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CNN's Down Syndrome
2012-05-02 17:25:00
While Brits are in a snit that Rupert Murdoch is "not a fit person" to lead a news network, it's become increasingly apparent that CNN is not a fit outfit to be a news network.Erin Burnett hissy fit:  I didn't sign up for this.CNN racked up another dubious distinction in April: the lowest number of total viewers "in more than a decade" and "the worst primetime ratings in nearly two years."  TV by the Numbers compares April 2012 to April 2011 and finds CNN down big time:(Fox's daytime shows 9a-4p showed impressive double digit gains from last year with Megyn Kelly's America Live leader of the pack packing a 35% rise.)TV by the Numbers TVBTN's Robert Seidman to NYT's Brian Stelter: ?CNN appears committed to a business model that doesn?t work."Narcissus and notoriously unfit Brit phone hacker Piers Morgan sinks into his own reflection.Related:  British Politicians Split on Murdoch's 'fitness' Eric Wemple Wash PostDiller, Welch and Trump Offer Their Support for M...
Do Something Extra this World Down Syndrome Day!
2012-03-21 01:46:00
1 Down Syndrome Fact Sheet 2 Down Syndrome Q & A 3 Myths and Truths 4 What Causes Down Syndrome? 5 Incidences and Maternal Age 6 Preferred Language Guide 7 General Info Grab This Button World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated internationally on March 21, symbolic of a third copy of the 21st chromosome that characterizes Down syndrome. This year the celebration is amplified as it is the first time that the date is officially recognized by the United Nations. Join NDSS and “do something extra” in honor of those with an extra 21st chromosome! Please grab this button and add it to your blog, and include posts between now through March 21 that promote the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. While we encourage frequent relevant posts in anticipation of the day, there is no posting requirement to grab the button – just having it on your blog will raise awareness! If you’re looking for ideas, click here for a list of init...
Our Financial Stockholm Syndrome: Identifying With Your Capture-ers Is Also
2012-03-19 16:03:00
When you stop to think how people keep other in line, look no further than "the money" for a reason of how and why.The Societal Stockholm Syndrome which is defined Here operates on the principal that after a while captured prisoners begin identifying with their captors. That is to say, those who have people under their thumb and under their minds, like the fact that they can control people, derive great pleasure from being able to control people, and their power over people proves just how powerful they really are. The captors dig the shit out of this idea especially where "the Money" is concerned.The story of the finance lobby is] about the way that lobby—with the eager support of a resurgent conservative movement and a handful of powerful backers—was able to fundamentally change the way we think about the world. Call it a virus. Call it a meme. Call it the power of a big idea. Whatever you call it, for three decades they had us convinced that the success of the ...
Free Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome Red kit
2012-02-08 12:43:00 -includes: SADS Awareness Posters, Risk Assessment Sheets, SADS Foundation Brochures, and SADS Awareness Wristbands This Free? Stuff Tims? . C om feed should only be read in feed readers, on the ??????Freestuff ?Times?email ?list,? or the FST Google Gadget.? Any other ? use is opyright infringement? and should be reported.????
How to Deal with Christmas Tree Syndrome
2011-12-19 22:14:00
Just before Christmas many evergreen trees are cut and stored to be distributed later. The cold weather keeps the trees fresh but, mold, bacteria, dust and dirt collect on the trees. This triggers a range of health hazards. This medical condition is known as ?Christmas Tree Syndrome?. Symptoms of Christmas Tree Syndrome includes prickly noses, ...
China syndrome inevitable says architect of Fukushima Reactor No. 3 ? Warn
2011-12-08 02:35:00
Via – News for Greens Architect of Reactor 3 warns of massive hydrovolcanic explosion, Fukushima Diary by Mochizuki, November 19, 2011:Nov.Via Tags: Fukushima Diary, Fukushima Reactor, Greens Architect <BR/>
Book Feature :: Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism,
2011-11-16 11:22:00
Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression, Schizophrenia by Natasha Campbell-McBride ?Gut and Psychology Syndrome?, also known as the GAPS Diet, captures Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride?s experience and knowledge of nutrition and the use of probiotics. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride set up The Cambridge Nutrition Clinic in 1998. As a parent ...
