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Chinese artist uses photo trickery to create ?invisible? bikes
2012-06-01 21:27:00
Zhao Huasen isn’t a magician and he definitely didn’t invent any magical invisible paint. The artist uses clever photo manipulation tricks to “erase” the bicycles from this set of photos, making people seem like they’re riding on air. View full post on DVICE
Artist Spotlight ? Patricia Seitz
2012-05-29 19:02:00
Artist Name: Patricia Elliott Seitz Location: NY Title of Artwork: Tide is Coming Dimensions of Artwork: 9×12 Medium: oil Support: masonite board Website: Describe this Piece:I am currently working on a series called, “California Coastal Collection”. This painting was mostly worked with a palette knife, using a very limited color palette. I find by ...
Pop Artist Pink Rocks Out At ABSINTHE Las Vegas Show At Caesars Palace
2012-05-26 07:35:00
Pop artist and vocal powerhouse Pink was spotted enjoying Las Vegas? hottest show, ABSINTHE at Caesars Palace hotel last night. Gazillionaire, Pink and Penny Pibbets Gaz, PINK and Penny Pibbets of ABSINTHE Las Vegas Show Looking as cute as can be, Pink laughed out loud to the raunchy humor from ABSINTHE?s infamous comedy duo, The Gazillionaire and his ...
Master Photographer Rodney LOugh, Jr. During Crystals' Meet The Artist
2012-05-26 04:15:00
Master photographer Rodney LOugh, Jr., unveiled his newest work ?Waterfall in the Garden? during Crystals? meet the artist event May 24. During this rare award-winning master photographer quarterly Meet the Artist series guests were able to see his newest release, bask in awe inspiring works of art and his eye for composition. Rodney Lough, ...
Sara Artist is now friends with ModaPinks, Joanna and Tyla V.
2012-05-25 10:46:00
Sara Artist is now friends with ModaPinks, Joanna and Tyla V.
Tyla V. left a comment for Sara Artist
2012-05-21 20:50:00
Tyla V. left a comment for Sara Artist
?I ? NY? artist arrested for planting 'bombs? in Brooklyn
2012-05-21 20:09:00
An artist who installed illuminated plastic shopping bags emblazoned with the "I ? NY" logo on lampposts in Brooklyn was arrested over the weekend, charged with "planting false bombs" and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation. Takeshi Miyakawa, the 50-year-old Tokyo-born artist, was arrested at 2 a.m. in Brooklyn while he was hanging one of ...
gihan manaranga de silva, Ursula Gesser and Sara Artist joined Fashion Indu
2012-05-21 05:24:00
gihan manaranga de silva, Ursula Gesser and Sara Artist joined Fashion Industry Network
Ursula Gesser, Sara Artist, NADIA SALLEH and 3 more joined Fashion Industry
2012-05-21 00:20:00
Ursula Gesser, Sara Artist, NADIA SALLEH and 3 more joined Fashion Industry Network
Toys That Nurture the Artist In Your Baby
2012-05-19 19:11:00
Guest post contributed by Taylor Hodge, on behalf of – an organic baby products site for earth-conscious parents. Parents can join the organic baby registries to ensure they get only organic baby products for their new baby. Every baby is born an artist – born to learn through creation. Supporting your baby’s imaginative activities ...
Las Vegas Elvis Tribute Artist Contest At Fremont Street Experience
2012-05-16 10:33:00
Third Annual Las Vegas Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Downtown Las Vegas was presented by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE), Las Vegas’ famed Fremont Street Experience and the celebrated tribute artist production “Legends in Concert,? this weekend. On Friday, May 11 and Saturday, May 12 Fremont Street Experience hosted the only Las Vegas EPE-sanctioned ...
Jason Becker: gets his own YouTube Artist channel
2012-05-12 14:22:00
About YouTube - Jason Becker Jason Becker is an American hard rock guitarist who formed the band Cacophony in the late '80s with fellow guitarist Marty Friedman and recorded two albums with it, Speed Metal Symphony (1987) and Go Off! (1988). He made the instrumental solo album Perpetual Burn in 1988. In 1989, he left Cacophony and was hired by David Lee Roth to replace Steve Vai in his backup band, appearing on the album A Little Ain't Enough (1991). Shortly after he joined Roth's band, however, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig's disease, a rare degenerative illness that causes paralysis. Nevertheless, he succeeded in completing a second solo album, Perspective, released on his own label in 1996. Raspberry Jams, an album of demos, followed in 1999, and in 2001, through the intercession of Eddie Van Halen, Perspective was given major-label release on Warner Bros. Records. ~ Wil...
