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Holocaust by the world
2013-01-01 08:01:00
The Holocaust was a self-perpetuating spiral between Germans, Christians, and Zionists. The Germans started by pushing the Jews to emigrate peacefully, and entered into expensive haavara agreements with Zionists, essentially supplying Jewish emigrants with scarce foreign currency. When local Jews did not respond to haavara calls, Zionists were not eager to admit the “human waste” to the land of the new Jew, and Britain refused them entrance to Palestine. The Germans pushed harder, but other countries closed their borders to refugees. First Switzerland demanded that Germany stamp the Jews’ passports with J, so the Swiss could deny them entrance despite their open border policy with Germany. Then, at the Evian Conference, the other Western countries made it clear to Germany that they didn’t want to have anything to do with Jews, either. For a time, the Germans toyed with the idea of forcible resettlement of Jews, first to Madagascar, then to Siberia, the place later earmarked ...
A look inside the ?world?s nicest prison?
2012-05-24 20:05:00
Picture this: A small Norwegian island dotted with pine trees, rocky coasts, rustic farms and private, wooden cottages. It sounds almost like the perfect romantic getaway. But the residents are actually inmates confined to what some are calling the "world's nicest prison." CNN has an excellent, in-depth look at Bastoy Prison, located on a one-square-mile ...
Is Tiger Woods still the Number-One Athlete in the World?
2012-05-18 18:02:00
According to Forbes Magazine, Tiger Woods remains the World's Most Powerful Athlete for the eleventh straight year. According to his stats, Tiger is -in the top-ten in the Official World Rankings but, as he mentioned after the Players, he's getting "smoked." Smoked Tiger, or smokin'? No, this isn't the cover of Forbes Magazine but Tiger certainly looks more menacing on this cover of Vanity Fair Woods topped a list of well-known athletes despite a slide from sixth to twelfth position but still, no other athlete could catch him, not even Tim Tebow who didn't even make the list. Quite frankly, in 2006 I could understand his Forbes placement but being in the number one spot in 2012 leaves me stumped. A second place finish at the Honda Classic and a win at Bay Hill seemed like the start of a Woods comeback but, a cut at the Wells Fargo Championship as well as two 4th place ties (Masters, The Players), has the internet buzzing about ho...
Is Tiger Woods still the Number-One Athlete in the World?
2012-05-18 17:57:00
According to Forbes Magazine, Tiger Woods remains the World's Most Powerful Athlete for the eleventh straight year. According to his stats, Tiger is -in the top-ten in the Official World Rankings but, as he mentioned after the Players, he's getting "smoked." Smoked Tiger, or smokin'?   No, this isn't the cover of Forbes Magazine but Tiger certainly looks more menacing on this cover of Vanity Fair   Woods topped a list of well-known athletes despite a slide from sixth to twelfth position but still, no other athlete could catch him, not even Tim Tebow who didn't even make the list. Quite frankly, in 2006 I could understand his Forbes placement but being in the number one spot in 2012 leaves me stumped.   A second place finish at the Honda Classic and a win at Bay Hill seemed like the start of a Woods comeback but, a cut at the Wells Fargo Championship as well as two 4th place ties (Masters, The Players), has the internet ...
Prison Capital of the World
2012-05-17 00:17:00
Louisiana is the world’s prison capital. The state imprisons more of its people, per head, than any of its U.S. counterparts. First among Americans also means first in the world (the U.S. has more prisoners then Russia and China combined). Louisiana’s incarceration rate is nearly triple Iran’s, seven times China’s and 10 times Germany’s.   ...
