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Pau Gasol Dunks On Garnett June 8th, 2008 NBA Finals
2008-06-09 15:52:00
addthis_url = ' gasol-dunks-on-garnett-june-8th-2008-nba- finals%2F'; addthis_title = 'Pau+Gasol+Dunks+On+Garnett+June +8th%2C+2 008+NBA+Finals '; addthis_pub = '';
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Lakers Battle Back Against Boston But Still Lose
2008-06-09 15:49:00
The Lakers got down by 24 point to the Boston Celtics but started to play some defense and knock down threes and they were able to cut the lead to two points but a bad foul put Pierce on the line where he hit both free throws. Then the Lakers were unable to get Kobe ...
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Celtics Win Game 1 Of The Finals
2008-06-06 14:23:00
The Celtics were able to get a win over the Lakers in a game that was close throughout. The Lakers were killing the Celtics early on with the screen and roll and guys like Fisher, Odom, and Gasol were knocking down shots. In the second half the Celtics started to defend the screen and roll ...
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Pistons Making Changes
2008-06-04 15:37:00
The Pistons have already made one change by dumping Flip Saunders and I am sure their are more coming. This team has been pretty much the same the last 5 seasons. They have only lost one key guy, Ben Wallace and they have worked hard to stay balanced by upgrading their bench. This season they may be looking to upgrade their starting 5. Rasheed is probably the one that is most likely to go although I could see them moving anyone for the right deal. They seem like they need to get a more athletic starting 5, they have RIP and Billups, two guys that are not athletic and then the have a couple of guys that are old. It will be interesting to see if they go away from the balanced attack an try to go after a star player through a trade or a sign and trade. They could also dump some of their starters and move their bench guys in the starting lineup.
Laker Vs Celtics Matchup Preview
2008-05-31 15:14:00
The Lakers and Celtics will meet in the NBA Finals and it should be a good series. Just looking at how the Celtics have played during the playoffs you can point out where the Celtics have had trouble. They have had trouble scoring, the have had trouble with point guard play at times, and they ...
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Lakers Win Series And Are Waiting On Boston Or Detroit
2008-05-30 16:52:00
The Lakers beat the Spurs at home last night to advance to the NBA Finals. They were down by 17 points early but were able to comeback. Kobe had 39 points including 17 of the Lakers 36 points in the fourth quarter. The Laker will play either the Pistons or Celtics in the Finals. addthis_url ...
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Lakers Go Up 3-1 On A No Call At The End Of The Game
2008-05-28 15:17:00
The Lakers were up two points with 2 seconds to go. Brent Barry caught the ball faked got Derek Fisher in the air and then Barry took a dribble and tried to throw the shot up at the last second hoping to get free throws but no call was made. The Lakers are lucky because they ...
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Finals Coming Real Soon
2008-05-27 23:07:00
The NBA Finals are coming soon and we are either going to see Lakers/Celtics, which everyone wants to see, Lakers/Pistons, which people won’t mind watching, Spurs/Celtics which people won’t mind watching or, Pistons/Spurs, a series no one will watch. I am anxiously waiting to see which teams advance and to see who will be this years ...
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Now Boston Has To Win On The Road
2008-05-23 15:28:00
The Celtics lost their first home game of the NBA playoffs last night. That means that they have to win on the road if they want to win the series. So far in the playoffs the Celtics are 0-6 on the road. They could not beat two teams that are not as good as Detroit ...
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Bulls Get The First Pick In The NBA Draft, Who Will They Take?
2008-05-21 15:16:00
The Bulls had a 1.7% chance to get the first pick in the NBA draft and they were able to move up 8 spots to get it. Now they have their pick of Derrick Rose or Mike Beasley. Derrick Rose is from Chicago and he would get the fans and the city excited for next season. ...
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Lakers vs. Spurs, Matchup Problems For Both Teams
2008-05-20 17:45:00
The Lakers and Spurs will meet in the Western conference finals and it should be a great series. One of the things that stands out the most about the series are the matchups. I look at the Lakers and say who will guard Ginobili? Kobe can guard him but that would get him in foul ...
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Celtics vs. Pistons Preview
2008-05-19 15:39:00
Surprisingly the Celtics finally got past the Cavs. Now they have to look ahead to a matchup against the Detroit Pistons . It should be a decent series as long as both teams can put the ball in the hoop. I am not trying to see a bunch of 70 and 80 point games. Detroit will win ...
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Sick Lob From Chris Paul To Tyson Chandler
2008-05-17 16:49:00
addthis_url = ' -lob-from-chris-paul-to-tyson-chandler%2F '; addthis_title = 'Sick +Lob+From+Chris +Paul +To+Tyson +Chandl er'; addthis_pub = '';
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Dream Matchups
2008-05-16 02:01:00
Look at the teams we have left in the playoffs and think about the possible matchups we could see in the conference finals or NBA finals. We could see Chris Paul vs. DWill in the Western Conference Finals. We could see a rematch of the Pistons vs. Cavs. We could see the new look Lakers ...
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Teams Struggling On The Road
2008-05-13 16:44:00
This playoffs almost every NBA team is struggling on the road. I am a fan that thinks home court shouldn’t make a big difference in how a team plays but it obviously does. Teams are scoring a lot a home and throwing up bricks on the road, teams are winning by 30 at home and ...
