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BBC News ? Philippines and China row worsens
2012-05-22 14:56:00
An escalating dispute over the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea between China and the Philippines has started to impact tourism in the region. Authorities in Beijing have warned its citizens against travelling to the Philippines after anti-China protests. …Read more »
Amsterdam: Will the new “Weed Pass” leave tourists (not) high and dry?
2012-05-02 21:18:00
By Audrey Sykes in Amsterdam— Throughout history the Dutch have been known for being good at business. In Amsterdam, tolerance is essential for a lucrative economy. The cannabis industry is a perfect example: One quarter of all tourists in Amsterdam visit a coffeeshop during their visit. However, a new law making marijuana use off-limits to tourists is slated to change all of that when it goes into effect this month (May 2012). Why would the business-savvy Dutch do such a thing? In a country where less that ten percent of locals even admit to smoking marijuana, it’s a backwards move for the Dutch capital. That’s why passing and enforcing the law has been slow moving, but regardless, here’s the skinny: What is this law all about? The new law to make coffeeshops in the Netherlands for “locals only” happened not because of unruly, high tourists in Amsterdam, but because of cross-border drug tourism. Cities in the south (like Maastricht) experience many ...
Useful Basic French Phrases For Tourists
2012-04-26 17:01:00
Basic French Phrases Although France is the kind of country where it isn’t the end of the world if you can’t speak the lingo, there’s a lot to be said for picking up just a few words and phrases that you can use if you need to. Like every other destination around the world, it’s ...
Titanic site being destroyed by tourists
2012-04-15 04:00:00
The man who first discovered the Titanic wreckage says tourists visiting the site are destroying the remains of the ship's hull.
Travel Tips for Tourists
2012-03-19 22:38:00
Travelling around the world benefits each tourist in many different ways. For some, being on different places means better culture and more fun, for others this is a way to make some money and others do it just because it is nice. However, travelling means quite a lot of challenges, no matter how good you ...
Armed group robs 22 foreign tourists traveling by bus near the coastal city
2012-02-26 01:53:00
Associated Press: PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico (AP) ? The city?s public safety secretary said in a statement that the tourists weren?t injured in the Thursday night attack although their possessions were seized. The statement said a group of hooded attackers intercepted the bus while it was passing through the town ?El Nogalito.? Read more at this ...
Remove Tourists From Photos Easily For Free
2012-01-24 09:00:00
Blogging is going to be few and far between people. I am suffering from a pretty good case of writer?s block. I haven?t had to solve any new big problems at work lately with some cool new open source platform, so the projects that often fuel my most popular articles aren?t needed right now, and here we are. I thought I would share with you something I found though which sounds very cool. It allows you to drag and drop three photos of particular scene and it automagically crops out the stuff you don?t want. Tourists, cars, mother-in-laws, whatever! It?s called Tourist Remover from Snapmania. From their page: Remove moving objects such as tourists or passing cars from your photos. Take multiple photos from the same scene and the Tourist Remover blends them into a composite photo without any interfering elements. I found this cool tool from reading a blog article on Practical Hacks. They took the following three pictures: With those three images, they were able to remove...
Travel Quote: Tourists vs. Travelers
2011-11-10 04:10:00
?Tourists don?t know where they?ve been, travelers don?t know where they?re going.? ? Paul Theroux Travel Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!Travel Quote: Tourists vs. TravelersTravel Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!Travel Quote: Tourists vs. Travelers
Why tourists skip the Philippines
2011-04-02 19:19:00
In one of my travels, an Australian friend asked me what it is that he will see if he ever decides to visit the Philippines. I came up with various possible destinations in my head, but before I could give him a rundown of possible must-see attractions, he had already waved his hand dismissively, saying that ... [ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]
Alaska Reduces Cruise Tax To Woo Back Tourists
2010-07-08 16:23:00
Alaska Governor Sean Parnell signed into legislation the lowering the state’s tax on cruise passengers. This is an effort on the State of Alaska to woo back cruise ships to Alaska for it’s summer cruise tourism season. This controversial tax has had cruise lines reduce the number of ships that offer 7 night itineraries through ...Travel Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!Alaska Reduces Cruise Tax To Woo Back Tourists
20 tourists rescued at Baga beach in Goa
2009-09-19 17:50:00
Three Delhi-based youths, a Kolkatta-based family and a group of tourists from Ahmednagar in Maharashtra were among 20 tourists pulled out from sea at Baga beach by lifeguards in a rescue operation today. All the tourists were holidaying on the beach when they were pulled inside by a wave, an eye witness said. The rescue operation ...
