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ondi mcmaster liked flawless magazine's discussion Get your work publi
2012-05-29 16:48:00
ondi mcmaster liked flawless magazine's discussion Get your work published in an international Magazine
Sitting at Work Increases Your Chance of Dying
2012-05-27 19:26:00
From Forbes - Tech: If you sit all day at work, you may want to pay attention to recent research which demonstrates that prolonged sitting at work raises the risk of dying from cardiac and metabolic diseases, as well as the risk of dying from all causes, even if you work out or exercise.
Shaft Alignment with Extensive Structure Work
2012-05-26 11:55:00
I have a friend who is working on a naval vessel of 58 Meters length & beam 8 meters. Shaft length is 62 Ft overall, there are three intermediate shafts of 13 Ft, 13 Ft & tail shaft is 36 Ft. The dia of the two 13 Ft shafts is 4.7 in & 5 in respectively. Extensive rebuild structural work
Financing China Movie Co-Productions. Australian Producer Offsets Can Work.
2012-05-21 19:57:00
By: Mathew Alderson In my previous post, Aussiewood Film Finance And China Co-Productions. Ever The Twain Shall Meet?  I explained how a cash rebate equivalent to 40% of feature film production costs is available from the Australian government for films with “significant Australian content” if the producer incurred “qualifying Australian production expenditure” when making the film. This rebate is known as the “Australian producer offset.” In this post, I explain how “official” co-productions between Australia and China, and between Australia and certain other nations, are exempt from some of these requirements, making it easier to access this offset. But first, what is an “official” co-production? For purposes of the Australian producer offset, an official co-production is one made under formal arrangements between Australia and the governments of various countries. These formal arrangements are treaties or memoranda of u...
Researchers Work on Device That Could Restore Sight
2012-05-18 16:00:00
From The Engineer - News: A device that could restore sight to blind people is being developed by Strathclyde University and Stanford University. Read the whole article
Who?s got 2 thumbs and wore his new 2XLT shirt to work today?
2012-05-18 02:11:00
This Guuuuuuuy….. Down 37lbs, Down a shirt size, down possibly two pant sizes! This week was a twisty one. Last week, I got stuck in to a cycle of over thinking everything on the weight loss and diet front and I was getting a little obsessed and stir crazy. Thankfully, my health coach was there ...
AP Exclusive: Drawing focuses on Iran's nuke work
2012-05-13 21:04:00
A drawing based on information from inside an Iranian military site shows an explosives containment chamber of the type needed for nuclear arms-related tests that U.N. inspectors suspect Tehran has conducted there. Iran denies such testing and has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of such a chamber.
BP Work This Week
2012-05-12 05:23:00
A quick look at my work available over at Baseball Prospectus this week. First up was the Starting Pitcher Value Picks piece in which I looked at Felipe Paulino, who threw alright on Friday night against the White Sox.  I still like him as at least a stream option in all formats if not a ...
Will Inflation Work without Hurting Freight Industry?
2012-05-11 01:25:00
Most adult Americans know that our country is in debt like never before. And it is getting worse. The sad fact is that the US government borrows about 42% of every dollar we spend - and the government spends ALOT!...
To strike or not to strike for public service pensions
2012-05-10 00:54:00
Pension payments for all but the lowest paid in the public sector are going up (mostly doubling) and they’re going to have to work longer before they are entitled to the maximum pension. Surely it must only be right that the well paid public servants in secure jobs pay more for their gold plated pensions? ... Related posts: Are MPs on a different planet with these expense claims? Prosperity for all from the UK budget? The hot potatoe that’s care for the elderly Too much spin for the multi-ethnic vote by Gordon Brown already? Just how bad could a real recession actually get? USB Cable Puts Your iPhone To Work Alongside Your MacBook Or Monito
2012-05-09 21:44:00
There is some absolutely amazing stuff out on Kickstarter these days, and one thing that’s rapidly making its way to us–and sooner if you go preorder one of them right now–is the USB cable. It’s not just a USB cable, of course; in fact, it serves a lot of ...
calling tenant @ work
2012-05-09 01:04:00
we have a tenant who only pays when she feels like it or when she receives a 3 day notice. i'm sure some of you guys have heard all the sob stories and excuses. my husband got sick and tired of emailing, texting so he called her work. is there anything wrong with doing this? she said he's harassing her and that he's being malicious and since he hasn't tried contacting her today, it was wrong for him to call her work. she threatened to call authorities. this coming from a loser who always pays late. any advice would be appreciated.