Tom & Jerry Around the World
2012-05-11 07:40:00
Tom and Jerry always takes me back to my childhood – they just do not make em like this anymore! My kids love this crazy cat and mouse and secretly my hubby and I do too! I love that this one has an international flair and teaches a bit about other countries!   About Get set for an unforgettable journey with everyone?s favorite cat and mouse duo in Tom & Jerry: Around the World, available from Warner Home Video (WHV) May 8, 2012. This hilarious, new animated title features 22 action-packed cartoons featuring the tussling twosome in some of their best adventures from around the globe. Naples, Spain, Australia, New York and Hollywood are some of the memorable destinations that await viewers on this exciting trip. Tom & Jerry: Around the World will retail for $19.97 SRP.   Pack your suitcases and renew those passports! Tom & Jerry: Around the World is your first-class ticket to an entertaining, globe-trekking adventure. An exciting voyage with the popula...
What in the World has happened with the Orioles? They win in Boston ... Aga
2012-05-06 02:51:00
What in the world has been done to the Baltimore Orioles? I mean this in a good way. We are now in the month of May, and the Birds are still flying high thanks to another big win against the Red Sox, this time in dominant fashion. They defeated Boston, 8-2, thanks to a ridiculous seven-run third inning which featured home runs from Adam Jones and Mark Reynolds. They are now 18-9 on the season; meanwhile, Boston is 11-15. For a minute, I felt like I was watching the Orioles emulate the Yankees with a big inning. Yes, they might have been enormously aided by Boston starting pitcher Aaron Cook getting injured on a slide trying to protect home plate in the second inning; however, Baltimore took advantage and clobbered an opponent. Cook would get hammered for seven runs in his outing – only 2 2/3 innings long. For a change, instead of struggling for runs early and having a mount a rally late, the Orioles got down to business early and cruised. Jason Hammel won his fourth game ...
Is Warren Buffett still the world?s greatest investor?
2012-05-04 16:31:00
Berkshire Hathaway stock has trailed the S&P 500 Index for the last three years. Since May, 5 2009 shares of Berkshire, the conglomerate Buffett has built up over the past 40 years, have gained just 32 percent compared to 60 percent for the S&P 500.
Indian Internet Connectivity Among The Worst In The World, Says Akamai Tech
2012-05-04 10:35:00
We all know how Internet Connectivity in India is abysmal in comparison to other countries like South Korea, Japan and the USA. A recent study by Akamai Technologies, the world’s biggest content delivery platform, has shown just how bad the state of Internet connectivity is in India. Akamai was able to get the data for these studies through its Akamai Intelligent Platform for the State of the Internet report for Q4 2011. The report goes into details about tracking, mobile connectivity, broadband speeds and proportional Internet users. According to the report, India have an average connection speed of 0.9 mbps! Besides being a very low figure, it also puts our country in the league of countries like Egypt and Venezuela. The report goes into further detail with analysis on data downloaded per user and peak connection stats. The attack traffic recorded in India for the fourth quarter was around 3%, which was surprisingly lower than the previous quarter’s result (3.7%). The averag...
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How to Invest in the World?s Fastest Growing Countries
2012-05-03 20:01:00
I’m always on the lookout for investment opportunities. The last few years, most of the profit potential seems to be outside the U.S. Thankfully, with ETFs I can get involved in foreign markets that were once off-limits. A question still nags at me, though. Am I missing something right here at home? Isn’t America still … [visit site to read . . . → Read More: How to Invest in the World?s Fastest Growing Countries
Camera Stabilizers: Things To You Need To Know Before Entering The World Of
2012-05-03 13:32:00
Discovering digital photography principles is vital if you have your personal camera with you and a few simple tools like a camera stabilizer. The rationale is very easy. You cannot demand to learn the elaborate things concerning digital photography if … Continue reading →
May Day in America and around the World
2012-05-01 21:13:00
May Day in America and around the World The 1st day of May. Spring has truly sprung, trees have filled out, flowers have bloomed, the grass is green, nature is doing its thing and it’s supposed to be a happy … Continue reading →
HARUKI MURAKAMI - "Hard Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World" - "1Q84
2012-05-01 20:29:00
1) "How could he do that?"I'm talking of course about the HARUKI MURAKAMI book "Hard Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World". I've been reading it on and off, as I did with the JG BALLARD book "Crash", over an extended reading period of years. I've virtually taunted myself to finish this book (my least favourite of all the Murakami books) time after time. It's a big book with a Murakami-patented split narrative about skulls and memory or silence and encryption. And what does the writer do with his ending of such a profound story? He has the hero turn around from a clean narrative resolution, he argues with reason and logic how he ought to finalise his narrative then he literally turns his back on it. The 3-act structure common to most western books is left unresolved.I don't know whether I truly love or truly hate Murakami.2) my 5/5 book review of Haruki Murakami's three-book exercise in "stark (and rivetting) mundanity" 1Q84 has just gone live at Scene 360 magaz...
