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Do You Love Muay Thai? DJ Plub Does…
2008-06-07 14:43:00
Famous Thai DJ Plub loves Muay Thai and she show’s her support by rocking some of my favorite TUFF Boxing apparel while playing the Nintendo Wii.  Talk about trendy…
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UFC 85 Bedlam Hughes vs Alves Betting Odds
2008-06-06 21:25:00
All of the betting odds are listed for tomorrow’s UFC 85 event. Brandon Vera (-200) is favored over Fabricio Werdum (+160), Nate Marquardt (-170) is favored over Thales Leites (+140), Hughes (-220) gets a strong advantage over Alves (+170), Swick (-125) slightly favored over Marcus Davis (-105), Wiman holy crap! +350 to -500 for Thiago Tavares! Bisping is favored (of course), -350 over Jason Day +250, Rivera +175 to Kampmann -220, Cane +115 to -145 Lambert, Liaudin +190 to Taylor -240. So, who would I put my money on? I think I’d roll the dice, drop a hundy down on Wiman and possibly take home the 350… It’s a risky bet, however, it looks like fun.
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UFC 85, Matt Hughes vs Thaigo Alves, Bisping vs Day, Swick vs Davis and Mor
2008-06-06 21:12:00
What a month for MMA, first UFC 84, then EliteXC featuring Kimbo Slice, then WEC Faber vs Pulver and now UFC 85, something new each week, does it get better than this? Get your video recorder out, UFC 85 is coming through with a stacked fight card.  In my opinion, the main event isn’t so outstanding, however, the other fights for the night are.  The fight card for the night is: Matt Hughes vs Thiago Alves Michael Bisping vs Jason Day Marcus Davis vs Mike Swick (Insane!) Nate Marquardt vs Thales Leites Brand Vera vs Fabricio Werdium (awesome!) Jorge Rivera vs Martin Kampmann Matt Wiman vs Thiago Tavares (sweet) Ryo Chonan vs Roan Carneiro Luiz Cane vs Jason Lambert Paul Taylor vs Jess Liaudin (Taylor can bang!) Antoni Hardonk vs Eddie Sanchaz (Eddite, watch the legs, he’s gonna chop!) It’s going to be an awesome night of fights… the UFC keeps bringing it.
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Ring Girls of MMA China’s Art of War Desktop Wallpaper
2008-06-06 20:35:00
Here’s a nice Ring Girl wallpaper from MMA China’s Art of War.  All of the popular girls including Yan Jing, Alina, Yan Bin, Kelsey, Xiao Hui, Anna G, Du Shuang and Ania are included. Unfortunately they dropped a watermark on the background… however it’s still a pretty nice display for your desktop.
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MMA China’s Zhang Xiao Hui Art of War Ring Girl New Pics
2008-06-06 17:51:00
MMA China’s Art of War Ring Girl Zhang Xiao Hui recently posed for a new ring girl photo shoot.  Here are some of the pictures from the shoot.  So who has better ring girls? Art of War? UFC? WEC? EliteXc?  
WEC Ring Girl Christie Cartwright Hotel Room Interview Video With Fighter M
2008-06-05 20:53:00
Here’s another one of these Hotel Room Interview videos, last time it was Roger Huerta and Arianny Celeste, now it’s WEC Ring Girl Christie Cartwright with WEC fighter Miguel Torres.  Check it out… YouTube Direktvideo link
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Great Ceasar’s Ghost! Arianny Celeste La Sunset Tan Bikini Runway Pics
2008-06-05 19:35:00
Arianny Celeste recently did some runway modeling for La Sunset Tans at the Palms in Vegas. captured it all with some pictures of Arianny walking the walk.  If you have any more pics to share, let us know!  
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Jenna Jameson Not Happy With Machida’s Unanimous Decision - UFC 84
2008-06-05 18:45:00
From the “pages” of Sports Illustrated, “‘Actress’ Jenna Jameson boos the unanimous decision loss of boyfriend Tito Ortiz as he was defeated by Lyoto Machida in their UFC Light Heavyweight fight last Saturday.”  Looks like she’s put a bit of weight back on, looking much more healthy… before she was looking mad scary.