2011-10-12 16:30:00
Many girls have a strange reaction to men who treat them poorly. It?s some sort of Pavlovian response where, if you are mean or disrespectful to us, we are in turn, super nice and accommodating in the hopes of turning things around and making us all one big happy family.
Cause Of Gulf War Syndrome Finally Solved?
2011-05-13 02:37:00
Navy Researches Say “Could Be!”, Pentagon (Predictably): “Eh, Not So Fast There!” Ahhh, the good ole’ Gulf War Syndrome… the “Agent Orange” for today’s veterans and troops serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Breast cancer patients at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome
2011-01-17 04:25:00
gene target for drug resistance, a triple-drug cocktail for triple negative breast cancer, and patients' risk for carpal tunnel syndrome are among study highlights scheduled to be presented by Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center researchers during the 33rd Annual CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, held Dec. 8-12. The information is embargoed for the time of presentation at the symposium........
A Diva Summarizes Palin Derangement Syndrome
2011-01-14 23:10:00
Blogress Divas Regent do have a way of zeroing on those afflicted with Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS). Here’s Clarice Feldman on the Atlantic?s AndrewCohen commentary on the charismatic former Alaska governor: Read the skewering in its entirety and marvel with me at how this gorgeous backwoods gal is felling a whole forest of hypocritical ...
Sarcasm Deficiency Syndrome
2010-12-18 12:02:00
Suggested Name Sarcasim Deficiency Syndrome Suggested Short Name SDS Suggested DSM Axis Axis II Description ThisRead More...
Stepford Syndrome
2010-10-14 22:52:00
Fed the family, fed the dogs, walked/jogged 7 miles, researched half-marathons, spoke to my Grandma on the phone, lifted weights, did the dishes and the laundry, wiped up counters and floors, dropped off kids, picked up kids (4tripstotal), talked to my sister, hosted a playdate, spoke to my neighbor lady, helped with homework, played with dogs, made blondies, walked Zack to playdate, talked to Jen on the phone, emailed, marked up the calendar, supported a fundraiser, addressed packages, looked for costumes, listened to football stats, welcomed my husband home, read during football practice, listened to a book on tape, watched Dexter with Greg. Laughed, lived, loved.Yet.I went to bed, wondering where my day went. Where all my days go. And why I don't get more done.Seeing it in print is helpful. But why do I feel like I'm spinning my wheels?
The Social Media Herd Syndrome – Will We Kill The Golden Goose?
2010-05-24 13:17:00
Nothing succeeds like Success and also nothing is followed as much as success is. Its been 4 years (almost) since I started blogging and almost 3 since I started advising brands and corporates on social media communications. In hindsight Ive made many mistakes on many fronts both while blogging and while advising clients. One thing is for sure thought I didn’t follow anyone. At the time when I started I did so because I found it interesting, intriguing and a fun thing to do. Even today with very little time on my hands and with hectic schedules it still is a fun thing to do (Though I wish I had more time). The herd is here.. Now over the last year or so Ive seen people from all quarters *(IT consultants, Architects, Bankers etc) chuck their jobs and look at social media as a prospective business/career. Now before you say what’s wrong in that? Id like to clarify that Im the happiest when I see so many people venture into this space as its a space that is bound to grow a...
By: WATblog
Budd-Chiari Syndrome
2009-11-27 14:03:00
Budd-Chiari syndrome is caused by blood clots that completely or partially block the large veins that carry blood from the liver (hepatic veins) into the inferior vena cava. Some people have no symptoms, but others experience fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea, and jaundice. Fluid may accumulate in the abdomen, the spleen may enlarge, and sometimes severe bleeding occurs in the esophagus. Doppler ultrasonography can detect narrowed or blocked veins. Drugs may be used to dissolve or decrease the size of the clot, or a connection may be made between veins to allow blood to bypass the liver. Budd-Chiari syndrome usually occurs when a clot narrows or blocks the hepatic veins. Because blood flow out of the liver is impeded, blood accumulates in the liver, causing it to enlarge. The spleen may also enlarge. The backup of blood (congestion) in the hepatic veins causes blood pressure in the portal vein to increase. This increased pressure, called portal hypertension, can result i...
