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Sob escuta: ?1991? de Azealia Banks
2012-05-30 16:00:00
O novo EP da jovem rapper norte-americana Azealia Banks intitulado “1991″ está à venda deste anteontem na Europa e o sítio dynmk compilou as quatro faixas que constituem o seu alinhamento para audição em stream, a saber: “1991″, “Van Vogue” para além das anteriormente divulgadas “212 feat. Lazy Jay” e “Liquorice”. O “1991 EP” precede o lançamento da sua “Fantastic” mixtape  no dia 4 de Junho ao passo que a sua estreia em longa-duração “Broke with Expensive Taste” está prevista mais para o final do ano. Relembramos que Azealia Banks irá actuar em Portugal no próximo mês de Julho incluída ...
Iran propping up Syria?s dwindling cash reserves ? CNN Security Clearance ?
2012-05-22 21:51:00
According to intelligence assessment shared with CNN, al-Assad likely had about $30 billion in cash reserves to spend when unrest and bloodshed began in March 2011. He’s about down to $6 billion to $9 billion. And with the war against …Read more »
Is this what a run on Greek banks looks like?
2012-05-16 20:01:00
In the last few weeks, market analysts have ratcheted up fears about a run on Greek banks. Now, some experts say those fears are beginning to materialize. 
Greeks pull funds from banks; emergency cabinet to be named
2012-05-16 09:14:00
ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece's political leaders meet on Wednesday to form a caretaker government to take it to a second election in just over a month, with its euro membership at stake and its president speaking of "fear that could develop into panic" at its banks. President Karolos Papoulias was forced to call a new vote after failing to cobble together a coalition government. An election on May 6 saw leftist opponents of Greece's EU/IMF bailout deprive the parties that ran the country for generations of a majority. Polls suggest the radical left are poised to win the re-run. ...
POS Skimming?Bad News for Banks and Merchants
2012-05-15 02:12:00
EFTPOS skimming has become increasingly prevalent over the past few years. EFTPOS skimming?which stands for ?electronic funds transfers at the point of sale??involves either replacing the self-swipe point of sale terminals at cash registers with devices that record credit and debit card data, or remotely hacking a retailer?s POS server. In one such case, Romanian hackers ...
Obama: JPMorgan is 'one of the best-managed banks'
2012-05-14 23:43:00
ABC News? Mary Bruce, Aaron Katersky and Christina Ng Report: Just hours after a top JPMorgan Chase executive retired in the wake of a stunning $2 billion trading loss, President Obama told the hosts of ABC?s ?The View? that the bank?s risky bets exemplified the...
15 Creative Coin Banks and Cool Coin Bank Designs - Part: 3.
2012-05-12 13:47:00
Collect money in style with these unusual and creative coin banks.Money Tree Coin Bank: As your money collects the money tree will grow taller.Accumulator Bank: The accumulator bank lets you see how much you've collected instantly, with handy examples of comparative amounts.ATM Bank: It's a mini ATM cash machine to collect cash and it comes with a card with PIN so you can withdraw your money anytime you want.His/Her Money Bank: This unusual bank comes with a unique feature; if one tries to put coin in his money bank, it will still drop down to her money bank.Ceramic Money Bank: Its made of ceramic and comes with chrome finish; it looks more of a decorative object for any room.Dog Bank: This cool bank resembles a balloon dog.Babushka Set Coin Bank: This set consists of four coin banks that resemble the famous Matriyoshkas.I'L Cativo & I'L Buono Coin Banks:Toilet Bank: Drop your coins down the bowl, push the handle down and watch your money go down with a whooshing sound. And when...
Big banks under fire after JPMorgan fiasco
2012-05-12 05:29:00
JPMorgan Chase faced intense criticism Friday for claiming that a surprise $2 billion loss by one of its trading groups was the result of a sloppy but well-intentioned strategy to manage financial risk.
Suntrust Banks (STI) goes negative by breaking below intraday moving averag
2012-05-11 19:33:00
The intraday price for Suntrust Banks has moved below its 200 period 30 minute moving average of 23.85. STI is around 23.76 bucks now. Suntrust Banks has a positive trend. The price is already below support of $23.85. Other stocks to watch – these have a positive correlation with Suntrust Banks: Innovation Grp (TIG) ...
