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Barney: Planes, Trains & Cars DVD (Giveaway)
2012-05-27 04:46:00
Come along for a dino-mite ride filled with laughter, friends, fun and song with preschool favorite Barney and his playground pals in Barney: Planes, Trains & Cars. Let your child’s imagination be their guide as they trek to places near and far by air, ground, rail and sea – all without ever leaving the comfort ...
Trains To Get High Speed Internet Via Satellites, Courtesy Indian Space Res
2012-05-02 08:40:00
It is newly reported that  Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has allowed  the use of satellites to beam high speed internet directly onto moving trains. According to the news, Indian Railways will use the KU Band to make availability of broadband speed in trains like the Rajdhani. Exactly a year ago, the Railways had finally received the financial backing of Rs. 6.3 Crores (US$ 1.2 Million) to introduce WiFi Connectivity on trains. How will the system work? As this is a pilot project only 3 coaches of the Howrah Rajdhani will have such connectivity. This will establish a direct link up with the satellite. Once the link is good, the coaches will have internet connectivity through WiFi. Interestingly, passengers are not being charged for this service, yet. Railway stations are already being connected to such services.  A while ago, they had initiated a project to link their trains with GPS for accurate position information. Indian railways are by far the most ...
By: WATblog
The Train in Spain: Essential information about trains and fares
2012-04-04 16:34:00
Regina Bryan’s interesting article here on EuroCheapo last month sparked a discussion on rail fares in Spain. So we thought a few thoughts on Spanish rail travel might be in order. The hop-on-at-will culture that prevails in many European countries when it comes to long-distance rail travel simply does not apply in Spain. All long-distance services in Spain and even the majority of inter-regional (or medium-distance) trains need to be pre-booked. Access to departure platforms at principal stations is strictly regulated, with only those holding a valid ticket and seat reservation for the upcoming departure being allowed through to the platform. On premium services, luggage is screened in X-ray machines. Seville Santa Justa station. Photo © hidden europe Grand design So the whole mood of many Spanish main-line stations is more like that of an airport. This is not unique to Spain. Travelers on the Eurostar services that link London with the continent will be familiar with check-in p...
Working of Electric Trains
2011-12-30 23:17:00
can anyone explain me about how electric train works and if it takes power at the top where it is grounded????
JoJo aka Joanna Levesque Returns With New Album ?Jumping Trains?
2011-12-19 15:41:00
Singer Joanna Levesque aka JoJo was introduced as the new face of Clearasil?s ?PerfectaWash? during a pop-up concert held at Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles, California over the weekend (more photos below). The 20 year-old singer, who shot to fame at the age of 14 with the song ?Leave (Get Out)?, is finally ready ...
European Rail Strike Update: Which trains are affected?
2010-10-27 16:38:00
By Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries— Europe has enjoyed or endured, depending on how you view these matters, a festival of rail strikes this past week or two. And yet, by and large, business and social life continues. The impact of rail strikes varies enormously from country to country. Nationwide standstill in Belgium When a Greek rail strike takes place, as one is this week, the entire network shuts down and virtually no trains run at all. And so in Belgium, where rail strikes are happily less frequent, but where a strike generally means a total network shutdown. Belgium had a one-day strike on October 18, 2010, the first nationwide stoppage since a one-day strike in November 2009, and that did lead to the cancellation of all trains. Even Eurostar, which has famously managed to maintain a full service from London to Paris during the recent extended wave of French strikes, was defeated by Belgium. Brussels-bound trains from London ran only as far as Lille, with passengers heading...
Cops will help women board trains
2010-02-27 19:31:00
Women who find it difficult to get into the ladies? compartment during peak hour will soon get a helping hand from the railway police. Female Home Guards or policewomen will be posted outside these compartments during rush-hour to ensure bullies don?t block the entrance. Several women had complained saying they found it difficult to get ...
Bo Cox wrote a new blog post: Tokyo trains.
2009-07-07 07:34:00
Bo Cox wrote a new blog post: Tokyo trains. I really like Tokyo metro trains. Not only them, but Tokyo trains in general. Cars are so clean, well designed and look like new. No nasty graffitis, no empty cans around, no chweing gum on my seat. And so safe! Even when I commute late I have no fear. This is so comfortable feeling. The other thing are like ...
