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ONCE UPON A TIME Star Lana Parrilla Makes The TV Addict An Offer We Couldnâ
2012-06-01 14:29:00
As regular visitor to can attest, the number of times we’ve shamelessly shared our celebrity photo ops has decreased dramatically over the years. (See: " target="newwindow">Here, here and " target="newwindow">here). And while we’d like to pretend that decision had a little something to do with keeping a professional distance from the industry we cover, it really boiled down the sad realization that it’s hard to not look like the “ugly duckling” when standing next to a genetically blessed make-up enhanced celebrity! That said, professional ethics and vanity pretty much went out the window this week when we were afforded the opportunity to sidle up next to the only Mayor who gives Toronto’s Rob Ford a good name*. Needless to say, ONCE UPON A TIME’s Lana Parrilla wasn’t just delightful**, but a good sport when it came to playing along with the little prop we just so happened to have conjured up! * That reference is hilari...
Digital Music Sales Pass Physical For 1st Time in UK
2012-05-31 23:39:00
We all knew it was going to happen at some point but for the UK this first quarter of this year was it. Sales of downloaded music finally passed sales of CDs and vinyl etc.
Miami Dolphins All Time Depth Chart: 2nd String Wide Receiver
2012-05-31 21:00:00
[Author's Note: The poll has been added. Please click into the story to vote.] Yesterday, we moved from the quarterbacks to the wide receivers in our community development of the Miami Dolphins All-Time Depth chart. You the readers were asked to vote for any one of 25 nominees for the starting, number one, wide receiver all time for the Dolphins. Those 25 nominees were the top receivers for the Dolphins in terms of receiving yardage over their Dolphins career. From those 25, Mark Clayton claimed the first spot with 44% of the vote. Clayton was drafted by the Dolphins in 1983 and retired in 1992. He sits second behind Mark Duper on the career receiving yards list for the Dolphins, with 8,642 yards, but does have the most receptions in his career with the team, 550, and the most touchdown receptions, 81. Clayton also holds the team record for single season receiving yards, with 1,389 yards, as well as positions six, seven, and ten. Clayton also holds the top three single season t...
Has CNN devoted more time to Donald Trump . . .
2012-05-31 17:28:00
. . . and his endorsement of Mitt Romney than the “news” network has to the failure of the Senate Democrats to pass a budget in over three years? UPDATE:  Seems I’m not the only one noting the network’s obsession with Mr. Trump.   From Jennifer Rubin: Peter Wehner blasts CNN. ?There are dozens of significant ...
Misha Mansoor: Periphery II: This Time It's Personal
2012-05-31 02:02:00
"Periphery II: This Time It's Personal", on July 3 via Sumerian Records. The CD will feature guest appearances by John Petrucci, Guthrie Govan and Wes Hauch. "Periphery II: This Time It's Personal" track listing: 01. Muramasa 02. Have A Blast (feat. Guthrie Govan) 03. Facepalm Mute 04. Ji 05. Scarlet 06. Luck As A Constant 07. Ragnarok 08. The Gods Must Be Crazy! 09. Make Total Destroy 10. Erised (feat. John Petrucci) 11. Epoch 12. Froggin' Bullfish 13. Mile Zero (feat. Wes Hauch) 14. Masamune PERIPHERY "Periphery II" - available for pre-order NOW! In stores and online July 3rd 2012 Sumerian Records Pre- Order Bundles Hosted by Merch Connection - AVAILABLE HERE: SoundCheck Hollywood Exclusive Vinyl Pre-Orders - GREEN - SWIRL - Catch PERIPHERY on The Summer Slaughter Tour! Exclusive SoundCheck Hollywood SS Tour VIP Bundles - AVAILABLE HERE: Pre Order: http://www.merchconnectioninc.c-om...
It is party time people !!
2012-05-30 22:07:00
And Amr Khaled got news for you : He will found a political party called ?Egypt Future? that it is not actually political party but rather an independent moderate social development for all Egyptians party that will work in the governorates to solve the social and economic problems there. ?I think Life Makers movement which he heads does this already !!? Amr Khaled : I am going to have a party Despite being an Islamist preacher , Khaled makes it clear that the party is open for all Egyptians with no political or ideological affiliation.  Speaking seriously I wonder why Khaled waited all those months to declare this step when he had enough members in ?Life Makers? movement ready to join that Social Development party. I am not against the idea but I am just wondering why he waited all that time and why suddenly politics seem to be interesting after he expressed his refusal to engage in politics in the past months !! It is not a bad thing to have political ambition at all. I...
