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ExtremeDoll is currently Live Free Chat (Web cam girls)
2007-11-04 09:00:00
ExtremeDoll really wants to meet an extra-horny voyeur… I am so sexual girl. I love fun, I have sexy body. Come to me, I am ready for you. ExtremeDoll says: “Click here to check out my measurements!” tags: free web cam girl, sexy cam girl, amateur cam girl, adult sex chat, girls web cams
From One Extreme to The Other
2007-11-03 21:18:00
There are two new "Engineering News, Blogs" From The Sublime To The Ridiculous Which one would you rather have and why? Could you put it to good use or would it be a 'white elephant?'
2007-11-03 06:00:00
Can't think of how I would have lived my life today, if tomorrow weren't there.
Haha, extremely creative and funny video: Master Chief in Mortal Kombat!
2007-11-02 18:20:00
A very cool gamer has decided to make a fan video of Master Chief kicking ass in Mortal Kombat, and here is the result!
Fotos Fabian Valle recibe tremenda golpisa
2007-11-02 16:55:00
Nos acabamos de enterar que el conductor de espectáculos de televisión, Fabián Lavalle, mejor conocido como Fabiruchis fue asaltado y golpeado por un hombre con el que ingresó a un hotel ubicado en la colonia Roma, donde le quitó su cartera.Fabian presentaba hematomas principalmente en el rostro, sangraba de la boca, presuntamente le rompieron los dientessiendo trasladado al hospital Xoco para su atención médica, donde lo reportan estable.La policía preventiva detuvo como probable responsable a Alfredo Cervantes Landa, de 42 años, como agresor y fue remitido a la agencia tercera del Ministerio Público por el delito de robo y lesiones. El presunto agresor, Alfredo Cervantes, de 42 años, se encuentra detenido en la tercera agencia del Ministerio Público en Cuauhtémoc.Leer más Notas:Carolina Dieckmann asiste a Show de Negra Gil Eugenio Siller de "Al diablo con los guapos" le gusta celebrar Halloween!! Altair Jarabo participa en la telenovela 'Al diablo con los guapos'. ...
HAhah! Extremely funny phone calls to 911
2007-11-02 14:24:00
The Merger: Team Tompkins + Xtreme Couture - 02 Nov 2007 10:10:06am
2007-11-02 11:10:00
This weekend the merger between Xtreme Couture and Team Tompkins will be on display when the IFL airs the opening round of its Grand Prix tournament. Shawn Tompkins took the job of Head Trainer/Gym manager at Xtreme Couture in August. Saturday night Chris Horodecki will be wearing the Xtreme Couture Logo on his shorts along with Jay Hieron and Alex Schoenauer. Tompkins brought Chris and his other prized students Sam Stout and Mark Hominick into the fold at Xtreme Couture and the three young stars have added to the already impressive stable. All three have incredible kickboxing skills and are true team players, fitting right in with the team first environment at Xtreme Couture. ?I?m thrilled to be here, working alongside and training with Randy Couture, who I hold in the highest regard. It will be an honor cornering with him Saturday night,? says Coach Tompkins. ?I?m happy that world will get to see that we are working together. I?m glad to bring my fighters from Canada to create t...
JOBO AG Announces the New GIGA Vu extreme Image Storage Device for Photogra
2007-11-01 18:13:00
Gummersbach, Germany – JOBO AG announces today the introduction of the new GIGA Vu extreme digital image storage and viewing device. Available in hard disk capacities up to 160 GB, the new GIGA Vu extreme features a brilliant 3.7” VGA resolution display for crisp and clear viewing of stored digital images, a verify function ...
Does An Extreme Low Calorie Diet Work?
2007-11-01 16:42:00
Losing weight is not easy for most of us. Many lose a few pounds and then gain it back. Sometimes we even gain our weight back plus extra pounds. Why is this? Why does it seem virtually impossible for some of us to lose weight? First of all, before you start any weight loss program, my ...
