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Poster: Early artwork for the Silent Night remake
2012-05-11 00:12:00
Coming this Christmas season from Anchor Bay is the “loose” remake of the notorious yuletide slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night. Below is some early artwork that definitely shows that Saint Nick means business. It’s a snowy Christmas Eve in Cryer, Wisconsin. The normally quiet town is bustling with activity as the residents are getting ready for the big day. The events take place around the town’s annual Santa Parade, which has brought a record number of Santas to town. Deputy Sheriff Aubrey Bradimore (King) is stuck reluctantly working the night shift, dealing with all of the drunken Santas, road closures, and stressed out locals — but things are about to take a deadly turn. A vicious serial killer, dressed as Santa Claus, has made his own “naughty list”, and anyone on it is in big trouble. As the body count rises, Aubrey races to discover the killer’s true identity – but in a town full of Santas, shady characters, and dark secrets, finding the re...
News: Fine Artist: A collection of music-inspired artwork
2012-05-10 21:14:00
Nikki Marie Smith - Fine Artist: A collection of music-inspired artwork, perfect for any music lover! Full Gallery:;artworkgalleryid=168488
The Artwork of Ileana Hunter
2012-04-30 18:48:00
Ileana Hunter is, as can be seen in the preview, a very talented artist…therefor today we shall feature her work!So grab the pack now and get watching :) Commercial license is available for premium members only! Read the benefits and join today Follow @Garcya on twitter to stay updated with everything that’s new on WDB. ...
Humour: The most vicious way to attack someone - Artwork of illustrator Zin
2012-04-17 22:09:00
When I found Zina Saunders? [pronounced Zai-nah] animations on Mothers Jones a couple weeks ago I knew I?d have to ask her for a chat. We got on the phone last week and by the time I was off I was texting my friends that she was one of the best interviews I?d had. Firey, ...
Jennifer Lopez Artwork and link for her single "Dance Again"
2012-03-30 15:03:00
Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again" featuring Pitbull will premiere this morning, March 30th, on "On Air with Ryan Seacrest". LISTEN - Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull "Dance Again"
Boomslank ? Original Anime Artwork on T-Shirts, iPhone cases and more
2012-03-24 02:07:00
Many tears ago I had a weird addiction to collecting t-shirts. At theheightof my “problem” I had dozens and dozens ofdifferentkinds of t-shirts that I prized and even refused to wear! I have recovered from that addiction, but recently I got an email from Boomslank, a business owned by a group of brothers specializing in ...
2011-10-28 02:25:00
I just want to take the time to create a posting that has all of my mixtape artwork. I look forward to working on your project soon and thank you to those who allowed me to work on their projects.
2011-10-03 15:00:00
A Boston-based start-up by the name of Turning Art is snagging a page out of Netflix's rent-by-mail model and delivering fresh, rotating visuals right to its customer's doorsteps! After wading through the time-consuming ordeal of selecting the right piece for his own space, founder, Jason Gracilieri, was inspired to create something that would make it easier for others--a mail-order service that allows customers to select art from a library of replica prints and "try it out" in their homes for a monthly fee of $10/month for a standard frame and $30/month for a larger frame. There's even an accumulating ArtCredit feature that can be applied to the purchase of original pieces. Check out the following video to see how it all works:
Paper Clip Inspired Products, Artwork and Designs.
2010-12-06 13:25:00
Clip C2 Paper Clip Chair: Its inspired by a simple fold sequence of a metal paper clip.Desk Daisy Paperclip Clips and Holder: The petals are colorful paper clips that hold on to magnets in the center of each flower. Tenso Paper Clip: Designed by Agustin Otegui; these have adjustable design that can clip different thickness of paper.Talk Bubble Conversational Paperclips: "These cartoon-inspired paper clips are the perfect way to draw attention to what you're really trying to say."Paper Clip Wall Hook: It's made of chrome plated steel, measures 11" x 3", attaches to the wall to hold your coats.Eskimo Towelclip Radiator: "Simple and iconic, the Towelclip transforms the traditional radiator into a tribute to industrial elegance."Paperclip Lamp: Paperclip lamp designed by Ben Collette and D Wykes.Skrepkus Paper Clip: "Skrepkus is three times prettier and three times more convenient than an ordinary paper clip."Paper Clip Hanger: Creative "Paper Clip Hanger" design inspired by a regul...