Ishihara Unplugged: China A ?Thief,? America ?Unreliable? ? Japan Real Time
2012-05-30 12:58:00
Calling China a “thief” waiting to break in, and the U.S. a “rather unreliable” ally, Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara Tuesday made a new suggestion on Japan’s defense strategy: speed up the development of conventional weapons and space technology. … “China has …Read more »
Don’t Avoid Conflict All the Time
2012-05-30 08:12:00
Don’t Avoid Conflict All the Time Sometimes couples report that they never fight, disagree, or argue. In fact, sometimes their marriage sounds more like a polite interaction with a store clerk or the mail carrier. Marriage is not supposed to mean that both people will get along all the time by agreeing on everything. Many couples go to great lengths to avoid conflicts. This is unhealthy for the marriage. Showing anger is actually a form of intimacy. Think about the people who usually see your anger? Is it the people that you see in passing at the store, or is it more likely to be the people who live in your home? Most people try to be on their best behavior in public environments. Then, when in the comfort of their own home they might be willing to let their guard down a little to show their feelings when they are angry. Anger is not a bad emotion. Aggressive behavior is what is not good. However, there are safe ways to resolve conflict and share anger. Telling your partner you...
David Kontra: 10 year old rips, time to burn your guitar... again!
2012-05-29 21:22:00
I guess I'm better late than never, thanks to Neal Nagaoka for spotting this young talent. Extreme Neo Classical (cover) David Kontra - As Far You Can See (Original Instrumental Song) David Kontra - For Those Who Want To Hear A Story ( original song ) Racer X - Technical Difficulties Guitar cover
India and China ? ?Double-Trouble? for the U.S. ? China Real Time Report ?
2012-05-28 12:00:00
In short, to U.S. policy-makers worried about the long-term threat from China, India looks like a useful counterbalance. Not so fast, says a newly published book by George Gilboy, the chief representative of an international energy firm in China and …Read more »
Syria: Will the Houla Massacre Force Action on the Crisis? ? TIME
2012-05-28 09:30:00
Syria’s 15-month spiral into a broad civil war has seen many massacres, with many grisly grainy images of dead children, of entire families slaughtered standing as alleged evidence. Some have prompted international condemnation, sometimes in “the strongest possible terms,” others …Read more »
Like Books? Don't Have The Time To Read? Try Audio Books From Audible For F
2012-05-28 09:00:00
One of my New Years Resolutions this year was to read a novel. I actually read three of them. I read the Hunger Games Trilogy, and they were pretty good. My only issue was trying to find time to sit down and read them. I am very busy with the blog, video podcasting, and my real day job. Not to mention my wife and two kids that are always vying for my attention. The only place I really have time to myself is in the car on my commute to work which is about 45 minutes long one way. It turns out, this is the perfect time to listen to an audio book! Well now that Audible is an affiliate sponsor of Bauer-Power, I?ve got the hook up for you! If you have never heard of Audible, here is a description I grabbed from their site: Audible is the largest online provider of digital audiobooks and audio entertainment. Audible has over 100,000 titles including best sellers in every genre. Audible content is compatible with more than 500 mp3 players, and can be downloaded directly to your iPhon...
Clock Ticks On China-Japan Islands Dispute | Battleland |
2012-05-27 13:15:00
Japan has one year, maybe two, to resolve the ownership dispute over a tiny group of islands or risk an honest-to-goodness shooting war with China.  Unfortunately, neither Japan?s diplomats nor public seem to realize the danger, says a leading expert …Read more »
It is time to talk about #egyelections
2012-05-26 00:08:00
Ok I feel better know now to speak about the preliminary first stage result of the presidential elections after my emotional meltdown in the morning. When I look out to the results I found out 9 million Egyptians voted for the revolutionary candidates ?Sabbahi , Abu El Fotouh and Ali? where 5 million Egyptians voted for Shafik out of 25 million voters participating in this round then the majority chose the revolution. The biggest mistake that all people spoke about how having several candidates will divide the votes and yet we love to fall in to the trap while we see it in front of us !! Hamdeen Sabbahi is the big surprise of the presidential race this year considering the big leap he got and the fact he scored nearly one million vote in Cairo. Sabbahi?s campaign has been poor throughout the race but in the past two weeks it had a great push forward financially and publicly when Abu El Fotouh did not do well in the presidential debate. The Pro-revolutionaries who do not want to...
