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Treating Fantasy like the game it is
2012-05-11 19:20:00
There are plenty of under-the-radar types in Fantasy that are delivering for a handful of owners. Our Nando Di Fino comes up with a creative way to get his point across about a few of his favorite sleepers.
Night Song: Rufus Wainwright?s ?Out of the Game?
2012-05-04 14:59:00
Night Song: Rufus Wainwright’s excellent new single is the equivalent of a gay musician screaming “Get off my lawn!” to the younger generation of musicians who are letting themselves be lead blindly by the music industry. Kicking off with a very George Harrison guitar, the song admonishes with relish: “Look at you suckers!/Does you mama ...
NFL Draft 2012: The Game Of Chance That Is The NFL Draft
2012-04-20 15:02:00
On Thursday April the 26th the 2012 NFL Draft will commence, with all 32 teams looking for the next great player(s) who can take them to the Promised Land. The draft can be best described as a gamble; even the seemingly safest or best option could turn out to be one great big disappointment.So will (Read More...)
NFL Draft 2012: The Game Of Chance That Is The NFL Draft
2012-04-20 15:02:00
On Thursday April the 26th the 2012 NFL Draft will commence, with all 32 teams looking for the next great player(s) who can take them to the Promised Land. The draft can be best described as a gamble; even the seemingly safest or best option could turn out to be one great big disappointment.So will (Read More...)
Poll Results: The Streak or The Game at WMXXVIII?
2012-04-02 01:29:00
Triple H - 45 (72%) The Undertaker - 17 (27%) Total Votes: 62
By: KLQ Blog
STOP THE GAME, it's gone too far.
2012-03-30 16:50:00
There are a taste of the flavours of THE GAMETHE (conspiracy) GAME we're all playing to keep the Corporate War afloat, to keep the bloodshed going. Do you know how much of your hard-earned wages goes on just fomenting wars in the name of PROFIT?THE (paranoia) GAME we're all watching where one nation tries so hard to fuck another nation so hard it's embarrassing to the whole human legacy. These people might become members of your future families.THE (fear) GAME where we're all complicit in each others ridiculously bigotted gookisation, the way we're all divided by race, creed and colour. They way we're all such intellectual pushovers, such brain-washed jerks, such cunts.I can't really believe that ANY OF YOU want a world that is so fucking broken, so fatalistically cynical, so heartless.Is a RISK'D TO DEATH WORLD in the name of some abstract immoral unlogical née stupid GAME that some 'players' say we should be playing really worth it?Can you seriously look at your ki...
The Game of Life Gets zAPPed!
2012-03-13 04:30:00
Wow! Talk about a classic board game getting a 21st century make-over! The Game of Life zAPPed Edition has got to be one of the coolest games we’ve played in a very long time. Hasbro is excited to introduce zAPPed Gaming, which combines the fun of traditional face-to-face game play with the increased functionality of ...
Taboo ? The game of unspeakable fun! (Giveaway)
2012-02-08 11:03:00
One of our favorite games to play has got to be Taboo by Hasbro. I still remember the first time my sister introduced me to this hilarious game. We couldn’t stop playing and I’ve even taken it with me on layover to play with the crew. We would stay up until the early morning hours ...
The Game - Martians vs. Goblins
2011-12-23 16:23:00
West Coast rapper The Game drops the video for his latest hit ?Martians vs. Golblins?. The song is from his fourth album ?The R.E.D. Album?. For this track Game teamed with Young Money rapper Lil Wayne and Odd Future rapper Tyler, The Creator.
Family Game Night 4: The Game Show Wii
2011-12-19 02:42:00
Some of our family’s favorite board games are Sorry!, Yahtzee, & and Scrabble so we were really excited to play their Wii versions in Hasbro Family Game Night 4: The Game Show. Now you’re part of the action! In FAMILY GAME NIGHT 4: THE GAME SHOW EDITION, you can experience the fun and excitement of ...
