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Tranquil Oasis Above the Polluted Urban Life: City in the Sky Concept [Vid
2012-06-01 17:36:00
    Proving- that for some, sky is not the limit, the Megatropolis… project gathered quite a few interesting ideas, emphasizing on urban life in the future. One of the concepts belongs to architect Tsvetan Toshkov and reveals a futuristic, lotus- inspired city, far above the sky-scrapers man kind is so familiar with: “City in the sky is a concept about aYou're reading Tranquil Oasis Above the Polluted Urban Life: City in the Sky Concept [Video] originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Read more..
Low-Maintanance and Energy Efficient Surfside Residence by Stelle Architect
2012-06-01 15:09:00
    Stelle- Architects… have completed another project in the town of Bridgehampton, NY. Surfside. The private residence rests steps away from the shore, in an exposed Atlantic-Ocean environment. and is well integrated in its landscape. The architects describe the project as a “simple rectangular pavilion clinging to the dunes where water meets land. The volume is opened up to the watersideYou're reading Low-Maintanance and Energy Efficient Surfside Residence by Stelle Architects originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Read more..
2012-05-27 03:16:00
Architect, Robin Falck, decided on Finland as the place to build his 96-square foot micro cabin. The ingenius home includes a ground floor living area, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping loft and side patio. All built out of recycled material at a cost of $10K USD. Where can we order one of these?
2012-05-14 21:01:00
We stumbled upon this documentary on the European-born architect, Costas Kondylis, thanks to Thirteen and their series Treasures Of New York: Building Stories. Needless to say, we were rather impressed with the story of an immigrant architect who struggled to find artistic identity in the midst of pressure and compromise from real estate forces. Definitely worth a peep!
Google Campus in London Featuring Socializing Spaces and Informal Areas
2012-05-12 11:43:00
Architects Shaun Fernandes and Markus Nonn of Jump Studios… collaborated on developing the interior design of Google Campus in London. The seven-story working and event space has a total area of 2,300 square meters and displays quite a few playful details, suited for an environment encouraging creativity: “Much of the architectural focus has been on opening up and connecting theYou're reading Google Campus in London Featuring Socializing Spaces and Informal Areas originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
Nature-Embedded Retreats in Silicon Valley: Tea Houses by Swatt Miers Archi
2012-05-11 17:51:00
The idea for these minimalist Tea Houses was triggered by the need of a nature retreat, located not far from a family home in Silicon Valley, California, USA. The creative team at Swatt Miers Architects… was in charge with transforming a vision into reality, designing the three tea houses as perfect observation spots. According to the official description provided byYou're reading Nature-Embedded Retreats in Silicon Valley: Tea Houses by Swatt Miers Architects originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
Nestled in a Lush Forest in Pennsylvania: The Seidenberg House
2012-05-11 13:35:00
The Seidenberg House, designed by Metcalfe A&D…, is a remodeling project of an existing mid-century dwelling. located in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. The main objective when building this contemporary home was to develop a nature embedded residence, reminiscent of playful childhood times: “MA&D reconstructed this mid-century kit house, taking advantage of its location by creating a bedroom nestled in the treetops.You're reading Nestled in a Lush Forest in Pennsylvania: The Seidenberg House originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
Ultimate Art Studio: Bridge Studio?s Saltbox House by Saunders Architecture
2012-05-11 09:25:00
Having a remote workplace, somewhere in the middle of nature is something many people dream about. Dramatically located on a steep hillside, near an inland pond in Newfoundland, Canada, Bridge Studio?s Saltbox House was designed by Saunders Architecture… and serves as a place of inspiration for accomplished artists to generate works of art. Here is more from the architects: “TheYou're reading Ultimate Art Studio: Bridge Studio?s Saltbox House by Saunders Architecture originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
2012-05-10 20:45:00
Vice and Heineken team up to bring us a series dedicated to the architecture of nightlife. Discotecture: Episode 1 focuses on five young designers from different disciplines that converge to create their vision of an ideal venue. Peep the project as Mark Van Iterson (Heineken Design & Concept Manager), the team and different venue owners breakdown the values of conceptualizing and manifesting good design.