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Old School Kimbo Slice University School Picture
2008-06-04 19:33:00
It’s always funny to see past pictures of people. And Kimbo Slice ’s University picture is no exception. Check out this picture of Kimbo from his younger years that recently turned up on the sherdog forums.
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World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) Ring Girls Brittney and Christie
2008-06-02 03:27:00
The WEC weigh ins aired last night and Combat Lifestyle was there to shoot the fighters weighing in and the girls strutting their stuff.  Jens Pulver is set to take on Urijah Faber, but not only were they captured during the weigh ins but WEC Girls Brittney and Christie .  Check out the shots from Combat Lifestyle.  
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Gina Carano vs Kaitlin Young EliteXC Fight Results, Plus Hot Gina Weigh In
2008-06-01 15:29:00
In addition to Kimbo Slice having a tough fight last night at EliteXC, Gina Carano too faced one of her toughest opponents when matched up with Kaitlin Young . The night started off with Gina Carano forfiting a portion of her purse to Kaitlin for weighing in 3 pounds over. Gina and Kaitlin exchanged a number of heavy strikes in the first round, Kaitlin looking to be more fit for the fight. Although a bit winded and out of shape, Gina pulled it together and using her excellent striking skills began to pick Kaitlin apart in the second round finally ended the fight due to doctor stoppage to the end of the second. For those of you who saw Gina fight for the first time last night, imagine how she fights in shape? Check out the pic below… for more Gina Carano pictures … Past Present
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Kimbo Slice’s Longest Fight To Date… James Thompson, Plus Video
2008-06-01 14:58:00
Last night Kimbo Slice matched up with James Thompson at EliteXC Primetown.  The event took place at the new Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, and was featured live on the first ever CBS Saturday Night Fight s.  In the past Kimbo’s professional fights lasted no longer than 43 seconds, that being a devastating Knock Out delivered by Kimbo, bringing the legendary UFC fighter Tank Abbott to his knees. But last night’s fight was different… Unlike past fights, Kimbo’s fight against James Thompson made it’s way into the third round.  Much like the Kimbo “Underground Fight” against UFC Sean Gannon (watch below), Kimbo was completely winded from the length of the fight.  After several close encounters on the mat which looked as if Kimbo would have his first pro loss, Kimbo pulled it together in the third round using his bread and butter striking skills to deliver several punches rocking, but not Knocking, James.  Although loosing the fight, Jame...
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Brock Lesnar Has His UFC 87 Match Up - Heath Herring
2008-05-30 22:49:00
The UFC just announced that Brock Lesnar will fight Heath Herring in place of Mark Coleman at UFC 87.  The event will take place on August 9th 2008 in Minneapolis, MN.  The main event for the night will be a title fight between Georges St. Pierre and Jon Fitch.  it’s going to be an awesome night!
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Randy Couture the MMA Ladies Man…
2008-05-28 17:20:00
Look at that smile on Randy ’s face… Randy Couture hanging out with some of the Woman of MMA in Las Vegas including Felice Herrig, Gina Carano, Kerry Vera (wife of Brandon Vera) and Dawn Boyd .
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Mandy Moore and Minka Kelly at UFC 84 Ill Will Pics
2008-05-28 03:47:00
Mandy Moore and Minka Kelly are becoming regulars at UFC events.  Together at UFC 83, the two also made an appearance at UFC 84 Ill Will.  Below are just some of the pictures taken of Many and Minka at the event, more pictures can be found at the following forum.  Credit goes to unknown - anyone know who took these shots?