Alagille Syndrome
2009-11-24 14:17:00
Alagille syndrome is a rare, inherited disorder in which bile flow from the liver is decreased and the there are fewer than normal bile ducts. Alagille syndrome is a disorder that often affects the liver and other organs, including the heart, eyes, spine and kidneys. Often, patients with alagille syndrome have distinctive facial appearances. A small number of patients (about 15%) go on to develop severe liver disease and require liver transplantation. This disorder is usually present at birth. Alagille syndrome is one of the most common inherited disorders that causes reduced bile flow within the liver. It occurs about once in every 100,000 births. What are the causes of alagille syndrome? Recent studies have discovered that defects of a specific gene cause alagille syndrome. The disease usually is inherited from one parent. A single copy of the diseased gene (received from either the mother or father) "dominates" the other normal gene and results in this disease. Ther...
Cognitive Dysfunction Reversed in Mouse Model of Down?s Syndrome
2009-11-18 18:15:00
A study by neuroscientist William C. Mobley, MD, PhD, chair of the Department of Neurosciences at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, and colleagues at Stanford University Medical School has demonstrated a possible new approach to slowing the inevitable progression of cognitive decline found in Down?s syndrome. The study, published in Science Translational Medicine on November 18, revealed two important new findings about Down?s syndrome in a mouse model: 1) there is evidence that synaptic terminals involved in neurotransmission are damaged long before the cells show degeneration; and 2) while cell signaling is damaged, the receptors are not, but are functioning and still trying to find signals. ?If we focus only on damage to cell bodies, we underestimate the importance of timing and the potential window for treatment of Down?s syndrome,? said Mobley, one of the nation?s leading experts in the disease. He added that this study in mice shows some of the ea...
Lost and Found Dog Saves Life of Boy with Down Syndrome - Paw Nation
2009-08-12 23:33:00
Lost and Found Dog Saves Life of Boy with Down Syndrome - Paw NationShared via AddThis
Why no Fear that Bloggers? Palin Derangement Syndrome Will Damage Democrats
2009-08-04 17:40:00
I’m trying to figure out why so many believe that birthers’ obsession with President Obama’s “missing” birth certificate will hurt the GOP. I have received e-mails from friends and acquaintances–and not just liberal friends and acquaintances–warning of the damage birthers could inflict on my party. And this despite the fact that no leading Republican has attached ...
Angel Ruiz: weeping guitar syndrome
2009-06-03 19:18:00
Angel Ruiz says: Inspired by Steve Lukather's version, this is me playing over While My Guitar Gently Weeps backing track. While My Guitar Gently Weeps Emotive Soloing by ngel Ruiz This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
For Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome, iPhone to the Rescue
2009-06-01 15:09:00
Behavioral Health Associates of NC, Inc. announces the release for sale of the iPhone symptom tracker application for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This application helps users keep track of bowel function as well as ten other variables in order to create an accurate picture of IBS symptom experience. The application prepares 24 hour, one week and ...
Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome With The NoHands Mouse
2009-05-26 22:04:00
Tired of having to move your hands away from the keyboard to take a sip of your tasty beverage? Well, the answer to this problem is only one click away... A click of your foot, that is.
Writer Carla Sosenko On How To Date With Klippel-Trenaunay K-T Syndrome (Ph
2009-05-19 17:59:00
Writer Carla Sosenko, who suffers from a rare congenital disorder called Klipper-Trenaunay Syndrome (K-T), lives in Brooklyn, New York and is planning on writing her memoirs. In an article for Marie Claire Magazine, Carla explains how K-T affects her emotional and physically. Carla writes for Marie Claire: ?I was born with the rare circulatory disorder Klippel-Trenaunay ...
What is Broken Heart Syndrome?