Top 50 Best Quotes About Success
2012-05-07 23:45:00
Here's a compilation of 50 amazing quotes about success and entrepreneurship meant to inspire and motivate you. Contributing authors include Edison, Einstein, Picasso, Twain, Mandela, and other greats.
HR, Knock Down Those Office Silos
2012-05-07 14:26:00
Guest Post Sometimes you need to take a break.  Now we don’t normally take guest posts here on Incentive Intelligence but because I have a soft spot for college folk and HR AND my nephew will be playing football for Villanova I’m making an exception.  Below is a guest post from Erin Palmer who works ...
Are you inspired enough to work hard?
2012-05-04 06:12:00
Mostly, we find lazy people in world because it requires lots of inspiration to work hard. Due to lack of inspiration and motive many people finds it very hard to work hard and achieve their goals. Therefore, we see very less numbers of people achieving real success in life. Without doing hard work, it is very difficult to achieve success in life and to do hard work, we need lots of inspiration and motivation. It is common tendency of every person to avoid hard work and look for easy options; however, when people are inspired enough then they do not find it hard to do hard work. Therefore, if you also want to work hard then you should look for something which inspires you enough to work hard. It is not hard for any hard working person to achieve his goals because they commit their 100 percent towards their goals. On the other hands, people who have no inspiration find it hard to work hard and therefore, they mostly fail in life. So, if you want to gain sure success in your life th...
Saddle Leather Computer Mouse for Skin to Skin Luxury
2012-05-03 06:00:00
Desktop computer users tired of caressing a bland, boring, cold plastic mouse all day can click up to some luxury thanks to Japanese specialty retailer Atelier Wazakura. The so-called Kawanezumi (Leather Mouse) features our favorite handy peripheral swathed in soft, supple Saddle Leather. Giddyup!
How to Get a Raise or Job Promotion at Work
2012-05-02 14:15:00
In this tough economy, everyone could use a raise at work. But getting your boss to add extra money to your paycheck isn’t an easy feat – you have to position yourself as an invaluable asset to the company for the raise to make sense for management. This is business after all, and the investment ...How to Get a Raise or Job Promotion at Work is a post from the Money Crashers personal finance blog.
Man At Work
2012-05-01 19:13:00
It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. All hail the British workman. CameraNIKON D200Shutter Speed1/1000Aperture f/4ISO400
Designed to Fail: Why Regulatory Agencies Don?t Work
2012-05-01 18:57:00
"government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem"?Former President Ronald Reagan
Why Do We Work Eight Hours a Day?
2012-05-01 18:26:00
From Discovery News - Top Stories: Making the work day manageable became a demand of the Chicago labor movement in the late 1860s. Read the whole article
David Valdes: broken finger making work on solos for the new album difficul
2012-04-28 12:57:00
David Valdes I'm working in the solos!!is a hell!my fingers is broken! David Valdes - Voices In A Deep David Valdes - Castle In Heaven
New photo shows work at North Korea nuclear test site
2012-04-28 01:11:00
New satellite imagery appears to show a train of mining carts and other preparations under way at North Korea's nuclear test site but no indication of when a detonation might take place.
Why The Traditional Work/Life Balance Is A Lie
2012-04-27 16:23:00
I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I say something about work/life balance many times a month.  It’s said during interviews, company meetings and also as a cautionary tale to people who are stretching themselves too thin. The secret: it’s all a lie. Since the beginning of this company, it’s been almost impossible to split the line between something Dyn and not Dyn. Things are just too much fun.  Don’t get me wrong: I do stuff that isn’t Dyn.  There are hobbies that I partake in and other organizations I support, so the company doesn’t get 100% of my waking moments but it’s more than a normal work week. What is true is that a 9-5 work schedule is obsolete. To think that all of our colleagues can confine their work life to that window is silly. Some things (traditional banks, schools, etc) take place within those hours, but what’s expected of this new work environment is that people can be smart about the balance. Leave...
Almost missed it?
2012-04-24 21:00:00
Thank goodness I had to log into my namecheap reseller for a client today, I almost missed the renewal of  I, thankfully, had everything I needed in Paypal today so a quick ‘add funds, renew now’ knocked that out. I haven’t had much going on other than work which is the reason for the ...
