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Find all the greatest goals or funny videos in this soccer blog. Soccer videos about goals and extreme funny moments.
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Fabio Cannavaro is out of Euro 2008
2008-06-04 04:30:00
Unfortunately, Fabio Cannavaro is injured and will not play at the 2008 .html">Euro 2008 for the Italian team. I feel very bad for this, as I think he is one of the best european defenders. Here is the video of the Fabio Cannavaro injury moment. c - Manchester United Videos
2008-04-27 20:47:00
Manchester United supporters must be very happy today! A new site with the best Manchester United videos is starting, ManchesterVideos .com, Manchester United Best Videos on the web about Man Utd. Here you have their first video: 8
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Tevez goal over Blackburn video
2008-04-21 00:01:00
Carlos Tevez scored again, over Blackburn this Saturday. I firstly thought that Manchester United was going to loose… Enjoy it! Q
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Walcott vs Deco, great video
2008-04-19 15:49:00
I found this video today that shows great plays and goals by Theo Walcott and also by Deco . Enjoy it!!! _vs_walcott/
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Cristiano Ronaldo backheel goal over Astonvilla
2008-04-01 00:39:00
Hello people, this is obviously the best goal of the weekend. Check the video to see Cristiano Ronaldo great backheel goal. o
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Write in!
2008-03-26 00:57:00
If you have a passion for football and want to express it by writing here please read the following. Now you can join the team of! Write what you feel, just a few lines of… your team? your favourite goal? something related to football news? latest goal/play of your favourite player? your favourite league? whatever you ...
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Valencia goals over Barcelona
2008-03-21 17:47:00
Some of the Barcelona supporters that read this site asked me to put the goals  in the Valencia vs Barcelona match, as they want to comment on this topic.  It seems that they are very upset. Let see what they comment on this video… g
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Unbelievable crazy football gags
2008-03-16 06:45:00
Today`s video has crazy and funny football gags by players and referees also. I really love to watch these kind of clips. Some of them are so stupid you are not going to believe it, and see them twice. Enjoy the video people! ball_gags/
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Portsmouth victory against Manchester United
2008-03-08 20:24:00
Manchester United lossed against Portsmouth by one goal. This is an historic win. Sulley Muntari scored a penalty giving the single goal to the match. Man Utd dream is over. I must congratulate Portsmouth supporters. See the video of the unique goal! Q
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Messi is injured again.
2008-03-07 02:35:00
Yes, Messi is injured again, and Barcelona is going to miss him for around a eight weeks. I`m going to miss him too, i absolutely love the way he plays. He also seem to be a great person too. People usually compares him to Maradona, but i definitely think Lionel is much better than Diego. This video ...
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Funny Football Moments
2008-03-02 07:02:00
Hey! Today`s video is about some funny moments in football History. ItÂīs a great clip that made me laugh very loud. Watch it and got fun! y_football/
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A video for the Blues
2008-02-03 14:15:00
Hey, this great video is for Chelsea supporters. Drogba, Lampard, Schevchenko goals are in this clip. It also has some nice pics of players and manager. Enjoy it, i hope we make happy to the “blue” readers on this site. sea_football_club_goals/
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Manchester 3, Tottenham 1? with 2 Ronaldoīs goals
2008-01-28 03:32:00
This is the video with the 3 goals of Manchester United victory against Tottenham . Cristiano Ronaldo scored two of the goals, the other was the Argentinian Tevez. U
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Lionel Messi, great soccer video
2008-01-16 14:50:00
Lionel Messi is obviously one of  the best soccer players of nowadays, I just wanted to post this video with some of his best goals as some kind of tribute to this great Argentinian striker. We are missing you Messi! lionel_messi_project/
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Manchester United won 6-0 over New Castle, see the video here!
2008-01-13 07:48:00
Here is the Manchester United vs New Castle video with the six goals. Three goals from Cristiano Ronaldo, two from Tevez and one by Rio Ferdinand. Six goals in a match, my question is: is Rooney truly needed in this dream team?! The video with the 6 goals in the match, enjoy it! A
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Ronaldoīs most famous goal, a football machine
2008-01-11 05:10:00
This goal was greatly done by talented Brazilian Ronaldo . It is probably one of his most famous goals, cause the total scene is strange. He is kicked more than once in the play but he still runs until he scores… a football machine :D. [metacafe] 64416/ronaldo_55m_run_goal/[/metacafe]
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Another funny video, old Manchester United ad
2008-01-09 20:39:00
Yes, another funny clip, this one is an old Pepsi advertising with Manchester United squad. Schmeichel is absolutely great. Ferguson face is hilarious too. g
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Funny, The Simpsons watching football? i mean soccer!
