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PLS-CADD User Manual
2012-05-26 16:54:00
hi all! some body please send me the user manual of PLS-CADD.I have searched the internet a lot but couldn't find. Thanks and regards.
WANdisco: Proud Sponsor of the Jenkins User Conference
2012-05-10 13:23:00
If you’re a Jenkins user (or even an uberSVN+Jenkins user!) you will no doubt already have heard about this year’s Jenkins User Conference series. After the massive success of 2011’s single event, in 2012 the conference has become a series of events that will take place in six cities: Paris, New York, San Francisco, Antwerp, Tokyo, and Herzelia, Israel. The Jenkins User Conference brings together Jenkins experts and enthusiasts from around the globe, for a full day of Jenkins-focused learning and all-important networking opportunities. As a proud CloudBees partner, we are excited to announce that WANdisco is an official sponsor of two of this year’s Jenkins User Conferences. “The Jenkins community has embraced the Jenkins User Conferences for the opportunities they provide to meet other users, face-to-face. The learning offered by informal networking and formal sessions is terrific. It helps users increase their Jenkins knowledge, allowing them to make even better use of ...
Web Performance: Why Good User Interface Design Matters
2012-04-24 15:00:00
When it comes to software, users don’t really care that something “just works” as that’s expected in what you’re selling. For developers though, “just working” is the most significant step in writing an application and when it’s functioning correctly, it is all too often considered “done” in their eyes. Functionality is only half the battle. A good UI (user interface) is the other half. A good user interface can make or break an application. Consider two applications that offer the same functionality, but have different UIs. Whichever UI is easier or faster to use is likely to draw more users. Why would someone use something more complex or less elegant? User interfaces can make the difference. Clean, slick, organized and well thought out interfaces can have positive psychological effects on users which can distinguish an application as “better” than a competitor’s, even if they’re the same under the...
New User Group ? CR4 Admins
2012-04-23 17:01:00
As many members of the CR4 community have noticed, a new user group called CR4 Admins has been created. This group is simply a way to identify the people who help keep CR4 running smoothly. One example of a scenario where this could be helpful is when a moderator posts a reminder to keep a discu
WiFi User's Unique Network Key
2012-04-14 20:24:00
Hello, I have been fiddling with the installation and configuring software in the CD Rom that came with my wireless router. My goal is to find a way of assigning unique network keys for EACH of the computers connected to my wifi. My router is a Netgear N300 WNR2000v2. The closest I have got to thi
Modeling Distributed Systems User Group Presentation
2012-04-13 11:42:00
This Wednesday I’m going to be giving a talk at Skills Matter in London called Modeling Distributed Systems with NServiceBus Studio. You might remember that I announced NServiceBus Modeling Tools about 6 months ago, well this is going to be the next generation of those tools. Here’s the abstract: As developers build larger and more distributed systems ...
PLDT Telpad ?IDEOS S7 Slim with Android? Full User Review
2012-04-12 18:27:00
It is our pleasure to give our full user review for the PLDT Telpad that was lent to us by PLDT through Nuffnang. In fact, PLDT have installed a line to our house just to make sure that we could get our connection and we could test their unit. Big thanks to PLDT for that ...
How To Recreate a User Profile in Windows 7
2012-04-11 09:00:00
Remember back in the good ol' days in Windows XP and Windows 2000 when someone had a corrupt user profile in Windows all you ever had to do was go to c:documents and settings and delete or rename the folder that was in there matching a particular user? Simple, clean and easy right?In Windows 7 if you delete the folder in C:users and try to have the affected user login, they get greeted with a temporary profile don't they? What gives? Well it turns out in Windows 7 there is one more thing you need to do to create a new profile, and it involves the registry.What you need to do is:Click Win+R then type in regedit and click OK.Browse to HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWi-ndows NTCurrentVersionProfileListLoca-te the sub-keys pointing to the affected profile and delete themReboot and login as the affected userThat's about it, once that key is gone, Windows can go ahead with creating a new folder based on the default tags: how, to, r-ecreate, delet...
