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2009-09-23 19:50:00
Rihanna was spotted in NYC wearing a fierce short grey dress with some killer over the thigh boots. I'm not really feeling the color lipstick but I did the highlights. She is in NYC recording her much anticipated album. Rihanna has recruited Justin Timberlake and Chase & Status to work on the project. It is rumored Rihanna is looking at a November 23, 2009 release for her album.Also, I heard today on106 & Park that Rihanna just finalized the purchase of a house in Los Angeles and she is right down the street from Jennifer Aniston. Go head on then Miss Rihanna.Can someone find out whose name is on these boots???
Boxer Votes to Prevent California Farmers from Working
2009-09-23 08:46:00
In an excellent article on the water shortage in the Golden State, Max Schulz gives a brief background on how massive irrigation projects helped transform the desert of the San Joaquin Valley “into a paradise, providing much of the fruits and vegetables and dairy products Americans consume.” Today, with the help of the entire Democratic ...
365 Days Of Working Out [VIDEO…
2009-09-22 17:11:00
365 Days Of Working Out [VIDEO] Related posts:Yeosu to count down 1,000 days… Yeosu to count down 1,000 days until 2012 Expo. as Instrument [VIDEO]… Audience as Instrument [VIDEO]: Bobby McFerrin doing some neuroscience as Instrument [VIDEO]… Audience as Instrument [VIDEO]: Bobby McFerrin doing some neuroscience Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
By: ZenKimchi
Tom Hess: working on vibrato technique
2009-09-21 23:34:00 Guitar Vibrato Technique This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Engine Working Loads
2009-09-15 19:38:00
what is exact meaning of load on engine???? like working at 80% load.....plz urgent yaar.
Maximum Allowable Working Temperature for Steel
2009-09-12 11:04:00
Hi everybody How could we find the max. allowable working temperture of a type of steel? Is there any "free software" or sth else? Thanks
4 days off... longest stretch since spring... got busy working on the offic
2009-09-10 08:44:00
Empty shop in early September from Steve on Vimeo.Here's a quick video of where it's standing now. I've got to put the "back room" together and clean up the closets and get them shelved, and it'll be set to go. Diving's been real good the last little while, at least up through Sunday. I've got at least a 10 day stretch of charters coming up again starting Friday.
working of Static Synchronous Compensator
2009-09-08 09:52:00
working of Static Synchronous Compensator in the tranamission line ? how improve the voltage regulation on tranamission line ? please tell me equation,s ? thank u...
water miscible metal working fluids
2009-08-31 09:01:00
water miscible metal working fluids does anyone know any seriouse suppliers I could represent ?
Dannyjoe Carter: working with saddleback shark singer!
2009-08-19 20:52:00
posted on Dannyjoe Carter has started writing/recording with Saddleback Shark's lead singer Drew Collins. Working together under the name StormHog, Carter and Collins are bringing together their common admiration of classic rock music with a 21st century twist for what will be a full length release. Carter, who last appeared on the compilation cd Shredding Across The... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Hardly Working: Website Ideas
2009-08-18 22:28:00
See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.
2009-08-12 15:57:00
siemens g110 if analog input 0-10 volt applied to terminal no 8,9,10 with 5k POT and parameter p01000 is set to 2 then 10 volt dc supply will be there between terminal no 8 and 10 or not ? from external potentionmeter drive speed is not working with correct parameter entered p1000 =2 but from MOP mo
working pendrive to hard disk
2009-08-12 12:52:00
i m intrest in pc working only pen drive no hard disk in pc
History And Working Of A Wristwatch
2009-08-09 03:15:00
... have a lot of other functions like that of a calendar in addition to the display of time. Most common type of wristwatch (relogios) is worn on person`s wrist and is tightened with help of a watchband that is made up of nylon, leather, any ...