?Life takes time. So does publishing,? by Marcel Toussaint
2012-05-25 23:32:00
Marcel Toussaint and I met through the St. Louis Writers Guild. Art, lyrics, novels, poetry--Marcel Toussaint does it all and has learned how to get his work out into the world. How did these gifts and skills develop throughout his life? How did he learn to overcome rejections, get published, win awards, and gain a ...
Friday Fondue: Long Time Gone Part 1- Unfamiliar Faces
2012-05-25 16:06:00
It’s story time boys and girls! Here’s a brand spanking new serial that *may* get woven in between the ongoing episodes of “Trouble Gum” here on CF. Give this a read, if you’ve been around here for awhile, these faces may not be all together unfamiliar . Long Time Gone Part 1: Unfamiliar Faces Clomp, ...
It is time of Silence
2012-05-25 14:55:00
I do not know to say or write with knowing the results of the first multi-candidate presidential elections in Egypt , the biggest presidential elections many Arabs looked at the new era of the Arab world. I have spent all night crying and saying stuff I should not say , things I know that I should not write because my rage , things I fear that I would say and then I feel sorry about my Egyptian people. My only condolences that from 90 million Egyptians only 50% of the eligible voters in the country ?50 million? participated in this election so we are speaking about 25 million voters only , the historical elections that reminds me with the Six Days war defeat. I do not have any words , it is like choosing between two hells : The Muslim brotherood or Shafiq !!! We are all to blame especially the #Jan25 Revolutionaries who set back in bubbly Cairo ?that voted for Shafiq? and in their closed social networks realms. We are responsible for this without doubt. I do not want to speak no...
Scott Mishoe: time machine 1989, 1995 to 2012
2012-05-23 21:03:00
Age increases from 1989, 1995 to 2012 Scott Mishoe's Solo Scott Mishoe Private Lesson 1995 (Edited Video).mp4 Scott Mishoe
Time flies
2012-05-23 20:09:00
I have several sayings I often utter when it comes to teenagers. Parenting teenagers makes me want to call my dad every day to apologize for my own teen years. And my favorite: The point of the mouthy, know-it-all teenage years is to make it easier for parents to let them go. I’m not going ...
Contest Time: Bauer-Power Needs More Facebook Friends
2012-05-23 09:00:00
It's been quite the while since I've held a contest here, and figured it was about time I did it again. I have thought about it, and I just don't feel like I have enough friends on Facebook. Well, I should say I don't feel that the blog has enough friends on Facebook. Right now we have 193 good pals that follow us, but I would like to push that number up to at least 500. For that, I feel a little bribery is in order. Therefore I will have a contest here to inspire you all to be friends of Bauer-Power by liking us on Facebook. The winners (Yes I said winners) will get some free schwag from Bauer-Power Gear! Now before you scoff at that, we have some pretty cool stuff that you may actually want. In fact, I will be making available for the first prize, a free t-Shirt which are surprisingly good sellers. All you have to do to enter is like us on Facebook, then post the following on our wall: I love Bauer-Power, now give me my prize! That's it! We'll see the post and enter...
Time to investigate the legacy media investigators?
2012-05-23 00:05:00
Over at, John Nolte wonders what conservatives should do given the readiness of the legacy media to investigate the private lives of certain individuals who put Obama’s record in the spotlight or support his opponent: So desperate is the media to Palace Guard for their Precious One that everyday Americans who dare ask Obama a ...
