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The Killers Member Tommy Marth Commits Suicide
2012-04-26 19:14:00
The Killers saxophonist Tommy Marth committed suicide earlier this week, according to a spokeswoman for theClark County Coroner’s Office in Las Vegas. Marth, 33, was found dead in his Las Vegas home Monday morning. Brandon Flowers & Tana Munblowsky Had Third Baby Boy “Last night we lost our friend Thomas Marth. Our prayers are with ...
The Killers: Spaceman(Video & Letra)
2009-04-17 05:40:00
Segundo Sencillo de ‘Day & Age’ uno de los mejores discos del 2009 It started with a low light, Next thing I knew they ripped me from my bed; And then they took my blood type, they left a strange impression in my head. You know that I was hoping, That I could leave this star-crossed world behind; But when they cut ...
Marshwiggle23 commented on the blog post The Killers' Human is my voice
2009-03-05 16:14:00
Marshwiggle23 commented on the blog post The Killers' Human is my voice it's one hell of a song
Shamanprincess wrote a new blog post: The Killers' Human is my voice
2009-03-04 19:01:00
Shamanprincess wrote a new blog post: The Killers' Human is my voice My very favorite song in the whole wide world right now is Human by the Killers. It is the perfect snapshot of where I am right now. A friend of mine got all hot and bothered about their name the other day because it implies violence, and she wanted to turn it off just becuase of that. I was sympathetic ...
The Killers - Spaceman [Video Premiere]
2009-01-25 03:19:00
The Killers - Spaceman [Video Premiere]
The Killers - Day & Age [Bonus Tracks]
2008-11-26 09:03:00
The Killers - Day & Age [2 Bonus Tracks]The Killers just released their third studio album "Day & Age" this week and early predictions already say it should debut high. What usually comes after the album release is the bonus tracks. Here we have two Bonus Tracks titled "Tidal Wave" & "Forget About What I Said" both included on the iTunes Deluxe version of the album. There great additions to an already solid effort so deff check them out, Enjoy!!DL:The Killers - Day & Age [Bonus Tracks]DL Link 2:HERE(WHAT DID YOU THINK?? THANKS ARE APPRECIATED)BUY The Killers - Day & Age (Deluxe Version):HERE
The Killers - Day & Age [Retail]
2008-11-21 00:50:00
The Killers - Day & Age [Retail]Las Vegas-based band The Kilers have had some great success since the release of debut album "Hot Fuss". In 06' they released "Sam's Town" and since has sold over 4 million worldwide. While on the road during the "Sam's Town" tour the band began writing for their upcoming release which is days away from it's offical release. The album will remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place. It's pop perfection with real soul pouring out of every track. They broaden their sound a bit, trying diffrent things even adding a caribbean feel to some of the tracks. The boys can do no wrong and they delivered what could be their best work yet. Deff check it out and BUY YOUR COPY NOVEMBER 25TH!!1. Losing Touch2. Human3. Spaceman4. Joy Ride5. A Dustland Fairytale6. This Is Your Life7. I Can?t Stay8. Neon Tiger9. The World We Live In10. Goodnight, Travel Well11. A Crippling Blow (Bonus Track)DL:The Killers - Day & Age [Retail]DL Link 2:HERE...
Beach House, A Glasvegas Christmas, & The Notwist
2008-11-06 06:52:00
Beach House?s otherworldly music is a sly pickpocket of reveries from that delicate time between when your head hits the pillow and you hazily submit to slumber. Although ?dream pop? sounds like would what happen if Rainbow Brite got the hankering to rock, it?s nevertheless become the elected label for the band?s muted sound. After ...
The Killers - Human [Video Premiere]
2008-10-17 08:05:00
The Killers - Human [Video Premiere]
The String Quartet Tribute - The Killers.
2008-05-20 21:29:00
The String Quartet Tribute - The Killers.Que les puedo decir de este tributo por medio de cuerdas, uno mas para que acompleten la coleccin, buenissimoo!.
By: Musiteka
"?? ???????? (The Killers)"
2008-05-05 00:00:00
????? ??????? ??? ????? ????????????? ??????????, ?? ??? ???? ????? ("?? ????????"), ?????????? ??? ?? ????? ??? ???????? ?????? ??? ?. ??????????, ?'???????? ?? ???????????? ???? ...
