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Does it mean the same thing to all of us ?
2009-09-22 14:45:00
The world just celebrated the day of peace,but a simple question kept nagging my mind : even as we went through the motions, did the day really mean the same thing to all of us, do we all define peace
Bryan Aspey: shred this,"the coolest thing I've done in a long while."
2009-09-19 17:35:00
I had a very nice response from Bryan Aspey since winning the Shred This competition... 168 entries, but there could only be 1 winner... Bryan Aspey says: Since 2000, I had been playing mostly acoustic, and then made the switch a few years ago exclusively to classical. It was a great experience for me and I plan to keep up with it, yet the further I drifted from my 90's shred roots, the more I... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Once a Passion Now an Investment: Art Has Become the Next Best Thing to Inv
2009-09-17 23:27:00
Once a Passion Now an Investment: Art Has Become the Next Best Thing to Invest in India (Video) Posted using ShareThis
you got me seeing the thing that i’ve been hoping to find, you g
2009-09-17 20:09:00
If you’re anything like me, Internet — and we both know you aren’t, but hope someday you will be and to be honest with you, I don’t think you’re smart enough to come anywhere close — you’re probably wondering how long it’s going to take before that dead Patrick Swayze starts bugging poor Whoopi while she’s trying to host that show with all the old women and that one cute chick that all the hippies hate because she’s a Conservative and bathes regularly or whatever. Because you just know he’s going to do it at some point. So the funniest thing happened to me yesterday. I had stopped by the Circle K — you know, the one on the corner of Airline and Goodwood — on my way to work to pick up some Pop Rocks and Snapple for breakfast, and when I saw the cashier was of Middle Eastern descent, I did my civic duty as a tax-paying American citizen who loves his country and apple pie (but can’t seem to g...
One of these things is not like the other thing?
2009-09-14 20:25:00
Back a few years ago a game called Guitar Hero was released and thousands of music hipsters and video game nerds united to the sound of tiny plastic guitar buttons clicking away. Since then, the company that created the game, Harmonix, has split away and invented Rock Band, which is the same, but with a whole ...
A Funny Thing Happened
2009-09-11 09:00:00
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What's The Next Big Thing in Technology?
2009-09-02 17:30:00
I've read an article in EDN magazine concerning which areas in electronics and semiconductors' technology will have a big development in the near future. Smartphones (iphone), led lighting and solid state drives (and solar panels in a smaller deegre though) are mentioned in this article. Can you poi
Is there any thing Democrats won?t politicize?
2009-08-31 18:06:00
HARRY REID: Kennedy?s death ?going to help us? on health care.
The Greatest Thing About CR4 Is...
2009-08-28 03:09:00
....I realized how much I didn't know. Thanks to CR4, you have expanded my knowledge. I hope I don't make too many blunders in the future.
Me? I did not do a thing !
2009-08-27 00:53:00
We keep on moving on The Road. Last week, we had a long weekend here in Rome, and I took the opportunity of doing some major clean-up and re-organisation of my blog network.- I checked all links I have in the aid resources, aid worker blogs and aid news widgets in the side column to see if they were still valid.- As the list has expanded to over 400 links, it became impossible to manage manually, so I extracted all nonprofit blogs (excluding those from aidworkers) and put them in a dedicated delicious folder.- While I was at it, I made an aggregator of these nonprofit blogs. Check out NonProfit Blogs, and linked a Twitter account to it: @NonProfitBlogs- As I scanned over 200 of these blogs within 24 hours, I got a good view as to what's up in the nonprofit blogging world. And I wrote a post about my findings on BlogTips.- I also turfed all these blogs for their pageranks, and... (yes, you guessed it!)... wrote a post about it. :-)- One of the tools I use extensively to aggregate RS...
Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) - No New Thing Under the Sun*
2009-08-21 02:00:00
Saul Hansell from the New York Times published a blog yesterday called "How Hackers Snatch Real-Time Security ID Numbers."  Now most people** are probably expecting me to launch into a robust defense of all things unassailable and security goodness here, but I am not going to do that.  Why?  Because Saul is right, and it should come as no surprise that any single security measure can be broken. If you want to know why, and also know why RSA SecurID is an essential part of a layered information-centric security system, please read-on.
Is There Such a Thing as ?The Great Teacher??
2009-08-18 09:07:00
Do an internet search under the topic, ?What makes a great teacher? and you will be flooded with opinions. The criteria range from an oversimplified checklist of behaviors to the esoteric musings of a professor emeritus of literature. My book, Teacher of the Year: The Mystery and Legacy of Edwin Barlow examines this issue, among ...
What's This Thing Called?
2009-08-10 15:20:00
I'm trying to think of the name of the device that translates the constant rotation of a motor shaft to a 1/4 or 1/5 rotation in the form of an index. (i.e. no motion until the index) I have forgotten the name of the special cam that does that. Can you tell me what it is called?
Social media blurs the lines — and that’s a good thing
2009-08-05 06:54:00
Facebook is where most every aspect of my life collides. There, my friends include people from grade school, high school and college; people I worked with at three of the five post-college jobs I’ve had; people who I have met via social media and some I have worked for as a contractor; and my immediate family and extended family like cousins. My professional and personal lives. Twitter is similar to Facebook in that the lines are blurred between professional and personal in who I follow and who  follows me. But, hey, that’s social media, right? So listen up all you companies: You can’t really have your employees tweeting, facebooking, blogging, etc., just about your company. Personal aspects will naturally flow into those messages. And that’s a good thing. Sure, go ahead and have guidelines and policies to try to ensure that those tweets are not bashing the food you serve or other potentially negative social media mentions. But, do know and trust that it won...
The Latest Thing In Mobile Technology! The Handy Cooler
2009-07-23 02:43:00
If you're going mobile, you can't stop with an iPhone or a netbook. You've got to get a handheld mobile cooling fan. The Handy Cooler even comes with roaming minutes!
Cutting BJ the Right Thing to Do
2009-07-09 03:59:00
Cutting BJ the Right Thing to Do   For a differing viewpoint, see the posting below. In my opinion, cutting BJ Ryan was the right thing to do.  Sure he had a 1.04 ERA with a .207 opponents batting average.  He also didn’t give opponents anything to hit and Cito quick-hooked him at the first sign of ...
A Thing of Beauty
2009-07-03 19:19:00
Good things come to those who wait. Today’s lineup © Kman for Mop Up Duty | Baseball News Sabermetric | Baseball History Bio, 2009. | Permalink | | Add to Post tags: 2009 season, lineup, toronto blue jays $25+ of Free Baseball Media Files
Funniest Thing You'll See All Week
2009-07-03 00:00:00
Pepé Le Pew voice:“You know, eet eez possible to be too attractive.”“Permit- me to introduce myself, I am your new lover.”“You are my peanut. I am your brittle.”(Thanks, Cute Overload.)©2009 P.L. Frederick. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. All other copyrights owned by their respective owners.
Creepiest Thing You'll See All Week
2009-07-02 00:00:00
Thanks Facebook, with your Michael Jackson (right) and unnamed caucasianoid (left) siamese twins, you’re officially even creepier than this.©2009 P.L. Frederick. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. All other copyrights owned by their respective owners.
The Hardest Thing About Love Is...
2009-06-26 05:19:00
Of all the emotions that I've experienced, I think love is the most complicated. Seriously, you are elated about a person throughout the entire day, and one small thing can make you worry over them.It makes me almost feel like a parent or something (even though I am not one). But you often worry about their health and even the smallest things (like a potential spider bite) can throw you off (Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!).Although this is the first time I've been in love with someone special, I find that I become concerned over the smallest things (which usually isn't me for the record).While I have no regrets about being in love (as I think it makes life grand and is ultimately worth it), I wish there was a way to turn the "worry mode" off.At least for a while.(Image Credit: Southern Illinois Uni-versity)
The Best Thing That Is Only Good, Really, If You Experience It Second-Hand.