Concours "Aphrodite Artwork"
2010-10-28 03:59:00
Voici mon concept pour une dition spciale de l'album "Aphrodite" pour la France ! Vous pouvez votez pour ce artwork ici :)
I've Donated An Artwork To La Romana City Council
2010-05-27 23:01:00
Last Saturday was an exciting day for me. I've donated one of my artworks to La Romana City Council . And one of my artworks will be in the permanent art collection of the Cultural Center of the village. A bus sent by the City Council brought some... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
Camouflage Artwork By Liu Bolin.
2009-11-18 09:31:00
Liu Bolin, 36-year-old artist has the ability to disappear, meet the real life invisible man. Inspired by how some animals blend themselves into the surroundings for self-protection, Bolin creates these beautiful camouflage artwork. He paints himself to merge with the surroundings, and he is so apt at it that at times passers-by don't even realize he is there until he moves. He takes up to 10 hours at a time for a single photo to get the perfect outcome. For Liu Bolin no surrounding is difficult to blend in!(Image credit: galeriebertin).(Image credit: galeriebertin).(Image credit: odditycentral).(Image credit: v1kram).Other Posts:Earth House.Duct Tape Art.Beautiful Rice Paddy Art: Part - 2.Under The Ground Town - Coober Pedy.Sculptures Created With Paper And Toothpicks.
Springfox Too, new artwork
2009-10-21 17:55:00
After a thoroughly nice day again in Lincolnshire I have managed to capture some pictures of my old pals, Springfox Too and after taking around 300 stills, I m finally monkeying about with them using... More comedy coming from Nottingham's Finest Award Winning Internet Video Creators.
The Shadow Self (My ArtWork)
2009-10-21 06:58:00
Tantric truths are seldom easy to handle. The tantric path is not a comfortable, easy path. It entails a total disintegration of what you THINK. Your perspectives, beliefs, conclusions, self image. Et al.Progress happens through DESTRUCTION or the illusion of it.____________________________-_____Passage from Kundalini-Teacher.ComPART 1Carl Jung defined the Shadow Self as "that which we think we are not." ...You may believe that you are not like your neighbor who does this or that bad thing, but if those negative qualities you judge, were not also a part of you, then they would not trigger your emotions...You may believe that you are a person who is not cruel or unjust, but that belief is a blockage that casts a shadow that can blind you to the cruelty within your ego that is hidden. The shadow shows the "Ugly Mirror of All that Is": you are what you judge yourself not to be. You are what you judge others to be....PART 2Passage from: SHADOW DANCEThe ShadowThe Shadow, is a psychologica...
By: Life-1
Nuevo Artwork para Karmic.
2009-09-24 18:27:00
Se ha definido la imagen de Ubuntu Karmic Koala… y ya se mira un aspecto sencillo, suave y muy elegante. Human-theme Nuevos Wallpapers Con la incorporacin de un “Wallpaper Pack” que muestra y cambia imgenes del Telescopio Hubble cada 15 minutos Nuevos conos Humanity Icon set, es el que se encuentra por defecto. Los emblemas en este pack de conos son ...
Nuevo Artwork para Karmic.
2009-09-24 18:27:00
Se ha definido la imagen de Ubuntu Karmic Koala… y ya se mira un aspecto sencillo, suave y muy elegante. Human-theme Nuevos Wallpapers Con la incorporacin de un “Wallpaper Pack” que muestra y cambia imgenes del Telescopio Hubble cada 15 minutos Nuevos conos Humanity Icon set, es el que se encuentra por defecto. Los emblemas en este pack de conos son ...
Artwork With Pencils.