Listen To "Jumanji," The Dizzying New Track From Azealia Banks
2012-05-11 18:00:00
Azealia Banks, the LaGuardia alum who's made a name for herself in the hip-hop world thanks to her storming debut single "212" and her tendency to engage in real talk on Twitter (sparring partners hav
Banks quietly prepare for the return of Greece's currency
2012-05-11 12:49:00
Some banks never erased the drachma from their systems after Greece adopted the euro more than a decade ago and would be ready at the flick of a switch if its debt problems forced it to bring back national banknotes and coins.
China?s Big Banks Look More Like Paper Tigers ? Bloomberg
2012-05-11 07:43:00
After spending time combing through the financial reports of China’s biggest publicly traded, state- owned banks, I now understand what Jim Chanos, the famous short- seller, means when he keeps saying they are “built on quicksand.” He’s definitely on to …Read more »
Spanish banks 'will have to raise more provisions for property losses'
2012-05-11 02:00:00
Banks in Spain will need to raise more funds to protect themselves against potential property losses. A spokeswoman for the ministry of economy and finance said new provisions regarding real estate in Spain will be introduced to ensure financial institutions are protected should their assets fail. The representative did not provide any further information regarding the move, but it is believed the distressed property fund could total €35 billion (£28 billion) Fresh concerns regarding the health of the Spanish banking sector have raised more worries over the eurozone financial crisis and shares in some of the country's biggest lenders, including Banco Santander, BBVA and Bankia have fallen The government has taken control of Bankia in a bid to reassure the financial markets it is able to restore stability to the banking sector and chairman of the company Rodrigo Rato has stepped down from his position. According to Reuters, the move gives the government a 45 per cent...
Eravamo io, Paul Banks e Josh Tillman
2012-05-09 15:45:00
Una settimana fa c’è stato il mio compleanno. Ogni volta, oltre a chiedermi “ma che persone del 1983 sono arrivate bene o male in posti buoni” e mi sovviene solo la Winehouse, mi chiedo anche quali persone bene o male … Continue reading →
Spanish Banks in Focus
2012-05-08 10:34:00
Source: Advanced Currency Markets | G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD JPY 0.02 GBP -0.20 … [visit site to read more]
How to Transfer Money Between Banks
2012-05-08 07:58:00
How to Transfer Money Between Banks is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!You may need to transfer money between bank accounts if you have money in two different banks.  There are several ways to do this beyond the obvious of driving to one bank, withdrawing the money and then depositing it at the other bank.  Which way works best for you depends on how quickly you need ...Get a free mortgage quote!
Transfer of banks' toxic assets 'won't be forced'
2012-05-07 02:00:00
Spanish banks will not be forced to transfer their troubled property assets into holding companies. Reuters reported on a statement issued by the country's economy ministry that explained the process of removing toxic Spanish real estate holdings from the banks' balance sheets will not be compulsory. Last week, economy minister Luis de Guindos told Bloomberg the key to successfully attracting investors to these property assets will be "transparency and valuation". The government is hoping private investors will step in to run the asset management companies alongside the banks. Mr De Guindos has since revealed the government is currently drawing up regulations that will provide a framework banks can use to begin the process of transferring some of their real estate holdings to these separate organisations. According to Reuters, two of the country's largest financial institutions - Banco Santander and BBVA - have stated their opposition to the scheme, while some of th...
The Endless Arrogance of Wall Street
2012-05-03 22:05:00
The American Prospect Jamelle Bouie May 2, 2012 The super wealthy apparently believe that they deserve constant deference. Greg Sargent is rightfully stunned by the entitled petulance of Wall Street bankers who are shocked?shocked?that President Obama would do anything other than praise their indispensable brilliance: Wall Streeters are so upset about Obama?s harsh populist rhetoric ...
