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For The Love of 14 is a Sterling Marlin fan blog that gives reports of every race, and not just the normal PR stuff, but my opinion of the race how I saw it, I have Track Pass Raceview so I can hear the scanner and see where Sterling is. There's also


Chicago Post Race Report
2007-07-16 04:01:00
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Up to 19th in practice
2007-07-15 04:32:00
Well he went from 41st in second practice to 19th in final practice. Not something to be extatic about, but better than 41st anyway. I predict he'll work his way up and hopefully the team will adjust it to move it in the top ten and beyond. I just hope his day goes better than Rick Crawford's did today (Truck driver, #14, My guy...he crashed :()Let's go Sterling!
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Sterling starting 37th
2007-07-14 03:48:00
I didn't get to see qualifying, but I guess I didn't miss anything :( He'll start 37th, or I guess 36th because Kurt has to go to the back. Either way, it's disappointing but he was 46th in practice, so I'm not surprised. According to the Ginn PR thing they put out, the car felt pretty good actually, but they were losing a few tenths somewhere. I also heard that Sterling said on MRN that they got something from the 13 and the 01, but they didn't have time to put it in :(At least he didn't wreck or have any major issues though. And he didn't the top 35 provisional. So that's something. Hopefully it'll be a fun race of watching Sterling work his way through the field. Let's just hope that his spotter does a good enough job of keeping him out of trouble. If they could unload fast then that wouldn't be a problem...but oh well.
Dale Jr. and Bud no more
2007-07-13 19:45:00
Today Hendrick Motorsports announced that Jr. will NOT be sponsored by Budweiser in 2008. "We have agreements in place with sponsors for the 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup season, which prevent us from having a relationship with Budweiser," It's rumored that Budweiser will sponsor Kasey Kahne. Evernham confirms that they have had talks with Bud, but Budweiser has also talked with other teams. Kahne would fit in well with the demographic. It is also rumored that Bud will end up with one of the Busch brothers. If Kyle goes to DEI, then I think that this is a very likley scenerio. But who will sponsor Jr.? Rumor has it that it'll be VISA or Pepsi. I don't really care, but I hope it's not Pepsi, I like Jr. but I HATE Pepsi. I guess we'll just have to wait and see now. I just hope that nobody got a Jr. Budweiser tattoo.
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Sponsorship woes
2007-07-12 23:58:00
When I found out that the number 13 and 14 cars were unsponsored at New Hampshire, I was at a barn where I had been staying at for a week. One of the owner's is a Sterling fan, and he was telling me about qualifying. I asked him where he qualifyed and I thought THAT was bad enough (41st, if you don't remember), "But the worst part is he was in an all black car," That certaintly was the worst part. The reason for this? Ginn felt that it would make it clearer to sponsors that they needed them. While this is true, it also made the team look bad, like the team nobody wanted. Why would anyone want to give $12 to that? I don't see why Sterling and Joe can't find sponsors and guys outside of the top 35 can. At least Sterling and Joe are garunteed into the show every week. And if not for some bad luck they would both be way higher in the standings. Unfortunatly, not many big important company people WATCH NASCAR so they wouldn't realize that Sterling has had some good runs t...
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Where will Kyle Busch land?
2007-07-12 01:31:00
Kyle Busch could land in a pile of horse manure for all I care, but since I guess he's an important person in the NASCAR world, I'll talk about him. I haven't read any rumors about him, so this is all just coming straight from what I think. I think that Kyle Busch could very well switch manufacturers, so I wouldn't automatically eliminate all non-Chevy teams like we could do with Jr. I also think that he wants to be top dog at an organization, I don't think that's a good idea from an owner's standpoint, but I think that's what Kyle wants. We know he couldn't go to Roush, because the inn is all ready overbooked there, so count them out. I wouldn't suspect him to go to a Toyota team, because he also wants to win races, and we all know how impatient he is. He's not going to want to wait for a team to develop, so that eliminates all the Toyota teams, Haas, Hall of Fame, Robby Gordon's team, Morgan McClure, and probably Ginn. I know that many people suspect he's going to Pen...
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TJ let go
2007-07-11 05:38:00
As many of you probably know, Ginn has layed off quite a few employees latley, and I have just been informed that one of them was our good friend TJ. TJ was Sterling's spotter, and a damn good one at that. This year he kept our guy out of countless wrecks and helped to encourage Sterling. Not only did he tell Sterling when he was clear, but was never short on jokes and "good jobs" either. You could easily tell that Sterling trusted TJ and that they had a good relationship. I'm pretty upset with the decision to lay him off, because it was obvious to me that TJ was a great guy and a great spotter. He will be replaced by the spotter from the #4 Busch team, which got shut down (or "opperations suspended"). He better be damn good, because with the luck Sterling has, he needs a good spotter to help keep him out of those wrecks tend to come his way. Not that Sterling doesn't know how to keep himself out of trouble, but behind every great driver there's a great spotter. TJ, you...
