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Underwater body effect
2019-06-30 00:00:00
Create the underwater body effect just by 3 steps
Loans For Underwater Homeowners : HARP 2.0 Now Available
2012-03-20 13:45:00
The new, revamped HARP program is now available. It was officially released Saturday, March 17, 2012 by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Clear Underwater Audio Through Bone Vibration Conduction?
2009-09-22 13:00:00
Yes, this technology is out there. And it's been there for several years. Finis sells an MP3 player that works underwater and without the use of ear buds that can fall out during exercise. Dubbed the SwiMP3, the music-playing device works in an unconventional way. It uses conduction to transmi
Underwater Welding
2009-09-22 06:47:00
I am 31yrs old I am in prison, but I am looking for a good paying job. I would like to have some information on underwater welding but I don't know where to look. How can I find a school? Or more information? I will be living in Torrance, California Are the schools expensive ? Will
"Underwater Baited Hook" Is World Wildlife Federation's Smart Gear Winner
2009-09-20 03:08:00
At the moment an albatross swoops down to the sea for a bit of fish bait, it can go from being one of the most graceful soaring and swooping birds to being "bycatch," the term for an unintended victim of a fishery net that few birds escape.  The winner of this year's World Wildlife Federation's (WWF) Smart Gear competition has tackled the problem of bird bycatch with its invention, for now called quite simply the "underwater baited hook."
FINIS SwiMP3 Underwater MP3 Player Rattles Your Skull
2009-09-18 23:00:00
Using bone condution, the latest FINIS SwiMP3 is a waterproof MP3 player that offers superior sound.
Today was a great dolphin day underwater....
2009-08-26 09:48:00
We went to Garden Eel Cove for the morning dive today and there were dolphins in the bay. During the dive the dolphins were all over the place and visited our divers numerous times. Cathy had her camera in hand, I had to snap a shot of the back of her camera with my cell phone... tons of dolphins in this shot. They were all around our divers... I'm counting 22 in just the photo. By the sounds of it, it was one of our better dolphin shows on any charter I've worked in the 10 years I've been doing this. I'll try to get the actual image from Cathy at some point and post's a VERY clear image.On the way to our second dive site we were treated to an extra special happening - pilot whales around the boat. They were only about a half mile offshore, usually they're much further out. Sorry no pics. Great mammal day all around. Aloha, Steve
Random blabber time: Underwater cameras, vacations and other stuff...
2009-08-20 22:15:00
Canon has announced the release of the new Canon G11. I've been using a G9 for a couple of years now and love it, but the housing's getting a bit beat up and occasionally the buttons stick and lock up the camera at depth... so the obvious cheap solution is to shop for a new/used housing... but man, I'm really wanting to get into an Olympus or Panasonic micro four thirds camera and housing some time in the next year as the line develops and the new models come out (but we're talking some $$ though, and I've got more than enough other things I need to spend it on for a while already). Now Canon announces the new G11... a few less megapixels than the G9, but an improved sensor and processor for less noise and improved low light performance... hmmm, might be more affordable sooner in my case... hmmm....Summer vacations seem to be ending, we're still going out nearly every day but the numbers on the boat are down. We're actually in the prime season for diving Kona for the next ...
Underwater Welding
2009-08-04 17:02:00
how to make underwater welding?
The Underwater Express Lets You Cruise In a Gigantic Gas Bubble at 100 Knot
2009-07-29 19:17:00
From Gizmodo: While most DARPA projects never materialize, the Underwater Express mini-submarine project is entering the test phase. If successful, the Underwater Express will be capable of going 100 knots—far faster than the 30 knots today's subs can muster. To achieve th
Underwater Power Generation
2009-07-23 15:33:00
Hello all,this is my first post. I am an engineer myself involved in process cooling/heating.I have read within the forums details of power generation based upon tidal flow,and wonder if anyone has done any research on the ways of harnessing the immense pressure available at depth in many of th
First Remote, Underwater Detection Of Harmful Algae, Toxins
2009-07-17 08:18:00
Scientists at NOAA's National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) have successfully conducted the first remote detection of a harmful algal... Extensive site includes news of various topics like Marine animals,Marine biology, sharks,Whales,sea mammals,endangered species,birds,turtles,penguine,-seal,planktons,Fish,coral reef,coastal environment and more
Time for a Hawaii underwater nudie photo...