Tom Quayle: May Day.. time for some free help with that tricky II-V-I Prog
2012-05-22 20:34:00
Hey guys and welcome to May's free lessons. For all the TABS go to: - This lesson is on enhancing basic II-V-I progressions using a more 'fusionistic' approach. It's very simple and uses nothing but major scale harmony so no scary melodic minor scales/chord required. This is a great way of making your II-V-I's sound more modern and fusion! Hope you enjoy! May 2012 Free Lesson - Enhancing II-V-I Progressions (Fusion Style) Playing starts? (Tap Mode) - 2:46Waveforms -? 9:15Knob Mode - 13:17Stages & Resonance Switches - 17:55Auto Mode (Sub-modes 1-6) - 22:20Sub-mode 7 (Rhythmic Phasing) - 37:44Control Port - 45:30This is an extensive demo of the incredible 'Empress Phaser' pedal from Empress Effects - Canada. This is an amazing pedal that requires a lengthy demo to outline all of the features so apologies for the length but it's worth it to see how great the sounds are from this thing. I go through all of the available featu...
When is it Time to Find a New Job?
2012-05-22 13:30:00
When the economy is in the doldrums, many of us look at the silver lining, i.e., to have a job and overlook the negatives associated with the job we hold. When times are better, moving from one job to another becomes a relatively common activity. People change jobs for different reasons; this post will look ...
Gay advocates urge no prison time for Rutgers student
2012-05-21 13:47:00
NEW BRUNSWICK, New Jersey (Reuters) - A former Rutgers University student faces up to 10 years in prison at his sentencing on Monday for hate crimes after spying on his roommate's gay tryst, but many gay advocates are calling for no time behind bars. Tyler Clementi, 18, committed suicide in 2010 after learning that Dharun Ravi used a computer-mounted camera to see him kissing an older man in their dorm room and used social media to encourage others to watch. ...
Albert Houwaart: between time and space - original composition
2012-05-20 17:25:00
Albert houwaart shred song -between time and space
Clemens judge imposes time limits to speed trial (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-18 20:06:00
WASHINGTON (AP) The judge in the Roger Clemens perjury trial is imposing a time limit on all future witnesses in an effort to speed things up.
An Extraordinary Time to Be in the Driver?s Seat: Aaron Kennon
2012-05-18 20:05:00
The Gold Report: Clear Harbor Asset Management actively invests in resource equities, and it’s doing so during one of the most bearish periods ever for resource equities, particularly for small-cap resource equities. Some institutions are leaving the space altogether while others are reducing their exposure. What are your plans? Aaron Kennon: While the resource benchmarks have all suffered significantly over the last several years, Clear Harbor’s natural resources strategy has returned more than 58% since inception 27 months ago. This compares to an approximately 4% return by our benchmark, which is … [visit site to read . . . → Read More: An Extraordinary Time to Be in the Driver’s Seat: Aaron Kennon
Research Team Devises a Means for Measuring Quantum Tunneling Time
2012-05-18 15:58:00
From - latest science and technology news stories: In a bit of inspired research, a diverse team of researchers has devised a means for measuring the time it takes for an electron to tunnel through a barrier. Led by Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science, Dror Shafir, the team a
Phillies over .500 for 1st time since Opening Day (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-18 10:47:00
PHILADELPHIA (AP) The Philadelphia Phillies are mighty proud of their run of five straight NL East championships.
McNamee admits his Clemens story changed over time (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-17 22:54:00
WASHINGTON (AP) In another grueling day of cross-examination that frustrated all sides, Roger Clemens’ accuser put Jose Canseco’s pool party on the wrong day of the week and switched years on Debbie Clemens’ human growth hormone shot. Whether the jurors were still keeping track is another matter: They again expressed concern about the agonizingly slow ...
Rangers? Hamilton sits for 1st time since HR tear (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-17 18:09:00
ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton is out of the lineup for the first time since a hot streak that vaulted him to the American League lead in all three Triple Crown categories.
New Theme: A Simpler Time
2012-05-17 16:48:00
There’s something about this time of year that always makes me wistful for the good old days—the simpler times, if you will—when all that mattered were family, friends, and a whole lotta blogging about everything under the sun. I miss those days, don’t you? Fear not, my fellow blogging friends. We’ve got you all covered today with a theme that will make you want to stop time and write about everything in your lives until you can’t write anymore. A Simpler Time, designed by Denise Chandler, is a theme that’s beautiful, bold, and memorable—pretty much exactly like the types of stories you’ll be writing alongside it on your blog: A Simpler Time: Single Post It’s a traditional blog theme in the sense that it offers everything you’ve come to expect from a WordPress theme—widgets, custom menus, and custom headers, and more—and it also looks incredible. If you’d also like to mix it up with different colors and fonts...
