicates its mission to the impoverished children of the Caribbean island. Together with a team of teachers, trainers, and volunteers, the unique school is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by offering its students quality, early and continuing education. This regiment is comprised of an inclusive and sustainable curriculum that promotes critical thinking that is fostered by individual support. Repķblica salutes!
Portland Eco-Districts, OLED Lighting, Efficiency First, + Sustainable Path
2009-09-19 11:00:00
The green case for city living.  Sustainable cities are the solution. A major price drop for solar panels. Panels of OLED lights fascinate designers. Interest in sustainable buidling grows. Portland establishes eco-districts to reduce GHGs. New green buildings put efficiency and environment first. The two different paths toward sustainability. Off-the-grid and self-reliant new homesteaders. The business of sustainability. Congratulations to Ben and Aaron for each winning a copy of the Earth DVD in our recent contest.  Also, follow @jetsongreen on Twitter for more news, links, and commentary.
My Sustainable Summer
2009-09-10 13:00:00
This weekend (Labor Day weekend) marks the unofficial end of summer, as I sit here preparing to tell you about my ?Sustainable Summer? my mind is wandering to thoughts of Dora the Explorer backpacks and upcoming flu shots. Before I head back into my ?Manic Mommy Mode? (as if I?m ever out of it) ...
Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Bodies
2009-09-05 15:12:00
When I was a little boy, I used to wake up while my dad was getting ready for work at his general construction outfit. Knowing how busy he was, I always found it funny that he would wake up extra early in order to run a few miles, followed by calisthenics like push-ups and sit-ups. Back then, I didn
Barbecue Grilling the Sustainable Way
2009-08-06 13:00:00
I have a pretty small kitchen, it?s not as small as some New York City kitchens I?ve seen but for Suburban standards its sub par at best. Because in my opinion my kitchen is so space challenged I can?t wait for the summer months where I can basically move my kitchen outdoors to the great ...
Where are the Food Shows about Sustainable Eating?
2009-07-30 13:00:00
I recently finished reading a phenomenal book about the evolution of Television Cooking Shows called ?Watching What We Eat? by Kathleen Collins. In the book she really broke down the history of cooking shows starting with the initial radio broadcasts that kicked it all off and the first television shows that followed. She ...
Documentaries on social communication for sustainable development
2009-06-19 15:19:00
Documentaries on social communication plays a significant role to propagate the message of sustainable innovations which leads to sustainable development. Potka Developmental Block consisting of 20 villages in East Singbhum district of Jharkhand is situated at a distance of about 60 km to the so
Designing Sustainable Drying of Vegetation/ Organic Matter
2009-06-15 08:08:00
The illustration here presents a Sustainability Engineered Design concept: Drying wet/ green vegetation and other such organic matter, without grid-electricity or without using any fossil fuel based energy systems. The atmospheric temperature conditions could be co
2009-06-07 12:30:00
A previous DISCUSSION in CR4 brought out how different regions and cultures may view the various aspects of Sustainable Development. For example, Mark Stockman has taken up the excellent work of "sustainable energy project for economically distressed areas here in the USA. " The sai
Which is More Sustainable ? Vegetation to Methane Gas or Vegetation to Alco
2009-06-06 13:23:00
This writer has noted, through own bench-level experimentation, that Renewable Resources in the form of plants and vegetation would be the best bet for developing Sustainable Materials and Energy, for all communities in the world. It is estimated that every ton of "green biomass"
Is this Rally Sustainable?
2009-05-05 02:13:00
Isn't that the million dollar question? I mean the market has raced up some 35% since the beginning of March and the S&P is now positive for the year, after having hit 12 year lows less than 50 trading days ago. Here are just a few things to consider:This rally could be nothing but shorts covering. S&P index, represented by SPY, while above its 50 DMA is still below is 200 DMA. Failure of the 50
Eco-Choco, The Sustainable Sweet Treat
2009-04-09 20:30:00
Can environmentally conscious, eco-friendly chocolate succeed in the marketplace much the way fair trade, sustainable practices coffee has? Lotte thinks it can, and the confectioner's new Eco-Choco lets them put their money where their mouth is.
Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air: the Freakonomics of Conservation, C
2009-04-09 15:47:00
From Boing Boing: David JC MacKay's "Sustainable Energy -- Without the Hot Air" may be the best technical book about the environment that I've ever read. In fact, if I have any complaint about this book, it's in how it's presented, with its austere cover and spartan title, I assume
Sustainable or Just Fashionable?
2009-03-24 13:26:00
By some estimates, Americans discard nearly 68 lbs of used clothing and rags per person each year, generating millions of tons of landfill waste. The British government recently unveiled a voluntary effort by government and London fashion houses to combat apparel waste and other ills related to clot
Watch this video to see sustainable development at work in Nicaragua
2009-03-19 21:47:00
Finally, a logical approach to building in rapidly developing nations like Nicaragua. The project featured in the video below employs local community members and educates them in the skills of sustainable building by utilizing readily available byproducts, such as tires and plastic bottles, in conjunction with other local materials. The aim is to empower local ...
Marketing Goes Green! Natural, Unique & Sustainable Advertising By Curb
2009-02-26 12:00:00
Effective marketing strategies can make a great contribution to the success of a business. While many marketing agencies are turning to blogging and online marketing to advertise their clients' services; Curb is going green in their marketing strategies by using eco-friendly, sustainable marketing methods that rely upon nature.
Sustainable Fashion: Worn Again Creates Fashionable Bags From Recycled Mate
2009-02-21 21:50:00
A progressive fashion company, Worn Again, which produces sustainable fashion accessories, proves that fashion can be eco-friendly, practical and attractive. Their line of bags, the newest sustainable fashion available from their line, is made from recycled airplane seats from Virgin Atlantic and seatbelts. Worn Again's collection of luggage and handbags are proving to be trendsetters in green fashion.
Recompute: a closer look at the sustainable, cardboard PC
2009-02-05 18:10:00
From Engadget: We just recently saw some of the entries in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition that's happening in New York on February 27th. The designer of one of those entries, the cardboard-housed Recompute, was kind enough to contact us with some more detail about his compu
Support Sustainable Tibetan Culture - Put Yak on your Back
2008-12-14 18:32:00
Shokay offers a huge variety of clothing and accessories made of natural Yak and bamboo fiber, made by indigenous peoples in Tibet who are able to maintain their traditional lifestyles.
what is as sustainable as solar: more heat than wind?
2008-10-12 16:28:00
what is as sustainable as solar: more heat than wind? What else can we use $-wise installed- maintained which yields 1 million btuh per 200,000 invested dollars ? Similar to ECL Earth Coupled Loops (glhe) using only ~ 10 HP Circulating antifreeze solutions good for no-burst at -25 degrees air (li
Sustainable design overview from Gerard Lee Architects
2008-09-06 08:00:00
"So how does sustainable or "green" design apply to your home? What is "green" design? Just doing a simple search on the internet will result in hundreds of thousands of references. All similar to a certain extent and yet different. Reading through some of them will make you realise that when it comes to "green" design, many experts and or architects who specialize in sustainable design differ in what they call "green" design.For some, it means using natural materials, or waste products, utilizing the natural resources for fuel, lighting, recycling water and avoiding certain materials like steel studs that use high embodied energy through it's production. For others, it means that metal studs are good because they are an easily recycled material. Some designers follow the path of LEED as a guideline for the "greening" of buildings. Others say it's skewed to accomodate certain building product manufacturers and loosely terms many materials as "green". Still others say any type of p...
[RUSSIA] Investors Bet Millions on the Sun
2008-08-29 00:41:00
The image of Russia as a dark northern country that lives off its fossil fuels might be well-founded. But companies that rely on global demand for solar energy and Russia's scientific base have investors convinced.The next step: convincing their own government.Nitol Solar, a private company in the east Siberian town of Usolye-Sibirskoye, has raised $600 million in investment since opening five years ago, including $190 million from Alfa Bank on Aug. 12 and $75 million from the World Bank's International Finance Corporation in late July.The latest investment agreements were signed after Nitol Solar produced its first batch of polysilicon, an energy-intensive raw material that is the main component of solar cells.Nitol Solar's production of polysilicon was big news in the solar power market, which currently provides about 1 percent of global energy consumption and has been growing rapidly in the past couple of years, fueled by rising energy costs and environmental awareness. The ma...