What Is There to Know About an Artist?s Oil Painting Palette? You?d Be Surp
2012-05-11 01:09:00
By Teresa Bernard Perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of the fine artist is the artist’s painting palette. They are often taken for granted, however, the palette is one of the most important tools an artist uses. There is much to consider about the palette and this article covers some interesting points. Palette (noun): ...
Artist in Residence: Turtle Rock Glen Townhome
2012-05-11 01:00:00
Start with a prime location, then pick a skilled artist to interpret the setting.  That was my take on Sunday’s open house at 3 Whitewater #2 ($510,000).  From the outside, this townhome blends right into the natural hillside surroundings in a secluded area of Turtle Rock, just minutes from the University of California Irvine. But as you step inside, be prepared to be intrigued.  The home is meticulous and the added detail in art is extensive.   The open loft floor plan lends itself to the strategic placement of art and the owner, who has lived here 17 years, has obviously enjoyed the space and made the most of his surroundings. The den has become his studio, and his three dimensional art work  has been used to advantage throughout the home. Most of the effects are from the artist’s perspective, and the results are dramatic.  It was definitely my cup of tea, but you have to see it to make your call. Farrow and B...
News: Fine Artist: A collection of music-inspired artwork
2012-05-10 21:14:00
Nikki Marie Smith - Fine Artist: A collection of music-inspired artwork, perfect for any music lover! Full Gallery:;artworkgalleryid=168488
The Artist Taxi Driver - Angry Mark - The lawmakers are above the law.
2012-05-09 09:20:00
Angry Mark, the artist taxi driver, lays the TRUTH on the line about Leveson and other 'inquiries', so that you'll understand what sort of a shithole you live in, "All the decent honest people in this fucking country are being pissed on," he elucidates flambouyantly.#1 "ALL... ALL IN PLAIN FUCKING SIGHT."Do you see, now?#2 "THE WHOLE OF THIS TOWN IS BUILT ON THE DEATH AND DEBT OF OTHER PEOPLE, the whole of London.""Them fucking Cockney chav fucking Market Traders up in The City. Those fucking Gambling Addicts. They fucking SPUNKED all the rest of The Money!" what a SUPER STAR rant.BONUS MAINSTREAM MEDIA MATERIALS:George Osborne: Cocaine and Natalie Rowe.The Lawmakers and the Landowners are officially above the Law.
Artist Spotlight ? Hameed Elmissawi
2012-04-26 18:58:00
Artist Name: Hameed Elmissawi Location: Sudan Title of Artwork: Flower 7 Dimensions of Artwork: 42×59 cm Medium:Acrylics Support: (Canvas, Paper, Board, etc.) Paper Website: Describe this Piece: I’m designer and artisit, my painting mood is much more in abstract, and i like flowers and roses much, but haven’t painted a floral sense before, so ...
Sonic solidarity for Ziba Kazemi - An interview with Iranian artist Shahrza
2012-04-19 09:36:00
It Is Only Sound That Remains is a sound theatre performance by artist by Shahrzad Arshadi, meditating on the life and death of Zahra Kazemi.
Jeff Loomis: FRET12 Artist Connect Interview
2012-04-18 00:51:00
FRET12 Artist Connect Interview With Jeff Loomis
Fans recall artist Jackson Pollock at 100
2012-04-15 20:55:00
Out behind a small farmhouse on a Long Island country road sits an old gray barn where a tormented artist dripped paint off brushes, sticks ? even turkey basters ? onto canvasses spread out on a wooden floor. Besides making quite a mess of things, leaving splash marks everywhere, Jackson Pollock also created some of the 20th century's greatest masterpieces.
Artist makes George Zimmerman mug shot out of Skittles
2012-04-14 07:39:00
An artist in Denver has turned an infamous 2005 mug shot of George Zimmerman into a piece of pop art. Andy Bell, 31, used 12,250 Skittles to create a 3-by-4-foot portrait of Zimmerman, who was charged with second-degree murder on Wednesday in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Skittles have become a small but indelible ...
Artist creates Zimmerman portrait with Skittles
2012-04-14 05:49:00
A Denver artist has created a portrait of Florida shooting suspect George Zimmerman using more than 12,000 Skittles ? the candy that 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was carrying when Zimmerman fatally shot him.
Street artist gets away with large anti-diamond protest painting
2012-04-11 22:30:00
California street artist ABOVE managed to get away with spray painting an anti-diamond industry message outside one of the world's largest diamond trading centers.
Bridal Beauty Part 1: How to Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist
2012-04-04 06:39:00
By Amanpreet Dhami It?s a few weeks after your fiance proposed, your diamond ring is glistening in the sun. Everything seems perfect? ?except bride-to-be syndrome has already kicked in. With ideas brimming about the venue and the perfect wedding dress, you haven?t yet given any thought to your bridal makeup artist. Bahar Niramwalla, Toronto based ...