Analysis Says Planes Might Be Greener Than Trains
2009-06-08 15:53:00
From Slashdot: New Scientist has an interesting piece up about the calculable energy costs per mile for various forms of transportation. Despite the headline ("Train can be worse for climate than plane"), the study it describes deals with highway-based vehicles, too: the authors at
Milan Hodek Trains Hard
2009-05-07 08:42:00
On CzechYoungMuscle new impressive training videos and photo galleries of young bodybuilder Milan Hodek have been posted. Watch the promo video:You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Milan Hodek on CzechYoungMuscle.
By: 101 Boys
Milan Hodek Trains Hard
2009-05-01 10:24:00
On CzechYoungMuscle new impressive training videos and photo galleries of young bodybuilder Milan Hodek have been posted. Watch the promo video:You find a big number of high quality photos and videos with Milan Hodek on CzechYoungMuscle.
Diesel Trains and Diesel Cars
2009-03-26 19:34:00
why is the diesel engine of a train not turned off like a car engine?
Jakub Stefano Trains in Men's Exercise Magazine
2009-02-23 14:10:00
Jakub Stefano, the popular Czech fitness model, is featured in the March 2009 issue of the famous print workout magazine "Men's Exercise". In the big article entitled "Chest Workout For Beginners" (page 51) Jakub performs his most effective chest exercises. The shooting took place at Gold's Gym in South Beach, the day after he had competed at the Model Universe Contest show in Miami in June 2008. Here are the three pages with fabulous Jakub Stefano in "Men's Exercise":Jakub Stefano's blog:
High Speed Trains Designed For Cold Siberian Winters
2008-12-11 18:22:00
Siberian winters create quite a challenge to the makers of high-speed trains who must provide top comfort as well as speed to its passengers. Enter Conti Tech, an elastomer specialist that has developed an exceptionally cold-resistant secondary suspension system especially for these conditions. Read on and be cozy and warm.
The Most Evil Train I've Ever Seen
2008-11-25 13:21:00
Click to enlarge.That's actually just a photo of a broken-down clown train somewhere in the US (looks like the Midwest), but it's creepy as Hell! It reminds me of a Ray Bradbury story or a horror movie.
Railroad Standards
2008-11-24 22:31:00
As railways developed and expanded one of the key issues to be decided was that of the rail gauge (the distance between the two rails of the track) which should be used. The eventual result was the adoption throughout a large part of the world of a standard gauge allowing inter-connectivity and the inter-operability of ...
Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Some Data Should Just Stay at Work
2008-11-12 01:00:00
In recent security briefings, I’m often asked: “Should I protect sensitive information on my laptop by encrypting my laptop?” My advice is to first ask WHY?  Why do you as an employee have the business or security justification to transfer and store sensitive PII: (personally identifiable information) onto your mobile device?   (A little of asking who, what, where and when about your information will help here too).
Tyler Trains
2008-11-11 22:21:00
I've already reported about Tyler Southwick's new website in some posts below. In the following video Tyler gives onother impression what his site is about. Please enjoy the one and only Tyler Southwick:Tyler's website:
By: 101 Boys
Tyler Trains
2008-11-09 13:08:00
I've already reported about Tyler Southwick's new website in some posts below. In the following video Tyler gives onother impression what his site is about. Please enjoy the one and only Tyler Southwick:Tyler's website:
Silicone Valley Luminary Trains for Space Travel
2008-11-02 09:17:00
Outer space is fast becoming accessible inner space as more and more of the wealthier among us dare to dally within its infinite essence. Read all about technology heavyweight, Esther Dyson, and her plans for travel along the rim of the new frontier.
diesel trains
2008-10-30 08:36:00
how does a diesel train work?
steam trains
2008-10-22 01:58:00
does any one know a website were i can find out how a stean train works?
steam trains
2008-10-21 09:29:00
what are names of 3 famous staem trains besides the flying scotsman?
steam trains
2008-10-21 09:18:00
is the flying scotsman still running?
