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Clothing Alterations

Clothing Alterations
Getting correct clothing alterations tips is always a problem. In fact sometimes it is dangerous. Because faulty clothing alterations can spoil your favorite cloth.


Happy Mothers Day To All The Beautiful Mothers!!
2009-05-10 20:17:00
Hi All,Just want to take this opportunity to wish all mothers a Very Happy Mother's Day.If You Want To Get a Last Minute Mothers Day Gift or if can't seem to think of a gift to get her, I found a great site where you can get one and it seems to be constantly updated - click on this link -
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London Fashion Week won't ban skinny models - Fashion Week-
2008-09-10 15:27:00
London Fashion Week won't ban skinny models - Fashion Week- London Fashion Week won't ban skinny modelsInstead, organizers ask designers to use ‘healthy’ people on catwalkLONDON - Organizers of London Fashion Weeksaid Thursday they would not ban ultra-thin models from the catwalk,but stressed they had asked designers to use only “healthy” people intheir shows.TheBritish Fashion Council said barring stick-thin models — as fashionweeks in Madrid and Milan have done — “is neither desirable norenforceable.”Thecouncil, a consortium of major fashion retailers and publishers thatoversees London’s twice-yearly fashion weeks, said it recognized itsresponsibility to help promote a healthy body image.Read more...Blogged with the Flock Browser
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Wedding Dress Alteration Tips
2008-05-23 09:12:00
It seems I've had an small blog break. My brain isn't working as it should be!Anyway, I managed to find something useful on altering wedding dresses.By Sarah on wedding dress alterationsIf you’re purchasing your dress in a bridal boutique, or even purchasing it on the Internet, then most likely you’re looking at having to have some wedding dress alterations done. It seems that some wedding dresses need a major overhaul once they’re purchased to be able to tailor them to a particular person’s body type, which can be a lot of work for a seamstress. Taking in fabric on the top, taking it in at the waist (yea!), and other wedding dress alterations aren’t as easy as they look. Even if what you only need to have done is to take up the dress so it isn’t too long, then you’ll want to pay attention to some of these tried and true tips for making sure you get it done right the first time. Here is some great advice for taking care of your wedding dress alterations.Read More.....
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The Wedding Dress - Finding A Gown On A Tight Budget
2007-12-20 16:22:00
By Hilary BasileLet's consider the average cost of wedding dress attire: • The average cost of a wedding dress is approximately $800 to $1,500 • The average headpiece can cost between $150 to $300 • The average cost of shoes is $50 Given this, you would expect to budget at least $1,000 for your wedding dress. This can create a severe case of sticker shock especially when you consider this is for a one-time event. Following are 10 money saving tips for selecting one for those on tighter budgets.Read More...To learn the secrets to dress and clothes alterations in one neat little package, then Click Here!
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Look Your Best at the Beach or in Pilates Class by Sewing Your Own Swimsuit
2007-12-17 08:12:00
A wide range of pattern styles is available. Styles with princess seams are slenderizing. So are patterns with a center panel of a contrasting color; to minimize hips, use a dark color for the side panels. High-cut leg openings on swimsuits and leotards give the appearance of longer legs and a slimmer torso. For a full-busted figure, choose a pattern with a bustline shaped by darts or seams. To fill out a slender figure, use a pattern with shirring, draping, or ruffles. Or choose a simple pattern style and a splashy printed fabric to enhance a slender figure.By sewing your own swimsuits and leotards, you can make garments that meet your needs. Add a full-front lining to a swimsuit, if desired; this is especially important for light-colored and lightweight fabrics. Or you may line just the crotch area or add a bandeau lining in the bust area. Purchased bra cups may be sewn into the bandeau if firmer support is desired.Two-way stretch fabric stretches to fit the contours of many diffe...
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Easy Sewing Pattern Alteration for Full Hips
2007-12-17 08:10:00
You might think so, but it could be one of two things: large hips or a small waist. A quick look in the mirror will tell the story. If your hips are large in proportion to the upper part of your body, then full hips are the problem. If your hips are in proportion to the upper part of the body, but the waist appears small, then the problem lies in your waist. If your waist is small, the garment's waist can be reduced by increasing the width of darts and pleats. If your hips are large, the pattern needs to be increased at the side seam in the hip area.Read More...
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Singer Sewing Machines - The Best Machine for Sewing?
2007-12-12 15:11:00
By Julie SimmonsSewing can be a great hobby, and also very useful when you have clothing garments that need repair. You can create virtually anything with some of the newer sewing machines, from bed sheets to curtains, clothing, gifts, and decorative pieces. If you own an embroidery sewing machine you can even create some stunning designs using templates found on the internet, or using your own home made embroidery designs.Sewing machines can vary greatly in prices, depending on the brand, model, and features that you require. If you have a limited budget you could easily pay less than a hundred dollars, but you can also find machines that cost several thousand dollars.Read More...To learn the secrets to dress and clothes alterations in one neat little package, then Click Here!