The Killers - Read My Mind (2007) [Remixes]
2008-03-25 04:15:00
The Killers - Read My Mind (2007) [Remixes]01. Pet Shop Boys Radio Edit 04:0202. Pet Shop Boys Stars Are Blazin Mix 07:2003. Pet Shop Boys Instrumental Mix 07:2104. Gabriel & Dresden Radio Edit 04:4305. Gabriel & Dresden's Unplugged Mix 10:2506. Gabriel & Dresden's Unplugged Dubstrumental 09:5707. Linus Loves Radio Edit 04:3308. Linus Loves Remix 07:2709. Linus Loves Instrumental Mix 06:2010. Steve Bays Remix 03:30 avi
For Reasons Unknown de The Killers
2008-02-19 15:01:00
Vamos a poner un video de The Killers montados en caballos llamado For Reasons Unknown, mientras estamos terminando unas sorpresitas de videos musicales. Enviaselo a un amigo | Compártelo
The Killers - When You Were Young
2008-02-15 04:36:00
The KillersWhen You Were YoungSource: DVDResolution: 313 x 180- Zshare- Bandongo
Tranquilize de The Killers con Lou Reed
2008-01-25 00:06:00
Nuevo video de The Killers, esta vez con una cancin llamada Tranquilize en la que colabora Lou Reed. Esta cancin es para el su nuevo album pero esta vez sera de rarezas y caras b, el disco se llama Sawdust y sali el dia 13 de Noviembre (y yo sin darme cuenta de nada), tiene ...
The Killers
2008-01-17 15:38:00
Despite only being on the go for six years, the Killers have carved a niche for themselves in the history of alternative music. Famous for their fresh approach to music and their knack for telling stories, Brandon Flowers and his band are extremely popular in the UK, despite not reaching the same level of ...
The Killers
2008-01-03 06:49:00
The Killers - Don't Shoot Me Santa (2007)Esta es la rola que sacaron los killers para la campaa Product Red de este ao. Esta chida, pero me gusto mas la anterior.
By: Musiteka
The Killers :: Hot Fuss
2007-12-29 01:12:00
El 7 de junio de 2004, junto a la disquera Lizard King Records grabaron en Reino Unido su primer album "Hot Fuss". El 15 de junio entrante lo hicieron en los Estados Unidos bajo el sello Island Records. A fines del año lanzaron también copias en Francia y Japón."Somebody Told Me", su primer single, alcanzó los primeros lugares en los ránkings británicos. Su siguiente tema, "Mr. Brightside", entró inmediatamente en los Top 10 del Reino Unido, al igual que "All These Things That I've Done". En el relanzamiernto de "Somebody Told Me", obtuvieron el tercer puesto en los ránkings. La gran aceptación de The Killers en Gran Bretaña se debe a la importante influencia de música de ese país de la década de los 80s, particularmente new wave; es más, Brandon Flowers canta, ocasionalmente, con acento británico.Tracklist:1. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine.2. Mr. Brightside.3. Smile Like You Mean It.4. Letra Somebody Told Me.5. All These Things That I've Done.6. Andy, You're A Star....
Don?t Shoot Me Santa de The Killers
2007-12-23 13:34:00
Pues para felicitar las fiestas nada mejor que un video de The Killers y lo que nos pasaria con el intruso de rojo. Santa go home!! Es una cancin y un video que me han desconcertado, todavia estoy procesandolo. Enviaselo a un amigo | Compártelo
The Killers
2007-12-23 05:30:00
so anyone listen to the killers or anyone know of this class band? this band is ruling in UK and Ireland, i dunno where the band is native but deyr just class Sam's Town, one of their album is must have ppl giv a try if ye dont kno..u might lyk 'em or vice versa..
A Music Movie Contest for Anyone and The Killers Santa Please Don't Shoot M
2007-12-20 23:43:00
Happy holidays all.The monkeys have been away for some time now working on big stuff for this site in 2008. Coming up soon, the weirdest, wildest, strangest, funniest and most amazing videos of 2007 collected from more than two dozen top video sites and vlogs - or video blogs.Videophiles - here's a unique challenge to all professional and 'amateur' music movie makers. A music website is holding the "The Wonderful Video Contest" and the winner is in store for a bunch of cool prizes from record labels like Matador, Rough Trade, Sub Pop and Merge Records.Make a music video of your favorite song, upload it before February 5th, 2008. Get more details. Also if you are in search of indie or alternative Xmas songs, check out the Christmas playlist mixes at IRC.Good luck everyone. IRC will be doing an entire feature, including the works of the video winners, so you can subscribe to the RSS feed anyway you want to be reminded of the results when they are in. Good luck!Please Don't Shoot M...
