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2012-04-03 22:08:00
Korean graphic designer, Ji Lee, has a thing for typography, especially words that can be translated into visuals. Check out the former Google artist's Word As Image series to get a better sense of what we mean. Sharp!
7 Fun Ways to Teach Children to Save
2012-03-22 18:28:00
7 Fun Ways to Teach Children to Save is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!Creativity is a child?s bread and butter, so why not use that to your advantage to teach them about saving money? These clever tips are ideal for teaching your child how to make smart money decisions. 1.     It?s All in the Visuals Children tend to be visual learners. Hang up a savings goal chart, like an ...Get a free mortgage quote!
2011-10-05 07:40:00
Neuroscientists from the University of California, Berkley have successfully discovered a way to reconstruct brain activity into visual format. Researchers at the Gallant Lab had subjects watch movie trailers while placed inside of a Functional Magnetic Resonance Image Machine that scanned their brain function. The collected data was then decoded by computer and matched with visuals from a database of random video clips. What resulted is the following--reconstructed visual approximations of brain activity that clearly match what the subjects were watching. Mind-blowing. Literally!
Retrofukation icons by jg-visuals
2009-07-30 13:43:00
This blog is keeping moving back in time. This time there are some icons for real retro and vintage lovers. Turn on your desktop customization software and set to jump into early 90's with this icon pack.To avoid time disorientation please download icons first.
Mother Earth News Magazine Brings Victoria?s Visuals to Life
2008-05-29 18:56:00
Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any more exciting, I receive my subscription copy of Mother Earth News Magazine in the mail. Happening every two months, this isn’t usually much of a post-worthy event. That all changed when I turned to page 17 to see two of my photography images printed on the page. This ...
brand timelines- planners love great visuals
2008-05-25 17:00:00
Noah Brier just gave us a new world of Brand Tags and now Dear Jane Sample has come up with something many of us have always wanted to do, but could never get quite right, the simple art of the Brand Timeline. It's a way to visualize the brands we interact with over the course of the day. It's really Brands in Your Day. Planners love this stuff because it's a nice way to bring thinking to life and it's great to be able to see the time when brands are being used this could even have media implications for example.Perhaps there's another version of this which examines the depth and scale of relationships individuals have with brands something relating to distance. Shown below is the timeline from Doug Jaeger of Happy Corp.Posted by Ed Cotton
2008-05-16 22:06:00
NEOPROJ's new visual installation project "VIDEO MAPPING SYSTEM".
By: ESPV Blog
Electro visuals
2008-05-05 18:06:00
Electronic Day visuals… more here
Lingo New Tee Release
2008-04-09 21:07:00
UKAdapta's design team Lingo have just released their new tee design with BeamsT of Japan. Hope you like it! If you would like one, hurry to the BeamsT Website as they are almost all sold-out.
By: ESPV Blog
No compres mi estilo; Visuals y Punk Rockers
2008-04-07 15:00:00
Siguiendo por este somero y ameno viaje visual iniciado por el sitio Me lleva por Gamba y apoyado por Revista La Página®, por el salvaje mundo de las vanguardias, localizamos a dos grupos que son muy buena onda, con las ideas claras y que no están ni ahí con vender su estilo?
Elephants are Better Artists Than Humans
2008-04-06 22:06:00
These elephants made me gasp in awe. Just watch the video. I'm not talking about random elephant-created squiggles and splodges of paint on a canvas; I'm talking about serious elephant-created illustrations better than your kid can paint! Frikkin amazing! Watch it!!![VIA]
By: ESPV Blog
Chris Levine the Light Artist
2008-03-22 18:37:00
The "Lightness of Being", a show by Chris Levine, the light artist, has just finished in East London. It was quite a breath of fresh air to go see a local exhibition that was more about making you be aware of the show's environment and not just about analysing the Queen's holograhic prints on a wall."His distinctive visual language and seemingly effortless control over his technological media has differentiated his work from the main stream. His images have resonant power that is both highly original and super modern. As organic and alive as they are focused and precise, the visual results are always compelling and have a sense of distilled purity."Thanks for the photos Toshimi!Quote from Chris Levine's Website.
By: ESPV Blog
Learning of Peer Abuse With Visuals
2008-03-19 22:18:00
I have been reading the recent articles on Peer Abuse (what I call that ?bully? word as that ?b? word is not cutting it in my opinion) and one stuck out to me. The NBC affiliate KFYR in New Town, North Dakota recently did a segment on a group called R5 Online which deals with ...
