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I am a person who is inquisitive about everything with a desire to learn all that is out there. This space is for commentary and opinions on a variety of issues that are important to me. Or at the very least worthy of comments ranging from politics t
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"Back In the High Life Again"
2008-05-18 01:38:00
"It's been a long time, I've shouldn't have left you..." - Eric B. & Rakim, "I Know You Got Soul" (1987)My posts have been about as often as consecutive road wins by my beloved Atlanta Braves.It seems that just when I think that life was getting back into a solid groove, I was thrown off kilter by some improvisation from an unexpected source. But I guess that since life is more like real jazz, as opposed to smooth jazz, we all get a little exited about what lies around the corner.But now it is spring.Classes are over.Gas prices are outrageous.And it appears that my party will finally have a nominee. Though I'm still confused how a winner could be declared in race when the magic number has not been reached by either one of the contestants. (But please do not get me started on "Johnny Come Lately", also known as John Edwards, who makes a "dramatic" decision to support Obama - once he is already ahead in delegates and there are but a few states left to vote. What a...non-leader...
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A Sad, Though Joyous, Goodbye
2008-04-09 06:01:00
Last Friday, Stephen A. Smith announced that he was leaving ESPN 1050 because the World Wide Leader wanted him to "focus on television".I find that argument to be a little odd because this was the same company that was pushing Stephen A. to be the face of the All Sports Network just three years ago. At that time, he was omnipresent. He was a featured columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, had a daily radio show, a nightly talk show, featured during the All Sports Network's NBA coverage, and was just, well, everywhere. But quicker than Ellot Spitzer's fall from grace, Stephen A. is just now another talking head on cable television as he lost his column, his talk show, and now his radio program.Wow.Many of my friends know my dislike for Stephen A. Many of his comments are either inaccurate or merely repeats what someone else said. I finding him lacking in original thought and on the radio for pure shock purposes. (Is it possible for someone to ever make their point without shoutin...
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"The Sign of Spring"
2008-04-09 05:31:00
Though normally on Mondays, my first Braves report of the 2008 campaign comes on Tuesday. (Unfortunately, I will not include another heartbreaking, late inning loss to Colorado in this week's review.) The new season brings a host of changes for the Beloved.First, TBS will no longer be the flagship station for the Atlanta Braves. Second, for the first time since the fall of 1996, Andruw Jones will not the Braves centerfield.And finally, the Braves are now the Boys In Blue.As I tell my sister all the time, I'm all for "change", but this is a little too much too soon. I'm live way out the signal for the Peachtree Network and for some reason, the center fielder should be plays a little too deep than what I'm used to. But I guess part of being a fan is being able to adapt and before you know it, I will soon be singing the praises of Jordan Schafer and no longer lamenting my boy is now in Chavez Revine. As for the Sunday blues? I have to admit that I'm in love with them. I think tha...
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"A New Day"
2008-02-29 05:10:00
After a brief flurry of activity, I've had to take a brief hiatus. Not like the writers who were on-strike becuase they are actually talented. But since I do have a real world job and some real world obligations, things have been very busy.However, that does not mean I don't have plenty of opinions and thoughts.For now, I have to post this picture which signals a new era: Andruw Jones in Dodger Blue.The great Braves website, Talking Chop, posted the above picture with the title "Tear".I could not say it better myself. However scheduled the first official spring training game certainly knew what they were doing. (Or not.)I am going to miss A. Jones. But for some reason, he looks at home in those crisp whites.Hey, it's February 29th in a matter of minutes. My beloved Braves open the season in less than a month.Still, it's going to take some time to get use to this picture!
Interview With Raul Midon
2008-02-11 02:21:00
This evening, I posted an interview with Raul Midon on of an exclusivity agreement, I cannot post the interview on this site for a short period of time. However, I would ask that you check out "Interview : Raul Midon's Journey Into "A World Within" on their site.I had the luxury of interviewing Midon in the days after the release of his album entitled "A World Within". And though this is his second release on a major label (there is an out-of-print independent release), I have had the great fortune to follow his career from essentially a club act into a major player in today's music.I first saw Midon about five years ago at Central Park Summerstage when he performed with Elements of Life. They were the opening act for Chaka Khan on a hot July Saturday afternoon. (I remember it well. The woman who I was dating at the time refused to go with me, so I went by myself and had the time of my life. We broke up a month later. Coincidence? No. I was the jerk in that ...