By: Goa Blog
Oregon Vacation Rentals - Great Accommodation Units for Tourists
2009-09-07 23:33:00
Whenever we think of the word vacation, our mind automatically ventures to lovely places like exotic sea beaches, lofty mountains, wonderful valleys and beautiful plains. If you are a person who yearns for a seaside vacation then Oregon is the ideal destination for you. There are lovely beaches in Oregon which provide various modes of entertainment for tourists. You can stroll around the beaches or take part in thrilling beach sports and enjoy yourselves. All in all Oregon provides myriad opportunities for you to relax and enjoy your .........
Phuket Tourist Information by the Tourists
2009-07-16 06:05:00
If you're thinking of a holiday in Phuket, or visiting Phuket as part of a longer trip, you will surely be looking for information on hotels, things to do, places to eat, the culture, festivals and so on. Every tourist wants something different. Some people are very happy to be immersed in Patong with all the shops and touts and fast food and bars. Some people want a quite resort with a less crowded beach. Some want the ultimate honeymoon getaway. Some tourists book tours, others explore on their own. This blog is open to anyone, but will certainly interest the more independent traveler/tourist. I tend to look at places a bit more off the main route and don't mention Patong much, or the normal tours (elephant rides, speedboat snorkel trips, Fantasea show, snake shows etc..). Hey, the idea of the blog was to show another side to Phuket rather than just the same old things you can find on any website.BUT of course, this leaves a hole. This blog can't cover everything, so where to l...
"???????????" ??? ??????? ??? ????????????!! Tourists? We are closed..
2009-01-24 09:19:00
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Warning about bargains as tourists pay for bogus flights to Bali
2008-10-08 17:11:00
A word of advice for travellers to use a recognised travel company - so they do not get caught in dodgy dealing. The warning follows a police investigation into a New Zealand-based company selling return tickets to Bali online - for flights that do not actually exist. Orewa Police, who are investigating, say at least ten people ...
Alpacas are a hit with tourists in Clare
2008-08-17 18:58:00
A herd of alpacas in Co. Clare is proving to be as big tourist attraction as such local sights as the Cliffs of Moher. Tour buses of US and European holidaymakers in the Burren region have been stopping off to take snaps of the animals, which are native to Peru but have been imported into the rugged limestone area. Academic-turned-farmer Damien Dyar now hopes to develop his farm to accommodate school trips. The psychologist wants to help schoolchildren to learn about the animals as well as the Burren landscape.
2008-08-01 20:20:00
I wonder what they see.Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Brian Morrison
With Monsoon, Kerala wants tourists too to hit the state
2008-06-10 07:53:00
Come monsoon and the God's own country is blessed with nature's bounty. Tourists arrivals during this beautiful season, however, dwindle.The state now has redrawn its strategies and has begun promoting the rainy season as 'Dream season'.In an innovative way to promote the state as all season destination, the 'Dream season' campaign was drawn up, says Tourism secretary, Dr V Venu. The state is targetting a 10 per cent increase in tourist arrivals this season compared to last year.The unique programme, kicked off last year was well received. "We are evolving as we go," Dr Venu told PTI. This is a tactical campaign during offseason combining monsoon and the lean period which begins in May and lasts till September, he said.The main thrust of the campaign is to position the state as a value for money destination. "During this time there will be intense competition from other destinations. We want the industry to offer better deals to the tourists and sweaten the proposal with many ...
Tourists Visa for Qatar: Qatar Airways
2008-06-07 13:36:00
Qatar Airways Tourist Visa:How to Obtain a Tourist Visa via Qatar AirwaysIf you are not a member of Qatar's list of approved nationalities for visa on arrival, you can get a visa either via a hotel or via Qatar Airways. However, to get a visa with Qatar Airways, you have to book a room for your stay with a five or four star hotel. We have included a list of approved hotels below.The hotel can be booked via Qatar Airways, with the visa fee being paid at the same time. In the event of the visa being refused (unlikely unless the person has misused a prior visa) the hotel fee will be refunded. However, the visa fee is non-refundable.Note that this tourist visa (unlike visa upon arrival for approved nationalities) is not available for those staying with friends or families - visitors need to be booked into a hotel. However, nationalities with families will be able to come on a visit visa - see Qatar Visas for more information.When we spoke to Qatar Airways about this, we asked about t...