Manipulating Values of LabView User Controls
2012-04-03 00:02:00
I am a VB developer who is now having to learn LabView for work. on my current project I need to have a whole bunch of switches that I have put in to a cluster for the user to control. I would also like another switch that sends the program in to automated mode and will do the users job for him base
5 Things why cPanel is counted as most user friendly web hosting control pa
2012-03-31 13:33:00
Before you logging into your web hosting account’s cPanel control panel, you must open your internet browser. This procedure might be followed by those webmasters or customers who needs security and customization for managing their hosting resources and they are very well aware with cPanel hosting benefits. cPanel is a popular control panel in web ...Post from: UK Web Hosting | Linux Windows Server Tutorials | PHP MySQL Service5 Things why cPanel is counted as most user friendly web hosting control panel
User Roles in WordPress
2012-03-30 18:31:00
Typically I do not set up users in WordPress…this is often delegated to my amazing assistants. However, I needed to add a new user and I had a few minutes so I went for it. Hmm, should I add them as an admin? No, because I don’t want them to have that much authority. Should ...User Roles in WordPress is a post from: Small Business and Learning Institute | On-Demand Training and Support for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs | Learning Resources
Dating sites selling user profiles. Dodgy!
2012-03-29 19:07:00
I know it’s sometimes difficult to think of the individual user when you run a dating site or work for a dating company. When I worked in one, we used to often think of things in terms of trends, statistics, demographics. When we started a new site, we’d sometimes populate it with suitable people from ... Related posts:VeggieDates – the problem with running white label niche dating sitesOnline dating company threatens to forcibly create profiles for peopleMan in court over dodgy dating sites
OneID Will Make You Want To Say Goodbye To User Names & Passwords
2012-03-21 10:00:00
Security on the web is paramount especially in these troubling times when many websites and services are getting compromised by malicious hackers throughout the globe. The web is transitioning now mainly to mobile environment and there is an increased need to secure your data and logins. There are a million services, web apps and mobile apps that exist and some of us use at least some 50 different services on an average. Normally, we use the browser to remember our details but this has an inherent risk associated with it if another person gets physical access to your device. We spoke earlier about how people are looking for more interesting and secure ways to solve this dilemma. Now an American startup has come up with what they think is the perfect solution. The product is called OneID and has been featured in The Spark of Genius series on Mashable. Long story short, OneID has created a single-click login so that users don’t have to enter login details and credit card details an...
By: WATblog
2012-02-29 17:33:00
Not sure if everyone is hip to Google's upcoming policy change (goes into effect tomorrow actually), but we thought we'd share a little info about what it means and how you can decide what information you as a user would like to share or withhold. The gist is that Google's new unified privacy policy will take all data collected about browsers including age, queries, sites visited, etc. and assign it to their online identity aka Gmail and YouTube accounts. After tomorrow users will not be allowed to opt out of the policy, but it is still possible to clear your current browsing history therefore disassociating your account from past data. Here's how:
5 Tips To Use Ninite Like A Power User
2012-02-25 18:27:00
Chances are you’ve read about Ninite on Killer Tech Tipsmultiple times already. If you didn’t know, Ninite is a nifty tool that downloads and bulk installs all applications you choose from the Ninite website – unattended. While at it, Ninite also blocks crapware from installing itself onto your computer and saves you plenty of time. ...Post from: Killer Tech Tips5 Tips To Use Ninite Like A Power User
Four Random Things Every Mobile User Should Know
2012-02-23 01:00:00
The world is slowly shifting to mobile. People use mobile phones for more reasons than you think: to call their loved ones, to send text messages, to access social networking sites, and maybe read and reply to a few emails or so from work.
Facebook Partners With Saavn To Tap Into The Indian User Base
2012-02-17 08:58:00
Saavn the Spotify for Indian music is now in an alliance with Facebook to launch big as global social music discovery network. Saavn already has an influx of 700, 000 Facebook users. Facebook has now ventured out to decode the social music codes. Along with that Facebook also foresees a prospect of reaching out to the Indian high growing market. From launching its Timeline app till this partnership with Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to increases its user base. Saavn is an abbreviation for South Asian Audio Video Network and is an ad-supported digital music network to tune into Bollywood, Indian and South Asian music genres. Saavn can be accessed on the web, on iOS as well as Android and the best part is that users can discover, listen and create playlists for free. This platform is a sweet blend of Spotify and Pandora. So apart from tuning to music-on-demand, music freaks can now add the radio feature to create radio stations. They can share music as well on the go and a...