2009-05-01 06:48:00
There is hope for people suffer from "Broken Heart Syndrome", a condition first described by Japanese researchers in the early 1990s Patients with this condition, called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy,transient apical ballooning or stress cardiomyopathy, are often misdiagnosed as having a masive heart attack. In fact, what they have suffered from is a surge in adrenalin(epinephrine) and other stress hormones tha have temporaily stunned the heart. This could be brought on by distressing news, such as the unexpected death of a loved one. According to Reuters report, Dr Richard REgnante from Warren Alert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, and his colleagues, said that it appears that the syndrome is temporary and completely reversible. The symptoms typically mimic a heart attack and tend to soon after an intense physical or emotional event. However, the long term outlook is excellent and nearly all patients experience a full recovery of heart condition. The researchers created a...
New Treatment Used To Treat Restless Legs Syndrome
2009-05-01 04:05:00
Researchers have found that a drug used to treat seizures and anxiety may now aid people suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).
I Have Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome
2009-04-30 16:09:00
Why can’t I breathe? This picture came from here. Woo-eeeee! Sounds fancy, don’t it? You’re probably wondering what the hell I’m doing, sitting here blogging when I should be in an intensive care unit with a giant tube down my throat. But it’s not that exciting, I’m afraid. In fact, it’s pretty damn dull. Damnit! Yeah, so. Remember that ...
Mother's Day - New Mother Syndrome
2009-04-25 14:41:00
I received an e-mail from a friend, its content riddled with errors. These weren’t small mistakes, but glaring oversights. A few moments later, I received a second message apologizing for the first e-mail. “Please forgive me. I must be suffering from New Mother Syndrome. All I can think of is the baby.”What mother hasn’t felt that way when she brings home a newborn? What is this syndrome, and how
William ?The Refrigerator? Perry Suffers From Guillain-Barre Syndrome (Phot
2009-04-22 18:37:00
Former Chicago Bears star William ?The Refrigerator? Perry was hospitalized due to complications related to an immune disease known as the Guillain-Barre syndrome in South Carolina about a week ago. Perry earned his nickname, commonly shortened to The Fridge, for his enormous size, well over 300 pounds. Guillain-Barre syndrome is an uncommon inflammatory disorder in which ...
An Explanation of Althouse Derangement Syndrome
2009-04-09 02:38:00
The contempt that certain left-wing bloggers hold for Ann Althouse has long fascinated me. I mean, as I noted in a previous post, she’s “kind of like the South Park of blogging. . ., directing her snark at pretty much anything she finds amusing” regardless of politician affiliation. She’s basically an equal opportunity riffer. Given the ...
Andrew Sullivan?s Stockholm Syndrome
2009-03-04 01:12:00
As I work on a piece on gay marriage in anticipation of Thurday’s California Supreme Court hearing, I’m struck by the contrast between Andrew Sullivan’s 1989 essay, “Here Comes the Groom: a Conservative Case for Gay Marriage” and his 2008 Atlantic piece, “Big Fat Straight (sic) Wedding.“ In the first piece, he makes a fresh ...
Post-traumatic stress tied to metabolic syndrome
2009-02-06 18:50:00
A new study of U.S. veterans suggests that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and metabolic syndrome, the group of symptoms that increases heart disease and diabetes risk, may be linked. Dr. Pia S. Heppner of the Veterans Affairs San Diego Health System in La Jolla and her colleagues found that the more severe a person?s PTSD symptoms, the more likely they were to also have the metabolic syndrome. Evidence is mounting that exposure to trauma can worsen physical health, including increasing heart disease risk, Heppner and her team note in the journal BMC Medicine. 