Elite Fighting Xtreme Debuts In Denver - 01 Nov 2007 12:28:59pm
2007-11-01 13:28:00
Elite Fight Xtreme is debuting at the Wells Fargo Theater in Denver, Colorado! Come witness exciting mixed martial arts action with up and coming professional mma fighters. This premier mma event will be held on November 10th in classy downtown Denver. Denver, CO (PRWEB) November 1, 2007 -- Denver, Colorado is the birthplace of modern American Mixed Martial Arts when the UFC debuted back in 1993. The growing interest and booming popularity have helped many viable mma promotions materialize and flourish in Colorado. Most recently is the very promising Elite Fighting Xtreme. This brand new top flight organization will hold its inaugural event at the prestigious Wells Fargo Theater at the Colorado Convention center in Downtown Denver. The central location offers easy convenience and accessibility for its fans and a top quality venue for it's well deserving athletes. The timing of the event will also allow fans to celebrate at downtown Denver's numerous high quality restaurants...
Jobo?s latest entry, the Giga Vu Pro Extreme
2007-11-01 13:14:00
Jobo?s Giga Vu line has always been primarily targeted at photographers who need portable storage and viewing capabilites, but the devices? Linux foundations and open SDK have made them pretty hacker-friendly as well. Both camps should be happy about Jobo?s latest entry, the Giga Vu Pro Extreme, which adds support for Jobo?s photoGPS unit, bumps capacities ...
Donne estremamente fini
2007-11-01 13:04:00
Cambia la mia visione delle donne...brrrrrclicca sull'immagine
Jobo?s latest entry, the Giga Vu Pro Extreme
2007-11-01 12:57:00
Jobo’s Giga Vu line has always been primarily targeted at photographers who need portable storage and viewing capabilites, but the devices’ Linux foundations and open SDK have made them pretty hacker-friendly as well.
More on AdSense Extreme
2007-11-01 07:23:00
When you get a chance, check out my main blog (yes, this used to be my main blog, but not anymore). I've got a post over there about AdSense Extreme, including some numbers for you to crunch, as well as a nice little "nasty-gram" from someone who doesn't like the system (because I PWNED them)!I feel so special.Please visit for more information.
National Assembly SC recommends crushing extremists in Swat
2007-11-01 02:42:00
CNEWS ISLAMABAD: Taking serious notice of rebellion of extremists in Swat, the National Assembly Standing Committee for Interior Affairs, has recommended that the concerned steps should be taken to crush the miscreants with a view to restore peace and maintain law and order.This was recommenced in the meeting of National Assembly Standing Committee for Interior Affairs, which was presided over by the Chairman of the committee Talib Nakai here at the Parliament House.The stern action should be taken to crush the rebellion and stop Talibanization in Sawat at any cost, the committee said. The National Assembly Standing Committee also opposed the postponement of general elections in name of deteriorated law and order in Swat in any case.Powered by: Awaz apni Baat apni
Swat continues to tremor by blasts, firings, choppers? hovering
2007-11-01 02:37:00
CNews SWAT: The spell of horrifying blasts and deafening firing sounds has once again set in the valley here after a brief break for two days, while the gunship helicopters continued to hover around, turning the environment all the more fearsome, however, no loss of life was reported.Sources told that the extremists have captured the Manglore Civil Hospital, while two rockets were fired at the Kabal police station, when the security forces retaliated with heavy weapons. Meanwhile, several rockets were said to have landed on the security forces posts in the Frontier House and the bangs of over 40 explosions were heard, however, no loss of life was reported till the filing of this report.Besides, attempts were also made to blow off the Saidu Sharif FRC police line, which damaged its walls. Some unknown persons set on fire a police post at Gawalirai area of Tehsil Matta and escaped by taking away three vehicles including the police van from the nearby garage and vehicles from hospital...
