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Bad Credit Home Equity Loan
2007-08-21 07:07:00
Give me the info I need to get a Real Grasp on " Bad Credit Home Equity Loan s " Do you have less than stellar credit? Maybe you’ve run into some of life’s challenges like suffering at the altar of high medical costs or soaring college tuition fees for your children. A situation where you have bad credit is only temporary; it can be
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Cancer Theraphy
2007-06-16 04:10:00
Investigators have found that injecting standard chemotherapy into the abdominal cavity—instead of intravenously alone—increases survival with advanced ovarian cancer by, on average, a remarkable 16 months. What did the experiment test, and how credible are the results? The study, published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine, was a rigorous trial of 429 women who had Stage 3
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Cancer Triggering Substances in Food
2007-06-16 04:05:00
Where do the carcinogenic food substances locate ? As mentioned before, it should be noted that carcinornatosis is caused by the complex combination of many factors with culture of life, environment and so on. Therefore, not all such food will yield carcinomatosis. They should thus be regarded as "major suspects".Such carcinogenic substances may be classified into several groups: 1. Those
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The Cancer Causes part 2
2007-06-14 12:10:00
The Worrisome Causes:Pesticides Everyone knows that pesticides are not good for you and can be poisonous. But what you didn't know is the extent of impact researchers are finding on pesticides and cancer. Pesticide "Bombs" in the home, termite control products, flea collars on pets, insecticides in the garden or orchard and herbicides for week control have all been proven to have direct
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Possible Causes of Cancer
2007-06-13 08:04:00
Based on scientific studies and governmental reports, we have been able to compile this list of possible causes of cancer. Some are obvious, some are shocking, and some are myths that are exposed. Regardless, this is something you need to know. This is something your loved ones need to know. We will update this page anytime new data is present The Shocking Causes: Microwaved Food Simple
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2007-06-12 11:46:00
What is Oral Cancer ? Oral cancer is a type of malignancy that begins in the oral cavity, which includes the lips, the inside of the lips and cheek, teeth and gums, the front portion of the tongue, the floor and roof of the mouth below the tongue, the bony roof of the mouth (hard palate), and the area behind the wisdom teeth. Throat cancer (also called oropharyngeal cancer), develops in the area
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Basic Knowledge On Cancer and Tumors
2007-06-11 19:13:00
What are cancerous tumors ? Cells make up organs in our body. So long as they live on, they are in the process of splitting, forming new cells. Apart from the exceptional cranial nerves cells that stop growing since the day of birth, without undergoing any splitting, cells of all other organs have varying life-spans during which they split. Cells such as white blood cells only survive for 1 or
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Milk: America’s Health Problem
2007-06-10 15:49:00
Why is American Milk Banned in Europe? American dairy milk is genetically-modified unless it’s labeled “NO rBGH” Genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH) in milk increases cancer risks. American dairy farmers inject rBGH to dairy cows to increase milk production.
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Black Raspberries May Thwart Colon Cancer
2007-06-07 13:41:00
There is a potentially powerful biological weapon for health -- a mix of compounds suspected of thwarting colon cancer -- hiding deep inside the juicy sweetness of a black raspberry. And if it can be harnessed, it could play a major role in preventing the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. In a recent study, rats that were injected with a cancer-causing agent and then
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Thirty Things You Can Do To Avoid Cancer
2007-06-06 04:08:00
1. Make sure you have a pure source of foodstuffs. Obtain fresh, organic produce regularly by joining a vegetable box scheme2. Eliminate plastic storage containers from your kitchen and do not buy or store food in plastic or clingfilm3. Try not to cook the life out of food. Steam vegetables such as brocolli or cauliflower to maintain their integrity and nutritional value4. Eat wide from many
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Breast and Prostate Cancer Risks from rBGH Milk
2007-06-06 04:06:00
American Dairy Farmers are using Monsanto hormone, rBGH rBGH-milk causes cancer No rBGH labeling required on milk containers Monsanto's Hormonal Milk Poses Serious Risks of Colon Cancer , Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer, Warns Professor of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at the
Smoker Should Pay More for Health Insurance
2007-06-04 16:01:00
( A new survey published this week indicates that most Americans believe smokers and the obese should pay more for health insurance. However, those surveyed were unsure how to assist the millions of citizens who currently have no health insurance. More than 1,500 people were surveyed for the study, and of that number, 80 percent believe that the health care system in the U.S. needs
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Pesticides Increase Breast Cancer Risk
2007-06-04 15:53:00
