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Webkinz are one of the hottest new toys around! These stuffed animals can be turned into virtual pets when they are registered online. Great for all ages!


2007-10-05 17:21:00
Webkinz are stuffed animals that come with a special code on their tag that enables the owner to register them in an online world to become a virtual pet. They are very popular now with children of all ages. When the user adopts the pet, they are given a room and some Kinzcash (the online money). The user can use their Kinzcash to buy different things for their pet such as furniture for the room, food, clothes and toys. The first year with the online pet is free.My five year old and my eight year old each have their own webkinz. They are capable of navigating the website and playing the games by themselves. They love it! My five year old cannot play all of the games yet but she's learning! I would highly recommend a Webkinz as a gift for any child. They are cuddly pets that can come to life on the child's computer screen. These are going to be very hot items for Christmas this year so get yours now! For your choice of Webkinz please click below. There are lots to choose from!Blog
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