Green Home in Malaysia Built Around Mango Trees: Hijauan House
2012-05-10 15:40:00
Welcome to a modern home that seems to embed the spirit of summer. Hijauan House was designed by studio Twenty-Nine Design… and is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Lush vegetation is present all around and according to the architects, this was one of the main objectives when developing the residence:  “Our aim was to avoid cutting a single tree onYou're reading Green Home in Malaysia Built Around Mango Trees: Hijauan House originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
Modern Beach House Contours Following The Sloped Terrain
2012-05-10 13:52:00
A young couple dreaming of a happy family residence commissioned Longhi Architects …to design their dream home in Lima, Peru. Named Beach House Q, the 404 square meters residence connects to the outdoors via sliding glass panels that lead from the common space occupied by the living and dining to the outdoor terrace. An infinity pool at the edge ofYou're reading Modern Beach House Contours Following The Sloped Terrain originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
Friendly and Sustainable Home in Washington State : Casa Della Buona Forche
2012-05-10 12:37:00
We received photos and information about Casa Della Buona Forchetta, a sustainable residence envisioned by HKP… and located on Guemes Island, Washington, USA. Here is the official project description: “Designed for year-round living, the house is composed in three parts. Kitchen, dining, living and study rooms serve as the pavilion space for the house. The master bedroom has been designedYou're reading Friendly and Sustainable Home in Washington State : Casa Della Buona Forchetta originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
Minimalist Japanese Residence Displaying a Polygonal Shape: Nomura 24
2012-05-09 22:23:00
We recently received photos and information about Nomura 24 House, designed by Antonino Cardillo… and displaying original architecture and design features. The project is located in Hy?go, overlooking ?saka bay, Japan and is structured on two levels. Here is more from the press release we were sent: “Inside, on the first floor, a large polygonal living room with seven sidesYou're reading Minimalist Japanese Residence Displaying a Polygonal Shape: Nomura 24 originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
Constrasting the Lush Vegetation of Koh Samui: Villa Beige
2012-05-09 14:27:00
Integrated in the lush vegetation of the Thai island of Koh Samui, Villa Beige … is located on an impressive natural 5,000 square-meter beach-front private lot, overlooking the coastline. According to the official description of the property, “Villa Beige has 4 double-bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a private marble pool, a modern entertainment living room, a private spa and steam sauna, gym,You're reading Constrasting the Lush Vegetation of Koh Samui: Villa Beige originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
15 Creative and Clever Under Stair Storage Designs.
2012-05-08 13:35:00
Many of us look for extra storage in our homes and its really hard to find any. Have you even given a thought of what to do with that space under the staircase? Here are under stair storage designs and ideas to make use of that leftover area underneath the stairs and turn it into highly functional and useful space.Mobile Kitchen-Supply Box Under Stairs: Architect Sarti invented a mobile kitchen-supply box with casters that hides beneath the stairs. Stairs Bookcase: It's a combination of a bookcase and stairs that gives you lots of space to store books while you access different floors of your house.Under Stair Bookcase: A smart storing solution for books. Storage Staircase: Turn stairs into drawers; each step has its own drawer.Bookshelf Staircase: The staircase is lined with bookcases which has shelves that are backlit through translucent plexiglass and can hold 6000 books.Under Stair Hidden Room: Here is a more clever way to hide under stair storage or for that matter even an ent...
Logically Distributed, Physically Centralized
2012-05-07 00:56:00
When people pull back the covers on something like MSMQ, particularly its private queues (the way NServiceBus uses it), and they see that MSMQ is storing its messages in C:WindowsSystem32, well, they’re not particularly happy. One of the reasons they worry about these types of distributed or federated queue-based solutions has to do with physical ...
Fine Art of Mud Architecture
2012-05-05 09:53:00
The future lies in mud architecture. Though this sweeping statement may sound prehistoric, but it is very relevant to modern times. Building living spaces with mud is a tradition dating as back as...
World Architecture Festival 2012
2012-04-28 18:26:00
From 3-5 October 2012,Singapore Marina Bay Sands will be hosting the World Architecture Festival! "World Architecture Festival is the world's largest, live, truly inclusive and interactive global architectural awards programme. It is a unique meeting point for architects, suppliers and clients, attracting hundreds of entries and visitors from all over the world.  ... is fast becoming the largest library of international projects - every single entry to the WAF Awards is kept online for future reference." to find out more... Passage via
2012-04-16 07:43:00
Books. Pretty soon (we give it two more generations max) young folks won't even know what those are. But instead of moping about the digital age Colombian-born artist, Miler Lagos uses the soon-to-be-lost human relic to create his latest piece Home--an igloo constructed from hundreds of books. A simple and sweet concept. We doubt you'll run out of reading material in this humble abode. Fans in New York City can check out the installation now on display at the MagnanMetz Gallery.
A CQRS Journey ? with and without Microsoft
2012-03-29 15:33:00
Update – clarification post here. I was on a call recently with the Advisory Board for the Microsoft Patterns & Practices (P&P) CQRS Journey project where they were showing the current state of their development. Towards the middle of the call, I mentioned that I found there to be too many concerns in one place and ...