By: Suzie-Q
Banks' property assets 'to be bought by investors'
2012-05-02 02:00:00
Investors are expected to purchase property assets from Spanish banks, with the government offering no financial assistance. Bloomberg reported on comments made by Luis de Guindos, the country's economy minister, last week, who stated overseas buyers will be attracted to the real estate portfolios provided they are priced correctly. According to figures published by the Bank of Spain in its April Financial Stability Report, the property portfolios held by the nation's banks are collectively worth €308 billion (£250.6 billion). Of this total, 60 per cent of assets - equating to €184 billion as of December 2011 - are considered to be "troubled". Mr de Guindos explained the government intends to draw up rules that will enable the country's financial institutions to shift their Spanish property holdings into asset management companies that will be controlled alongside third-party investors. "The key element is going to be transparency and valuation,...
White powder envelopes sent to banks found non-toxic
2012-05-01 02:36:00
Envelopes containing suspicious powder were sent through the mail to at least seven locations in Manhattan, primarily Wells Fargo banks, police officials said.
How to Avoid Check Bouncing Charges
2012-04-30 07:38:00
How to Avoid Check Bouncing Charges is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!If you write a check or pay a bill electronically from your checking account but do not have sufficient funds to cover that check, you will be charged a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee which often ranges from $20 to $30, depending on your bank or credit union.  In addition, the person you gave the bounced ...Get a free mortgage quote!
Corporate Results: National Bank profits rise 14%
2012-04-28 17:13:00
National Bank of Pakistan profits rose 14% to Rs4.65 billion in the first quarter of 2012 amid drop in bad loans and increase in non-interest income. Net reversal of Rs513 million in total provisioning against an expense of Rs1.68 billion in the corresponding quarter of last year helped the upward growth, ….The result was below ...
Tyra Banks Fires ?America?s Next Top Model? Panel Nigel Barker, J. Alexande
2012-04-21 06:49:00
Supermodel Tyra Banks made the most shocking elimination yet on America’s Next Top Model today. She fired her three amigos: photographer Nigel Barker, runway diva J. Alexander and creative director Jay Manuel. Tyra Banks & Boyfriend John Utendahl Break Up The three were reportedly notified Thursday morning that their contracts would not be renewed for ...
Orrin Hatch banks on Finance chairmanship ahead of Utah primary
2012-04-20 22:14:00
SALT LAKE CITY?Did you hear Sen. Orrin Hatch could be the next Senate Finance Committee chairman? Delegates in Utah sure have. The potential for Hatch, a 36-year Senate veteran, to rise from ranking Republican to chairman of his committee if Republicans win the Senate this fall is the major message the Utah senator is impressing ...
What Happens If Central Banks FAIL in Their Giant Experiment?
2012-04-16 19:35:00
I rarely recommend that you wade through a wordy speech by an economic theorist delivered to an audience of stuffy bankers. But last week’s address by PIMCO Vice President El-Erian to the St. Louis Fed is one you absolutely MUST not miss. And to save you the trouble of deciphering the economics code words, I dedicate most of this issue to the key points he makes — the same basic points that our colleague Mike Larson has been making for months. First and foremost, four of the world’s largest central banks have gone absolutely berserk, running the money printing presses like never before in history: Source: Chart lines — Pimco; . . . → Read More: What Happens If Central Banks FAIL in Their Giant Experiment?
2012-04-16 05:05:00
Two of raps rising stars, Azealia Banks and Childish Gambino, hit the stage Saturday at Coachella. You're likely more familiar with Azealia as a musician, but you should know Childish Gambino (his government is Donald Glover) as Troy on the NBC comedy Community. Watch them play their fan favorites "212" and "Heartbeat" when you READ MORE. CHILDISH GAMBINO - "HEARTBEAT" AZEALIA BANKS - "212" 
Swiss banks to hand over staff names in U.S. tax row
2012-04-14 17:09:00
Switzerland will allow banks to hand over the names of any employees and other third parties who helped wealthy Americans evade taxes to U.S. prosecutors, a Swiss newspaper reported on Saturday.
