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MNP Not Before 31st December – Is This Wait Meant To Make It More Exc
2009-09-04 12:16:00
At WATBlog we’ve constantly kept you updated about the latest from Mobile Number Portability. We were able to answer several questions as to - How VAS players will play a huge role in the industry as soon as the idea is implemented? What would be its impact in India? How would the operators bear the cost? But the question now is, when is it going to be implemented? The story so far – In the beggining it was planned to start by August in major cities and would have covered the rest of the area by the year end. But here it comes. The DoT announced today that MNP is not going to be lauched before 31st December. The 100 day delay in the execution has been primarily because of 2 reasons: Inability of operators to upgrade their network to the desired configurations for MNP Delay on part of TRAI to come up with the Tariff. The DoT said that more time and effort is required on part of the mobile operators as it, “required customization and upgradation of the existin...
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China's Migrant Workers. The Revolution Will Have To Wait.
2009-08-14 01:03:00
Robert D. O'Brien (have I linked to the right person?) over at China Beat has a great post up on the impact China's manufacturing downturn is having and will have on China's big picture. The post is entitled, "China’s Migrant Workers in the Wake of the Economic Crisis: Unemployed, Undeterred," and it basically concludes that the macro impacts on China will be micro. I tend to agree. What do you think?
Coffee Can Wait. Day's First Stop Is Online
2009-08-10 18:24:00
From NYT > Technology: Technology has shaken up plenty of life's routines, but for many people it has completely altered the once predictable rituals at the start of the day. This is morning in America in the Internet age. After six to eight hours of network deprivation —
Can’t Wait For Google Wave? Try These Two Nifty Tools Instead
2009-07-27 07:35:00
The Google Wave video might probably be the most watched 1 hour plus video on the web this year, discounting pirated movies of course. That it is now considered the most revolutionary thing to hit the web in recent times is a word that’s been going around since the moment people got a whiff of what Google plans to do with how we communicate. So since the time they announced the 100,000 free invites that is going to go out, September 30 might well be the most anticipated day this year, at least on the virtual world. However, among many of us exist that curious few, and removing those who were lucky to get their hands on a beta test for Wave, they must be itching to enter the wave world. I don’t have free passes however, I do have links to two tools that are probably the next best things to wave at the moment. First Up: PyGoWave I read about it first on Mashable, and was immediately unimpressed by the name. As the blog post there explains, there isn’t much to take...
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The Dream ? Can?t Wait To Hate You
2009-07-18 23:47:00
Demo for Mariah Carey! The Dream – Can’t Wait To Hate You (Prod. By Tricky Stewart)
I Can?t Wait For Government Run Health Care
2009-07-16 15:00:00
It all makes perfect sense to me now. It’s so simple. I am looking forward to this because the way we’re ding it know is the old way. This is the future. I wonder if Obamacare will be run like Social Security? Because if it is, then it’s going to be a ...
News: wait for a competition and three come along at once!
2009-07-13 20:30:00
Another chance to win a prize: How to enter the contest? To be the king get a chance to win the William?son Red Bee, you?ll have to enter the game, and to enter it will be pretty easy. You?ll have to share a demo/test drive video of your musical instrument with the readers of muzicosphere. Just as me, they are interested and want to hear various... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
If ?stimulus? was supposed to be timely, why wait to spend the money alread
2009-07-10 22:57:00
With the “stimulus” failing to work as advertised, Democrats having two primary ideas when it comes to economic difficulties, “borrow and spend,” are considering a second such package, despite a paucity of economists’ supporting such a proposal. With “only 14 percent of the [package's] $787 billion has been spent so far,” however, some of its defenders ...
President Obama?s ?Wait And See? Approach To Iranian Prostesters Would Put
2009-06-18 03:28:00
Q: Where Is The “Strict Constitutionalist Right” When You Need Them For Their Input On The Iran Protests? A: To The Extreme Opposite Of Our Founding Fathers… That’s right, SOMEBODY has to say it — President Barack Hussein Obama is getting it exactly correct in the... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Lifeforrent wrote a new blog post: Cant wait..