2009-08-28 13:43:00
For most of us 'Pencil' is not more than an a writing instrument, but you will be surprised to know that artists create some of the most beautiful artworks using pencil as a medium. What we have here is a collection of artwork from various artists, which we are sure, will take you by surprise!Sculptures and Jewelry By Jennifer Maestre: It's quite a miss when you talk about pencil sculptures and you don't see artwork created by Jennifer Maestre. To make the pencil sculptures, she takes hundreds of pencils, cuts them into 1-inch sections, drills a hole in each section, sharpens them all and sews them together.(Image credit: etsy).(Image credit: thisis).Felissimo's 500 Colored Pencil Set For Social Designer: Felissimo designed these for Social Designer, the complete set of 500 colored pencils consisting of 20 units. Its upto you how imaginative you can get with it; Stretch them out, roll them up or display your pencils as you are with the pencils themselves.(Image credit: socialde...
Unique Tattoo Artwork: The Tribute Embroidered Tattoo
2009-08-02 12:00:00
Tattoos take many shapes and forms, but a neat tattoo was recently posted on Flickr, following an embroidery pattern in tribute to an important family member, and it certainly works like a piece of embroidered art!
Gorgeous Artwork With Disposable Cutlery
2009-07-17 16:48:00
What can you do with all those leftover knives and spoons from that last big party? Artist Daisuke Hiraiwa creates beautiful chandeliers among other things out of plain old ordinary objects.
she wolf / la loba Album Artwork
2009-07-06 04:30:00
en ya se puede ver lo que serian las tapas de los sobre la imagen para tamao original
Why Purchase Artwork?
2009-06-15 10:21:00
The act of purchasing an artistic work serves not only to finance the continuation of the creation of art, but also fulfills the artist's need for personal catharsis, akin to sending one's children off into the world to exist for themselves. The artist feels free to move on. The collector feels this catharsis by playing god parent to what becomes a mutual treasure. The work of art.
I Wouldn?t Want To Eat There
2009-05-09 15:46:00
No rhyme or reason for this. I was bored last night so I made this.
I Could Have Done It MUCH Cheaper
2009-05-09 01:50:00
350,000 of our tax dollars $70(for Photoshop). Thank God we’re not in a recession or anything.
When The Moon Hits Your Eye You'll Love This Beautiful Moon Artwork
2009-03-24 20:53:00
Has it ever seemed like the moon was so close you could touch it? Russian artists Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov have created a series of artwork titled ?Private Moon?, where they give life to a man and his moon.
Koan Makes Wearable Artwork while Working on Good Cause
2009-01-29 19:08:00
Koan is a new street-wear label with goal is to produce wearable artwork. Koan's T-shirts were designed such they won't not only has a strong visual impact, but a positive impact on the local community as well. Koan Clothing promises to also include collaborations with some of the talented artists in order to create unique limited edition designs, each t-shirt being the visual manifestations of their own self-made koans. Koan told me to keep with their philosophy and donate a portion of their profits to local San Francisco non-profit organizations. This year, for example, Koan gives to Youth Uprising in Oakland, CA. Youth Uprising is housed in a 25,000 sq. ft. state of the art building which offers programs and services that develop youth leadership in order to transform the community. Way to go Koan!
The first artwork for the film within Inglorious Basterds
2009-01-27 03:43:00
The Tarantino Archives got some major exclusives from the Inglourious Basterds set and one of them is the artwork for the film within the film, Stolz der Nation aka Pride of the Nation! Stolz der Nation which stars Fredrick Zoller, a German sniper, played by Daniel Brühl. This movie within the movie was of directed by ...
Under The Influence: Beastie Boys Artwork!
2009-01-25 17:53:00
Fantastica coleccion de Cuadros e ilustraciones de artistas, creadas bajo la influencia de los Beastie Boys. Si te mola alguna, ahora puedes hacerte con la que quieras, eso si pagando claro. Aqui dejamos una muestra.Mear One"The High Planes Drifter"acrylic on canvas36 x 36 inches$2,500.00Dan Santat"Intergalactic"mixed media16 x 20 inches, framed$400.00 - SOLD
Silly Reporter
2009-01-23 16:52:00
Questions aren’t for Presidents. This guy works out and he fist bumps. This is the stuff we need to know. Not about his appointees. He’s so Mondo Cool, he’s verging on Fonzie Cool. The next four years are going to be AWESOME. AAAAYYYY, sit on it. Hopeamundo Something tells me this ...