By: WATblog
Microsoft India Store Attacked: Private User Data Leaked
2012-02-13 10:24:00
In the past year, unscrupulous hackers have been making their presence felt. Groups like Anonymous have hacked Sony’s Playstation Network causing it to be down for months. Even the CIA website was targeted. Now, the latest victim of such an attack is Microsoft India. As WPSauce, reported, a group of Chinese hackers, who call themselves the EvilShadow team – 7z1&Ancke, have hacked the Microsoft India website. This is a screenshot of how the Homepage looked at the time. We are unsure whether it was a Denial of Service (DOS) Attack or what kind, but they appear to have had temporary access to sensitive information through the website.   What is worse, it also seems that Microsoft had stored the information of Indian users, such as their First Name, Last Name, user name and even Password as plain text. This means there was no encryption and Indian users of the MS India store’s confidential information has allegedly been obtained by the group. Here is a screenshot...
By: WATblog
Free subscription to Computer Power User Magazine
2012-01-21 00:06:00 ?This Fr Stuff Tmes . C om feed should only be red in feed readers, on the Frstuff Timesmail list, or the FST Google Gadget. Any other use is opyright infri ngment and should be reportd.
?Minority Report? Defining Today?s User Interface
2012-01-18 18:44:00
Think back to Steven Spielberg?s 2002 classic, ?Minority Report?, the movie that explored the future of human/machine interface in 2054. It was both cool and exciting, and it was also years away from reality. Or was it? Here we are, now ten years removed, and some of these concepts, gesture-based applications (everywhere), hovering gestures (Apple Read more…
Why SEOs should be conducting user testing research
2012-01-17 16:07:00
?Build websites for users, not search engines? is the advice continually propounded by insiders at Google. As SEOs, we?re used to looking at websites and analysing how they would be ...© SEOptimise - Download our free business guide to blogging whitepaper and sign-up for the SEOptimise monthly newsletter. Why SEOs should be conducting user testing research Related posts: How to Use Google Correlate for Keyword Research SEOs ? time to brush up on your grammar? Social Media Research & Insight
60Mn+ Growing User Base On Google+: How Many Are Active Though?
2011-12-28 09:51:00
Paul Allen, an unofficial traffic analyst for Google’s social network, has confirmed in a post that Google+’s current user base stands at 62 Million. Google+ may boast of such a huge number, but the real questions are how have they reached there? & What are the “users” actually doing? Are they active or dormant? Paul Allen doges this important question in his report. However, the numbers seem to corroborate with comScore which reported G+ had grown to 67 million monthly unique visitors in November. But this number is pertaining to “Active Users” & that too 50 Million More than Allen’s figures! The only way to make some sense out of these tall claims is to look into the way these two gathered the data: While Allen doesn’t reveal, comScore’s methodology involves sampling of browsing habits from people who have monitoring software installed on their computers (we hope with prior consent!). So the research firm has been counting “clicks” to
By: WATblog
Symantec Norton Antivirus 2012 3 User for only $5
2011-12-20 07:20:00
Stay ahead of viruses and spyware with the industry's most powerful protection against online threats. Ranked #1 in both protection1 and performance2, Norton AntiVirus identifies and stops new threats faster than less sophisticated security software. Four unique layers of smart protection stop viruses and spyware in their tracks. And it all happens with blazing fast scan speeds and the least impact on your PC's performance, so it won't disrupt your work or play
We probably got hacked. We are experiencing some user accounts has been att
2011-12-14 09:56:00
We probably got hacked. We are experiencing some user accounts has been attacked and deleted. We strongly recommend to create a new account with new passwords. The orders of our customers are still... (follow link to read)
By: PhoneArea
Aadhar May Offer Mobile User’s Statistics: Will It Be A Success?
2011-12-05 10:48:00
The Aadhar API is being mooted to allow Telecom operators & Banks to verify their customers. A truly massive initiative by Human Resource Development Ministry, The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is planning to allow telecom service providers to avail the data from Aadhar cards to verify the identity of their mobile service customers. With over 10 Lakh enrollments per day, the nation-wide initiative is facing some hiccups due to huge volumes, but that will soon be a thing of the past  says UIDAI’s Chief Product Manager Sanjay Jain, “We have been enrolling around one million people a day. Filed enrollments are happening at a slower rate. The backlog is due to infrastructure related issues. But we hope to resolve these as soon as possible”. The Banks too are welcome to use the information , “UIDAI is an application platform. Both banks and telecom service providers are welcome to use this platform and build their systems around it” he adds. The App...
By: WATblog
Yahoo Ready To Fight The Govt For User Privacy: Protecting Terrorists?