Forbes Park: An Exemplary Sustainable Community
2008-08-19 15:47:00
From INHABITAT: The new Forbes Park residence in Chelsea, MA is giving new life to the old Forbes Lithograph Manufacturing Company, re-envisioning it as a prime model for sustainable development in urban city cores. Their self-titled "Hybrid" moniker derives from the project's exte
Sustainable Brands 08 Video Log
2008-07-11 02:32:00
Mario Vellandi, Marketing Commando and part time Design Ninja, has published a fantastic collection of videos created after his recent attendance at Sustainable Brands 08.
Eco-city Development: Planning a Sustainable Community
2008-06-23 09:53:00
"Unlike biological communities, cities constitute a kind of artificial ecosystem dominated by human activities, sustained by natural life-support systems, and vitalized by ecological processes. The concept was introduced by Ma and Wang a Social-Economic-Natural Complex Ecosystem (SENCE) (4). The natural subsystem of the eco-city consists of the 5 traditional Chinese elements: metal (minerals), wood (living organisms), water, fire (energy), and soil (nutrients and land). Its economic subsystem includes the components of production, consumption, reduction, transportation, and regulation; while its social subsystem includes technology, institutions, and culture. Urban sustainability can only be ensured by human ecological understanding of the complex interactions between environmental, economic, political, and social/cultural factors and with careful planning and management based on ecological principles.An eco-city is an ecologically healthy city. It is a healthy human ecological proc...
Sustainable beer from Colorado
2008-06-06 11:14:00
How does a brewery become sustainable? The nature of the business places heavy demands on natural resources, so it’s one of the more difficult green challenges. In this video from the Sustainable Brands conference in Monterey, Greg Owsley of the New Belgium Brewery in Colorado talks about the company’s commitment to becoming more sustainable, and the insights gained from an environmental life cycle analysis of one of its beers, Fat Tire. Greg’s entertaining presentation at the conference was one of the most talked about events during the week. Another Green Wolfie will be posting her impressions of that a little later. You can read more about New Belgium’s sustainability initiatives here.
Sustainable Recycling Bin Project
2008-06-04 23:14:00
I am doing a final year project for my degree, and part of this is to design an object. The course is Innovation; designing for a sustainable future with the Open University. I already am a partner in a sucessful company WWW.WHOLEFOOD.NET and have decided to do a recycling bin as I could market thro
Bouygues Telecom Companies proposing new solutions for sustainable developm
2008-06-04 12:28:00
Bouygues Telecom Companies committed to sustainable development by offering its customers new solutions for telephony responsible. To contribute to the preservation of the environment, Bouygues Telecom Companies has introduced a collection of used mobile for its business customers directly into their business. In parallel, Bouygues Telecom Companies offers an exclusive Evolve the Nokia 3110, the ...
By: Mobspecs
Invitation: Dialogue on Sustainable Societies
2008-06-03 18:38:00
The Coalition for Environment and Development (CED) and South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy (SADED) cordially invite you to a dialogue in the series on Sustainable Cultures - Cultures of Sustainability: Dialogues on the Future of Low Ecological Footprint Communities. Mr. Vijay Pratap will introduce the theme of the dialogue. Ms. Rajni Bakshi will initiate the discussion ...
Haute Tech Fashion with a twist: environmentally friendly and sustainable
2008-06-03 14:22:00
Rachel Bagley, a Fashion design student at South East Essex College (UK) created for her degree in Fashion Design a wearable electronic collection with a twist: all fabrics used are either organic cotton or environmentally friendly peace silk. The aim of her collection is to show how wearable electronics, combined with the insightful selection of ...