Myth Busters: The Truth About Unlimited Paid Time Off
2012-05-17 16:32:00
Recently, Dyn added unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) as a new benefit for its employees. When trying something new, there are always misconceptions and unlimited PTO is no exception. Some may decide that it won’t be successful because employees will simply not show up for work and take advantage of the generosity. Others may be paralyzed by the word “unlimited” and not take enough time off. No matter where one lands on this issue, there are some myths associated with the policy that should be addressed and answered in order to ensure everyone is on the same page. This is a growing trend among companies, so if you have been thinking about it, this will hopefully be some valuable insight into your planning. What Unlimited Really Means Unlimited doesn’t mean limitless. When we say that we have an unlimited PTO policy, we mean that we aren’t going to limit the number of PTO days (hours) that an employee can take. Unlimited doesn’t mean unplanned. This policy does...
Time lapse del lanzamiento de la nave espacial Soyuz
2012-05-17 12:24:00
Este pasado martes, los astronautas Gennady Padalka, Sergei Revin y Joseph Acaba partieron desde el Cosmódromo de Baikonur a bordo de una nave espacial Soyuz TMA hacia la Estación Espacial Internacional, donde está previsto que lleguen durante el día de hoy. Un lanzamiento que gracias a este vídeo en formato time lapse que ha publicado la NASA a partir de fotografías realizadas desde la misma...
The allure of low mortgage rates ? time to buy in Compton. Culver City and
2012-05-16 07:48:00
There is something deceiving about the current low mortgage rates.  To a certain extent they obscure the underlying economic fundamentals that are hitting the state.  Certainly no one is going to look at an underemployment rate above 20 percent and a budget deficit of $16 billion and claim that the economy is booming.  Old habits ...
Short Circuit Coordination Time
2012-05-15 21:25:00
Any relay coordination expert familiar with short circuit study can tell what is the minimum time lag required to ensure Short Circuit coordination and selectivie protection curves on 11KV and 440 Volts power distribution system ? basis for the selection?
Greece races against time to form government
2012-05-15 12:30:00
Greece tries again on Tuesday to form a government, hoping a technocrat solution to disputes over a tough EU-IMF bailout deal will avoid new polls and keep it in the eurozone as time runs down fast.
Space shuttle Enterprise time-lapse shows painstaking process
2012-05-15 00:27:00
Last month, the space shuttle Enterprise arrived at New York City's JFK International Airport on the back of a 747 jumbo jet. Its ultimate destination: The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in Manhattan. [Photos: Last journey continues for Enterprise] NASA recently posted a time-lapse video of the shuttle being removed from the back of ...
Is it time for a statute of limitation on controversies?
2012-05-14 19:25:00
A presidential candidate?s high-school years have always been packaged as a sepia-toned time of paper routes, patriotism, and premature whiffs of greatness. The classic model is the brief torch-is-passed film clip unveiled at the 1992 Democratic Convention of a 16-year-old Bill Clinton shaking hands with John Kennedy at the White House during a Boys State trip to Washington.
Buzzing About… ONCE UPON A TIME
2012-05-14 16:19:00
Miss last night’s episode? Here’s what you need to know about ONCE UPON A TIME’s “A Land Without Magic” AIRDATE: 5/13/12 WRITERS: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz DIRECTOR: Dean White SYNOPSIS: As Henry’s life hangs in the balance following last week’s killer dessert, Emma and Regina are left with no choice but to turn to… gulp… Mr. Gold in an effort to save his life. A choice that results in some fairly serious ramifications for the land that formerly was without magic. Meanwhile, in the land of magic, Prince Charming frees himself from the Queen’s evil clutches (Hat Tip: Huntsman!) and strikes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin in order to save Snow White’s life which, much like Henry’s, also hangs in the balance following one helluva rotten apple. INTRODUCED: A true Belieber believer in Emma who faced with Henry’s impending doom finally clues into what the rest of us have been screaming at our television for the better part...
Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with ONCE UPON A TIME Showrunners Adam
2012-05-13 15:56:00
As we prepare to turn the page on ONCE UPON A TIME’s fairytale first season, your very own TV Addict recently had the pleasure of posing a few pressing questions to co-authors Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. And while the talented twosome were not surprisingly tight-lipped surrounding what exactly will go down during tonight’s Maleficent magnificent season finale, they did drop a few cryptic hints in terms of what fans can expect. Having spent the previous six seasons writing on LOST, you guys know a thing or two about crazy cliffhangers. WIth that in mind, where would you say ONCE UPON A TIME’s first season finale lies on the spectrum of LOST’s first season that saw Jack gazing down the hatch to the show’s mind-blowing third season ender that revealed Jack to have actually gotten off the island! Adam Horowitz (AH): You know we’re really hesitant to compare this finale to another show, particularly LOST. But what we can say is what we hope to g...
Vinnie Moore, Jonathan Grell, Laurie Monk: Time Machine - Stanton T92
2012-05-12 19:27:00
OK, I've singularly failed to nail the chronoscopes for my initial design for my time machine... so, as a stop gap, I decided that it was time to implement plan B, aka get the quartz Locked direct drive record deck, aka the Stanton T92 USB turntable, attach by S/PDIF coaxial interconnect to Onyko 7.1 surround sound amp, whack up the volume (technical term that means set the volume control for 11) and sit back. So over to the record collection, look through over 500 plus LP's to try and pick out an appropriate first LP to play. They sit there a wall of cardboard clad, vinyl masterpieces. Getting an excited glance after having lived in a boxed exile for over 15 years. God so many to choose from... must pick something obscure...that's it, I got it! So first up... "Winter Cat" featuring guitarist Jonathan Grell, this guy has precision picking in Winterkat's version of the Jimi Hendrix classic "Little Wing"... I am slightly worried, may be a little scared... what if they were warp...
David Jacobson: time to jam - live improvisation
2012-05-12 15:06:00
Here is a nice improvised jam. David Jacobson - guitar Mark Solters - Keys Eli M. Collins - Bass Paco - guitar Billy - bass Careful with that Axe Dave
TIME Magazine Cover: 3 Year Old Sucks Moms Tit To Get Readers; Bristol Pali
2012-05-11 16:08:00
TIME Magazine Cover just got new meaning over the last 24 hours. The stirring TIME Cover photo of Jamie Lynne Grumet with her 3-year-old son obviously sucking on her breast, has raised the attention of the nation. Interestingly, TIME did not use the shocking cover in any of its European editions, and this blogger wonders (Read More...)
TIME Magazine Cover: 3 Year Old Sucks Moms Tit To Get Readers; Bristol Pali
2012-05-11 16:08:00
TIME Magazine Cover just got new meaning over the last 24 hours. The stirring TIME Cover photo of Jamie Lynne Grumet with her 3-year-old son obviously sucking on her breast, has raised the attention of the nation. Interestingly, TIME did not use the shocking cover in any of its European editions, and this blogger wonders (Read More...)
Now They've Done It: A Time Cloaking Device
2012-05-11 16:07:00
Klingon cloaking technology has arrived. Check out this link: The implications of this are astounding, and future applications are unlimited, especially when the evolution,power an
Why Sex Gets Better Over Time
2012-05-11 16:00:00
Sex gets a bad rap for fizzling out in a relationship, but did you know it can actually get hotter the longer you're with someone? Here's how!
How Time Can Affect Your Ability To Change Behaviors
2012-05-11 15:14:00
I’ve posted before about something called temporal discounting ? the effect time has on our perception of value.  The further out in time a reward is the less value we think it has.  We value rewards we earn sooner more than awards we can earn later. To me it is one of the big reasons ...
Mortgage Rates Make New All-Time Lows (Again)
2012-05-11 14:45:00
Conforming mortgage rates continue to drop.
Closer Volatility At an All-Time High?
2012-05-11 14:15:00
Take a look at the left column of ESPN’s Closer Depth Chart, won’t you? I’m almost terrified to mention any names, because based on what we’ve seen so far this year, it’s likely that some of these guys will change in the few hours between my writing this and it being posted on the site. ...
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