500 thousand tourists visit Central Visayas in first quarter of 2008
2008-06-04 18:45:00
Domestic and foreign tourist arrivals in Central Visayas hit the half-million-mark in the first quarter of 2008, a 10.7 percent growth of tourists arrivals over the same period last year. Official data of the Department of Tourism (DOT) showed total tourist arrivals from January to March reached 535,396, a 10 percent growth from last year?s 485,993 ...
British tourists flock to Bulgaria
2008-06-04 02:00:00
Rental investors in Bulgaria are seeing a surge in demand for tourist accommodation this summer, it has emerged. Online travel agency revealed that the number of June bookings for the country is 151 per cent up on 12 months earlier. This means that some owners of holiday accommodation in Bulgaria will see higher occupancy rates this year, as well as greater rental returns. According to, the increase in the number of bookings is partly because consumers in the UK want to avoid Euro 2008, which kicks off in Austria and Switzerland this weekend. John Bevan, managing director of the firm, commented: "It would appear that it is too painful for fans to stay home and watch Euro 2008 without their team competing." This comes after the Times said that Bulgaria is a much more affordable holiday destination than places such as Italy, Portugal, France and Spain.  
'Oyster Opera' attracts tourists
2008-06-02 09:45:00
     &-nbsp; Set amidst coconut trees, backwaters and a group of islands is "Oyster Opera", Kerala's first theme village, which despite lacking in sophistication of modern day resorts, is drawing tourists who crave for an experience truly natural and rustic.    - One man's passion to provide a better livelihood to his fellow villagers, has now culminated in the form of the resort at Padanna in the northernmost Kasaragod district.   &nbs-p;      &-nbsp;     Gul Mohammed, Managing Director of "Oster Opera", says he always dreamt differently. He began growing green mussels on Coir using the technology offered by the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT). After mastering the technology, it was introduced in his coastal village of Padanna and four other neighbouring villages. Presently 5000 farmers are engaged in mussel, clams and Oyster cultivation.   &-nbsp;...
With monsoon, Kerala health resorts woo tourists with ayurveda
2008-06-02 07:28:00
     &-nbsp;    &n-bsp;    &nb-sp;    &nbs-p;    With the monsoon rains descending on Kerala, creating just the right cool and balmy atmosphere, health resorts and clinics in the southern Indian state are ready with their ayurveda packages to pamper and heal tourists. The theory that monsoon is the best season for ayurveda rejuvenation programmes has been proved right because the atmosphere remains dust-free and moist, opening up the pores of the body and making it most receptive to herbal oils and therapy.      &-nbsp; Another reason behind ayurveda's success in Kerala is the state's climate and the abundant supply of herbs and medicinal plants, vital ingredients for making the medicines. While the tariff is competitive among the resorts, the least one would have to cough up is around 40 to 60 euros for a day.      &-nbsp;  The m...
British tourists pointed towards Bulgaria
2008-05-30 02:00:00
British holidaymakers have been advised to consider travelling to Bulgaria by a national newspaper. According to the Times, the eastern European country offers a number of attractions which would appeal to the whole family. In addition, Bulgaria was said to be much more affordable than places such as Italy, Portugal, France and Spain. This is because the pound has slumped to a record low against the single European currency - falling by nearly a fifth in the last year. As a result, travelling to a country inside the eurozone may not offer the value for money Britons have enjoyed in the past. The Times commented: "It's been a bad year for the pound. "Last summer, a €20 meal would have set you back £14. Now it would be £16.50." By contrast, Bulgaria was said to offer bargain prices and comparable leisure facilities. This comes after the Association of British Travel Agents revealed that emerging economies and mid to long-haul destinations are ... – strategy to international tourists to choose the US
2008-05-23 20:05:00
With greater travel documentation restrictions and security, foreign tourists has been shying away from taking vacations in the US, despite their greater buying power due to the weak dollar.  A new site is a part of a Featuring different travel destinations and helpful info about travel to the US, the site will be translated into several languages and will also serve as a portal to access travel bookings staring in June/July. campaign lead by the Travel Industry Association (TIA) with funding from the US Department of Commerce to encourage international travelers to visit the US.  [Full disclosure EA USA is a member of TIA] TIA is also promoting the huge economic impact tourism has on the American economy at  According to the TIA, tourism creates 7.8 million jobs and $700 billion in spending.