Xtreme Couture's Matt Gudgeon Stepping Up - 31 Oct 2007 05:17:54pm
2007-10-31 18:17:00
An ultimate Fighting Championship novice from Torquay chances his arm and takes a step into the unknown when he fights in Las Vegas later this year. Matt Gudgeon, of the Winners 2000 Gym on Teignmouth Road, is taking on the biggest challenge of his life when he battles an experienced UFC fighter on Saturday, December 15.Matt is looking forward to the challenge and said: "Nervous doesn't cut it, but it is an opportunity I am not going to let pass me by. "I'm fighting out of Team Couture on a card not short of UFC calibre talent, and have the chance to see how much I have learnt in two years. "The location is likely to be the Riviera Hotel and Resort on the Las Vegas strip, with 10,000 in attendance and five million watching on HD network television." Gudgeon got this fantastic opportunity after training at UFC legend Randy Couture's gym, one of the greatest stable names in the history of the sport, impressing those present with his striking power, p...
D-Link?s New Xtreme N Gaming Router Brings Wireless Fragging
2007-10-31 16:00:00
Having the best possible network connection can prove to be a crucial element for most gamers, especially when engaging in online battles and raids. However, fast and reliable data transfers can be a problem in the case of wireless networks, and this is the reason why the D-Link company has just announced the Xtreme N ...
South Korean Subway Goes Extreme
2007-10-31 12:50:00
Halloween Reigns Underground. In the dark misty depths and tunnels of Seoul's subway an explosion of colors and decoration is taking place. It starts with obligatory pumpkins and veggies, but certainly does not stop there. There are discussions underway to make a similar display in Hong Kong subway, as well. These cities are no strangers to viral campaigns.
By: Attuworld
Khaki Bandit: Extreme Social Engineering (or, An Extreme Reason For Greenl
2007-10-31 06:10:00
The Khaki Bandit.  That?s how Eric Almly was known in Milwaukee when they didn?t have a name to match up with the burglaries.  He?s been connected to computer thefts in Minnesota, California, Arizona, and Florida.  Supposedly, Almly?s modus operandi was to walk into corporate offices and lift laptops found in the office.  He wouldn?t walk in willy-nilly.  He?d stake out the soon-to-be crime scene, studying the place.  He would dress the part to better match the surroundings (I guess corporate America is really into khakis).  He would enter the offices close to the end of business day?when things were winding down, people were leaving work, but prior to the nighttime security staff arriving?and just hang around until people left.  Hey, he looked like he belonged.  On the rare times when he was confronted, he would lie.  Hey, he sounded and looked like he belonged.  He?d go around the deserted office, pick up the laptops, and sa...
Muslim Extremist
2007-10-31 04:59:00
Please watch this video of an ex-muslim woman, it is the absolute truth about muslim extremist and one I wish they would all absorb. I believe these extremist call for struggles when there aren't any. You can't force people to believe in your God or religion and kill them if they don't. The Koran is an archaic book made in a time when some of those things were relevant. If the entire ancient world believed in the same ideals as these extremist, they wouldn't even have a book to write in as the world would've been too busy fighting each other over senseless things to accomplish any great works and contribute to mankind in a positive way. Please watch...
Extremely new and funny stick video :D
2007-10-30 22:43:00
People just throwing plasma grenades without purpose like this, can be very annoying, especially if you are the one that gets hit in the head with one of these grenades :p This video capture some of the essence of Halo 3 humor.
Premires candidatures dans Bourget et Pointe-aux-Trembles
2007-10-30 21:19:00
La Presse consacre aujourd’hui deux articles de Denis Lessard et Tommy Chouinard sur les lections partielles qui doivent avoir lieu d’ici le printemps prochain dans Bourget et Pointe-aux-Trembles (et qui pourraient devenir lections gnrales si le gouvernement tombe entre-temps). Dans Bourget, la grosse nouvelle est sans contredit la possible candidature d’Andr Caill, ex-pdg d’Hydro-Qubec, sous ...
Free Lipoburn Extreme Fat Loss Sample
2007-10-30 19:47:00
If I Were an Islamic Extremist Voter: Go Dems!
2007-10-30 17:37:00
Let’s assume for a moment that I am either a devout follower of Osama Bin Laden, or that I am one of the ruling elite in Iran. And let’s also assume that I have the right to vote for the President of the United States as well as for members of the U.S. congress. ...
UK: Muslim groups draft rulebook for mosques to drive out extremists
2007-10-30 16:08:00
It comes as new research found fundamentalist literature encouraging hatred of Christians, gays and Jews in many British mosques.
