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Turn Domains Into Dollars ? 10 Hot Tips
2012-02-10 11:32:00
Check out these recent ‘colossal’ domain name sale prices! Massive Profits are well and truly back in the news. (Truth be told, they’ve never really been out of it). With ‘big’ money at stake, it’s no wonder the Domain Name Barron’s prefer to keep an extremely low profile. Here are 10 Hot Tips to turn ...
2011-05-19 04:46:00
MyTurn: I have just completed my one-year anniversary of participating in 5K races. Before running my first 5K, I had never done anything remotely athletic. I’d never played on an organized sports team or done anything more vigorous than strike out while playing softball in PE class, or perhaps get picked last for a kickball ...
Indian Kids Turn The iPhone Into A Joystick – Impress The Judges At T
2009-09-23 06:14:00
Being pretty young myself Ive been a firm believer that technology innovation is going to be driven by the youth in India. I have this statement that I make to VC’s often. I say the Mark Zuckerberg of India is 14 years old right now. What I mean is that he is right now playing with Xbox and fooling around with the iPhone and by the time he is 18 or 19 years old he would be kicking ass when it comes to building products on these platforms. Dont believe me? Check the video below: The video above shows a two people startup which applied to Techcrunch 50 and also won the best presentation award. Himanshu Baweja who earlier worked with minekey as a software engineer is a Delhi based boy. His company details can be found on their website. As the video above shows iMO has used software both on the iPhone and on the PC side to convert the iPhone into a joystick for PC games. This is just the start as the opportunity for this kind of application of touch devices is endless and they c...
By: WATblog
Wade Hayes Finds A Place To Turn Around
2009-09-21 21:57:00
On the surface, it might look like country music success is in Wade Hayes’ rear view mirror. In all reality, however, he’s doing exactly what he had hoped for when he came to Nashville in the early 1990s. The son of a professional country music musician, Hayes grew up around music. By age 11, he was a phenomenally talented mandolin player and guitarist, and unlike most hopeful artists who go to Nashville dreaming of a major record deal and radio hits, Hayes dreamed of the life of a studio and road musician after seeing Ricky Skaggs perform live. Picking the strings has always been his first love. But his original Nashville goals were all set aside when he signed a deal with Columbia Records in late 1994. Over the next handful of years, few artists could match the success that Hayes was creating across the radio airwaves. Songs like 1994’s “Old Enough To Know Better,” “Don’t Stop,” “What I Meant To Say,” and “On A Good Night,” are just some of the 14 charted ...
Dueling rallies in Iran turn violent
2009-09-19 00:51:00
Dueling rallies in Iran turn violent TEHRAN, Iran – Hard-liners attacked senior pro-reform leaders in the streets as tens of thousands marched in competing mass demonstrations by the opposition and government supporters. Opposition protesters, chanting “death to the dictator,” hurled stones and bricks in clashes with security forces. The opposition held its first major street protests ...
When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird turn to GONZO - Another Walk-Off in th
2009-09-18 13:21:00
The Red Sox jubilantly celebrate their 4th walk-off of 2009 and 10th win in row @ Fenway. (AP Photo) Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls - mark your calenders, for come the first week in October your Boston Red Sox...
Turn Your Soaps To Foam
2009-09-15 04:54:00
If you have expensive soap or soap that you make that is liquid soap then why not make it last longer. You can go out and get the foaming soap dispensers and put any sort of liquid soap in them and you will get foaming soap. This will make it last so much ... This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more!
Turn Off Monitor Display to Save Energy with Monitor Off Utility
2009-09-09 15:03:00
Do you know that you can save a lot of energy by simply turning off your monitor when you’re away? For personal computer, you can put your monitor to sleep by simply press on the button on your monitor. For laptop user like me, how can you do the same? Monitor Off Utility is a freeware ...
91 Maxima turn signal and brake light problems
2009-09-03 03:58:00
I just bought a 91 maxima, but the turn signals and brake lights don't work properly. When I engage the turn signal the signal light stays on(Doesnt blink). Also the tail lights work but not the brake lights. I don't know much so anyone have an idea? Thanks
White Nationalists/Racists/Supremacist turn out at Connecticut immigrants?
2009-08-20 15:27:00
Go home and cut the grass?? Did you hear that one one guy say that? I don’t know what to call these people, Nationalists? Racists? White supremacist? Humm I think I would prefer to call them white supremacist. White supremacy is the belief that white people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds. The term ...
