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DIMP : Horde IMP Webmail berbasis PHP plus AJAX
2008-11-25 14:27:00
Setelah menjadi developer IMP, webmail berbasis PHP selama 8 tahun lebih, Horde bekerja sama dengan Portugal Telecom’s SAPO division melepaskan ke publik versi terbaru DIMP (Dynamic IMP) dengan kode DIMP H3. DIMP adalah aplikasi PHP webmail yang dikawinkan dengan AJAX. Ketika Anda menjalankannya pertama kali dengan Silver themes, mungkin sekilas tampak “seperti” Yahoo! Mail ...
Make Groupwise Webmail play nice with IE7+ or Firefox 2+?
2008-06-03 06:03:00
So you followed the leader and finally let Microsoft Update install IE7 or installed a new version of FireFox, and now you can't get to your corporate webmail. Yikes!Wait, dont uninstall that modern browser just yet.If you've ever tried to access GroupWise webmail from Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox v2+, you will get a blank page, or a page error. Dont worry, its actually a very simple fix.The new versions of both browsers only use SSL 3.0 by default, but Groupwise can only authenticate with SSL 2.0 (the next version of groupwise should add SSL 3 support). So all we need to do is to enable SSL 2.0, below are the instructions for IE and FireFox. Please comment if you have the same issue with other browsers.Here are the instructions for Internet Explorer v7+Navigate to Tools>Internet Options>AdvancedCheck the Box “Use SSL 2.0”, and click “OK” Then Refresh the page.Here Are the Instructions for FireFox v2+In a new tab type "about:config" in the address bar and press enterIn t...
Comcast homepage and webmail Hackers did warn company: Hijackers are Defian
2008-05-30 09:17:00
We have an update for you about Comcast, yesterday we reported the news ?Comcast Email Hacked: Webmail security issues, site is back up? (See Here), well today we want to let you know that the Comcast hijackers did indeed warn the company. We know that these computer hackers took down Comcast?s webmail and homepage ...
WebMail Notifier : Alert You of New Incoming Email Messages from Your Multi
2008-05-30 05:00:00
How often do you check your email account for new incoming email messages? If you have multiple email accounts, do you aware how much time that you?ve wasted just to log in the email account and find out that there is no new messages in your inbox? Stop wasting your precious time by applying this ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "WebMail Notifier : Alert You of New Incoming Email Messages from Your Multiple Email Accounts [Firefox Extension]", url: "" });
Comcast Email Hacked: Webmail security issues, site is back up
2008-05-29 09:48:00
It seems the importance of using a very strong password for emails is a must because the hacking of Comcast email service shows security issues. Many users do not understand obviously how important it can be, even though internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast using some of the most advanced email security solutions, wonders never ...
Un Open-Source para implementa nuestro WebMail
2008-05-28 03:21:00
Atmail (, es un Open-Source que nos permite implementar un webmail de muy buena calidad con funciones bastante llamativas como son las denominadas aplicaciones para Web 2.0, como ajax, correccin de ortografa, reproduccin de video, su traduccin al espaol y la opcin de enviar video Email grabada directamente de tu Webcam, como veremos en unos capturas, adems Leer ms... (
By: entrebits
AtMail releases AtMail Open webmail
2008-05-27 04:55:00
AtMail, a prominent provider, Linux-based email management appliances and software, publish the acquirable of AtMail Open today. AtMail offers a complete suite of email messaging solutions that help more than 15 million users and thousands of organizations streamline and vastly improve the overall email experience.AtMail, originally created in 1998, was of the first web-based mail ...
AtMail - Free Ajax Webmail Client Software
2008-05-24 15:28:00
AtMail, an free lightweight Ajax Webmail client software that written in PHP that allow end user receive email via web browser and WAP devices. This webmail client software can be installed on variety platform like Windows and Linux. Plus more, it support various email technology like IMAP/POP3 mailboxes, and an optional email-server mode that uses ...
By: TechMixer
Zenbe takes on Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! with new webmail client
2008-05-09 05:40:00
Zenbe is a startup that hopes there’s room for one more because Free webmail is pretty much dominated by big names like Google, AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Zenbe’s webmail client makes a pretty strong case that there should be. Zenbe is a free email service that gives users 4GB of storage for emails and attachments. ...
Mengelola Webmail: menjadi Admin untuk google apps
2008-03-17 12:09:00
Email gratis memang sudah bukan barang baru. Sebut saja Yahoo yang memang sudah gratis sedari dulu, hotmail, gmail, bahkan belum lama saya blogwalking juga menyediakan fasilitas gratis mail ini. dan masih banyak lagi yang lainnya. Webmail, orang biasane menyebut fasilitas ini.Bagi yang mempunyai hosting dan domain berbayar ada juga fasilitas seperti ini, dan biasanya pengelolaanya menggunakan jasa layanan si Horde atau Squirrelmail. Dua makhuk ini sedikit ribet pengelolaannya. But, don't worry! Kalau ada yang mudah kenapa cari yang susah? Pada postingan sebelumnya saya membahas tentang pembuatan dan konfiguras google apps di combine dengan domain Nah sekarang bagaimanakah cara mengelolanya? Bagaimanakah kalau ingin menambahkan pengguna baru di Webmail yang kita kelola?
