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A Baseball Blog dedicated to answering the questions rarely asked. Main topics include fantasy baseball, sabermatics, forgotten leagues & players, expansion, bios, etc. Updated almost everyday!
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What?s The Deal With Umpire Strike Calls?
2012-05-23 12:50:00
Umpires and their strike three calls - how did they get to be so animated?
More About: Commentary , Calls , Deal , Strikeouts
Why Was Adam Lind Placed On Waivers?
2012-05-20 15:05:00
Taking a look at some of the factors that could cause the Blue Jays to place Adam Lind on irrevocable waivers.
More About: Commentary , Season , Toronto Blue Jays
How to ?Booster? Jose Bautista?s ISO
2012-05-17 22:08:00
Will improved swing selection bring Bautista back to 2010/2011 levels of productivity?
More About: Season , Toronto Blue Jays , Matthias
Brett Lawrie & Bill Millers Strike Zone
2012-05-16 16:47:00
Taking a look at last nights strike zone and Brett Lawrie's suspension worthy AB
More About: Season , Toronto Blue Jays , Matthias
Victor Mesa: The Showman
2012-05-15 20:13:00
Profiling legendary Cuban ballplayer and current manager of the Matanzas Crocodiles of the Cuban National Series.
Pedro Luis Lazo To Play In Mexico
2012-05-11 13:00:00
Cuban legend Pedro Luis Lazo finally has a chance to GET PAID as he joins the Piratas de Campeche of the Mexican League.
More About: Mexico , Play
It?s Time to Platoon David Cooper and Adam Lind
2012-05-10 17:59:00
It's time to give David Cooper a look in Toronto. His playing time should come at the expense of Adam Lind.
More About: Time , Season , Toronto Blue Jays
The Best Toronto Blue Jays Finishers
2012-05-10 13:00:00
Taking a look at the greatest workhorses in Blue Jays franchise history and how they stack up to today's rotation.
More About: Commentary , Toronto , Season
Notable Names in Nippon Professional Baseball
2012-05-09 12:50:00
Taking a look at some former big leaguers now playing professionally in Japan.
More About: Commentary , Baseball , Puerto Rico , Season , Akinori Iwamura
Forgotten Former Toronto Blue Jays
2012-05-07 12:45:00
Taking a look at what some former Blue Jays are doing in order to feel better about ourselves.
More About: Toronto , Toronto Blue Jays
Dunedin Blue Jays Scouting Video & Player Notes (04/23/12)
2012-04-26 00:11:00
Matthias recently took in a Dunedin Blue Jays game. Here are his thoughts on a number of various prospects from April 23rd, 2012
More About: Video , Player , Season
Reflecting On Drew Hutchison?s Debut
2012-04-22 03:17:00
Reflecting on the debut by the latest hot Toronto Blue Jays prospect, Drew Hutchison.
BABIP Down Across MLB
2012-04-19 16:48:00
BABIP on ground balls and line drives are at five year lows. What's going on?
More About: Season , Sabermetrics , Matthias
Eric Thames: Outside Adjustments
2012-04-16 17:18:00
Eric Thames is having a hard time with outside pitches.
More About: Season , Toronto Blue Jays , Matthias
J.P. Arencibia Framed
2012-04-09 20:13:00
Taking a look at Arencibia's excellent framing during the first two games of the 2012 season.
More About: Season , Defense , Toronto Blue Jays , Sabermetrics , Matthias
The Blue Jays? first home opener: as told by the late Doug Ault
2012-04-09 11:00:00
The first Toronto Blue Jays player to ever hit a home run, the late Doug Ault discusses the fickleness of Toronto fans and the pitfalls of having a loaner car to drive around the city. Ault was the Jays’ rookie first-baseman and his 2 home runs helped to propel the Blue Jays to a 9-5 victoriy in their inaugural home game.   ...