Swing Out Sister: One of My Guilty Pleasures
2008-02-10 18:07:00
I often spend my Sunday mornings doing everything but getting ready for the next week of classes. However, one of the things that I did was indulge in one of my musical guilty pleasures: listening to the music of Swing Out Sister .For those who grew up in the 1980s, I can already see you asking yourself, "Whatever happened to them? I used to live that song....what was it called again?""Breakout". To answer your question.Yes, that was the group with the female lead singer, Corinne Drewery, who had the page boy haircut. And at that time, USA Today called the act "a female version of The Pet Shop Boys".My, how far off the mark they were.SOS came to American airwaves during the summer of 1987 with a song that was electro-pop with an edge of sophistication. Despite being only 14, the group automatically appealed to my ears with a combination of pop sensibility and elements of jazz. (Yes, while my best friend from college from was listening to rap and my best friend from law school was int...
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Goodbye, Ryan Klesko
2008-02-10 17:17:00
Word on the street has it that Ryan Klesko retired from baseball a few days ago. (Actually, the word came from none other than former Braves teammate, Chipper Jones.)Klesko has been gone from the Braves for a number of years, but he still ranks as one of my all-time favorite Atlanta Braves.From the time of his debut, I've been a huge fan of him. He was always one for theatrics whenever he hit a home run. In fact, even the simplest of fly balls would force him to toss his bat aside, lean back, throw his hands up in the air, and then stride along to first base.For me, every at-bat was an adventure not to be missed.But that was just one part of his game.When the Braves acquired Fred McGriff, it seemed that Klesko would never get to play first base, his natural position. So the Braves tried their best to "protect" him and keep his bat in the lineup by playing him in left field. Now that was an adventure.Even the most routine of flyballs seem to a highlight reel catch for the defensivel...
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Honey Larochelle Interview Transcript
2008-02-09 22:57:00
On October 24, 2007, I had the pleasure to interview Honey Larochelle via email. Below is the transcript of the interview. (I did remove questions and answers which may be saved for another piece. Below is the unedited transcript to questions pertaining to my article recently posted on should add that in my article, I referenced that Ms. Larochelle sang backup for Donna Summer and Roberta Flack. This was made in error. Ms. Larochelle did not sing back up for either artist.You have had the luxury of working with a variety of different artists, either as a studio vocalist or on tour. Besides learning"dedication" to your craft, what else have you learned from sharingspace with these individuals?H: Well, I learn something from almost everyone I work with. If not a new trick or tactic then it's about someone who's been in the game longer than I and it then becomes a history lesson. Donny Osmand wasbrilliant to sing next to. He's amazing! And I was shocked to learn t...
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Interview With Honey Larochelle
2008-02-04 14:04:00
Readers of "...but I digress." will realize my fascination with Honey Larochelle for oh, let's say, the past eight months after I saw her perform with the Brand New Heavies at the Highline Ballroom.On a lark, I approached her publicist for the opportunity to interview the rising singer. When she consented, I nearly leaped out of my chair.I had the opportunity to interview with Ms. Larochelle via email during the late fall of last year. She was very accomodating and quite informative. I felt as if we were chatting over the telephone.Due to my personal hectic schedule, I was not able to publish the interview until this morning and I am pleased with the results.In fact, there was so much good information that I am going to publish more of the interview upon the release of her first album, "Flight of the Honey B". But for now, there is enough good information to satiate your appitite for good new music.Due to an exclusivity agreement with BlogCritics, I cannot republish the interview h...
