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Media Basics
2011-02-27 22:05:00
The Definition Of Media . Media is Tool to keep informed, entertained, Selling and Educate; For example, BBC purpose is to Inform, Educate and Entertain. SENDER –>MEDIA (Message, Text) —-> Receiver Why Do I Study Media? Impact on audiences ->Influence/Power->Link To Democracy->Connection What Types of Media i use Everyday?  There are Different Types of Media :Radio, ...
Detailed semiotic analysis of one printed advert
2011-02-03 23:20:00
Turkish Airlines Ad feat Man UTD
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What is your Zen Habits?
2010-09-16 15:31:00
About one week ago I found website that made difference in my life.There that guy who made website Zenhabits.It contains so much information about the ways to change the life in good ways. It does not mean that I want to become someone else  I don’t! Sometimes I have these strange , insecure feelings , about ...
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For the record or Smoking is Bad
2010-09-10 19:27:00
Its 10thof september .. its a 10 th day I am no smoking.. Its like a celebration for me.. just because of that I am going to watch movie Cyrus .. Life is Beautiful without cigarette
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Casanova (2005)
2010-09-02 05:00:00
Movie: Casanova (2005) “Casanova is love with Francesca, who thinks he is a friend of himself even though he is engaged Victoria, who is the love ...
Caruga (1991)
2010-09-01 17:00:00
Movie: Caruga (1991) “In 1918, after returning from the Russian front to his home in Slavonia, Jovo Stanisavljevic Charuga and his friend Mali join the bandit ...
Cartouche (1962)
2010-09-01 05:00:00
Movie: Cartouche (1962) “In the 18th century, Louis de Bourguignon is working with the Malichot’s gang, but their ways are too ‘unethical’ for him. He creates ...
Carter's Wish (2003)
2010-08-31 17:00:00
Movie: Carter's Wish (2003) “Adam Cagley stars as loveable Carter Bigelow, a 12-year-old outcast with one simple wish. But after a catastrophic mistake made by a ...
Carry On? Up the Khyber (1968)
2010-08-31 05:00:00
Movie: Carry On… Up the Khyber (1968) “Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond looks after the British outpost near the Khybar pass. Protected by the kilted Third Foot and ...
Capture That Capsule (1961)
2010-08-30 17:00:00
Movie: Capture That Capsule (1961) “” Director: Will Zens Release Date: 16 August 1961 (USA) Run Time: 75 min Country: USA Genre: Adventure
Captains Courageous (1996) (TV)
2010-08-30 05:00:00
Movie: Captains Courageous (1996) (TV) “Harvey Cheyne, Jr., second richest person in the world, orphaned and spoiled rotten, encounters a cigar and the sea on his ...
Captains Courageous (1977) (TV)
2010-08-29 17:00:00
Movie: Captains Courageous (1977) (TV) “” Director: Harvey Hart Release Date: 4 December 1977 (USA) Run Time: 100 min Country: USA Genre: Adventure
Captains Courageous (1937)
2010-08-29 05:00:00
Movie: Captains Courageous (1937) “Harvey Cheyne is a spoiled brat used to having his own way. When a prank goes wrong onboard an ocean liner Harvey ...
Captain Skyhawk (1989) (VG)
2010-08-28 17:00:00
Movie: Captain Skyhawk (1989) (VG) “” Release Date: 24 May 1994 (France) Country: USA Genre: Action , Adventure , Sci-Fi
Captain from Castile (1947)
2010-08-26 17:00:00
Movie: Captain from Castile (1947) “Spain, 1518: young caballero Pedro De Vargas offends his sadistic neighbor De Silva, who just happens to be an officer of ...
Captain Cosmotic (1998) (V)
2010-08-26 05:00:00
Movie: Captain Cosmotic (1998) (V) “” Director: Thilo Gosejohann Run Time: 90 min Country: Germany Genre: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Sci-Fi
Captain Clegg (1962)
2010-08-25 17:00:00
Movie: Captain Clegg (1962) “In this engaging costume melodrama of skulduggery on the low seas set back in the 18th-century, the Royal Crown suspects a bit ...
Captain Blood (1935)
2010-08-25 05:00:00
Movie: Captain Blood (1935) “The quintessential swashbuckler. Irsih doctor Peter Blood is wrongly sentenced to deportation and slavery to the Caribbean. There he amuses himself with ...
Captain Blood (1924)
2010-08-24 17:00:00
Movie: Captain Blood (1924) “” Director: David Smith more Release Date: 21 September 1924 (USA) Run Time: 110 min Country: USA Genre: Adventure , Action Tagline: The ...
Captain America (1944)
2010-08-24 05:00:00
Movie: Captain America (1944) “” Release Date: 5 February 1944 (USA) Run Time: 244 min (15 chapters) Country: USA Genre: Adventure , Sci-Fi Trivia: In Captain America ’s original story, a man named Steve ...
Capcana mercenarilor (1980)
2010-08-23 17:00:00
Movie: Capcana mercenarilor (1980) “” Director: Sergiu Nicolaescu Release Date: 13 May 1982 (Hungary) Country: Romania Genre: Adventure , Drama , War
Canoa (1976)
2010-08-23 05:00:00
Movie: Canoa (1976) “A group of students take a bus to go to a small town, in order to finish a professional practice. All of them ...
Campus Sleuth (1948)
2010-08-22 17:00:00
Movie: Campus Sleuth (1948) “A photographer is choked to death just outside of where a college dance is being held. The body is discovered by Lee ...
Call the Mesquiteers (1938)
2010-08-22 05:00:00
Movie: Call the Mesquiteers (1938) “Smugglers hijack the Mesquiteers truck, but the police catch up, kill the smugglers, and then try to arrest the Mesquiteers as ...
Call of the Wild (1923)
2010-08-21 17:00:00
Movie: Call of the Wild (1923) “” Director: Fred Jackman Release Date: 23 September 1923 (USA) Country: USA Genre: Adventure Tagline: From the Famous Dog Story by Jack London Trivia: A print of ...
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (2009) (VG)
2010-08-21 05:00:00
Movie: Call of Juarez : Bound in Blood (2009) (VG) “” Release Date: 30 June 2009 (USA) Country: Poland Genre: Action , Adventure , Drama , Romance , Western Trivia: The character ...
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Call of Duty: United Offensive (2004) (VG)
2010-08-20 17:00:00
Movie: Call of Duty: United Offensive (2004) (VG) “” Release Date: 15 September 2004 (USA) Country: USA Genre: Action , Adventure Goofs: Factual errors: Sniper rifles cannot be reloaded with stripper ...
Call of Duty 3 (2006) (VG)
2010-08-20 05:00:00
Movie: Call of Duty 3 (2006) (VG) “” Director: Keith Arem Country: USA Genre: Action , Adventure Trivia: The only “Call of Duty” game to feature the Sherman Firefly, a ...
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (2005) (VG)
2010-08-19 17:00:00
Movie: Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (2005) (VG) “” Director: Christian Busic Release Date: 1 November 2005 (USA) Country: USA Genre: Action , Adventure
California Gold Rush (1946)
2010-08-19 05:00:00
Movie: California Gold Rush (1946) “The stagecoaches on the line owned by Colonel Parker are being robbed and the drivers killed, so The Duchess sends for ...
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