2009-05-26 18:17:00
Lifeforrent wrote a new blog post: Cant wait.. Cant wait for july..hi evo.. starting to read my blog now.. haha.. cant wait cant wait cant wait. alallalaa By 'lifeforrent'
Wait a Few
2009-05-08 00:10:00
I did 4 days of Jazz Fest and a few other things in the past 2 weeks. One day soon, I'll post about it. Work sux.
Wait A Second, I Have A Blog??
2009-05-04 20:14:00
It has been pointed out to me by oh, about 50 people in the last few months or so that I have what is apparently called a blog, which I?m told is short for web log. If that was the case though, shouldn?t it be called a Wlog (pronounced Wuh-log. Just said much quicker)? I have also been told that I have let that blog sit unbathed, unfed and unnurtured in the back of the intraweb?s shed for quite some time. Today I strive to change that.The reason for my rededication to my Wlog is that I still do enjoy writing (defined by this individual as typing whatever comes to mind, spell checking it and hitting the nearest publish button) and the fact that I for no real good reason quit my pretty decent job last week. This now gives me plenty of spare time. But since I have already done the laundry, been to Disneyland and made fun of the tourists wearing socks and sandals and sorted my Barry Manilow CDs by favorite song AFTER Copacabana, I am looking for more to do.It?s not that I haven?t had a ...
the long wait..
2009-04-18 17:10:00
?Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering.? - Paulo Coelhoto those who kept on returning and checking on this blog, thank you.i have been in hiatus for months but it doesn't mean i have forgotten this place. it doesn't mean that i will stop painting, drawing, taking photos and writing poems. some of these were indeed placed on hold for a while, while i wait for time to stop. sometimes i wish to hold time and wish a day to never end. sometimes i wish time could move fast forward to that day, that day which i wish to not end. but these only happens in dreams and some dreams seemed reality. while reality sometimes seemsto be dreams.since the time i have gone, i've been to places where i wish to never leave. and soon as i got back i look back and my memories feel like everything was just a dream. my only proof for myself are the photos i have taken, and the memories that kept on running over and over in my head. i do not f...
Don't Wait
2009-03-24 19:34:00
As I drove home last night, at times, driving rain, I thought to myself bring on the rain.  Sure it was tough to drive in at times, but warm rain really melts ice, and I need open water bad!  Plus most of the lakes I have drove by of late seem pretty low.  I thought we had received a lot of snow this year, but it does not seem like much of it ended up in our lakes, guess it evaporated instead of melting and going into our lakes.Regardless, my boat is now ready as soon as the water opens.  The guys out at Extreme Marine did a great job, they always do.  I would not drive from Lakeville to Andover to get my boat worked on if they were not good.  My recommendation would be to put some of your tax rebate to good use (don't waste it on some big TV) and give your outboard a tune-up for preventive maintenance.  Easier to catch something before it breaks and takes out something else with it, plus you will have that peace of mind when you do go fishin...
It'll be so cool, MIddle and her friends will probably wait at least 30 sec
2009-03-23 02:11:00
In about 60 days, Middle is going to graduate high school, which means in about 60 days, we have to have a graduation party for her, and I've been struggling to come up with a theme. So far, Sweetie has shot down all these ideas:1. Time to start paying your own car insurance.2. If you're not out in 30 days, we charge rent.And my personal favorite:3. Hallelujah, no helping with calculus homework anymore.So I was stumped, and turned my attention to the Graduation Songs I thought I might play at her party, which posed a whole new problem, that being that Middle and her friends don't like anything that I would consider "cool" music, and I don't like anything Middle and her friends consider "cool" music (not that what they listen to is music...)I finally went to this "Celebrations" website to get some ideas for what playlists to set up and it was actually pretty helpful -- it had the top 10 most popular songs for high school graduates, things like Breakaway from Kelly Clarksonan...