How to Clear Your Name from ChexSystems
2012-04-12 07:21:00
How to Clear Your Name from ChexSystems is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!If you have had insufficient funds in your account or written several bad checks, chances are good that you have been reported to the ChexSystems.  This system is used to keep track of customers with delinquent or mismanaged accounts, and all banks use the system.  That means if you have a problem at one bank, ...Get a free mortgage quote!
South African banks go mobile
2012-04-05 12:10:00
South Africa already has one of the world's highest mobile banking user rates, and this is set to accelerate, thanks to a 100% mobile phone penetration rate and an innovative banking sector that is pushing hard to reach a large, still unbanked segment of the country's population.
It?s as if central banks can do no wrong!
2012-04-02 19:15:00
I’ve spilled much ink on the subject of why central banks are hazardous to our financial health. And it seems more and more people are arriving at similar conclusions. But that doesn’t seem to thwart the efforts of central banks. Short-term gain is masking long-term pain, insofar as central bank policy consequences are concerned. So rather than get into the details of why central bank policy is hollowing out underlying economies, let’s just worry about … The Short-Term Consequences Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s comments early this week drove risk appetite higher. But in comments a few weeks prior, his lack of clarity on the subject of quantitative easing made . . . → Read More: It?s as if central banks can do no wrong!
Airtel Will Tie Up With Banks To Provide Cash Withdrawal Services Via Airte
2012-03-30 12:36:00
Airtel’s M-commerce service Airtel Money has already been launched nationally and now Airtel has announced that they will be tying up with banks to provide cash withdrawal services without having to go to the ATM or the bank branch. They are currently in talks with these banks to finalize the offering. The names of these banks were not publicly released. This service will let Bharti’s retail and Airtel stores to act like banking correspondents where a user will be able to send money to another user. After the transaction complete, the receiving user can go the nearest Bharti authorized shop to withdraw the cash. This is looking like a small scale banking network already. It has the potential to grow into a big business since it makes its easy to transact money via your mobile phone.  With Airtel Money, consumers get a gamut of services like paying  Insurance premiums, utility bills, mobile recharge and carry out transactions with offline and online merchants like Flipkart, ...
By: WATblog
Angel Broking To Power Central Banks Online Trading
2012-03-28 08:30:00
Central Bank of India has partnered with Angel Broking to launch a three-in-one online share trading facility for  its customers. Christened “CENTe- TRADE”, the facility is targeted at the younger generation which offers, “opportunity to buy or sell in a hassle-free manner” shared Central Bank of India Chairman and MD M V Tanksale. With an initial rollout in 10 cities, the endeavor is planned to expand across 50 cities by next financial year. The bank plans to have 10,000 customers within this year & add another 25,000 by next. What’s the advantage? The aim of the tie-up is to offer Central Bank of India customers the opportunity to trade online, and manage all the three accounts i. e. Deposit, Demat and Trading with a single online interface. Additionally, the bank’s customers can easily lien mark funds from the Banks deposit account towards the Angel trading account. Users can block and unblock shares between Banks, Demat Account and Angel trading account. Insta...
By: WATblog
2012-03-28 02:53:00
If you thought that Harlem rapper Azealia Banks had a potty mouth after watching her YouTube viral hit "212," you were correct. The bubbly rapper is flashing her pearly whites in the April issue of GQ and dishes on her increased popularity saying: I definitely have more money and sh*t, but that's all virtual stuff. I've been making music for a while. And I could read about myself on the internet for a while. If you haven't gotten into "212," check it out when you READ MORE.   
Banks are A-OK, Says The Fed
2012-03-16 21:14:00
Editor’s Corner Banks are A-OK, Says The Fed Tuesday’s bank stress test results can be summarized in two words: “All Clear.”  At least that is what traders heard when the Federal Reserve said 15 of 19 top banks would remain solvent even in an “extremely adverse” economic scenario.  The Fed aBanks are A-OK, Says The Fedlso signalled bank dividends and stock buybacks – which largely disappeared after the 2008 crisis – were no longer taboo.  Banks immediately began announcing plans for both. Money was already beginning to flow away from safety and toward risk.  The stress-test news accelerated the trend, as did an FOMC statement leaving the door open for further monetary stimulus.  Of course, as usual for . . . → Read More: Banks are A-OK, Says The Fed
Status posted by Robin L Banks
2012-03-14 00:26:00
Status posted by Robin L BanksMid West Fashion Week in INDY!!