By: Me and Me
Tourists seek 'exotic' locations
2008-05-20 02:00:00
Holidaymakers from the UK are increasingly choosing to venture to more exotic locations, analysts have stated. The Association of British Travel Agents revealed that emerging economies and mid to long-haul destinations are becoming more and more popular. Frances Tuke, spokesperson for the group, said this is partly because they are exotic, developing locations which can offer a different type of holiday experience. In addition, she stated that authorities in these countries have invested in providing services and infrastructure for foreign leisure travellers. This means these places could be good locations for overseas property investors to consider, as the increase in visitor numbers is driving growth in their rental markets. Furthermore, new infrastructure developments and demand for property in major hotspots could potentially push up property values in prime locations. This comes after Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing revealed that about seven million people booked acc...
More tourists in Cebu
2008-05-19 03:14:00
THE Department of Tourism (DOT) 7 reported a 7.44-percent increase in visitor arrivals in Cebu from January to February this year from a year ago. DOT records also show that there was an 8.85-percent increase in foreign travelers and 6.25-percent growth in domestic travelers coming to Cebu for the first two months of the year. There were ...
... tourists ...
2008-05-14 17:09:00
touristes japonais, Athnes 2008Japanese tourists - Athens 2008 dominique houcmant
Chunky Monkeys on Diet at Japanese park After Being Overfed by Tourists
2008-05-13 02:12:00
Chunky mmonkeys at a Japanese park has been put on diet after being overfed by tourists. About one third of the parks 50 Macaca mulatta monkeys, which generally weigh up to 11 kg in the wild, are now overweight. The heaviest male weighs over 29kg.The heaviest male weighs over 29kg and does little more than shuffle around the 420-square-metre enclosure waiting for the next hand-out, according to park officials. The monkeys have been put on a special low-fat diet and signs have been put around the enclosure asking visitors not to feed them. But the park estimates that as many as 20 people every day ignore the request. Link
Flip-through: Cheapo tips, Italian tourists, Venice pigeons, & American
2008-05-09 16:50:00
Six recent stories that made us smile and chased away the rain: 1) 5 ways to get even cheaper in Europe Christopher Cook, of, posts this week in Vagabondish about “5 simple ways to beat your travel budget.” His tips are solid and speak to every Cheapo in Europe. In short: Eat cheaply, walk, be flexible with dates, consider more budget-friendly destinations,- and think twice before paying for a museum. Nice tips, Chris! 2) 33-cent beers in Vietnam We don’t normally cover destinations outside of Europe, but we’re following former EuroCheapo staffer TJ DiChristopher as he showcases his skills in Saigon, his new hometown. Today, TJ shares five ways he’s keeping it cheap in Saigon, from budget beer to iced green tea and pirated movies. 3) Italian tourists in Venice Venice is really crowded right now. According to’s James Martin who was in the canaled city last Saturday, Venice’s narrow streets are packed to overflowin...
Egypt recommended to British tourists
2008-05-09 02:00:00
British consumers who want to avoid the eurozone this year have been advised to visit Egypt. The north African country was flagged up by the Guardian as a possible destination for holidaymakers who wish to take advantage of more favourable exchange rates. Since the current weakness of the pound against the euro has led to traditional hotspots such as Spain becoming more expensive, the newspaper believes Egypt could be a good alternative for prudent tourists. The publication added that visiting a cheaper destination means that those who are feeling the pinch of the credit crisis will not have to cancel their annual summer break. "Sterling still converts nicely," the Guardian commented. "Perhaps rather than calling the whole thing off, now is the time to experiment." This comes after research by showed that interest in the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheikh is currently 50 per cent higher than it was 12 months ago. The current weakness of...
Heavy increase in the number of tourists in Chandigarh
2008-05-05 16:36:00
Chandigarh: Chandigarh witnesses a whopping increase in the number of tourists visiting the city in 2007. Statistics released by the Department of Tourism UT Administration, revealed that as many as 9,54,726 of tourists visited city beautiful last year. Out of which 9,28,159 included domestic tourists while rest of 26,567 were foreigners. There has been an increase ...