steam trains
2008-10-21 02:22:00
does any one know some very well knowen steam trains
Myles Hannaman Trains Abs
2008-10-03 10:33:00
In the following video bodybuilder and fitness model Myles Hannaman is training his abs:
Turning the "Freight Trains of the Oceans" into Hybrids
2008-09-24 18:31:00
From Discover | Environment: Container ships transport nearly everything you use every day, from iPods to mugs to diapers. The ships are also some of the world's biggest gas guzzlers. But now innovators are coming up with amazing ideas for how to keep these freight trains of the se
High Speed Trains for Qatar
2008-09-06 13:18:00
Plans for trains in Qatar are going ahead at full speed, according to Railway Gazette. Some expats have been sceptical of the trains programme proceeding, especially after the end of the Asian Games. Indeed some plans do never seem to take place - an obvious one being the new National Library, which was marked on the map when I arrived here three years and a half years ago but has yet to be built.However, Qatar has now chartered Deustche Bahn for the preliminary stages of developing the railway i.e. planning. Plans include a railway link into Doha from the airport, an East coast rail link to Ras Laffan and Messaieed, a link to Saudi Arabia, "people movers" in some areas of Doha such as Lusail and possibly even a high speed link to Bahrain.I don't know how many times people have said that Qatar really needs to develop its public transport system. Now it seems that they are really going to do it. Unfortunately, there are likely to be many years of worsening traffic congestion before ...
Gujjar agitation: trains still cancelled
2008-06-07 07:52:00
Mumbai (PTI): In view of the ongoing Gujjar agitation in Rajasthan, around 13 passenger trains leaving from Western region to north India continued to remain cancelled, Western Railway said Thursday. The Ferozpur Janata Express from Mumbai Central to Ferozpur (9023), August Kranti Rajdhani Express from Mumbai Central to Hazrat Nizamuddin, Bandra Terminus Gorakhpur-Avadh Express, Bandra Terminus-Dehradun Express, Sampark Kranti Express (2909) and Jammu Tawi holiday special from Bandra have been cancelled, they said. The other trains cancelled include Indore-Nizamuddin Inter City Express, Ahmedabad-Jodhpur Passenger, Ahmedabad-Patna Express, Ahmedabad-New Delhi Swarna Jayanti Rajdhani Express, Ahmedabad-Nizmuddin Express, Bhuj Bareli Express and Ahmedabad-Gorakhpur Holiday Special. Besides, four trains have been diverted including Mumbai Central-New Delhi Rajdhani Express, Hapa-Jammu Tawi, Bandra-Amritsar Pashchim Express, Mumbai Central-Amritsar Golden Temple Express. The train s...
Buzz Lightyear Trains for NASA Mission
2008-06-04 05:45:00
You read the title correctly. Buzz Lightyear is heading to space. Veteran astronaut Buzz Aldrin mentors Buzz Lightyear, co-star of the Disney-Pixar Toy Story films. Buzz (the toy) is headed to the International Space Station aboard Space Shuttle Discovery to commemorate the opening of "Toy Story Mania!" at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California.Tags: toy story, nasa, youtube, video, video of the day, videorambler© The Video Rambler. Permission is granted to use this feed for personal use only. You are not allowed to scrap or republish this content on another website without the owners permission.
Little Tikes: Planes, Trains and Automobiles Playset for only $16.99
2008-05-29 09:52:00
Your little one will be engaged for hours of bright play with this Little Tikes Planes, Trains and Automobiles Playset. Packed with fun and adventure, this 24" playset features a little car complete with blinking stop and go light, a train with signs and a peek-a-boo tunnel. There's even an airplane that flies high and low. Adult supervision recommended. Includes 2 "AA" batteries.
Sundance Does Transportation: Cars, Bikes, Trains and More?
2008-05-28 01:21:00
Running a bit late again on my preview of tonight’s The Green; unlike last week, though, I did take the time to watch tonight’s episode of Big Ideas for a Small Planet. As usual, I...
Japanese Crowded Trains
2008-05-26 14:09:00
Japan is really high on population. The streets are crowded and full of people. There isnt much room and trainstations are even worser places to be. Heres a video showing how crowded that country is.. Hope you enjoy this weird video of crowded japanese trains.
Folksinger, Storyteller, Railroad Tramp Utah Phillips Dead at 73
2008-05-25 23:09:00
OFFICIAL OBITUARY. Utah Phillips, a seminal figure in American folk music who performed extensively and tirelessly for audiences on two continents for 38 years, died Friday of congestive heart failure in ...
Little People Cars, Trucks, Planes, and Trains; My Little People Farm; My L
2008-05-25 04:05:00
Little People Cars, Trucks, Planes, and Trains; My Little People Farm; My Little People School Bus (My Little People A Lift-the-Flap Play Book, 3 BOOK SET) (Board book)By Fisher Price 2 utilised and new from $9.30 Customer Rating: ...