Cabanele de vânătoare ale Direcţiei Silvice „extrem de solicitate” p
2007-10-30 08:36:00
Recent intrate în circuitul turistic, cabanele de vânătoare ale Direcţiei Silvice Suceava sunt extrem de solicitate spre închiriere, mai ales în preajma sărbătorilor de iarnă. Anul acesta, prima solicitare de închiriere pentru Revelion a venit încă din luna februarie, iar din primăvară au fost ocupate în totalitate.“Solicitările au venit din toată ţara, cele mai multe fiind totuşi cele din Bucureşti, Iaşi, Suceava şi Constanţa. Rezervarea s-a făcut după principiul primul venit, primul servit. După ce nu a mai rămas nici o cabană liberă, am primit o mulţime de cereri şi pentru închirierea cantoanelor de vânătoare. Acestea nu sunt în circuitul turistic şi au fost rezervate doar personalului Regiei Naţionale a Pădurilor, din alte judeţe”, a declarat şeful Direcţiei Silvice Suceava, Valerian Solovăstru.Tarifele practicate pentru perioada Revelionului sunt aceleaşi ca şi în timpul anului, 65 - 75 de euro pe zi de persoană, în funcţie de...
By: Suceava
Memorias Sandisk Ducati Extreme
2007-10-30 00:09:00
Ser una empresa de harware y sacar ediciones especiales junto con marcas del mundo motor ya no es una moda, Acer sac un modelo de laptop junto a Ferrari, y luego, al igual que con los autos, Lamborghini sigui el mismo camino junto a Asus. Gentlemen, start your devices! Sandisk, uno de los mayores fabricantes de memorias ...
By: Genultra
BMX Extreme - Acrobacias con tu BMX
2007-10-30 00:07:00
Una ventaja de los videojuegos es que puedes practicar cualquier deporte desde la comodidad de tu silla.Jugar BMX Extreme.BMX Extreme es un juego en Flash donde podrs realizar saltos acrobticos con tu bicicleta BMX.Mi amigo ccrv de 1001 juegos coment que tiene muy buenos grficos y no pude resistirme a probarlo.Los controles son sencillos:Flecha arriba: AvanzaFlecha izquierda: Back FlipFlecha abajo: Side FlipZ: Superman FlipX: Rotar manillarC: Batman FlipFuente: 1001 juegosOtros juegos de Deportes:FIFA 08 demo descargable para PCFreeStyle Street BasketballManagerZone FootballEn memoria de Colin McRae Entretenimiento Online BMX Flash games Sports games Online games videogames Entretenimiento Online BMX Juegos Flash deportes Juegos Online videojuegos bicicleta
Xtreme Millions
2007-10-29 19:37:00
If you want to take advantage of the internet, enjoy staying Home and make more money in a single month than you make in a year, then this might be the most important letter you?ll ever read.   There are hundreds of ?make money online? programs out there, and yes, they all teach you how to make ...
Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Intel's First 45nm CPU
2007-10-29 18:20:00
Intel?s quad-core desktop Penryn CPU Core 2 Extreme QX9650 (Yorkfield) has been available to a couple hardware sites and their reviews got published today. The Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 is the first 45nm desktop processor that Intel will be launching in a couple of weeks. Highlights of the new Intel QX9650 CPU include better performance, lower power consumption, new high-k metal gate transistors, additional cache and SSE4 instructions set support.Overall the new 45nm Intel CPU gets a very positive review. If it will be worthwhile to upgrade to the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 is now depending on its price. Intel is expected to reveal the price in about 2 weeks. Source
Ohh!! Extremely good dancing bird!
2007-10-29 14:39:00
Another video that you have to see in order to beleive it. This bird dance a lot better that some people I know. Amazing. Funniest Dancing Bird Ever!!! - video powered by Metacafe
No talks with extremists: Benazir
2007-10-29 12:48:00
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who escaped an assassination bid on October 18 in Karachi, has categorically ruled out any talks with extremists who ...