Rule Changes in NFL are Completely Changing the Game
2011-12-15 01:27:00
By Anthony Carillo!/CarilloC-annon7 If you were to ask Mean Joe Green, Mel Blount, Jack Tatum, Ronnie Lott or any of the most intimidating defensive players in the 70s, 80s and 90s, they would most likely tell you one thing; the league is handcuffing defensive players. Back in their respective decades Green, Blount, Tatum, and (Read More...)
Changing the Rules in the Middle of the Game
2011-12-03 14:30:00
Angela Merkel is leading the call for a rule change, a rewiring of the basic treaty that binds the EU. But is it both too much and too late? The market action suggests that time is indeed running out, and so we’ll look at the likely consequences. Then I glance over the other way and take notice of news out of China that may be of import. Plus a few links for your weekend listening“pleasure.”-; There is lots to cover, so let’s get started. Changing the Rules I have been writing for a very long time about the changes needed to the EU treaty if Europe is to survive. Specifically, last week I noted that Angela Merkel has made . . . → Read More: Changing the Rules in the Middle of the Game
Jurassic Park : The Game for iPad Will Available on November 2011
2011-10-29 06:48:00
Telltale Games, the company that brought you Sam & Max: Devil?s Playground and Back to the Future: The Game, announced the release date for their upcoming episodic video game tie-in to Jurassic Park. Telltale is “targeting” a November 15 launch for Jurassic Park: The Game. Every episode will be immediately available for download ? ...
2011-10-13 17:11:00
If you were not able to see this sneek peak during the premiere of BET's Reed Between the Lines, here is your chance.
The Godfather: The Game [NB Oldies]
2011-07-31 13:00:00
En uno de mis ms recientes viajes a Estados Unidos visit varias tiendas GameStop, como suelo hacerlo cada vez que cruzo la frontera. Una de ellas me hizo una oferta que no poda rehusar: una copia usada de The Godfather: The Game para Xbox 360 en tan slo US$10. Al ser fan de los juegos ...
The Game Ends When It's Over
2011-07-20 08:37:00
Dustin Pedroia has been the cornerstone of the Sox recent win streak. (AP Photo) Baseball is a weird sport. One night it seems impossible for batters to to get on base, then the following day it appears unfathomable they'll make...
Photo Hunt 062: The game of love
2011-06-25 08:44:00
    Not many of you know that I?m into postcards and stamps collection. This week, my take on the theme is related to my hobby. This se-tenant pair belongs to the USPS Love series, the King and Queen of Hearts, issued in 2009 and a clever tribute to the world?s most favourite ?game?.  Do you know what is it? It?s the game of love, of course! :) The artist, Jeanne Greco, said that she used the 18th century French playing cards as a reference and created her own interpretation on a computer. She retained the traditional colour of playing cards ? a white or cream background ? with only basic colours as accents. Lovely, design, isn?t it? If only my stamps weren?t covered by the postmarks!  But here, I?m posting a mint copy for your viewing pleasure. The mint version (unused) looks more attractive than the used version but I like my stamps  with cancelation marks. This however had very heavy marks on them it marred the face value of the stamps :( ...
Get in the Game? Get Real!
2011-02-10 22:56:00
Obama urges business to ?get in the game?... The 5 and Odyssey Marine suggest why they?ve been on the sidelines. China plows another $5.4 billion into Canadian fossil fuels. Sarnoff on an ?awfully interesting? market and where it goes from here. Wheat, corn, soybeans hit 2-year highs... What?s behind the latest upsurge. Readers inquire why Somali pirates don?t get their just desserts... We supply a ?politically correct? answer.
Golf fans policing PGA Tour: Good or bad for the game?
2011-02-10 19:17:00
Tim Finchem created a buzz in the golf media world with the admission that if fans want to call in a rules infraction, it is their right to do so. This will create thousands of call-ins by armchair golfers who think they see, or possibly do see, something.   For the most part, PGA Tour golfers know the rules but, Ian Poulter even reluctantly admitted, "I still dont know all the rules, there's too many." Although there are Tour golfers who admit they don't know every rule, is "see something, say something" always the best idea? Why encourage fans to police the PGA Tour? With social media being an integral part of the world we live in, it is quite easy to reach the PGA Tour via Twitter or Facebook with a comment or an @ statement. Although seemingly harmless, not every fan with a Rules of Golf book should be an armchair referee.   "Cutting them (fans) off is not an option at this point"  said Finchem, and he has a point. With the PGA Tour grasping for audienc...