I Know You Can’t Wait to Read My Book About Life in Colorado
2009-03-20 21:54:00
And believe me, it’ll be worth the wait. But right now I’ve got to take whatever free time I have (read: next to none) and get busy with rewrites about teaching in Tampa. Which leads me to contemplate a show I was listening to on WMNF several weeks back about writers. Apparently we exploit those around us. Do we? Is every artist a cannibal and every poet a thief? Do we really kill our inspirations and sing about grief? I don’t consider myself an artist or poet and I definitely don’t dig on human flesh. But the show seemed to indicate that if a writer is worth anything, he or she writes what he or she knows. That includes the people that he or she knows. Sometimes the result is funny and poignant; other times it’s scandalous or embarrassing. Is it fair?  In other words, should friends and loved ones handle the fact that their writer friends write about shared experiences and try to find the joy in being immortalized forever in the pages of a story? Or i...
Erie County 2008: Surplus. Wait, what?
2009-02-20 08:09:00
That's what they're saying - that the county ended 2008 with a $5-ish million surplus. Well, I'll be damned. Now if the control board would get the hell out of the way and let the county do its capital and RAN borrowing without a perpetual battle, that'd be ...
2009-02-17 05:30:00
Well what a weekend, i was busy as hell and traveled way too much than i wanted to but it wasn't all work and no play. On Sunday i hit up the Good Vibrations Festival in Melbourne and had a rad time, big Paz was rocking the Jager tent playing his much loved Soca music, chest hair and all, just for the ladies. While i was there i ran into Steve Lind from the one and only Hump Day Project, one of my favorite groups out there, they always bring the heat! Steve was a super nice dude so i thought i would post up one of his edits that i have been playing out everywhere lately...Steve Lind - Funky What (zshare) (alt link)Also check out the Troublemaker project that steve is apart of as well, there is heaps of tunes on there to download and loads of information about what troublemakers is all about, CHECK IT!While I'm talking about sydney cats i thought i better post up some work from my boy LunyP. This dude is always making new remixes, always sending me files and there always great fun!...
Sarah Can Wait
2009-02-16 21:36:00
Those who read this blog know that I’m a strong supporter of the Governor of Alaska.  Aware of her accomplishments, standing up–and defeating–many of the corrupt politicians in the Last Frontier, all of them male,* I know Sarah Palin is capable of the Herculean task of cleaning the Augean stables iof our nation’s capital, made ...
Can You Afford to Wait for Lower Mortgage Rates?
2009-02-13 19:56:00
Many of you reading this have been waiting for those government promised mortgage rates of 4.5%, or even lower.  Do you realize those rates may never come in actuality?  Can you comprehend how much money you are wasting by not refinancing or outright purchasing a property right now? First, let’s look at those of you waiting to refinance.  Since rates are currently around 5% and it usually doesn’t make sense to refinance with less than a 1% drop in rate, let’s put together a scenario.  You have a $200,000 loan at 6%, with monthly mortgage payments (not including taxes and insurance) of $1,199.  You are now faced with the dilemma of refinancing since rates dropped lower, down into the 4’s, but you didn’t take advantage of them and they have now risen to 5%.  You hear the media talk about lower mortgage rates, namely 4.5%, throughout the headlines and this causes you to wait longer in anticipation.  As we near the passage...
It's PIGS IN SPACE! Wait, no it's not. Dang, I need to focus!
2009-02-09 15:34:00
It took me a long time to learn that links are what's important in a website. Once I did learn that, I immediately went out and started getting as many links as I could. Sausage. Chain. The head pig from Pigs in Space. Even Art Linkletter's ashes.Ha! I kid. Sure, those links are helpful in building web traffic, but they're not exactly what you need. What you need to up your page rank and improve the visibility of your website are quality, one-way links.Think of your website as a billboard. In Times Square. Without quality links, it's sitting on the sidewalk, with some people occasionally walking by, but it's obscured by other signs and people and cabs and the carts selling those delicious sweet roasted nuts that you can only get in New York... why is that? Why doesn't someone start selling those outside my office?I digress.Get a couple of quality links, though, and suddenly your sign is at eye level. A few more links, your website/sign (it's a metaphor) is on the ...
