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Get the best deals on katana swords. Buy authentic japanese samurai katana swords, wakizashi blades and tanto knives. Also, wooden training swords, sword stands, maintenance kits and other merchandise is available. Affordable prices and quick deliver
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Lord Dragon Katana Super Set - 3 Piece
2008-02-22 23:18:00
Product Description These are beautiful swords and are well made. These LORD DRAGON KATANAS have antique brass dragon handles. The antique brass handle has three pins securing the handle to the full tang. The 440 stainless steel blade has a katana curve that adds to its beauty. The black wood scabbards are hand carved with the design of a dragon on the side. The cord wrappings nicely
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Kill Bill Original Bride Sword Katana Movie Replica
2008-01-21 23:58:00
Product Description The Bride 's original Kill Bill Katana features a heat tempered blade, 26 1/2" long and constructed from mirror polished stainless steel. The traditional handle is nylon cord wrapped with ornamental pommel and tsuba. The black lacquer scabbard is accented with oriental symbolism and coordinating collar and tip. Complete your collection today with this remarkable sword. 38 7/8"
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8 Sword Wall Display Stand Red Burgundy Rack Stand
2007-12-07 23:45:00
Product Description You can display a complete sword collection with one of these elegant 8-up sword stands. Constructed of high quality hard wood with a lacquered finish. Ideal for your favorite katanas! Display s 8 swords in a horizontal position. Also available in rich black. 15 1/2" wide, 39 7/8" long. Find out more about this sword stand Buy this sword stand for $29,99
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Iron Dragon Katana Sword
2007-12-07 14:12:00
Product Description The "Iron Drago n Katana Sword " is a high quality katana sword. Features a cord wrapped handle for comfortable grip, and steel cast dragon mold. Specifications: Overall Length: 38" Blade Length: 27" Blade is made of 440 440 Stainless Steel. Trim is silver colored steel cast hilt and end caps, while scabbard is silver and black. Read more about this sword Buy this sword
Samurai 3000 Katana Sword
2007-11-10 02:10:00
Product Description This futuristic design features a 420 stainless steel blade with a razor sharp edge. The handle is made of precisely machined metal parts and the Samurai code of justice, service, and honor featured in their secret language. The scabbard locks to the handle and can only be released with the push of a hidden button. 38 1/16" overall lenght, 28 1/8" blade lenght. View more
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3 Piece Ocean Blue Katana Set
2007-10-09 17:42:00
Each of these beautiful swords has a hardwood well polished ocean blue scabbards with black accents. The end caps and hilt are dark silver steel with a decorated design. The sword lengths are 19 inch, 32 inch and 38 inch. Sword stand is constructed of solid wood with a black polish finish; it is 14 inches wide. The cord wrappings nicely match the scabbard colors. Read more about this sword Buy
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Highlander 3 Style Duncan Samurai Katana Sword Black and Free Knife
2007-08-28 17:49:00
Product Features Overall Length: 43"Blade Length: 30"Condition: New ConditionProduct Description This is the 3rd generation Highlander series STYLE sword based on Duncan MacCleod's sword. Few swords can compare to the intricate detail, the beauty, or the smooth handling of this sword. This highly detailed well sought after piece is a classic in the making. Note: The sword in this
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Kill Bill Katana Sword with Display Stand
2007-08-08 15:58:00
Product Description Bride's katana kword from Kill Bill movie. Overall sword length is 41.25", blade length 29.25", handle length: 12" The blade is made of stainless steel, and handle of rubber coated metal wrapped with black thread in traditional design. Scabbard is made of hardened acrylic and metal with a traditional and authentic long wrap technique, while the stand is made of quality wood
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The Obviator Full Tang Battle Ready Katana with Back Sheath
2007-07-18 02:55:00
Product Features Extraordinary good sword for the price!Full tang Includes custom hardwood sheath with back strapsProduct Description This full tang sword is designed for rugged use and portability. The 22" blade is constructed from one piece of solid stainless steel with a razor sharp edge and satin finish. The ebony grain handle is fitted with stainless rivets and steel guard.