2009-06-14 15:05:00
The world can be divided into two kinds of experiences: Those that are best when you are directly involved in them, and those that are best when you just hear about them from someone else.I don't mean that those are the only two kinds of experiences; there are an infinite number of ways to divide the way we experience the world -- there are experiences, I suppose, that are best when they happen accompanied by music, and experiences that are best only if they never ever ever happen to us, and experiences that would be awesome if it wasn't for the fact that during them we had a hangnail, and so on. The multitude of ways we experience our lives cannot really be boiled down to just two.But let me do that anyway. Let me boil the way you and I and everyone else live our lives down to just two ways: Things that are best experienced directly and things that are best heard about from someone else.Things that are best experienced directly include: Love. Pizza. The ending to that episo...
Cameron Diaz does the decent thing
2009-06-13 18:30:00
Single, childless and proud of it. That was how one newspaper report described Cameron Diaz last week when the actress revealed that, despite being 36, she was not particularly desperate to have children. The headline might as well have said: Drunk, disorderly and proud of it. "The cheek of the woman!" was the inference. How ironic that in complaining about how women are shunned for deciding against starting a family, Miss Diaz met with precisely the same prejudice in the way her remarks were presented. In speaking honestly about how it felt just fine to be single as her biological clock ticked away inexorably, she was said to have "defended her status". But there was absolutely nothing to defend. As she talked about her struggle to find a husband, she was described as "Miss Diaz, who has never married". "Miss Diaz, who is not married," would have done. "Never married" subtly suggested she was past it, on the shelf. (Can you imagi...
Is Wireless Video the Next Big Thing?
2009-06-13 14:20:00
Wireless video is technically feasible, and it would certainly make it easier to install that new big screen. The technology is theoretically capable of transmission speeds of 25 Gbps, more than twice the 10.2 Gbps of wired HDMI v1.3. But will consumer pull be sufficient to spur vendors into making
IT Outsourcing To China As Next Big Thing.
2009-06-01 13:15:00
KPMG recently came out with an excellent report on outsourcing to China (h/t to Experience Not Logic), entitled, "A new dawn: China’s emerging role in global outsourcing." KPMG summarizes its report as follows: Outsourcing is on the agenda of the Chinese government as they seek to boost foreign investment into China and support the development of the services sector. Companies are also looking at China as an alternative to India, especially in light of recent security and governance concerns. This paper looks at how China is moving up the value chain in developing the necessary infrastructure and outsourcing centers, and how that will impact the Asia-Pacific region and the rest of the world. Because my firm recently started doing legal work for a very large China outsourcing company, I do not think it appropriate or even fair for me to comment on this article, but I am citing to it because it most certainly is well worth the read.
Nosaj Thing - "Drift" Digital Download
2009-05-26 19:35:00
Nosaj Thing has gained a strong reputation with his remixes of Flying Lotus etc. (check his MySpace profile). His new LP title "Drift" is available for digital download from today (26th of May), the CD hits shelves June 9th. These days I've pretty much dispensed with CD except for the occasional mix CD, prefering digital or Vinyl depending on what I'm buying. Drift features Nosaj Thing's stunning beat driven ambient electronic soundscapes.Listen to the full tracks "Quest" over at Analog Giant and 'Coat of Arms' at You can also listen to previews of all the tracks at and boomkat (UK) Via: Nosaj Thing - "Drift" Digital Download Read More tags: ambient, beats, downtempo, electronica, experimental, hip hop, idm
A thing of beauty
2009-05-25 20:36:00
Spinning turbine blades of a C5 engine from a slight breeze.
Genomics: The next big thing?