Amara Lee wrote a new blog post: Can't wait for it to be over.
2009-02-05 23:45:00
Amara Lee wrote a new blog post: Can't wait for it to be over. This week has been on of the longest in quite some time. It's been back and forth between moving and all the other things that have decided to crumble into the ground. I'm beyond the point of tired. I can't even think straight. Cars broken, just moved so I'm broke, doctors can't tell me why ...
The point is: Don't send me to run errands. Wait, the point is, these thin
2009-01-28 15:28:00
Anyone can just buy a baby shower gift or present for a newborn. Anyone, that is, except me. I will mean to buy a baby shower gift or present for your newborn. I really, really will. I will even write a post-it note and put it on the cupboard above the coffee pot, next to the one that says "Algebra 2," which is there to remind me to remind The Boy to bring his Algebra home to do extra homework.But I won't ever actually buy the baby gift. Instead, at some point, Sweetie will go pick it up plus a card apologizing to the recipient for it being so late. I will then drop that gift off, getting around to it by the baby's high school graduation.That's a shame for me, because if I were to have the ability to buy baby gifts, I could make them extra-special by making them personalized baby gifts , using the near-instant, custom embroidery available through lets you order blankets, bibs, sleepers, onesies, and more, and have it custom embroidered -- and ...
Prototype: Cellphones as Credit Cards? Americans Must Wait
2009-01-26 15:37:00
From NYT > Technology: Imagine a technology that lets you pay for products just by waving your cellphone over a reader. The technology exists, and, in fact, people in Japan have been using it for the last five years to pay for everything from train tickets to groceries to candy
Chrysler - Fiat. Wait, what?
2009-01-22 08:37:00
Fiat just bought itself a 35% stake in Chrysler without spending a penny. It enables Fiat and Alfa to re-enter the US Market via Chrysler's dealer network, use some of Chrysler's excess manufacturing capacity, and lets Chrysler use Fiat's small-car platforms. This is very strange but very interesting. ...
Chinese Drywall. If You Think That Is Bad.....Just Wait.
2009-01-15 21:41:00
Absurdity, Allegory and China is doing an excellent job in covering the recent problems with Chinese drywall that have cropped up in Florida. AAC has done a series of posts on this issue, the most recent one, entitled, "Just Follow the Links," which, as its name implies, links over to the previous ones. As I am always saying, lawyers make for excellent canaries in terms of what is happening and what is going to happen. This is because we oftentimes hear of things from our clients before they become public, through either litigation or an announced deal. My law firm has been hearing much more about and/or getting much more work in four areas relating to China. Only one relates to the drywall problem, but all four directly relate to the downturn in the economy. Here goes. First, we are hearing of even more incidences (yes that is possible) of China quality control problems. Chinese companies that are strapped for cash are the most likely to skimp on quality and with more Chin...
Ever wondered why firefox extension install makes you wait for a few second
2009-01-07 06:46:00
I was quite surprised to know the reason behind it. The reason for the delay is to prevent a very intelligent attack. Read about the attack here:, the attack is quite cool. I am impressed!
There are no large feet. Only large shoes. Wait, does that make sense?
2008-12-27 13:39:00
I don't know where they get them from but Middle and Oldest have big feet. It troubles them no end because they think that girls are supposed to have small, petite feet. I don't know where they get that from, and I try to comfort them with these facts:Most women in the US now wear a size 9 shoe -- that's the national average for women's shoe sizes, up two or three sizes from the 70s when this small-foot mania appears to have settled in.And this fact:The average fashion model that you see in magazines or on TV wears a size 11 shoe.Amazingly, facts and statistics are not calming and soothing to young women, but something else is: Great shoes that actually fit them from Samanta.Samanta's a place that makes not just shoes in the sizes you can find in the store, but also Size 12 womens shoes and even larger, shoes that are as high-quality as any shoe you could buy anywhere else, but which has the added benefit of actually fitting the foot it's put on.Samanta has this crazy idea ...
