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TUFF Boxing @ SENI Show 08 London 26th-27th April 2008
2008-04-18 16:43:00
Sawasdee krub UK and EU Muay Thai fighters and fans! It’s only 8 days to go for the SENI 08. Like last year, TUFF Boxing will be there. See you at stand F1040. ** FREE Muay Thai badge for buyers ** SENI SHOW 2008 Sat 26th & Sun 27th April 2008 Excel London 9.00 am - 7.00 pm ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "TUFF Boxing @ SENI Show 08 London 26th-27th April 2008", url: " /tuff-boxing-seni-show-08-london-26th-27t h-april-2008/" });
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Contender Asia FINALE Yodsaenklai vs John Wayne Parr JWP
2008-04-13 07:20:00
SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Contender Asia FINALE Yodsaenklai vs John Wayne Parr JWP", url: " /contender-asia-finale-yodsaenklai-vs-joh n-wayne-parr-jwp/" });
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Muay Thai Jumping Knee How To Guide
2008-04-04 11:00:00
This is another How to from Greg Evans Muay Thai Jumping Knee How To Guide Learn how to do a flying knee to the head and knock people out. For more Muay Thai instructional videos, check out - The only Muay Thai Association designed specifically for mixed martial arts. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay Thai Jumping Knee How To Guide", url: " /muay-thai-jumping-knee-how-to-guide/" });
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How To Master The Thai Kick In Detail
2008-04-04 10:58:00
Here is a How to Guide from Greg Evans. He is the creator of this VDO How To Master The Thai Kick In Detail The Thai kick broken down in extreme detail. Learn how to master this kick training at home without a partner. For more Muay Thai instructional videos check out - the only Muay Thai ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "How To Master The Thai Kick In Detail", url: " /how-to-master-the-thai-kick-in-detail/" });
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The Contender Asia Episode 6 : The Hardest War
2008-03-31 18:39:00
Picture from ?The hardest war I ever had? This is what Jaba told us after the fight with David . David was selected by the red team to compete with Jaba for the next elimination fight. I know that this fight is going to be the best fight and memorable match. This because even though I ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "The Contender Asia Episode 6 : The Hardest War", url: " /the-contender-asia-episode-6-the-hardest -war/" });
Muay Thai Gym : Five Points Fitness
2008-03-31 18:37:00 I actually got the name of the gym by visiting some video in Youtube and find this name appear in the video. The gym located in NY, USA where is the country that Muay Thai is so popular. Rather than offering courses that only focus in Muay Thai, the gym also offers other types of ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay Thai Gym : Five Points Fitness ", url: " /muay-thai-gym-five-points-fitness/" });
Muay Thai Boxing Essential Guide KF637 eBay
2008-03-31 18:30:00
I would really recommend this video if you have a chance to buy this collection or look from other source. Regardless to where they are being offered. What I like to most is the, clear and accurate explanation as well as demonstration Muay Thai practice, which will be really useful for beginners who just want ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay Thai Boxing Essential Guide KF637 eBay", url: " /muay-thai-boxing-essential-guide-kf637-e bay/" });
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The Contender Asia Episode 3: The last fight of Rafik
2008-03-10 17:25:00
Picture from It finally the time for the fight between John Wyane, the captain of the red team and Rafik, the head of the blue team after both teams had serious argument and seemed that every body wanted Rafik to lose and go as soon as possible, even this may be also the wish of ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "The Contender Asia Episode 3: The last fight of Rafik", url: " /the-contender-asia-episode-3-the-last-fi ght-of-rafik/" });
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Muay thai Gym : Fairtex Muay Thai (Part 3/3)
2008-03-10 17:22:00
Reviewed by Dawn DelVecchio In all, there were 26 of us training that day, including a large group from California, four instructors from France, a professional competitor from Portugal and several other women and men from the UK, Australia and the States. People were either striking a bag, working with their trainer on pads, or practicing ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay thai Gym : Fairtex Muay Thai (Part 3/3)", url: " /muay-thai-gym-fairtex-muay-thai-part-33/ " });
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Muay Thai Training
2008-03-10 17:16:00
Muay Thai Training (very good approach) This video may looks very common, but I really love to see this man was doing pad works. This due to very interesting approach when he start to do sidekicks, front kicks, elbow as well as punching. What I can see is that this man seems does not have much ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay Thai Training", url: " /muay-thai-training/" });
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Interview: Diesel Lek, Rajadamnern and World Muay Thai Council Champion in
2008-03-09 17:40:00