Sustainable Development Report on Africa (SDRA)
2008-06-03 12:48:00
Sustainable Development Report on Africa (SDRA) The Economic Commission for Africa has released the second edition of its flagship publication, the Sustainable Development Report on Africa (SDRA). This edition of SDRA is devoted to a five-year review of the implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development Outcomes in Africa (WSSD+5). Several African countries have made progress in economic governance, ...
Sustainable Brands Conference, Monterey
2008-06-03 01:52:00
¬† Greetings from the Hyatt Regency, Monterey, California, on the first day of the Sustainable Brands Conference 2008. Cohn & Wolfe is proud to be a sponsor of this event, which has brought together an outstanding cast-list of leaders in sustainability, media commentators and (of course) consultants. We have representatives here¬†from big corporates like Dow Chemical, sustainability gurus like Andrew Winston (Green to Gold), and Claire Alexander from the Discovery Channel’s new ‘Planet Green’. Claire will be joining me¬†tomorrow for what promises to be a great topic:¬†The Greening of Traditional Media’. Also on the panel will be Betsy Rosenberg, executive producer of ‘EcoTalk’, Anya Kamenetz of ‘Fast Company’, and Nick Aster, the media artchitect of ‘Treehugger’. Cohn & Wolfe, along with our WPP colleagues at Landor and PSB will also be launching¬†our ‘Green Brands’ study 2008,¬†which¬†looks at¬†current ...
Sustainable Drinking Water Sources
2008-05-30 07:28:00
Like this post? Subscribe to our RSS feed and stay up to date. Since I began trying to live sustainably, making sure I have sufficient water has been a significant challenge. I still mostly rely on...
Himachal considering long term sustainable industrial policy
2008-05-28 18:40:00
Shimla: State Government would be considering formulation of a long term sustainable Industrial Policy to give boost to the industrial friendly environment in the state in different sectors. This was stated by Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister, while discussing industrial promotion prospects in the state with the National BJP Industrial Cell visiting the State ...
The ?Sustainable Fitness Plan!?
2008-05-25 00:58:00
Like this post? Subscribe to our RSS feed and stay up to date.Lose ten pounds in just three weeks! What does it take to get results like that? Trying to live in harmony with the Earth!
2008-05-24 14:57:00
Source: IISD SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT FOR AFRICA (UNECA, May 200 The report provides a Five-Year Review of the Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development Outcomes in Africa. It reflects on the relationship between poverty reduction and global security, and places the achievement of the MDGs as a priority for international efforts ...
influx interview-design series- stiven kerestegian- sustainable designer
2008-05-24 01:41:00
Stiven Kerestegian is a sustainable designer who lives in the South of Chile where he is involved in several projects most of them related to sustainable design. He's also a partner in a full service production and design studio in Santiago and a sustainable product company Essustainable.1. Briefly describe your background?My background is in industrial design but I have worked in almost every related field from hardware design for Microsoft to conceptual or "innovation" design for Kodak to brand, packaging and web UI design for startups. Today, the projects I take on are as diverse as the market but more and more, clients reach out to me because they have an interest  in sustainable or "green" design.2. Sustainable Design is a current buzzword, how do you interpret it?The concept has been around for a while. Victor Papanek and Bucky Fuller were among the first to start pushing for more responsible solutions to our everyday needs not because they were hard core environmentalis...
Sustainable Water and Energy Basics from Chelsea Green Guides
2008-05-22 14:15:00
If the latest incarnation of the green living movement has taught use anything, it is this: small, simple changes can have a big impact when performed by many people. Two examples: 1) the average household uses 15% less water when a water meter is installed, 2) energy-efficient light bulbs last 12 times longer than ordinary ...
Who?s More Sustainable?
2008-05-22 06:39:00
I’ve been thinking about how and whether to write this post for a couple of weeks now. And I think I’m going to go for it - hopefully I won’t offend anyone tonight. It seems that lately there’s been a bit of “I’m more sustainable” or “I’m localer” than you going around the blogosphere. And while ...