Free Mechanix Goatskin work gloves -EXPIRED
2012-04-24 03:30:00 -not sure if they’ll ship these but it might be worth a try. no credit card info required They also have a short sleeve lifting shirt free as well(thanks francine), but I assume they’ll be canceling these orders at this point. -both items out of stock now, we’ll see.
Has the time come to work on amendments to ITA 2008?
2012-04-23 05:21:00
Civil activists alarmed by the misuse of ITA 2008 by politicians to curb any writings on the Internet perceived to affect the reputation of the ruling government, and by some business interests to protect their business interests, have started asking for the withdrawal of the rules notified by DIT on April ...
Absolutely Fricken Fantastic!
2012-04-19 23:56:00
I woke up in a mood today.  There’s a few things going on around the house that are slowly beginning to take their toll on me and I had a moment this morning where I completely blew up and just couldn’t handle things anymore.  I called Muir and basically said “Get your ass over here, ...
Men at Work musician Greg Ham found dead
2012-04-19 13:03:00
Greg Ham, a musician with the iconic Australian band Men at Work, was found dead in his Melbourne home on Thursday, Australian reports said.
Traffic Getting Secrets No One Else Is Talking About that work like crazy..
2012-04-18 17:23:00
By Rich Schefren If you want to know how to get a flood of traffic to your website that's not some cheap trick that's here today and gone tomorrow... You'll discover traffic strategies that no one else is talking about... That work like crazy. Not just for getting a flood of traffic to your website. But for making more sales from all the traffic you get. And the best part is... You can be using these proven strategies today, and making more sales tomorrow. So drop what you're doing and, Check out Traffic Strategist... To higher profits and beyond, Rich Permalink | Leave a comment  »
Yes, readers, sometimes my titles don?t work as well as I?d like
2012-04-17 19:59:00
A comment from a reader caught in our spam filter reminded me of a post I had written nearly three years ago when I noted that sometimes my titles don’t quite fit the posts to which I attach them: . . . many of my titles don?t perfectly fit the post to which they?re attached ...
April 19th is Brush Your Teeth at Work Day! (Giveaway)
2012-04-16 09:23:00
We all know that we should brush and floss our teeth twice a day but on Brush Your Teeth at Work Day you’re being encouraged to add a third brushing to your daily routine. Less than half of U.S. office workers keep a toothbrush at the office so that they can give their pearly whites ...
2012-04-16 09:02:00
So after knocking out a few mockups, Sean and I finally left the house to seal the deal on the sense of accomplishment. We wound up hitting up Big Lots first.  While it was a somewhat successful shopping experience, I was extremely annoyed by a few of the employee’s as one in particular was going ...
Absolutely Beautiful!
2012-04-15 21:14:00
I don’t know what happened last night, but even though it was no where near a productive day…I wound up crashing at like 9:30 while watching TV in the bedroom.  I woke up around 12, and then got back to sleep somewhere around 5am, then sleeping until about 1:30.  I don’t know what happened, how ...
Hi Saturday! I?ve waited for you all week!
2012-04-14 22:39:00
I’m always excited for Saturday, even if I really don’t have anything planned. It’s by no means a ‘day of rest’ for me, but I’m happy when email slows down and I get the chance to sit down and close things up for the week.  This is one of the benefits to working with clients ...
High Charged Work Environment
2012-04-13 13:32:00
It's official................I'-m a wimp.
Whew! I did it!
2012-04-12 23:40:00
I was able to get the bulk of my list accomplished yesterday.  There’s still a lot to be done, but at least the heavy hitting was completed.  I still have a slew of emails to get to, and that can take upwards of an hour depending on how many require an immediate response.  I almost ...
Slow Down!
2012-04-11 22:53:00
So I was able to accomplish quite a bit yesterday, the bulk of the rush-client was completed, the rest will be completed in a few hours, so I’ll get that wrapped up today.  Then of course every single email I sent out over the past few weeks was finally responded to yesterday so that list ...
UTV Indiagames Unveil Official IPL Based Game: Will It Work Though?
2012-04-10 08:06:00
UTV Indiagames has launched an official version of the IPL Season 5 game. Titled, ‘IPL Cricket Fever’, the game will feature all of the 9 teams. The company has reportedly spent close to US$ 1 Million (Rs. 5 Crores) on the game development. How will the monetization be achieved? The basic version of the game is free, however an upgraded & advanced version can be availed on a monthly subscription basis of US$ 2.99 to 4.99 (Rs. 150-250) depending on the Phone or Tablet. Additionally, just like in the real game, the makers have managed to bring brands on board too. In-game branding is a relatively new concept wherein various sponsors put up their digital signage in the game. In this game, brands like Volkswagen & Parle Products have chosen various ‘Events’ in the game. Volkswagen, who is also the official partner for the on-field IPL has chosen to ‘Sponsor’ the ‘Man of the Series’ in the mobile game.  Both the companies have their digital signage in th...
