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YouTube: Jimmie Johnson Wins 2nd Straight NEXTEL Cup
2007-11-19 22:57:00
Although Jimmie Johnson did not win at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday he did secure his second straight NEXTEL Cup championship. He is the first driver to repeat as champion since Jeff Gordon did it in the 97′ and 98′ seasons. Matt Kenseth won the race with Jimmie coming in at 7th place. Gordon finished 4th in the race but it wasn’t good enough to pass Johnson and Jeff finished the season in 2nd and 77 points behind Jimmie. Both Gordon and Jimmie drive for Hendrick Motorsports and in fact Jeff Gordon hand picked Jimmie to be his teammate. The video contains footage of the last 9 laps at Homestead.
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Pay Per Post
2007-11-01 21:26:00
I started my blog about four months ago with the intent to report about the sports that I liked to watch. My brother, who is also a blogger, told me about the money he was making and the people he had met at payperpost . I went to the pay per post site and found that it is a very easy site to navigate and the information they give you is easy to understand. The staff at pay per post are very knowledgeable and very quick to act should you have a problem with anything on the site. All you have to do is register on the site and give them the information about the blog that you author. Once your blog has been approved the pay per post staff will show you a list posts that you can make for advertisers that have the same subject matter as your blog. They also have something called pay per post direct. With this the companies can contact you directly and negotiate the terms of the post that they want you to write for them. I am very excited about my new found relationship with pay per post...
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Martina Hingis Accused of Cocaine Use
2007-11-01 20:44:00
On the last day of March in 1997 Martin a Hingis became the world’s youngest female player to ever lead in the world rankings at the age of 16. Also in 1997 she won the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US Open, and came within one match of winning the Grand Slam losing in the finals of the French Open. Now only 10 short years later with Hingis in her mid twenties she announced on Thursday that she was retiring from tennis amid accusations that she failed a cocaine test earlier this year at Wimbledon. Martina is currently ranked number 19 and had to hold back tears as she gave her statement. “I find this accusation so horrendous, so monstrous that I’ve decided to confront it head on by talking to the press,” she said. “I am frustrated and angry. I believe that I am absolutely 100 percent innocent.” Martina said through a statement made by her agent that she decided to go ahead and retire instead of spending years fighting the case against her.
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Gifts for Guys
2007-10-31 22:05:00
With the Christmas season coming up a lot of women have trouble deciding what to get the man in their life. As a man I can tell you that we do not want socks or underwear. What we want is guy stuff. Things like motorized coolers, cool looking clocks to hang in our workshop and maybe even a car lift if he has been real good all year. You can find all these things and more at gifts for guys . They carry anything from lighting to floor covering, you can even get a designer toilet bowl plunger. So when it is time for you to get that special guy in your life something go to carguygarage and get him what he really wants.
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YouTube: Jimmie Johnson Takes Atlanta
2007-10-31 21:42:00
Jimmie Johnson started Sunday’s race in Atlanta 53 points behind his Hendrick teammate Jeff Gordon for the NEXTEL Cup Championship. At the end of the day however, because of a late race pit gamble and a wild wreck at the finish, Jimmie won the race and now finds himself only 9 points out of the lead. Jimmie was running fifth when a caution came out on lap number 318 of the scheduled 325 laps. His crew chief, Jack Knaus, elected to only take two tires during the caution and Johnnson jumped to second behind Denny Hamlin. When racing resumed on lap 323 Hamlin ran out of gas and Martin Truex Jr. slammed into the back of him bringing out yet another caution. This setup a green-white-checkered finish that would start on lap 328. In the first corner after the restart Dale Jr. lost a tire and collected Jammie McMurray in the wreckage. This wreck caused the race to finish under caution giving Johnson his eighth win of the season. With only three aces left and nine points separating Ji...
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YouTube:Gordon Sweeps Talladega
2007-10-09 19:02:00
Jeff Gordon put himself back in the lead for the NASCAR Nextel Cup championship on Sunday by winning the UAW-Ford 500 at Talladega. This win gives Jeff his fifth for the year and twp this year at Talladega. Jeff stayed in the back pf the pack most of the day but made a charge late in the race and passed teammate Jimmy Johnson on the last lap. This win separates Gordon and Johnson and sets up the last races to be a shootout between the two. You can see the end of the race in the video below.
