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Crying Uncle
2009-08-03 00:14:00
I recently spotted an IF game on the Artsy Games Incubator website called My Uncle George, written by Filipe Salgado (download page here; web version here). It’s a one-room piece written using Inform 7, which casts the player as 17-year-old Matt, trying to kill some time before school, having a “criminally awkward” breakfast chat with ...
Sgt. Lashley's Letter To Prof. Gates: I Am Not An Uncle Tom
2009-07-31 05:32:00
From PoliticsNewsPolitics on YouTube: Sgt. Leon Lashley, the African-American cop on scene when James Crowley arrested Professor Henry Louis Gates, writes a letter saying that he is not an "Uncle Tom" and regrets being known as a "black sergeant." He asks Prof. Gates what he can do to make things better, and let him know if he did anything wrong.CNN's Don Lemon reads the letter to viewers
Uncle Murda - OK, You?re Right (Remix)
2009-06-06 17:23:00
Uncle Murda - OK, You’re Right (Remix) Previously: Uncle Murda - Where We At Previously: 50 Cent - OK, You?re Right (CDQ)
William Lehnerd ~ "Uncle Bill" ~ Teacher ~ BHS '48
2009-06-03 18:33:00
+ May 27, 2009We have lost a beloved dramatics teacher and friend.
Uncle Fans expressed their 'Unending Love' on the newspaper to celebrate Su
2009-05-15 19:49:00
Messages on picture:"Sunny's father who is currently at Kuwait, thank you for bringing the brighter than sun, Sunny to this world""Today's weather for SNSD is Sunny!~ Today's weather for all the SONEs is Sunny!~ Today is Sunny Day!~""Happy Birthday to our full of aegyo, cute, wonderful and amazing singer Sunny~! Happy Birthday!""Sunny who has the smile like the warm sunshine of May, we are happy because of your presence""May 15th, a day where the sunshines brightly, Happy birthday to the aegyo queen Sunny.""We love you Sunny!""SNSD's source of energy, Sunny. Happy Birthday!!"The uncle fans expressed their unending love for Sunny to celebrate Sunny's birthday.The 2030 Group (20~30 year old fan group) of a SNSD fan cafe 'Hwasooeunhwa' posted an advertisement on a newspaper in order to celebrate Sunny's birthday on May 15th. This advertisement garnered much attention with a hand-drawn picture of a smiling Sunny by an uncle fan.They included the picture as well as a thank-you le...
Uncle Tom Obama Bows Down to the Massa
2009-04-03 13:33:00
UPDATING 4-6-2009Is it fair to call Obama an Uncle Tom just because he bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, a country where slavery was not outlawed --on paper-- until 1962 and continued there in practice? Obama seems to have gone farther in obeisance to the Saudis than previous American high officials. But actually he is only going in the same direction as they did --but farther. After all, John Foster Dulles, a State Department veteran and secretary of state for Pres. Eisenhower, bestowed an expensive pistol on King Saud of Saudi Arabia who visited the United States in 1957. Presidents George Bush I & II were both very considerate of and compliant with Saudi desires and demands. But I don't know that either of them ever bowed down to a Saudi royal. In that way, Obama may be the first. Certainly that is Change that we can believe in.Here is a still photo of Obama bowing down, taken from the back [hat tip-Flopping Aces]. If you want to be sure that Obama is the one bowing down, i...
Caylee Anthony?s Uncle Lee Questioned Today in Defamation Suit
2009-02-27 15:59:00
Caylee Anthony is a world wide name now since she disappeared in mid June and was later found in December thrown in the woods with her remains inside a laundry bag and then stuffed inside an everyday garbage bag. Not only was this precious gift from God thrown out as if she was yesterday?s garbage ...
Uncle-Nephew Bonding
2009-02-16 07:24:00
After his bath today, the YoungestPatriotNephewWest expressed himself on his onesie; it reads “I picked the best uncle,” probably because he knew that uncle has promised to take him to Disneyland when he’s four. Like his cousin Mitchell, he too has his own blog where he likes to post pictures his uncle took of him and ...
Cut The Hassle With Uncle Norman's 4-In-1 Pet Sponge
2009-02-07 01:54:00
It's a hassle to bathe your pet at home, even if he's only teacup size. Not all dogs, and no cats that I know of, enjoy being bathed. Most of them don't just sit still while you wet, shampoo, rinse, rinse again, condition, rinse, etcetera. They squirm and cry and shudder, and make you believe yourself that you are wickedly mistreating them.