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My King Day Celebration
2008-01-21 22:39:00
Last week marked the first week of classes for the Spring 2008 semester at the university where I am adjunct professor of English.As I have done every year that I have taught, I devoted the first class of the semester to Dr. Martin Luther King .This, of course, breaks from the norm of most professors because the first class is a chance to introduce yourself to the students. Then, they introduce the course to the students. And finally, the students introduce themselves to the professor. If the professor is ambitious, he or she will then do a short lecture to get the class rolling. (This is especially important for instructors of Monday classes where three classes are lost due to the MLK holiday, President's Day, and Spring Break.)I also use the first class to MLK as a measuring stick of the student's mindset. There are students who just want to take the class because it is a requirement. Any deviation from the norm will cause havoc in their minds. (This was exemplified last year whe...
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On Martin Luther King and Today's Poltics of "Change"
2008-01-21 18:10:00
The third Monday of January signals the observance of Martin Luther King 's birthday.However, this year, it appears that with the candidacy of Barack Obama, the King holiday is taking on even more significance.And though I am all for added recognition of Dr. King's work, I find that over time, this holiday is becoming less about the civil rights movement and an opportunity for politicans to use grandiose terms about how Dr. King's "dream" is still a work in progress and how they are the best gatekeepers to his movement.But the one thing that gets me is that if King were alive today (a phrase that so many media pundits like to use on this day), Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Hillary Clinton would not be his heir apparent.For Obama to speak at Ebenezer Baptist Church yesterday made for a dramatic backdrop, however if would be foolish for the media or any voter to believe that he is the holder of the civil rights flame. The same goes towards Clinton when she made a direct appeal to ...
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Tearing Down Dreams While Building A Sports Stadium
2008-01-09 00:56:00
About eighteen months ago, I wrote about the plans for the "new" Yankee Stadium being erected in the Bronx.At the time, I was bothered by the fact that there was so much money being spent on an edifice that few in the immediate area would be able to enjoy. I was also upset that so many local Bronx politicians were glad handing the Yankee organization even though the parks, enjoyed my so many in the High Bridge and Concourse Village area were being destroyed. Sure, the Yankees promised that they would contribute money to community groups and build new parks, but at the time, I was doubtful.Just two weeks ago, I happened to take the bus along River Avenue which caught me in the netherworld between the present and the future. Across from what people call The Cathedral was the iron skeleton of the new Stadium.And in the immediate area, it was apparent that nothing changed.The parks have been moved. The streets were a confusion of closed, partially closed, and open streets. People were m...
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Does Experience Mean Anything?
2008-01-08 01:20:00
The night before the New Hampshire primary and I have to admit that I'm excited about what will occur tomorrow night. (Yes, I actually have bigger things taking place tomorrow, but nevertheless, does it hurt for a man to think globally sometimes?)The one thing that constantly replays in my mind is actually how sad Hillary sounded this during a speech this afternoon.When she spoke about how she took this election personally it made me wonder if the Democrat nomination is really a referendum of her (and by extension, President Clinton). And if this is a referendum on the Clintons, then it's a shame the we've gotten to this point.As no surprise to my friends, I've bounced around between a couple of candidates before finally coming to the conclusion that I support John Edwards. And then found myself really like Bill Richardson. Yet, over the past year, I've been as excited about Obama's candidacy as anyone and have always thought that Hilliary was destined for Oval Office.I menti...
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The New Y(ear's) Post
2008-01-03 00:32:00
Say what you will about New York Governor Elliot Spitzer.Despite the ups and downs of his first year in office, he had one of the greatest political themes I've ever heard.During his campaign for governor, his commercials declared "On Day One, Everything Will Change". Or something to that effect.Anyway, he essentially wanted people to realize that when he took office, he would change politics as usual in Albany, New York's state capital.But I love that phrase: "On Day One, Everything Will Change".And with that in mind, today is the second day of January, 2008. Yesterday was a day to relax and recover but today is the first "real" day of the new year when you return to work after a nice holiday break. It is the first day that you begin to work on those resolutions. And it is the first day that we can start anew.Heading into 2008, I can't say that I have too many outlandish resolutions. It is a year that I will turn, gasp, 35. And it is a year that I pray that I get the chance to s...
