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Configure Windows Vista to log you on to a Standard User Account
2008-02-09 03:01:00
Here is a simple tip to automatically login a user. Click on the Start orb and type netplwiz (Advanced User Accounts Control Panel) in the Instant Search Field. On the Users tab, uncheck the Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Click the Apply Button and the Automatically Log On button appears for you to enter the User name and password information. After entering
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Window Vista has a nifty utility that gives you the ability to magnify port
2008-02-09 02:57:00
Do you often work in high resolutions? Do you feel the need to magnify portions of your screen to help you see better? Window Vista has a nifty utility that gives you the ability to magnify portions of your screen. Click Start and in the Instant Search field, type magnifier. You can change the scale factor, dock position and tracking options.
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Do you want to add another level of security to your login if you are in a
2008-02-08 04:49:00
Do you want to add another level of security to your login if you are in a workgroup? Every wonder why domain users have to use the CTRL + ALT + DELETE? By having to physically perform a CTRL + ALT + DELETE you make sure a trojan/backdoor program doesn’t spoof you. It is just another layer of security if you are interested. Click and type netplwiz (Advanced User Accounts Control Panel) in the
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How to use the Copy as Path command as a replacement for the old drag and d
2008-02-07 07:17:00
If you’re like most IT folks, you use the command line to perform all kinds of tasks. However, there is one drawback to working from the command line that is exacerbated by long folder names — changing from one folder, or directory, to another using the CD (Change Directory) command. Not only is typing long folder names on the command line a lot of extra work, but one typo and you’ll find
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Did you know that a command line utility exists to deal with issues of acti
2008-02-07 03:24:00
Did you know that a command line utility exists to deal with issues of activation and licensing in Windows Vista? The command line utility is called the Windows Software Licensing Management Tool. In order to access the tool, click Start and type cmd in the Instant Search bar. If you are not running as an administrator, right-click on the cmd.exe and choose Run as Administrator. Next
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Expand the notification area’s calendar in Windows XP with DateInTray
2008-02-07 02:42:00
For many Windows XP users, the notification area’s calendar is the most used area for date information on the system. If you hover your mouse pointer over the time, the date appears; if you need more information, you can simply double-click the time display to bring up the Date And Time Properties dialog box. While this is a good system, a handy freeware utility from CrispyBytes Development
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Install and configure Windows xp Server 2008 core in this new operating sys
2008-02-06 14:02:00
With the imminent launch of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 coming on February 27, 2008, I want to show you a feature I am fond of in this new operating system. With Windows Server 2008, you have the option of performing a Windows Server Core installation, which provides you with the minimum set of tools to run Windows. You are provided with a kernel and a command line to manage the server. It is
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Remote desktop to a Windows XP PC from Windows Vista
2008-02-06 13:49:00
Microsoft Windows Vista adds several layers of system security above and beyond what was used in Windows XP. In general, that is a good thing. However, those added layers of security sometimes interfere with an end user’s experience. The Remote Desktop Application is one example. Completing a remote desktop connection to a PC running Windows XP from another PC running Vista can be
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If you regularly use Remote Desktop Connection to manage other Windows XP P
2008-02-06 02:57:00
If you regularly use Remote Desktop Connection to manage other Windows XP Pro systems, chances are that you’ve been working with a remote system in a window. If so, you’ve likely used [Windows] or [Alt][Tab] with the intention of controlling the remote system and then remembered that those keys control the local system. This happens because the Keyboard setting on the Local Resources tab of the
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MCAs say about the Microsoft Certified Architect Program?
2008-02-05 14:10:00
Richard Godfrey is one of the selected few that have earned the Microsoft Cert ified Architect (MCA) certification, the newest, most robust Microsoft certification offered. Click here for an in-depth description of the MCA program. Richard is presently the CEO of, which specializes in the design and delivery of high quality Rich Internet Applications (such as 3D book and
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Here’s an overview of the MCA Program. Ready to become a legend?