2009-05-15 15:00:00
"Genomics may be the 'next big thing' after the Internet and biotech," explain small cap growth stock specialist Jim Oberweis, Jr.In his The Oberweis Report, he explains the "politics" behind this bullish scenario as well as his top pick for log-term investors seeking exposure to the developing healthcare technologies if genomics  and personalized medicine." The argument can be made that the surge of biotech development in the 1980s and 1990s was a result of increased government funding for programs like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that bridged the gap between the academically possible and the commercially profitable."From 1983-1993, the budget of the NIH increased 158%, rising from $4 billion to $10 billion. From 1993-2003, that same budget increased another 163% to $27 billion."Indeed, we believe that the biotech boom was a direct consequence of rising National Health Institute (NIH) funding, cheap equity capita...
Good Thing I?m Not A Civil Rights Activist
2009-05-08 03:07:00
[From: Cinie's World] Image via Wikipedia Good thing I?m not a Civil Rights activist, because, if I was, I?d probably be majorly pissed right now.  I mean, if I had worked my ass off trying to get a guy elected who I thought would, and should, have my best interests at heart, and he turned around and ...
Video of Pam Oliver Doing Her Thing
2009-04-30 07:23:00
This video has led to the most famous picture of sexy sideline reporter Pam Oliver. You know the picture. The one where Pam’s sporting the pink top and tight-fitting Baby Phat jeans. It’s almost impossible to finish typing with that image of Ms. Oliver bouncing around my mind. Related posts:Video: Heather Mitts Pulls Pranks on Her ... Related posts:Video: Heather Mitts Pulls Pranks on Her Teammates Heather Mitts and Natasha Kai of the U.S. women’s Olympic...Video: Serena Williams Surfing in Hawaii Props to You Been Blinded for sending us this video...New York Jets Cheerleader Tryouts Either the New York Jets Flight Crew have changed... Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
Tedisco & the Whole Albany Hack Thing
2009-04-29 14:14:00
While national Republicans who don't pay a lick of attention to state politics had the straight-faced hilarity to refer to former Assembly Minority Leader and hack extraordinaire Jim Tedisco as a true conservative and sitting statesman, people in the actual district saw right through who he was and what he ...
Thing That Go YOOOOUUUUKKKK In the Night
2009-04-26 05:38:00
Kevin Youkilis, 2009 AL MVP. (AP Photo) When I said that Kevin Youkilis was going to be the AL MVP for 2009 I wasn't joking around. The Greek Golden God of Sweat is so scorching hot right now that his...
Well, a horrible thing to report…
2009-04-25 23:13:00
Hey everyone, it's been a loooong time, and i have some bad things to report. I am now, once again, an avid cutter, cutting over 40 times each night for about a week now. For the first time like ever, blood is dripping, the pain barely exists as i cut, and my leg swells a little where i cut. i know now that i really do have a problem with this, and that it just wont go away on its own. I tried all the coping mechanisms i read on the internet, like the ice and the rubberband, but it didn't work and now i'm cutting again. i'm not abusing anymore, but i have tried a couple times to no success (i know that sounds bad…) However, i do have some good things to report. i now have a boyfriend who i like very much and i believe will help me through this phase (although he doesn't know about my cutting). he is very sweet and supportive of my feelings. i also want to ask a question to anyone out there reading this who has maybe done the same thing. I am thinking ...
The #1 thing I Hate about Alex Rios
2009-04-21 16:51:00
Cast aside the .207 average. I also don’t care if his career year might have been back in 2007. Sucking in the three hole? Well, it happens. But the #1 thing that really pisses me off about Alex Rios is the number of times that he’ll ground into double plays! In the off-season I wrote an ...
It's the only thing that could make baseball more fun...
