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All-in for Autonomous Autos?
2011-10-27 14:29:00
Driverless, robotic cars are no longer the future. They're here. Even Google's autonomous Toyotas have logged more miles than most consumers put on their vehicles before trade-in, and in city and mountain drives. Are you excited about the prospects, the potential to reduce car accidents? Or, will th
"Black Boxes" on Autos
2011-01-16 20:25:00
there is a movement towards putting "black boxes" on every new auto manufactured world-wide. and possibly in the near future. it is my understanding that the auto companies have been installing them on certain autos since the mid 1990s. these boxes will be able to record over 80 stastist
Optimus Prime hecho con autos y motocicletas recicladas
2010-07-19 05:45:00
Este Optimus Prime de casi 12 metros de alto ha sido hecho con partes de autos y motocicletas recicladas, y fue presentado en una exhibición de materiales reciclados en Beijing, China. Los chinos se tomaron en serio eso de transformar autos en robots. Fuente: Este es un post de ILMAISTRO.COM, Blog de Tecnologia. Suscribirse via RSS. Sígueme ...Este es un post de ILMAISTRO.COM, Blog de Tecnologia. Suscribirse via RSS. Sígueme en Twitter.Optimus Prime hecho con autos y motocicletas recicladas
Air Powered Car
2010-05-19 10:27:00
With Thanks from Abdul Hameed Effectively, the fuel is electrical power for air compression, which can be made in nuclear power plants. It really does seem like the solution for city...
Flashback: Autos by Architects
2009-02-16 16:15:00
However many architects actually did cross disciplinary lines to draft up automobiles, John Pashdag focuses on four of the better-known architects who did - Buckminster Fuller, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius and Frank Lloyd Wright - for his article in SIA #39, March-April 1977. And never let it
Se aplicará Ley Antiterrorista a jóvenes que querían atacar autos en La Ara
2008-10-30 20:00:00
Se aplicará Ley Antiterrorista a jóvenes que querían atacar autos en La Araucanía. Los jóvenes uno menor de edad, y el otro de 22 años (Félix Delgado Ahumada) fueron aprendidos con material para hacer molotovs tras intentar impactar con una a un furgón de Carabineros. Recordemos que en su minuto Michelle Bachelet dijo que en ...
Antique cars parade / Caravana de autos antiguos / Caravana de carros antig
2008-10-16 02:51:00
Where / Dónde / Onde / Oú: Nicaragua & GurruchagaWhen / Cuándo / Quando / Quand: Saturday / Sábado / Samedi 18, 2:30 PMFree / Gratis / Grátis / GratuitFirst trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
Horse Power: Sports Cars and Exotic Autos in Saratoga
2008-08-13 07:01:00
For the past few years, Hemmings Sports and Exotic Day took place at Lime Rock Park on Memorial Day weekend, the same weekend as Musclepalooza. Sure, there probably isn't a lot of crossover between the people who attend each event, but it did force me to pick the latter over the former each ye
Which autos are made for world wide distribution?
2008-07-29 17:48:00
I am considering buying a car or small SUV here in America and taking it to my home in Spain. How do I go about finding out which models are made for world wide distribution?
Smart tendrá autos eléctricos el 2010
2008-06-24 22:28:00
Aún recuerdo la primera vez que vi un smart, un pequeño citycar que tiene una muy buena acogida en Europa, y que es fabricado por Daimler (relacionado con Mercedes Benz). Estos vehículos son ahora “comunes” en el viejo continente, mientras que su adopción en América ha sido algo más lenta, pero eso podría cambiar con ...
Sistema de cancelación de ruidos para los autos
2008-06-24 09:02:00
Toyota quiere incorporar en todos sus vehículos un sistema de cancelación de ruidos, basado en el mismo funcionamiento de los manos libres de los teléfonos móviles. Cómo funcionaría? Se dispondrían micrófonos en el habitáculo, que obtendrían el sonido que llega del motor, para luego enviar por los altavoces ondas que cancelan o al menos reduzcan el ...
NISSAN Tiida in China Circuit Championship Round 3
2008-06-10 09:12:00
June 8, Beijing Golden Port Circuit Round 3 of the ?China Circuit Championship? or ?CCC? took place at Beijing?s Golden Port Circuit (1 lap, 2.39kms), continuing the closely-fought battle from the last round in the series. The winner in the 1,600 class was a NISSAN Tiida, run by the DongFeng NISSAN Ghia Team, driver #4Lin ...
Ashley Force?s Mustang Funny Car reaches semifinal at NHRA race
2008-06-09 18:21:00
Ashley Force, driver of the Castrol GTX Mustang, made it to the third round of the NHRA race in Joliet, Ill., before losing to Tony Pedregon. She remains second in the standings, now just 57 points behind leader Tim Wilkerson. Read the press release below. DEARBORN, Mich., June 8, 2008 ? Ashley Force’s Mustang Funny Car ...