Conquer the world on a Longboard
2012-05-01 08:35:00
Conquer the world-0;on a Longboard -;par leroimarcus Je sais pas comment ce genre d'idées germe dans ma tête vraiment, mais bon, voila le résultat.Fin des votes 29/05/12 08:35commentaire : 1-
10 Famous Prisons Around the World
2012-04-30 14:00:00
A list of 10 famous prisons around the world, from California's Alcatraz to Cambodia's Tuol Sleng.--------- Join Travel Blog Success today and learn to build a better travel blog. Membership includes 27 tutorials, 12 expert audio interviews, private support forum, and much more.
Stealing Our Land - Making Homeless - The World At Risk
2012-04-25 20:11:00
Here’s a video, from a former “child farmer” and how he and all the communities are being forced off their land: Pretty damn sad that it has come to this. Monoculture plantations have devastating consequences to the land. The only “people” (a term I’m using very loosely here, they are actually monsters) that profit from these so-called “developments” ...
Stealing Our Land ? Making Homeless ? The World At Risk
2012-04-25 20:11:00
Here’s a video, from a former “child farmer” and how he and all the communities are being forced off their land: [youtube]75kRnfJ_Ga8[/youtube]- Pretty damn sad that it has come to this. Monoculture plantations have devastating consequences to the land. The only “people” (a term I’m using very loosely here, they are actually monsters) that profit ...
Gideon Sundback: At First, the World Shunned the Zipper
2012-04-25 01:28:00
From Christian Science Monitor: Tuesday's Google doodle in honor of Gideon Sundback celebrates his simple yet revolutionary zipper. Too bad his contemporaries didn't see it that way. At first, people shunned the zipper. Read the whole article
8 Wild and Wonderful Stone Giants Around the World
2012-04-24 19:26:00
A few years ago, I wrote about some interesting rock formations in the post Nature’s Stone Giants. Then there was a followup: Rocks that Rock: 8 Stone Giant Sites. As usual, commenters had more suggestions for wonderful rock formations worth checking out. From a long list of rocks, here are eight that lie outside the United States in a list I posted at mental_floss. Send messages to
How to Get Some of the Highest Yields in the World for as Little Risk as Po
2012-04-20 14:30:00
Here's an old Wall Street saying that investors should "Sell in May and go away." While there's no identifiable rationale to explain why that should be good advice, there is an element of empirical truth. A study by Plexus Asset management … [visit site to read . . . → Read More: How to Get Some of the Highest Yields in the World for as Little Risk as Possible
Time releases 100 ?Most Influential People in the World? list
2012-04-18 15:16:00
Time magazine released its annual list of the 100 "Most Influential People in the World" on Wednesday. Among them: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffett, Catherine and Pippa Middleton, Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin and Matt Lauer.
Travel Quote ? A Journey That Extends The World
2012-04-17 14:34:00
?I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.? ~ Lillian Smith Travel Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!Travel Quote – A Journey That Extends The WorldTravel Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!Travel Quote – A Journey That Extends The World
Who is the Big Money that Really Controls the World?
2012-04-17 09:21:00
What if all global leaders’ suits and any news/products associated with huge global events were required to be labeled with corporate sponsorship as are the racing jumpsuits and racing cars of Nascar drivers? Below are two satirical videos with suggestions as to how people?s consciousness can be raised about exactly who is sponsoring today?s music, ...