2008-01-09 05:52:00
Extremely funny video, the Simpsons and their point of view about soccer. They canīt see the fun on the game… lol. Simply crazy. 4
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Barcelona goals, Rafael Marquez and great Etoīo
2008-01-06 15:37:00
Barca won over Mallorca, 2-0, first goal scored by mexican Rafa Marquez . Etoīo made the second one with great long shoot. My main question is: are Barcelona supporters missing Ronaldinho? I donīt think that happened in this match. I
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Soccer Fights Video
2008-01-04 05:50:00
Soccer can be very violent, in this video you can see some good fights. Is funny and incredible how this lovely sport can become to these kind of situations… Kick, punches and more are there. Pick the one you like more… but donīt repeat it at home! Please, let me know your thoughts on this ...
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Anelka, going to Chelsea?
2008-01-03 04:12:00
Anelka wants to go to Chelsea , he expressed. Bolton is already dealing the transfer. All this gate reminded me some nice goals scored by the French striker. I found this great goal he scored against Everton in the Premier League, cool video. Bolton is asking 15 million pounds for him, I think itÂīs fair price for this ...
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Carlos Tevez goal video, Manchester United 1, Birmingham 0
2008-01-01 23:14:00
Carlos Tevez, what a player!, watch the sublime goal scored today to Birmingham. Cristiano Ronaldo helps him with great assistance. Manchester United has 2 of the best players around. Enjoy the video!
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SL Benfica, greater soccer squad in the world?
2007-12-31 00:17:00
Yes, SL Benfica is probably not the best team in the world, but is the soccer squad with more associatives in the world. They are in Guinness with more than 181000 fans as associatives. This is awesome, i always loved Portuguese soccer, and i feel like they are really growing right now. Just some great ...
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2007 Best Goals Video
2007-12-28 23:42:00
This has been a great year with extraordinary soccer shown. Here is the video with the best goals of 2007. o
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Quaresma? another soccer star
2007-12-26 05:14:00
What do you think about Quaresma ? I mean he has enough talent to be compared to Ronaldo, Messi or any other soccer star. The guy is a genius. I canīt stop smiling when i see goalkeeperīs face in this video. Enjoy! ficent_goal/
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Real Madrid won over Barcelona 1-0, the goal video
2007-12-24 01:19:00
Baptista scored a nice goal for Real Madrid , thanks to a good combination with Van Nistelrooy. Barcelona had some concrete chances but nothing else than that. So, Real Madrid is almost the champion, i must confess i feel surprised. What do you think on the match? Here is the goal, watch the video: c
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Dejan Stankovic: The Legendīs Career
2007-12-21 04:10:00
I?ve decided to tell you on Dejan Stankovic . Dejan grew up in Zemun, which is a town in Belgrade, his parents, Borislav and Dragica had very strong football backgrounds. He made his debut with Inter against AC Siena. He played a total of 100 matches with Inter, counting all competitions. His strike against Catania and his memorable ...
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Cesc Fabregas, great Spanish talent in this video
2007-12-20 07:02:00
Fabregas, what to say about him, this Arsenal wonder kid is only pure magic. Just look at the first scene of this video and you wonīt believe what you see. I personally think this player has still too much to give, just watch awesome football in this clip… _fabregas/
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Milan win over Boca Juniors, with the best Kaka
2007-12-16 19:12:00
Kaka must be stopped, he is the best player in the world and Milan depends on him“, this was expressed by Diego Maradona some hours before the Club World Cup final, in which Milan battered Boca . He was so true, brazilian Kaka not only played a great match, he setted 2 goals for the striker Inzaghi ...
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The Great Shevchenko?
2007-12-13 14:22:00
Shevchenko is one of my favourite football players, not only because of his play, he is also a deadly scorer, something hard to find nowadays. I donīt really care if he plays on AC Milan or any other squad in the world, but Sheva, just keep playing, you delight us with your football. legend_of_sheva/
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