Translation from : Muay Siam Daily Magazine Diesel Lek is the fighter who almost lost the opportunity to be a professional fighter due to he is a big guy, who difficult to find the fighters who are in the same weight division. But he still had a best luck when an ex-famous fighter, saw his potential ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Interview : Diesel Lek, Rajadamnern and World Muay Thai Council Champion in Welterweight calss", url: " /interview-diesel-lek-rajadamnern-and-wor ld-muay-thai-council-champion-in-welterwe ight-calss/" });
Muay Thai Gym : Fairtex Muay Thai (Part 2/3)
2008-03-09 17:38:00
Reviewed by Dawn DelVecchio A new approach to new techniques does not imply a watered down version of the art. While the intensity level of each person?s programme may vary depending on their goals and objectives, Lin says, ?at the same time, you are getting elite training with a modern state-of-the-art facility. We are setting the ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay Thai Gym : Fairtex Muay Thai (Part 2/3)", url: " /muay-thai-gym-fairtex-muay-thai-part-23/ " });
Muay thai: Munil Adriano vs Henrique Rocha
2008-03-09 17:27:00
Not many occasion that I can see the fighter KO by clinching and knee kick. Especially the guy in blue shorts in this video seems to enjoy attacking his opponent but unfortunately he was ?accidentally? attacked at the stomach. I would say there was no one who gained distinctive advantage even though seemed that ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay thai: Munil Adriano vs Henrique Rocha ", url: " /muay-thai-munil-adriano-vs-henrique-roch a/" });
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The Contender Asia Episode 3: The next challenge
2008-03-08 17:44:00
After the informal fight between Rafik and Jaba, it seems that the following situation became so stressful no matter it is just a very normal team competition they have to do or even in the group informal discussion. This have made the audience feel exciting about what will be the solution for this. Will Rafik ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "The Contender Asia Episode 3: The next challenge", url: " /the-contender-asia-episode-3-the-next-ch allenge/" });
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Muay Thai Gym: Fairtex Muay Thai (Part 1/3)
2008-03-08 17:43:00
Reviewed by Dawn DelVecchio Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness Camps are at the forefront of the trend to use the art as a medium for both martial arts and fitness training. Currently, about 60 per cent of the people (including local Thais) who visit Fairtex are there for non-competitive reasons, including weight loss. Mr Somboon Leelhasuwan (Khun ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay Thai Gym: Fairtex Muay Thai (Part 1/3)", url: " /muay-thai-gym-fairtex-muay-thai-part-13/ " });
Muay Thai: Kansak vs Raul Llopis
2008-03-08 17:42:00
If we just overview this fight, it seemed that there was nothing interesting because of both of fighters did not demonstrate distinct advantage or strategy. It looks like Kansak had a lot advantage over Raul , but what I could see is that Kansak might be under estimate of his opponent. Hands down most of the ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay Thai : Kansak vs Raul Llopis", url: " /muay-thai-kansak-vs-raul-llopis/" });
The Contender Asia Episode 3: The Game of Gentlemen?
2008-03-07 17:32:00
I have just had a look at the video of episode 3 of the contender Asia . At the beginning, what I can see all of the participants were very focused on training to win the competition, in the mean time, I can see some conflicts of both teams which eventually led to the ?informal? fight ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "The Contender Asia Episode 3: The Game of Gentlemen?", url: " /the-contender-asia-episode-3-the-game-of -gentlemen/" });
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Muay Thai Site :
2008-03-07 17:31:00 What is Muay Chaiya, is it one of the Muay Thai variations, what?s the benefit of Muay Chaiya. These questions will be perfectly answered if you come to this website. It is purely devoted to Muay Chaiya. I will not explain too much about this fantastic Muay Thai variation but you will have to visit ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay Thai Site :", url: " /muay-thai-site-wwwmuaychaiyacom/" });
Duke Roufus, Muay Thai, Full Contact Kickboxing MMA Footwork
2008-03-07 17:30:00
Again, I really love to review this series because there are varieties of lessons, including attacking and defending. I personally love the fighters who keen to perform excellent defending and use just few powerful attacks to get the opponent down. The instructor of this video explained very clear together with the perfect demonstration. In fact, ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Duke Roufus, Muay Thai , Full Contact Kickboxing MMA Footwork", url: " /duke-roufus-muay-thai-full-contact-kickb oxing-mma-footwork/" });
The world of Referee (Part 2/2)
2008-03-06 16:29:00
As mentioned earlier that I had a chance to talk with my teacher who was carrying professional Muay Thai competition. He mentioned that the skill of first aid and ability to over see the fight. He said this is much more important than knowing the rules of Muay Thai perfectly, which you can learn anywhere ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "The world of Referee (Part 2/2)", url: " /the-world-of-referee-part-22/" });