USAID trains securities regulators
2008-05-22 14:04:00
The US Agency for International Development (USAID) will continue providing training courses for the professional staff of the State Securities Commission, the commission said on its website yesterday. The courses will focus on improving the commission?s supervisory capacity in order to promote the transparency of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Bicycles to be allowed on trains, Singapore buses as part of 6-month trial
2008-05-22 01:17:00
Bicycles to be allowed on trains, Singapore buses as part of 6-month trial By Hiroshi Limmell, SINGAPORE : Cyclists will be allowed to bring foldable bicycles on board all trains and public buses, in a six-month trial. This is an initiative by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in a study to meet the transport needs of diverse groups of people. The trial period is from May 24 to November 24 this year. Foldable bicycles will be allowed on MRT trains every weekday during off-peak hours and on SBS and SMRT buses on weekends and public holidays. The trial is one of several initiatives announced during the Land Transport Review. The Review recognises an increasing trend of people cycling for sports, recreation or as a means of transport. Although the move gives cyclists more convenience, LTA spokesman Jeremy Yap said public safety must still come first. He said, “Cyclists and other commuters are encouraged to be considerate and make way for one another, so that more people can use ...
Kaitlin Young Trains for Gina Carano, Total Beast!
2008-05-19 23:21:00
Kaitlin Young trains like a total beast… in a good way.  She is set to take on Gina Carano May 31st for an EliteXC CBS debut of Saturday Night Fights. The event will take place at the Prudential Center in Newark (Brick Ciiiiity!) New Jersey. Watch Kaitlin prepare in an intense exercise program as she gets ready to take on Gina Carano. Also scheduled to fight the same night are Kimbo Slice and James Thompson and Robbie Lawler versus Scott Smith. YouTube Direktvideo link  
50 passengers miss early trains after workers failed to open station shutte
2008-05-19 00:00:00
{mosgoogle right}FUNABASHI, Chiba -- About 50 passengers missed trains early Sunday morning after station workers failed to open the shutter of the entrance before the first train arrived, the railway operator said.At 5:13 a.m. on Sunday, Keisei-Funabashi Station on the Keisei Railway Line received a phone call from a passenger saying that the entrance to the station was closed.The workers on night duty immediately opened the shutter at the wicket -- but only after two e ...
False quake info halts Keihin trains
2008-05-14 00:00:00
{mosgoogle right}False earthquake information has temporarily halted services on the Keihin Railway line, company officials said.Officials at the Tokyo-based Keihin Electric Express Railway Co. suspect that test data was mistakenly transmitted to the railway operator.At around 10:10 a.m. on Monday, the railway's central traffic control center received information that an earthquake registering lower 5 on the 7-point Japanese intensity scale jolted some areas of the Kanto ...
False quake info halts Keihin trains
2008-05-14 00:00:00
{mosgoogle right}False earthquake information has temporarily halted services on the Keihin Railway line, company officials said.Officials at the Tokyo-based Keihin Electric Express Railway Co. suspect that test data was mistakenly transmitted to the railway operator.At around 10:10 a.m. on Monday, the railway's central traffic control center received information that an earthquake registering lower 5 on the 7-point Japanese intensity scale jolted some areas of the Kanto ...
Two Little Trains (Paperback)
2008-05-13 06:05:00
Two Little Trains (Paperback)By Margaret Wise Brown Buy new: $6.99$6.9939 utilised and new from $2.59 Customer Rating: First tagged “childrens books” by Slatternly designer “Authority on boys up to geezerhood nine” Customer ...
Escape from the Death Camp Trains - Sobibor "Jumpers"
2008-05-09 11:30:00
Testimony of Yacov Gurfein about the Sobibor Transport "Jumpers"       Photo of a German soldier near the bridge at Sanok Israeli Police 6th Bureau   Date: 23.6.1960   Investigating Officer:  Rosenfeld   Yacov Gurfein   Date of Birth: Born 1921   Place of Birth:  Sanok, Poland   Profession: Carpenter   Father?s Name:  Abraham GurfeinRead the full testimony here: Holocaust Education & Archive Research Teamwww.HolocaustResearchProjec-t.orgHitler; Himmler Shoah; Third Reich; Final Solution; Nazi; National Socialism; Jews; Judaism; The Holocaust; Auschwitz; Deathcamps; Sobibor; Belze; Treblinka; Krakow; Lublin; Action Reinhard; Wirth; Globocnik; Goering; Goebbels; Anne Frank; Propaganda; Genocide; Murder; Racism; Aryan; anti-Semitism; Israel; Torah; Talmud; Sephardic; Mengele; Euthanasia; Wannsee; World War II; Axis History; Gas Vans; Chelmno; g...