Algarve attracts British tourists
2008-04-29 02:00:00
Owners of rental accommodation in the Algarve could be set to see strong demand this summer, experts have suggested.According to Holidays-Direct, the Portuguese tourist hotspot has attracted considerable interest from British holidaymakers in the last few months.The online travel agency said that during the year to date, it has been the subject of the most searches on its website.This has prompted it to predict that lots of British holidaymakers will flock to the region for their summer holidays this year.As a result, owners of buy-to-let property in the Algarve should benefit from higher occupancy rates and rental returns.Jon Pearce, spokesperson for Holidays-Direct, commented: "With some of Europe's most attractive and cleanest beaches, exceptional landscapes and year round sunshine, the Algarve is quite rightly a holiday hotspot for British tourists looking for some sun."He added that the region is proving to be popular because it offers lots of leisure attractions at a "relativ...
Foreign tourists to Indonesia up 30 percent
2008-04-28 07:45:00
Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik predicted that the number of foreign tourists to Indonesia in the next couple of months will increase by 30 percent compared to last year`s rate of increase. He therefore expressed optimism that projected seven million foreign tourists could be reached, he said after dedicating a huge billboard on Visit Indonesia Year 2008 at the Ngurah Rai airport in Bali on Sunday. He also said, however, the increase in the number of foreign tourists coming to Indonesia in January and February 2008 reached a rate of only 13-15 percent, but in June, July and August the increase may reach more than 30 percent. Thus, the average increase in the number of foreign tourists in 2008 reached 27 percent, which would be an increase from five million in 2007 to seven million as projected, he said. In Bali, in the January-March 2008 period, the increase in the number of tourists to the island resort reached 25-27 percent compared to 2007.Indonesia News Blog: ...
Save money outside eurozone, tourists are told
2008-04-28 02:00:00
British consumers have been advised to consider heading outside the eurozone for their summer holidays. Holiday-Rentals stated that if leisure travellers visit countries which are not in the single European currency, they could get more for their money. This is because the pound is currently at a record low against the euro, which is itself 17 per cent stronger than it was a year ago. As a result, the cost of a trip to traditional holiday destinations such as France is likely to be relatively high. Holiday-Rentals commented: "Travelling to western Europe will be at its most expensive this summer. "It may be worth looking beyond the usual haunts and outside the eurozone." North African countries including Egypt and Morocco were highlighted as potential options for holidaymakers, along with eastern European nations such as Croatia. This comes after currency specialist Travelex stated that leisure travellers are becoming "increasingly savvy" with regards...
chris garneau - music for tourists
2008-04-27 01:23:00
Chris Garneau - Music for TouristsDespus del pedo que me sac Faaip de Oaid, pues conviene escuchar a este. Es indiepop con piano y todo, como para cuando ests triste
By: Musiteka
Surfing lures more foreign tourists to come to West Sumatra
2008-04-25 20:09:00
Many foreign tourists have arrived in Mentawai Island district in West Sumatra province in their preparation to enjoy surfing in the offshore district waters which was frequently selected as host for World Champions Surfing Series event.The tourists, among others coming from United States, Australia, Britain and Austria, arrived at the island by ferry or hiring boats after landing at Minangkabau International Airport (BIM) in Padang Pariaman district.Martin Daly, head of world surfing agent, Indies Trader Marine Adventures from Australia said in Padang, capital of West Sumatra recently that ocean waves in Mentawai waters have the most consistent movements among the well known surfing locations in the world. There are about 400 spot surfing with almost six-meter high of the ocean waves which can be used by the surfers, Zulkarlin, head of Mentawai Island district tourist office told Antara. "The flow of tourist visits to Mentawai always increases annually and in 2007, the amount...
Tenerife Invests For New Tourists
2008-04-20 07:00:00
Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is already one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. To remain as such, Tenerife is undergoing massive improvements to be unveiled for the 2008 vacation season. Improvements include golf, a marina, a water park and more. One major highlight for the upcoming tourism season is ...
Cabbie, friend trick tourists
2008-04-17 21:48:00
Update: 12:20PM TWO tourists were tricked by a taxi driver and his accomplice who fled with their bag containing a Samsung mobile phone, a Panasonic digital camera, a Sony digital camera, assorted bank cards and $F370 and $A50. (...)
By: Taxi Blog
Himachal to set up call centre for tourists
2008-04-17 19:51:00
New Delhi: Mr. Ram Subhag Singh, Commissioner Tourism and Managing Director Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation said that Tour Operators and Travel Agents from all over the country would be able to make on line bookings for H.P.T.D.C hotels during the current summer season. He was addressing a meeting of Private Tour Operators and Travel ...