2012-03-29 14:58:00
Chinese architect, Buro Ole Scheeren, has designed a floating vessel for the inaugural year of Thailand's Film On The Rocks Festival. The unique floating project is a theater built from recycled materials and based on local fisherman lobster farms. Here's how Scheeren describes this rather unique work:
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Father of 'Less is More' Architecture
2012-03-27 21:27:00
From Christian Science Monitor | Innovation: The steel-and-glass Google Doodle structure is an homage to German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Mies was an advocate of simplicity and open floor plans. Read the whole article
Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture
2012-03-25 11:07:00
In this era of computer and technology, RAS (Raliability, Availability and Servicability) has become the most needed in any technology. For developing the next generation of processors for communication equipments, many product designers are trying to develop these requirements. TechologyRead more...
Production Thinking Architecture
2012-03-18 17:51:00
"Prefabrication is said to be the oldest new idea in construction. But it is no wonder that it continues to pervade as an ideal. The construction industry is fraught with litigation, inefficiency and waste. The design and construction of buildings are separate acts that are delineated contractually and legally identified and observed. Arguably, the divide between design and production has resulted in increased schedule delays and cost, and a diminished building quality and sustainability because the conception (architecture), optimization (engineering) and production (construction) are not integrated. In response to this inefficiency, prefabrication and modularization emerge and remerge as ideal methods of efficient production." to find out more... Image and Passage via by Ryan E. Smith / July 19, 2011, via
Don?t try to model the real world, it doesn?t exist.
2012-03-05 15:22:00
Recently I’ve started talking more about modeling and its relation to the real world. Here’s where it all starts from: Don’t try to model the real world, it doesn’t exist. I know that that sounds like a very Matrix-y kind of statement, so let me explain. The “Real” World The problem with the “real” world is that you are limited ...
Digital Blackbook Entry 23: Brand Library
2012-03-04 03:28:00
I heard a lot about the Brand Library in Glendale and its great art reference library. So I decided to check it out. Took some pics too! I found they have a huge CD collection. I mean, they have everything. Here are some cool exterior shots I took while I was there.
Butler Savings and Trust Building ~
2012-02-29 22:22:00
In the heart of town: Jefferson and Main.
Tower of Power: Tokyo Sky Tree Officially Completed on Leap Day 2012
2012-02-29 19:00:00
Tokyo Sky Tree, the world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower, was officially completed on Leap Day of 2012. The 2,080 ft (634 meter) tall tower soars almost twice as high as the 1958-built Tokyo Tower and will take over most of the orange & white downtown landmark's digital broadcasting duties.
Common CQRS Abuses
2012-02-26 17:23:00
Abuse #1 “I’m using CQRS because I need to scale.” While CQRS may be more scalable than other more traditional architectures, the use of asynchronous communication often complicates the user interaction model causing users to not see the changes they made to data in the UI until later. Trying to compensate for this (by writing even more ...
Udi & Greg Reach CQRS Agreement
2012-02-10 22:01:00
Hard to believe, isn’t it? Although both myself and Greg have been saying (quite publicly) for a long time now that we’re in agreement in about 99% of the DDD/CQRS content we talk about, it turns out the terminology we use has made it very difficult for everybody else to see that. Anyway, on a recent call ...
15 Creative Staircases and Modern Staircase Designs - Part 4.
2012-02-04 13:29:00
Collection of unique, creative, unusual and modern staircase designs from around the globe. Glass Staircase: Glass cantilever staircase with full height independent glass panel balustrade and wall fixed handrail.Box Stairs: Creative box stairs by Blencowe-Levine "are part of a roof studio addition to a home in Battersea."Storage Stairs: No matter how much space you've got, you may need intelligent storage solutions.Convenient Stairs: These creative stairs are designed for easy access.Hidden Door Staircase: This staircase doubles as a door for a secret room.Stairs by EeDesign: Based on Veronoi diagrams and using the methods pioneered with Leonardo, the stair design is randomly created for each project.Helical Stairs: These stairs are defined by having balustrade to both sides.Reconstructible Wooden Staircase: It's a part of a reconstructible three-story structure made from laminated timber; if a need arises it can be reconstructed elsewhere.Interlace Stairs: In these stairs, the i...