Magnus Karlsson: working with amanda somerville
2009-08-06 19:22:00
Former HELLOWEEN vocalist Michael Kiske is collaborating with American singer Amanda Somerville on a brand new ..melodic rock project.. for Frontiers Records. Mat Sinner (PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER) and Magnus Karlsson (PLACE VENDOME, PRIMAL FEAR) are handling most of the songwriting for the CD, which is tentatively due in early 2010. Commented Kiske: "This is another idea by Serafino (Frontiers... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
A Few Tips on how to continue working when Second Life is Overloaded
2009-07-30 20:50:00
Today, literally in 5 minutes is the start of another Metanomics community forum (at Metanomics II in Second Life). Today's topic is "Getting Things Done: Effective Organization in an Overloaded World in SL". If you'd like to attend, I encourage you to hop on the SLURL... now: Metanomics III wanted to drop in a blog post about my thoughts and quick tips on continuing your projects and work during times of inworld technical hardships, borkery, and lagginess.SL breaks down to the point of crawling speed often, and for days at a time... sometimes weeks... months? ... Has it always been in a broken state? No, but SL will always be in disrepair. The residents have come to accept that as a part of Second Life.But even though SL is suckin' there are still plenty of people in SL, new accounts entering, and things occurring.You may not be able to work on the custom build you've been wanting to do, or be able to give a good presentation at a business meeting... but you can use this ...
linshining wrote a new blog post: Working Your Core May Be Damaging Your Ba
2009-07-26 03:10:00
linshining wrote a new blog post: Working Your Core May Be Damaging Your Back    A recent study has shown that the trend towards targeting and conditioning the transverse abdominal muscles may have potential for developing chronic lower back pain. Often the focus of many fitness and yoga classes, core conditioning has become a common theme for fitness enthusiasts. However, the application of core training is showing signs that excessive overloading ...
Britain's Oldest Working Television Set?
2009-07-21 12:08:00
What's thought to be Britain's oldest working television, a 1936 Marconiphone, has been uncovered in a house in North London. It currently presents modern digital broadcasts on Freeview! Link.
Stressed Out And Working Like A Dog?
2009-07-14 18:47:00
You're grumpy. You're tired. You work through the weekends. And you don't remember the last time you took a vacation. What started out as a hobby or a passion has morphed into small business far beyond your control.
Working with Idiots Can Give You a Heart Attack
2009-07-10 20:24:00
You can watch what you eat, turn our body into a sleek, lean machine and still suffer an early heart attack from the stress of working with pea-brained idiots. Putting up with people at work who prove day after endless day that they are dumber than a post puts a strain on the heart that is
Electromagnet Vibrator is Not Working
2009-07-10 09:33:00
dear all.. i repaired an old vibrating feeder. there were some welding cracks on the vibrating tray; therefor a very big noise is came. so i repaired by welding them. after installation the vibrating effect not coming Continues. i didn't change the circuit of pulse generator. why the vibratin
Check / Test Working Condition of Installed Firefox Plug-ins or Add-Ons
2009-07-09 08:32:00
Sometimes installed extensions may not work properly and this may open security vulnerabilities in our browser. Here is a way to test or check the working of Firefox Extensions, plug-ins or Add-ons.Firefox can be upgraded using extensions and plug-ins that help us meet most of our requirements. You would definitely like to get an overview ... Related posts:Improve Start Up Times of Over Loaded Firefox Browser with Firefox PreloaderHow to optimize Firefox for Maximum PerformanceHow to Add RSS Feed Readers to FirefoxHow to Install and Use Javascript in Greasemonkey Firefox Add OnStart / Launch any Programs or Applications from the Firefox BrowserMake Firefox Faster
Working Families Party Locks the Progressive Candidate out of NYC Mayor Deb
2009-07-05 19:13:00
[Via On the Wilderside] The Working Families Party sold the pro-war candidates of Clinton and Spitzer as a vote for peace in 2006 Now this from the Village Voice: Last night three candidates for Mayor of New York — Michael Bloomberg, councilmember Tony Avella, and comptroller Bill Thompson — attended the Working Families Party Mayoral Forum at the ...