2009-06-28 10:28:00
Here's a shot of a Gold Lace Nudibranch (Halgerda terramtuentis). Looking up the scientific name, I just learned something new... this nudibranch is apparently only known from the Hawaiian Islands... cool, another piece of trivia. I was down doing a "Captain's dive" a week or two ago and saw this one under an arch.The surf is really up right now. We've had a big south swell for several days now, and it seems to have peaked (hopefully) the last 2 days. We've got turquoise looking water all along the coast right now... people think it's pretty, but for divers it kind of sucks... it basically is light reflecting off all of the sand in the water, not clear water showing off it's beauty. I didn't go out today, but I had a buddy today that went out and said he had to do both dives at Kealakekua Bay and the viz was horrible - considering the sand is nearly 90 feet down at that spot, for it to be kicked up enough to make for horrible viz says something. Tomorrow's a big marath...
2009-04-14 16:00:00
El ministro Chaves debería tomar ejemplo de Underwater Tea Party a la hora de diseñar su política territorial. Madrileños, vascos, catalanes y extremeños conviviendo en armonía y trabajando por el bien común, conscientes de que las dificultades –su nuevo disco se titula "What Crisis? This Crisis"– sólo pueden superarse arrimando el hombro y limando pretensiones individuales. Irene, Pedro y Martí –representantes del sexteto madrileño en esa ocasión– se acercaron hasta la isla para hablarnos de todo eso y mucho más. LA ISLA DE ENCANTA 252 Martes 14 de abril de 2009, de 15.00 a 16:00 en Radio Círculo 100.4 FM (Madrid). Para el resto del mundo en y en nuestro Podcast UNDERWATER TEA PARTY Better than the movies [What Crisis? This Crisis] (España, Green UFOS, 2009) GOMEZ Shot shot [Maqueta] (Inglaterra, Virgin, 2002) UNDERWATER TEA PARTY Mind the gap [What Crisis? This Crisis] (España, Green UFOS, 2009) THE REDLANDS PALOMINO C...
Russian Technology Allows For Easier Extraction of Underwater Minerals
2009-03-31 19:40:00
The mining of raw materials in Russia has up to now been an activity limited to times when outside temperatures are significantly above the freezing point. This is a feature shared with other countries like Russia that suffer from severe climactic conditions. Now that?s all changed as Russian scientists introduce a new phenomenon known as ?high output technology,? which provides a new method for mining water-bearing deposits. Read on for more details.
Live With The Fishes At The Most Fun And Unique Underwater Hotel In The US
2009-03-06 12:00:00
Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida offers a unique experience for those fascinated with marine life. This unique hotel that is only accessible by scuba diving can offer a romantic getaway for honeymooners or an educational look at underwater research with their aquanaut program.
underwater audio sensors
2009-01-21 03:11:00
I am designing a project that need an underwater audio sensor (Frequency range 100 - 300 Hz). However, I am not experienced in choosing suitable sensor, therefore could you please give me suggestions.
