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The Seven Year Itch - The End of SawxBlog
2012-01-04 21:41:00
Cheers to all who've been with me, both new and old - been an excelent journey. (SawxBlog Photo) "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story." -Orson Welles I type this final...
David Ortiz accepts arbitration
2011-12-11 09:29:00
David Ortiz and new Manager Bobby Valentine chat it up down in the Dominican Republic. (AP Photo) If you're a Red Sox fan this is good news. Since storming onto the scene in 2003 Big Papi has been the face...
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How I Got Over
2011-12-04 09:26:00
Hopefully Bobby Valentine has many lasting images during his time in Boston. (AP Photo) How I Got Over By Kris Chandler It has been two hundred and two days since I last wrote a piece for this blog. The world,...
Establishing A Culture of Excellence
2011-12-04 09:26:00
With Bobby Valentine on board, the new Red Sox leadership is now in place. ( Screenshot) Something happened in September that I wasn't involved in, and I didn't see it first hand. You know I think that - reputation is...
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Valentine's Day: Bobby Named Red Sox Manager
2011-12-02 09:25:00
Needless to say, Bobby Valentine is a little different than Terry Francona. Everything had become too weird, so I hunkered down for another Salinger Seclusion. My last SawxBlog post was a long 37 days ago, and I again contemplated retiring...
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Theo Epstein Thanks Fans in Full Page Boston Globe Ad
2011-10-27 10:09:00
Theo Epstein had a parting shot of his own as he left Boston , and it was one of thanks. There's been so much focus on the negative these past few weeks that it's been easy to lose perspective on how...
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Unidentified Sources, Cowards, & Booze: Make the Bastards Deny It
2011-10-19 22:05:00
A skinny Josh Becket and John Lackey in Kevin Fowler's "I Like Beer" Music Video. (YouTube Screenshot) Soap Opera - noun - a serial drama performed originally on a daytime radio or television program and chiefly characterized by tangled interpersonal...
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Jon Lester Breaks the Three Amigos Silence
2011-10-18 22:04:00
Jon Lester stepped up to the plate yesterday, but did he swing and miss? Ask and you shall receive I guess. Last Friday I wrote that the Owners silence on all things September was both damning and deafening. A few...
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John Henry Enters the Belly of the Weird
2011-10-18 22:04:00
John Henry during his honest and emotional impromptu interview. (98.5 Sports Hub Photo) AUDIO: Listen to John Henry on the Felger and Mazz Show on 98.5 the Sports Hub I've gained a hell of a lot of respect for John...
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Keith Olbermann Blasts Red Sox Ownership and Boston Globe Article
2011-10-15 04:00:00
I know, I know - what does Keith Olbermann have to do with the Red Sox, he's not exactly the "go to" source for my baseball needs. I do think he raises some excellent points here though - which others...
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Theo Epstein Was One of Us
2011-10-14 15:59:00
Theo Epstein helped bring the best of times to the all involved with the Boston Red Sox. If there was ever someone in the Boston Red Sox organization that could truly relate with us, the fan, it was Theo Epstein....
The Joke's On the Red Sox Fan: The Players, The Media, The Manager, The GM,
2011-10-13 03:57:00
The Texas Trio: Beckett, Lackey, and Lester failed the Red Sox fans huge in 2011. Disgusting. ?While stands the Coliseum, Rome shall stand; / When falls the Coliseum, Rome shall fall; / And when Rome falls - the World.? -Lord...
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AUDIO: Dustin Pedroia reacts to Boston Globe "Inside the Collapse" Article
2011-10-13 03:57:00
Terry Francona and Dustin Pedroia were a duo all of Red Sox Nation felt akin to. You can hear Dustin Pedroia's interview with the WEEI's "The Big Show" below, and I find it seriously signifigant that Pedroia's the only, or...
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Cost of Beer and Hot Dogs at Baseball Parks in MLB
2011-10-12 03:56:00
Yesterday I was contacted by Mike from with the below info-graphic about the cost of beer and hot dogs at baseball parks across the country. Not only is it well put together, but it's also very interesting to look...
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The AL Least and the September Collapse
2011-10-08 15:54:00
The post-season ended swiftly for both the Rays and Yankees in 2011. (SawxBlog Illustration) Last night the Detroit Tigers defeated the NY Yankees to advance to the ALCS. No matter the year, it's always nice for Sox fans to see...