Artist Spotlight ? Edward Ofosu
2012-03-27 21:19:00
Artist Name: Edward Ofosu Location: London Title of Artwork: David Lammy Dimensions of Artwork: 50×60 com Medium: Oils Support: Canvas Website: Describe this Painting: A portrait of Member of Parliament for Tottenham, in London. (Click Image for Larger View)  
Working With Reference Photos For The Practicing Artist
2012-03-26 01:52:00
By Debbie Hughbanks I am a full-time artist that works predominately in acrylic or pastel, most often painting wildlife or western themes. As such, I don’t often paint on location outdoors, as my landscape artist friends do, because me subjects – the moose, black bear, or bird of the day just don’t seem to want ...
Le 22, on ferme! - Artist-run centres across Qubec support the student mov
2012-03-22 02:26:00
Over the last month and a half, students across Qubec have been mobilising against the dramatic tuition hikesbeing imposed by the Charest government and education minister Line Beauchamp. Emerging out of the 2005 student movement that successfully (if controversially) challenged the Liberal government’s proposed cuts to the loans and bursaries program, an estimated 270,000 students ...
How to Steal like an Artist?
2012-03-20 11:32:00
Picasso said: "Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal". This controversial quote is more relevant than ever in today's design industry. We now live in a world where the majority of things we need to survive have already been invented or designed. And no, you don't really need that iPad.
Fred Eerdekens Art Work Illusion
2012-03-17 23:12:00
Fred Eerdekens is a Belgian artist, just a use of metal wires to create a fun word illusion. These are just cool beyond words.
The Ex-Artist
2012-03-16 09:52:00
The Ex-Artist par&nbs-p;Bibine Pour faire "écho" à "l'Exercice" de Trabe... Un concours "off" à deux... ^^Fin des votes 13/04/12 09:52commentaire : 5-
VINOD SAKLANI is now friends with SAN: Starving Artist Network and mohd jav
2012-03-11 10:31:00
VINOD SAKLANI is now friends with SAN: Starving Artist Network and mohd javed
Wu Tang Clan GZA & Artist Prodigal Sunn Party At Chateau Nightclub
2012-03-11 02:25:00
Founder of Wu Tang Clan, GZA, and recording artist, Prodigal Sunn, took over Chateau Nightclub & Gardens at Paris Las Vegas hotel last night. Prodigal Sunn With A Sugar Factory Couture Pop Arriving with a posse of six, the duo took to the club around 1 a.m. to eager spring breakers that were ready to party. ...
Innovation Lessons from the Artist
2012-03-04 08:06:00
Have you seen The Artist? The film recently won the best film award at the Oscars. It is a charming tale about the transition from silent movies to talkies. It is remarkable for a number of reasons – not least because it is a silent movie in black and white with unknowns as stars. It ...
Stalker: TMG Interviews Celebrity Makeup Artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen?
2012-02-29 12:00:00
It has been a long time since I have done one of these?I have met so many great makeup artists over the past 6 years! I started the STALKER series on TMG to highlight talented makeup artists that I am obsessed with. This installation features Celebrity Makeup Artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen. Here is a bit of ...
2012 Oscars: Ken Davitian From ?Borat? On ?The Artist? At Night Of 100 Star
2012-02-29 02:39:00
(Thanks to the Courtyard By Marriott Century City / Beverly Hills) Ken Davitian has that face you’ve seen before and probably said to yourself, “I know who he is.” That’s because you have seen him before. Mr. Davitian played ‘Azamat Bagatov’in the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, (Read More...)
?The Artist? Dog Wore 18-Carat Gold Bone Bow Tie to Oscars (PHOTO)
2012-02-28 23:43:00
Uggie the dog, who has garnered much attention after his appearance in the Oscar-winning film The Artist, sported a specialcustom-made Chopard bowtie of 18 carat gold and satin to the Academy Awards on Sunday. ?The Artist? Jean Dujardin Wins Best Actor At 2012 Oscars The dog bone-shaped charm, which featured his name, was designed byChopard’s ...
The Artist, or the enjoyment of story-telling.
2012-02-28 21:00:00
In his Preface to the 1982 edition the C.S. Lewis Anthology,On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature, Walter Hooper contrasts the featured essayist with “literary critics” who . . . were encouraging readers to find in literature almost everything, life’s monotony, social injustice, sympathy with the downtrodden poor, drudgery, cynicism, and distaste: everything except enjoyment. ...