Why I Do Not Support Obama?s Appointment of Jim Yong Kim to Head the World
2012-04-17 06:41:00
A lot of people have asked me recently, ?What do you think of Jim Yong Kim’s appointment to the World Bank??, expecting me, as a Korean, to beam proudly at having a prominent member of the Korean community now head one of the world’s most powerful institutions. Sadly, many Koreans will gladly grant the expected ...
TV Ratings: Sunday April 15, 2012 (TITANIC Not the King of the World, Sinks
2012-04-16 17:54:00
VS. = Indicates how show performed versus their previous NEW airing. Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions Time Network Show Rating 18-49 VS. 8PM CBS The Amazing Race 9.18 2.5/7 NBC Harry’s Law 8.11 0.9/3 FOX The Simpsons 4.86 2.2/7 ABC Once Upon a Time (R) 4.14 1.1/3 /td> 8:30PM FOX Bob’s Burgers 3.78 1.8/5 9PM CBS The Good Wife 9.98 1.8/4 NBC Celebrity Apprentice 6.61 2.1/5 FOX Family Guy (R) 4.62 2.2/6 ABC Titanic (Mini-Series) 4.16 0.9/2 9:30PM FOX Cleveland Show 4.32 2.0/5 10PM CBS NYC 22 8.889 1.5/4 NBC Celebrity Apprentice 6.61 2.1/5 ABC GCB 4.48 1.5/4
The world?s longest illuminated skirt
2012-04-16 06:45:00
CuteCircuit established itself firmly in the illuminated fashion domain pushing constantly the technological boundaries far out into the future. Founded by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, CuteCircuit moved from the early days of the Hug Shirt to textile illumination, creating ...
Cody Westheimer Shares His Amazing Journey Into The World of Television and
2012-04-14 17:44:00
  As we explore all the different facets that make up what we see on the screen, it is always fun to hear how one finds a way to compose for the celluloid realm.  Composing for film and television is an elite world where a select few are fortunate to be invited.  To his eternal delight composer Cody Westheimer was lucky enough to crack open the door and now finds himself happily composing for a variety of television shows and films. In fact, as a huge recent achievement, Cody’s musical score was just selected as the theme music for the NBC Sports Major League Soccer.  Creating and writing music has opened the door wide open for so many opportunities for Cody and he candidly shared how he found his way into his wondrous world.   As you were recently invited to score the theme music for NBC Sports Major League Soccer, maybe you can share what’s the story behind getting such a cool opportunity? CODY:  Like most things in life it was serendipitous.  I scored my first sports ...
Events around the world mark Titanic centenary
2012-04-14 12:41:00
From a Belfast cathedral to a ship in the cold North Atlantic, thousands were gathering Saturday to remember the Titanic, 100 years after the sinking of the luxury liner.
The World of Reptiles, Amphibians, and Arthropods
2012-04-13 20:19:00
World of Reptiles, Amphibians,and ArthropodsEverything to help you keep reptiles, amphibians, and land invertebrates is contained here! Herptiles and arthropods have been around for approximately 350 million years! The World of Reptiles, Amphibians and Arthropods (land invertebrates) includes a diverse group of creatures. They come in all shapes and colors and can live in a ...
Top 11 Romantic Places To Kiss Around The World
2012-04-12 19:52:00
If you travel often with the one you love here is list of the most romantic places to steal a kiss from your someone special… 1. Ellis Islands kissing post – New York 2. Kiribati – the first island that sits on the international date line. Great place to plan to visit New Years Eve. ...Travel Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!Top 11 Romantic Places To Kiss Around The World
Top Of The World Restaurant At The Stratosphere Menu With Chef Giffen
2012-04-11 11:09:00
This is a guest post written by Chris Rauschnot, @24K on Twitter, of @24KMedia. There are no other restaurants in Las Vegas, as elevated as the award-winning Top of the World, at about 800 feet, located at the Stratosphere Hotel & Tower. The fine dining restaurant always surprises with something new to offer or see ...