2012-01-12 15:00:00
Here's a preview of the Endémico Resguardo Silvestre Hotel, set to be completed later this year in the Valle De Guadalupe area of Baja California. The sleek habitat will feature twenty independent eco-lofts that are 215 square feet each. Each one is designed from steel and wood in minimalist fashion with a wooden patio deck and clay fireplace to top it off. Visitors of the Habita hotel group establishment can expect an amazing view of the valley, a stunning pool, and a nearby winery. Very nice!
15 Creative Staircases and Modern Staircase Designs - Part 3.
2012-01-11 13:27:00
Collection of unique, creative, unusual and modern staircase designs from around the globe. Ribbon Staircase: Creative staircase design constructed from 10 mm thick metal sheet by H?H architects.Floating Stairs: Cool "floating" stairs designed for 'The Gray Hotel in Milan, Italy'.Disappearing Stairs: This staircase folds up and disappears into the wall with a press of a button using hydraulic pistons.Clever Staircase Bookshelves: An intelligent alternating treadstaircase that doubles as bookshelves; created by three Czech designers.Spiral Staircase Slide: This cool spiral staircase design incorporates a slide for the kids.Modern Staircase: This airy staircase design comes from Italian manufacturer.Ceiling Staircase: This creative staircase was designed for a residence in France.1m2 Stairs: An innovative efficient stairs designed for small spaces. Spiral Staircase: Spiral staircase carved from wood.Alternating Treadstairs: Staircase Slide: London architect Alex Michaelis installed ...
Italian Inspiration: Travertine Dream House in Singapore
2012-01-06 15:28:00
Travertine Dream House was envisioned by Wallflower Architecture + Design… and is located in Serangoon, Singapore. The brief of the owner (Inspired by the Italian travertine city landscapes), required the use of greenery, maximization of functional areas and travertine exterior finishes. Here is more from the development team regarding the design solution that was applied: “The house is organized as
2012-01-06 15:00:00
International Hip-Hop artist and producer, Kanye West, recently announced the inception of his very own creative company--DONDA. Named after his late mother, Dr. Donda West, the venture is going to be dedicated to producing projects and products that, as Yeezy describes, will marry emotional wants with utilitarian needs. And he's not looking to tackle it alone. Mr. West is actually calling out thinkers and creatives from all walks: architects, scientists, teachers, designers, and more, to reach out and join the action:
Adapted to a Challenging Terrain: Villa Midgård in Stockholm
2012-01-06 12:21:00
Villa Midgård was designed by Stockholm-based studio DAPstockholm… and is a three-level modern residence located in Stockholm, Sweden. The client’s brief required a home with a maintenance?free facade, tall rooms and openness towards the surrounding natural landscape. The result is a building with no less than seven facades. Here is a description from the architects:”Cutouts in the mountain give space for
Paris : son histoire, son architecture, sa culture.
2012-01-05 16:54:00
Dans ses frontières de 1859 Paris s?étale sur 104 km² avec une population de 2 811 200 habitants, le Grand Paris a une superficie de 1450 km² avec 8 403 000 habitants. La ville possède un immense réseau autoroutier et ferroviaire.
Inspiring Architecture and Tasteful Interior Decorations: House 02
2012-01-05 16:39:00
Architectural studio Za Bor Architects… have completed House 02, a modern 2,906 square foot (270 square meters) residence located near Moscow. Built on a steep hillside, the project has an intriguing appearance and features ingenious architecture ideas. The lower level is partially integrated in the hill and accommodates the bedrooms and bathrooms. It can be accessed from inside, via the
Balinese-Style Holiday Home in Costa Rica: Casa Big Sur
2012-01-05 15:08:00
We received some photos and information from landscape architect Ben Morris about an impressive holiday home, which we would like to share forward. Casa Big Sur… is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece nestled in the lush tropical rain-forest, located in Dominical and the Southern Zone of Costa Rica where the lush verdant mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. This 6,500 square foot Balinese-style
The Myth Of ?Infinite Scalability?
2011-12-29 10:58:00
Scalability is a topic near and dear to my heart. Many a client seeks me out for the first time for help in this area. Usually the request is for an amount substantially smaller than infinity. It’s usually on the discussion groups and in conference presentations that infinity is brought into it. The basics The first issue with scalability is ...
Scalability of Modern web applications
2011-12-24 16:39:00
In my opinion there are two types of applications as for as number of user is concerned.1) Desktop applications which supports single user (Ex: MS Word)2) Server side applications which supports multiple users (Ex: Web application)Designing a Desktop applications is easy compared with server side apps which demands massive scalability. Hence the hardware requirements are entirely different, from single server deployment model to dynamically scalable cloud systems. The non-functional requirements take high priority and most challenging in server side applications.Scalability is one of the most important aspect of the today?s modern web application. The software architecture is a key factor in determining scalability of the system, the second one is coding, and finally tuning the hardware. Below I have described typical hardware architecture of the modern web apps.External Caching servers: This sits in front of the web servers to serve static contents such as images, xml, css, html, a...