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I cannot believe how headbanging and sewing on a button can go in the one v
2007-12-11 14:59:00
It’s got to be seen to be believed!… Oh, one more thing, for those of you who can’t wait for me to put some more goodies up and want to learn the secrets to dress and clothes alterations in one neat little package, then Click Here!
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Advice on Bridal Dress Alterations
2007-09-17 08:54:00
Bridal Alter ationsJust about every wedding dress and bridal gown needs some alteration. It happens very rarely that the bridal gown you buy may fit you perfectly at the first chance.Give as much importance to your wedding dress alterations as you gave to its buying. Here are some useful tips for your bridal gown alteration: * Buy your wedding gown well in advance * Bridal dress shops generally charge more for your gown alteration, but it is worth the additional cost. * Always pay with a credit card so that if anything goes wrong, you can dispute the payment....Read More
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Motorola Melbourne Fashion Week
2007-09-11 15:00:00
Hi all,I had the good fortune to go to what can only be described as one of the most glamorous events Melbourne has. Here are some photos and video shots of my favorite parts of the event (the RMIT uni showing) on my Motorola cell phone; the vid gets a bit shaky after a while, I had no tripod :-)
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DC Fashion and Skirts
2007-09-04 10:09:00
DC fashion Blogger Morgan Hungerford hooks us up with some capitol fashion and a quick skirt lesson.
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For Those Of You Who Put On 30 Pounds Overnight
2007-08-31 08:08:00
We've all been there before; that Thanksgiving or Christmas day where we promised ourselves not to eat too much (and it had to be on the day when the best tasting food and those irresistible desserts come out! :-)), we end up eating enough to last us a week in hibernation. When you wake up eventually, you find that your clothes are so tight around your waist that you gotta fit yourself in your pants with a crowbar (I had to get someone to give me a bear hug; hey it was Christmas!), and even then you have to hope to every god that your pot belly doesn't relax and breaks your button and flings it to the other side of the room (I'm sure these days that would be considered a lethal weapon), and Lord help you if you try to bend over in those pants.Now there you are holding your pants or skirt you paid good money for, about to throw in the heap telling yourself 'I'll buy the next size up'. Can this all-powerful problem be remedied? What to do, what to do! Well lucky for you I've e...
Sewing on a Button with a Sewing Machine
2007-08-30 14:18:00
A very easy to follow video for sewing on a button without hurting yourself (hopefully!)
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Turning Old Clothes Into A Reversible Bag
2007-08-30 14:00:00
Just quickly, I found this cool vid for you to have a look at. Would love to hear your comments.
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Dress Alterations
2007-08-30 09:34:00
Hello, my name is Sam. I am a dress alterations enthusiast and I get a kick out of seeing other people look their best. Weather the occasion is your wedding or just a simple dress alteration, this website plans to bring the best and latest information on this topic.The following tips that will be listed are a result of people asking me how to and what it takes to be good at dress alterations.
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Leather Alterations
2007-06-21 06:41:00
I sometimes find my friends to be nervous about leather alterations. There is a feeling that altering of leather garments is not easy. I feel this wariness is baseless. There are lots of competent tailors in every city and town of the USA. And they are master all types of clothing alterations, including leather garments. Just the other day I was browsing the site Must have heard of it, no? It is a site containing a comprehensive database of all the tailoring shops all over the USA. And I spotted various tailors in every city, all of them good at all types of dress alterations. So I don’t feel leather alterations can be of any problem to you.
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New Blog
2007-05-29 11:09:00
Today I going to introduce one of my another informative blog on tailoring m/
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Custom Tailoring in New York
2007-05-28 08:22:00
Custom Tailoring seemingly needs more professional refinement than simple tailoring. At least that’s what I feel. And whenever I buy a readymade garment, I always need to go for alteration, thanks to my short height. Whether it’s a suit or a tracksuit, I always need to cut it into size. In my perception Hugo's Custom Alterations is one of the best custom tailors in New York . Ofcourse there are many others which are good at clothing alterations. But I have personal experience about Hugo’s. And I am really satisfied. Whatever may be the type of dress alterations, I have always got good service from them. I first came to know about them from the site, while searching for a suitable tailoring shop in my residential area in the New York city. Since then I am in love with them.
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Clothing Alterations Solutions
2007-05-24 07:43:00
Getting correct clothing alterations tips is always a problem. In fact sometimes it is dangerous. Because faulty clothing alterations can spoil your favorite cloth. And therefore you must be careful while choosing the right tailor. My friend had given his wedding dress for tailoring. He was supposed to wear it in the party to celebrate his first wedding anniversary, to add to its emotional value ofcourse. But unfortunately the wedding dress alternations were so bad that he had to drop the plan. And it’s not that the suit was unfit for wearing on that day. Rather it got permanently unusable. The best idea is to collect information about the good and dependable tailors in your area. And a sure shot way for that is to go for the site It will give you a flawless information about the high skilled tailors in your area, or whatever area it may be. It’s database covers the entire USA.
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