2011-11-28 01:30:00
Yahoo is in no mood to toe the line set by the Government of India. It has now approached the Delhi HC against the order of the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA). The Government of India attempted to make Yahoo an example for not complying with its rules. It had earlier slapped Rs. 11 Lakh  as penalty for its failure to provide email information of persons in national interest. Government of India had asked Yahoo to surrender information of about 11 Yahoo IDs & the IP addresses through which they were accessed. These ids are supposedly used by Islamic terrorists and Maoists & GoI felt it could invoke the Section 28 of the Information Technology (IT) Act on the grounds of National Security. Yahoo refused to comply or pay the fine stating it was bound by confidentiality agreements & that could not be breached.  GoI did not buy the argument & slapped the fine. All this started when GoI received large number of emails that claimed responsibility for the Delhi...
By: WATblog
Guess My User Name and Earn a GA
2011-11-21 06:34:00
Was it difficult ?
User Defined Function (UDF) for CFD Analysis of Thermoacousic phenomenon.
2011-11-13 12:52:00
Hello, I am Chirag. I am trying to do CFD analysis of Thermoacoustic phenomenon using Ansys-Fluent. Initially to make the problem simple, I cosidered the case of two parallel plates having other conditions as shown in sketch. Now, I think I need to use UDF in Fluent to specify the time dependant b
User Defined Function (UDF) for CFD Analysis of Thermoacoustic Phenomenon
2011-11-13 12:52:00
Hello, I am Chirag. I am trying to do CFD analysis of Thermoacoustic phenomenon using Ansys-Fluent. Initially to make the problem simple, I cosidered the case of two parallel plates having other conditions as shown in sketch. Now, I think I need to use UDF in Fluent to specify the time dependant b
Corporate IT Support and the 21st Century User
2011-11-09 05:06:00
TRADITIONALLY, ICT Support is a regimented service, based on providing known or predictable support for a limited range of products in a carefully structured business environment. Users are supplied with access to standardised hardware systems and applications that have been approved in the standard operating environment and their range of access is limited according to ...
Firefox 8.0 User Agent
2011-11-07 02:57:00
Not yet pushed out the public, but now available if you know where to look, Firefox 8.0… Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.7; rv:8.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/8.0 Technorati Tags: Firefox, Firefox 8.0, User Agent
Google Responds To Demand For User Info From Government
2011-11-01 06:29:00
The demand for “User Information” is on the rise with US leading the pack, reports Google. The snapshot for every country is viewable at: Google Transparency Report. In all, Google received more than 15,600 requests in the January-June 2011 period, 10 percent more than July-December period of last year. The requests in the latest period were meant for 25,400 individual accounts worldwide - a miniscule amount of Google's more than a billion users. The simplest were to censor video on the company's widely watched YouTube video site or some other piece of content to be removed for reasons ranging from privacy concerns to laws prohibiting hate speech / racial discrimination etc. The breakdown of requests for user information & Google’s compliance is mentioned below: With Gmail, Docs, Gtalk, Google Plus & many other features meant for data & information exchange, Google can be considered a growing treasure-trove of information on any individual. And with two out of...
By: WATblog
Kyocera User Agent
2011-09-25 22:41:00
I’ve had an iPhone since forever and I apparently forgot that the second cell phone I ever owned was a Kyocera but that was back in 2003 or so and I had to procure a certain phone because I was living in Vermont which had a limited cell infrastructure…I do remember the 2003 era Kyocera ...
How to Add User Access to Google Webmaster Tools Accounts
2011-09-21 05:22:00
When working with clients, it is common to access various Google reports using different accounts. For example, if the client has already set up Google Analytics tracking for his website prior to working with me, he may grant me access using my Google Account. Doing so offers me convenience in using my account to log ...
Spoofed Googlebot User Agent
2011-09-19 18:57:00
Well, this visitor caught my eye earlier as the originating IP address is from the technology company Oracle but with a Googlebot user agent. Another clue that this is a spoofed user agent is that they came in off of a Google Search Engine referrer, as Googlebot doesn’t usually do that. Also, their browser ...
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 User Agent
2011-09-16 14:34:00
IP Address: 96.227.#.# Operating System : Microsoft WinNT User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.2; Trident/6.0) Monitor : Resolution : 1920 x 1080 Color Depth : 24 bits It’s always sweet when a friend visits you to show off his new user agent (apparently this is why I’ve garnered Internet fame). Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 preview (MSIE 10) on ...