2009-04-17 15:27:00
If you're going to watch a baseball game -- and this is the time of year to start doing that -- then do it the way it was meant to be: comfortable, fun, relaxed, and watching a historic ball club at a historic ball field.You can do that all in one move by getting Wrigley rooftop seats from the Wrigley Field Rooftop Club. You and your guests can watch the Cubs beat up on their opponents while taking advantage of an all-inclusive package deal from the Wrigley Field Rooftop Club. You'll get great views of the game, and luxury accommodations -- check out the pictures that I've got here to see what you'll be looking at, sitting in, and seeing.Your day begins 30 minutes before the start of the game, and includes complete food and beverage service throughout the gameYou and your guests will sit in the comfort of the rooftop club, looking out onto beautiful Wrigley Field, seeing the Cubs make a march to the World Series -- it has to be this year, right?--You can have climate controll...
Sure Thing Links
2009-04-17 01:36:00
Michael at DListed is f***ing hilarious! - DL Lady Gaga taped nipples - DSF Kim Kardashian works that booty out - BST Lindsay Lohan pics from 2006 - UMC Should this be used to sedate children or...
Joe Satriani: chickenfoot to be released on a big black round thing with a
2009-04-16 23:22:00
News: 16-04-2009: Chickenfoot have announced that the new album will be available in 12" vinyl format... or LP's for those old enough to remember... NB I'm not one of these guys who thinks vinyl sounds better than CD... my hearing is not what it used to be... In the meantime here's track 4 off the upcoming album, Oh Yeah!... that's right... pre order now Chicken foot Oh Yeah This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Maple Syrup, Maple Sap and the thing inbetween
2009-04-16 05:51:00
So I got this happening thing happening with maple syrup which has happened already. Basically it's reducing the amount of water in the sap to get at concentrating the carbohydrate and tannins. I'm stuck with a very traditional way of making maple syrup. The thing is that even after RO'ing 70% of
Allison Iraheta ?Don?t Wanna Miss a Thing? Video
2009-04-16 01:53:00
Allison Iraheta made a great go last night singing one of my least favorite songs ever, “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. She’s got chops, and I’m finding myself liking her more and more every episode.Paula says she possesses the same ?special sauce? as Adam and is one talented lady. Simon called ... Related posts:Allison Iraheta Video Give In To MeAllison Iraheta “I Can’t Make You Love Me” VideoAsia’h Epperson American Idol I Wanna Dance with Somebody Video
What is This Thing? 15.4.09
2009-04-15 15:52:00
This should be interesting, I know what this is, and still don't quite believe it! Meant to be hand held, sort of....
Just the thing: a pop-up parking garage space
2009-04-15 13:21:00
Just what everybody needs: a pop-up underground garage space. Only 42-50k pounds in Britain (US availability unknown), installation not included. More info: Original article: Manufacturer: Hide the car with the engine in the wrong place! Shall we take the Audi or the Aston today?  Video:
Prayer for the Dying: The Thing Worse than Rebellion
2009-04-09 11:13:00
By Jason Miller4/9/09?The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.?--Frederick DouglassIn an eerily ironic twist of fate, less than a month after I wrote a satirical interview with a despicable, fictitious proponent of our anthropocentric and ecocidal American Way of Life[1], an avaricious and bellicose way of life that is definitely a ?thing that causes rebellion,? I found myself engaged in an email exchange with a rabid and very real mouth-piece for our capitalist culture of death and domination. But before I get into the emails themselves though, let me establish the basis for our fascinating ?dialogue.?To maintain its hegemony, the ruling class of the dominant culture has to rally the masses against an existential threat in order to justify the existence of a police state apparatus in our so-called ?liberal democracy,? or as my ?email friend? semi-accurately pointed out, constitutional republic (more on that later). Fortunately for them, the crypto-fascist ...
What Is This Thing?
