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2009-01-20 00:26:00
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From worse to worse...
2008-02-06 14:35:00
Two weeks from now we'll play Arsenal on the Champions League and the problems for our team just grow day by day. First while transfer window was still open the board has decided to gamble with Ronaldo and Inzaghi and make a pressure to young Pato and this what's happening is a feedback and the gamble that was made just it didn't payed off. On the meantime Inzaghi, Ronaldo, Pato and even Kaka seems like will miss Arsenal match, Gilardino will be suspended because of too much yellow cards and Milan actually will have no attacker available for that highly expected match. Today Galliani made another pressure by saying Pato will return in time for Arsenal match, but I don't think it will happen. However our chances to beat Arsenal without a decent attacker and without Kaka are very slim, unless a miracle happens and Kaka and Pato to participate on that match. I wonder who's fault is this horror situation in Milan?!? To say the truth Im not suprised by this "attacking horror scene"...
Kaka may be out for four months, more problems for Milan
2008-02-05 16:35:00
More and more problems to come for our team, Kaka has been playing under injury and he's substitution during Fiorentina match last week is clear. His injury became even worse but the doctors from Milan Lab say thats not too serious and they are not that concerned. I wonder how can we trust them when they still haven't found where the problem lies in Ronaldo's injury. Pato will be out for 3+ weeks that means he will miss the first leg in the Champions League against Arsenal, Ronaldo, Inzaghi are injured too and Gilardino has collected to many yellow cards and he will miss next Sunday match against Siena. It means Milan will play without attacker on Sunday, Kaka may be forced to sit and cure his injury for 4 months. This is strong feedback for devastating Milan transfer policy for the last 3 years (after Shevchenko's departure) Milan is in the highest scale of passiveness in buying new players. This what should have been "historical season"(Galliani's words just before the start ...
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AC Milan 1-0 Fiorentina, Pato Injured+The goal
2008-02-03 23:19:00
76' PATO It was tough match, with dirty challenges from the both side. Milan was mainly with no idea, Pirlo was short with creativity ideas that will enable scoring chances to Gilardino. He was average as usual, also Gattuso was missing on the midfield where Milan had no fire or whatsoever to fight for the ball. Pato got in from the bench and immediately the match got the fire that was much needed and Pato 5 minutes later scored with a brilliant Kaka pass, and also magic Pato finish.Other moments that should be mentioned are Seedorf didn't looked that happy that was substituted by Ancelotti, in matter of fact he was very angry and he even didn't shake hand with Pato while he was substituted.Pato has injured himself and that didn't look like naive injury, I'm afraid of more serious injury Pato's about to face. Let's hope for that that will not be the case, Milan already has 2 injured attackers.Thats all for now, for the latest Pato injury news after few days.Forza Milan!!! F...
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Inter parody
2008-01-31 17:13:00
First time when I was "motivated" to write something like this it was few weeks ago but I said to myself "let it go, they (Inter ) sooner or later will stop bothering Pato". But here we are few weeks later Inter management keep talking craps about Pato and giving comments like : "We could have signed Pato", "Pato was hired by us", "Pato's not that good"... First this stupid jealous act was started by Inter owner Moratti and then continued by the worst coach to ever coached a team Mancini and now ended with latest comment that Balotelli (who?!?) will be better than Pato from Michele Cavalli one of Inter coaches. I just can not understand what are they trying to achieve by acting like little babies instead of leaving us and Pato to mind our own business. They think if they won Seria A (one of them was on paper by the way) they think they are on the top of the world, well wait a minute Milan's the team that won Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and World Club Championship(in one seas...
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Calcio has decided: Kaka Player of the Year 07
2008-01-29 10:11:00
Another prove that Kaka 's not among the best, but way the best player in the world right now was wining Calcio Player of the Year 2007. This is Kaka's fourth award on the last 2 month he has won everything with Milan. He also has won best foreign player of 2007.Grande Kaka !! The new Milan Legend !!!
AC Milan 2-0 Genoa Goals and More !!!
2008-01-27 23:36:00
GOALS: 68' Pato 82' Pato Chances wasted by Milan : Forza Milan!!! Magnificent Pato magic in San Siro. It was not a promising first half for Milan, but then a total domination second half for Milan. Pato was the hero, 3 matches 3 goals for Milan plus he had plenty of chances so he could have score like 4 goals against Genoa side. Let us fans enjoy and celebrate Pato's terrific performance it was a great gift his performance for the Rossoneri.