Goji and 7 Other Strange And Wonderful Fruits From Around The World
2012-04-10 16:20:00
Tropical fruits come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and even smells. Unless you are really lucky, your local grocery store will not carry many of these strange and wonderful fruits, but they certainly should. #1. Goji Berry – Native to Southeastern Europe and Asia Being a goji berry blog, we naturally could not develop a ...
How It Works: The World's Fastest Elevator
2012-04-06 19:51:00
From Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now: World's Fastest Elevator Kevin HandWe've come a long way since the first elevator. This one rockets upward at over 20 MPH--but how does it work? Read the whole article
Nicki Minaj Wants To 'Conquer The World,' RedOne Says
2012-04-05 12:53:00
'She's still Nicki Minaj, she's hard-core, she's everything,' the pop producer tells MTV News.By Rob Markman Nicki Minaj Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images With as much as Nicki Minaj has already accomplished, there are still some things she has yet to do. While it isn't inconceivable that the spirited MC will one day add music producer to her ever-growing résumé, for her latest LP, she reached out to some of the best beat makers in the business. Dr. Luke, J.R. Rotem, Hit-Boy and mega-producer RedOne all contributed to Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, giving Nicki a wide array of pop and rap sounds. "She just feels that she wants to conquer the world," RedOne told MTV News about Minaj during a phone interview on Monday. RedOne has no shortage of smash singles in his discography. In 2008, he gave Lady Gaga two of her biggest hits in "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" and followed up with successful singles for Enrique Iglesias ("I Like It") and Jennifer Lopez ("On t...
Blast From the Past : Monday and the World Cover Girl
2012-04-04 13:27:00
The Monday and the World magazine cover girl : The daughter of the Nile carries a gun. I love how that lady looked like and I love her nail polish During then there were tensions and resistance operations against the British occupation the Suez canal zone. I really love these Monday and the world covers , they were very interesting and creative. Technorati Tags: Nostalgia,Women,Egyptian,Suez Canal,History,Monday and the world,Society,Photos,Scans
Which are the most innovative companies in the world?
2012-04-04 09:28:00
Fast Company has published a list of the 50 most innovative companies 2012. The top 10 are: 1. Apple 2. Facebook 3. Google 4. Amazon 5. Square 6. Twitter 7. Occupy Movement 8. Tencent 9. Life Technologies 10. Solar City The list is a subjective choice by the magazine and is dominated by US companies ...
Gay Travel Guide Photos From Around The World
2012-04-03 21:22:00
We get lots of people who send us cool travel photos - the last one is supposed to be a body of water in Montana - look at the clarity!!   - I can't read the writing - but it appears that image is from National Geographic. - I hope they do not mind we are running it . (NG has an amazing collection of travel images - with an Annual Contest.) Be it known , All photos are owned by their respective owners and I disclaim any ownership. No infringement or copyright is intended.If you own a particular photo/s and would like it removed from this site, please contact me   raphaelsmp (at),   with your proof of ownership then I'll remove it within 24-48 hours. If you have a cool photo to share - send it along - and we are happy to link to you. Michael  Snell
Google Fools The World With 8-Bit Google Maps
2012-04-02 13:23:00
Yesterday was not only the start of India’s new financial year, but also April Fool’s Day. Around the world, people played small pranks on each other. Companies too usually join in the April Fool’s Day fun with fake products or tongue in cheek announcements. Google Inc. is known for loving the first of April and always has a few tricks up their sleeve. Year after year Google has churned out pranks like Google Chrome in 3D. This year was no different. A few hours before April 1st, a video started doing the rounds on YouTube, about a whole new type of Google Maps: for the 15 year old SNES 8 Bit devices. You can check out the video below. Says Google, “With Google Maps 8-bit, you can do all the things you already do on regular Google Maps. Search for famous landmarks and sites around the world. Take an epic journey with 8-bit Street View. Get detailed directions to avoid dangerous paths, and battle your way through a world of powerful monsters and mystic treas...