BET Preview: "The Game"
2011-01-20 15:02:00
Here's a preview of next week's episode of BET's "The Game". It appears that TT is finished with Malik, but can you blame him? We always knew Malik was a proverbial "donkey", but this takes it to a whole new level. How will this end? Thoughts?
So Much For Treasury?s ?Skin In The Game?? They Are Willing To Use The Taxp
2011-01-19 08:01:00
The Treasury Department yesterday released a report on “risk retention”. It noted that because loan originators had no “skin in the game”, securitization helped fuel the housing bubble. To fight this they said: [A]s the recent financial crisis demonstrated, without reform, risks in the securitization process can detract from these benefits. Leading up to the ...
11/27/2010 - Gotta Have Skin in the Game
2010-11-28 02:34:00
You have to have a team in the hunt to be interested in any sport, given as examples Rutgers and the Knicks...others.
The Music of Video Games HD [001] Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game
2010-10-27 17:58:00 Click here to watch Art of the Game: Mass Effect 2: Concept Artist! The Music of Video Games HD [001] Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Chapter 001 in an on-going series that offers a selection of musical tracks from various titles throughout gaming’s history. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Platform ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "The Music of Video Games HD [001] Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game", url: "" });
Back to The Future: The Game Free
2010-10-26 08:50:00
Get Telltale Games Back to The Future: The Game Free, it’s the first episode of five. All you need to do is click the ‘Redeem’ button on the site you’ll be prompted to sign in or create an account, your game serial code will be available in your account, and you’ll be emailed once the ...
The Game - Pushin It
2010-10-19 11:34:00
Here is the official video to "Pushin It" by Game featuring Robin Thicke and T.I. from his Breaklights Mixtape.
Tiger Woods still has the game but should Mickelson get the glory?
2010-04-13 16:21:00
Cheering on Phil Mickelson at the Masters this weekend was easy to do. His charisma emanated from all corners of Augusta National Golf Club; the world could feel his warmth. Lefty pulled the golf fans into his world, making sure to smile and greet all as he walked through Amen Corner and down the home stretch. After sinking a birdie at eighteen to place his name among three-time winners such as Sam Snead and Jimmy Demaret, Mickelson greeted his wife Amy and their children with honesty and passion that most women would have swooned over. There was probably not a dry eye in the entire viewing audience. In stark contrast, Tiger Woods' dissatisfaction with his fourth place finish was barely gracious. There was no mention of how K.J. Choi kept pace over four grueling days at Augusta, no positive reinforcements about his own game and certainly not the Tiger Woods who grew up in front of our eyes. With cursing and apologies becoming more frequent and Woods literally falling to pieces i...
Sacrifice Love For The Game
2009-09-25 10:22:00
A man rushes into a Dentist's office accompanied with his wife. The man pleaded to the dentist, "Doc, I'm in one big of a hurry! I have two team partners sitting out in my car waiting for us to go... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Adobe late in the game?
2009-09-17 13:00:00
Adobe just made a very surprising acquisition yesterday as it confirmed it had agreed to buy Omniture Inc for $1.8 billion. The announcement was met with skepticism as the stock lost 6,4% of its value during the day despite the Nasdaq being up 1,42%, quite an underperformance. As in any move, there are many reasons ...
Official: BET Picks Up 'The Game'
2009-09-11 19:31:00
After being dropped off the CW schedule earlier this year, despite a petition signed by a million, popular US comedy-drama The Game has been picked up by BET, as confirmed by one of the show's producers Matthew Cherry on Twitter:@Director_Cherry CBS Paramount and BET have reached a deal with the canceled CW Series The Game.less than a minute ago from web@Director_Cherry The first hurdle has been
Super Mario Sneakers: Better Than The Game!