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3 Piece Premium Golden Dragon Katana Super Set
2007-07-07 18:11:00
Product Features The sword lengths are 21 inch, 28 inch and 38 inch.The base of the stand, constructed of solid wood with a black polish stand is 17 inches wide and 18 inches high Product Description These Golden Dragon swords are beautiful well made - each of them has a hardwood black enamel finished scabbard trimmed in gold. Scabbard colors nicely match the cord wrappings. Read
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Braided Leather Samurai Tanto Knife
2007-06-27 22:10:00
Product Description Overall length of the knife is 18"; blade length: 11-1/2" and blade thickness 3/16" . The blade of this tanto is made of 420 J2 stainless steel, simulated temper line. The handle: black ABS, braided genuine leather-wrapped grip, cast metal parts, brass plated finish, push tang (1/2 length) construction. Scabbard is made of aluminum, with a genuine leather wrap and hanging
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3 Piece Katana Set, Black Belt Samurai
2007-06-08 13:13:00
Product Description These beautiful, well made black swords have a hardwood polished black finished scabbard. The black cord wrappings nicely match the scabbard colors. False edged, well made blades are made of high quality stainless steel. The sword stand is made of solid wood, with a black painted finish. Read more about this sword Buy this sword for $29,99
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Enlightened Spirit of the Orient Katana with Ornat Guard
2007-04-30 22:37:00
Product Description Manufactured using the best materials and under strictest quality standards, the heat tempered 420 stainless steel blades are balanced for best control. The handle is tightly bound in nylon cord wrapping, while the blades slide perfectly into each hardwood blade sheath. Solid metal guards have symbolic oriental designs. Read more about this sword Buy this sword for $89,99
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Deluxe 2 Sword Display Stand
2007-04-15 22:19:00
Product Description Don't just leave your swords collecting dust! You can choose from four different sword stands - each one is made of solid wood with a black lacquer finish. These stands are great for any collection. Read more about this sword stand Buy this sword stand for $15,99
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41" Japanese Samurai Sword with Stand Sharp Blade Full Tang
2007-04-07 01:54:00
Product features: Overall sword lenght is 41". Blade is 28" long, carbon steel. Handle is cord wrapped, with zinc aluminium guard. You will get a free stand when you buy this affordable, brand new, full tang, battle ready katana. Want to read more about this sword? Buy this sword now for $30,00
More About: Japanese , Sharp , Full , Samurai
Long Black Warrior Tanto with Leather Sheath
2007-04-01 11:53:00
Product Features 17 inch overall size the blade is constructed of 440 stainless steel this is a full tang tanto, designed for durability the handle is constructed from ABS plasticincludes a nylon sheathProduct Description This is a one of a kind, fully tang tanto. Black sanodized stainless steel blade stretches from one end to the next on this traditional, 11 5/8 tanto. The knife is
More About: Long , Arri , Leather , Lack
Serpent Master Katana - 40 inches
2007-03-27 16:30:00
Product Description This beautiful decorative katana features a faux snake skin finish on its metal capped scabbard. It measures 40 inches and includes a black wooden stand. Definately a centerpiece in any room! Read more about this sword Buy this sword for $26,25
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The Last Samurai Movie Katana Replica Swords 3 Versions with Spoke Guard
2007-03-15 10:24:00
Product Features Spoke style tsuba Japanese etchings are carved on the sword's scabbardThe blade has engraved Japanese symbols.Product Description The Spoke Style Last Samurai Katana come in 3 versions A, B or C! Each sold separately, see picture. Each blade features recessed laser engraved Japanese symbols meaning "I belong to the warrior in who the old ways have joined the new,"
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Full Tang Samurai Shogun Katana Sword
2007-03-10 15:29:00
Product Features Measurements: 38 1/2" overall, 25 1/8" blade440 Stainless Steel BladeLeather wrapped handle Authentic heavy blood grooveProduct Description This sword has been handcrafted to perfection. It features a full tang 420 stainless steel blade which is mirror polished, with a heat tempered finish and heavy blood groove. The sword includes a black leather wrapped sheath with
More About: Full , Shogun , Samurai , Sword , Tang
Sapphire Samurai Warrior Katana Sword Cloth Wrapped Scabbard
2007-03-07 09:34:00