Brandon R Gould left a comment for SAN: Starving Artist Network
2012-02-28 09:01:00
Brandon R Gould left a comment for SAN: Starving Artist Network
Transformative artist Ken Price dies in NM at 77 (AP)
2012-02-28 03:51:00
AP - Ken Price, an internationally known artist whose glazed and painted clay blurred the lines between ceramics and sculpture, is being remembered for his humor, his love of natural shapes and for the long hours he spent in the studio perfecting what became a style all his own.
?The Artist? Jean Dujardin Wins Best Actor At 2012 Oscars
2012-02-27 15:25:00
French actor Jean Dujardin beat fellow nominees like George Clooney and Brad Pitt to win the Best Actor statuette for his role in the silent, black and white movie ?The Artist? at the 84th Academy Awards held at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles, California on Sunday (February 26). 2012 Academy Awards: Oscar ...
SAN: Starving Artist Network and Brandon R Gould are now friends
2012-02-27 09:12:00
SAN: Starving Artist Network and Brandon R Gould are now friends
OSR: The Artist
2012-02-26 22:46:00
One Sentence Review: The Artist It’s easy to see why this charming, witty story of the fall of a silent-film star has Hollywood willing to give out Oscar gold. Rating: Matinee Rating System: Full-Price Ticket, Matinee, Wait For DVD, Late-Night Cable Fodder, I’ve Made Better Films With My Ass Camera
The Problem with Talkies, or Why the Artist should take home Oscar
2012-02-23 22:48:00
The Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax several Halloweens ago brought in a projectionist to run a hand cranked projector to show “A Trip to the Moon” and “Nosferatu”. Bob Mitchell the last surviving accompanist from the silent film era, played organ. If ever there was a moment to fully realize a transport to a time (Read More...)
The Artist should take best picture!
2012-02-23 21:02:00
The Artist proves ?Silence indeed speaks louder than words?! 10 Oscar nominations are well deserved. French actor Jean Dujardin is someone I have never seen before and he does a perfect job embodying the rise and fall of a silent movie star coping with the introduction of sound to cinema. The Artist recreates the magic (Read More...)
84th Academy Awards: The Artist To Take Best Picture
2012-02-22 19:31:00
The 84th Academy Awards is this Sunday and if you’re wondering who’s nominated for what among the top awards categories, look no further than Without delay, here they are, courtesy of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Best Picture: The Artist, The Descendants, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, The Help, Hugo, Midnight (Read More...)
Artist Mike Kelley found dead in Los Angeles home (AP)
2012-02-02 01:29:00
AP - Mike Kelley, the daring and influential contemporary installation artist who counted the band Sonic Youth and artist Paul McCarthy among his collaborators, has died, police said Wednesday. He was 57.
Artist Mike Kelley found dead in Los Angeles home (AP)
2012-02-01 22:41:00
AP - Contemporary artist Mike Kelley, who was described by colleagues as an "irresistible force," has died, police said Wednesday. He was 57.
Save 35% or More on a Deluxe Sketching Artist Box Set
2012-01-20 09:00:00
List Price: $44.99Deal Price: $26.50You Save: $18.49 (41%)The Deluxe Sketching Box Set by Royal & Langnickel is great for those who love to sketch and draw. The art set features a large array of tools to start experimenting or refine the sketching and drawing talents. Includes 12 graphite pencils, 6 compressed graphite sticks, 6 compressed charcoal sticks, 12 compressed color sticks, 4 pastel pencils, and more.Expires Feb 5, 2012
Guthrie Govan: will be a guest artist this summer at the NGW CT
2012-01-20 00:30:00
Terry SyrekGuthrie Govan will be a guest artist this summer at the NGW CT. Week 2, for all you guitar geeks out there. Great seminars and classes that week, as well, including my "Better off Shred" seminar. Sign up now, spots go fast! For more info go to: Guitar Workshop | Music Rock Camp | Professional Guitar Lessons | Music School | Summer Muswww.guitarworkshop.comNation-al Guitar Workshop brings comprehensive music education programs to guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, drummers and vocalists across the country.
Eric Gales,Tomo Fujita: NAMM 2012 Scheduled Artist Appearances at the PBG B
2012-01-17 00:06:00
Thursday, January 19 11:30 AM ? Eric Gales 2 PM ? Jared Scharff 4 PM ? Adam Miller Friday, January 20 11:30 AM ? Eric Gales 2 PM ? Matt Schofield Saturday, January 21 11 AM ? Eric Gales 12 PM ? Volker Strifler 1 PM ? Jeff Pevar 4 PM ? Tomo Fujita & Thaddeus Hogarth Sunday, January 22 12 PM ? Matthew Sweet
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