"The Trains"
2008-05-07 19:40:00
Enquanto o comboio no volta a Viseu veja este pequeno filme premiado do japons Takahiro Hirata que recebeo o "Prmio de Originalidade" no Festival "Trs Courts", edio de 2007, para obras com menos de 3 minutos.
Agency with a heart trains, deploys aviation workers
2008-05-04 00:45:00
Agency with a heart trains, deploys aviation workers VENUS International Placement Agency, Inc. is the only recruitment agency in the country that helped establish an aviation training school known as the Philippine International School of Aviation Sciences (PISAS). These two entities remain distinct from each other, though. Venus operates as a regular recruitment agency, while the ...
Burning Trains
2008-05-03 16:31:00
My train journey home last night took two and a half hours for what is normally a forty minute high-speed dash up the country. It all started well, but the train came to a halt at Wembley Central and some of the lights went out. About ten minutes later the Train Manager announced that there was a burning freight train just ahead of us and, as the fire brigade were busy spraying water around, the power to overhead lines in the immediate area on both sets of north/south lines had been cut. A while later and the train's backup power supply depleted and the remaining lights went out. All passengers were forced to vacate and wait on the platform for a while, before squeezing into an already overcrowded London Overground train to Watford where another fast train was waiting.Stopping the trains sounds very sensible - everyone knows that water and electricity don't mix very well (or do, that being the problem). But ... hang on ... what happens when it rains?
Creativity With Trains.
2008-05-02 22:01:00
Creativity With Trains.Here we have painted train, graffiti on trains, planes make out of train tickets, Mona Lisa made out of again train tickets, & a cabin made from an old Caboose.Painted trains do look great, which means a lots of creative space is left empty on unpainted trains. Here we have graffiti on trains. Now if got some time to spare, then perhaps you too can make planes out of train tickets. 300 employees of Takashimaya department store in Osaka, created it during their breaks & spare time over a period of three months. Here we have a cabin made from an old Caboose.Other Posts:Maybach Landaulet.Remote Control Hummer. New Way To Keep Your Car Secure.Artistic Paintings On Industrial Structures.Hingarae - Futuristic Resort In New Zealand.
China trains collision 'kills 43'
2008-04-28 05:56:00
Forty-three people have died and 247 were injured after two passenger trains collided in eastern China, said state media agency Xinhua. Ten carriages of one train reportedly toppled into a ditch in the pre-dawn crash at Zibo city, Shangdong province.
By: Get rich
Passenger Trains Collide in Eastern China
2008-04-28 04:45:00
April 28, NY TimesBEIJING — A predawn collision between two passenger trains in Eastern China on Monday has killed at least 66 people and injured 247, according to Xinhua, the state news agency, making it one of the deadliest rail accidents in recent years.The two trains, one heading from Beijing to Qingdao and the other traveling between Yantai and Xuzhou, collided at 4:40 a.m. in the town of Zibo, Shandong Province.Witnesses said one train derailed at a bend and then struck the other, throwing at least ten cars into a ditch. Wire reports quoted a rail official saying that a new timetable introduced on Monday might have contributed to the crash.Last September, a collision involving two trains took place on the same line, although there were no deaths. In January, 18 track workers were killed on the Beijing-Qingdao route after they were struck by a train traveling 75 m.p.h. in the dark.Chinese newspapers frequently report railway fatalities, although most of them involve small num...
Mumbai gets smartcards for local trains and BEST buses
2008-04-25 16:40:00
During my train travels from New Jersey to New York via Subway, I used to always think of how it would be to have a similar ticketing system for journey in crowded Mumbai local trains. The first thing that came to my mind - it was just not possible given the logistics and tracking involved. For those who are not aware, in US and UK (specifically for Subway trains and Tubes), the traveler has to just go to nearest vending machine before entering the platform, get a pass of standard denominations and swipe it before entering the train platform. Every time one swipes the card, certain amount is deducted toward your journey. No waiting in lines ! Now, to my surprise, even Mumbai seems to be moving towards similar system. The Central Railways (CR) launched "Go Mumbai" smart card - a first-of-a-kind travel card which works like a pre-paid telephone card, and can be used for travel on the local Mumbai trains and BEST buses. Source
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