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The Night "U People" Got Funky At Solomon's Porch
2007-12-30 19:36:00
Last night, My Jamaican Girl and I set out to catch Honey Larochelle perform at Solomon's Porch Cafe in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. From my previous discussions, she knew that we were going to try some good food and catch some good live entertainment.What more could one ask for during the brief period between holidays?Funny thing, we didn't plan on entering a benefit for the independent movie, "U People ". And that was a pleasant surprise. "U People" is documentary which takes place over the course of two nights in a Brooklyn brownstone. During the course of the documentary, women of various sexual orientations discuss their views on a variety of subjects. I will readily admit that I was not familiar with the project prior to arriving at Solomon's Porch. Yet, after hearing information about the program, it sounds like a movie which could be used as a discussion point, not only on college campuses but in everyday American society.After enjoying the best turkey burger I've ever had and two...
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"What To Do, If I Were You..."
2007-12-28 22:03:00
After seeing the Brand New Heavies last year, I took notice of their backup singer, Honey Larochelle, and her great talent.And after their May show, I started a minor crusade to see this woman perform her solo act.Twice this summer, my best laid plans went awry.However, I'm ecstatic that she'll be performing tomorrow night at Solomon's Porch in Brooklyn. (Even more thrilling is that she read my crazy blog and personally sent me a message to catch her show.) So, while some of you are huddled around the two hundred channels broadcasting the New England Patriots going after an unblemished season against the Giants (and no, even if the Giants win, it's nothing compared to when the Miami Dolphins beat the Chicago Bears in 1985 on Monday Night Football), I will be chillin' with The Object of My Affection enjoying a great show. (Besides, 16-0 is meaningless without a Super Bowl right to go with it.)Do yourself a favor, get out this Saturday night and join me!
Now, I've Arrived!
2007-12-28 20:10:00
Yeah, I googlebate.C'mon, it's almost a necessity. Not daily. But at least one or twice a month.And it's done for sheer pleasure.Like many of you, I have to check my name, and all its variations on Google. And not because I'm fleeing the feds or anything, but because it fulfills a neurotic need to know if anyone really cares about me.Often, it's just regular old work related information or some alumni list. But last night, I found out that I've truly arrived: I've made it to "Rate My Professor".After being an adjunct at three different schools over the past three years, I have to admit that I'm a little proud of this achievement. I mean, for someone to feel so strongly about you that they took the time to hit the interwebs to fill out information about me, however good, bad, or indifferent, meant that my teaching had an effect on someone,And that someone BLASTED me! (Kind of like that hit Reggie Bush took in last year's playoff game against the Eagles.)Out of my forty stude...
Ending The War On Clemens - For Now
2007-12-21 16:07:00
I'm not above admitting that I'm wrong.Probably because it happens so rarely.But it turns out that Jason Grimsely didn't "out" Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite as performance enhancing drug users last summer.The respected Los Angeles Times got it wrong.And therefore, I was following bad information.But it doesn't absolve Clemens and Pettite. Pettite already admitted that he used HGH. And Clemens stated that he never used "banned" substances and we ll know that HGH and steroids were not banned in baseball until 2003.Yet, it's the holiday season. And I should tone it down a bit.With that in mind, I provide you with another Christmas classic. Though it's kind of creepy seeing glam rocker David Bowie with crooner Bing Crosby. Still, Bowie's "Peace on Earth..." is one of the most moving lyrics you could ever hear.(I'll resume my war on Clemens in 2008!)
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The Best Pop Christmas Song
2007-12-19 21:08:00
If I'm going to wax poetic about the best pop Christmas song, I guess I better provide for you to watch.
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Where Is the Christmas Joy?
2007-12-19 20:25:00
I had a funny conversation with my parent a few days ago.It seems that there are really no good "pop" Christmas songs anymore.By my count, there are only a handful of "true" Christmas song that can be (rather, should be) played on contemporary radio. The rest are just filler that is used to pass the time or make people really think that they are listening to Christmas songs when they are nothing more but white noise. True, there the traditional Christmas classics that we all have grown to know and love. Of course, Nat King Cole's "A Christmas Song" would rank on the top of even the most discriminating of lists. And I guess I would have to include Bing Crosby's immortal "White Christmas", though there is a cornball element to it. I'm talking about the modern era of popular music. And with that, I mean original music created during the Rock & Roll Era.That narrows it down. But still leads to a great deal of argument over what can be considered good.Of course, there are such nov...