By: B4U India
13 Extremely Oversold Consumer Stocks
2007-10-29 07:07:00
Alan Brochstein of Analyst for Hire created a screen using of stocks he thinks are over-sold. In the screen he used the following parameters: current prices above 5, market capitalizations in excess of $100mm, PE below 20, Price/Book below 3 and Total Debt to Capital below 20%. Based on current price to trending price he came up with these 13 stocks that you may want to take a look at. They may have been beaten down due to professional investors taking a tax-loss. CHS - Chico's FAS $12.68 MW - Men's Wearhouse $38.04 COLM
Extreme Hangman
2007-10-29 04:01:00
A pretty gruesome game for those who wish there were a more Halloween season-appropriate word/spelling/guessing puzzle game. Just when you thought the idea of hanging a stick-man stranger for your own vocabularical shortcomings was gruesome enough. Thanks, armorgames! (warning: stick person violence and paper-and-ink gore) Personally, I think the timer is a nice stess-inducing ...
Extreme Makeover Home Edition Outgreening Itself
2007-10-28 20:08:00
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is inherently green simply by what it does. In a subtle approach, each episode (yes we are fans:-) ties the relationship of personal health to environmental health by providing sustainable materials and resources in the home that help families live healthier lives. So with all the previews focusing on Sunday, ...
By: Ecorazzi
Pakistan, India to form strategy against extremism
2007-10-28 08:02:00
CNews ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao said Pakistan and India would jointly work out a strategy to eradicate the extremism. Aftab Khan Sherpao said this while talking to the journalists at Islamabad airport on Saturday as he returned after attending the SAARC conference. The interior minister said the member states of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) agreed on developing a mechanism for exchange of information to eradicate the curse of terrorism and drugs. He said the recommendations regarding the information mechanism were discussed during the conference and the participants agreed upon the need for collective efforts to combat terrorism. He went on to say that the issues including human trafficking, money laundering and fake currency were discussed in the conference and it was decided that the SAARC states would hold three meetings next year in Islamabad in which police chiefs, law experts and experts working against terrorism, prese...
The Extremely Disturbing Daniel Smith Death Photo With Anna Nicole
2007-10-28 01:00:00
The final photograph of Daniel Smith in Anna Nicole's arms is REAL. Disclaimer: If you cannot handle extreme things, or...
By: SnagWire
CD Review: Bedouin ? Extremely Live 2003
2007-10-27 21:10:00
Alan Davey is the driving force behind Bedouin. Alan cut his teeth playing bass, keyboards ,and wave sequencing for the Space Rock band Hawkwind. Alan left Hawkwind in 1996 to explore new avenues, and so Bedouin was born. While significantly different from the Dave Brock inspired Space Rock, you can see touches of Hawkwindesque influences ...
Extremism is promoted through dictatorship: BB
2007-10-27 20:52:00
CNews LARKANA: Chairperson Pakistan People?s Party and former prime minister Benazir Bhutto said that she has taken her party into confidence on the issue of becoming prime minister for third time. However, no agreement could be made in the negotiations with the government on the abolishment of 58 (2) B.While talking with journalists in Larkana, Benazir Bhutto said that the negotiations are being held with the government for the restoration of democracy and the prosperity of the people.Benazir said that she wants the people to get the ruling power, unemployed persons to get employment and the backward people to get betterment.She said that General Musharraf had said to retire before oath-taking of the president but still there are many works to do for the restoration of democracy.On the national reconciliation ordinance, Benazir said that the cases made against her were not strong and the cabinet signing the ordinance admitted that the cases were fabricated as revenge against her. T...