Small Underwater Currents Could Be the Next Big Thing in Alternative Energy
2008-12-03 17:08:00
From Discover Magazine | RSS: A marine engineer and naval architect has designed a new way of drawing energy out of slow-moving rivers and gentle tides. The researcher says the unobtrusive device, which was inspired by the way fish move through the water, could be set down on river
Underwater Wireless Alert Help
2008-12-01 16:59:00
Hi there, I am a masters student on a design and engineering course, and for my final year project i am trying to design an alert device for scuba divers... the idea is that it will be able to send one of a few preprogrammed messages to a similar device held by another diver. However, I was wo
Underwater Light: Newsletter Challenge (12/02/08)
2008-11-30 23:01:00
Welcome to December edition of Monthly Challenge Question from Specs & Techs by GlobalSpec: You beam a light (from a flash light, for example) through a bubble of air that is underwater. When the light emerges from the bubble, does it remain unchanged? The Answer will be posted right h
Robotic Underwater Vehicles to Help Canada Map Arctic Seabed
2008-11-14 15:32:00
From CBC | Technology & Science News: The Canadian government will move ahead with plans to use autonomous underwater vehicles to help map the eastern Arctic seabed, research officials say. The robotic vehicles will be used starting in the spring of 2010 for mapping research tha
underwater wedding ceremony in China
2008-11-12 18:36:00
A groom kisses his bride during an underwater wedding ceremony held at an aquarium in Hefei, East China's Anhui Province November 8, 2007. The aquarium was rented for a wedding ceremony for 5,990 yuan ($877), local media reported.A bride and a groom gesture during an underwater wedding ceremonyA bride and a groom bow to each other duringA groom goes down on one knee in front of his bride duringA bride and a groom gesture during an underwater wedding ceremony
Need help finding an underwater pressure sensor for a project
2008-11-11 22:22:00
Hello. I'll first start off by giving a quick over view of my project. Any ideas for any part of the project are always welcome. I'm building an Underwater Propulsion Device, or actually just a model of one for the moment. This device is meant to pull the user underwater by use of a motor and imp
Transparent World: Moscow?s New Underwater Theater
2008-11-06 17:33:00
Read all about this amazing Moscow culture center still under construction, which is expected to finish in the year 2012. It will be built within the framework of an oceanarium and house a unique underwater theater troupe. Get your tickets now, but bring along those life preservers, just in case.
Liquid Image Underwater Camera Mask
2008-11-05 18:45:00
Fancy yourself as a bit of a David Bailey beneathe the waves? Then what you need is this Liquid Image Underwater Camera Mask. For a mere £89.99, you can photographically record your underwater adventures with this battery-powered device which neatly does away with excess technology, and at a weight of only 0.663kg it'll let you get your other David on (that's Attenborough) without too much interference. The mask uses advanced CMOS sensing technology and photographs at a resolution of 5-megapixels. Also on offer are an LCD screen, built-in MicroSD card slot and USB port and VGA video mode. Make this life aquatic photographic.Available Here Read More tags: camera
Jacques Rougerie-Amazing underwater archeological museum
2008-10-12 15:32:00
Jacques Rougerie, a French architect, is one of the most interesting architects/designers I've come across. He has drawn space stations, sea vessels and amazing underwater archeological museum
By: veerublog
Imran-Minissha's chilling underwater thrill!! - News
2008-09-25 20:30:00
That Minissha Lamba is a water baby is evident from the promos of KIDNAP, which show her swimming and relaxing on the beachside…. Read Original story
The World's First Ever Underwater Pogo Stick
2008-09-23 21:43:00
Remember that pogo stick your parents gave you for Christmas when you were a kid? Remember how hard it was to stay on and not fall off the darn thing? Well you and thousands of others may now be able to live their childhood dream Gadgets Technology Toys Weird or Wacky
The World's First Ever Underwater Pogo Stick
2008-09-23 21:43:00
Remember that pogo stick your parents gave you for Christmas when you were a kid? Remember how hard it was to stay on and not fall off the darn thing? Well you and thousands of others may now be able to live their childhood dream Gadgets Technology Toys Weird or Wacky
Eerie Underwater Sculptures
2008-09-11 09:57:00
Jason de Caires Taylor is an artist that creates unique underwater sculptures that focus on natural ecological processes. Art and Design Environment Fun Miscellaneous Nature Outdoors Weird or Wacky
Eerie Underwater Sculptures
2008-09-11 09:57:00
Jason de Caires Taylor is an artist that creates unique underwater sculptures that focus on natural ecological processes. Art and Design Environment Fun Miscellaneous Nature Outdoors Weird or Wacky
UnderWater Photography Magazine Issue 43 Now Available
2008-07-29 01:10:00
The current issue has 58 pages (9.5 MB PDF file). Grab a copy of UnderWater Photography Mag Issue # 43. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "UnderWater Photography Magazine Issue 43 Now Available", url: "" });
Tips for building an underwater self controlled camera apparatus??
