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This blog focuses on all areas of sports, from kids playing pick-up basketball to the NFL. This blog will also include tips for anyone who wants to cover sports for fun or a career.
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Student journalists offer 1 side
2008-06-03 16:58:00
There are always at least two sides to any story ? unless that story happens to be about sports on college campuses. Or so it appears based upon a recent survey of college sports journalists. (A few weeks ago, I surveyed 72 college sports journalists and college advisers, along with 79 sports information directors. The results will be published in College Media Review.)More than half of those responding say they rarely or never interview players and coaches from opposing teams for any of the following stories ? gamers, previews, profiles, and features. Just over 10 percent of all college sports journalists say they interview opposing players and coaches for these same stories. That's a shame. Sports journalists cannot be lazy reporters. Sportswriters already have a poor reputation as borderline journalists who write for the toys department or serve as PR hacks for teams even though some of the finest reporters can be found in the sports department. Unless a locker room is closed, t...
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Rugby is quietly building momentum
2008-05-22 14:53:00
Robert Husseman, a sports copy editor for the Oregon Daily Emerald, writes that the University of Oregon could be the first major Division I program to adopt women's rugby as an NCAA sport. The club team recently petitioned Oregon's athletic department, asking for NCAA status. This does not guarantee the sport will be established on the Eugene campus; however, it does show that women's rugby is quietly building some momentum. The sport is currently on the NCAA's emerging sports list, which essentially means that the NCAA has given it 10 years to garner enough teams to offer a championship. So far, five universities play women's rugby ? Eastern Illinois University, West Chester (Pa.) University, Bowdoin College, Southern Vermont College and Norwich University ? which is far below the required 40 teams needed to earn championship status. But the NCAA would probably extend women's rugby an additional five or 10 years if momentum continues to build. According to Husseman, petition...
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Has sports journalism really lost its game?
2008-04-25 15:22:00
Sportswriting today is unimaginative, sentimental, superficial, and sensational. At least, those are some of the claims made by Utne's Michael Rowe in "How Sportswriting Lost Its Game."Rowe ponders: Does sports journalism suck? Overall, he seems to believe that opinion suffocates analysis, that stats derail stories, that analysis is empty, and that profiles are vacuous. On the other hand, Rowe cites several exemplary stories as well, such as Chuck Klosterman's piece on the Boston Celtics' transformation -- a story that is self-aware and which invokes first person, approaches that are usually eschewed in journalism classes and news rooms. Using 'I' is a no-no everywhere except in the blogosphere, or so it seems. (I know, I know. You're saying, 'Joe, that's an obvious statement.' But, like other bloggers, I had to find a way to insert myself into this post.) Actually, using 'I' in a news story may jolt some editors, prompting them to find a 'better way' to tell the story ...
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To err is human, but to make a fielder's choice can also be divine
2008-04-22 15:35:00
You're covering a game, taking notes and faced with the following scenario: A runner is on second with no outs. The batter slaps an easy grounder to the pitcher, who, instead of firing the ball to first for the easy out, turns and starts to throw to third, where the base runner is headed. However, the third baseman does not get back to the base in time so the pitcher turns back to first. But she does not throw the ball since the hitter is only a few steps from the base. So now runners stand on first and third. How do you score this?I faced this scenario last weekend during a girls softball game. At the time, our scorekeeper asked: "How the heck do you score that one?" He immediately received two conflicting answers. I said: "E-1," denoting that this play should be scored an error on the pitcher. The other coach said, "Fielder's choice. You can't score this an error if she didn't throw the ball." Both of us have played and watched baseball for more than 30 years, yet we were at o...
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Apply for this great sports scholarship
2008-04-18 00:12:00
Just received the following information for an Associated Press Sports Editors scholarship. Check it out and send something in. Here's the information from the release.The Associated Press Sports Editors are sponsoring four $1,500 scholarship for collegiate sports journalists.APSE, a national organization of sports editors, is awarding four scholarships to help motivate talented students to pursue a career in sports journalism. Collegiate sports journalists entering their sophomore, junior or senior years are eligible for the scholarship which will awarded based on the students' journalistic work, their academic record, financial need, and geography. The scholarships will be awarded to students from four different regions of the United States. The winners will be chosen by the APSE scholarship committee, which is chaired by Joe Sullivan, sports editor of the Boston Globe and includes editors from all sections of the United States.Please have them include the following information ...