The Killers Sawdust
2007-12-20 07:42:00
El nuevo de los Killers Sawdust. Contraseña: thesoundshared.blogspot.com01.- Tranquilize02. Shadowplay (Joy Division Cover)03. All Pretty Faces04. Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf05. Sweet Talk06. Under the Gun07. Where The White Boys Dance08. Show You How09. Move Away10. Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll11. Who Let You Go12. The Ballad Of Michael Valentine13. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town14. Daddy's Eyes15. Sam's Town (Abbey Road Version)16. Romeo And Juliet (Dire Straits cover) (Abbey Road Session)17. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lucont's Thin White Duke Remix)18. Change Your Mind (Australian, New Zeland and UK Bonus Track)19. Read My Mind (Gabriel & Dresden Mix) (US iTunes bonus track) The Killers Sawdust
The Killers - Don?t Shoot Me Santa - Single Review
2007-12-18 23:46:00
The Killers have released a new Christmas song, Don’t Shoot Me Santa, with proceeds going to the RED campaign. First impression? Thank God for a new Christmas tune, one that doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and which has a deranged ginger Santa trying to assassinate singer Brandon Flowers!
The Killers - Don`t Shoot Me Santa Music Video
2007-12-18 01:23:00
Dont Shoot Me Santa is a new Christmas track recorded by Las Vegasbased rock band The Killers. All of the proceeds from this song will go to AIDS charities as part of Bonos RED campaign. It is The Killers second Christmas download single fo....
The Killers 'Don't Shoot Me Santa' Video
2007-12-06 00:00:00
The Killers are out with the video to their new single 'Don't Shoot Me Santa', a holiday release from the Las Vegas, Nevada band in which proceeds will go to AIDS charities as part of Bono's RED campaign. Watch it below the fold.
Romeo and Juliet - The Killers (Cover dos Dire Straits)
2007-12-04 00:05:00
    A lovestruck Romeo, sings the streets of serenadeLaying everybody low with a love song that he madeFind a streetlight, steps out of the shadeSays something like, "You and me, babe, how about it?" Juliet says, "Hey, it's Romeo, you nearly gave me a heart attack"He's underneath the window, she's singing Hey, la, my boyfriend's back"You shouldn't come around here, singing up at people like thatAnyway what you gonna do about it? Juliet, the dice was loaded from the startAnd I bet and you exploded in my heartAnd I forget, I forget the movie songWhen you gonna realize, it was just that the time was wrong, Juliet? Come up on different streets, they both were streets of shameBoth dirty, both mean, yes and the dream was just the sameAnd I dream your dream for you and now your dream is realHow can you look at me, as if I was just another one of your deals? Well, you can fall for chains of silver, you can fall for chains of goldYou can fall for pret...
Everything will be alright (The killers - Hot Fuss)
2007-12-03 00:12:00
Everything will be alright mp3 I believe in you and me. I’ll come and find you If it takes me all night. Wrong until, you make it right And I won’t forget you, At least I’ll try. And run, and run tonight. Everything will be alright Everything will be alright Everything will be alright Everything will be alright alright x6 I wasn’t shopping for a doll To say the ...
Dos nuevos videos de The Killers
2007-11-29 23:11:00
A falta de uno, dos vdeos de una de mis bandas favoritas: The Killers. El primero se titula "Tranquilize". Extrado de su nuevo disco "Sawdust" que es una recopilacin de descartes de otros discos y caras B. Se trata de un tema en colaboracin con Lou Reed, algo ms oscuro de lo habitual en ellos y sencillamente genial.Enlace a este video en YouTube: musicaenlatadaEl segundo, sencillamente todo lo contario, un single festivo y navideo titulado "Don't Shoot Me Santa" (No me dispares Santa). Lo mejor, esos horribles jerseys que todos nosotros habremos recibido alguna vez por Navidad.Enlace a este vdeo en YouTube: if:mv
The Killers
2007-11-27 04:29:00
The Killers - Hot Fuss (Limited Edition)El disco debut de The Killers en su edicion limitada, que salio en 2004. Este discazo no puede faltar en su coleccion. La edicion limitada incluye las rolas extras: "Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll", "The Ballad Of Michael Valentine" y "Under The Gun", que de todos modos ya estan incluidas en su ultimo disco de b-sides "Sawdust" que pueden bajarlo en el blog. Enjoy.
By: Musiteka
Daily Digs: The Killers, Stars of the Lid, The Walkmen & More?