Speaking at the Bay.NET User Group
2011-09-07 09:26:00
During my stay in San Francisco for my course, I’ll be giving a presentation to the Bay.NET user group on the evening of Wednesday Oct 26, at 6:30pm. Info and registration here. Hope to see you there.
BlackBerry User Agent
2011-07-25 03:35:00
I had no idea the user agent was…Safari based. Unless this is a BB user with a Safari browser? Can you use multiple browsers on a BB? Host: 74.82.68.# Operating System: Macintosh Unknown Agent: Safari 1.3 Mozilla/5.0 (BlackBerry; U; BlackBerry 9800; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/ Mobile Safari/534.8 Monitor: Resolution : 360 x 480 Color Depth : 24 bits Technorati Tags: ...
Airtel launches “One Number, One Voice” service to enhance user
2011-03-02 10:32:00
As an Airtel User, I was always confused about the different numbers that were to be used for accessing the VAS services. And every time, I called the Customer care to seek their guidance on the services, it added to my level of dissatisfaction. But now, to take care of me and other users like me, Airtel has launched a new speech recognition-based service called “One Number, One Voice”. This service has been launched in partnership with Nuance Communications. The idea behind the service is to provide a single number to access the VAS services like Hello Tunes, Airtel Radio, News, Sports, Devotional, Astrology and Jokes. All we need to do is to dial 54321 and speak to access the desired content. The call will be charged at Rs. 2 per minute. The ‘Nuance Recognizer 9.0′ speech recognition technology behind the service will automatically distinguish between the regular callers and first-time callers, thus offering a customized caller experience. The service at p...
By: WATblog
How to Unlock / Open password protected pdf (user & owner passwords)
2011-01-13 19:03:00
Earlier I wrote a post on  how to unlock /break-edit pdf files .Today am going  to write few more tools to unlock password protected portable document format files.If you forget passwords of your important pdf documents ,you can use these tools to access them for free.Pdf files can  be protected with two kinds of passwords.It can be  a owner password(where user can open the document but needs password to access restricted features) or user passoword (where a password needed to open the document).Here's the list of tools to unlock/break them for free1.Ensode free online unlock serviceThis utility unlocks editing,copying , pasting and printing restrictions of a pdf file.You can download unlocked pdf file to your pc / laptop or you can view online Max file size -5MB Free Online ServiceUnlocks owner password only 2.Pdfunlock  This utility unlocks restrictions and owner password (password to edit,copy,print the contents etc...) instan...
Reverse Engineer the Search User
2011-01-12 16:48:00
* Michael Martinez of SEO Theory published an article a few days ago that explains in depth how useless it is to chase Google’s algorithm. I won’t repeat what he wrote here, you can read his explanation in case you haven’t yet: Martinez refers to reverse engineering the Google algorithm as futile and decries good ...© SEOptimise - Download our free business guide to blogging whitepaper and sign-up for the SEOptimise monthly newsletter. Reverse Engineer the Search User Related posts:Will Facebook Search Become the Dominant Player? Twitter Search Will Rank Tweets One Day – Topsy Does Already 30? Web Trends You Have to Know About in 2011
By: SEO Blog
Reliance Communications Introduces User Generated Caller Tunes
2011-01-12 14:30:00
Reliance Communications has introduced a twist to its caller tune service. They are making a foray into user generated content. The service will now enable subscribers to record their own content through a Tune Maker platform and set it as their own caller tune. These tunes can even be shared with other Reliance customers. Reliance Communications has partnered with Atruist Technologies – a voice and web based VAS provider – for the necessary infrastructure to offer this service. Mr. Anil Pande, Head – VAS, Reliance Communications said “UGC  (user generated content) has seen exponential growth over the last few years. India being a multilingual country, voice is an important part of UGC. The service allows voice based content of Users Choice to be shared and set as their Caller Tune. The technology support offered by Altruist enables to edit, link, and create the content posted by customer, besides activating it as Caller Tune.” This service will be av...