US Navy Tries To Turn Seawater Into Jet Fuel
2009-08-20 14:43:00
From Slashdot: The New Scientists reports that faced with global warming and potential oil shortages, the US Navy is experimenting with making jet fuel from seawater by processing seawater into unsaturated short-chain hydrocarbons that with further refining could be made into keros
Researchers Turn Cell Phones into Fluorescent Microscopes
2009-07-22 15:08:00
From - latest science and technology news stories: Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, are proving that a camera phone can capture far more than photos of people or pets at play. They have now developed a cell phone microscope, or CellScope, that not
The Innovator?s Dilemma in Real Estate Redux: Redfin Proves You Can Turn a
2009-07-19 20:07:00
In Redfin CEO’s Glenn Kelman’s inimitable “Aw Shucks” writing style, he announced recently that the discount online hybrid brokerage has turned its first monthly profit. While one month certainly a trend does not make, it is an important milestone in the company’s development. If Redfin can make money while a) charging a lot less than ...
Joe Jackson To Turn Michael?s Children Into ?The Jackson 3?
2009-07-13 14:53:00
Michael Jackson?s abusive father, Joe Jackson, is reportedly already master planning a tour to introduce ?The Jackson 3? (The Jackson Three), a new version of ?The Jackson 5?, starring Prince, Paris and Blanket. Jackson?s biographer Ian Halperin said yesterday: “Joe wants the children to go on a world tour in 2010. He has also already offered ...
Henderson homes better in down turn!
2009-06-27 00:10:00
I was recently sent a written interview by an international investor publication concerning investing in Henderson real estate.  I have included both the questions and answers in this series of articles on Henderson Home investment opportunities. Allison (Question): How has Henderson weathered the real estate downturn?   June 2006- Henderson Median price of a single family home Sold was ...
Steve Lynch: turn up the radio!
2009-06-26 23:37:00
Back to the 1980's, make my hair bouffant, put on the Lycra strides... hey Steel Panther! No this is Autograph with guitarist Steve Lynch. I have seen Steve Lynch at a clinic in Cardiff UK, inspirde by this song! Autograph's debut single from 1984, "Turn Up the Radio", from their debut album, "Sign In Please". The single had heavy rotation on MTV and peaked at #29 on the Billboard 100. It was... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Turn Up the Heat with the Oven Re-Constructed
2009-06-26 09:59:00
Are you disinclined to use your oven in the summer months due to the invevitable heat that pours forth, seemingly for hours after your meal has finished and the dishes are done? Ciprian Frunzeanu may have devised a clever solution to summertime oven woes with his tiny Oven Re-Constructured design.
Writer?s Block AGAIN ? YOUR Turn to O-PINE At The GTL?
2009-06-24 04:53:00
Open Thread Time Again — Where To Zero In? Too much to focus on today — therefore; this is YOUR column — YOU get to bring up the topic and YOU get to speak your minds. Obviously, you’re always welcome to speak your minds here on ANY of our columns but today, you get to... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
It is Your Turn to Make Money Helping Women to Lose Weight Naturally
2009-06-11 11:53:00
You may be wondering how you can make money helping women to lose weight naturally when you do not have a single knowledge of what is required to get started. Do not lose heart! Soon, you will discover how easy it is to start making easy money. Weight loss is currently a billion dollar business and this is the right time to catch in on this interesting business opportunity.You may also wonder why with all the advances in science we are still unable to manage our overweight and obese population that is growing at an alarming rate. The number of people looking to lose weight naturally is enormous. This is where you need to bring out your creativity and get in fast to catch in on the huge business opportunity presented by this teeming population.To get started, you need to spend some time to study and understand exactly what the experts are already doing. So, you must get their weight loss products, study and understand their effectiveness in order to use the same products to help wome...
Turn Your Breasts Into Art By Framing Them In The Cupless Bra
2009-06-08 12:00:00
Women's lingerie is normally about leaving something to the imagination; a sexy way to set the mood by allowing men to hope they'll get to see what's underneath. But a new growing trend in raunchy lingerie leaves nothing to the imagination whatsoever, but gives the breasts center stage. Read on to discover this hot new trend in sexy lingerie.