Blog Visuals - the visual Blog Roll
2008-03-16 08:44:00
I have started a visual blog roll page on using Google Maps. A blog roll is link advertisement placed on a blog that will link to your blog. Blog roll is usually used in link exchange. Using the concept of blog roll, I decided to extend it by incorporating visuals and ...
ESPVisuals Interview
2008-03-15 22:33:00
Forgot to post this earlier, but PHilfy managed to hook ESPV up with an interview for Design Taxi, the Asia-based art/graphic design web mag. If you wanna know more about what we do, check us out HERE.
By: ESPV Blog
3 Beautiful Animation and Motion Videos
2008-03-06 00:53:00
Jasper Morello Animated Movie with music by Mars Volta.1st Ave Machine transcends the boundary between imagination and reality in the new CG/live action music video for the track "Ted" by Chris Clark of Warp Funny Videos | Funny Cartoons | Comedy CentralThe Pearce Sisters by Luis Cook. Two lonely sisters who live by the sea throw peculiar tea parties. Best animated short at 07 Bafta's.
By: ESPV Blog
Fredy Wenzel
2008-03-04 19:19:00
Fredy Wenzel is a German 3D cover artist with some serious talent. He definitely has the eye for layers and textures and the images he creates are truly hyper-realistic. See more of his incredible work HERE.
By: ESPV Blog
Wicked Gif
2008-03-01 23:56:00
More emails of random images....these ones happen to move.Thanks for the Gifs Steve!
By: ESPV Blog
Nicolas Schoffer Cybernetic Artist
2008-02-21 12:27:00
I was recently commissioned to put together some "retro-futuristic" visuals for a freerock/improv band called Pulsar and have been delving into the world of 60's & 70's futurism. A very very interesting world it is as well! That's how I stumbled upon Nicolas Schoffer (1912-1992)who was a Hungarian-born French artist, architect, sculptor, composer and pioneer of 'Cybernetic Art'. "Schöffer's sculptures and light shows moved and pulsed, guided by an electronic 'brain', mimicking the thought processes of a living organism." What I really like about him was the fact that he was already trying to push the boundaries of our acceptance of different genres of art, especially in a psychedelic, electronic way. I could only show you a few titbits of what he's all about, check this SITE about him for way more inspirational imagery.This video features Brigitte Bardot performing "Contact", installations by Schoffer and music by Serge Gainsbourg.[VIA]
By: ESPV Blog
ESPV Blog Error
2008-02-14 11:17:00
Are any of you finding that our blog is appearing weirdly when you use a Mac with Mozilla Firefox? I have received a couple emails regarding some of the older posts (from approx. 7 days ago) being all spread out over the page instead of being "confined" to a post. Sounds like a coding error in our template, but weird thing is, we havent touched our code in ages......I would really appreciate it if you, the reader, could leave a comment if the ESPV Blog looks messed up on your screen, telling us if you are using a PC or Mac and what internet browser...Thanks so much and sorry for any inconvenience caused.
By: ESPV Blog
Daim Sprays Virtual Graffiti
2008-01-30 21:10:00
"Walls, trains or house fronts - graffiti need to be sprayed on solid, "real" backgrounds. Doesn't it? An answer to this is provided by the "Tagged in Motion" project, which builds a bridge between real graffiti art and its virtual depiction. The centre of attention is the graffiti artist DAIM, who co-created the nextwall. Equipped with the appropriate technology, DAIM sprays graffiti into empty space. In a large hall, three cameras using Motion Capturing record DAIM's position and the movements he executes with a virtual spray can. The assimilated data is shown to him in real time in a pair of video glasses - as free-floating 3D graffiti in space. In this way he can decide how and where to apply his strokes, and via a Bluetooth controller can also determine the colours, strength of brushstrokes and textures of his work."Although this is just in its infancy, further development of this should see some seriously innovative ways of getting-up virtually.Stolen from Wooster Collective.
By: ESPV Blog
The Tale Of How
2008-01-20 17:36:00
This 5 min. animation is absolutely stunning. Created by The Black Heart Gang, it was created over nine months of part time work. The Tale of How is the second part of a trilogy of works called the Dodo Trilogy. In the The Tale of How we meet a giant octopus with a tree growing in his head! His lonely past time is to devour the innocent dodo?s who live on his head. We then see the dodo?s unite and with the help of a little white mouse, we see them escape the clutches of the terrible be-tentacled tyrant and sail off into the sunset on their mother, the tree. The animation was also released with 13 gorgeous prints to accompany it! What I love about this project is how rich and detailed each layer of the animation is and when combined, it really is hard to listen to the story because your brain is going into visual overdrive."The Tale Of How""The Making Of......" [VIA]
By: ESPV Blog
2008-01-20 17:02:00
Ever wondered how you can go from original concept sketch to finalised, hyper-detailed masterpiece? Massive Black are offering you the opportunity to download tutorials from masters like Nox. In this particular project, the whole thing took 30 hours and was greatly altered from his original concept. Beautiful nonetheless.Nox has worked for clients like id software, 3d Realms, Flagship Studios, Sony and Blizzard Entertainment. He is a true master of his craft and is a leader in the concept design field today. You can view other masters of their craft on massive Black's Website.