Product Description This is a full size, top quality katana sword you won't find anywhere else. The sword is equipped with a carbon steel, 27" heat tempered blade. The sword features nylon cord wrapped handles with cast metal end caps and tsubas. A coordinating blade sheats is also included. View more information about this sword Buy this sword for $17,99
More About: Arri , Samurai , Abba , Sword , Wrapped
Uesugi Kenshin Fabled Japanese Samurai Katana Sword
2007-02-21 02:05:00
Product Features Measurements: 40 1/2 inches overall, 27 1/2 inch blade lengthHeat Tempered Carbon Steel BladeDetailed Engraved Hardwood ScabbardsIncludes Wooden Display StandA Great Addition To Your Sword CollectionProduct Description The sword is equipped with heat temperd, carbon steel blade, measuring 27 1/2" long. The cast zinc aluminum guard offers amazing details and
More About: Japanese , Samurai , Fable , Shin
3 Sword Hattori Hanzo Kill Bill Demon Katana Set
2007-02-13 23:13:00
Product Description Highest Quality Kill Bill Swords on the market! This fine crafted reproduction from the Kill Bill movies features a 3 Sword Set containing a katana (40" overall), wakizashi (32" overall), and tanto (12" Overall). Own the sword used by famous actor David Carradine! Wield Bill's Sword today! Learn more about this sword Buy this sword for $59,99
More About: Demon , Tori , Ill Bill , Atto
Snakeskin 3 pc Sword Katana Set
2007-02-08 21:43:00
Product Description Through special alliances formed with overseas manufacturers we have stumbled across a sword that will shock you out of your skin. Each piece is swimming in details so real; you will feel like you're in a pit of land crawlers. The blades are each stainless steel construction with a black anodized finish and the hardwood handles provide a tight grip. Each scabbard is wrapped
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Natural Boken Wood Practice Sword, Wooden Daito Training Katana
2007-02-01 10:29:00
Product Features Traditional Natural BokenWood en Practice Daito40 inches overallKatana style SwordPractice, Training and SparringProduct Description This 40 inch natural wood daito is an ideal practice sword to safely practice your sword skills while protecting your self and partners. Constructed from hardwood and includes two piece handguard. Please note that these practice items can
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Sword of Battle Sekigahara Samurai Katana with Free Poster & Stand &
2007-01-24 03:23:00
Product Features Overall Length: 40.5 "Blade Length: 27 "Condition: Brand NewProduct Description The Battle of Sekigahara is the most famous Battle of the Samurai and Japan. The battle was one of the largest ever fought and secured the position of the Tokugawa government until the late 19th century. Almost 200,000 soldiers fought on the field that and the defeat of the Ishida ended
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Hand Honed Sea Dragon Samurai Sword
2007-01-22 11:01:00
Product Features Overall Length: 38.5 "Blade Length: 27.75 "Blade Thickness: .25"Blade Width 1.25"Hand le Length: 10.625 "Product Description Hand Made Sea Drago n Samurai Sword Katana Full Tang The Dragon of the Orient differs from the Western dragon in that they are typically benevolent and wise. This dragon is also the ruler of the water and the weather. In China the Dragon was
Samurai Warrior Katana
2007-01-16 21:16:00
Product Description This classic sword is equipped with a 26 3/4" high carbon steel blade with heat temper finish. The nylon cord wrapped handle and sheath are hardwood constructed and offer coordinating cast metal engravings of ancient warrior accents. Stretches 37" overall. Read more about this sword Buy this sword for 19,99
More About: Arri , Samurai , Warrior
Deluxe Full Tang Katana
2007-01-13 00:44:00
Product Description Excellent quality highly detailed sword that would make a nice addition to anyones collection. This 29 1/2 inch smooth curved blade is made of 440 Stainless Steel with Black Wood Handle Overlay. Full Tang Samurai Katana is accented with gold trim top and end caps to give it a polished professional look. Measuring 41 inches in total length this sword features a black laquer
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Full Tang Samurai Katana Sword with Octagonal Guard
2007-01-11 00:27:00
Product Features True Full Tang Sword 440 Stainless SteelExtreme Weapon for the Extreme CollectorIncredible Low PriceOctagonal Guard Angles match Exposed Wood Handle DesignProduct Description A Full Tang Katana for less than 50 dollars featuring a tasteful but plain design. The unwrapped exposed wood handle coordinates well with angles present in the octagonal guard. Measures 41 inches
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3 Piece Japanese Samurai Katana Sword Set Ninja
2007-01-09 21:53:00
Product Features Overall Length 39" Katana, 31" Wakizashi, 21" TantoBlade Length, 27" Katana, 20" Wakizashi, 11" TantoWooden stand includedCarbon Steel BladesGreat Collectors Item!Read more about this sword Buy this sword for $44,99
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