By: WATblog
Exclusive Feature: India And The World Of Online Classified; 10 Questions A
2012-03-30 09:13:00
Couple of years ago, we had reported that Pranay Chulet was to be appointed the New CEO of  That was in the year 2009 and zoom forward 2012, and Pranay have witnessed a phase of transition together.  We caught up with him to get some answers. Especially on the topic which is intriguing many: Has online classified ads finally made a mark in India? 1. Has the trend of online classified ads finally picked up in India? Or are people still hesitant? PC: Yes, the popularity of digital classifieds has picked up further and the sector continues to grow very fast. Quikr has over 23Mn people using it every month and we’re growing as we speak. With the total internet users in India pegged at 100mm or so today, online classifieds is not just one of the largest segments in the wider ecommerce space but also one of the fastest growing ones.  2. According to you, what are the major transformations Quikr has gone through since its phase? PC: Some of the key f...
By: WATblog
ETFs Take You around the World
2012-03-29 15:15:00
We’re in a new age of international investing. As recently as a year ago, numerous foreign markets were off-limits to all but big, sophisticated institutions. But now you are invited to the party. In fact, you have an engraved invitation … and the monogram says “ETF.” Thanks to a fast-growing group of exchange-traded funds, you have the chance to invest in places you once only dreamed of. And you can do it in one quick trade. Now whether you should invest in those places is a different matter, of course. Today I’ll outline some possibilities for you. ETF Universe Expanding Rapidly The number of ETFs available to U.S. investors has exploded in the last five years. . . . → Read More: ETFs Take You around the World
The Pipeline ?Round the World
2012-03-27 06:21:00
President Obama has a habit of making grand-sounding claims that shrink under closer examination. I have previously written of such claims relative todeficit reductionand thecutting of regulations. In both cases, reality was but a shadow of the president’s extravagant language. Recent remarksin Columbus, Ohio continued the tradition as the president talked about the energy needs ...
Top Golf Resorts in the World: do you agree?
2012-03-26 16:48:00
Conde Nast Traveler polled readers in the April edition for it's sixteenth annual list of top golf resorts in the world. Survey questions asked to over twenty-eight thousand participants related to golf course design, lodging, staff, food and service. "Great memories, if not a great score, are all but guaranteed." The top-ranked Arizona golf resort on the list is Canyon Suites at the Phoenician in Scottsdale. Second on the same list is the Four Seasons Resort at Troon North. Since I have never stayed nor played golf in either resort, I cannot, with certainly, agree or disagree with the results. Canyon Suites at the Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona In addition to the top ten golf resorts in Arizona, the reader poll also lists: Top 15 California Golf Resorts Top 20 Florida Golf Resorts Top 15 Hawaii Golf Resorts Top 25 Southern Golf Resorts (nothing in Myrtle Beach?) Top 20 Foreign Golf Resorts, in South Africa, Mexico, Bermuda, Ireland and more. I have similar concerns with...
See the world !
2012-03-24 08:35:00
See the world !&-nbsp;par SuperAndy Fin des votes 21/04/12 08:35commentaire : 8-
Clueless and Confused Americans, Treat The "Rest of the World" and NOW Thei
2012-03-23 14:32:00
The comediennes of Decline of the American Empireon the CBC's Just for LaughsEver get the feeling, a collective consciousness feeling, that America & Americans are out to prove to "The Rest of the World" that they are so right and you are so wrong.  The YOU in this statement is a collective pronoun, meant to encompass both the individual person, and whole countries.So I went on a search to find out what "The Rest of the World" thinks.  This is was sparked by a recent Canadian Broadcasting Comedy Show which aired on March 20th 2012, Just for Laughs, that was titled: The Decline of the American EmpireWhat's so funny about that I thought.That's not funny, but apparently some comediennes think so. So I watched.  And I watched some more. I watched the mockingly familar self deprecating jokes that the comics made about America and Americans.  I was hooked.  I watched the whole show. I came away with a larger consciousness about my c...