So-called Working Families Party locks the most progressive candidate out o
2009-07-05 19:08:00
[From On the Wilderside] Ever since Working Families Party sold the pro-war candidates of Clinton and Spitzer as a vote for peace in 2006, I expect nothing from them. And have not been disappointed. from the Village Voice Last night three candidates for Mayor of New York — Michael Bloomberg, councilmember Tony Avella, and comptroller Bill Thompson ...
Free Download Tech Smith Snag It Screen Capture Software ? Working License
2009-07-04 07:50:00
Tech Smith?s SnagIt is one of the best screen capture software available. Here is a chance to download Snag It software for free with working License Serial Key. This is a promotional offer by Tech Smith and it is a legal way to download this screenshot taking software. They are giving away Free License Keys ... Related posts:Download Free AVG 8 Antivirus Working License Serial KeyDownload Free TuneUp Utilities 2008 Full Version with Commercial License / Serial KeyFree Download Uniblue Speed-Up-My-PC 2009 1 Year Activation License Serial KeyDownload Iolo System Shield 3 Internet Security Free License Key for 1 YearEasy Way to Capture Screenshots of Desired Windows or Entire Screen in VistaDownload Free Paragon Drive Backup 9 Personal with Genuine Serial Product Key
Still working...
2009-06-26 22:37:00
Still working on my script. Slowly but surely.Saddened at Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson's deaths.More later.
Free Working Rapidshare [ RS ] Premium Accounts Login ID / Username and Pas
2009-06-25 07:54:00, a popular file sharing site is used by many people to download files. But to use it to the full extent you need a premium account which will cost you some bucks. Here is a chance to get free working rapidshare premium accounts login IDs and password. The premium account of rapidshare will allow ... Related posts:Ultimate List of Rapidshare Premium Link Generator SitesHow to search for Megaupload and Rapidshare filesUltimate list of Best Rapidshare and Megaupload Search EnginesHow to Create and Use a Password Reset Disk in Windows XPGmail Assistant – Free Notifier for Multiple Gmail AccountsHow to Create a password reset disk
safety of man while working with a machine
2009-06-19 13:29:00
ELCB & RCCB are being used to prevent a person from electrocution due to leakage current. How do they differ from each other? What is the working principle? How effective is good earthing (grounding to earth) to protect a person/persons from electric shock? Want for a discussion. Thanks
External Hard Disk Not Working Properly
2009-06-10 08:01:00
i have an external hard disk of 120 GB when i connect to my laptop it work properly,but when iused on my desktop pc i face some problems, LED of External hard blinking fastly,a noice come from HD,and not showing in my PC HD partion
First working CrunchPad prototypes design
2009-06-05 02:04:00
Have you ever know TechCrunch? You will like this gadget. The image above is the “near-final industrial design” of the man’s CrunchPad with “first working prototypes” expected in another few weeks. Changes include a display now flush with the bezel and an 18-mm overall thickness thanks to the switch from plastic to aluminum. Inside we’ve ... Related posts:Take Screen Shot your design with BrowserShots.orgFive Favorite Technology BlogsFinding Boots for a Gifts
e-server working principle
2009-06-04 14:32:00
I want know the working principle of e-server, and where it is useful.
Working At Home With Kids = Mental Freeze
2009-06-03 02:36:00
Summer’s great, isn’t it? Sun shines almost every day, pool is ready when the heat hits, and there’s no rush to do homework or assignments or projects other than maybe to read a good book. So suck on a watermelon and relax. Right. Summer’s fucking great. Meanwhile, this working-from-home, gas-saving, green-living mama can’t get a goddamn thing done with all the relaxing going on around her. Dad retired early thanks to a shit economy and fewer hours at work. Mom has been retired for over a year now. Add in two soon-to-be fourth graders and this little house is feeling smaller by the minute. I know, I know. Husband is no longer commuting and we should really be getting a place of our own. The conundrum? Free babysitting and my mom’s cooking. Withdrawal’s a bitch. Yet there is always a price to be paid, yo. In my case, it’s in the form of destroyed brain cells. Here is a sample of what I’m experiencing while attempting a deadline or two. Join me, won’t ...