Nissan to Showcase X-TRAIL Diesel Prototype at 2008 G8 Summit
2008-06-09 12:40:00
Clean diesel technology is something that we must have if we want to help the environment and its great to see auto brands embracing this technology, today we are hearing that Nissan is to Showcase the new X-TRAIL Diesel Prototype at 2008 G8 Summit and you can read the full details in the press release ...
Autos locos reales
2008-06-06 23:12:00
Te acuerdas de Los Autos Locos, esos dibujos animados de hace algunos años. Que recuerdos esas carreras con estos personajes tan dispares.... Me pasaba el día esperando a que los dieran. Pues ahora unos chicos fanáticos a estos dibujos han hecho las réplicas de cada uno de los autos. Ver para creer.
Renault, Nissan New Plant in India: 400,000 Passenger Vehicles Annually
2008-06-06 12:19:00
It looks like Renault Nissan Automotive in India will be pumping out a lot more vehicles as they have started the ground breaking ceremony of their new plant. Read the full details in the press release below. CHENNAI (June 6, 2008) ? Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited (RNAIPL) today hosted the ground-breaking ceremony for its ...
Chrysler Jeep Renegade Concept looks like Halo 3 Chief Spartans Vehicle, do
2008-06-04 08:48:00
Chrysler has a fair few concept cars and this one is apparently the third release in the way of final sketches, below we have a few images for you to look at. Before I go into the car itself, does anyone think that the Jeep Renegade Concept looks like Chief Spartans car from Halo 3 ...
Is the Scion Hako Coupe concept car good looking or ugly debate?
2008-06-04 08:18:00
There are many hot opinions floating around at the moment about the Scion Hako concept car and must say I am going to squash those who thinks it is ugly, come on people you have got to be on another planet because this car is class. Ok I need not bang on about the Scion ...
Basic Car Loans
2008-05-31 18:28:00
My wife and I have been thinking about selling our cars for more fuel-efficient alternatives. That’s something I’ve been struggling with because I like have the warranty my car has, but it’s worth more than what we can sell my wife’s car for. Ugh. The good thing is that even if selling it for less has ...
La opinión de Renault-Nissan sobre los autos que se vienen
2008-05-31 02:12:00
El presidente del grupo Renault-Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, opinó que el sector automovilístico deberá adaptarse a un petróleo caro y a la inquietud en materia ambiental con ?rupturas tecnológicas? para atender el desarrollo del transporte individual. ? ... Link: Coches Adictos Tags: presidente, grupo, Renault-Nissan,, Carlos, Ghosn,, opinó, sector, automovilístico, deberá, adaptarse, petróleo, caro, inquietud, materia, ambiental, ?rupturas, ...
schnelle autos heißen ERA
2008-05-30 21:09:00
und mutige fahrer fahren sie.....aber sehen sie selbst
Quiet Hybrid Cars Could Pose Greater Risks For Pedestrians
2008-05-28 18:57:00
Hybrid cars are so quiet when operating only with their electric motors that they may pose a risk to the blind and some other pedestrians, research by a University of California, Riverside psychologist suggests. In some contexts, pedestrians may have only one second to audibly detect the location of approaching hybrid cars when the vehicles operate ...
Controversial Jaguar TV campaign to Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Drifting
2008-05-22 11:23:00
Do you remember a few years back when the new Jaguar XK came out, the company launched an ad campaign which critics had to question. The message in the ad was subtle, where is showed that older men were able to have fun with ladies of a younger age. Well it seems as if Lamborghini ...
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano catches fire: from supercar to hotrod
2008-05-19 09:25:00
When we think of Ferrari we think of supercars that has that certain sex appeal, no one makes a fast car quite like the Italians. However it seems as if the prancing horse has a little issue with catching fire, the car this time was a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano which self-ignited when it came ...
One Tree Hill guest star Kate Voegele becomes Ford?s voice for road safety
2008-05-16 20:49:00
Kate Voegele has been a guest star of TV’s One Tree Hill, and she is also a recording artist for Interscope Records, but now she is undertaking a much more important role, as the voice for Ford?s teen road safety message. In Illinois the teen fatalities dropped a massive 61 percent in 2008, this was ...
Li-Ion Batteries helps extend range of Chevrolet Volt to 40 miles
2008-05-16 11:31:00
General Motors have been working hard on their lithium-ion battery technology, and the automaker are making great progress as they have now managed to achieve a range of 40 miles on their Chevrolet Volt test vehicle, this is a great achievement and will help the company in their effort to getting the production vehicle made ...