Caylee Anthony: Is Uncle Lee Involved in This Mystery?
2009-01-26 17:33:00
Caylee Anthony disappeared in mid June but wasn?t reported missing for 31 days. Her mother Casey Anthony claims she was kidnapped by the nanny but authorities say no such nanny exists. Casey has been arrested and held in jail on first degree murder charges. Now whileCasey sits in jail, having her meals cooked for her, her ...
Uncle Jesse’s Girl
2009-01-18 20:40:00
Dave Coulier posted this video called Uncle Jesse’s Girl that was sent to him by Uncle Jesse himself John Stamos! Make sure to watch it all the way through because after the solo they pointed out something I always wondered!!!! addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'Uncle+Jesse%27s+Girl'; addthis_pub ...
Requiescat in pace, Uncle Sam
2009-01-04 19:25:00
-By Michael M. Bates 2008 will be known as the year the United States set aside any pretense of free enterprise. A nation that had flourished with the concept of limited government economic intervention turned to the seductive allure of massive federal intrusion. Washington will now more than ever redistribute wealth in the name ...
Caylee Anthony?s Uncle Lee, Nice Or Naughty?
2008-12-29 03:50:00
Santa will have to wait another year to make that determination. For the rest of us, we can only rely on news reports. Lee Anthony was vocal at the beginning of the Caylee Anthony search, claiming his sister was not the murderer, and he would stand by her through this terrible ordeal. Time may not solve ...
Caylee Anthony?s Uncle Lee Could Face Charges
2008-12-27 07:48:00
Will the truth ever come out? Will justice prevail in the case of who killed Caylee Anthony and who helped cover the truth? Well according to Lee Anthony?s attorney, Thomas Luka the State Attorney?s Office could possibly charge Lee with obstruction of justice or aid and abetting, even if it was not Lee?s intention to ...
Uncle Forry Leaves Us
2008-12-06 13:39:00
-By Warner Todd Huston Forrest J Ackerman, the man known for coining the phrase “Sci-Fi” has passed at the age of 92, dying of heart failure on December 5. Like most sci-fi and horror movie fans of my age (45 years and over), I was first exposed to Uncle Forry through his amazing magazine Famous Monsters of ...
Uncle Money Bags
2008-11-24 16:46:00
Citigroup is the latest bank to ask for and receive a federal bailout.
Frank Gambale: uncle festa lighting it up!
2008-09-18 23:30:00
News: 18-09-2008: This is FG playing yet other version of the Chick Corea song Got a Match? and the solo. Frank Gambale playing Got a Match? version 4. This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Teri Hatcher?s Child Molesting Uncle Dies in Prison
2008-08-22 21:01:00
Teri Hatcher’s uncle, who molested Teri and later two young girls, died at the age of 70 while serving his sentence in prison. Richard Hayes Stone was on his sixth year of a 14-year sentence at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison in Blythe, California. He died Tuesday due to colon cancer. One of the girls whom he molested ...
Katrina don?t need no Uncle Akki!
2008-08-03 22:18:00
Katrina don?t need no Uncle Akki! Your show Khatron Ke Khiladi is on air now. Since you?re shooting in the US now for Kambakth Ishq, what is the feedback you?ve been getting on the show? read more
Uncle Frank and Aunt Chippy shouldn’t babysit
2008-07-25 03:01:00
Oy! How scary is it to think that parents actually trusted their kids to be alone with Uncle Frank and Aunt Chippy. You thought it was bad when parents left their kids with the teens on The Baby Borrowers, even they were better than Uncle Frank gave them whole onions to eat. Simon Says jump! ...
Free Pouch of Uncle Bens Ready Rice
2008-06-10 19:17:00
Link -go through the pages of coupons til you get to the uncle bens ready rice. Click select this coupon, then the print now buttonand you’ll getthe form.
Mom ... check out uncle Phil
2008-06-08 17:36:00
Tags: lesbian kissing, baseball, kiss cam, jumbotron
“Uncle Barack’s Cabin.”
2008-06-06 00:29:00
German Newspaper Slammed for Racist Cover The German newspaper Die Tageszeitung has a reputation for leftist social sensitivity. All the more bizarre then was its choice of a cover to mark Obama’s victory in the race for the Democratic Party nomination: a photo of the White House under the headline “Uncle Barack’s Cabin.”The Berlin-based daily Die ...