By: ESPV Blog
PS3 Game Review: EA's NBA Live 2008
2008-01-15 19:28:00
The latest edition to the ESPV gamers room, a fresh 40Gb Playstation 3, has had Dkoda glued to the screen for the last week shooting hoops in EA?s NBA Live 2008.With the newest generation of consoles bringing sophisticated, glamorous visuals and rendering. Sports Videogames are looking slicker than ever, and with more sub-games and multiple play options, no to mention high definition resolution and smooth-moving animation, EA?s ?08 release is a breath of fresh everything!Firstly, the graphics are stunning; sweat shimmers on the players skin; muscles contort with movement, the leather ball actually looks like it?s made of leather. Even the background crowd is more detailed.The soundtrack is awesome with some really dirty tunes and the in-game commentary is even more accurate in it?s response to the action, with updated player stats and the odd argument for added realism! Including the regular NBA season and Championship competitions, 08 offers the gamer a chance to create their o...
By: ESPV Blog
Recreating D-Day
2008-01-14 22:15:00
This video shows how 3 graphic designers had to try and faithfully re-create D-Day for a BBC show called "Bloody Omaha" in just 4 days. They were on a seriously low budget but the outcome of their effort is impressive to say the least. Well worth watching this 4 min. video.[VIA]
By: ESPV Blog
Crazy Science : Blending to the Extreme
2007-12-28 23:56:00
This is one of the best video series I've seen on YouTube!!!! "Will It Blend?" takes the simple concept of blending to the extreme! Ever wondered what would happen to a light bulb in a blender?...or a baseball? Then these should tickle your fancy! Of course, you shouldn't try any of this at home, and that's why I love it..because I get to see the results without having to, and thus reducing the risk of serious harm to myself or others!There are loads more in the series but not all of the items are blendable(if that's a so don't be too disappointed if you pick one that is just a boring still image of what you hope to be an exhilarating show! Also, not all of them are from BlendTec, which ESP considers the Master of the "Will it Blend?" conundrum!Videos found on YouTube by BlendTec
By: ESPV Blog
Umfeld DVD trailer
2007-12-28 15:29:00
Trailer for Umfeld, Jochem Paap(Speedy J) and Scott Pagano's 2007 audiovisual DVD release. Purchase the DVD and download the FREE full-res version at
By: ESPV Blog
Custom Home Theatres
2007-12-27 19:18:00
So custom toys and PC cases just aren't enough anymore. There are some incredible home theatres now that don't just contain top of the range audio/video equipment but themes of aesthetics too! Behold three examples of home theatre customising to the extreme. This Star Trek theatre is so technically cool that I'm not gonna try and make any lame jokes about how cheesy bla bla it looks....According to Wired, this home "features motion-activated air-lock doors with series sound effects, and a ?Red Alert? button on the Crestron TPMC-10 controller to turn all of the LEDs bright red and flashing. The system also features ?one of the largest Kaleidescape hard-drive based storage systems? ever created, amassing eight servers with 3,816 DVDs." A great theatre for sci-fi lovers. Loads of amazing toys/props/replicas as well as a sweet set-up for the gadgets. This guy has 3 XBOX 360's set up on 3 different screens so the whole family can join in the network fun! WTF?![VIA]
By: ESPV Blog
Hellraiser Tribute Teddy Troop Custom
2007-12-09 23:48:00
A 3.5" Pinhead Teddy Troop. I've wanted to do one for years but was waiting for the right toy to do it with. The walker was an evil mechanised addition to Pinhead; it's made of an old security camera and has the legs of a Ci-boy Ranger. The turret is fully rotational too! Pinhead and his walker. Pinhead operating his death-dealing machine. I wanted to mix a Hellraiser black with a Steampunk feel. Close-up of Pinhead's walker. From above, you can just make out the dashboard controls and the platform he stands on.