Ford Recall F-150 and Lincoln Mark LT pickup trucks: faulty power brake ass
2008-05-15 17:43:00
Today we are hearing that there is a Ford Recall for F-150 and Lincoln Mark LT pickup trucks, the Ford Motor Company has recalled these trucks because of a faulty power brake assist hose that has caused no injuries but did cause 11 minor accidents. The company reported they would recall more than 650,000 vehicles ...
Jaguar XF AJ 21 has official details from Arden the Jag-specialists
2008-05-14 09:49:00
The Jaguar XF AJ 21 will become the automakers flagship vehicle; many of us have been getting exited to know just what this cat has to offer. Details of these cars have been very scarce however; Arden the Jag-specialists have decided to give us the official details of this much anticipated car. This sedan is ...
How To Very Easily Remove Dents From Your Car (Video)
2008-05-14 06:57:00
Only 2 things are required: a hair dryer and a bottle of air duster, which sprays liquid carbon dioxide to clean camera equipment, computers and so on. One of the commenter at YouTube pointed out that the dent should preferably have an uniform crease all around it. Tags: How, To, Very, Easily, Remove, Dents, From, Your, Car, dented, ...
En 2011, habrán autos de sólo u$s 2.500
2008-05-14 02:15:00
La alianza Renault-Nissan lanzó junto al grupo indio Bajaj un proyecto para construir coches con un módico precio, que apuntan a conquistar a un mercado emergente ideal para los novedosos autos de bajo costo. Entre los tres, crearán una coempresa de ... Link: Coches Adictos Tags: alianza, Renault-Nissan, lanzó, junto, grupo, indio, Bajaj, proyecto, para, construir, coches, módico, ...
Land Rover Defender Limo: 6×4 Puma Concept not just for prom
2008-05-13 09:40:00
The guys from Sime Darby?s Land Rover which is based in Malaysia has decided to show of their limo version of their Land Rover Defender. Get one thing straight though, this 6X4 Puma concept is not designed to take a bunch of teens to their prom, it has been getting a lot of interest from ...
En 2011, habrán autos de sólo u$s 2.500
2008-05-13 02:17:00
La alianza Renault-Nissan lanzó junto al grupo indio Bajaj un proyecto para construir coches con un módico precio, que apuntan a conquistar a un mercado emergente ideal para los novedosos autos de bajo costo. Entre los tres, crearán una coempresa de ... Link: Coches Adictos Tags: alianza, Renault-Nissan, lanzó, junto, grupo, indio, Bajaj, proyecto, para, construir, coches, módico, ...
Road Test: 2009 Nissan GT-R - MSN Autos
2008-05-12 18:18:00
Link to a road test review on the amazing new Nissan GT-R from MSN Autos!Road Test: 2009 Nissan GT-R - MSN Autos
Hydrogen Cars 40 Year Wait: President Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger?s view
2008-05-12 09:52:00
Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and President George W. Bush have something in common with some of the biggest automakers, they feel that the future is with hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology, as this kind of fuel produces zero emissions. However; with all things there is always a downside to something that looks to benefit and that is ...
9ff GT9 Based on the Porsche 911 GT3 hits (409 km/h) 253 mph
2008-05-12 09:19:00
As you know when it comes to fast cars Porsche is one of the best machines on the road, but when it comes to über-fast supercars the German automaker has not had anything to handle the onslaught from others like the Bugatti Veyron and the Koenigsegg CCX as well as the new supercar king the ...
Pontiac Autos Powered by Original Pontiac Parts By Anthony Fontanelle
2008-05-12 01:06:00
Pontiac has been in the automotive industry for 82 years already and still on the top of its production. This auto brand is part of the General Motors family. It is known in the production of mid-level sedans, vans and SUV’s. Marking its 82nd year in the industry this year, Pontiac’s front liner cars include the G6, Solstice, Torrent, G5, Grand Prix, Vibe and the G8. Because Pontiac markets its products to young clients, they make sure that the vehicles and the corresponding Pontiac parts are high-end and will satisfy the demands of their clients. Because most clients are very much into the youthful experience, the company pursues its commitment in engineering automobiles that will make use of its essence as well as will give way for other possibilities. This is the reason why Pontiac offers innovative yet open for customization Pontiac parts. The expertise of Pontiac in car making gave also reveals in the quality of its auto parts.In 1964, Pontiac created a car with a V8 389 in³ en...
Brasil: se dispara venta de autos
2008-05-11 02:15:00
La industria automotriz de ese país está de parabienes: en abril pasado, la producción fue de 300.600 unidades y la venta, de 261.200. Si comparamos con igual mes del año anterior, el primer indicador registró un incremento del 34,4% y el segundo su ... Link: Coches Adictos Tags: industria, automotriz, país, está, parabienes:, abril, pasado,, producción, 300.600, unidades, ...