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Ronaldo injured again, Milan in hell...
2008-01-27 01:17:00
Ronaldo will miss Sunday's match against Genoa because in training (as usual this season) has injured his muscle. This is not the first time this happened to Ronaldo and we know how much he was out of the field when he was injured early at the start of this season. Again nobody seems to know if the injury's serious and will have yet to wait a confirmation for that. Now Inzaghi's injured too that means we have only Pato and Gila, with other words Milan will feel the hell this month. With only two available strikers (which by the way the Gila is not a world class player and he belongs to a middle table team and Alexandre Pato is very inexperienced young player who has yet to learn about Italian football) Milan's chances to reach the 4th place are very very slim and the chances some miracle to happens which will save Milan from hell are 1 to 10.000. The situation to be more rediciouls Milan's management it doesn't seems like is worried about this terrible situation and is taking ...
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2008-01-24 17:36:00
The last few days that left from January transfer window will show if the speculation about this trade is about to happen or is just another rumor like a lot other that has to do with Milan. Personally I think or should I better say I hope this will go through, because of numerous reasons and one of them is Gila's not Milan type of an attacker he proved that a lot of times and only blind incompetent football personalities cannot realize thats whats obvious. Milan needs a high quality GK and Frey fits there, although I don't think Dida will accept a bench GK role that means in the summer Milan will also have to search for an bench GK and let Dida go.Latest informations say that Frey has started the search for a new house near San Siro. I hope Frey is the starting point of Milan's new team, mixed with a lot of young players that will be able to compete in every front line next season because this one is in mark question can Milan secure the so wanted 4th place in Seria A?
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AC Milan 1-2 Atalanta+ALL GOALS
2008-01-24 01:21:00
I had no chance to watch this match but while I was reading players ratings it was easy to finish- Milan played one excellent half and the second it was opposite with the first one. The players got tired, Pirlo was once again a genius with the ball, Pato good first half "nowhere to be found" second half, Oddo's continuing with his terrible form, another 3point cost error from Kaladze (he did the same against Inter) and what should we say about Gilardino?!? Milan is loosing the breath for the 4th place that will be a disaster for a team with Milan caliber.And Ancelotti as allways has a "face" to comment stupid errors rewarded by also humiliating defeats:"We played very well in the first half, opened the scoring and had the chances to extend our advantage. It was very negative to go into the break with a 1-1 scoreline, we deserved more.In the second half we tried to get back in front, but a defensive error allowed Atalanta to score their second goal and then close up all the spaces, ...
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Udinese Calcio 0-1 AC Milan
2008-01-20 21:30:00
This time Gilardino was Milan savior with last minute goal against well motivated Udinese defence. If you ask me about this match, I would have told you that it was pretty boring match, Milan had chances but still looked like they will settle for a draw in Udine. I even think that Udinese deserved more than Milan to lift 3 points from this match but this is football it was the "killing" instinct that saved Milan from draw. That Gila goal was only second touch from Gilardino after he came as substitute for Ronaldo on the last ten minutes, and the action was initiated by our young star Pato continued superb by Kaka assist for Gila. However, Milan missed Pirlo a lot in this game, there was no creativity at all from Milan they looked much like "lost in the woods" without having Pirlo who for me is a compass that tells in which direction Milan will play. Pirlo will be back against Atalanta on Wednesday and Milan will have 90% complete and fit squad for this match. Still I think some refr...
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Match Preview: Udinese - Milan
2008-01-19 14:59:00
Possible Milan formation against Udinese Italian Serie A Udinese (32 pts., 4th) vs. AC Milan (21 pts., 12th) Sunday January 20, 15:00 (CET) Stadio Friuli, UdineThis match will be played in honor of Maldini who exactly this day exactly against the same opponent 23 years ago had his debut for Milan in age of 16. Now few months before Maldini retirement he will celebrate his 23rd season with Milan against the same opponent, Udinese.Carlo Ancelotti has decided not to call Maldini for this match and leave him in Milano to rest, instead he called Simic who will sit on the bench and wait his chance. Last match against Napoli the trident Ka-Pa-Ro was successfully lunched and it will again be tested against more serious team as Udinese is, and they proved that by sitting comfortable on the 4Th place of Seria A table.Milan news say that Pirlo will not be able to help his teammates because of too much yellow cards and he was suspended, Gourcuff was chosen to replace him on the bench. Maldini w...