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Put together a tennis package
2008-04-16 08:45:00
Several conferences will hold their tennis championships during the next few weeks. A conference championship is always big news, but, sometimes, sports like tennis get dismissed because they are not perceived as 'major' sports. That's a shame. Just because 10,000 people do not pack the local courts does not mean we should dismiss this sport. We should cover tennis just like we would do basketball and football. That means you could put together a package that includes capsules, a well-researched preview and, perhaps, a column. During the tournament, you could also write daily gamers (which can be published online during the weekend.) Next season, you might want to develop a tennis blog as well. (I'd recommend you start a blog for every sports team on your campus.)There are many ways to cover the ACC tennis championships this weekend. First, you might want to determine match-ups. Georgia Tech, for example, plays its first match Friday when the Yellow Jackets will face either Nor...
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S.I. offers great lessons to young writers
2008-04-15 17:41:00
You learn how to write by reading. How else can you learn to craft a great lead, to develop a compelling anecdote, and to write fluidly and precisely? Read, take notes, analyze, repeat the process endlessly. All writers need to keep a journal. In mine, I take notes from books and articles, citing phrases and words that I try to infuse into my own writing. I learned that areas can be scalloped with natural harbors, that a light fog can make people appear wraithlike, and that an insecure man may offer a maladroit joke. Without such diligence, your own writing may also become clumsy. Always push your writing to the next level. That means reading good writers. There are few better than those writing for Sports Illustrated, still the premiere sports magazine anywhere in the world. S.I. offers some requisite smaller features like news to note, Q&A and a Who's Hot list, but these are really filler for the main course -- in-depth, compelling features that offer insights into athletes, soci...
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Sports Institute seeks applicants
2008-04-06 17:10:00
The Sports Institute is again seeking applicants for its terrific summer sports program held in Boston from June 2-27. Sports reporters from the Boston Herald, Boston Globe and the Providence Journal will offer seminars on a wide variety of topics. Here is the information from the institute?s web site. You may want to check it out.Participants in the program will take four courses over the period of study, meeting a minimum of four hours a week per course. The intensive area of study will be open to current Boston University students as well as students from other colleges and universities. College students must have at least junior or above status. Graduate students are welcome as well. Professionals seeking career advancement are encouraged to enroll.Tuition for the four week program is $4,000. Living expenses are not included in this fee. Contact Prof. Shorr via email with further The Sports Institute at Boston University is affiliated with sportsmediagui...
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Nothing inconceivable about Davidson writer's success
2008-03-25 14:56:00
Davidson had just pulled off two improbable victories. Stephen Curry scored 30 points in the second half, including a 3-pointer with a minute left to lead the Wildcats to a mild upset of Gonzaga, 82-76, in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Curry then helped Davidson erase a 15-point second-half deficit to stun Georgetown, 74-70, to advance into the Sweet Sixteen.The cheering in the RBC Center in Raleigh was deafening. Students on campus were screaming and yelling. And the school's marketing director was probably popping champagne.The college's newspaper, unfortunately, did not post anything on its website, leaving readers of the Davidsonian with a column on racism and a feature assessing student involvement on campus. (By the way, the paper gave fans an A- for fan support at basketball games but only a D+ for support at other school athletic events.) That schools do not regularly post online is -- I feel like Vizzini from the Princess Bride but I'll say it anyway -- almost...