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Tragedy Strikes NASCAR
2007-07-10 19:46:00
The husband of Lesa Frace Kennedy, ISC president, was killed today along with at least four other people in a plane crash. Dr. Bruce Kennedy was piloting the plane when he reported smoke in the cockpit, he tried to land at Orlando Sanford International Airport, but the plane crashed in a Sanford, Florida neighborhood. The plane crashed into a house and ignited a fire in a neighboring house. Three people were injured that were in the house, including a ten year old boy who sustained serious burn injuries. Thoughts and prayers go out to all envolved. A full story is on NOL: ines/cup/07/10/kennedy.plane.crash/index. html
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Fike Arrested
2007-07-10 04:36:00
This is a link to the story on NOL if you haven't all ready heard: /truck/07/09/afike.drug.charges/index.htm lBasically, he was arrested for possesion of heroin and drug paraphernalia. The police searched his car after he tried to drive off when he was stopped by park security and hit the officer with his mirror. I'm sure that Fike will be suspended, and I hope it's for life. This was really, really, stupid on his part, I don't feel bad for him at all. He threw away an opportunity that so many people would die for, by doing something that's a completley stupid thing to do regardless of your career or success. Obviously, he doesn't appreciate the wonderful opportunity that he was given, and deserves any penalty NASCAR, or the law, gives him.
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Post Wreck Report (Daytona)
2007-07-09 05:59:00
Another frustrating week, once again we had a great car but no finish to show it. Starting the race from 29th was bad enough, I thought maybe that would be all the bad luck. Sterling missed a few wrecks and things were looking good. He was in the top ten and staying there. Sterling said that his car felt good wide open, but in traffic it was tight. Still he managed to get to the front. The pit stops were good, everything was going great. He was even getting on TV. But then he got the TV exposure for the wrong reason. The Marlin nation saw exactly what we had been dreading, but an oh too firmiliar site. Sterling was sideways after hitting the wall. The tire went down and ended our day. He would've been fine too, had he not hit Rudd, which caused him to go back into the wall. Slugger was going to try to get the car back out, but they eventually decided that it would be too dangerous, and so Sterling finished a very, very dissapointing 40th. This week it wasn't like, "w...
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Could it be in the numbers this week?
2007-07-07 16:54:00
I've been known to be pretty superstitious, although I've gotten a lot better about it. Still, I like to look for things in numbers, that might point to something. 07/07/07 could be a good date for Sterling, and here's why:It's the luckiest day of the century, and boy does he need some luckThe last time he won a pole was for this race, which was on the same date (07/07/01)7+7 is 14from weluvsterling on the SUB bored, "the pepsi is being run on ...07/07/07....sterling has won it 1 time...if he was to win it sat night it will be his 2nd win in the pepsi...2 x's 07 will be 14...his car #....dw won the 500 in his 17th try driving car #17...on the 17th of feb"Let's hope that this logic works! It worked for DW, so it should work for Sterling, right?
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I hate the rain!!!!
2007-07-07 16:46:00
A breif period of rain stopped qualifying after JJ Yeley nearly spun out, however qualifying soon resumed as the rain passed. Everyone was optimistic that the session would get in. Unfortunatly, they were off by 14 cars. After all but 14 drivers had gotten their times in, the rain started and this time it didn't stop, so NASCAR decided to cancel qualifying and go by points for the race. That decision really sucks, because at the time Sterling was 9th fastest, and the second fastest of the non go-or-go-homers. The GOGHers are all in qualifying trim, and Sterling being in race trim means that he probably would've passed them pretty easily and gotten to the lead. But no, it just had to rain, and now Sterling will start 29th and Jeff Gordon will be on the pole. As bad as that sounds, I can't help but feel terrible for the Said heads. Boris was on the provisional pole at the time, and now he won't even race. I think that NASCAR made a bad call here. Quaifying was almost ove...
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Part time in '08?