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Terry Francona Speaks to the Media
2011-10-07 03:53:00
Terry Francona took some time to speak to the Boston Media yesterday. I gave everything I had, I really did. I hope that, whether it was right, wrong or in-between, I always tried to do the best I could for...
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Is Theo Epstein Chicago Bound?
2011-10-05 15:51:00
Could Theo Epstein and Terry Francona be reunited in Chicago ? Last night via Twitter Pete Abraham learned through Dan Shaughnessy that the Chicago Cubs have asked the Red Sox for permission to speak to Theo Epstein about their vacant General...
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Where Was the Red Sox Media?
2011-10-04 15:50:00
It appears the Media was just as fat and lazy as the players were. (SawxBlog Illustration) "...sportswriters are a kind of rude brainless subculture of fascist drunks whose only real function is to publicize & sell whatever the sports editor...
All Things Must Pass, Even Terry Francona
2011-09-30 21:46:00
Terry Francona should go down as the best Manager in Sox history. Now the darkness only stays the nighttime In the morning it will fade away Daylight is good at arriving at the right time It's not always gonna be...
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When the Baseball Season Ends
2011-09-30 09:45:00
An all too familiar scene for the Sox in September. (AP Photo) There will be no statistical analysis. There will be no finger pointing. There won't be much of anything from me today - just silent mourning and frozen disappointment....
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Ryan Lavarnway, The Finger of Zeus
2011-09-28 15:42:00
Rookie Ryan Lavarnway played the game of his life, saving the Sox season for one night. (AP Photo) With a few friends at my apartment we watched the Sox game on mute, as Wilco's new album, "The Whole Love" provided...
The Origami Red Sox and the $180 Million Fold
2011-09-27 21:40:00
Each loss seems more excruciating than the last for the Red Sox. (AP Photo) I'm a loser I'm a loser And I'm not what I appear to be The Beatles - "I'm A Loser" Another night. Another blown lead. Another...
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The Good, The Bad, And The Lackey
2011-09-27 09:39:00
Ellsbury had an MVP type day but his efforts were only good for one win. (SawxBlog Illustration) The Good : Jacoby Ellsbury is continuing to have a phenomenal year for the Red Sox, and he's been one reason why the complete...
This Is The End
2011-09-25 15:36:00
Carl Crawford - Year One - Complete Bust - Period. (AP Photo) I have nothing more to say. This tweet made about the third inning yesterday says it all for me. I've lambasted this Team from every angle this month,...
Do Not Wake a Sleeping Giant
2011-09-24 21:34:00
The Rays and Angels are just as guilty for folding like chairs as the Red Sox. (SawxBlog Illustration) There is glee throughout the masses when a popular, prosperous, and rich sports franchise falls on its face. It's part of the...
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5 Reasons to Believe in the Red Sox
2011-09-24 03:32:00
Marco Scutaro has been a rare positive for the Red Sox in Sucktember. (AP Photo) Everybody's got a hold on hope It's the last thing that's holding me - Guided By Voices - "Hold On Hope" Dark times have descended...
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Sucktember Will Not Die
2011-09-23 15:31:00
The body language of Aceves and Ortiz tells it all. (AP Photo) "I?ve been here nine years. We?ve never collapsed that bad. Trust me, we?ve been through some tough times. But this is bad." - David Ortiz - Via Pete...
The Shitty Sandwich Sox
2011-09-21 21:28:00
Saltalamacchia consoles Papelbon after blowing the Red Sox win last night. (AP Photo) With last nights loss to the Orioles the Red Sox can only split with a win tonight. They have not won a series since beating the Oakland...
Day and Night, Night and Day
2011-09-21 09:27:00
Jacoby Ellsbury, the most exciting player in the game, celebrates his inside the park HR. (AP Photo) The Boston Red Sox won a baseball game last night. Sounds preposterous I know, but it's true. Earlier in the day the outlook...
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Dead Team Walking
2011-09-20 09:26:00
Adrian Gonzalez and the Red Sox don't deserve the playoffs. (AP Photo) Despite losing three of four to the Rays the Red Sox still have a two game lead in the Wild Card with ten games to go, but that's...
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