Man slays uncle as father watches
2008-06-04 10:09:00
Man slays uncle as father watchesPreetu Nair | TNNPorvorim: A property dispute between two brothers turned bloody resulting in the death of one. Porvorim police said that Manohar Sastikar (67) along with his son Shailesh, assaulted Manohar’s younger sibling Vasant Sastikar (65), causing him grievous injuries. Vasant was declared dead on arrival at the Goa Medical College and Hospital. Vasant’s son, Sagun, in his complaint said that at about 7.40 p.m on Sunday the two accused assaulted him and his brother with a chopper, causing body injuries. “Both brothers were taken to the GMC hospital for treatment. In the meanwhile an argument started between Manohar and Vasant at home and Shailesh hit Vasant thrice on the head with a brass lamp, even as Manohar watched,” said investigating officer PI Devendra Gad. PI Gad said that after the blow, Vasant collapsed and his daughter-in-law immediately rushed him to the Goa Medical College and Hospital, where doctors declared him brou...
Uncle Tom's Appetizer Meatball Sauce
2008-06-03 10:17:00
I am in yet another recipe swap so expect to see a few more zaar members recipes posted again this month. I really have a lot of fun in these and it also gives me a chance to get some of my recipes reviewed. I made this the other night and it was a great meatball sauce, you can either buy store bought meatballs, make your own recipe or I have listed a recipe below for meatballs. I you would like to read more reviews or see more photos of this recipe please click here.If you have been keeping up with the progress of my beautiful handcrafted camphor laurel chopping, cheese boards and Mezzaluna Boards. My official site is finally finished and live so to see my full collection please click here.Ingredients2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce2 Tablespoons white vinegar1 Cup ketchup1/2 Teaspoon onion salt1/4 Teaspoon garlic powder1 Tablespoon white sugarMethod1. In a medium sauce pan mix ingredients and simmer til blended, add your prepared meatballs and simmer about fifteen minutes.Looks e...
Barack Obama’s Uncle In The Attic
2008-05-28 17:46:00
Barack Obama reminisces about his uncle that helped to liberate prisoners in Auschwitz. The only problem is the Red Army liberated Auschwitz not the Americans. One thing is obvious, Obama has a history of multiple gaffes that are disconcerting. These gaffes seem to be rapid fire with no end. This man is a ...
Soviet Troops Freed Auschwitz. Can You Spot Obama's Uncle ?
2008-05-27 23:37:00
click photo to enlarge edward cropper(guest Blogger) Click the Headline Link to Visit Copious Dissent and Read the Full Story.
Should Reverse Mortgage Insurance Premiums Be A Cash Cow For Uncle Sam?
2008-05-27 06:12:00
Back in January we reported that of roughly 375,000 FHA reverse mortgages which had been issued since HUD began the program, only 1,609 claims had been made against the reverse mortgage insurance plan. That sure doesn’t sound like a lot of claims, but part of the reason for the low number is that most home equity ... read more
Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior) at Sopranos Conference at Fordham Universit
2008-05-27 04:53:00
Paul Levinson, Dominic Chianese, and David Lavery at the high point of The Sopranos: A Wake, a scholarly consideration of The Sopranos, at Fordham University, May 22-24, with more than fifty scholarly papers. (Photo by Kim Akass)Complete conference program, with links to reviews and articles about the conference in the media...listen to Light On Light Through podcast also iTunes Paul Levinson's books
Beer as Fuel, and not just for your drunk Uncle Lou's awkward advances
2008-05-26 14:00:00
In a previous blog, we drove home the true threat posed by global warming. Several polar bears may have been set off on that great ice-floe journey from which there is no return since that posting; however, the danger that we were pointing out looms large much closer to home ? as close as your basement fridge ? the possibility of a global beer crisis due to a lack of barley. The warming of the planet, combined with a supply-side crisis, has also resulted in a short supply of hops in the US. Microbreweries, faced with less available hops, a key ingredient in their product, have taken to jacking up their prices, and, unless there is a change in the situation, we may be forced to either pay through the nose or agree with those who taunt us for drinking microbrews and settle for whatever is cheap and available because, after all, beer is beer. This is the kind of news that is best met drunk. A recent TV news report suggested that beer is recession proof, and we would tend to agree. A fe...