Setting webmail
2008-03-14 07:16:00 saya kira menggunakan email dengan tampilan serupa itu tidak terlalu buruk. Malahan Oke juga, kan? Kapasitas yang disediakan juga lumayan gede, apalagi Anda juga bisa mengajak orang lain untuk ikutan menjadi bagian dari webmail Anda. Sehingga namanya menjadi,- namanya kok pake Iya... panduan kali ini saya akan coba menggunakan domain sebagai domainnya. Seperti halnya kita tau bahwa domain ini lagi BOOOM dan marak, bahkan Andapun saya yakin sekarang sudah mempunyainya. Awalnya saya berpikir untuk menulis bagaimana cara menyingkat URL dengan menggunakan domain, tapi ternyata tutorial ini sudah bertebaran jumlahnya.Garis besar tulisan ini adalah sbb: punya domain --> daftar google apps untuk peroleh kode unique --> masukkan nomer unik CNAME ke -- BERHASILUntuk melakukan pekerjaan ini saya asumsikan Anda sudah mempunyai domain di, kalau belum buruan daftar! bisa lewat sini juga, kok! Yang kedu...
2008-03-12 06:20:00
Free Jewish WebmailIf anyone would like a Gmail account with the address,,, or just sends me an email (
Flock 1.1 with Webmail Released
2008-03-07 13:03:00
Life Rocks! 2.0 – Flock has released the latest version of their social web browser with webmail integration. Flock 1.1 includes some very exciting improvements and one of them is the integration of Gmail and Yahoo Mail which makes it much easier to stay connected and share your discoveries with friends. Flock also lets you know when you have ... read more
The Captcha of Gmail webmail hijacked
2008-03-03 05:54:00
It’s definitely the law of the series.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Word Wrapping Email Text for Webmail Applications
2008-02-12 08:46:00
Email comes in all shapes and sizes, from complicated nested multi-part structures to simple text bodies. But even messages comprised of just plain text require special preparation to safely and properly display from within a webmail application. For security purposes any HTML within a text message needs to be converted to appropriate entities. Using the CSS "white-space: pre;" setting is effective as well, the CSS equivalent of tags, but this makes word wrapping the message in such a way as to ensure that the webmail interface remains consistent very tricky. Neither approach is ideal (entities vs pre-formatted), and both suffer from some similar display problems. For example a line containing 200 characters in a row with no spaces, such as a long URL will either spill out from it's containing div or expand the width of the page to force a horizontal scroll bar (yuck). To further complicate the situation we need to be able to create links to both urls and email addresses within t...
Flock-browser krijgt MySpace-integratie (+ webmail & Picasa)
2008-02-09 11:55:00
De Flock-browser is een uitgebreide versie van Firefox met handige uitbreidingen voor online diensten (zoals Flickr, YouTube, Blogger, LiveJournal, PhotoBucket, FaceBook, Twitter, etc). Nu heeft Flock aangekondigd dat ze ook met MySpace … Original post by unknown
Get Free RoundCube Webmail Software
2008-02-01 15:08:00
Host Gator, a leading provider of shared, dedicated and reseller web hosting, has said it is... Build your website in 2 hours. Visit Changes Brand Name to Mailtrust
2008-01-23 16:55:00
Product Offering Furthers Company's Brand as the Trusted Business-Class Email Specialist
World?s First Webmail-Integrated Proofreading and Translation Solution for
2007-11-20 11:35:00
Today launches a brand new release that provides the world’s first webmail-integrated proofreading and translation service for speakers and learners of Chinese or English. Chinglish was already providing the only webmail solution that allows users to switch and translate between simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English at the click of a mouse. The new ...
WebMail - Revisar Hotmail desde Mozilla Thunderbird
2007-11-07 22:00:00
Muchas veces he leído en el sitio sobre usuarios de Thunderbird que no lograban configurar sus respectivas cuentas de Hotmail en el administrador de correos de Mozilla. De hecho yo mismo he intentado configurar mi cuenta de Hotmail en Thunderbird sin éxito. Esto se debe a que Hotmail no proporciona acceso POP, lo que permite a los usuarios chequear sus emails desde algún programa o administrador de correos ajeno al webmail. Hace algunos días, Juanzo me comentó que recorriendo dFX había encontrado un thread muy interesante en el foro de discusión. Como mencioné anteriormente, el thread este hablaba, entre otras cosas, de lo imposibilitados que se encontraban varios usuarios de configurar sus cuentas de Hotmail a Thunderbird. Lo interesante fue leer el post de MZN Shadows que de manera muy explícita y clara, nos contaba de una extensión que finalmente nos permitiría consultar nuestros correos utilizando T...