2008-07-27 19:17:00
Hello, i am a Commercial diver for our family business and also dive for a prop seal specialist that services the Great Lakes area boats as well as around the world. i am interested in trying to build a self controlled camera apparatus that can go to depth. We already have the 'Splash Cam" setup tha
Underwater Seascape
2008-07-13 23:19:00
underwater seascape~collage by Sian
Underwater Treadmill Takes Exercising to New Depths
2008-06-26 06:42:00
Hydro Physio is a company based in England that has developed an underwater treadmill for those exercise enthusiasts, as well as those in rehabilitation or training. Technorati Tags: Fitness Gadgets Health Lifestyle Miscellaneous Products Technology
Robofish that communicates underwater
2008-06-09 16:39:00
From While conducting underwater experiments most robots need to come to the surface every now and then to communicate with their human supervisors. To do away with the repeated surfacing, researchers at the University of Washington (UW) have developed a 'Robofish'
Holloway’s Underwater Wonderland
2008-06-08 12:43:00
In Zena Holloway’s underwater masterpieces, haute couture clothing takes on a new life, more than just adornment, instead part of the water itself; fluid, ethereal, and stunning. The photographs in “how to spend it” feature models adrift in a magical world of light and sensuality, their gowns flowing delicately around them. Her commercial work also has that bewitching quality to it; a shampoo ad features a woman in ecstasy as her hair undulates around her head, flowers clutched gently in her hand.  One of England’s leading underwater photographers, Holloway began her underwater photography work at a young age, and at the age of 33 has received countless awards for her work. She has a deep understanding of the underwater medium that enables her to deliver these incredibly striking shots.  Her work has been used in ads for Nike, Jacuzzi and MasterCard. The MasterCard ad features a couple gazing longingly into each others eyes wearing snorkel gear and a seriou...
Holly Bynoe: underwater
2008-06-05 17:45:00
Galeria impressionante desta fotógrafa de 28 anos. DevianArt Site        
Wireless CCD Underwater Cam With Video Recorder
2008-06-05 14:35:00
Underwater IR Camera for seeing exactly what is going on underwater, with a wireless adapter included for receiving and recording the signals directly to the included Wireless receiver. This is a great idea for fishers, swimmers plumbers, teachers and anyone else that wants a better appreciation of what is happening underwater. This waterproofed camera has ...
New underwater sculpture park in Grenada
2008-06-02 22:02:00
Photography courtesy Jason De Caires TaylorNature can be the most violent of aggressors, but sometimes it can also be a muse for great art. In Grenada, recent hurricanes and tropical storms battered the island, inevitably damaging some of the country?s reefs.Shocked by the damage to the reefs, British sculptor and diver Jason de Caires Taylor, 33, was moved to give nature a helping hand by installing an artificial reef on the sea bed at Molinere Bay just north of Grenada?s capital, St George?s to provide a habitat for marine life and to allow coral to grow and develop naturally. Some call the park eerie, some fantastic. In the current issue of MACO Destinations, Sally Maton visits the new underwater sculpture park, and tells us: ?There is nothing theme park or Disney about this place. You have to interact with it and go and find the sculptures yourself, which all adds to the adventure.?It?s a great adventure for those who love the thrill of being underwater. To get there, you can wa...