Uncle Milton Light-Up Solar System Motorized Mobile
2008-05-26 00:40:00
    The Uncle Milton Light-Up Solar System Motorized Mobile is the perfect compliment to the Moon in My Room I reviewed back in April and is currently up for grabs. This great mobile is not only a great learning tool for children but it’s perfect for any space obsessed child or simply as a wonderful addition ...
Uncle Aamir launches his nephew
2008-05-25 21:01:00
Bollywood?s perfectionist, Aamir Khan is all geared up to produce his new film ?Jaane tu Ya jaane na?. It?ll be a debut flick of his nephew Imran Khan who?ll be seen with Genelia D?Souza. The film is scheduled for a release in July and the actor turned producer who is famous for not making public appearances is all numb about the movie. But the new debutants are trying to make their debut as charismatic as possible and trying every possible way to promote the film.Aamir, who doesn?t feel like publicizing any details about the movie, has given strict instructions to both Genelia and Imraan and director Abbas Tyrewala as well to conceal the information from public. So it?s getting difficult for the entrants to face the media, they?re having a tough time doing so. Let?s see how they establish themselves in the Tinsel town. Pls check out the video here:
By: Desi Web
Going to my Uncle?s
2008-05-21 23:56:00
Oh I did remember another strange dream! I was visiting my Uncle in California.. and he had a TV room downstairs. It had a regular tube TV, pre-digital, and he had a nice new 52″ plasma HDTV also. Well, I wanted to watch the HTDV of course, and when I was, he came along behind ...
Tim O'Rourke: Uncle Idiot
2008-05-21 15:30:00
Share on StumbleUpon: Babies are like drunk people.Watch the Video:
Boondocks–Uncle Ruckus Reality Show (pt1-3)
2008-05-20 23:32:00
FYI, Minimal posting for the next couple of weeks. Taking some time off, will be in DC next week to hook up with old Air Force buddies. Any PPP readers in the DC area give me a shout! If Y’all find any good blog posts, have any comments, pictures, good/funny You Tube clips to share I’ll get ...
Wow What a Miracle - Final Uncle Charlie Update
2008-05-20 22:51:00
Over the first several months of 2008 and last several months of 2007 I had posted several times about a guy who has ministered to thousands of kids over the years through music. His name is Uncle Charlie and he has been recording and performing great christian praise & worship songs for kids and children’s ministries all over America for years. Towards the end of 2007 Uncle Charlie was involved in what should have been a sudden death experience for him in a nearly fatal head on automobile collision. God had other plans and so Uncle Charlie has been a walking, talking miracle ever since. He came out with a video a while back that gives a final update on how he was and is doing in his whole recovery process. I hope while you watch this video that you will truly thank God that He still very much in the miracle business to this very day.   WPvideo 1.10 Download!
FW's agony uncle Farmer Frank becomes internet star
2008-05-19 19:00:00
Farmers Weekly's agony uncle Farmer Frank has had a Facebook Appreciation Society set up about him.
Uncle Imani - ?BMS (Bang My Shit) ft. J Dilla?
2008-05-17 20:19:00
Another unadulterated & exclusive banger off of of Uncle Imani’s upcoming solo project “Blaquestarrdust” (spelling and release date tentative). BMS features a sample from the late great J Dilla off of Slum Village’s “Raise It Up“, which J Dilla managed to produce utilizing a simple casio keyboard. And for some more Hip-Hop trivia for that ...
Uncle Frank and Aunt Chippy buy the farm
2008-05-17 00:00:00
OK, maybe they didn’t buy the farm, but they did go to one. And in this clip on Jimmy Kimmel Live! I saw something, I never thought I would see and the thought of it still horrifies me. I mean I can watch any horror movie, but watching Uncle Frank taking his hand out the ...
Uncle Imani - ?Bass Heavy? (NWS Exclusive: ?Uncle Imani - Boomba Ye??)
2008-05-14 20:36:00
New music from Uncle Imani, formally known as Imani from the legendary West Coast group The Pharcyde, which will be reuniting for Rock the Bells this year, all Hip-Hop heads should be anticipating that. But “Bass Heavy” (title may be subject to change) is our initial look at the brotha’s first solo album “BLQSTRDST” (BlackStarDust) ...
So, Jerry Wright was a crazy Uncle?