The Case for Working With Your Hands
2009-06-02 15:01:00
Here's an article I found that really hit home. Most people here at CR4 are of the "hands on" type. We've mostly taught our children to work with their minds, and hands. However, it seems that society looks down on the trades, and people that encourage their children to learn a trade are considered
Working Out in Tampa Bay
2009-05-27 18:17:00
I’ve been working out mostly in Tampa Bay for the past couple of years. I think it’s a great place to get in shape while getting a nice tan.
Working of On load tap changer
2009-05-26 21:48:00
Pl. explain the working principle of on load tap changer for transformers along with circuit diagram.
Faraz Anwar: unable to make guitar idol final but still working hard
2009-05-20 21:07:00
News: 19-05-2009: faraz anwar lums guitar workshop ,,,extraordinary stuff :) This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Culture shock! (working in a foreign country)
2009-05-19 04:04:00
I was wondering Many "Engineers" here have worked abroad, what are your anecdotes, culture shocks when you lived and worked in a foreign company/country? (i am also curious of how non western people culture shock experience) For me living in Japan, was/is; the extreme amount of bureaucracy in a
David Rich: Working Out in New Underwear
2009-05-10 12:38:00
Playgirl and DNA cover model David Rich just started selling his new men's underwear this month and created two videos to get you excited and looking great in RICH Underwear: the Hot Mens Underwear Workout DVD, and the Sexy Shower Cool Down Shoot DVD. All this is available on his site the workout portion of the DVD David Rich will only be wearing RICH Underwear. His new line of men's underwear which looks hot on his tan firm ripped, lean and muscular body. Wearing only his tight underwear, David will teach you the best exercises you can do to get a great body in less than 30 minutes a day, a body that looks hot with or without clothes. Exercises like Cobra push-ups, Wide Squats, DB dead lifts to a curl press, Rotating push-ups, and many more.In the shower portion of the DVD David starts off all sweaty from his extreme intense underwear workout. He heads to the shower wearing only his RICH Underwear. Watch the water find its way, drop by drop, flowing down i...
By: 101 Boys
Lotus Working On Advanced Noise Cancellation System for New Vehicles
2009-05-08 04:09:00
Ever since the first electric hybrids were on the road, many people have been questioning how safe they really are. These worries are not about the crash test reliability, but rather the lack of noise the vehicles make when cruising down the road. While several aftermarket companies have presented solutions, Lotus Engineering is no working on a system that provides the necessary engine noise to the outside, while also reducing noise in the cabin.
Hedras Ramos: working them angels
2009-05-04 23:24:00
News: 04-05-2009: The little guy from Guatamala is doing everything he can to get to the guitar idol finals. News papers, radio, blogs, church, you name it this guys done it! He represents all that's good about guitar players who want to get known... it takes sheer hard work and dedication... plus, and in no small measure, the ability to play the guitar at a very high level! OK so tonight Hedras... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
Greg Howe: get the singable melody working first!
2009-05-02 11:28:00
News: 02-05-2009: Jeff from shred knowledge attended an RMA lesson session with Greg Howe and wrote a review for shred knowledge. Jeff says: The first thing they had to do was learn the part of the song we wrote, and build on top of that. Then they had to come up with a verse two and a chorus. It was fascinating to see Greg work through the creative process. I really noticed that his main... This is a content summary only. Visit Truth In Shredding to find out more!
working top made of granite or similar
2009-04-27 07:51:00
dear sir hi good morning im a neawly subscriber and i've got a question,i need to do work top of about 6ft*3ft and the material is of small pieces of about 3"*3" granit or similar and i need to attach it to layout of wood or metal sheet,i though that's its best thing to do it with a type of silic
NBC: Working to Preserve a World Under Water
2009-04-24 03:26:00
Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the EconomyThis is it! It is finally up!I love how Brian Williams starts the story off by calling us, "one of the most spectacular, but unseen places on Earth."I also like how Ian Williams (no relation) signs off with, there is "so much more to these waters than the decaying remnants of war."