By: WATblog
Work Field for Mechanical Engineering
2012-04-07 19:49:00
im graduate from mechanical engineering. please give some information about work field for me.. in production company, contruction, or etc. and can i work in piping area? thank u
Milan Polak: The Spider finger work out
2012-04-06 00:33:00
"The Spider" - Ultimate Finger Control workout
Battery-Powered Plasma Flashlight Makes Short Work Of Bacteria
2012-04-05 15:17:00
From Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine: An international team of scientists has created a handheld, battery powered device that has been shown to effectively rid skin of bacteria in an instant by blasting it with plasma. Read the whole article
I?m Going To Go To Work in a Dump ?
2012-04-04 22:54:00
Next week I’m starting a new job. Okay, so it’s only for 1 day, but it is a new job. My friend Marc Tindall has invited me to Honduras  next week to spend a full day working in the Tegucigalpa dump. Oh I’ve worked handing out food there many times, but this is going to ...
Put Rising Gas Prices to Work for You!
2012-04-04 21:30:00
As I look back on the first quarter of 2012, one of the most glaring events was the rise in gas prices here in the U.S. Wholesale gasoline began the year at $2.66/gallon on the NYMEX, and closed last Friday at $3.33, a gain of 67 cents … a jaw-dropping 25 percent. The reasons for the increased gas prices are varied. Generally speaking, though, they’ve risen because oil prices have risen. I know that might sound obvious. But I’m not talking about the oil prices we follow in the U.S., which is known as West Texas Intermediate (WTI). Instead, I’m talking about what has replaced WTI as the global benchmark of oil: Brent . . . → Read More: Put Rising Gas Prices to Work for You!
5 Things that Help You Work $marter, Not Harder
2012-04-04 14:14:00
If you ever find yourself looking down at your watch wondering where in the world did the time go or how in the world are you going to get stuff done, then this article?s for you. If you?ve ever plopped down at the end of the day exhausted wishing there was a way to not ...Original Post on Special Promotional OffersScottrade 3 Commission Free TradesChase Sapphire Preferred Card 50,000 Bonus PointsChase Freedom Card $200 BonusCiti ThankYou Premier Card $655 BonusCiti Dividend Select Platinum Card $100 BonusCitibank Checking Account $100 Bonus Promotion 5 Things that Help You Work $marter, Not Harder
Distressed Borrower Programs ? Will They Work?
2012-04-03 15:52:00
There seem to be more and more programs each and every day that are coming out of the woodwork to help distressed borrowers save their homes from foreclosure. Here are two of them that looked pretty interesting at first glance, but if you read between the lines, you may find something entirely different: Bank of ...This Article is Copyright © 2004-2011 BiggerPockets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Distressed Borrower Programs ? Will They Work?
11 More Ways For Jack White To Release A Limited-Edition Musical Work
2012-04-02 18:00:00
via Third Man Records​"Three weeks prior to the April 24 release of his debut album Blunderbuss (Third Man Records/Columbia), Third Man Records has premiered the as yet unreleased Jack White alb
Book Feature :: A Physician?s Guide to Natural Health Products That Work
2012-04-02 00:48:00
A Physician’s Guide to Natural Health Products That Work by James A. Howenstine Do natural health solutions really exist? Yes. Nutritious foods, vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, algae and extracts from herbs, plants, flowers, roots, seeds, bushes, trees, fish, mussels and animals have all been proven to have healing properties. If natural health solutions exist for many ...
Dogs Make Going to Work More Fun
2012-04-01 04:04:00
From Discovery News - Human News: Dogs in the workplace reduce stress and boost job satisfaction, finds a unique study. Read the whole article
Personal: Can I work one-on-one with you?
2012-03-31 06:53:00
Over the past year or so, James Francis has hand-picked a select few private clients to be coached one-on-one by him personally… These are people who have gone from literally just having just a few web pages set up and very basic knowledge, being trained all the way to making a very comfortable living online. ...
What do you think? Does Positve Thinking Work?
2012-03-29 23:53:00
Interesting question as a hypnotherapist practicing hypnotherapy I have a different view on this than others could have. Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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