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WTF - Andy Milonakis Hanging with Kimbo Slice on Jimmy Kimmel
2008-05-27 22:26:00
In preparation for (at the time) the upcoming EliteXC event against Tank Abbott, Kimbo Slice takes it to the big time to promote his fight on Jimmy Kimmel.  While hanging backstage with the “Milf Hunter” crew, Kimbo takes a few snap shots with Andy Milonakis, how random, Kimbo Slice and Andy? Something I never thought to be possible… but that’s cool, Kimbo’s getting his PR on.
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Mandy Moore UFC 84 Ill Will Picture
2008-05-27 22:08:00
Well, apparently Mandy Moore is a UFC fan, she was spotted at a few UFC events, including UFC 84 Ill Will this past weekend. Here’s a picture of her from UFC 83, she’s totally rocking the UFC gear and the UFC pass with Georges St. Pierre on it… Pretty crazy that she’s into UFC, huh?
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UFC 84 Ill Will Results… BJ Penn, Sean Sherk, Wanderlei Silva, Keith Jard
2008-05-27 18:55:00
UFC 84 Ill Will Results.. BJ Penn is now the champ… Wanderlei shows everyone why he’s called the Axe Murderer. B.J. Penn defeated Sean Sherk via TKO (referee’s decision) at 5:00 of Round 3 This was a good fight. BJ and Sean went toe to toe for three rounds. Only a few attempts to shoot were made, however, the fight never went to the mat. BJ had the better of the stand up fight, his pin point accuracy delivered continual jabs to the cheeks of Sean Sherk. Sherk attempted to retaliate with heavy punches, but never seemed to land “that” effective punch. At the end of the third, BJ Penn finished Sean with an amazing knee to Sean’s dome. Wanderlei Silva whoops Keith Jardine via KO at 0:36 of Round 1 Don’t even know what to say here… Wanderlei made Keith look like a total amateur. Wanderlei landed KO punches over and over leaving Keith on the mat, eyes rolled back unable to respond long that he still wasn’t alert during the int...
UFC Ring Girls Edith Labelle and Arianny Celeste Desktop Wallpaper!
2008-05-27 17:38:00
Hot Damn! Olieng from made one of the hottest UFC Ring Girl Wallpaper s featuring UFC Octagon Girls Edith Labelle and Arianny Celeste. To make things sweeter, he’s designed the wallpapers in 4 resolutions; 1024 x 768, 1152 x 864, 1280 x 960 and 1600 x 1200. This is one of the first Edith Labelle wallpapers that I’ve seen out there… Big thanks to Olieng for the awesome job with this wallpaper! If you love this wallpaper, make sure you drop a comment to show your appreciation… and also make sure you stop by 1024 x 768 1152×864 1280×960 1600×1200
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How to Weigh in For a UFC Fight, Kazuhiro Nakamura Style. Plus UFC 84 Fight
2008-05-25 04:17:00
Kazuhiro Nakamura had one of the best weigh in outfits I’ve seen to date. While weighing in for his UFC 84 fight against Rameau Sokoudjou, Kazuhiro Nakamura rocked the flyest gear including an 18th century salad bowl hat from his Mom’s place. Check it out along with the UFC 84 fight weigh in videos from yesterday.
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UFC 87 Coleman Out, St. Pierre vs Fitch Title Fight!
2008-05-23 17:14:00
UFC 87 just took an interesting turn…  After sustaining a recent knee injury, Mark Coleman will no longer fight Brock Lesnar at UFC 87.  A fighter stepping in for Coleman is still to be determined. Another exciting tid bit of news… After his recent win over Matt Serra, Georges St. Pierre already has a title fight lined up with Jon Fitch !
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Ex UFC Ring Girl Ali Sonoma Will Be on “The Mole” TV Show
2008-05-23 02:47:00
Monday, June 2nd (10/9C) Ali Sonoma will be a cast member of the ABC television show “The Mole”.  She’s currently listed on the ABC website along with the other cast members.   Here’s an excerpt from her bio: Ali is a model, who has worked as a ring girl for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She describes herself as “stunning” and believes her beauty helps her get her way, but also causes people to instantly dismiss her, which she plans on using to her benefit in the game. Ali used to be a wild, party girl. She celebrated her 21st birthday with Motley Crüe in Las Vegas. But now, she treats her body as a temple. She has strong religious beliefs and has settled down with her boyfriend, a UFC fighter. She claims to have a 75% accuracy rate with shotguns and is experienced in fishing. She considers herself ambitious and caring but also forgetful and prone to road rage. Ali plans on using her beauty and brains to outsmart other players. Source...