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Journalists are ready for the Big Cliche
2008-03-20 00:27:00
I feel like putting on my dancing shoes, baby. It's time for the Big Dance where a Cinderella always pops up. And it's also that time when cliches run rampant. Writers and editors especially love using the Big Dance, but they also enjoy many other cliches. Many of these cliches are overused well before the NCAA Tournament begins. Games are frequently called tilts, teams fight back when their backs are against the wall, victories are hard-fought, and players assert ther will. Headline writers particularly love to use Big Dance. TV Guide plays off the Irish dance troupe, writing: "Lords of the Big Dance: NCAA March Madness 2008 Preview." And Austin Peay's editors are excited that the "Govs advance to the big dance," although the reporter refrained from using that term. ESPN writes that "Cinderellas at Big Dance share common attributes." Detroit Free-Press editors wrote that Michigan State's women were "left off 64-team Big Dance card."The Sporting News breaks down the game between...
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Don?t get personal, earn athletes? respect
2008-03-07 17:27:00
Here are a few more highlights from two sports panels I attended a few weeks ago during the Illinois College Press Association. As expected, the writers and editors at the Chicago Tribune offered some terrific advice on a wide range of topics.On writing blogsThis is where writers put breaking news, notes and observations. For example, if Lou Piniella says anything during spring training, the paper?s baseball writer, Paul Sullivan, will add those comments on the blog. ?We reserve the nuanced, analytical stories for print,? says Tribune sports editor Dan McGrath. ? Many blogs offer fan perspectives, but this information is not always verified. Instead, many blogs offer rumors or rely on reporting done by newspapers. That?s where news organizations play a key role. ?Somebody has to provide that content,? McGrath said, ?But it has to be responsible content. ? Everybody has an opinion. We try to have an informed opinion.? ? Journalists love to get recognized for breaking stories online. ...
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The real fields of dreams
2008-03-03 02:17:00
Greg Hardy lists some items to consider during spring training in his most recent column for The (Columbia) State, something that also serves as a primer for the upcoming major league baseball season. Greg, who is a friend of mine, also regularly writes irreverent columns for Spin. Check him out.Greg?s column elicited more than a few smiles, reminding me of great times spent in Florida ballparks before I moved to Illinois. There really is no better line than ?catchers and pitchers report to spring training.? And there is truly no better place to be than a spring training game.Greg inspired me to offer my own spring training list, one that is alphabet challenged since it only goes from C to Y (with a few other letters left out.) Here goes.C ? Conversations with fans sitting nearby, hearing stories from old men (and women) about retired players like Harmon Killebrew, Ted Williams and Sandy Koufax.D ? Thinking of my dad who taught me respect and love through the gre...
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Immerse yourself in the new world of sports journalism
2008-02-28 22:18:00
Don?t despair when you read that newspapers are losing readers or that news organizations are laying off workers. Seriously.That people are losing jobs is sad news, to be sure, but this is no reason to abandon hope in journalism. Newspaper websites are gaining readers online, specifically younger readers who are engaged in today's news and issues, according to several surveys. And online advertising is solidly growing, accounting for about $2.3 billion of total newspaper revenue last year -- more than twice the total from 2003.These changes have also created more opportunities, says Chicago Tribune sports editor Dan McGrath. "We know the audience is out there," McGrath said during a panel at the Illinois College Press Association last week. "We just need to find a way to reach them."Phil Hersh, who has covered international sports since 1987, says he can now reach a much wider audience at all times of the day. No longer do newspapers rely upon a 24-hour cycle. News is breaking? Put...
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Focus on postseason chances
2008-02-21 16:25:00
It's nearly tournament time in college basketball. At this point of the season, individual accolades are not nearly as important as postseason opportunities. Fans want to know whether their team will qualify for their league tournaments. In college men's basketball, teams like Florida, Oregon, Massachusetts and St. Joseph's are on the proverbial bubble, unsure whether they will reach the NCAA Tournament. Women's teams like Houston, Southern Alabama and Illinois State are also concerned. These teams may have to win their respective college tournaments to reach the NCAA Tournament. (Please, please, please: Do not call this the Big Dance unless you are also going to ruin your copy with terms like charity stripe, dishing the rock, and treys.) So, focus on your school's postseason chances. Will your school's team even reach the league tournament? Perhaps, the team is in 10th place and only eight teams go, which is the case for our school in the Ohio Valley Conference tournament. W...