Fujitsu F706i a phone that lets you watch TV underwater
2008-05-31 13:42:00
The Fujitsu F706i is like the G-Shock of mobile phones, unfortunately it is only waterproof and not torture proof so it cannot handle a 6 feet drop. Like many Japanese phones you can watch TV on it, the clamshell’s crisp 2.7 inch screen makes viewing pleasurable. No Tags
Underwater Wind Turbines? bioWAVE System Designed to Create Energy from Oce
2008-05-27 05:06:00
Picture a kelp bed on the ocean floor swaying in the current. Done? Now picture an underwater field of bioWave turbines (pictured to your left) doing the same. But, unlike the kelp, supplying one...
The Most Serene Republic - Underwater Cinematographer
2008-05-23 23:49:00
Underwater CinematographerMSR son una banda canadiense muy parecida a Broken Social Scene, a su estilo le llaman Baroque Pop.
By: Musiteka
Pentax Optio W60 Waterproof 10MP Digital Camera [Compact Underwater Camera
2008-05-23 03:28:00
Pentax have unveiled their latest waterproof compact digital camera, the Pentax Optio W60, which, apart from sporting 10 megapixel resolution paired with 5x optical zoom and 720p HD video capture capabilities, also boasts JIS Class 8 waterproofing allowing the Optio W60 to also operate underwater at depths of up to 13 feet (30% deeper than Pentax?s previous waterproof camera models) for up to two hours.
Underwater Surveillance System
2008-05-22 11:26:00
This site has reviewed surveillance systems in the past, but this is the first time it is covering a system that can be used to monitor underwater. In that regard, it can be used by anyone working in an underwater environment such as diving teams or working as lifeguards on a beach. It can be used for both serious situations such a rescue or underwater sports to marvel at the beautiful species that roam the waters. Copyright © 2008 Spy Review. This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this material in your news aggregator, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact so we can take legal action immediately.
What 38 Years Underwater Will Do to a Porsche
2008-05-20 07:01:00
In the hot rod vernacular, going to the lakes usually means going to the dry lake beds of the Southern California desert. Perhaps the long-lost owner thief driver of this Porsche 356 took the phrase literally and mistook Wisconsin for California (hey, it's just as good a theory as any other).
Fannie Mae: Building The Underwater Mortgages Of Tomorrow
2008-05-19 09:01:00
Fannie Mae continues to trod where other lenders don’t dare to tread- they are no longer worrying about loaning in "declining markets": WASHINGTON, DC — Fannie Mae (FNM/NYSE) today announced a new, national policy on down payment requirements for conventional, conforming mortgages the company will purchase or guarantee. Starting June 1, 2008, Fannie ...
Time's running down for this year's Kona Classic Underwater photo competion
2008-05-19 08:58:00
This year's Classic is starting at the end of this week. There's still spots avaialble. The official sponsors are Jack's Diving Locker, Kona Honu Divers and Bottomtime Hawaii. You can book through them, I also have space on my boat and I will be personally participating as it's supposed to (my first year, but I hear good things) be a good time. If you happen to be diving here that week you might want to join in on the fun. Packages are avaialable for the week (I'm honoring the diving package if anyone's interested). Seminar and events only packages or individual seminars available for a reasonable price for those who don't intend to "compete". If you are coming to Kona for diving and interested in the photography end of diving you should check it out.Here's a juvenile Yellow Tail Coris Wrasse. This pic is a bit blurry, between movement and image quality) but it'll give you an idea of the great color these guys have. Aloha, Steve
Underwater car is not a Texas lemon, ?yet.
2008-05-17 03:03:00
One unfortunately common complain we hear from our clients is that their new car has a leak. Door seals leak, retractable roofs leak, sun roofs leak and so on. When you buy a new car, you should expect to be able to stay dry inside it, even if you are in a car ...
Olympus PT-E05 Underwater Case
2008-05-14 19:58:00
Special underwater case for E-520The PT-E05 underwater case has been specially customised for Olympus E-520 and is waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to a depth of 40 metres. With its durable, high quality polycarbonate construction, it prote...
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