By: WATblog
Italy and Saudi Arabia Move To Regulate User Generated Content? What About
2011-01-06 12:15:00
In February last year an Italian Court handed 3 Google Execs a suspended sentence over a Youtube video which showed some Italian teenagers bullying a child with Down’s syndrome. Even though Youtube removed the video after it had been reported, the courted cited delays in this process as a reason to hold Google culpable. Although Google appealed the decision, it hasn’t hit the headlines ever since. I remember laughing at how strange it seemed, but after the initial amusement, I was genuinely concerned over whether this would represent a shift in the way user generated content was dealt with legally. Something told me, we would hear more from Italy and I was right. Back in September, It was reported that a Saudi Official had stated that all bloggers in Saudi Arabia would need to register for a license. But this was clarified the next day – Only News Sites and Bloggers would need to register. A spokesperson had admitted that it was futile to attempt to supervise the c...
By: WATblog
RockMelt User Agent
2011-01-02 17:12:00
RockMelt, the new browser which takes advantage of your social networks, has a user agent. * /2011/01/01/easy-seo-update-you-r-copyright-notice/ Http Code: 200 Date: Jan 01 11:02:13 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: 10150 Referer: - Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) RockMelt/ Chrome/7.0.517.44 ...
Droid User Agent
2010-12-19 20:58:00
I noticed that some (unhip) person with a Motorola built Droid based phone on Verizon visited cleverhack the other day. I’m too lazy to pull my official logs, so here’s the sitemeter report. I am surprised to notice that the Droid runs a version of mobile Safari according to the User Agent string. Operating System: Linux ...
User-targeted TV ads?
2010-12-09 18:16:00
Cogeco, a Canadian cable company, is attempting to sharpen the blunt instrument of TV advertising by providing demographic-based advertising to cable subscribers that can be split into different segments that can be shown to different audience. So while you might see one ad during a particular advertising time slot of a TV show, other people ...
Credit card stimulus relief ? Furthermore, the user of the money you have t
2010-11-12 14:17:00
The real purpose of a credit card is very different from what it is used. For comparison, debt settlement company would be well advised to consult a website debt reduction, not the best enterprises look for free in your area. Therefore, they are able to manage multiple cases at once, and some customers have experienced ... Further information to read:Credit Card Debt Relief – How Obama's Stimulus Money Helps Credit Card Bills Settlements During the current recession that many debtors get out of work and a few others have experienced substantial cuts... Stimulus Money and Credit Card Debt – How Stimulus Money Has Indirectly Helped Debt Settlements? One of the most common problems faced by people around the world of credit card debt. We will discuss possible... Credit Card Debt Relief – How Stimulus Money Helps Credit Card Bills Settlements While the current economic crisis, many consumers do not want a huge job and salary cuts. Because of this...
Facebook Temporarily Bans App Developers Who Leaked Out User Information
2010-11-03 13:25:00
In a great blow to those allegedly mischievous Facebook app developers who have been looking to churn out extra bucks illegally, Facebook has decided to suspend some app developers for a period of six months. This is an aftermath of the revelation by the site that a third party data broker has been buying user information from these app developers. According to the Facebook Developers Blog, many of the popular Facebook apps have been passing on user IDs, which help the data brokers, find user information such as their name, contact details and in some cases even the details of their friends. This way there are at least 25 advertising and data firms that have benefited from the data theft. Not only have the developers been put on suspension, but they have also been directed to submit their data practices to an audit in the future to ensure that they comply with the privacy policy of the company. This new decision could possibly have an impact on those small time developers too who ar...
By: WATblog
Zynga’s 250 Million User Base – Advertisers’ Paradise
2010-10-26 14:00:00
No matter how much you hate those numerous requests of Farmville you get on Facebook, Zynga will always find users who are interested in Farmville or other games like Mafia Wars. Zynga has had some recent setbacks in the form of a law suit filed on behalf on consumers whose personal information was leaked via games developed by Zynga on Facebook. But if you look at the magnitude of Zynga, the law suit seems like a minuscule issue. Advertisers still want to come to Zynga thanks to the 250 million user base that Zynga boasts off, or in other words Mass Reach. Zynga ties-up with SVNetwork Zynga has for long been an advertiser’s haven. But now, it has taken advertising through its games even further by tying up with SVNetwork. Through this tie-up, advertisements are now ‘engagement ads’. We are not just talking about rich media or video ads, these are ads that pays the consumer! In terms of a regular rich media or video ad, the ad is played if the consumer clicks or r...
By: WATblog
McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011 1 User - MAV11EMB1RAA for only $9.99
2010-10-25 13:04:00
With thousands of new viruses created every day, relying on traditional security updates isn’t enough anymore.
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