When You?re Starting a Business, Don?t Let the Harpy on Your Shoulder Turn
2009-06-06 18:56:00
It’s so predictable it’s amusing. You start setting goals (from the inside out, of course) and you put a couple of lifelong wishes in action (your novel, your business) and what happens? You fire up the wrath of your inner critic, right? The limiting beliefs. The harpies. You finally manage to put in motion the the fabulous business idea you’ve been snarking about for months, and those pesky harpies jump up on your shoulder and tell you whatta snerdling you are. The voices, the reasons, the excuses. Same same. The size of ...Post from: Smart Wealthy Rich Thank you for subscribing! When You’re Starting a Business, Don’t Let the Harpy on Your Shoulder Turn Into a Chip on Your Shoulder - Startup Asks Creators to Share Content and in Turn Shares Rev
2009-06-05 15:25:00
RedGage is a content archive where you can upload all of your photographs, bookmarked links, blogs, documents, videos, etc. and make money from your material. RedGage allows users to upload all of their content in one convenient place. With an element of social networking, RedGage allows users to showcase their material and generate more traffic. This is how describes their website and what it offers. In an unnofficial tongue it means the photos you upload to Flickr, the posts you write on your blog, the videos you add to YouTube and the likes be shared on this site which in return will share its revenue with you. The revenue is as one can guess generated from advertising from various ad networks which then revolve around the content. There are no expectations on quantity or timing of putting up content with regards to the creators thereforee and the copyrights always remain ours. The easiest point against Redgage obviously would come from us bloggers who would wonder t...
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Turn Your Pictures Into Works of Art at PsykoPaint
2009-06-05 03:21:00
PsykoPaint just released their beta edition of online software that allows you to upload a picture and modify it to make it look like an actual painting. It's very simple to use and the results are great looking. It's a really cool way to give your images and distinct and different look that you're in control of all the way. It's time to get your artist pants back and make some masterpieces.
Writer?s Block ? YOUR Turn to O-PINE At The GTL?
2009-06-03 05:05:00
I Can’t Focus, Therefore, I Call Upon Our Friends, Readers And Co-Blogging Commentators To Bail Me Out That’s right, friends — I’ve had writer’s block for two straight days now. Too damned many serious items going on to just pick one and o-PINE on it, so I thought... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Sex(ist) Columns Turn a Woman?s Intelligence into Blathering Pieces on the
2009-06-02 22:13:00
DailyMail has published two separate articles in the past two days on one topic–Intelligent women are better in the bedroom. Both articles were written by different people, mentioning the same study conducted by Professor Tim Spector at King’s College in London, which leads me to think that they couldn’t merge the two stories that ...
How to Turn a Short Report Into $1000 in 24 Hours Online
2009-06-01 13:02:00
Ok let's get right to it. Short reports are huge sellers online. If you are looking for a way to make money online fast, then short reports is the way to go. Find a hard-hitting problem that needs to be solved. You should try to come up with a solution to a problem that causes people some sort of pain or discomfort.For instance, someone who was just dumped by the love of their life will be searching for ways to get them back. Create a short report giving them tips and advice on how they can go about reconnecting with their ex. Price at around $7. You will be surprised how quickly you will start to see sales.Don't make your report too lengthy. 10 or 15 pages is more than enough. Once you have your report completed, you need to start driving traffic to it immediately. Write articles, submit press releases and create videos. Be aggressive. Do whatever you can to get people visiting your site.Remember, your goal is $1000 in 24 hours. In order do that you will need to get as many eyeba...
Turn your superhacking abilities to good!
2009-05-18 14:02:00
Did you know that companies like Facebook and other Internet companies hire "White Hat" hackers -- people that are employed to hack computers legally?It's true --IT Security is a huge issue with those companies. They don't want their programs exploited by unscrupulous people who might alter pages or obtain private information or do something to interrupt the flow of millions of bits of information -- and billions of dollars of revenue.So the big internet companies employ computer guys and gals to hack their own programs, to spend their days trying to find and exploit vulnerabilities in their programs and then fix them.Kind of like "Wargames," only instead of causing Global Thermonuclear War, you get to cause your bank account to fill up with money. (Which I think was the plot of Superman III, wasn't it?)EC-Council can teach you how to do what's called Ethical Hacking, and it's one of the fastest-growing occupations out there. As more and more online sites become bigger and b...
How to represent off nominal transformr turn ratio?
2009-05-15 07:45:00
a 3 phase transformer has an off nominal transformer turn ratio of 1.1 : 1.0 (per unit primary rated voltage over per unit secondary rated voltage) and a series impedance Z=j0.2, how to represent the transformer? (impedance represent after theturn ratio or before the turn ratio)
When You Hit the Atlantic Ocean, Turn Right
2009-05-14 15:16:00
This could very well be the dumbest blog post I've read all year, and that's no small feat. The fact that it was written by someone with an education makes it even dumber. If you don?t want to die in a fiery crash, drive. Because car crashes are less ...