Modern Technologies That Make the World Smaller
2012-03-19 01:26:00
Travelling around the world or making business on different places is great but it needs you to be well informed and available to call different people no matter what time it is and where you are at that certain moment. That is why many people use Roaming, Skype and VoIP during their travels. These technologies ...
The World's Biggest Auto Shredder Eats 450 Cars an Hour
2012-03-15 20:10:00
From Gizmodo: In case all the missing copper didn't tip you off, scrap metal is in exceptionally high demand these days. To help meet that demand, End-of-Life vehicles are broken down into their base materials for easier recycling by a car shredder so gigantic it isn't measured in tons b
Where in the World?
2012-03-09 15:58:00
If you’ve ever wondered where on Earth all the visitors to your site are coming from, this feature is for you! Mosey on over to your My Stats tab on the homepage: …and check out the brand new “Views by Country” panel. Now, you can see at a glance exactly which countries comprise your audience: When you click on or hover over a country name, the map zooms in so you can really get a feel for all the parts of the planet your content has reached: The Summaries page shows you country stats for the previous week, month, quarter and all time, but keep in mind this feature is new and views by country are not available prior to March 2012: We are tremendously excited to be working on new features like this for your My Stats tab.  Stay tuned for the next evolution!
Interesting places around the world -the shoe house
2012-03-09 13:32:00
The Shoe House at Lincoln Highway Pennsylvania:  The design of the house is really extraordinary! It looks like a real shoe! High-topped design of the shoe looks really cool and fashionable. The Shoe House was built in 1948 (and completed in 1949) by Colonel Mahlon M. Haines, a colorful "Shoe Wizard," to help market his business. Although it does not advertise for a shoe business anymore, you can buy ice cream here and take a tour. The width of the shoe house is 17 feet and the height is 25 feet. There are 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen located on 5 various levels. This giant structural advertisement was originally used as a guest house. In the first year after its completion, elderly couples were invited to stay for a weekend and live like "kings and queens" at Haines' expense. In the spring of 1987 the Shoe House returned to the Haines family when a granddaughter of the "Shoe Wizard" (Ruth Miller) purchased the building. Shoe house, Branddraai Mpumal...
Interesting places around the world -library hotel
2012-03-07 06:31:00
If you are a book lover and don't  mind spending your holiday in a hotel where you can have unlimited access to books belonging to all literary genres then 'Library Hotel' should be your favorite place at Manhattan. What is unique or unusual about this hotel? Luxury library hotel in Manhattan is different. This hotel  is designed like a library with luxury boutique hotel concept. This hotel is like any other hotel on the inside, having nice interiors, the only difference being the presence of books all over the place. There are lots of fine bookcases in the rooms, in the hallways, even in the lobby and the restaurants. They are very in perfect condition and belong strictly to the category in the decimal system. The hotel is a ten story boutique hotel with 60 rooms. But its most interesting feature is the fact that the floors are organized after a unique principle: the Dewey Decimal System, meaning the system that organizes the literary genres. For example the fo...
Interesting places around the world - Hang Nga Guesthouse
2012-03-07 05:30:00
Hang Nga Guesthouse or crazy house is situated in Vietnam. Unusual aspect of crazy house: It looks like a scary or wonky building. It also looks like a fairy tale castle, it has enormous ?animals? like a giraffe and a spider, no window is rectangular or round, and it can be visited like a museum. It has gained international fame being considered one of the strangest buildings in the world. It does not comply with any convention about house building, has unexpected twists and turns, roofs and rooms. The house is very weird, with a sort of fantasy tree house theme. Hallways are made to look like tunnels or caves and the whole structure makes you think more of the mother nature creation rather than of a man built construction. Many of the steps are designed to look like tree stumps. There are also several rooms with animal themes.                 The house is owned by the daughter of the ex-president of Vietnam, who studied archite...
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