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Being Thai! (Part1/2)
2008-02-19 18:46:00
For me, I personally believe that no matter which type of martial art we are learning, what will be automatically learnt together with the martial art is the culture and norms of the country or people that the martial arts belongs to; you should know Koreans tradition that involve to Tekwando, you should know what ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Being Thai ! (Part1/2)", url: " /being-thai-part12/" });
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Muay Thai Site:
2008-02-19 18:45:00
Although this is the website contribute to Belgians but in fact, not only Belgians who will gain information as the website is presented in English where you can fine some of useful information about Muay Thai in there. I almost immediately leave the website after I have entered to the first page. The overall appearance ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay Thai Site :", url: " /muay-thai-site-bkbmocom/" });
Muay Thai match: N. O. Kaityongyut vs. F. Piyatakul
2008-02-19 18:44:00
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 The Art of Elbow Strike! I would like to review this fight to you because it is the fight in Thai land. It is purely Muay Thai and if you want to see how Muay Thai competition in Thailand looks like, this is what you looking for. The highlight of this game is about the characteristics and ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay Thai match: N. O. Kaityongyut vs. F. Piyatakul", url: " /muay-thai-match-n-o-kaityongyut-vs-f-piy atakul/" });
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Discovering your Trim Tab
2008-02-18 17:02:00
The workouts are quite similar in many ways: training by rounds, emphasis on conditioning, realistic drills with bags, pads, and sparring and so on. Occasionally, the cross training would help learners to reach a place where they could understand what was learned in a way that they would have been unable by merely sticking to ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Discovering your Trim Tab", url: " /discovering-your-trim-tab/" });
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Muay Thai Site:
2008-02-18 16:57:00 I have to say that this website has almost all aspect of Muay Thai . What I am really like about this website are the most recent updated Muay Thai news from around the globe as well as very interesting featured article. You will find very interesting interview session by many of prestige of both Thai ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Muay Thai Site :", url: " /muay-thai-site-muaythaionlineorg/" });
Samart Payakaroon vs Gilbert Ballentine
2008-02-18 16:52:00
Part1 Part2 Part3 This is, again, fight from Samart Payak Arun. I would love to review his fight not only because he is one of the most intelligent Muay Thai fighters, but also he is a very good example for some of you to motivate your self to practice Muay Thai. This is because he performed this fight ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Samart Payakaroon vs Gilbert Ballentine", url: " /samart-payakaroon-vs-gilbert-ballentine/ " });
Do you even know Muay Thai?
2008-02-17 20:44:00
I find this thought running through my head quite frequently. I frequently deal with other people in the sports that leave me scratching my head. After a few minutes of conversation, I?m tempted to stop them and ask, ?Who taught you Muay Thai ?? I bite my tongue, though, and strive to lead people down ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Do you even know Muay Thai?", url: " /do-you-even-know-muay-thai/" });
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Book Review :Muay Thai Basics: Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques
2008-02-17 20:18:00
This book is purely for Muay Thai beginners who need to learn the comprehensive theory of Muay Thai weapons and technique. The book provide every detail about Muay Thai that beginners should know. Right form the very basic to intermediate level. I think this book has its advantage in terms of providing only information about ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Book Review :Muay Thai Basics: Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques", url: " /book-review-muay-thai-basics-introductor y-thai-boxing-techniques/" });
Nazee (Tiger Muay Thai) VS Nornglom (Thai) @ Bangla 2007
2008-02-17 20:16:00
The elbows and Mysterious KO!! I should have noticed why the fighter in white shorts was knocked out. But after I replay this VDO for several times, it is still not obvious about which attacks that cause the KO until I look at it few times more. In fact, the guy in white shorts will become ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Nazee (Tiger Muay Thai ) VS Nornglom (Thai) @ Bangla 2007", url: " /nazee-tiger-muay-thai-vs-nornglom-thai-b angla-2007/" });
Contender Asia #1
2008-02-16 17:37:00
This first episode featured an elimination match between Trevor Smandych of Canada in the red corner vs. Naruepol of Thailand in the blue corner. Though I haven?t had the opportunity to see Trevor fight, I have read of his career for the past few years. He is one of North America?s premier MuayThai ...SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Contender Asia #1", url: " /contender-asia-1/" });
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