From Such Turn Away
2009-05-12 06:00:00
"This know also..." Paul's words to Timothy (and to the Church), describing the perilous times to come, were not just a warning to turn away from these characteristics, but to turn away from those who portray or embody them as well. To any child of God it is obvious that these characteristics absolutely define the times we live in now. There is no place in history where these things have been so utterly fulfilled as to the point where they seem to be overflowing and ready to explode, as today. If fallen, sinful man is a vessel for these things, I cannot imagine how he could hold any more of it. Even the world's heroes, icons, leaders and entertainers manage to glorify and justify these things to those who follow them. Simply turn on your tv, or walk through a bookstore, or go to a university campus, or even sit down to dine at a local restaurant. These characteristics are pervasive, invasive, and almost overpowering. "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall ...
Cher can turn back time!!!
2009-05-11 15:54:00
Daily Mail Cher performed her 1989 hit If I Could Turn Back Time in almost the same little outfit the 62 year old wore 20 years ago; and by the looks of it she did!!! She looking fabulous!!! Way to go Cher!!! addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'Cher+can+turn+back+time%21%21%-21'; ...
Scientists Learn Why The Flu May Turn Deadly: Influenza Virus 'Paralyz
2009-05-05 16:04:00
From ScienceDaily: Latest Science News: As the swine flu continues its global spread, researchers have discovered important clues about why influenza is more severe in some people than it is in others. In a new study, the scientists show that the influenza virus can actually paraly
Spavino Bath Salts Turn Water Into Wine
2009-04-28 18:17:00
Women have bathed in milk, mud, pretty much anything in an effort to look pretty so why not wine? Simply add Spavino Cabernet (red) or Chardonnay (white) to a warm bath and you'll be looking grape in no time!
Turn-Ons Make Armchair A Gamer's High Flyer: Morfojet
2009-04-23 17:49:00
Aerodynamically designed like a pilot seat, Gianni Pedone's playful Morfojet Armchair is all id, as it puts the occupant in control of two large jet engine arms, designed as turbines, more than a little bit sexually suggestive.
Singapore Discovers How To Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Methanol!
2009-04-21 00:56:00
The third smallest sovereign nation in the world has just made an enormous contribution to relieving the world's debt to the environment. Singapore researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) have discovered how to turn carbon dioxide into methanol.... Double take: They have found a way to make greenhouse gas green. Triple take: They took the biggest contributor to the world's carbon footprint and converted it into a source of clean energy for the world. Astounding.
If I could change the world, I would turn the sea blue again
2009-04-01 04:37:00
I was listening to a song by Philippos Pliatsikas, going like this: "If I could change the world, I would turn the sea blue again. If I could change something in the world, I would turn the sea blue again." read more
Releasing Premium Magazine Style Blogger Template "TURN OUT MAG"
2009-03-28 14:47:00
FREE Premium Magazine Style Blogger Template " TURN OUT MAG "Over the last few days, so many readers commented on this site asking me to convert a Magazine style wordpress theme to Blogger version... So, for all you guys.. Releasing Premium Magazine style Blogger Template "TURN OUT MAG". This was originally a wordpress theme designed by ChiQ Montes and I converted it to Blogger version.LIVE DEMO | DOWNLOADThe template comes with so many built in features including: Thumbnails on homepage (automatic) Two main columns on the Homepage (Mag style) Banner ad / Adsense ready 468 x 60 px Banner ad on the header Three Columns Search Box SEO Optimized "Read More.." (automatic summarize) Featured Video...and many more...Step by Step Installation Guide:(First backup your current template file before installing any new template)Step 0: First, follow the Basic Template Installation steps here.Step 1: Go to Settings Formatting and select the Date Header format like the one shown below ...
Why Andrew Sullivan Made a Hard Left Turn
2009-03-21 23:40:00
For the better part* of Andrew Sullivan’s career, he was something of an iconoclast. While he identified himself as a conservative (he still does), he was really more of a conservative by default. He got his start in American journalism, writing for The New Republic, the flagship magazine of serious liberal thought, but he was ...