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What do sports editors want? A mix of new and old skill sets, they say
2008-02-13 15:38:00
A Florida sports editor says nothing is more important than developing news instincts on a beat.A North Carolina sports editor says he looks for personality, enthusiasm and multimedia experience.A senior editor in Illinois says sports journalists ought to know ? and use ? language well.And a sports editor in Kansas says college students ought to get editing and reporting experience.Above else, job applicants should know how to develop and insert a wide variety of sources ? something some editors look at first. As a matter of fact, many sports editors only briefly review an applicant?s resume before going to the clips. If the clips impress, then the resume and cover letter may get a second look. Beat reporting is essential to attracting some of this attention.Beat experience is essential to honing reporting skills, forcing sports journalist to cultivate sources, develop story ideas, and learn news values. ?I don?t care about the beat they covered,? says the North Carolina sports edit...
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Check out new job listings
2008-02-12 16:09:00
Check out a new feature on the sister site to this blog, at onsports., that lists job opportunities. News organizations regularly update these job openings. This feature is listed down the right side of the rail, under PAGES. Click here to go to this site.-30-
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Two great learning opportunities
2008-02-12 04:55:00
You may want to check out the Sports Institute at Boston College, where you can spend four weeks learning and practicing sports journalism. The literature says this course offers practical hands-on training in print, broadcast and multimedia reporting. The faculty are experienced as well. You can learn more by going to their website. The Poynter Institute offers a more abbreviated immersion into sports journalism that features journalists from Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and the Sporting News, among others. The Sports Journalism Summit attracts professional and academic applicants. But this summit also accepts college students so check out the site for this three-day session to be held in St. Petersburg. Application deadline is in a few weeks. Good luck.-30-
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Indiana tops Illinois down stretch in sportswriting showdown
2008-02-09 20:46:00
photo/Brad Vest (Daily Illini)Indiana won an exciting double overtime basketball game last week, beating Illinois thanks to some missed free throws. It is unfair to say Shaun Pruitt lost the game for the Illini, even if his actions were crucial. Still, most fans will focus on the final plays ? and so will sportswriters in most cases, which is fine in games like this. But we also need to offer analysis of other key points in the game to reveal how others also affected the outcome. In the Super Bowl last week, it would have been equally easy to say Eli Manning won the game for the Giants or that the Patriots defensive line lost it. We need to look beyond the easy to discover other reasons for results. That means learning as much as possible about game strategy. That means talking with those immersed in the game. I cannot emphasize this aspect enough. Sport writers need to speak with coaches and players before and after games to understand what happens in the games ? even if you are on...
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Sports copy editor sought
2008-02-08 21:19:00
The Charleston Times-Courier is seeking an editor/designer for its sports desk. This paper, which does a good job covering prep and college sports, is looking to improve its packaging and presentation. I know the managing editor, who is a great guy. I'll post more on getting jobs in the next few days. You can find other jobs at Journalism Jobs , and at the Associated Press Sports Editor 's website.Sports Copy Editor/DesignerWe're looking for someone who knows sports and loves design to join our copy desk team. We seek someone to help us attract a wider audience through lively visual presentation in print and on our Web site. The preferred candidate will have college newspaper or professional copy editing/design experience. Minimum requirements include an eye for accuracy, a flair for headlines and design and knowledge of both Quark and Photoshop. The Mattoon Journal Gazette and Charleston Times-Courier are part of Lee Enterprises, the fourth-largest newspaper group in the country.I...
Thomas Jefferson rocks!
2008-02-03 23:59:00
I'm getting chills listening to NFL players read the Declaration of Independence, the greatest document ever written -- a document that gives us the freedoms we take for granted. Poll after poll shows that most people know little about this amazing document and that fewer than 20 percent can name more than two of the five freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution's Bill of Rights -- speech, press, religion, and the rights to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Let's remember these inalienable rights past today's Super Bowl. Get out and vote in Tuesday's primaries. Show that you care about this great country. God Bless America, baby!When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opin...