Girlfriends TV Show Season 6 Artwork DVD
2008-12-28 06:32:00
Girlfriends TV Show Season 6 Artwork DVD - Girlfriends TV Show is back in the news.Girlfriends TV Show Season 6 DVD artwork has been unveiled.Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing Girlfriends Season 6 on DVD on February 24th, 2009.The company said: This DVD set, will include all 22 episodes from the 6th Season, for a ...
Patterson and His Recycled "Fairy Under Pressure" and Other Artwork
2008-10-30 03:18:00
If you know about artist and recycler Lane Patterson and his creative green talent you may blush at the mention of his name, especially if you have seen some of his innovative anatomically correct artwork.
That?s Just Biden Being Biden
2008-10-01 01:09:00
“I was shot at while in Iraq.” No, that’s no Hillary telling her tall tale again, that’s Joe Biden last year. Number one, you take all the troops out - you better have helicopters ready to take those 3,000 civilians inside the Green Zone, where I have been seven times and shot at. Only thing is, ...
Britney Spears ?Womanizer?: Cover Art
2008-09-22 22:16:00
Even more leaked random ridiculousness today - the Britney Spears ‘Womanizer’ cover art [Website - TheLostGirl?s Blog]. I thought I would at least try to find something to whet your appetite. So, here is the cover art for the single - which a little birdie tells me is delayed as... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Britney Spears ?Womanizer?: Cover Art
2008-09-22 22:16:00
Even more leaked random ridiculousness today – the Britney Spears ‘Womanizer’ cover art [Website - TheLostGirl?s Blog]. I thought I would at least try to find something to whet your appetite. So, here is the cover art for the single – which a little birdie tells me is... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Karune talks StarCraft II artwork: Omegalisk, FireBat to Maurader & Lurker
2008-08-08 02:32:00
The Omegalisk^ This is the original concept piece for the 'new' Ultralisk in StarCraft II. The tentacles were fun to watch while skewing marines, but in multiplayer, the 'random' factor of that skewing did not fit into the competitive gameplay nature of StarCraft as well.- KaruneThat massive thing apparently kills multiple Marines, but with an anime porn style tentacle attack. The current and official model of the Ultralisk definitely makes more sense, though it would be cool if Blizzard left...
Artist Pamela Miller donates Artwork to MOM Foundation
2008-08-07 03:17:00
PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 2, 2008 CONTACT: A.J. Ali at 310-395-5181 or ARTIST PAMELA MILLER DONATES ARTWORK AND DEDICATES JANUARY SALESTO HELPING FAMILIES FIGHTING CANCER THROUGH MOM FOUNDATION Santa Monica, CA -- Maryland painter Pamela Miller is joining the Survivor Celebration effort to help families that are fighting cancer. The effort benefits the Marathon of Miracles Foundation. Pamela is donating a painting called "Gimme Some Sugar" featuring two horses and making another, "Midnight Sailing," available on consignment at the MOM Foundation's September 13 Horse Show and Country Dance in Howard County, MD. To register for the event, visit The artist is also dedicating 30% of all sales out of her store in January, 2009 as part of her Art for Charity program. "Her commitment to helping our mission of reaching more survivors is very a...
Creative Artwork by: Brandon Bird
2008-07-30 18:56:00
Brandon Bird is one amazing artist… you can look at some of his artwork and instantly tell who the picture is portraying. Below is just some of his amazing artwork be sure to check out his site at
Creative Artwork by: Robi Joeleht
2008-07-27 18:42:00
There are over 20 amazing pieces of artwork on his site. Below are a few pieces you’ll find on
Creative Artwork by: Nik Daum
2008-07-26 18:56:00
Below are some creative “dordles” as they call it… that are very inspirational. Alot more can be found at Check out the work let me know what you think by leaving a comment.