No se pueden adjuntar archivos en Webmail (SquirrelMail) en servidores que
2007-10-27 04:06:00
Actualmente los que estn hospedados en servidores administrados con PLESK y usan el Webmail para enviar y recibir correos (situacin que no recomiendo mucho, preferible que lo hagan con Outlook) habrn notado que los archivos no se adjuntan del todo bien, o se sustituyen por el ltimo adjuntado, o simplemente los adjuntos no llegan a ...
RoundCube Webmail
2007-10-14 23:57:00
RoundCube Webmail scripti ile sunucunuz zerinden e-posta hizmeti verebilirsiniz… PHP ile kodlanm?? olan RoundCube MySQL veya Postgres veritaban? kullanarak al??abiliyor.. Tamamen de?i?tirebilece?iniz arayznde ise XHTML ve CSS 2 kullan?lm??… oklu dil deste?inde Trke dil paketinede yer verilmi?.. RoundCube GPL lisans? ile a?k kaynak olarak da??t?l?yor… ?ndirmek iin a?a??daki linkleri kullanabilirsiniz.. roundcubemail-0.1-rc1.1.tar.gz- Trke Dil Paketi
RoundCube Webmail
2007-10-14 23:57:00
RoundCube Webmail scripti ile sunucunuz zerinden e-posta hizmeti verebilirsiniz… PHP ile kodlanm?? olan RoundCube MySQL veya Postgres veritaban? kullanarak al??abiliyor.. Tamamen de?i?tirebilece?iniz arayznde ise XHTML ve CSS 2 kullan?lm??… oklu dil deste?inde Trke dil paketinede yer verilmi?.. RoundCube GPL lisans? ile a?k kaynak olarak da??t?l?yor… ?ndirmek iin a?a??daki linkleri kullanabilirsiniz.. roundcubemail-0.1-rc1.1.tar.gz- Trke Dil Paketi
Word to the wise: webmail woes
2007-09-25 18:48:00
This is an issue that has cropped up a couple of times at the university where I work.If you send yourself a document that you are working on, to continue working on it on another PC, remember to save the attached document onto that machine before you start to make changes to it. It is easy to forget this, open the document and start making changes. If you then hit the save icon it will not always save and when you then close whatever program you are editing the document in, your changes will be lost. This is particularly the case for documents accessed via webmail. If you remember to 'Save as' rather than just 'Save' you will be OK, because it will prompt you for a name and location where you wish to save it. Nevertheless, it is better to get into the good habit of copying the document you attached to the email onto the PC before you expend effort making alterations.
Hostmonster webmail with horde webmail and squirrelmail
2007-07-25 20:12:00 is hosting plan that come with 300gb storage space and allow you to host unlimited domains, or websites in another word. Other than that, with hostmonster, you are given unlimited pop/IMAP email accounts. Meaning you can create or add as many email account you like, and each with own email space and login password. ...
Dapatkan Email Gratis POP3,SMTP,IMAP4,Webmail
2007-07-01 13:50:00
Mau daftar email gratis, saya punya banyak linknya, jadi anda bisa mengirimkan email secara gratis, menerima / membaca / mendownload email secara gratis. Ada webmail, pop mail, smtp mail, imap mail, tinggal anda pilih,
@#$% Webmail!
2007-06-24 15:13:00
I’m feeling a little like my friend Sabine right now. You can read about her adventures with Yahoo here. My Suddenlink webmail is down. Again. Their servers have got to be the worst in the industry. I don’t even use my desktop to get my mail, instead I ...
(TCX) Tucows unveils the new outstanding webmail service with rock-solid re
2007-05-24 09:13:00
Tucows Inc. stock hit a new 52 week high yesterday and has broken out of an 18 month trading range when the company announced about their next evolution of Email service. The company says, they made a number of innovations that has resulted outstanding hosted email service. The new hosted email service combines a brand new, AJAX-enabled webmail interface with backend architecture built from the ground up to provide exceptional reliability and performance. " read more in
PlusNet shuts down webmail indefinitely
2007-05-21 02:57:00
Fingers unpatchable flaw in third party software The spam crisis at PlusNet has taken its webmail service offline indefinitely after security auditors found unpatchable flaws in software provided by @Mail. It has announced that it is replacing the offending software and has apologised to customers. A service update (posted here) tells customers the emergency measures have been taken ...