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Falcons Want 16 Million From Vick
2007-10-04 21:07:00
The Atlanta Falco ns want a little more than 16 million of the 37 million dollars in bonuses they have already paid suspended quarterback Michael Vick . The case is supposed to be argued at a hearing on Thursday in front of NFL’s special master, University of Pennsylvania Law School professor Stephen Burbank. The Falcons contend that by signing the 10 -year 130 million dollar contract in 2004 Vick defrauded the team because he knew he was already in breach of that contract by running a dog-fighting ring. Vick’s lawyer is confident that he will not have to return any of the money and says the hearing wont last more than a day. The Falcons already plan to appeal the case if the decision is in Vick’s favor and have also filled a grievance with the non-injury grievance arbitrator. In that case they are seeking 22 million dollars again stating that Vick defrauded the team when he signed the December 2004 contract.
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Wild Weekend in College Football
2007-10-01 20:35:00
It was not a good weekend to be at the top of the NCAA college football rankings. Half of the top ten teams lost and seven teams out the top thirteen lost. The first loss by a top ranked team came on Friday night when the University of South Florida beat number five West Virginia by a score of 21-13. This win vaulted USF to their highest ranking ever. The Bulls have only been in the top 25 for two weeks and have jumped this week to number 6. Auburn took care of business against Florida beating them by a score of  20-17. This is the second year in a row that Auburn has spoiled an undefeated season for the Gators. Last year the Gators went on to win the National Championship. We will see how they can recover from this loss. Other top ten teams that fell to defeat were Oklahoma, Texas and Rutgers. Overall nine of the top 25 teams lost during one of the most upset filled weekends I have ever seen.
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YouTube:New England Nose Guard Fined for Hit
2007-09-28 19:47:00
The NFL has fined Vince Wilfork, the starting nose tackle for the New England Patriots, 12,500 for a low hit on J.P. Losman. Losman was the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. The hit came on the first play of the game from scrimmage. It appears that Wilfork was blocked into Losman and then extended his elbow when he was on his way down.Losman sustained a sprained knee and is expected to miss two weeks of play. Wilfork was given a 15 yard roughing the passing penalty during the game and people started speculating whether there would be a fine coming his way. Wilfork has not yet commented whether he will appeal the fine but has said that the hit was unintentional.
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YouTube:OSU Coach Loses Control
2007-09-25 20:15:00
It seemed that Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy didn’t really want to talk about the fact that his team had just won a 49-45 shootout against Texas-Tech. Instead, he wanted to talk about an article written about one of his players. The article appeared in The Oklahoman and question the toughness of backup quarterback Bobby Reid. These comments obviously did not set well with Gundy and he let everyone know about it by going on a 3 and half minute tirade after the game on Saturday. “Here’s all that kid did: He goes to class, he’s respectful to the media, he’s respectful to the public and he’s a good kid. And he’s not a professional athlete, and he doesn’t deserve to be kicked when he’s down,” Gundy said. He also goes on to say that the person who wrote the column obviously did not have children. Mike also said on Monday that he felt bad that the speech took away from the win on Saturday but he did not apologize for the tirade...
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YouTube:Remarkable Fake Field Goal
2007-09-24 17:42:00
This has to be the best fake field goal I have ever seen. South Carolina stopped the LSU Tigers on 3rd and goal and LSU set up for the field goal. The kicker Colt david lined up for the field goal and Matt Flynn received the snap. As soon as the ball was snapped Colt headed to his right and Flynn flipped it over to his head to Colt and he ran in for the touchdown. The look on Steve Spurriers face after the play was priceless.
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Bonds Only 1 Back
2007-07-28 16:39:00
Barry Bonds has hit not 754. He hit a solo shot in the first inning against the Florida Marlins. This homer puts him only 1 home run back of Hank Aron’s record of 755. The homer was hit off of Florida pitcher Rick Vanden Hurk who said he knew as soon as it left his hand that the pitch was gonna stay up and Bonds would have a chance at it. This was Barry’s first home run at home since number 750 on June 29th against Livan Hernandez of Arizona. Eric Stomer was the lucky fan to retrieve number 754. The rest of bonds at bats didn’t go so well and he wound up walking in the third, fifth, sixth and eighth innings. The Giants ended up winning the game 12-10.
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Piazza Hit With Water Bottle
2007-07-26 20:50:00
Mike Piazza is not a happy person. During a three run ninth inning rally against the LA Angels, Piazza was hit in the back of the helmet with a half-full water bottle while he was standing on deck. Mike says that he felt a thump on the back of the head and it startled him. When Mike turned around to see who the culprit was the fans were pointing at 22 year-old Ronald Flores. Mike says he fully intends to press charges and that Flores should spend the night in jail.After he was hit in the head Mike hit a single to help tie the game up at 6. The Angels responded with a run in the bottom of the ninth to win the game.