Turn a Sound Waveform Into a Bracelet
2009-03-17 19:54:00
From Gizmodo: While it's packaged as a way to talk your kids out of getting high via a WWJD-type bracelet (LAME!), the Sound Advice Project nevertheless makes a cool bracelet of any sound's waveform for $18. Not that I'm trashing the whole "talk to you kids, keep them off drugs"
If I Touch You, Can You Turn Me Into Gold
2009-03-17 10:10:00
An old woman with iron meant for cooking bread in her hand awaited Khane Khanan when he came out of the mosque after offering prayer. She started rubbing the soot laden iron pan with Khane Khanan staining his attire.The fellow parishioners could not tolerate that and got hold of the old lady and her hob. But Khane Khanan did was not fell offended at all. He stopped all of them and ordered his attendants to weigh the iron pan in gold and give it to the old lady instead.?Why are you doing this,? asked every one in chorus. Let what I have ordered get accomplished and I will let you know why, replied the Minister.The old lady was given gold as desired by Khane Khanan and she took her way; praying, happy. Now Abdur Rahim Khane Khanan explained to every inquisitive, ?The old lady thought I am that lustrous stone which has a quality to convert any thing that is touched with it into gold. That is why she touched her hotplate with me I am no lustrous stone but why disappoint her.
Luke Guldan, Please Turn Around
2009-03-08 11:39:00
What a beautiful back! And fitness model Luke Guldan is even hotter when he turns around and shows us every inch of his well-trained body. Fortunately new, fantastic shots of Lisa Mandel Photography for have been published. Enjoy Luke Guldan in all his glory:
By: 101 Boys
U-Turn Digital Camera: A Super-Duper Special Effects Cam for Kids with a Tw
2009-03-05 15:40:00
If you've been looking for an inexpensive digital camera for your children, look no further. This compact cam is so much more than your average, ho-hum digital camera - it includes some pretty cool special effects. A word of advice for the kids - it wouldn't surprise me if your parents will want to trade their expensive digital cameras for this one!
U-Turn Digital Camera: A Super-Duper Special Effects Cam for Kids with a Tw
2009-03-05 15:40:00
If you've been looking for an inexpensive digital camera for your children, look no further. This compact cam is so much more than your average, ho-hum digital camera - it includes some pretty cool special effects. A word of advice for the kids - it wouldn't surprise me if your parents will want to trade their expensive digital cameras for this one!
Plush Tetrapods Turn Your Couch into a Coastline
2009-03-04 05:06:00
You may not have seen these odd "tetrapods" before but most anyone in Japan has - half the island nation's coast is lined with them. Now these angular wave-blockers have been reproduced in soft, comfy polyester plush.
Got AMEX Credit Cards You No Longer Need? Turn Them into $300 Cash
2009-02-24 18:04:00
Credit card issuers are getting more and more proactive in dealing with credit card holders these days. They want to protect themselves against default by increasing APRs on credit cards for some card members, then closing inactive cards without any warning. Now they will just give you cash to close your accounts, whether they are ...Original Post on The Sun's Financial Diary Got AMEX Credit Cards You No Longer Need? Turn Them into $300 Cash
Single-Turn Potentiometers vs. Multi-Turn Potentiometers
2009-02-13 00:31:00
What is exactly the difference between single and multi turn potentiometers? What is the difference between a 3 turn and say a 10 turn pot, application wise? thanks!
Memo to Mobsters: Don't "Adopt" Anyone - He May Turn Out to be a Rat
2009-02-02 16:05:00
Memo to mobsters: Don't "adopt" anyone - he may turn out to be a rat. John A. (Junior) Gotti learned that the hard way with "adopted" son Lewis Kasman, who taped Gotti family meetings for the feds. Reputed killer Charles Carneglia is about to get a taste of the same medicine with "adopted" kid brother Kevin McMahon. Both mob turncoats are to testify in Carneglia's ongoing murder trial in
Turn the Page
2009-01-21 04:31:00
As the mantle of leadership passes from one President to the next I think its appropriate to take a look back the accomplishments of the outgoing President. It is highly a overlooked fact that George W Bush did more to fight poverty and disease in Africa than any president before him. He should be commended for that.Additionally he set aside more territorial waters as federal preserves than his predecessors. In fact all totaled he created the biggest marine sanctuary in the world. That's no small feat. Additionally he made a concerted effort to reform the public education system in America and while it was not a smashing success he at least made the attempt and I don't think anybody else's grand plan would have done much better. He gets points for an earnest effort.Not to mention the fact that after 9/11 nothing else blew up. You have to give him credit for that.I must admit that I was not a fan of W's in the beginning. But once 9/11 happened I gave him a second chance. After...
Would These Gears Turn?
2009-01-20 15:36:00
If the image on this coin were made real, would it be able to turn?
Homeowners In Monroe County Turn To Federal Courts for Foreclosure Cases
2009-01-20 13:10:00
The home foreclosure cases of Monroe County processed in federal court have decreased in number.The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department handles the record number of foreclosures filed in county court. In October 2008, only three Monroe County foreclosure cases resulted in mortgage holders repossessing the homes through a federal court sale. After that no federal foreclosure filings ...
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