Mom delivers in cab as baby can?t wait
2008-12-25 18:01:00
Elina Zhao yawns in the arms of mom Fang Zhao in spite of the excitement caused when she was born in the backseat of a cab. New York’s Finest met its newest Tuesday, when a group of cops helped deliver a baby in the backseat of a cab in Brooklyn. Elina Zhao came into the world ...
In every cloud, there's some lemonade. Wait, is that right? I'm a little t
2008-12-13 13:24:00
As I got up this morning, CNN was doing a story on how the auto failure may cause Soap Operas trouble -- proving again that pretty much every business could be adversely affected by what's going on in the financial markets, and proving, too, that it's more necessary than ever to find new sources of funding and revenue in these times for your business.If you own a small business, or are starting one, you can still make it succeed in this climate, and you can even make it more successful: you can grow your business and take advantage of the retrenchment other businesses are suffering. We'll pull out of this, and when the country rebounds, the customers will return and they'll need businesses -- businesses like yours -- to sell them stuff.That's why it's smart to consider one of the small business loans from Merchant Advisors. Merchant Advisors has a 90% merchant loan approval rate and gives you answers in 48 hours. 5-7 days after you're approved, you get the money. They'll...
Dude. SRSLY? Wait until you got one you bozo...
2008-12-11 23:43:00
Actually this topic was at my point of late-at-nite discussion with my friend but then I'm taking liberty of putting it here. Well, although my friend told me "it's useless to beat a dead horse. Dead stupid horse" but I don't care. Even if this wouldn't change anything, at least please let me saying out loud what's on my mind.It's about an article by this what-so-called medical people who thought themselves being a messiah by saying condoms are having no use and no effect in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. The article is in Bahasa Indonesia anyway.As my friend and I have did it before, lets digest the article one by one, shall we? First, nothing better than forewords.Menurut estimasi Departemen Kesehatan, hingga September 2008, jumlah kasus HIV/AIDS di Indonesia sudah mencapai 21.151 kasus, yang terdiri dari 15.136 kasus AIDS dan 6.015 kasus HIV. Proporsi kelompok umur tertinggi kasus AIDS adalah pada usia 20-29 tahun sebesar 51,1%. According to Health Ministry, up to Sept...
Dude. SRSLY? Wait until you got one you bozo...
2008-12-11 23:43:00
Actually this topic was at my point of late-at-nite discussion with my friend but then I'm taking liberty of putting it here. Well, although my friend told me "it's useless to beat a dead horse. Dead stupid horse" but I don't care. Even if this wouldn't change anything, at least please let me saying out loud what's on my mind.It's about an article by this what-so-called medical people who thought themselves being a messiah by saying condoms are having no use and no effect in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. The article is in Bahasa Indonesia anyway.As my friend and I have did it before, lets digest the article one by one, shall we? First, nothing better than forewords.Menurut estimasi Departemen Kesehatan, hingga September 2008, jumlah kasus HIV/AIDS di Indonesia sudah mencapai 21.151 kasus, yang terdiri dari 15.136 kasus AIDS dan 6.015 kasus HIV. Proporsi kelompok umur tertinggi kasus AIDS adalah pada usia 20-29 tahun sebesar 51,1%. According to Health Ministry, up to Sept...
I Will Wait Quietly
2008-11-08 22:52:00
Exhibition: October 15 to November 9, 2008Reception: Wednesday, October 15th, 7 to 9 pmVisual artists and writers share a long rich history of exchanging ideas ? affecting, influencing and challenging each other to create inspired works. Jud Bergeron had this type of relationship with best friend and poet, Bill Reynolds, who passed away tragically ten years ago.For ?I Will Wait Quietly?, Bergeron revisits Reynolds writings, selecting a collection of poems and building sculptures, literally, from Reynolds' words. Each work, ranging from small vessels to abstract sculptures to larger than life-sized figures, represents a single poem - the artist fashioned each letter in that poem from wood and/or steel and built that sculpture from its letters. In some the characters are almost unrecognizable. In others they are clearly apparent. But every piece is a poetic use of space and form that utilizes language while obscuring its traditional use.Jud Bergeron attended Old Lyme Academy of Fine ...