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2008-01-19 14:24:00
UEFA Team of the Year 2007 announced and three rossoneri players are selected on the best European team last season. Alessandro Nesta, Clarence Seedorf and Kaka' are the most voted rossoneri players. Kaka's for the second time in a row is selected and most voted player on This is another prove that Milan's the best team in the world for the last 15 years, and Milan has proved that by wining all there is to win. From 2001-2007, AC Milan players in a total of 14 times were chosen by the fans to participate in UEFA Team of the Year. Nesta leads the way with 4 times, Shevchenko, Kaka', Maldini and Cafu twice.Here is the full Uefa Team of the Year 2007 list:
Better luck next year; Milan eliminated !!!
2008-01-16 23:57:00
Catania 1-1 Milan (Catania win 3-2 on aggregate)12' Vargas --68' Paloschi Milan coach Ancelotti on this match gave a chance to some young and bench players. I had no chance to watch this match but from what I've read from internet Milan young attacker Alberto Paloschi scored again for Milan and thats a good news. Even why Milan got eliminated from Italian Cup they discovered a new talented player in Paloschi, who should be treated in the right manner and should be given a chance more often. Just as the first match Milan took this competition with a very big levity and they felt immediately the feedback by facing an early stage elimination from highly inspirited team Catania Calcio.Congratulations to Catania, seems like they played a fantastic match and they deserved more than our team to qualify to next phase.UPDATE:Ancelotti's words after Catania match:"We regret being knocked out of the cup because an elimination is never nice, however this competition was not hi...
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Preview: Coppa Italia: Catania - Milan
2008-01-16 01:09:00
Possible Starting AC Milan Formation Coppa Italia , Second Leg, Round of Sixteen Catania Calcio vs. AC Milan Wednesday, January 16 20:30 Stadio Massimino, Catania, SicilyFirst match in San Siro ended with 2-1 win for Catania, but that was just because Carlo Ancelotti played mainly with reserve and young players on the field. Seems like Coppa Italia is not such an important competition for AC Milan, and yet again mostly of the starting line up will take a much needed rest before resuming Seria A. This will be a chance for Gourcuff to show his talent at least in this competition and show Carlo Ancelotti that he's wrong about not putting at the starting team more often.Last 5 matches for AC Milan:12/13 Urawa 0-1 Milan FIFA Club World Cup 12/16 Boca Juniors 2-4 Milan FIFA Club World Cup 12/20 Milan 1-2 Catania Coppa Italia 12/23 Inter 2-1 Milan Serie A 1/13 Milan 5-2 Napoli Ser...
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Zambrotta: "Im happy in Nou Camp"
2008-01-14 23:30:00
Earlier Milan president Berlusconi said that he assures Milan fans in Zambrotta arrival next transfer window, but the next day Zambrotta personally said that he never had contacts with Milan management or had an offer from them. He also said that his intentions for the future are not in the same path with Milan's and he wants to respect his contract with Barca and stay there until 2010 when his Barca contract runs out. However it will be interesting to see Milan rebuilding process and the latest news say that next transfer window will begin adding youth at the team.
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Pato football world reactions!!!
2008-01-14 22:34:00
This was Pato 's first ever goal in the first official match in San Siro for AC Milan, reactions from all over football world are full of support and praise for the raising Milan star. He kept his promise to us (fans) and scored his first goal in Milan shirt. However, not only Milano left breathless with Pato's game performance, but everyone had to say a praise for him (Pato), now in few sentences will read what others said and think about Pato's first match for Milan:Juve coach, Claudio Ranieri was among the first to react and give his praise to Pato: “There are some extraterrestrials in football and from what I saw yesterday at San Siro, Pato is certainly one of them. He played like a 30-year-old, with personality, and the headlines of all the newspapers today are just for him".Paolo Maldini about Pato: "You can always understand the talent of a footballer, however the personality of a player can only be seen during the match. He passed this examination with distinction. The...
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Berlusconi: "After Maldini, next Milan captain will be..."
2008-01-14 22:22:00
Milan president was full of joy and was smiling all the time after fantastic performance by newcomer Alexandre Pato on the match against Napoli. After he said few praising sentences for Pato, Berlusconi also was questioned about who will be next Milan captain at the start of the new Calcio season, he answered: "There's still time left to decide about that, but I think between Gattuso and Ambrosini. But I think Gattuso will take the captain role next season because he deserved that and that will be an true honor for Milan and Gattuso too"Personally my opinion is Gattuso fits perfectly on capitan role, he not only motivates his teammates he also has an special relationship with fans and knows how to make them support even more Milan.