The Next Steps Toward a Sustainable Planet
2008-05-21 17:10:00
From Discover | Environment: A couple of years ago, I had dinner with Wangari Maathai, the Kenyan woman who became the first environmentalist to win the Nobel Peace Prize. She has spent the past three decades, with limited resources, inspiring the planting of 40 million trees acros
How Lake Victoria Fishermen are Getting Sustainable, Thanks to OSRAM
2008-05-19 12:25:00
Like this post? Subscribe to our RSS feed and stay up to date.Fishermen on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria are throwing away their kerosene lamps they used to lure fish during night fishing...
The Sustainable Hurricane Season Plan
2008-05-16 17:27:00
While I’ve lived on the Gulf Coast for just a little over 10 years, I’ve already endured a more-than-fair share of hurricanes: Georges, Ivan, Dennis, Katrina, Wilma. I’ve been more...
Europe: Leading the Way in Sustainable Innovation?
2008-05-16 06:55:00
Like this post? Subscribe to our RSS feed and stay up to date.You could mistakenly believe, judging by all the press about US cleantech, renewable energy, and green business ventures, that the hub...
Leng Beng says Singapore real estate market sustainable
2008-05-15 23:59:00
Leng Beng says Singapore real estate market sustainable CityDev boss sees further investment opportunities ahead By EMILYN YAP ¬† HOTEL and property tycoon Kwek Leng Beng believes Singapore’s real estate market is sustainable and further investment opportunities lie ahead. ‘I am also waiting for the opportunity … to go in and buy at the right time,’ he said at a property conference yesterday. The executive chairman of City Developments said growth in Macau’s gaming industry had driven up residential property prices there sharply. And with two integrated resorts and big events such as the Youth Olympics in the next few years, Mr Kwek reckons the future is bright for Singapore real estate. According to country head of Jones Lang LaSalle Singapore Christopher Fossick, the current slowdown in property demand is largely sentiment-driven, and many investors are probably waiting to purchase at better prices. In terms of office space, Mr Kwek said: ‘Ther...
Sustainable free range poultry systems pave way for integration with agro f
2008-05-15 11:00:00
Free-range layer flocks are often stand-alone enterprises but integration with agro-forestry can develop sustainable farming systems, according to new ADAS research.
$28 Peanut Hero Creates Sustainable Sheller
2008-05-14 11:01:00
How many heroes can create a revolutionary gadget that has changed the lives of poor farmers and costs only $28 and refuses to get rich from it? In the life of Jock Brandis, just a cursory look at...
Green Wave Festival
2008-05-12 15:00:00
Brighton in the UK is to hold their first sustainable eco festival called the Green Wave Festival. It will be held in the largest green space in the city, Preston Park and will be taking place on Saturday and Sunday the 5th and 6th of July 2008 the festival will be open from 11 am ...
Botswana IMF: Working Paper No. 08/117: Calculating Sustainable Non-mineral
2008-05-12 10:01:00
Working Paper No. 08/117: Calculating Sustainable Non-mineral Balances as Benchmarks for Fiscal Policy: The Case of Botswana Author/Editor: Clausen, Jens R. Summary: Assuming a social welfare function that smoothes expenditure, this paper calculates a sustainability benchmark for the non-mineral balance in Botswana that is based on a notion of a “permanent income” from non-renewable resources. It is ...
Commission on Sustainable Development told of need to incorporate climate c
2008-05-11 13:02:00
Source: African Press Organization 9 May 2008 Commission on Sustainable Development Sixteenth Session 10th & 11th Meetings (AM & PM) Commission on Sustainable Development told of need to incorporate climate change strategies into africa?s bid to close gap between potential, productivity Efforts to close the persistent gap between Africa?s potential and its current stagnant economic growth and declining agricultural productivity must ...
Book Review: Off the Grid Homes - Case Studies for Sustainable Living
2008-05-10 21:45:00
Off the Grid Homes combines beautiful images with technical information for sustainable homes. The book by architect Lori Ryker is less of a manual for systems to be used in off the grid homes...
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