2007-11-25 23:52:00
Indie rock from Iron and Wine & Calexico, The Long Blondes and Metric, brilliant remasters of work from The Cure and Bob Dylan, and classic punk records from NOFX, Nomeansno, and Reagan Youth are among the highlights on today’s ‘Daily Digs’. Additionally, the ‘Songs of Freedom’ box set is the perfect introduction to reggae legend ...
The Killers - New Holiday Single Don't Shoot Me Santa
2007-11-25 01:06:00
"Don't Shoot Me Santa", The Killers' second holiday single, will be available as a digital download November 27. All proceeds from the song will benefit the RED Campaign (The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria in Africa). The video will premiere in the US on FUSE November 29. Check your local listings for the correct time in your area.*ource: Island Records*
2007-11-24 04:38:00
Taken from Tranquilize Lyrics - The Killers Song WordsSingle Song Words by Artist / Band : The KillersLyrics Title : TranquilizeTaken from Album : SawdustSingle Released : 12 October 2007 (Digital Download)Music Genre : Rock, Indie
By: MyMusic
Video Premiere: The Killers 'Shadowplay'
2007-11-22 20:29:00
Brandon Flowers and his Killers pay tribute to the late Ian Curtis with a cover of Joy Division's 1979 dark-wave classic, 'Shadowplay.' In the video, directors Spencer Kaplan and Jonathan V. Sela insert the Vegas rockers into Anton Corbijn's black and white Joy Division biopic, 'Control.'The Killers, 'Shadowplay' video premiere on Spinner
The Killers 'Shadowplay' Video
2007-11-21 00:00:00
The Killers pay tribute to the late Ian Curtis with a cover of Joy Division's 1979 dark-wave classic, 'Shadowplay'. The video features the Las Vegas rock act being inserted into Anton Corbijn's black and white Joy Division biopic, 'Control.' The trac
The Killers - New Video
2007-11-18 07:42:00
Click below to watch the new video for The Killers single "Tranquilize" featuring Lou Reed: Windows Media Flash*ource: Island Records*
The Killers: Sawdust
2007-11-16 16:24:00
The Killers: SawdustWhen the Killers released their post-new wave debut Hot Fuss in 2004, no one could have predicted that just three years later they would be where they are today.After releasing one of the best albums of 2006 with their sophomore effort Sam's Town, they now release a compilation of B-sides, rarities, and remixes.Sawdust garnered considerable press when it was released that the Killers would be working with Lou Reed on the first single "Tranquilize". It may not have seemed like a match made in heaven if you had only heard the Killers debut single "Somebody Told Me", but on Sam's Town the Killers expanded their sound so exponentially that working with the former Velvet Underground front man seemed natural.For the most part Sawdust feels very much like Sam's Town perfect companion piece. The songs are very rock based and moody inspired more by bands like Tom Petty than Joy Division. There are a few dance numbers. Songs like "All the Pretty Faces" or "Where the...
The Killers - Sawdust
2007-11-16 03:46:00
1. Tranquilize (Feat. Lou Reed) 2. Shadowplay 3. All The Pretty Faces 4. Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf 5. Sweet Talk 6. Under The Gun 7. Where The White Boys Dance 8. Show You How 9. Move Away 10. Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll 11. Who Let You Go? 12. The Ballad Of Michael Valentine 13. Ruby, Dont Take Your Love To Town 14. Daddys Eyes 15. Sams Town (Abbey Road Version) 16. Romeo And Juliet 17.
By: iKevin
The Killers - En vivo desde Argentina (2007) [Bootleg]
2007-11-15 17:03:00
The Killers - En vivo desde Argentina (2007) [Bootleg]Desde el Yeah! Festival, Vlez - Argentina (02/11/2007)01 - Intro02 - Sam's Town03 - Enterlude + When you were young04 - Tranquilize05 - Bones06 - Somebody told me07 - Smile like you mean it08 - Jenny was a friend of mine09 - This river is wild10 - Read my mind + Sam's town11 - Bling12 - Mr Brightside13 - Shadowplay14 - All these things that I've doneDESCARGA
The Killers Go (RED) For The Holidays!
2007-11-14 23:46:00
Joining the socially conscious product bandwagon of the (RED) campaign, The Killers just announced that their new Christmas single “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” will turn (RED), with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the Global Fund, for investment in African AIDS programs. According to the press release: “this new (RED) song will be all over ...