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Berlusconi: "Forget Ronaldinho, we have Pato"
2008-01-14 14:24:00
Pato-mania in Italy is still on, everybody was amazed by the perfect start of Alexandres Pato of the season. Not with the goal he score but he also proved why they think he is "the new Ronaldo", he was brilliant from the start till the end of the match. Berlusconi was on San Siro V.I.P. seats and he was so amazed that he's ready to sacrifice his dream signing Ronaldinho in order to give Pato space to breathe and space to grow as one of the best players in the future. This is what Berlusconi commented after the match about Pato and possible Zambrotta arival at San Siro in the summer transfer period: "I don't think that Ronaldinho represents a great objective for us,we must keep an eye on the balance in the dressing room, and we also have other champions. In other words, his purchase is not a priority for Milan.I can assure that Zambrotta will arrive, he has a great desire to come to Milan, and I believe that all that remains is the signature. We are confident about the end result o...
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Grande Milan, Pato scores+ All Milan Goals!!!
2008-01-13 22:40:00
. What a fantastic match Milan had, this was match that was played with a heart. Milan started pretty well with an immediate offensive line up from Carlo Ancelloti with two attackers upfront (Ronaldo and Pato ) and one attacking midfielder (Kaka') right behind them. The result of such an game came just after 15 minutes when Ronaldo scored his first from two goals on this match. The communication between Brazil trio Ronaldo- Kaka- Pato was in the highest possible level and they have played just one official match together, which means that the half season that remains should be bright for Milan. Ronaldo made fantastic comeback with two goals, Kaka was magical just like always and Pato has shown that he is the future of modern world football. Other players that should be said a word or two are Seedorf (who scored the 2nd goal for Milan) and Pirlo who was remarkable and showed why he's one of the best assistants today. A match full of emotions for our young star Pato, he...
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Preview: AC Milan - Napoli
2008-01-13 15:42:00
Players the has been called for Napoli match:GOALKEEPERS: Dida, Kalac;DEFENDERS: Bonera, Favalli, Kaladze, Maldini, Nesta, Oddo;MIDFIELDERS: Ambrosini, Brocchi, Emerson, Gourcuff, Pirlo, Seedorf;STRIKERS: Gilardino, Kakà, Pato, Ronaldo.Carlo Ancelotti's commentary for Napoli match in San Siro and Pato:"The games like the one against Napoli are the most important for our recovery in the league. It is essential to do well and with serenity. We have three games to recover and take advantage of, contrary to our opponents. Napoli? It's a team which away from home has alternated good performances to not so good performances. Maybe away from home Napoli has not yet found an exact balance, but the more time passes by and the more a team becomes reliable. Pato? He will have time to insert himself in the mechanism of the squad. I think it's fair to give him the opportunity to insert him with the right tranquillity. He's cool and balanced and he will not have problems from this point of v...
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Berlusconi wants Zambrotta at Milan
2008-01-12 14:49:00
Second season in a row Milan 's chasing Zambrotta signature. He is having not quite good season at Barcelona, so changing color will not mind one or another side. The question is: Can Zambrotta find his old good shape that made him desired by so many clubs? It is true that between Italy and Spain there is a big difference in gamestyle, because its like attack vs defense. This is what Berlusconi said about Zambrotta and other issues regarding Milan: “Zambrotta would be a good resource for the future because we will have to cover certain roles. We are focusing on young people though, and we must not forget the likes of Marzoratti, Matri, Borriello and Pozzi."Regarding Dida, Berulsconi said: "Do not forget that when we won the Champions League in Athens he was decisive in making a great save from Gerrard,Unfortunately he has had problems with his shoulder. Another in his position would have stopped, instead Dida has a great tolerance for pain and continued to play."
Adidas and Milan another 8 years together
2008-01-12 02:00:00
Yes, it has been speculated that an 8 years deal this days should be finalized between Milan and Adidas . The money Milan should get its predicted to be 10.5 M. euros per season and by the start of the summer transfer period ( unofficial) Milan will get all the money from Adidas sponsorship because of the new players Milan plan to buy. The total sum its predicted to be 85 M. euros.