Pesticides Increase Breast Cancer Risk Exposure to certain pesticides, known as organochlorines, may increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Organochlorines, which are found in agricultural and industrial products, have a weak estrogen-like effect, and play a role in the development of breast cancer. After taking into account other known risk factors for breast cancer, the researchers write
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Exercise reduces cancer risk
2007-06-04 15:50:00
Exercise reduces cancer risk Susan Aldridge, PhD A new analysis shows that physical activity may reduce the risk of several types of cancer. The leading charity Cancer Research UK announces that University of Bristol researchers have uncovered a link between exercise and reduced cancer risk. In 37 out of 51 studied reviewed, regular exercise can cut the risk of colon (but not rectal) cancer by
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Breast Cancer News
2007-06-04 06:13:00
By Julie Steenhuysen CHICAGO (Reuters) - Black women with advanced breast cancer are faring no better now than they were two decades ago despite improved survival by white women - and the gap appears to be widening, U.S. researchers said Sunday. Dr. Sharon Giordano of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center studied breast cancer survival in women between 1988 and 2003. She
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Smoking and Lung Cancer
2007-06-04 05:55:00
An estimated 146,000 Americans died of lung cancer in 1992, and 90 percent of these deaths were caused by cigarette smoking. Smoking is responsible for about 30 percent of all cancer deaths annually in the United States more than 155,000 each year. If smoking-related cancers could be eliminated from our society, we would see a significant decline in the annual cancer death rate instead of small
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General Information About Malignant Mesothelioma Cancer
2007-06-04 05:35:00
Malignant mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the lining of the chest or abdomen. Malignant mesothelioma is a disease in which malignant,cancer )cells are found in the pleura (the thin layer of tissue that lines the chest cavity and covers the lungs) or the peritoneum (the thin layer of tissue that lines the abdomen and covers most of the organs in the
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Can Prostate Cancer Be Prevented?
2007-06-02 04:00:00
Because the exact cause of prostate cancer is not known, at this time it is not possible to prevent most cases of the disease. Many risk factors such as age, race, and family history cannot be controlled. Current information on prostate cancer risk factors, however, suggests that some cases might be prevented. Diet You may be able to reduce your risk of prostate cancer by changing the way
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Study: Hair Relaxers Not Linked to Breast Cancer
2007-06-02 03:50:00
Study: Hair Relaxers Not Linked to Breast Cancer Likely Not a Factor in Black-White Breast Cancer Gap Article patientINFORM Summary: Using hair relaxers, even over a period of many years, does not appear to raise a woman's risk of breast cancer, according to a large study of African-American women. Researchers were looking at the possibility that exposure to chemicals in these widely used
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Cancer Prevention Study
2007-06-02 03:39:00
Cancer Prevention Study I The Cancer Prevention Study I (CPS-I) is a prospective mortality study of approximately 1 million adult men and women enrolled between October 1, 1959 and February 15, 1960 and followed up through September 1972. Participants were recruited into the study in twenty-five states by approximately 68,000 volunteers for the American Cancer Society. Enrollment was by
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drug temsirolimus for advanced renal cell carcinoma, a form of kidney cance
2007-06-02 03:34:00
The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the drug temsirolimus for advanced renal cell carcinoma, a form of kidney cancer. The announcement coincides with the publication this week of a study showing the drug helps people with this late-stage disease live longer. Temsirolimus, made by Wyeth, will be sold under the name Torisel. It is one of 3 drugs recently approved for kidney cancer but
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What are the causes of colon cancer?
2007-06-01 12:26:00
Doctors are certain that colorectal cancer is not contagious (a person cannot catch the disease from a cancer patient). Some people are more likely to develop colorectal cancer than others. Factors that increase a person's risk of colorectal cancer include high fat intake, a family history of colorectal cancer and polyps, the presence of polyps in the large intestine, and chronic ulcerative
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What is Cancer?
2007-06-01 12:23:00
Cancer is a group of more than 100 different diseases. They affect the body's basic unit, the cell. Cancer occurs when cells become abnormal and divide without control or order. Like all other organs of the body, the colon and rectum are made up of many types of cells. Normally, cells divide to produce more cells only when the body needs them. This orderly process helps keep us healthy. If cells
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Herbal Supplements
2007-06-01 12:20:00
We've all heard about herbal supplements that have worked for someone we know. People swear by them: echinacea for a cold, ginkgo biloba for memory or the peppermint in the salve your aunt believes can ease chest congestion. Over the past decade, use of herbal supplements has jumped 83%, going from $12.2 billion in U.S. sales in 1996 to a whopping $22.3 billion last year. While many of those
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