2009-09-09 16:29:00
I have never seen better sneakers in this world. Making a modern art out of a retro game and still more making it everyday wearable simply deserves a nobel prize for awesomeness. The Super Mario Sneakers practically has every character in the game and is really funky to wear. The shoes in itself is a masterpiece. ...
Avatar the Game
2009-08-29 10:36:00
I’ve been in anticipation of James Cameron’s new movie (shot using the Fusion Camera System technology) called Avatar which will be released on december 18th. James Cameron is a screenwriter, producer and director. He has written and directed films as: The Terminator, Rambo II, Aliens, The Abyss and monster hit Titanic. In 2011 Cameron will be ...
Back In The Game
2009-07-21 15:48:00
I’ve been running around like a mad woman these days! Trying to pay the bills.Trying to make the film locations business work. Trying to sell real estate.Trying to make sure everyone (and I mean you) is buying my book.Trying to write my new book. I need to stop running and just sit down and write! I love to write. I love the process. The real problem is that I’ve been stuck. Struggling for the words at each turn, so it’s time for a little diversion, a busman’s holiday of sorts. I am going to shake all those locked up thoughts loose by going back to the beginning. It’s time to start blogging again. Blogging – writing – about what’s going on in my life. Dating. Writing. Cooking. Menopause. Crying. Sex. I’m going to start stopping by more regularly. I look forward to chatting with you and seeing your comments.
Shocking Liar: The Game That Hurts
2009-07-09 21:13:00
Want to know if your best friend is having a fling with your girlfriend? Or if little Billy has been smoking the wacky weed? If so, the Shocking Liar "game" may be just what you need.
The Game Show Awards are coming on June 6th!!!
2009-05-17 10:13:00
The Game Show Awards won't air until June 6th on the Game Show Network, but they taped the hysterical well produced show today and I was there!!! The red carpet was one of the best ever with so many wonderful game show icons and nice celebrities!!! Corky Ballas was the nicest one of them all and ...
Is Price the Game Changer?
2009-05-02 16:08:00
Tata Motors has announced that it will begin selling its $2,000 Nano model in India this summer. While critics raise questions about the safety and environmental impact of the mini-car, Tata management vows to eventually market versions of the car in the U.S. and other developed nations, where young
2009-04-10 23:03:00
Hey Everybody,If you love the CW's "The Game", then please go to HERE and voice your opinion about why it should stay on television. They are not canceled yet, but this will definitely show the CW how much the fans care. Come on people, there are only TWO BLACK SHOWS left on the CW network.I have already went and told them why. You should too. Watch the video of the cast dismiss some rumors and campaigning for your support.
Arnold Liamberg wrote a new blog post: The name of the game:
2009-03-27 16:56:00
Arnold Liamberg wrote a new blog post: The name of the game: Good morning. Hoppas alla mår bra !? Idag ska jag och bebis gå på bio och jag försöker komma in på SF's hemsida som vägrar funka :@ Men men vi får väl åka till bion och bestämma oss för vad vi ska se. Ska också kolla runt lite i olika affärer ett litet tag tror ...
Concept art for Lost, the game
2009-03-09 20:46:00
En la pagina de Herve Groussin podemos echarle un vistazo a todo su portafolio con ilustraciones y arte conceptual del que podemos destacar todos los conceptos tratados para el Videojuego de la serie Lost, asi como los decorados o paisajes que reflejan muy bien el ambiente de la serie.
How the game has changed?
2009-01-21 12:00:00
How the game has changed… I was recently checking out some numbers over at the great baseball reference site. Being a bit of a baseball geek, I realized that strikeout totals for pitchers were low in the 1930?s. I also realized that walk totals were relatively high for a select group of star batters. But what ...
For The Love Of The Game - Elena Delle Donne on OTL
2008-12-28 17:01:00
Here is a look from ESPN’s Outside the Lines at former UConn Huskies recruit Elena Delle Donne and her decision to quit basketball and then decide to play volleyball at Delaware. ©2008 SOX & Dawgs. All content contained here in is property of SOX & Dawgs unless otherwise specified. This post is a SOX & Dawgs ...