Brasil: se dispara venta de autos
2008-05-10 02:14:00
La industria automotriz de ese país está de parabienes: en abril pasado, la producción fue de 300.600 unidades y la venta, de 261.200. Si comparamos con igual mes del año anterior, el primer indicador registró un incremento del 34,4% y el segundo su ... Link: Coches Adictos Tags: industria, automotriz, país, está, parabienes:, abril, pasado,, producción, 300.600, unidades, ...
Hydro-4000 or 5000, hydrogen into engine for 60% more mpg
2008-05-09 16:26:00
This is the Hydro-4000 that is said to give your car 60% more miles per gallon, and the company behind this gadget also have another version called the Hydro-5000 for 18-wheelers. With gas prices rising and no sign of stopping, many auto owners have been forced to buy gas savers and other devices, but this ...
Hyundai i800 full-size van: on sale in Europe in late June
2008-05-09 10:54:00
When it comes to full-size passenger vans in Europe it seems that only a few companies have a decent choice to choose from, while in the US they have a huge choice of these vehicles to choose from. However; from June drivers in Europe will have the opportunity to choose the Hyundai i800, well those ...
Honda?s Civic GX: natural gas car for $25,000
2008-05-08 23:43:00
People are looking for cleaner and cheaper alternatives to cars that run on Gasoline and natural gas happens to be one of them, you would not expect a car like a Honda Civic GX to run on this form of gas, but it does and the car will cost you $25,000. The Honda Civic GX ...
Nissan Technology Square in Taiwan and the PIVO2 key concept vehicle
2008-05-08 11:48:00
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Yulon Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will present the first ?NISSAN TECHNOLOGY SQUARE? event at the Eslite Bookstore in Taipei City, Taiwan. The public automotive technologies showcase opens today and runs through May 15. After completing its run in Taiwan, the Nissan Technology Square will visit several cities throughout the year in ...
Toyota Prius Price Increase: paying $400 more for greener environment
2008-05-08 10:19:00
Toyota has announced that they are to increase the price of their ever popular Prius by $400 as well as some of their other vehicles; this is so that the Japanese automaker can prop up their profits. This seems a stupid idea, ok I agree that if they need to increase profits increase the price ...
2008 SUPER GT at Fuji Speedway: NISSAN GT-R finishes 9th
2008-05-08 10:19:00
Round 3 of the 2008 SUPER GT took place on May 4th (Sunday) at Fuji Speedway (1 lap: 4.563kms), located in Oyama town, Shizuoka prefecture. All five NISSAN GT-R entries were saddled with added weight for the race in the form of a ?Special Performance Adjustment?. The #12 CALSONIC IMPUL GT-R was the top qualifier ...
2009 Nissan Maxima: Most improved car almost did not happen
2008-05-07 10:54:00
We all know that the most improved car is the 2009 Nissan Maxima, but what you do not know is that this car almost did not happen. If that would have happened we would have been deprived of a truly remarkable car, with its seductive shape and its superb performance. Nissan was originally just going ...
Cadillac-themed hybrid ethanol chopper coming to LA Auto Show
2008-05-07 09:57:00
Jim Taylor who is the chief from Cadillac seems to love his motorcycles, so it comes as no surprise to any of us that he has commissioned a Cadillac-themed chopper and will be bringing it to the LA Auto Show. If you thought that was great then you will be pleased to know that Cadillac ...
Ford 2009 Escape and Mercury Mariner get advanced 6-speed automatic transmi
2008-05-07 08:29:00
Ford Motor Company is fitting the 2009 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner with the automaker?s newest, advanced 6-speed automatic transmission, further demonstrating its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel economy for customers. The new 6F35 front-wheel-drive transmission offers a 4 to 6 percent improvement in fuel economy versus conventional 4- and 5-speed automatics, ...
Ford Mustang GT convertible is the 9 millionth and heads to Iowa
2008-05-07 08:22:00
Iowa farmer Thomas Krumm went to his local Ford dealer to order a Mustang GT convertible and unwittingly ordered a piece of history ? his Mustang is the 9 millionth built by Ford Motor Company. He discovers that today when he picks up his milestone Mustang at Gookin Ford in Story City, Iowa. Krumm, a ...
Ford Mondeo introduces new flagship Titanium X Sport
2008-05-06 14:53:00
The multi-award winning Ford Mondeo is set to extend its premium sporty appeal with the introduction of a new flagship - the Titanium X Sport. Visually exciting, packed with standard equipment and powered by new premium diesel or five-cylinder petrol engines, the new Titanium X Sport is the most desirable Mondeo yet. Created in response ...
Ford is the first automaker to join The Climate Registry
2008-05-05 16:55:00
Ford is taking an industry-leading move by becoming the first automaker to join The Climate Registry (TCR), building upon Ford’s leadership in facility greenhouse gas (GHG) initiatives globally. Ford supports the global harmonization of GHG monitoring and reporting practices. TCR represents a significant step toward that goal. TCR is a non-profit organization established to measure and ...
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