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UFC Girl Arianny Celeste New Bikini Pics
2008-05-22 17:42:00
Arianny Celeste is making moves!  Constantly building her portfolio, she recently added some professional bikini pics.  Not sure of the purpose of the shoot… if you know drop a comment.    
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Fitness Model Jamie Eason Photo Shoot Video
2008-05-20 20:29:00
Go behind the scenes with 32 year old Fitness Model Jamie Eason as she posed for various photo shoots in Columbus Ohio. Jamie’s a 5′2 111lb fitness model from Texas, check her out: YouTube Direktvideo link  
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Mickey’s Girl Anne Rivera Booty Shot and Body Paint Pictures
2008-05-20 17:31:00
Our friend Dee sent some exclusive pictures of Mickey’s Girl / UFC Girl Anne Rivera rocking the body paint at a recent concert. We don’t know much about the show or the artist who did the painting… but we do know that you’ll be drooling as you witness these pics.
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Kaitlin Young Trains for Gina Carano, Total Beast!
2008-05-19 23:21:00
Kaitlin Young trains like a total beast… in a good way.  She is set to take on Gina Carano May 31st for an EliteXC CBS debut of Saturday Night Fights. The event will take place at the Prudential Center in Newark (Brick Ciiiiity!) New Jersey. Watch Kaitlin prepare in an intense exercise program as she gets ready to take on Gina Carano. Also scheduled to fight the same night are Kimbo Slice and James Thompson and Robbie Lawler versus Scott Smith. YouTube Direktvideo link  
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Fight Girl Felice Herrig Sparring Clay Guida Video
2008-05-19 17:39:00
Fight Girl Felice Herrig spars with UFC fighter Clay Guida. As a side note, for all of you maniacs who like to swing for the fences while sparring, watch this video, these are professionals.  Yes, you might say it’s a guy and girl sparring so it’s not intense… but watch it, Felice could go all out if she wished trying to prove a point, but she doesn’t because she’s practicing… That’s how you spar… you spar to learn, not to get hurt, save it for the fight… enough of my soapbox. YouTube Direktvideo link
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Female MMA Carina Damm Allegedly Wacking Up That Juice!
2008-05-17 14:53:00
A recent article was posted on stating that female MMA fighter Carina Damm “has tested positive for Nandrolone, according to the California State Athletic Commission”. According to the story, her nanogram exceeded the allowance of 2ng/mL by 35.9 ng/mL. Damm’s use of steroids was apparent to some in the Female MMA industry including an upcoming opponent, Debi Purcell, who stated (according to sherdog), “it was obvious she was doing it [steroids], but I was just going to out-cardio and out-muscle her anyways,”… “I’ve been lifting for my whole life, everyday for I don’t know how many years. People have accused me of doing steroids because I have muscles, which isn’t fair. But you can’t go have a normal body and two months later be huge.”
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Gina Carano Looking Good - “Serious Crush” Video
2008-05-15 22:50:00
Gino Carano’s latest 6 minute ESPN “Serious Crush” video gives an inside look at the fighter, the American Gladiator and the life of a female MMA fighter… I just made that up.. I didn’t even watch the video. Was I on point?
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6 Year Old Boxer Pretty Boy Bam Bam Training Video
2008-05-15 03:36:00
Check out this little guy who goes by the name of Pretty Boy Bam Bam. Quite an impressive little boxer at the age of only 6! Can you believe the pad work skills of this kid? Amazing… we should put him in the cage with 8 year old Nainoa Dung. Well… maybe when they turn 18 and 20 respectively… YouTube Direktvideo link
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