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Gila Interview
2008-01-10 18:20:00
Just before second half of the season resumes Alberto Gilardino has given his though about the matches to come for, in the first match of 2008, you started out really well by scoring a brace, even though in a friendly.Gila- "Yes, I'm happy because even though it was just a friendly game, these are goals which always serve and arrived following a week of work in which the entire team did well. The Dubai training camp was helpful for us to train in the best conditions also thanks to the temperature which was about ten degrees higher than that of Italy. Personally I'm happy with my performance because for an attacker it's always important to be ready for the coach, even though it's just a friendly game, because these are the occasions which allow you to find the best condition."How do you think it will be to play together with Pato and Ronaldo?Gila- "I have always been used to play as an attacker close to a trequartista here at Milan, because it has always give...
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Maldini: " I will retire with Moscow crown"
2008-01-10 13:20:00
Paolo "El capitano" Maldini spoke about his season so far and about his wishes how does his fantastic carrier to end. His debut game was 23 years ago, in 1985 and he will retire at the end of this season. He also said that he would love to remain at the club after his retirement and work at Milan's management."I am not afraid of this step [retirement], as I had plenty of time to think about it. I will certainly have to change my day to day habits and find a different type of work. I will miss the daily training sessions and experiencing things in a group of 50 people. Perhaps I’ll collapse completely,I cannot ask for more than I have had from my career. I would like to keep working with Milan,” he revealed. “My youngest son thought I had already stopped playing when we went on our Christmas holiday to Miami. The eldest knows what’s going on and would like me to carry on, but… I love this sport, training and working with a team, but I cannot ask for more than I have had fr...
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Emre's ready for Milan?
2008-01-10 13:01:00
Never heard before Emre isn't happy in Newcastle and he wants to move away, and Milan seems interested for his services. I think this will be a solid signing, I had no chance to see Emre's performance for Newcastle but I was impressed with his performance while he was Inter player. He will be a good sub-player for Andrea Pirlo who still does not have a proper substitution at Milan bench. Having no proper substitution means no fight or no competition for the starting line up and that is exactly what Milan should bring at the club, the management should try harder and search for players that will know how to make players like Seedorf, Pirlo, Ambrosini fight for their team status. Until then Milan will suffer with lack fitness, inconsistent form home or abroad...
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Benzema: "Milan's my dream, Ronaldo my idol"
2008-01-10 02:30:00
Transfer period is underway, but is seems like Milan is not in a hurry to sign an ideal attacker despite their bad form in San Siro. But one of the most promising and exciting young players that Europe offers has spoken out: " For me Milan is my dream team, and Ronaldo has always been my idol." Hope this will be a sign for Milan's management to finally sign him, who fits perfectly into Milan game system and is an ideal substitution for Shevchenko. Let me remind that he is wanted by Real M., Manchester UTD., Juventus, Chelsea. I hope Milan wins the race for this player in the exact way they did for Pato's signature.
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Happy B-day Gattuso!!
2008-01-10 02:28:00
Happy Birthday to Rhino Gattuso , he's 30 already. True warrior on the pitch, has no respect for nobody's game his just irreplaceable in Milan roster. One of the best defensive players that present time has to offer, hope you will enjoy watching this YouTube video for Gattuso.
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Ronaldo's fit, Kaka injured
2008-01-08 20:04:00
Yes, Ronaldo is back and ready to bounce back and help Milan attack. He played just one match for Milan before on training gets injured again, but this time Milan doctors say he is fully fit and all the problems are just past time for Ronaldo. This will be a great boost for Milan attack, because Inzaghi's health is not that good and Gilardino know to shy for a moments without a constant form. Pato is registered and together with his idol will for the first time in his carrier wear the red and black shirt on an official match. At the other side as good as the last news, Kaka injured himself during a training in Dubai tour. Will he recover in time, to join Pato and Ronaldo only time will tell.
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Mourinho + Drogba next season at San Siro?
2008-01-07 03:24:00
Latest informations about the outgoing transfer period say that Milan management is in serious negotiations about bringing at San Siro in package Mourinho and Drogba (who's injured at the moment). This should be a good news, but I don't think soo. I like the part where it says that Mourinho has a pre-contract signed with Milan (which it means he will replace old fashion coach Carlo Ancelotti at the end of the actual season), but I don't like Drogba arrival. Why? Well, actually I base my opinion on two important reasons:1- Drogba is injured at this moment, he has missed how many matches for Chelsea, 5 or 6 that means he's out for entire month. When he'll come back on the pitch who guarantees about he's form comeback?!? This was the first reason,2- By the end of this season, he'll celebrate his 30th birthday does that means something to Milan fans? Actually, it does. Milan's team average is 31 year they need to bring youth at the team, not another 30+ player and making that av...
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