Working With Chinese and Korean Lawyers. The Big Four Issues With Each.
2009-04-19 08:13:00
Last year, I wrote an article for the Complete Lawyer, entitled, "Working with Korean and Chinese Lawyers." I was originally asked to write on working with Asian lawyers, in general, but convinced the magazine to allow me to focus on just China and Korea. I asked for this limitation because I did not believe myself experienced enough in working with lawyers from other Asian countries to write about working with them and, more importantly, because I did not see enough similarities to talk of Asia as a whole. I was reminded of that article today after receiving a complimentary email from a Chinese lawyer studying law here in the United States. An article like this has to generalize a bit and there are certainly exceptions to everything I say, but having worked with dozens of law firms in Korea and China, I have noticed the following four problems in dealing with lawyers from those two countries, respectively: KOREA 1. Non-responsiveness is the norm. American lawyers generall...
MIT working on Virus powered batteries
2009-04-06 02:02:00
Typically a battery functions with lithium ions flowing between a negatively charged anode, usually graphite, and the positively charged cathode, usually cobalt oxide or lithium iron phosphate. But three years ago, an MIT team reported that it had engineered viruses that could build an anode by coating themselves with cobalt oxide and gold and self-assembling ...
Steve Firman: Working Out To Be The Best
2009-04-03 21:13:00
Photos (c) NorCalBodz Photography www.norcalbodz.com23 years old, height 6' 0", weight 202 lbs - That's Steve Firman from Sacramento, California, an aspiring and impressive fitness model, who says: "I am confident/determined to be the best model one can be! In the past, I never really thought of modeling as something I'd have a shot at doing. Now, I'll do whatever it takes to be the best. I've been modeling since last year, and would love to work with anyone that wants to give me a shot in the modeling/commercial/fitness industry. I'm up for anything that will get me in front of the camera and always help me to improve to becoming great! Enjoy many things in life, motorcycles/sport bikes, working out (lots!), the outdoors, rock climbing, fly fishing, camping and many other things. Easy going nice guy who just enjoys life and positive people around me."Though Steve Firman has been modeling only since last year, his list of appearances is already pretty impressive:-Max Muscles-E...
Akshay: Working with Nagesh was the most challenging task - News
2009-03-24 19:30:00
Get prepared to be gripped in the suspense thriller by A List superstar, Akshay Kumar as one of the most powerful psychological thrillers of Indian cinema, 8 X 10 ? TASVEER, unleashing in cinemas worldwide on 3rd April 2009. read more
While You Are Working... Volume One
2009-03-18 11:49:00
So this week i got a bit bored and decided to record some of the tracks that i have been playing for the last month, get something recorded that i can share with you all. Since i don't have a job during the week i decided to call it "While You Are Working... Volume One", this is what I'm usually doing while most people are pushing the 9 to 5.Mat Cant - While You Are Working... Volume OneFull Track list is in the comments section...
OMG Sheldon and Penny working together on tonight’s TBBT?
2009-03-16 23:04:00
One of the few shows that actually keeps getting better with each episode is Chuck Lorre’s The Big Bang Theory. Largely because of the dynamic between pretty Penny and socially awkward Sheldon. So when I got this clip of the two of them working and singing together tonight on CBS at 8p, I had to ...
BMW Working With NASA to Produce A Regenerative Exhaust System
2009-03-14 19:12:00
Regenerative braking systems have become a common term in today's automotive communities. As we move to electric power, vehicles will need to make use of every available method to conserve energy to go farther on every charge. BMW has decided to take that idea to another level by using the wasted exhaust energy to produce electricity.
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