By: Ecorazzi
The Killers - Sawdust
2007-11-14 22:30:00
One could argue that b-sides are a true measure of a band’s worth ethic. While some use scraps from albums as b-sides, others strive to bring fresh, sought after material for true fans of their work (see Oasis, Suede). It is safe to say The Killers are in the latter, as their release of a ...
The Killers - Sawdust
2007-11-14 15:13:00
The Killers have become one of the greatest bands of the noughties with albums like Hot Fuss and Sam?s Town quickly becoming legendary. Their live shows are amazing and they have the ability to take a song and completely make it their own. If you?re a fan of The Killers cover versions , you?re going ...
The Killers - Swadust (2007)
2007-11-13 15:56:00
The Killers - Swadust (2007)1. Tranquilize 3:45 2. Shadowplay 4:07 3. All The Pretty Faces 4:45 4. Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf 3:38 5. Sweet Talk 4:18 6. Under The Gun 2:33 7. Where The White Boys Dance 3:26 8. Show You How 2:46 9. Move Away 3:50 10. Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll 4:16 11. Who Let You Go? 3:42 12. The Ballad of Michael Valentine 3:50 13. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town 3:05 14. Daddy's Eyes 4:14 15. Sam's Town 3:43 16. Romeo And Juliet 5:27 17. Mr. Brightside 8:48 DESCARGA
THE KILLERS - "Sawdust"
2007-11-13 08:59:00
Island - 2.007Hoy trece de noviembre sale a la venta en Europa "Sawdust", disco de rarezas y caras b del grupo de Las Vegas "The Killers", pensado ms para el publico americano que no puede disfrutar de los singles editados en aqu.A destacar la colaboracin con Lou Red "Tranquilize" y la versin de "Shadowplay" de Joy Division. "Tranquilize (Feat. Lou Reed)" "Shadowplay" "Sam's Town (Abbey Road Version)"
The Killers - Sawdust (2007)
2007-11-13 04:09:00
1. "Tranquilize"2. "Shadowplay"3. "All The Pretty Faces"4. "Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf"5. "Sweet Talk"6. "Under The Gun"7. "Where The White Boys Dance"8. "Show You How"9. "Move Away"10. "Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll"11. "Who Let You Go?"12. "The Ballad of Michael Valentine"13. "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town"14. "Daddy's Eyes"15. "Sam's Town (Abbey Road Version)"16. "Romeo And Juliet"17. "Change Your Mind (Bonus Track)"18. "Mr. Brightside (Remix)"DOWNLOAD LINK IN COMMENTS
By: sEckwd
Yes, please, kill The Killers (they just killed a great song)
2007-11-12 20:01:00
Triste! Simplemente tristsimo! Noms chequen la barbaridad que le han hecho a una de las mejores canciones de toda la historia… Porqu? Simplemente inentendible… Joy Division - Shadowplay The Killers - Shadowplay (Joy Division cover)
The Killers
2007-11-12 05:56:00
The Killers - Sawdust (2007)El nuevo disco de The Killers!!! el gran Sawdust ha llegado, el cual consiste de una coleccion de b-sides y rarezas. Sale a la venta el 13 de este mes, disfruten este gran disco.
By: Musiteka
The Killers - Sawdust [Retail]
2007-11-10 12:58:00
I gotta say I love the cd cover!Tracks:1. Tranquilize (Feat. Lou Reed)2. Shadowplay3. All The Pretty Faces4. Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf5. Sweet Talk6. Under The Gun7. Where The White Boys Dance8. Show You How9. Move Away10. Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll11. Who Let You Go?12. The Ballad Of Michael Valentine13. Ruby, Dont Take Your Love To Town14. Daddys Eyes15. Sams Town (Abbey Road Version)16. Romeo And Juliet17. Change Your Mind (Bonus Track) Ali's Blog
The Killers Motorokr (2007)
2007-11-10 07:27:00
Concierto que dieron en el fantastico Motorokr Fest. Pese a quien le pese los Killers son la ley y para mi son Muy Buenos en vivo, Brandon Flowers es la ley prendiendo. De verdad disfrutenlo, vale la pena recordar aquel gran momento.The Killers Motorokr (2007)
The Killers 'Sawdust' Listening Party
2007-11-10 00:00:00
The Killers are set to release their compilation of B-sides, rarities and remixes entitled 'Sawdust' on Tuesday (November 13) via Island Records. Ahead of that, you can listen to the 17 tracks online at
The Killers
2007-11-09 03:51:00
The Killers feat. Lou Reed - Tranquilize (Official Video)
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