2008-05-13 11:40:00
Hume last night: The Reverend Jeremiah Wright may have stepped down as pastor, but the Trinity United Church of Christ may continue to haunt Barack Obama. Newsmax reports the new Senior Pastor, Otis Moss, has called biblical patriarch Abraham a pimp, said Noah and Moses were thugs and said Jesus had a “soft spot for thugs.” Moss has also praised late rapper Tupac Shakur as a prophet despite his profanity-laced lyrics that glorify violence and a criminal record including assault and sexual abuse. Cybercast News reports another pastor as the church, reverend Reginald Williams, has written in the church bulletin that the Pentagon trains Latin Americans to become terrorists and the major TV networks are run by right wing racists who see blacks as subhuman. The Obama campaign has not yet responded to our request for a comment. Well, look. I’ve been saying since this topic first came up that Wright is not at all unique, and that one does not sign onto such a church witho...
By: BitsBlog
If My Uncle Were a Rich Man
2008-05-13 07:29:00
Urban legends about running into an unexpected inheritance from a previously unknown relative or institution are all over the internet. You might have heard one of them or may have even received scam letters or emails telling you that you have inherited such an amount from such a person. What a wonderful event this ...
Ugly as a Monkfish?s Uncle
2008-05-12 22:14:00
If monkfish can teach you one thing, it’s “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” There are hardly any foods in the world that are this ugly: But monkfish isn’t simply ugly, it’s also hands-down the best fish to use in a stew, assuming you can get over the look long enough to cook it. ...
How Uncle Barney Met Your Aunt Britney Spears
2008-05-09 01:06:00
I still can’t believe I am saying this, but I am actually looking forward to Britney Spears second guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother on Monday at 8:30p. Depending how the plot goes, I might not mind her being a series regular. Maybe that will guarantee that How I Met Your Mother will ...
How Uncle Barney Met Your Aunt Britney Spears
2008-05-08 00:00:00
I still can’t believe I am saying this, but I am actually looking forward to Britney Spears second guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother on Monday at 8:30p. Depending how the plot goes, I might not mind her being a series regular. Maybe that will guarantee that How I Met Your Mother will ...
2008-05-07 09:08:00
By: Blimp TV
Uncle Semite
2008-05-05 10:46:00
Subtitle, "Not Your Father's Anti-Semitism".Ok, this site is pretty funny. I don't think it's really anti-Semitic at all, but I'm not sure. The whole thing is pretty much tongue in cheek, and after a while I thought it was another one of those fake anti-Semitic sites those hilarious Jewish comedians are always putting up.According to recent studies by the Anti-Defamation League, anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe, Russia, and the United States. In Arab media, diatribes against Jews are increasingly overt and commonplace, "the elevator music for the Arab world." Much of this anti-Semitic expression is characterised by shrill rhetoric and old prejudices, leaving little room for fresh dialogue on the subject.Uncle Semite seeks to elevate the conversation, moving the rhetorical, knee-jerk anti-Semitism of the past towards a progressive, "green" anti-Semitism, relevant in our time.We hope you enjoy your stay with us at* If this site displays improperly, pleas...
Uncle Sam Wants Your Newborn's DNA
2008-05-03 22:52:00
"President Bush last week signed into law a bill which will see the federal government begin to screen the DNA of all newborn babies in the U.S. within six months, a move critics have described as the first step towards the establishment of a national DNA database." ... "One health care expert and prominent critic of DNA screening is Twila Brase, president of the Citizens' Council on Health Care who has written a detailed analysis of the new law in which she warns that it represents the first program of populationwide genetic testing." ... read more
Uncle Of Missing Child Says Cult Pursued Him
2008-05-03 14:05:00
Ramkissoon had inside access to the group who tried to recruit him. He says they target young people with children.
Uncle Fred's Love Turns 50 this May Day
2008-05-01 12:13:00
May Day is here with all the fresh notes and lively tunes in the air. The Henry Reeves Park, where I usually have stroll with Rex, seemed to have adorned with fresh new colors. We met Uncle Fred and Elsa today again. Rex was so happy playing with Elsa... running and chasing each other, rolling around the lush green grass bed. What better way they could greet the summer?Uncle Fred seemed a bit low today, mentally -- not physically. Whenever I feel the bitterness of this big world getting into me, this 60 years old man would always comes up with some simple, yet inspiring words and would put me back on track. This is the first time I felt that he required some help. I couldn't help asking him if there's something wrong. He stared me for a couple of seconds and said, "Mike, I'm holding on to something that used to be there, hoping it will come back, knowing it won't.... never." I did not get what he exactly wanted to mean. He said, "can you help me reaching out to my old friends a...
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