Delicious Artwork Made With Knots
2008-06-26 07:57:00
Summer is my favorite time of the year. The best part about them? Picnics. With lots of food. Ed Bing Lee creates picnic-like artwork that almost looks like the real thing. Technorati Tags: Art and Design Entertainment Food and Drink Fun Funny Miscellaneous Weird or Wacky
My ArtWork - Preity Zinta (Psychedelia)
2008-06-09 15:47:00
Don't have anything to write as of now, so I'm posting a 6 months old photoshop of mine. Of my favourite Bollywood actress Preity Zinta .She has charmed millions of Indians with her bubbly personality and sense of humour. Has been given the nickname 'bubbly' by friends. She has become quite famous overseas too, especially in the middle east. They are crazy about her. As are many Indians.I read somewhere that she loves a certain hindu philosophy named advaita, and is a fan of Ayn Rand. Runs an Ayn Rand appreciation group in Bombay (Mumbai), India, the home of Bollywood and her city of residence. Her hometown is Shimla, a beautiful hill station a few hours north from New Delhi.Intoxicating mixture of beauty and brains.Here's my artwork, based on the above photograph.Update:An interesting video...reminds me of this mood Preity Zinta was in, in an interview of hers I saw on TV.Madison Avenue sings 'Don't call me baby.'
By: Life-1
AFAS Artist Charles Maher Tapped To Create Official Artwork For 2008 Pebble
2008-06-06 16:47:00
AFAS Artist Charles Maher Tapped To Create Official Artwork For 2008 Pebble Beach Concours Pebble Beach, Calif. - May 29, 2008 - Automotive Fine Arts Society member Charles Maher was chosen to create the official artwork for the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, which will be unveiled during the renowned event on August 17, 2008. Commemorating ...
Collection of recycled artwork
2008-06-06 16:21:00
Go the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York you may be in for a little surprise in what you find there. For it may not be as contemporary as you first may of thought. The work on display has been made by students from various Universities. But one who student from the Appalachian State ...
Ashanti ?The Way That I Love You? Live At Soundcheck
2008-06-05 22:42:00
ASHANTI DOUGLAS performed new tracks from her album, ?The Declaration,? at Soundcheck [Website - TheLostGirl?s Blog]. DOUGLAS talks about about all the areas in her professional life, in which she demonstrably has only passable levels of talent To watch the exclusive interview and performance footage, click HERE.Go on you glutton for punishment, you know ...
News: Artwork for Busy P's new EP is up
2008-06-05 18:24:00
The new EP from Busy P, entitled Pedrophilia, hits shelves June 23 via (who else?) Ed Banger. What do you think of the graphic? Is So Me out of his mind, or an actual genius stuck in the body of...
How to Photograph Artwork
2008-06-01 20:58:00
Hello. The following tutorial is a relatively quick and simple how-to for photographing 2-D artwork such as paintings, textiles, glass-covered images, reproducing newsprint, and more. I will also cover how to correct and post process the photographed...
Bus A? Bus Is Definitely ?Blessed?, Check Out His Artwork And Tracklist For
2008-05-29 20:20:00
‘We Made‘ It Ft. Linkin Park Prod. By Cool & Dre ‘Don?t Touch Me‘ (Throw Da Water On Em) Prod. By Grind Music Productions ‘Don’t believe them’ Prod by. Cool & Dre Ft. Akon & T.I. ‘Decision’ Ft. Mary J Blige, Jamie Foxx, John Legend & Common Prod. By Dr Dre ‘I’m Gonna Get Mine’ Prod. By DJ Scratch ‘Kill ...
New Hoodie on Zazzle with PMILLER Original Artwork
2008-05-29 16:20:00
Some Like it Hot T-Shirt by allyon1 Get this custom shirt at ZazzleOriginal, Modern, Fine Art By Contemporary Artist, Pamela Miller. Painting and Art includes: Abstract, Cityscape, Seascape, Asian, Fantasy, Animal (ie Fish, Cat, Horse Art), Nudes, ACEOs, SFA and Still Lifes. Mediums Used: Acrylic, Watercolor and Mixed Media
New Starcraft 2 Artwork
2008-05-27 00:00:00’s post here just reminded me of the new SC2 artwork that Blizz uploaded during the Baneling update… Beautiful artwork of the new Protoss Carrier Related Posts The Starcraft II Protoss Interface
Creative Artwork by Hope Gangoff
2008-05-26 04:50:00
I recently came across a very cool collection of artwork by: Hope Gangoff. Below are just a few examples of what is found on
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