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DEI and Ginn Racing Merge
2007-07-25 21:42:00
    DEI officials have announced that Ginn Racing will merge with DEI immediately and that DEI will become a four car team as for Sunday’s race in Indianapolis. This announcement come just a few months after Dale Earnhardt Jr. said he was leaving the team to join Hendrick Motorsports. It seems that the team founded by legend Dale Earnhardt will not let the announcement that Jr. is leaving have a negative affect on the team. The four drivers that will be racing for DEI on Sunday are Dale Jr., Martin Truex Jr., Paul Menard and Mark Martin.       This move will help DEI’’s position in the owner’s points but the president of global operation for DEI, Max Siegel, says that is not the reason for the merger. He says that this is good for the long-term goals of DEI. A major factor in the deal may have been the land that DEI will acquire when they move into Ginn’s shop by the end os the season.
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Vick Will Miss Training Camp
2007-07-24 20:30:00
Even though Michael Vick has not been convicted of any charges yet, he still cannot attend the Falcons’ training camp. The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, said that it was his responsibility to determine if Vick’s action violated league rules weather they were criminal acts or not. Vick will still get his preseason pay and the Atlanta Falcons have been told to hold on any further punishment untill the league’s investigation was complete. Goodell said that he hoped to have the investigation done as soon as possible and that he expected full cooperation from Vick. The Falcons start preseason camp on Thursday. This is the same day that Vick is to attend court to be arraigned on the dog fighting charges.
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Minor League Coach Killed by Foul Ball
2007-07-23 20:10:00
Tragedy struck the Tulsa Drillers on Sunday night. Mike Coolbaugh, a former major league player and coach for the Drillers, was struck in the head with a line drive foul ball late in the game. He was standing in the first base coach’s box when he as hit with a line drive foul ball. Reports say that he was either hit in the side of the head or in the forhead and then collasped immediately. CPR was administered on the field and Sgt. Terry Kuykendall, spokesman for North Little Rock police, said that he quit breathing when they got to the hospital. Mike Coolbaugh is survived by his wife and two young sons. His wife is expecting another child in October. The Tulsa Drillers are a Double-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies.
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Harrington Wins British Open
2007-07-23 01:17:00
Padraig Harrington and Sergio Garcia took the British Open into extra holes on Sunday. Sergio had led the Open for three days but had a terrible day on Sunday ending up with a 73 for the fourth round and a 277 over all. Padraig, on the other hand had a brilliant day shooting a 67 for the day and his best round of the tournament. After the 72 hole regulation play was ended both players had a overall score of 277. Harrington ended the four hole playoff two strokes up on Garcia .This was Harrington’s first major and the only major for a European player in 31 attempts. Tiger Woods finished up the Open tied for twelfth place with an overall score of 282.
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Youtube:Peta Wants Vick Suspended
2007-07-21 14:05:00
“Sack Vick ” is what about 50 demonstrators were chanting outside the NFL headquarters while the league’s commisioner was in a meeting with the ASPCA. The demonstration was organized by PETA. The acronym PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA is want the commissioner to hand down a 1 year suspension for Michael Vick after his indictment on charges of animal cruelty for housing, training and fighting dogs. Dan Shannon, the assistant director of campaigns, said a wait and see attitude would not be enough and that they should go ahead and hand Vick the same suspension the “Pacman” Jones received.
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Sergio Leads British Open
2007-07-19 21:34:00
Sergio played very well on Thursday in the British Open at Carnoustie. So well in fact that he is atop the leaderboard as the first round of play comes to an end. His new belly putter seems to be helping as he only had one hole over par today and that wasn’t until the 16th hole. He finished out the day with a score of 65 at 6 under par. He had 10 pars and 7 birdies to go with his one bogey. Paul McGinley finished the day in second place with a round of 67 at 4 under par. Five other players are tied for 3rd place and Tiger Woods finished the day out tied for 8th with a score of 69 at two under par.
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Vick Indicted on Dog Fighting Charges
2007-07-18 21:16:00
Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was indicted on Tuesday on 3 counts of competitive dog fighting, procuring and training pit bulls for the purpose of fighting them. The indictment was 18 pages long and states that the pit bulls in question were either fought to the death or very close to it since 2001. It also states that “Bad Newz Kennels” was the name of the operation and it was housed at a home owned by Vick in Surry County, Virginia. No comment has been made by Michael Vick or his legal team. If convicted, Vick could spend up to six years and prison and also face a hefty fine. The indictment also states that the dogs that either lost or were not ready to fight were put to death by being electrocuted, hanged, drowned or shot.
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Ken Griffey Jr. is Now 6th
2007-07-17 21:36:00
Ken Griffey Jr. passed Frank Robinson on the all time home run list on Monday night putting him at 6th on the list. He hit his home run off of Oscar Villarreal, a relief pitcher for the Braves, on Monday night in Atlanta. This was Griffey’s 24th home run this season and his 587th home run for his career. Ken Griffey began the season tied with Reggie Jackson at 10th on the list with 563 home runs. Griffey has played 19 years in the majors and played his first 11 years with Seattle. Griffey now finds himself only 15 home runs behind Sammy Sosa who is 5th on the all time home run list.