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State Senate Goes Dem ? Wait, Not So Fast
2008-11-06 22:29:00
Four New York City-area Democratic Senators, being referred to as the "gang of four", are meeting with GOP leaders to consider doing a switcheroo. That would be a fascinating betrayal, given that at least some people voted the way they did in order to give the Democrats a majority ...
Can't Wait for L4D, Try Zombie Master
2008-11-04 21:39:00
Like many of you I'm waiting for L4D with great anticipation and I am disinclined to get into anything as quite as involved as Fallout 3. With two grueling weeks of November ahead of us before the... Hi, want more? Visit for more StarCraft 2 news, rumors, videos, contests & more!
I can?t wait
2008-10-29 04:42:00
Next week I’ll be heading to DC to attend a gala for Soldiers’ Angels (see below). The gala will also be attended by many heroes that I can’t wait to meet and/or see again. Saturday, we will spend the afternoon at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for a picnic. Yes, I’ll be bringing kleenex too ...
Harry Potter y el Principe Mestizo...Can"t Wait
2008-10-28 15:22:00
Ya por fin tendremos pronto en pantalla, al Principe Mestizoy aunque ya lei el final de esta saga magica, no deja de emocionarme lo que se avecina a nuestros amigos Harry, Hermiony y Ron.Algo si les aseguro, sera Intenso y lleno de sorpresas.
Lindsay Lohan Says She's No Lesbian, Can't Wait to Date Men Again
2008-10-27 21:12:00
Lindsay Lohan aka the new Anne Heche says that she will only be dating men after her and Samantha Ronson breakup. Hey, at least she's being honest about something.Lindsay Lohan hasn't publically said that she's a lesbian, and that's because she isn't one. Gasp! Hohan has reportedly been telling folk that she is NOT a lesbian and Sam's the only dyke she'd be interested in dating.?She has been telling everyone over and over that she?s still into guys. She keeps saying if anything went wrong with Sam she would date a guy next. She even flirts with guys when they go out.?Samantha is really going to get hurt by Anne Heche when their relationship goes boom. Sam and Lindsay's entire worlds revolve around each other and Lindsay's gonna make up for lost time, hooking up with every male in Hollyweird as soon as they split. I miss heterosexual maneater Lindsay, though. Can't wait till she's back.sourceFor more HOT new gossip visit!!!!
You'll just have to wait until after my vacation. Don't worry, I'll leave
2008-10-24 21:08:00
Everyone and their brother, it seems, has a site that will help you get hotels for cheaper these days. The problem with all of those sites is it requires that YOU do all the work, and who wants to do that for their vacation?Enter "Rentalo," the website that lets you get vacation rentals for less -- less work, and less money.Here's how Rentalo works: Go to their site, enter the city or area you're going to, and you'll get listings of the hotel, bed & breakfast, and other lodging options. Pick the dates of travel and kind of lodging, just like any other site, and you'll narrow the listings down to the ones that meet your criteria. From there, look at the ones you like, and if you think you want to know more or stay there, check the "click to inquire" box.Still with me? See? It's easy.Now here's where it gets different and better: you'll inquire by asking those hotels and motels to make YOU an offer to stay there -- and they know that the others are competing, too.So ...
Labor Leaders Cannot Wait to Cripple Businesses, With Obama?s Help
2008-10-22 13:38:00
-By Warner Todd Huston As the Washington Post reports, it seems that in these tight economic times, big labor is admitting that it cannot wait until President Barack Obama comes to its aid by signing the Employee Free Choice Act, thereby dooming many American businesses to economic ruin. The Post’s story was mostly just re-hash of items ...
Locksley - Don?t Make Me Wait
2008-10-04 17:18:00
Not musically innovative. Not sublimely unconventional. Just toe-tapping, head shaking, “throw your cares to the wind”, nostalgia-rock good times. Locksley’s debut, Don?t Make Me Wait, is 33 super-cool minutes of classic pop in the hands of hipster kitties (imagine the Strokes covering A Hard Day?s Night). Dancy, lyrical, and a tad too bouncy, it’s definitely ...