More About: Home , Chicago White Sox , Toronto Blue Jays
A Memorable Toronto Blue Jays Opening Day
2012-04-08 14:30:00
In Spring Training in 1988, then-Blue Jays Manager Jimy Williams announced that left-fielder George Bell would be the full time DH, both to save his knees and to improve the defense. The reigning MVP resisted the role-change and channeled his anger into 3 home runs on opening day of 1988 - the first player to ever do so. Bell’s career ...
More About: Toronto , Opening , Toronto Blue Jays
Opening Day Numbers
2012-04-06 19:24:00
Some interesting numbers from the Jays 2012 opening day.
More About: Season , Opening , Numbers , Toronto Blue Jays , Matthias
OOTP 13 Baseball Video Game Review
2012-04-04 16:14:00
Reviewing PC/Mac/Linux Baseball Sim OOTP 13.
More About: Video , Product Review , Review , Game
Anthony Gose, Stolen Bases and Value
2012-03-30 17:33:00
Looking at Anthony Gose's steal of home, Sabermetrics and the value of SB on an individual basis.
More About: Season , Stolen , Toronto Blue Jays , Matthias
Late Thoughts Regarding The Dustin McGowan Extension
2012-03-28 21:36:00
The McGowan deal is a by-product of the Blue Jays' shift in organizational culture.
More About: Commentary , Thoughts , Season , Extension , Toronto Blue Jays
Who Had The Better Slider: Dave Stieb or Steve Carlton?
2012-03-27 12:00:00
Comparing two pitchers who possesed nasty sliders.
More About: Commentary , Steve , Dave , Hall of Fame , Sabermetrics
Travis Snider?s Bugaboo Lingers
2012-03-26 00:06:00
Travis Snider has been sent to the Jays' minor league camp. This is probably why.
More About: Travis
Blue Jays Thoughts: LF Baserunning, Arencibia to 1st, Snider & Matt Stairs
2012-03-21 14:14:00
Three disconnected Toronto Blue Jays thoughts regarding Base Running metrics, Matt Stairs pimping Travis Snider’s opposite field power and the impending move of J.P. Arencibia. LF Baserunning Comparison   I don’t know how many LF comparison articles I’ve seen this off-season that go along the lines of: If you live by WAR you gotta die by WAR, that’s what I ...
More About: Thoughts
Toronto Blue Jays Blogger Roundtable
2012-03-19 12:38:00 Yearly Toronto Blue Jays Blogger s Roundtable. Roundtable Participants: Team Predictions: Jays Record, Playoffs? Callum ( Record:  85-77 Playoffs:  No, not yet. The Blue Jays will flirt with the 2nd wild card late into the season, but I see the 2nd wild card coming out of the AL West because the Angels and Rangers are far too strong.  The 1st ...
More About: Season
Wrigley Field Review
2012-03-15 11:00:00
Reviewing the home of the Chicago Cubs . A post 10 years in the making.
More About: Commentary , Review
App Review: Bloomberg Sports Draft Kit 2012
2012-03-12 20:10:00
Reviewing Bloomberg Sports Draft Kit Baseball 2012 App.
More About: Reviews , Review
Jose Canseco?s Comeback Bid Ends.. For Now
2012-03-08 16:21:00
Jose Canseco's comeback bid hits a major bump in the road.
More About: Jose Canseco
John McGraw Spring Training Footage
2012-03-06 16:19:00
$pring Training The official story, which has long been proven incorrect, purports that Cap Anson and the Chicago White Stockings originated spring training in 1885. Baseball researcher Harold Seymour points to the amateur powerhouse New York Mutuals heading south as early as 1869. Regardless, from about 1870 and on teams began barnstorming in warmer climates leading up the regular season. ...
More About: Spring Training , Spring , John , Graw
Changes to Ichiro?s Game for 2012
2012-02-27 15:51:00
Looking at three major changes to Ichiro 's game and subsequently fantasy output for the 2012 season.
More About: Advice , Game , Matthias
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