2008-02-03 14:15:00
The Microsoft Certified Architect Program The MCA certification raises the bar to an entirely new level for Microsoft who has in the past been accused of facilitating paper-certified “engineers” with the MCSE program. With its steep costs ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 (depending on which architect program you’re seeking) to its rigorous on-campus boards where you defend a real-world
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how to take advantage of a free command-line FTP utility that comes package
2008-02-02 02:47:00
Now that I am on my command-line kick these days, I wanted to show you how to take advantage of a free command-line FTP utility that comes packaged with Windows Vista. Why pay money for some software when you can take advantage of software you already paid for. There is no glamor and glitz or eye candy here-just straight-up hard knocks command line. This blog post is also available as a
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In Windows xp Vista, you can create dump files
2008-02-01 13:43:00
Here is a nice feature that I found when poking around Windows xp Vista . In Windows xp Vista, you can create dump files that are stored in the Temp directory. Dump files are really useful when you need to troubleshoot BSOD, application crashes, freezing, and any problem a Windows box maybe exhibiting. Here are the steps to create a dump file in Windows xp Vista. Open Task Manager.Right-click
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Microsoft’s manifest destiny to include the kitchen sink in window xp ser
2008-01-31 06:47:00
I've been playing around with Microsoft Window s Vista Ultimate Edition on my Compaq laptop, which works quite well now that I have drivers for the 802.11 wireless card. Today I noticed that Vista, well the Ultimate Edition at least, comes with an image snipping program. It is located in the accessories area of the start menu. I'll say one thing for Microsoft, they haven't found an
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Adding new toolbars to your start menu in window xp service pack 1 2 3
2008-01-31 05:39:00
Here is a shortcut I use to keep all of my favorites accessible from my Start menu. I recommend you take advantage of adding new toolbars to your start menu in window xp. It is very simple and easy to do. Let’s begin. Right-click on your desktop and choose Toolbars | New Toolbar . . . (Figure A). Figure A. Next, choose the folder that you want to appear in your Start menu (Figure B.) Figure B.
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Take advantage of password protecting your screen saver in windows xp servi
2008-01-30 12:05:00
If you work in an office setting where prying eyes would love to see the information on your screen, you might want to take advantage of password protecting your screen saver. To perform these steps do the following: Right-click on the Desktop of Windows Vista and choose Personalize (Figure A). Figure A. Next, choose Screen Saver (Figure B). Figure B. On the Screen Saver Settings page,
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How to Keep the activation status intact when reinstalling window xp servi
2008-01-30 05:10:00
Have you ever wanted to reformat the hard disk and reinstall Window s XP service pack on a system but you didn't want to mess around with Microsoft's Product Activation after the reinstall? Fortunately, you don't have to. As long as you aren't making any hardware alterations, you can back up the activation status files before you reformat the hard drive and then restore them after you reinstall
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How to create a safe mode option to the boot menu in windows xp
2008-01-30 02:39:00
Follow these steps to create a Safe Mode option to the Boot menu. When you're experiencing a problem with Windows XP, you may need to boot the system into Safe Mode more than once. However, doing so can be a tiresome process. When the Boot menu appears, you must press [F8], and then you must select Safe Mode from yet another menu. Wouldn't it be nice if Safe Mode were available from the Boot
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When i need uncover windows xp’s built-in image resizing utility
2008-01-28 14:51:00
If you’ve ever had to resize a group of digital picture files, you’ve likely launched your image editing program and then resized each image individually — this is an extremely time-consuming task. Windows XP has a built-in image resizing utility buried inside the Send Pictures Via E-Mail dialog box that can quickly and easily resize a large group of digital picture files at once. Follow these
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Tip for redirect the command prompt to a folder of your choosing
2008-01-27 17:36:00
As you probably know, when you open a Command Prompt , from the Start menu or by typing CMD in the Run dialog box, the Command Prompt window will always open in the C:Documents and Settings{yourname} folder. (Where {yourname} is the name of your user account.) The reason for this is that by default Windows XP is programmed to start the Command Prompt in the folder designated by the %HOMEDRIVE%%
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Windows XP service pack System Restore tool
2008-01-26 07:07:00
Windows XP's System Restore lets you restore your computer to a previous time if a problem occurs. To accomplish this feat, System Restore continuously monitors your system looking for significant changes to the operating system, such as an application or driver installation procedure, automatically creating a restore point when it detects an impending change. System Restore will also create
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Instantly create Restore Points in Windows XP
2008-01-25 13:56:00
Takeaway: The System Restore utility automatically creates a Restore Point if it senses a change to the system, or even some application, files. If you'd like to instantly create a Restore Point, read this Windows XP tip to find out how all it takes is two lines of VBScript. Windows XP's System Restore utility continuously monitors your system looking for changes to the system files, and even
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Window xp :Investigate the Restore Point files in Windows XP service pack
2008-01-25 07:21:00
If you've ever been on a troubleshooting expedition involving a problem with System Restore, chances are that you've wondered where System Restore actually keeps the files associated with Restore Point s. System Restore stores the Restore Point files in a hidden and protected folder called System Volume Information that is located in the root directory of your hard disk. This folder is invisible
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Window XP: The Disk Cleanup utility will allow you to delete all Restore Po
2008-01-24 10:46:00
Windows XP's System Restore feature automatically creates Restore Points every 1 day, in addition to any time that you make a major system configuration change or install new software. In order to be able to perform its operations, System Restore claims a maximum of 12% of the available hard disk space to save the Restore Points. (Although you can alter that value from the System Restore tab in
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