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Florida-Georgia showdown is much closer off the court
2008-02-02 21:19:00
Andy Landers won his 700th basketball game as coach of Georgia ?s women?s team, making him the fourth coach to reach this plateau. That?s no small feat given the highly competitive nature of the Southeastern Conference. Surely, Georgia fans were doubly excited that this milestone victory came against rival Florida . The No. 17 Bulldogs routed the Gators, 82-55. Off the court, the college journalists covering these games were faced with a different task ? revealing the importance of the game to its distinct readers, something these reporters did pretty well. They did an especially fine job of illustrating key moments and offering context.Let?s see how these stories compare in this week?s sports writing showdown. I want to again acknowledge that this assessment is intended for education and fun ? NOT to demean the work of college journalists who work hard learning their profession. Unlike other college students, journalists have their homework graded by the public. As a newspaper advise...
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Let's focus more on athleticism, not sex
2008-01-27 20:02:00
I guess boys will really be boys. And girls will always be sex objects - even in sports publications. I guess that's still the fate of women. Girls, it's cool that you work hard developing skills, that you sacrifice your body in games, and that you build your strength. But, put on a bikini, honey, and the boys will be more impressed. I guess sports fans really are pigs.Sure, sex sells. But do we really need it in our sports publications? and Gatorade recently focused on women's sexuality rather than on their athleticism. To Gatorade's credit, four of the 10 athletes in its "Every Game Needs A History" ad are women -- but two are in bikinis and one is in a short skirt. I guess that's a reflection of the sports themselves where flesh sells. Yet, Gatorade could just as easily have selected Candace Parker, the Vols' talented junior forward, or world-class softball pitcher Jenny Finch (above), or someone from New Hampshire's top-ranked women's college hockey tea...
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College papers do not use enough sources
2008-01-25 18:37:00
Sports journalists understand their audience, as you can tell from the stories posted below by newspapers in Wisconsin and New York. Fans want to know about their own teams the most.Something else you'll notice if you read the stories below - - comments from players and coaches of both teams, something that also serves hometown fans. Fans learn more about their own teams by listening to new voices, which, in this case, would be the Giants coaches and players, if you are a Packers fan. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel offers comments from Packers general manager Ted Thompson, defensive tackle Ryan Pickett, coach Mike McCarthy, quarterback Brett Favre, and offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, but he also includes a quote from Giants coach Tom Coughlin for this night game. Given more time, this reporter may also have included a comment from Corey Webster on the pivotal interception and from a Giants defensive lineman on the Packers' struggles with the running game.College j...
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Writers put Giants-Packers game in perspective
2008-01-21 20:35:00
Doug Mills/The New York TimesIt's clear that new media rules in sports -- at least, if you checked out the news organizations covering the NFC Championship Game . Newspapers as varied as Oshkosh's The Northwestern, the New York Times and the Green Bay Press-Gazette all had audio slideshows, picture galleries and audio or podcasts. Fans could also weigh in on the numerous blogs dedicated to these teams at Newark Star-Ledger, Long Island Newsday, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Wisconsin State Journal . Clearly, fans love this constant flow of information. As a New York Giants fans, I checked nearly a dozen websites last night after the game - and just as many this morning. Give me more news, information, quotes, analysis.I also love reading leads for game stories, which offer insights into communities the sportswriters serve. No fans embrace their team more than those living in Wisconsin. The Packers are as much a part of their community as city hall and the local schools. As a resul...
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Maryland edges UNC in sportswriting showdown
2008-01-20 23:12:00
photo/U of Maryland DiamondbackMichigan relied on a 40-foot desperation shot to defeat Wisconsin women?s basketball this weekend. And Maryland?s men celebrated when Tyler Hansbrough?s last-second shot bounced off the rim in Chapel Hill, N.C., in arguably the biggest upset of the season.Nothing is more exciting in college sports than a hard-fought game ? especially when that game is against a regular rival. Sprinkle in last-minute heroics or a major upset and the drama increases and the bumps starting goosing up though the skin.The college journalists covering these games were up to the task of revealing these exciting games, even if the stories lacked some perspective at times. These sportwriters grabbed readers by writing solid stories that offered context, analysis, and good writing.Sources, though, seem to be the biggest problem in college sports reporting. Too often, college journalists fail to offer sufficient perspective, relying too heavily on comments from their own coaches...