Kevin Connolly's Entourage: The Game and Ne-Yo
2008-12-05 20:44:00
Young Hollywood goes on the set of The Game and Ne-Yo's music video for Camera Phone and gets an up close look on what happens behind the scenes. We talk to the artists about working together and with the director, Entourage star Kevin Connolly. Hosted by Michelle Marie.
the game of choice
2008-12-04 15:04:00
busy trying not to hurt anyone. busy trying to make the right choices choices are worse than instinct choices exhaust the brain the brain persists the brain is the enemy of the mind the mind is the true self the mind is where you are when you?re alone alone is not bad as people think alone is pure being being alone is being true being not ...
Thinking Machine 4: Play the Game
2008-11-07 05:43:00
Thinking Machine 4: Play the GameGreat online chess game, check it out by using the link above.
If You Get This You Are Ahead Of The Game
2008-11-01 19:00:00
Great quote from Warren Buffet about bad times in the economy… “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.” Apply this to your real estate deals today and you will see things happen in your business. Livin’ My Life With Smiles
The Game is Over
2008-11-01 13:51:00
INGEBORG LSCHER The Game is Over 12.11.2008 - 22.02.2009 MAK Furniture Study Collection ?The game is over?, George W. Bush proclaimed only weeks before the invasion of Iraq. Used by the artist Ingeborg Lscher as the point of departure for a video installation of the same title, the propaganda slogan becomes the inverse through relentless repetition. Pristine landscapes stand in stark contrast to the horror of war and bear testament to the simultaneity of beauty and menace.[ M A K_o n l i n e ]
By: weblogART
The Game of Life - Happy Halloween
2008-10-31 23:04:00
Blog of the Day Awards for Friday October 31, 2008A Happy Halloween Blog of the Day Award goes to The Game of LifeThe Game of LifeRandom thoughts from a Wandering Mind.Technorati TagsBlog Award Blog Awards winner Bloggers Blogs Awards Blogging Bloggies Weblogs Weblog Award of the day Award web online nominations Internet Blog of the Day Awards Blog of the Day Award Blog of the Day BOTDA winners Weblog Award Weblog Awards blogspotBe sure to submit your nominations early.Thank you,Bill Austin
2008-10-04 17:22:00
Queen - The Game.01-Play The Game02-Dragon Attack03-Another One Bites The Dust04-Need Your Loving Tonight05-Crazy Little Thing Called Love06-Rock It (Prime Jive)07-Don't Try Suicide08-Sail Away Sweet Sister09-Coming Soon10-Save Me..Ao 1979RockDescarga - 32.2mb
The Game - L.A.X.
2008-08-30 07:21:00
Is it a bad omen when your album opens with a prayer by… DMX? Well, it should be. And yet, throughout the course of L.A.X., The Game?s gruff bark punctuates an unexpected variety of sounds that, even when they?re a little too slow, keep things rolling on an even and interesting keel. After DMX rebukes Satan ...
Video :: Kung Fu Panda - The Game Trailer
2008-08-25 19:06:00
Trailer do novo jogo de Kung Fu Panda.In the Kung Fu Panda video game, players embark on an epic, action-packed adventure as they master the specialized Kung Fu fighting styles of Po the Panda, the unlikely hero, his teacher Shifu, and the legendary Kung Fu masters, the Furious Five: Monkey, Tigress, Viper, Mantis and Crane. Through 13 legendary levels from the movie and beyond, and spanning land, water and air, players must work their way to become the Dragon Warrior and defeat the ultimate enemy, Tai Lung, as they battle a variety of foes, overcome dangerous obstacles, navigate multi-tiered environments and solve challenging puzzles. Featuring a deep variety of gameplay, unique co-op and competitive multiplayer modes, collectibles, and a host of character upgrades, the Kung Fu Panda video game provides an experience gamers of all ages will enjoy.
Play of the game: Wade to Kobe
2008-08-14 16:58:00
Here's the best play from today's USA vs. Greece game:Wade to Kobe, can you imagine that combo? Wade is definitely in full force and I expect more highlights from him and others.Can you think of a crazy alley oop combination? Let's hear it in the comments!
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