I Spoke Too Soon
2007-12-18 22:50:00
In the post below, I criticized Michael Kay for not talking about Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite's alleged steorid/HGH use on YESTERDAY's program.Today, he devoted an hour to the issue.Still, he was guarded in his criticism and focused more on Clemens. Even the screener appears to have selected calls that worked the Clemens angle as opposed to Pettite.In fact, Kay stated that at least Pettite used HGH to help his team while he chastised Baltimore Oriole second baseman, Brian Roberts. According to Kay, Roberts was selfish because he tried it to improve is statistics.How's that for logic? But that's Kay Logic.Anyway, my post was submitted moments before today's show aired. And should any Kay fan actually read this post, I don't want to appear to be slighting him.
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Ignorance On The Kay Couch
2007-12-18 22:33:00
"Doth protests too much...."You have to love the insufferable Michael Kay.The "voice" of the New York Yankees, the one who maintains that he's not a "fan" but an employee of the Bronx Bombers, the one who claims that he is never censored by the Yankee brass is, well, a homer. But that is nothing new for those of you who have had the misfortune to hear his show. Yet, when it comes to having an opinion on his employer's organization, he's quick to hold his tongue when it could be to the pinstripes detriment. Over the past five days, Kay has been oddly silent when it comes to the exact nature of The Mitchell Report. Sure, during the summer, he was quick to fire upon Barry Bonds and essentially called his home run record a fraud because "A Game of Shadows" detailed "chapter and verse" (a phrase Kay likes to use) about how Bonds used performance-enhancing drugs. Of course, "Game of Shadows" had great investigative reporting, but Kay used that book (and that book only) as his main targ...
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"Hey You Guys!": I Have The Best Christmas Gift Idea!
2007-12-17 20:11:00
The coldest day of year and we're all filled with warm thoughts for the holidays.(Well, most of us are feeling warm do to the thoughts of being with loved ones next week. Truth be told, I'm geeked because the New Orleans Saints are knocking on the door of making the playoffs after a great win over the St. Louis (ahem, Phoenix) Cardinals - yes, I do remember O.J Anderson rushing for them in Bush Stadium during the late 1970s and early 1980s. But why don't the folks at The All Sports Network call them the "football" Cardinals? But, I digress...)I just have to disclose one small shopping secret.I just bought my niece the best present: The Electric Company box set.For those of you who are of my generation, you know that I'm discussing the eclectic educational program of the 1970s. And I can already see you smiling as I type.I had to get the DVD set because I'm just not one for buying toys. Yes, I'm the boring uncle that buys books and clothes (and now DVDs) but not toys. I figure ...
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Are We Really That Surprised?
2007-12-14 20:17:00
Twenty-four hours after the release of The Mitchell Report (a document which Mike Greenberg breathlessly states, "A historic day in the game of baseball") and the whole world acts as if the major news is that Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite are named.But I'm stunned that the sports media would even react like this.Remember, these same players were mentioned last season when Jason Grimsely stated that they were involved. And of course, Yankee apologists (and those who worship at the feet of St. Roger) were vehement in their disbelief. All the sports world cried, "Roger is a competitor. He has a rigor workout program..." and all the other cliches that are used for athletes who are incredibly gifted and sustain a level of excellence of a period of time. Of course, platitudes which were never bestowed upon Barry Bonds. He merely injected himself to get better, there's no other way around it. Or that's what they say.But leave to Sean Salisbury. This morning, he ranted, "You think stero...
On Cheating
2007-12-13 22:43:00
Like many baseball fans around the nation, I waited for The Bewitching Hour - two o' clock this afternoon which signalled the release of The Mitchell Report. For those of you who have not followed the story, this is the document which would disclose former Senator George Mitchell's findings on the use of steroids in Major League Baseball.Of course, whether it was on blogs, message boards, sports radio, or The All Sports Network, there was hue and cry about how it was a "sad day" for baseball fans and how this will effect a generation of fans. To them, baseball lost its innocence because our "heroes" would be disclosed as "cheaters". But I dispute this on two very different reasons.First, I think that those who have romanticized the game are merely bothered that this is no longer about Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa. All three took our nation's imagination by storm, albeit for distinct reasons. McGwire was the Brawny Towel Man and represented all that we wanted in our h...