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IAAF denies double-amputee Olympic opportunity
2008-01-14 17:50:00
So I guess losing one's legs is now considered an advantage -- at least in the world of track and field. The world's governing body for the sport says Oscar Pistorius, a double-amputee from South Africa, uses technology that is unfair to other Olympians who will compete in the 2008 Games. Therefore, he won't be eligible. The International Association of Athletics Federation says Pistorius's carbon fiber prosthetics "give him an advantage over athletes not using them." Instead, these other able-bodied runners are stuck with their own muscular legs.Yes, it is easy to attack the IAAF on this issue as the big bully picking on the poor, challenged kid. And, yes, there may be a time when technology prevents paralympians from competing -- but now does not seem the time. Based upon the IAAF's study, Pistorius's prosthetics are more efficient than a human ankle, allowing him to run with about 25 percent less expenditure than able-bodied sprinters. For all the advantages Pistorius's p...
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A solid prep reporting resource
2008-01-05 07:50:00
Now that the holidays are over, prep sports seasons kick into high gear across the country. As a result, you may want to check out sports schedules, records and other information about prep sports across your state or across states in your region. There is no better resource for this than the website for the National Federation of State High School Associations, if only because it has a directory for every state high school sports association. The site also has updated rules and regulations for specific sports and information on issues related to injuries and sports medicine. You'll have to pay $12.95 for the national high school record book, something every prep editor and reporter ought to have in the office. You may want to bookmark this page for future reference.-30-
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Jumping into a new sport
2008-01-05 07:25:00
I stumbled across this story while catching up on the New Hampshire primary. I love that certain sports thrive in select areas of the country, like lacrosse in Maryland, field hockey in the Northeast, and eight-man football in some Plains states. That's why -- after reading about Rudy Giuliani's thoughts regarding a vice presidential choice -- I checked for sports stories on the Concord Monitor's website, where I found this story on prep ski jumping. Sounds like fun for both the athletes and reporters. I'd love to cover ski jumping. Getting out on the slopes alone would be worth the trip. I'd also like to learn how the sport is scored for team results. It appears points are awarded for reaching certain distances. Perhaps, scores are calculated based upon difficulty, like in diving. After reading this story, it also appears four skiiers' efforts count toward a team's overall score, where the higher score wins -- unlike in cross-country running. I'd love to hear from anybody w...
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Covering wrestling - pinning down a technical sport
2007-12-21 21:02:00
Politicians are flocking to Iowa, trying to gain an edge in the nation?s first primary for president that will take place in two weeks. Actually, Iowa holds a caucus, where voters gather in precincts to determine which politician they like best. There?s no denying what sport Iowans hold dearest. Sure, 70,000 fans may attend an Iowa football game, but where else in the country would 9,000 attend a wrestling dual meet? That?s how many watched No. 3 Iowa defeat top-ranked Iowa State, 20-13, in Ames two weeks ago.Politicians would be well advised to spend time on the mats at local high schools to help in their own maneuverings. (Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney may know national politics, but they need to learn more about the heart of the Midwest. That starts with sports like wrestling.) Like politics, wrestling can get confusing for casual observers, which is why we need to translate as much as we can. Like politics, wrestling also usually has a clear winner at the end (unlike the Bowl ...
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Lupica's right on mark about Mitchell, steroids
2007-12-15 19:17:00
For those who think Sen. George Mitchell did a poor job revealing steroid use in major league baseball, read Mike Lupica's column on this issue. As Lupica says, Mitchell is 'no rank amateur.' Mitchell helped broker piece in Northern Ireland and probably could have been on the Supreme Court. This report is going to be one of the most important documents in professional sports for many years to come. So do not rip this report until you've read as much as you can on (or in the report.) Our job is not to defend athletes (or to be fans) , but to report, so if you plan to write a column or story on this issue, do the research and learn the facts. Then, step up and opine away.
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