2009-04-09 09:53:00
OK, here is your mission for this week, should you give a Monkey's! This fascinating piece of steampunk was quite cutting edge in it's time. No-one I know had a clue as to what it is, but I'm not holding my breath this time around, I think this is just the sort of thing that you tech heads out th
Paul Gilbert: every thing can change in a new york clinic 1995
2009-04-06 18:25:00
News: 06-04-2009: Thanks to Jenn for posting this... add as a friend on youtube as there's more to come Paul Gilbert: NY clinic 1995 This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Peter Bjorn & John- Living Thing (2009)
2009-04-05 20:36:00
The first single released ahead of the full album by Peter Bjorn & John left me feeling...
surviving one thing or another
2009-04-04 21:30:00
Sat 4: Gardening duties start in mind. At least, for me. As we are not sorting BC till after the Easter break, I have some major gardening tasks to address: moving plants, raking gravel and digging. Lots of digging… in preparation for a small vegetable patch. As the weather is currently fine, I should ...
¿Quién Gana? ¿Bárbol o The Man-Thing?
2009-04-03 19:08:00
¡Yo os maldigo!. Mira que cuando pienso que el ?next on? es difícil, vais y lo sacáis con la punta del ciruelo. ¡¡Grrrrrr!!, un día me voy a cabrear y os voy a poner un cuadrado negro para que barruntéis a ciegas, ¡por listitos!.Bueno, después de quedarme a gusto veamos quien se lleva la gloria esta jornada. ¡Oh!. Ha sido nuestro amado Otacon92 que no fue el primero en adivinar a los contendientes pero si en ponerlos juntos. Plasplasplasplasplas, un aplauso para otacon92.Así pues la clasificación general queda de esta forma:?Next on QuienGana? Jornada 13:1.- Encapuchadoman: 2,5 punticos2.- danigarcia78: 1,5 punticos3.- Comisario Gordon, Lapijadekoji, Hurt, Serch, Maeglin, Otacon92: 1 puntico4.- Eldemenoscuarto: 0,5 punticosPues sí, pequeños bastardetes, ellos eran Barbol y Man-thing (Nota mental: ¿por qué traducimos uno y el otro no?. Inconsistencia -> despedir becario -> poner nueva oferta en infojobs). Este combate nos lo pidió Hurt que parece que tiene línea directa con el Consej...
90210 is back tonight, and I’m not sure it is a good thing
2009-04-01 00:47:00
90210 is back tonight on The CW at 9p with a new boss and this is not the same show it was when it left. Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair who worked on Gilmore Girls is changing things up, and let’s say this is not like Gilmore Girls or 90210 in any form of the way. ...
90210 is back tonight, and I’m not sure it is a good thing
2009-03-31 18:46:00
90210 is back tonight on The CW at 9p with a new boss and this is not the same show it was when it left. Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair who worked on Gilmore Girls is changing things up, and let’s say this is not like Gilmore Girls or 90210 in any form of the way. ...
The thing about the Qs is true. Possibly.
2009-03-29 19:34:00
Albuquerque can be many things to many people -- it can be the headquarters for a secretive group of people trying to bring about the end of all 73 dimensions (as in my ongoing story, "Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!"), it can be a hard-to-spell stumbling block for kids in the local geography bee, and mosly, it can be... HOT.Which is why, if you live in Albuquerque -- the only city in the world with two "Qs" in the name -- you need a a decent air conditioning system, and not one of those window-units that will wheeze and sputter and not cool you down at all. You need top-notch AC, the kind you can only find by locating the best Albuquerque HVAC-Air-Conditioning guys around -- which you can do without even any more work: Simply click that link and you'll be led to DHL Mechanical Services, Inc., the best Albuquerqe HVAC guys around. They don't just sell you some junky stuff like a lot of outfits. Instead, they'll do an inspection of your home to make sure you get an a...
Puzze Pic: What Is This Thing?
2009-03-20 15:24:00
After much demand, OK, I had one e mail, here is another pic of a thing, the use for which I'm not saying. It's a small section of the item, if no-one has any good ideas after a few days, I'll post an image showing more of the...device. I think this is a really cool one! Knowing th
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