2007-07-05 16:33:00
Several sources, including Sterling himself, have said that there is a strong possibility of Sterling cutting back to a part time schedule next year. Basically Sterling said that he doesn't want to stop racing completely, because he loves it, but the travel's getting old. Jayski is reporting that they've heard that Sterling may go to Furniture Row Racing next year :0 I hope that doesn't happen because I'd hate to see him driving for such a bad team. Ginn is bad enough, but dropping down to a third teir team.....that would suck. I mean, with a part time schedule we don't get to see him in every race anyway, and then with FRR we'd probably only get to see him qualify. I know that Sterling can qualify his way in when he has to, he's proven that this year, but you can only do so much with 3rd rate equipment. Also, FRR get's their stuff from Ginn! Sterling all ready gets 2nd rate Ginn equipment, and that's bad enough. Imagine that crap he'd get at FRR! It's Sterling's choice...
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New Hampsire post race
2007-07-04 16:00:00
Yea, sorry it's taken me so long to write this, I got kind of lazy.So Sterling ended up a dissapointing 24th at New Hampshire. He started the race 41st but was able to steadily work his way through the field, up to 28th before he got put a lap down. Luckily just before Tony Raines was going to be put a lap down the caution came out and Sterling got the lucky dog. Sterling told Slugger that the car was jitterbuggin. After the pit stop Slugger told Sterling that there was a lot of build up in the right front, and to let off the throttle a little bit. However Sterling said that when he let off early "bounce, bounce, bounce," He restarted 28th and didn't get too far until the next caution. This time they took 2 tires which put Sterling restartin in 13th. Sterling complained, however, that it took about 10 laps for the car to get going. Also on that stop Sterling ran over something on pit road, I think it was an air hose from the 07 pit, but there was no damage to the car. Af...
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I'm back!!!
2007-07-01 03:04:00
Yea, I was going to post everyday using my cell phone but do you realize how hard it is to type out the text messages? And it's kind of hard to write about stuff when you have no idea what's going on in the NASCAR world.But I guess I didn't miss too much last weekend, I did listen to the first seven laps on the radio, which was of course till he blew an engine :(Anyway, I wasn't the only Marlin fan around when I was gone!!!!! I was at a barn and they owner's husband is a Sterling fan. I was in her house standing in the living room and I see a #40 die cast, so I asked her about it and she said her husband is a Sterling fan! :) That was a pretty cool coincidence I thought. We had some opportunities to talk about NASCAR, and he told me today that Sterling had an all black car (but that's a different story), and where he qualified and stuff. I have never, ever met another Sterling fan outside of a race, although once I saw one at Wal-Mart, but they were in a car leaving. I ...
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2007-06-23 16:30:00
I missed it on TV because usually SPEED is about 5 mins behind, but yesterday it was on time. So I listend to it on the radio and watched PitCommand. The announcers said that it wasn't pretty, but he qualifyed 20th which is pretty good considering he was 31st in practice. No winner has ever come from further back than 13th though, but we might be able to squeeze a top ten out of this if he stays out of trouble. Too bad I won't be able to see it :(
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NASCAR sues ATandT
2007-06-22 14:53:00
It's AT&T, I know, but Blogger won't let me put the & sign.So NASCAR filed a suit against AT&T for $100 million, and the right to ban all telecommunications companies other than Nextel in 2008. This suit makes pretty much no since, because as we know all Cingular did was change their name to AT&T, it's not a new company or anything. There's even talks of the Nextel cup changing to the Sprint cup, how is that any different from Cingular changing to AT&T?!?! In Nextel's defense though, they're not doing anything wrong, because from their business standpoint they want to get all the exclusivity they can. What's wrong is NASCAR allowing them to do this, and NASCAR getting into this. NASCAR should want as many sponsors to come into the sport as they can get, and by trying to band all other telecommunications companies, they're digging their own grave. This isn't the only time NASCAR has done something like this. Remember the Sunoco/Shell thing? On NASCAR's website Sunoc...
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Some things I failed to mention
2007-06-20 15:29:00
So it seems that even with my detailed notes (yea, I take notes during the race) I missed a few things. It happens when you have to run downstairs to watch the race on TV but then back up stairs to watch Sterling. One of the reasons he finished 20th was the pit cycle. He had to make a late pit stop and not everyone else did. I missed that not everyone else did because at that point I wasn't listening to the radio or watching TV. Also, when they tightened the car at the end it got super tight, instead of just kind of tight like they wanted.
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Some bad news...
2007-06-20 05:16:00
Really, it's not that bad. But I have to apologize, because next week I will not be able to write a post-race report. If I have any Sterling fan that reads this, then really that's probably why. So I urge you, my single reader that may or may not exist, to not abandon me! I'm going to be gone from the 23rd to the 30th without internet or TV access, so I won't be able to see what goes on with Sterling, or even see the race at all.I DO NOT like to miss races, in fact this is the first race I've missed completley since I've started seriously following the sport. I won't even be able to watch the replay on Thursday! I'm trying to get it taped, but by the time I watch it everything will be old news. I will be able to post my random NASCAR thoughts though via my cell phone, so you can still get your NASCAR fix, just no Sterling post race report. But provides one, not a great indepth LaMancha report...but it's something ;) Also, you can go to www.sterli...