By: ESPV Blog
First Crysis 2 details reveal even more focus on photorealistic visuals
2007-11-27 17:09:00
As recently as last week we were talking about the confirmation of a Crysis Trilogy. This week Crytek Lead Animator & Animation Manager Steven Bender revealed the first small details on the current plans for Crysis 2. To quote: “The second part is to resume not only the history around the Koreans and Aliens. The developer’s ...
iTunes crazy visuals
2007-11-26 03:38:00
While I don't normally use iTunes built in visualiser, as it generally outputs a lot of similar patterns which tire pretty quickly, after leaving it on full screen while finishing some coursework I found it creating some of the most beautifully jagged yet flowing visuals I've ever seen. What was I listening to to make such tasty eye candy? None other than Manchester's greatest; GNOD.check them out at their myspace ( and if you think they're all that come down to one of their gigs or buy a cd. I now realise this seems like a hackneyed and shameless plug for the band but in all honesty that was never the intention of this post. For those interested the track creating the most eye-popping retina-burning light-sweets are the four parts of Abstehen Der Ohren.In their immortal words I'm going to gnod off.
Digital Vs. Organic Design Part 1
2007-11-19 23:21:00
I have recently come across two very distinct, yet original ideas for battles/competitions that allow for freestyle flow but use two very different mediums for the artists to get their message across. In the red corner, we have the Digital Design Battle known as "Cut & Paste" from USA and in the blue corner, the Organic Design Battle known as "Secret Wars" from UK. I have to admit, when I first heard about graffiti artists/illustrators battling each other to see who could draw a better piece of work in a set time, I really wasn't a fan of the idea. I mean, how can you judge someone elses art as shitter than the other persons? Isn't art supposed to be subjective; beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc.? Even though this would be true in a utopian society, these two comps were borne from the gritty and dark streets of New York and London. Places where people's egos need to be satisfied, especially in the creative/media/design circles. I guess competitions like these were inev...
By: ESPV Blog
Digital Vs. Organic Design Part 2
2007-11-19 20:06:00
This second post showcases the talents of the "organic" style of competition, using pens and paint."SECRET WARS"Put simply, it's a war between artists. The ultimate question, however is who will remain supreme? The only weapon they have is a juicy Edding that they hold in their hands.It started in London but has moved around to Birmingham, Southampton, Japan and a current European Tour.RulesYou have one and a half hours to create your masterpiece.There are two battles each date.The colour palette is uniform black and white.Only paint pens and acrylics can be used.Judges decision is final.You must stick to your side of the wall.A look at the Semi-Finals and Finals of the UK 06/07 season.All images are copyright of Monorex.
By: ESPV Blog
Scary Clown
2007-11-12 22:25:00
Click on the image above to see a seriously un-funny clown.Gives me the shivers looking at this image. But at the same time, it's also kinda hypnotising.Found from HERE.
By: ESPV Blog
Poxnora: Drums Of War
2007-11-11 14:35:00
All these illustrations are made for the online game Poxnora, the game is a mix of CCG and tabletop strategy. The in-house artists are Bryan Rypkowski,Tyranx, Artkitty and Robogabo.It's amazing to think that from one concept painting, a pixelated/simplified version will be used as a character in the game. To see more of their briliant fantasy artwork and pixelwork, visit this Thread.
By: ESPV Blog
Gigabyte Visuals USB Gauge
2007-11-10 21:04:00
This USB device can display wattage, temperature, and fan speed. I don’t think Gigabyte Visuals USB Gauge is useful for an overclocker. But I think that Gigabyte Visuals USB Gauge is looks cool, so who cares if it is useful or not?! I just want one connected to my computer even I am not an ...
Andre the Giant comes to London
2007-10-30 23:51:00
Not satisfied with merely admiring the new Obey pieces springing up all over London, the ESP/adapta crew met up with the Brain behind the Giant - Shepard Fairey whilst he was setting up his new show NINETEENEIGHTYFOURIA which opens Thursday 1st November.The exhibition will be huge - covering over 20,000 square feet and will feature some appropriately enormous prints.ukadapta will feature a brief interview with Shepard soon. Also: look out for his part in our upcoming DVD documentary.