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Tony Gets First Win of 2007
2007-07-16 20:03:00
After 20 races without a win Tony broke that streak with a win in Chicago Sunday. This was Tony’s first win of the 2007 and a good end to a week that did not start out so well. Tony Stewart and teammate Denny Hamlin had been arguing through the press all week about the accident at Daytona. Car owner Joe Gibbs had to make a unplanned stop on his vacation this weekend to get it sorted out. All seems well now and Tony put it behind him and ran a good enough race on Sunday to get him the win. Matt Kenseth finished in second followed by Carl Edwards in third.
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Switzerland Wins
2007-07-03 20:25:00
Switzerland held off the charging Team New Zealand to win the Americas Cup on Tuesday. With this win they became only the third country in the 156-year old trophy’s history to do so. It became a very close race when Switzerland’s sail blew out allowing Team New Zealand to gain some much needed ground. They won the series 5-2 and joined The United States and New Zealand as the only three countries to win this coveted title back to back. The Swiss swept New Zealand in this race four years ago but this match up was much closer than that. Congratulations Team Switzerland on doing something rarely ever seen today.
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Denny Wins at Loudon
2007-07-02 21:14:00
Denny Hamlin may be behind Jeff Gordon in the overall points standings but Sunday at the Lenox Industrial Tools 300 he was ahead of him when the checkered flag dropped. The gap was only .068 seconds but that as good enough to give Denny his third NASCAR victory of his career and his first in the 2007 season. Hamlin and his crew made a late pit stop gamble and only took on two tires to put him out front and help get him the victory. Denny still trails Gordon in the points standings by 156 points but he felt he needed a win to have a chance to win his first championship. The video above is of the last nine laps of Sunday’s race.
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Mariners Manager Resigns
2007-07-01 23:44:00
Mike Hargrove, the manager for the Seattle Mari ners , has announced that he will resign his position. He says that there is no animosity between he, the staff or the players. His three year contract ends this season and untill then he will stay on as adviser for the team. He sites the reasons behind his decision as being family related. He says he wants to retire while he still has his health and can still spend quality time before he is not able to physically. Seattle is the hottest team in the majors right now but Mike says his “passion has begun to fade.” 55 year old John McLaren will take over the Mariners making him the 12 skipper in the ball club’s history. The Mariners are only 4 games behind the Los Angeles Angels for the lead in their division.
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Toyota Gets Its First Pole
2007-06-30 15:32:00
It has been a long and trying first season in NASCAR for the Japanese automaker but Friday they had something to celebrate. Dave Blaney and his No. 22 Bill Davis Racing Camry took the pole for Sunday’s Nextel Cup race in Loudon, New Hampshire. He took the pole with his first lap mph of 129.437. Toyota has had trouble getting their cars qualified for the races this much less winning the pole. Friday was not all roses for the automaker though as Brian Vickers had his qualifying lap disqualified after failing the post lap inspections. Toyota sits last in the manufacturer’s standings in this years NEXTEL Cup season.
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YouTube:Long Time Astro Hits 3000
2007-06-29 20:44:00
Craig Biggio has played his entire 20 year career as a Huston Astro and as of Thursday night he has amassed over 3000 hits. He passed the 3000 hit milestone against the Colorado Rockies. He entered the night needing three hits to get to this career making achievement. His first hit was a single and came in the third inning. His second hit was also a single and it came in the fifth inning. His 3000th hit was a single to the center field that came in the seventh inning. Biggio got his first hit 19 years ago against Orel Hershiser on June 29, 1988. Craig became just the 27th person to reach the 3000 hit milestone in the majors. The video above is of his 3000th career hit. Congrates Craig!!
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YouTube:Benoit Interview pt2
2007-06-29 00:30:00
Vince McMahon interview on NBC pt2.
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YouTube:Benoit Interview pt1
2007-06-29 00:27:00
The Vince McMahon interview on NBC pt1.
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Big Hurt Gets 500
2007-06-28 21:23:00
Frank Thomas, aka the bug hurt, may have just sealed his hall of fame bid on Thursday with his 500th career home run. He became just the 21st player ever to accomplish this feat. His 500th career home run was a 3 run homer off of Minnesota’s pitcher Carlos Silva. Thomas hit this home run in the Metrodome where he hit his 1st home run and 16 over all. He becomes the fourth player so far this year to each this career milestone. The others are Alex Rodriguez, Jim Thome and Manny Ramirez. This is Frank’s first year with the Blue Jay’s.
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