x-treme! - Mobile Phone Cameras
2007-10-27 17:37:00
Is this the future of mobile phone cameras? I hope not. Otherwise cell phones wont be handy any longer. And I doubt that phones can ever keep up with real cameras. Cameras nowadays are as small as cell phones and if you want to take some quality pictures, I think everybody would go for the camera and not the detachable mobile phone lens. What do you think about detachable telescopic lenses for your cell phone? Would you buy one? Would you use it?Subscribe to *chilli*technology* via Subscribe to *chilli*technology* via RSS FEED
Xtreme Mac iPod Micromemo
2007-10-27 10:00:00
Xtreme Mac?s MicroMemo turns any iPod Classic+2nd/3rd gen Nano or Video into a portable audio recorder. Just plug in the detachable microphone and hit a button to record audio content directly to your iPod. Gadgets, General, Images, iPod, Mac, Micromemo, Technology News, Xtreme
ultimate ski vacations -Tremblant
2007-10-27 04:19:00
Feel the magic... Be swept away by the charm of Tremblant! One visit is all it takes to feel the pulse of Tremblant life. From the very first moment, you realize that the mountain is just a taste of pleasures to come. In the village, steep yourself in the charm of two eras: today's modern architecture blended with early 17th century character. Here at Tremblant, the past and present come together in the heart of this uniquely vibrant pedestrian village. Each evening brings with it a story to tell, each minute a moment to savor to its fullest. Restaurants, boutiques, bars, you'll find it all. Even the snowflakes are at their prettiest as they fall gently over Tremblant. A multitude of tempting aromas waft through the air, carrying the promise of culinary delights. Around the bend of a bustling alley, a shop window beckons from the glowing lights of the pedestrian village. And everywhere you go, you meet warm, friendly people. Tremblant is much more than a place where a myriad of ...
Randy Couture Press Conference at Xtreme Couture
2007-10-26 17:23:00
Enjoy MMA In the Blue Corner
Paul Challenged to Return Donation From Extremist Backer
2007-10-26 06:39:00
Whenever Ron Paul is found to be receiving support from racist or neo-Nazi groups, his cultists (and there really is no better term for them) rush to his defense. They spam any blog which exposes Paul with bogus claims that the criticism represents mere “guilt by association” and often claim that Paul was unaware of ...
Extreme Surfing - Tidal Waves
2007-10-26 02:40:00
I’ve been skydiving on multiple occasions. Some would say that takes some… well, guts. But surfing on a wave this huge? WHAT! You have got to be kidding me. (Click through to the site if you cannot see the video) I extracted this video from an article titled The 10 Craziest Competitive Sports (You Never Heard ...
360 Sneakers For The Extreme Xbox Fan
2007-10-26 00:00:00
If you can think of a reason to need a D Pad on the bottom of your shoe, now you...
By: SnagWire
A Third Of Americans Extremely Stressed, New Survey
2007-10-25 23:36:00
A new national survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) suggests that one third of Americans are living with extreme stress while nearly half believe stress is damaging their health, their relationships, and work productivity, and that it has got worse in the last 5 years.Three quarters of Americans (compared with 60 per cent last year) said money and work caused them the most stress, with half mentioning housing costs such as rent and mortgage as a big factor, a result that the APA suggests is linked to the US housing crisis.Stress had a negative effect on personal and working life, was the view of nearly 50 per cent of Americans, and about one third said it was difficult to manage the responsibilities of work and family.One quarter of Americans said that stress alienated them from a friend or family member and 8 per cent linked it to divorce or separation.Executive director for professional practice at the APA, psychologist Dr Russ Newman said that:"Stress in America...
Extremoduro vuelve a los escenarios
2007-10-25 14:32:00
Extremoduro vuelve a los escenarios en 2008 tras 4 años sin actuar en directo Extremoduro, una de las bandas más influyentes del rock nacional, volverá a los escenarios en 2008 tras casi cuatro años sin actuar en directo, según ha informado hoy a Efe la empresa Last Tour Internacional. La última gira de Extremoduro fue en 2004, coincidiendo con el lanzamiento de dos volúmenes de "Grandes éxitos
En nuestra amada Argentina estn ocurriendo cosas de extrema gravedad?
2007-10-25 12:10:00
La inseguridad sin precedentes que se abate como una plaga sobre nuestro pas, con epicentro nada menos que en la provincia ms poblada como es Buenos Aires, ha alcanzado su apogeo en el tiempo que lleva el actual gobierno y su Ministro de Seguridad; ha causado estragos irreparables. Diez aos de sangre, dolor y miedo.El ...
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