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"School's Out!"
2007-12-11 20:55:00
This week marks my second favorite week of the academic year.The last class.Besides my daily role an an attorney, my close friends know that I'm an adjunct professor at a local urban university. It is a school with an ethnically diverse population and predominated by students who are the first ones in their family to receive a post-secondary degree. It has it's challenges in that there are students who are still learning English, students who may lack the writing skills to be in my class, and those who may not really want to be there. But for the most part, it is a great school with fascinating people.The beauty of the first class is that it is a chance for me to introduce my personality and goals for the class. I have the opportunity to meet new students, get a chance to see how their are going to respond to me, and revel in the fact that I'm about to go on a fifteen week journey with twenty-six students that will have highs, lows, and hopefully, plenty of learning in between. T...
Bliss Found In A Ringer
2007-12-10 16:30:00
One of the greatest joys that I had over the weekend was the thrill of getting a new ring tone.One aspect for the joy was the fact that ring tone was free. And anytime Sprint gives you something for nothing, you damn sure better take advantage of it.But the center for my happiness was that it just was not any ring tone. It was THE ring tone that I've always wanted.I was finally able to get Whodini's "Five Minutes of Funk".To you, that may not seem like much. But in an age of individualization, "Five Minutes of Funk" represents the ultimate ring tone. It's bold, it's clear, and it definitely makes a statement. And it is certain to get attention no matter where I go.See, the ring tone is the last public bastion of notoriety in the digital age. It not so much speaks to who we are but also tells others what we think of the caller. And even when using a general ring, the ring tone is a means of showcasing your tastes to a non-caring world. T-Pain is the undisputed king of ring tones....
"Diggin' In The Crates"
2007-12-07 20:27:00
The funny thing about music is that even when you think you really know an album, there is always a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.Over the last few weeks, I've taken to listening to Jamiroquai's "2001: A Funk Odyssey".A first blush the album was disappointing to me. Full of sound-effects and computer glitches and beeps, the album was supposed to have a futuristic feel. Kind of like a prelude for what Jay Kay felt was going to be music in the new century. However, I felt that album was kind of flat and signalled the death to one of my favorite groups of the 1990s. "Little L" was the only song worth listening to.Yet, for some reason, I chose to give the album a second listen this fall.Unimpressed with the songs surrounding "Little L", I happened to stumble upon song five: "Love Foolosophy" and was stunned that it's been hidden for six years.It's the kind of song that made me like Jamiroquai from the start. A song with not much build-up, catchy lyrics, and undeniably funky in...
"So long, farewell...."
2007-12-06 12:07:00
As a long time Atlanta Braves fan, there were a great many players that I've grown up watching and enjoying their tenure with the team.Yet, when management decides to let them go, I rarely feel an emotional loss.Unlike those of my father's generation and the talking heads on The All Sports Network, I have grown up in sports world where change is constant. Thanks to the underappreciated efforts of Curt Flood, players are no longer "high priced slaves" that are treated like commodities, but rather players have the option to ply their trade to the team willing to pay for their services. Yes, players have a loyalty to themselves. Not to us, the fan.And so when Ryan Klesko, Javier Lopez, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux left Atlanta for greener pastures, I was somewhat heartbroken but understood that is the nature of the business.But today is the first time that I have experieneced loss when it comes to my favorite sports team.Andruw Jones is now a Los Angeles Dodger.Since watching his deb...
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Stay Tuned
2007-12-05 19:20:00
It has been nearly three weeks since my last posting but it is not due to lack of ideas.The past few weeks have been filled with work and therefore, not the best opportunity for me to blog.However, over the next week, this blog will be back and running with the usual suspects of commentary on sports, politics, and everyday life.In addition, over the past few weeks, I've had the good fortune to secure interviews with Raul Midon, rising soul singer, Honey Larochelle, and Sarah Barrable-Tishauer ("Liberty" from "Degrassi: The Next Generation" which will help move and develop this blog into another direction entering its second year.Again, thanks for your patience. New content is coming soon...
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