Wait!! It DOES get Worse!!
2008-09-21 17:03:00
TREASURY NOW WANTS TO BAIL OUT FOREIGN BANKS? Unbelievable. Now we, the taxpayers, get to protect the foreign fat cats and corporate moguls, by being stuck yet again with their bill too. This is amazing in it’s breadth and scope and audacity. And incredibly dangerous for the country. Planned by design, just like 9/11. It ...
Worth the wait
2008-09-18 16:28:00
The beta version of picasa 3.0 is now available to download, and there are quiet a few new features in the picasa web album to go with it (I'll report on those in later blog posts). There is one features in the new picasa which pleases me a lot. It is the addition of a clone like tool, called retouch. Having to use a clone tool which copies texture from elsewhere on your photo to cover dust marks or remove unwanted distractions is the one thing I seem to routinely do outside picasa these days. Best of all this new tool is really easy to use. I took this picture while concentrating on the snooty tern, as it went into a dive so did a pacific gull, both spoiling each others approach. No fish diner for either I'm afraid. Unfortunately when I looked afterwards there were a lot of dust particles on the image spoiling it. So it was a perfect photo to test out the new picasa retouch feature.   The retouch tool is on the basic fixes tab, that appears when you select a single photo...
wait, please!
2008-09-11 17:06:00
wait, please! Jannacci e Guccini - Il primo furto non si scorda mai Pubblicato da kinglear | Commenti      &-nbsp;    &n-bsp;    &nb-sp;    &nbs-p;     -;     -    
The Wait Continues
2008-09-03 15:22:00
Maitri has beeen Tweeting all morning and afternoon. The latest: WWL footage of overtopping at Florida Ave looks a lot worse than an hour ago.  We're going to hear a lot of rumors here on out. If you hear something, please pass on a source. If you can't, ask for confirmation. And check ...
Now, We Wait
2008-09-03 15:22:00
The Bitch and fam are safe and sound outside LA. Now we wait. I see, too, that folks I never expected to evacuate left this time.
Wait, You Mean It?s Over?
2008-09-03 03:16:00
Well friends, the Beach Boys and the Buffett have been put away. I better clarify that. The Buffett as in Jimmy, not buffet as in I?m going to go back 5 times and only put one item on each new plate just because I can, has been packed away. The flags have been stored, the pool has been covered and the last wonderful BBQ has been conducted under the summer sun (blue cheese burgers, in case you were wondering). Ok, none of those things has actually happened yet, I mean I live in Southern California for Mother Nature?s sake. Weather wise we have about another month of summer out here. The kids are in school though, but they started July 28th, so summer in the ?no school? sense started over a month ago for us. At least Lucy and Ethel have October left so that they can be out of school for summer. Our summer. The So Cal summer. If I haven?t lost you yet, please feel free to read on. Then you can explain to me what I was trying to write in my clouded head, summer is over, what ...
Nokia N85 and N79 launched officially, but we wait for Touchscreen Lineup
2008-08-25 22:14:00
As predicted Nokia did it on August 25th, 2008. Nokia N79 and N85 are new addition to the Nseries line up. The phone look good but we await for Nokia tube . Specifications and pictures Nokia N85 N85 as flagship model is set to replace the N81 5 Megapixel Camera GPS Geotagging option for ...
Why Wait? The GTL Reveals The Vice Presidential Picks For Both John McCain
2008-08-20 02:36:00
Forget The Mainstream Media And Blogosphere “Buzz” On Potential Democratic And Republican Veep Picks — Bookmark This Page Because The GTL? Has The REAL Scoop For You Right Here, Right Now… You know, I’ve hesitated to write this article for most of the day, trying my... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
The Wait Is Over. Let?s Party!!!
2008-08-08 14:08:00
Original Post on The Sun’s Financial Diary The Wait Is Over. Let’s Party!!! ---Check Out These Related Articles:Is the Small-Cap Party Over?No Network at HomeMy First Day at New JobIGoBanking Account Setup CompletedPicked up Some XFML
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