Himachal to attract 94 lakhs tourists during current year
2008-04-16 19:38:00
New Delhi: Ram Subhag Singh, Commissioner Tourism and Managing Director H.P. Tourism Development Corporation said at New Delhi today that Himachal Pradesh Government has set up a target to attract 94 lakh tourists during current year and State is fully geared to welcome the tourists during current summer season which began on 15th April, 2008. Ram ...
Spain Is Number 1 For British Tourists In 2008
2008-04-15 07:00:00
According to many online research polls, most Britons prefer Spanish holidays over any other. This comes as no big surprise, considering Spanish holidays have been favourites of the Brits for years. Their favourite areas are the Balearic Islands, Barcelona and the Canary Islands. More specifically, Brits most often choose Mallorca, Menorca and Lanzarote. The British are ...
Bulgaria to attract more Irish tourists
2008-04-15 02:00:00
Overseas property investors could be set to benefit from growing tourism in Bulgaria. According to the Novinite news agency, the eastern European country is becoming especially popular with holidaymakers from Ireland. Petar Kandilarov, governor of Varna, was quoted as saying that the number of Irish visitors could possibly double in 2008. This is likely to be a positive development for owners of rental accommodation in popular Bulgarian holiday resorts such as Bansko. Increased tourist numbers will lead to greater demand for temporary lodgings across the country, which in turn allows investors to collect higher returns. Official figures cited by Novinite show that 90,000 Irish holidaymakers visited Bulgaria last year. The predictions comes just officials in the UK forecast that more British tourists would soon head for eastern Europe. Helen Warburton of the Post Office told the Daily Mail that lots of holidaymakers are opting to visit destinations with more favourable exchang...
I'm pretty sure that there will be no tourists wearing fanny packs there.
2008-04-14 17:07:00
This year, we're taking the kids to Florida for a vacation. That's the best family vacation we can handle when the Babies! are under two years old, and we're only doing it because we had some airline tickets that we had to use up before they expired. But that's not my dream vacation. My dream vacation, officially as of this moment, is to go to theCosta Rica resort of Florblanca. The Florblanca resort in Costa Rica, offers a beautiful climate, relaxing and beautiful Pacific ocean views and swims, surfing, horseback riding and zip lines for the active folk, and the kind of scenery, food and relaxation that can rekindle your marriage.Go to their website and just look. Look at the blue water, the green leaves, the serene peacefulness of it. And as you look, realize that you can get rate information on the villas (both 1- and 2-bedroom), dining options, special events, and a whole other photo gallery.And as you look, remember that you can contact them right through their website.B...
PAK vs BAN 2nd ODI: Pakistan see off tourists
2008-04-13 12:07:00
Pakistan won a rain-affected second one-day international against Bangladesh to go 2-0 up in the five-match series.1 Vote(s)
By: JeQQ it
Travelling Around London A Guide For Tourists
2008-04-12 07:00:00
The easiest way to get around London is by public transport. This article provides brief information about the various transport options available to you, including useful maps to guide you around the city. What is an Oyster card? Oyster is the easiest way to pay for single journeys on buses, Tube, trams, DLR, London Overground and some ...
New Jersey Tourism Looks To Out-Of-State Tourists For 2008 Support
2008-04-11 20:02:00
New Jersey Gov., Jon S. Corzine, met with members of the New Jersey Conference of Mayors, at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, to discuss 2008?s tourism campaign, reported the Press of Atlantic City. In an effort to help the NJ economy, tourism is high on the agenda. So don?t be surprised to see the big ...
2.3 mill Chinese Tourists in 2008
2008-04-11 03:35:00
The government expects Indonesia to attract 2.3 million tourists from China through a cooperation scheme between the ministry of arts and tourism and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (PT Bank ICBC) Indonesia."If at least 10 per cent out of the 23 million active credit card holders of the bank in China are enticed to visit Indonesia, it means that some 2.3 million Chinese tourists will come to this country," Arts and Tourism Minister Jero Wacik said after the signing of the agreement with PT Bank ICBC here Tuesday.The ministrys director general for marketing, Sapta Nirwandar, meanwhile said the realistic target of Chinese tourist arrivals in Indonesia this year was set at 300,000.Under the agreement with the ICBC, the bank would give facilities to credit card holders to visit Indonesia, including handling their visa and accommodation needs."The promotion cooperation is aimed at attracting as many Chinese tourists as possible, mainly ICBC card holders as the potential targ...
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