Free eBook on Claims based Identity and Access Control
2011-12-16 04:55:00
Starts with discussing basics of claims based identity and moves to advanced topics. Following industry standards are discussed : Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Security Association Management Protocol (SAMP) and Internet Security Association and Key Management...
2011-12-14 14:29:00
The Pacific Standard Time arts initiative is currently promoting a new exhibition about husband and wife duo, Charles and Ray Eames. The architects were responsible for constructing several projects in Los Angeles. The following video enlists Ice Cube, of all people, tour guide to the city and its physical makeup. What most viewers don't know is that O'Shea Jackson (Ice Cube's real name) is a big fan of architecture and actually studied drafting before his rapping career. Check him out as he breaks down a few Los Angeles landmarks and an Eames case study.
2011-12-01 19:02:00
Designer, David Ajasa-Adekunle, presents his rendition of the office space of the future via the tetra shed--a modular building system that can be used for fun, play, rest, or business. The shed's exterior can be custom-finished in zinc, copper, corten steel, or marine plywood. Likewise, the interior can be lined in either plasterboard or plywood.
Recording of joint interview with Eric Evans
2011-12-01 05:59:00
Last month both myself and Eric Evans spoke at a conference run by the International Association of Software Architects (IASA) in Madrid. Eric talked about DDD and I talked about CQRS. While the talks were recorded, I don’t think they’ve come online yet. At the end of the conference, we were interviewed by the local .NET ...
15 Creative and Modern Staircase Designs - Part 2.
2011-11-18 13:11:00
Collection of unique, creative, unusual and modern staircase designs from around the globe. Staircase by Reinier de Jong: Created by Rotterdam-based design studio Reinier de Jong Design; the staircase is a sculptural masterpiece that consists of eight white blocks and sixteen grey steps.Staircase by Semprini: The staircase designed by Semprini for Edilco, draws inspiration from the natural rocks smoothed by water. The stairs look like big river stones, but these are actually concrete blocks polished to perfection. Curve and Floating Staircases: These modern staircases are from studio house 'Maison NW', Paris, designed by Nathalie Wolberg-Architecture.Metal Staircases by Watts Design: Staircase by Alex Haw: Creation of designer Alex Haw, these staircases recreate the structural flow of the living spaces. Storage Stairs: A smart storing solution for books. Curvy Modern Marble Staircase: The staircase design was based on the idea of a ribbon and connects two floors of a 12th Stree...
House and Lot for Sale with American Inspired Architecture
2011-11-16 06:29:00
      House and lot for sale in Cebu Philippines is becoming more and more competitive. Themed housing development in Cebu City is becoming a trend. With the market?s discriminating taste, house and lot developer in Cebu must work harder in pleasing the real estate market of Cebu. Do you know that another house ...
Green architecture
2011-10-25 13:02:00
FPAC, in cooperation with Lions Club Germany, organized an exhibition for the students of BNU Architectural Department and other interested in green architecture on Monday, October 25, 2011....
Website architecture for SEO: learning the basics
2011-10-13 16:12:00
  This post was written as a response to a direct request from @mitchholt. Apologies for the delay, but we thought it’s better 2 months late than never! Website architecture ...© SEOptimise - Download our free business guide to blogging whitepaper and sign-up for the SEOptimise monthly newsletter. Website architecture for SEO: learning the basics Related posts:Can You Get a New Domain Ranking Using Just Facebook Likes & Tweets? Top 10 Retail SEO Mistakes UK Brands Are Still Making Why Not All Shopping Search Engines Have Lost in the UK Google Panda/Quality Update
By: SEO Blog
Institute for Technology in Architecture (ITA)
2011-08-22 05:05:00
"The ITA / Institute for Technology in Architecture and its chairs will form an independent institute that belongs to the Faculty of Architecture at ETH Zurich. The institute sees itself as a bridge between the architectural design studies and building process. Its diverse cooperations with various institutions, firms, organizations and authorities ensure sustainable development in the building industry. The new ITA / Institute for Technology in Architecture has committed itself to achieving the following three aims: 1.To intensify the collaboration among the chairs both in teaching and in research. 2.To foster a professionally competent and scientifically based integrated architectural design instruction. 3.To serve in the building industry as the center for technology in architecture." to find out more... Passage via Related links: Architecture and Sustainable Design Technologies: Building Systems Group:
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