Biblical Battered Wife Syndrome
2009-01-26 19:44:00
Biblical Battered Wife Syndrome: Christian Women and Domestic Violence is article written by Kathryn Joyce on Religion Dispatches. Kathryn is also the author of, "Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement"This article was written about Saddleback Church's position on domestic violence, divorce, and how they feel it should be handled. I had written prior how I think their stand on how you 'can't escape the pain' so you need to separate and figure this things out is an unrealistic view of the overall picture he is attempting to address. The article in question goes into that audio I spoke about, and also another one that speaks about miserable marriages. Tom Holladay decided that he could qualify what he feels as domestic violence as being, "habit of beating you regularly". A SHOVE doesn't qualify you see!Three writers that I have spoke about here prior were quoted within the article. Jocelyn Andersen of Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence and Danni Moss...
Kawasaki Syndrome Travolta Son death
2009-01-09 19:37:00
John Travolta’s 16 year old Son, Jett Travolta died a few days back. The Travolta’s said that he was suffering from a disease called as “Kawasaki Syndrome” and all of a sudden, the term has caught the headlines of every magazine and news website.I was a bit curious to know what this disease was and hence I dug through everything that was available. The disease had strange symptoms and was not that widely spread, hence the availability of very little knowledge. Kawasaki syndrome is also known as ‘lymph node syndrome’, ‘mucocutaneous node disease’, ‘infantile polyarteritis’ and ‘Kawasaki disease’. It is an inflammation (vasculitis) of the middle-sized arteries. It affects many organs, including the skin, mucous membranes, lymph nodes, and blood vessel walls, but the most serious effect is on the heart. It is called so, because it was first described by Tomisaku Kawasaki in 1967 in Japan. Kawasaki Syndrome is predo...
More UK Parents chose to have their children with Down?s syndrome
2008-11-27 12:24:00
One of the reasons behind legalizing abortion was the anguish of parents having disabled children. Ironically, the ability to prevent many cases of retardation via vaccines (e.g. against Rubella, a common cause of profound retardation in the past), treatment (congenital syphillis), or surgery (meningomyelocoel and hydrocephalus) has improved over the last 40 years. Other diseases that in ...
Irritable Male Syndrome, What you Need to Know about your Andropause Male
2008-10-24 18:22:00
Irritable Male SyndromeStressed out? Grumpy? Moody? If you're a guy and these words describe your mental state, you may be suffering from "irritable male syndrome." If you're a woman who is living with a man who has turned from "nice" to "mean," you are suffering as well. I was recently interviewed by WebMD to explore this important area of health.Below is a portion of that interview, along with some Q&A. MD: Welcome to WebMD Live, Jed. Thank you for joining us today. What is irritable male syndrome? Is this a new problem or a newly recognized problem?JD: This is really based on 40 years of my own clinical research as well as responses from 50,000 men who have taken the IMS quiz. We've discovered why millions of men are becoming angry and depressed, and why they so often vent their frustration on the women they love the most. Irritable male syndrome (IMS) can be defined as a state of hypersensitivity, frustration, anxiety, and anger that occurs in males and is associated with...
More Palin Delusion Syndrome
2008-10-17 05:17:00
THURSDAY EDITIONQuite frankly, I don't think there is anything wrong with Sarah Palin and her "special base"? Do you? Evidently it's not all the thing.  This is just reason #1,000,001 while I support Sarah Palin!But the very worst thing Sarah Palin has done yet occurred in Elon, North Carolina. "..."God has so richly blessed this land, not just with the oil and the gas, but with wind and the hydro, the geothermal and the biomass," Palin said. "We'll tap into those."..."
Pregnancy and Down Syndrome Baby
2008-10-14 18:34:00
Down syndrome is becoming the commonest birth defect in Western Countries. Down syndrome is abnormality in chromosome that is trisomy 21 (three copies of chromosome 21 instead of two copies). Some...
Pregnancy and Down Syndrome Baby
2008-10-14 18:34:00
Down syndrome is becoming the commonest birth defect in Western Countries. Down syndrome is abnormality in chromosome that is trisomy 21 (three copies of chromosome 21 instead of two copies). Some...
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
2008-10-09 10:23:00
SIDS (cot death or crib death) is sudden and unexpected death of an infant less than one year of age in which no cause has been found. Peak incidence is 2-4 months and many of the cases happen to be...