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LeBron Dunks On KG, Again
2008-05-13 16:25:00
LeBron banged on KG last night in game 4 of the NBA’s second round series against Boston. If you remember a few months ago LeBron banged on KG for his 10,000th point. addthis_url = ' on-dunks-on-kg-again%2F'; addthis_title = 'LeBron+Dunks+On+KG%2C+Again'; addthis_pub = '';
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Kobe Game 3 Dunks Against The Jazz
2008-05-11 03:33:00
addthis_url = ' -game-3-dunks-against-the-jazz%2F'; addthis_title = 'Kobe +Game +3+Dunks+Against+The+Jazz '; addthis_pub = '';
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Crazy Circus Shot By Chris Paul Against The Spurs
2008-05-09 19:41:00
addthis_url = ' y-circus-shot-by-chris-paul-against-the-s purs%2F'; addthis_title = 'Crazy +Circus+Shot +By+Chris +Paul +Against+ The+Spurs '; addthis_pub = '';
Official 2008 All-NBA Teams
2008-05-08 23:08:00
First Team Chris Paul Kobe Bryant Lebron James Kevin Garnett Dwight Howard Second Team Steve Nash Deron Williams Dirk Nowitzki Tim Duncan Amare Stoudemire Third Team Manu G. Tracy McGrady Paul Pierce Carlos Boozer Yao Ming Pretty good teams overall. You can see my picks here. My biggest disagreements are with Yao and Manu being picked. I think you could probably look at Carmelo, AI, Camby and David West as replacements. Very odd ...
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Dajuan Wagner Trying To Make A Comeback
2008-05-08 18:31:00
Dajuan Wagner the former first round pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2002 played in the NBA from 2002 to 2005 but injuries pushed him out of the league. He tried to make a comeback in 2006 but he started having injury problems again and had his contract with the Warriors bought out. He played in ...
More About: Highlights , Make , Comeback
Lakers Mismatches Leading To Wins
2008-05-08 08:33:00
The Lakers are facing a tough Utah Jazz team but they give the Jazz a ton of matchup problems. They have no one that can guard Kobe, Gasol is too long for anyone to challenge once he gets deep position he can get a high percentage shot, and Lamar Odom is too quick and to ...
More About: Los Angeles Lakers , Leading , Wins
Kobe MVP Press Conference Video
2008-05-07 19:32:00
As we all suspected Kobe has won his first MVP award. Below is the press conference video. addthis_url = ' -mvp-press-conference-video%2F'; addthis_title = 'Kobe+MVP+Press +Conference+Video '; addthis_pub = '';
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Cavs vs. Celtics Preview
2008-05-06 00:00:00
The Celtics were finally able to get the Hawks off of their back and advance to the second round of the NBA playoffs. They start their series tomorrow night in Boston. Cleveland has to be confident going into the series for several reasons. One reason is that they have LeBron James, Wally and Gibson are contributing, ...
More About: Preview , Cleveland Cavaliers , Boston Celtics
Celtics Are In Trouble
2008-05-03 20:46:00
The Boston Celtics were supposedly an elite team that was supposed to shut down the Atlanta Hawks and send them home in four games. Things have not turned out as most people thought. The Celtics and Hawks are tied up 3 games to 3 and one of them will be going home on Sunday. All ...
Second Round Match Ups Preview
2008-05-03 01:52:00
Two match ups for the second round of the NBA playoffs are set. The Detroit Pistons will face the Orlando Magic and the New Orleans Hornets will face the San Antonio Spurs. The Pistons are a deep team but they cannot try to play around with the Magic like they did with the Sixers. The Magic ...
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Dallas And Suns Seasons Come To An End
2008-04-30 18:40:00
Two teams that made two big and risky trades had their seasons ended yesterday. The Suns traded for Shaq in order to match up better with San Antonio and LA but they got bounced in round one and only managed to win a game. The Mavs made a crazy trade for Jason Kidd and they ...
More About: Seasons , Dallas , Phoenix Suns , Dallas Mavericks
Changes In Dallas And Phoenix
2008-04-29 00:59:00
The Suns and Mavericks are two teams that have been successful in the West the last few years. Dallas made it to the Finals once in 2006 and the Suns have went as far as the Western Conference Finals but neither team has won it all and they both may be going out in the ...
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Josh Smith Game 3 Highlights Versus The Celtics
2008-04-27 18:14:00
addthis_url = ' -smith-game-3-highlights-versus-the-celti cs%2F'; addthis_title = 'Josh+Smith+Game +3+Highlights +Versus +The+ Celtics'; addthis_pub = '';
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Denver Is Done
2008-04-27 16:50:00
The Denver Nuggets went home for game three yesterday and got killed by the Lakers. Most of the players played horrible including the ones you expected to play great, AI and Melo. The fans were pissed pretty much the whole game and never got into it. Now the Nuggets are pretty much playing for pride. ...
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It?s Almost Time For Sundown In Phoenix
2008-04-26 17:43:00
Shaq said when he was traded to the Suns that the Sun would rise in Phoenix , well it looks like the Sun is about to set in Phoenix. The Suns got killed yesterday from start to finish at home versus the Spurs and now they are down 3 games to 0. A lot of experts ...
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