By: ESPV Blog
Anti VJ
2007-10-30 12:33:00
Anti VJ is French VJ collective based in Paris and Bristol. Me and Selph met them at Glade Festival 2007, when they were vjing at Overkill stage. Anti VJ interview is coming soon on UKADAPTA web magazine (!! Check out their audiovisual installation videos. Wicked! www.antivj.com3Destruct audiovisual installationat Biennale d'art contemporain in Louvain, Belgium. May 2007Produced by Yannick Jacquet (Lego_man), Jérémie Peeters et Thomas Vaquié.Live visuals installation in Berlin - January 2007Sculpture by VisomatVisuals by Joanie Lemercier [ANTIVJ]Music: Sleep Archive
By: ESPV Blog
South Korean Subway Cars
2007-10-30 01:19:00
Why do Asian cities get the coolest subway cars? These photos are from Seoul's underground system where all kinds of marketing and viral campaigns are underway all the time.Original Post [VIA]
By: ESPV Blog
Been Mad Busy!!!!
2007-10-29 23:44:00
I'm sorry for the lack of updates on my part but I have been crazy busy with some film interviews for with Irieman recently. We are working on a documentary about Progression in British Creativity and have been lucky enough to interview some of the biggest creatives in their fields. I don't want to give away too much yet, but this week we have interviewed Insa, Hi-Res! and Shepard Fairey (Obey). The greatest thing is that I am getting to interview some of my creative heroes of the UK and beyond. Next week will be D*Face, Conor Harrington and One Dot Zero but on a more manageable time scale so the blog will return to its normal daily update.Images from HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.
By: ESPV Blog
Visual x Architecture
2007-10-27 19:44:00
Amazing visual installations projected onto monumental architectures. Watch the youtube video below.Easyweb.frA monumental video show creates a single event using the innovating system of mapping 3D video Neoproj, technique that consists in applying video onto a monumental architecture playing with its forms and its volumes.http://www.easyweb.frht-tp://www.neoproj.comShowreel 2007
By: ESPV Blog
Triggering music + visuals
2007-10-25 03:43:00
Some use Hyperscore, a music software program designed to teach students and adults how to compose music simply by drawing lines on the screen, some use loop tracks, by simple drag of slider left or right and up and down using vertical lines.
Speed up your PC: streamlined visuals
2007-10-19 13:20:00
Over the years the Windows interface has become increasingly visually appealing, however, these graphic effects can have an impact on performance.The effects of effectsWindows 2000 and XP users can switch off some of these effects in order to get better performance from their PC. To do this, right-click on the desktop - away from any icons and select 'Properties'. This will open the 'Display Properties' dialog box. On this box select the 'Appearance tab'.Click on the 'Effects...' button, and the following dialog box will open. To increase performance make sure that 'Show shadows under menus' and 'Show windows contents while dragging' are not ticked. Click 'OK' on all the boxes when you have made your changes.Pick a better wallpaperAnother factor that may impact performance is the size of the image you use as your desktop background - also known as a wallpaper. You can use any size of image as your wallpaper and Windows will resize it to fit the screen. By picking a sma...
Funny Visuals
2007-09-17 21:12:00
Sometimes you read a headline that just creates a funny picture in your head. Often, the rest of the story isn’t nearly as entertaining. This time though… we hit the jackpot: “Jack Hanna and Flamingo Trapped Inside Airport Turnstile“ SWEET.
MAC Cosmetics Fall/Winter ?07 Trend Visuals
2007-09-06 12:35:00
Recently forum member sleepyhead stumbled on and shared with us, this video on MAC Cosmetics Fall/Winter ‘07 trends, which were inspired by the seasons fashion runways. There are four “trends” that are being promoted this season - Futuregraphic, Photoshaped, Taylored and Techno Colour. Following are visual illustrations (screencaps from the video), brief summarizations of the ...
Learn VisualStudio.NET
2007-08-14 18:18:00
Get started now!  Receive over four hours of tutorial videos from our "ASP.NET 2.0 for Absolute Beginners" video series.
Quote these Visuals
2007-08-10 17:56:00
Quote these Visuals! Quotes of the Day: → “Hell is full of musical amateurs.” -George Bernard Shaw → “A short saying oft contains much wisdom.” -Sophocles → “There is no such thing as an underestimate of average intelligence.” -Henry Adams → “I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.” -Jackie Mason → “Seriousness is the only ...
Not listening to 'Today's oral can lead to odd visuals
2007-07-08 00:00:00
So every morning while preparing breakfast and lunches for my family, this writer watches "The Today Show" out of the corner of my eye. A visual person by nature, I usually only half-listen to what's coming from the other room's...
Visuals from San Francisco Streets - ongoing projects
2007-06-28 01:56:00
PHOTOduniya Projects - Preface From time to time, various facts of life inspire us to think more, to dig deep and find some meaning. Often the pictures give a message and sometimes they just becomes memories. Whatever be the situation, each provide an inspiration to explore. Many a times, my readers would prompt me ...
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