By: UmatBlog
Orgoo brings webmail and all IMs to live together
2007-05-16 10:33:00
The all-in-one service of Y! and GMail+GTalk
By: 21talks
Orgoo brings webmail and all IMs to live together
2007-05-16 10:33:00
The all-in-one service of Y! and GMail+GTalk
By: 21talks
Has My Webmail Been Hacked?
2007-05-04 06:21:00
Jeremiah Grossman has an interesting post up over on his blog titled, “How to check if your WebMail account has been hacked.” The post discusses using an older concept of “Web Bugs” to monitor your web-based email account to see if it has been accessed. This is (or was), if I recall correct, one of ...
2007-03-24 15:35:00
Yahoo! integriert Instant Messaging Funktion in Yahoo! Mail Beta - Sonderaktion fr VR-Web dsl-Tarife / Besonders gnstiger Einsteigertarif und Vielsurfer-Pauschalpreis fr jeden -, das weltweit erste chinesisch-englische E-Ma ...
News : AOL Updates 'Cayman' WebMail Beta
2007-03-05 20:11:00
AOL pushed an update Monday to the beta site for its WebMail product, code-named "Cayman." Changes in this refresh focused on enhancements to the overall look and feel of the application, as well as performance improvements. A more streamlined interface has been introduced that will allow for quicker navigation as well as the option to either read messages inline or pop-out as they currently do.In addition, updates were made to the Side Panel feature, allowing the user to easily e-mail and IM contacts with just one click, as well as view upcoming events and to-do items. AOL said it planned to add more functionality as the beta progresses. The new version is available for testing from the AOL Beta site.More information contact us (WebDesigner):
Affordable cpanel web hosting now includes Roundcube webmail client!
2007-03-05 05:25:11
Affordable Cpanel web hosting provider, InfTek Hosting, is very proud and excited to announce it is offering RoundCube web mail through its cpanel web hosting plans. The web mail client is now available at no extra cost to the customer. RoundCube is built on Ajax technology that offers ?enhanced interactivity? and a user-friendly interface alongside ?spell checking, message and contact list search, multiple sender identities, multi-language support, unlimited users and messages, built-in caching for accelerated mailbox access? and custom message folders. InfTek Hosting?s Roundcube email solutions also make it possible for a user to have access to his or her email in both a slick, easy to use web interface no matter where you are, but also the ability to use any IMAP based email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird. RoundCube web mail brings the best, most flexible email experience possible to InfTek Hosting customers. InfTek Hosting is also proud to...
Storm Worm Attacking Blogs, Bulletin Boards, And Webmail
2007-03-02 06:33:01
A variant of the well known and troublesome Storm worm is being used in a spam attack that is luring blog, bulletin board, and Webmail (Internet based email) users to connect to a malicious Web site, according to Dmitri Alperovitch, a principal research scientist at Secure Computing Corp.
Windows Vista Webmail (OWA) Fix For Internet Explorer 7- Five Step Fix
2007-02-23 02:09:00
...You may find yourself unable to compose a new message when trying to access your exchange server via Microsoft Outlook Web Access while using Internet Explorer; however, you can access it with Firefox and the Opera Browsers. If you are having this problem you will see a red square with an ?X? in it when you try to compose a new message.... ~J. Pisano For the latest Music & Technology Information, visit (c) 2007 Joseph Pisano/JMP
Google: Anmeldung fr gratis Webmail freigegeben
2007-02-07 20:29:02
Googles Webmail-Dienst Gmail, der nach rechtlichen Streitigkeiten in Europa vorerst nur noch als Googlemail bezeichnet werden darf, existiert zwar schon seit langem, bisher war das System aber nur für neue Nutzer zugänglich, wenn diese vorher von einem anderen User eingeladen wurden. Heute hat Google nun den offiziellen Startschuss für Googlemail gegeben und den Dienst für alle interessierten Nutzer geöffnet. Es ist nun also ohne Einschränkungen möglich, sich für den Webmail-Service anzumelden und die aktuell zur Verfügung stehenden 2,8 Gigabyte Speicherplatz zu nutzen. (more…) Tags: Google:, Anmeldung, für, gratis, Webmail, freigegeben
How to use Webmail from within CPanel
2006-12-25 03:43:00
How to use Webmail from within CPanel Copyright © 2007Dapur Hosting(digitalfingerprint: 8f57a6d5215d02f26c482a6410e1682-f)
Cool Webmail
2006-12-24 17:43:00
Bosan mengakses webmail dari CPanel? Silahkan kunjungi Gunakan login email yang telah dibuat di CPanel. INGAT! Anda harus membuat email account di CPanel sebelum bisa menggunakan fasilitas ini. Copyright © 2007Dapur Hosting(digitalfingerprint: 8f57a6d5215d02f26c482a6410e1682-f)
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