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
2008-10-09 10:23:00
SIDS (cot death or crib death) is sudden and unexpected death of an infant less than one year of age in which no cause has been found. Peak incidence is 2-4 months and many of the cases happen to be...
The Military and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Part II
2008-09-12 12:39:00
Life is full of stresses, and what now is called “post traumatic stress syndrome” is actually quite widespread in the general population. Abused children, battered wives, those living through life threatening illnesses or accidents all may suffer variations of the syndrome. . As many as 70% of adults in the United States have experienced at least one ...
Bitter Women Syndrome - Sebelius maligns McCain’s choice of Palin
2008-09-11 21:17:00
The Associated Press HUTCHINSON — Governor Kathleen Sebelius told a Kansas State Fair audience that no private-sector CEO would choose a top lieutenant and potential successor the way that John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. The Democratic governor said Wednesday that the choice is “a little frightening” and represents how the GOP presidential candidate ...
Funny Search Terms: uncombable hair syndrome
2008-09-06 02:00:00
1.uncombable hair syndromeThe tangled truth about Uncombable Hair SyndromeMSNBC- Sep 05, 2008- 10 hours agoBy Diane Mapes If ever there were a disease designed to vex a mother, it’s Uncombable Hair Syndrome (UHS). The rare disease, which has produced less than ...
Local Liberal Palin Derangement Syndrome
2008-09-04 20:27:00
We need to add a Sarah Palin hysteria section to this brain… I’m kinda tired of reading hysterical liberal stuff, but here is an example from my local newspaper of typical liberal hysteria. This ranting is just funny as hell oh and check out the last comment, some are pulling out the KKK card, classic liberalism! In case ...
Media?s Palin Derangement Syndrome: Suddenly, Old Media Thinks They are DNA
2008-09-04 10:29:00
-By Warner Todd Huston John McCain’s campaign spokesman is reporting that the media has deluged the campaign with demands that it provide DNA samples to “prove” that baby Trig is the true offspring of vice presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin. Imagine the effrontery of this demand? Imagine the ignorance and outrageousness of this attack that Governor ...
Do I have to be a mom today?
2008-08-16 17:00:00
I’m tired. I’ve only been getting 5-6 hours of sleep every night due to adrenaline, insomnia, stress, and worry. My sister has moved back home after living away for 15 years. Up until yesterday her and her family were staying here. It was pretty chaotic having four adults, six kids, three dogs, and two bunnies in my ...
The Anacin Syndrome
2008-08-09 02:06:00
Is your business suffering from The Anacin Syndrome? And what is The Anacin Syndrome? The Anacin Syndrome is my metaphore for all that has to do with the dropping of standards. During the 50's, when brands like Anacin were at their peak, words like "competent" meant that you were just one step above moron. Now the word competent means you practically own a Ph.D. Well these days being "average" has gotten so bad that you can go to the head of the class just by showing up. But why did things change? How did these lax standards come about? Well, about the time brands like Anacin were popular, moms had just started going into the workforce for the first time. They'd come home tired, stressed and hungry - and still faced a home and family to manage! Hence Anacin's most memorable ads. Moms snapping at little children! Close up on mom: hand to forehead: Voiceover: "Sure you have a headache. You're tense and irritable. But don't take it out on her!" Why if you ran that ad today you'd ...
Health note: Does Obama have Marfan Syndrome?
2008-07-02 03:28:00
The NYTimes has an interesting photo of Obama on one of their articles. THIS PHOTO. Maybe it’s an optical illusion, but dang, his arm is long, and his fingers are long…and as a doc, it made me stare… No problem. Probably tall and thin, like his father. Several others in his African family have the long thin ...
Firsthand Account of Bush Derangement Syndrome
2008-06-26 07:00:00
Given the fact that we had some news to report yesterday, I wanted to welcome any new readers that might be visiting GayPatriot. You are welcome as long as you please wipe your feet at the door, and treat others as you wish to be treated. I would also like to apologize for my near-AWOL status ...
Bush Derangement Syndrome is psychological transference
2008-06-20 14:15:00
So says Austin Bay. (Via Instapundit)
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