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The Monday Report
2007-06-19 05:10:00
You know, really all I can say about MIS is dissapointing. We had a good car, but the handling wasn't there, and you can't finish well with a car that's sideways. I think Slugger did the right thing by trying to tighten it up, even though it ended up to be the wrong thing. Maybe he could've tried something different after Sterling said it was worse after that, but what was he going to do, loosen it when it was sideways? Sterling drove his butt off I think trying to keep it from going sideways too much. He did the best with what he had, and was giving Slugger information. So, dissapointing, but maybe next time the handling will be there and they'll be able to get a great finish :)
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MIS post race
2007-06-17 23:20:00
If only it had been this race that ended at lap 101, and not last week. Sterling got some TV time by being in the top 10 for a while. However, an ill-handling race car gave him a 20th place finish, putting him tied for 24th in points. Here's a rundown of what happend:So he starts out pretty good, moving up to around 20th. The car was a little tight at that point. On lap 34 they pit and take four tires and adjust the car. They picked up a couple of spots and Sterling says the care is pretty free, and the car wasn't tightening up. What seemed at first to be no big deal ended up to only be the beggining of what would eventually give Sterling a 20th place finish. Under caution they tighten up the car and it's a good stop, he restarts 17th but falls back alittle before taking back the spots he lost. Lap 68ish there's a caution and Slugger elects to take 2 right tires. Everyone else takes four and that puts Sterling in 2nd for the restart. This call probably is what saved...
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Busch Race
2007-06-17 15:19:00
I wasn't going to watch the Busch race, until I realized that not many cup guys would be in it. I really hate the Busch series, because if I want to watch the cup race then I'll watch it on Sunday! But this week, we got a break from the extended cup series and got to see the Busch Series. Unfortunately, it looked like Carl Edwards was going to ruin everything by winning the race. But then Steve Wallace got into the back of him and both of them wrecked. Now, his interview kind of puzzled me. He was taking the high road saying that it was kind of his fault too, etc. But how come last year when Jr. wrecked him or whatever he waited in the pits and then nearly took his arm off by hitting the side of Jrs car? Maybe it was all Jrs fault that time, I dunno, I didn't see that race...I was watching REAL racing at the local short track :DThe big disappointment this week was that my favorite Busch driver, Regan Smith (his car is pictured above, I took it at Richmond), had lead the most laps...
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Kvapil wins truck race
2007-06-17 00:03:00
I watched most of the truck race at Michigan, it was pretty good. There was a lot of 3+ wide racing, and the top 5 were constantly going at it for the lead towards the end. In the last laps it was Kyle Busch and Travis Kvapil, and Kyle was really loose in front of Travis. I was just thankful that Kvapil ended up completing the pass on Kyle Busch, I was worried for a little he wouldn't, but even more worried that when he did Kyle would take him out! Luckily, Kyle's trying to get a job and it wouldn't look to good if he did that ;)My man Rick Crawford (Yea, he's #14, but I like HIM not just his number) did pretty good there towards the end, and one of the last cautions he restarted 15th and ended up getting up to 6th. Almost a top five, but lost it by a nose :(
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J.J. Yeley wins the pole!
2007-06-16 00:45:00
We've got another first time winner this week--sort of. JJ Yeley won the pole this week at MIS, beating Jimmie Johnson by one-one-thousanth of a second! This is Yeley's first career Nextel Cup pole. I've never particularly liked Yeley, mainly because last year his ticker number was the same color as Sterling's, but it's exciting to see someone new wininng something. And anyone who can take a win away from Hendrick, even if it's only for poles, is worth rooting for. ;) The picture, by the way, is a really bad one I took of Yeley when he was signing at Richmond.
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Sterling's 1st practice and Qualifying
2007-06-16 00:32:00
Not starting out as a great week so far. In 1st practice he ended up 39th out of 49 cars. He was 20th out to qualify, not a great draw but it could have been worse. It wasn't good enough to help us out any though, because he ended up 27th. I don't know what was up with the car, I can't even guess, because I missed his lap on TV, if they even showed it all. They also didn't talk about it on the radio, because they took a commercial break during his lap. BUT it's an improvement from last week, where he didn't even get a shot to qualify, so at least everything worked this week. That's a step in the right direction. ;)
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