With Multiple Banks Supporting Facebook, Will It Soar?
2012-03-09 13:07:00
Facebook’s amended IPO filing has revealed 25 additional names of financial institutions. Facebook has successfully managed to secure a US$ 5 Billion Credit line by adding 25 more Financial companies, both large & small. The total number of parties at stake here has now gone up to 31. This step effectively added US$ 3 Billion. Furthermore, Facebook hopes to leverage this to raise capital to pay taxes on the Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) of its 3,200 employees. The employees may choose to invest six months after the company’s IPO is released. Rumor has it that the IPO may be released in May 2012. Though Facebook has grown tremendously, the IPO filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does reveal many blind spots to its famed size of subscriber base pegged at 845 Million. Facebook has confirmed that @ 6% of its users are false or duplicate accounts. It further estimated that @ 5% of “Usage” may be a result of mobile applications automatically loggin...
By: WATblog
Why CISOs of Banks will be guilty of Murder
2012-02-29 13:02:00
[P.S: This article is in continuation of my previous series of articles starting with the article titled Indian Media is followed by the article Blood of Bank Fraud Victims are on the hands of these.. where I had pointed out how increasingly E banking frauds are affecting the health of banking victims and why ...
Flying Lotus, Dâm-Funk e Azealia Banks no Meco. Mal podemos esperar!
2012-02-17 23:24:00
Também a organização do festival Super Bock Super Rock nos brindou esta semana com novidades relativamente ao seu line-up. Flying Lotus, Dâm-Funk e Azealia Banks são os três novos convocados para o primeiro dia, 5 de Julho. A 18ª edição do festival realiza-se mais uma vez na Herdade do Cabeço da Flauta, em Sesimbra, junto à praia do Meco. O nosso claro destaque vai, naturalmente, para sua excelência ‘sir’ Steven Ellison a.k.a. Flying Lotus. Nunca escondemos a nossa admiração pelo visionário das batidas hip-hop abstractas sediado na costa oeste estadunidense e, aparentemente, parece que mais alguém neste cantinho da Europa, ...
Banks Start To Loosen Up In Underwriting
2012-02-03 14:45:00
After a half-decade of tightening mortgage guidelines, banks are starting to "loosen up".
Customer Disservice ? Where Greed Is All Good
2012-02-03 01:05:00
Sathya Sai Baba, no differently to many other teachers in many traditions, inveighed against greed, anger, selfishness, and so on. This he did through constant harping in his discourses and interviews. There lacked imaginative, challenging and effective ways to transform society, which he had long said he would revolutionize within his own lifetime. He is dead. But then mere preaching is dead which fails to galvanise and transform. When I taught for two years in Sathya Sai Baba's Whitefield college (via Bangalore, South India), there was an almost utter dependence on rote learning. Nonetheless, I have always deeply appreciated that Sai Baba ensured that I was able to innovate, and that he and a small number of his senior staff protected what I was doing from certain 'education' neanderthals in that college. Not that the unregenerate staff members failed to produce results acceptable in Indian terms, which were much the legacy of Lord Macauley, no matter how much Sai Baba, fro...
Banks & Internet Companies Are Teaming Up Against Spam. Finally!
2012-01-30 12:59:00
Spammers are the party-poopers when it comes to the Internet. Yes, the web helps us in discovering new information, connecting with other people and increasing our productivity. This has been going for a long time since the advent of the Internet but no one has come close to removing this threat and annoyance from the web in its entirety. Cyber Criminals always seem to be one step ahead. Even Google has not yet perfected its algorithm to detect and filter spam which is why we still end up with some ‘Lottery Winner’ mail in my inbox. The cases of spam, e-mail scams, phishing and general online malpractices are on the rise in India and the world and for once everyone is concerned about it. Some of the biggest Internet companies are teaming up with banks and coming up with a new approach to battling spam online. Banks are involved in this because majority of these cyber-criminals pose fraudulently as banks when they are sending out their ‘phishing’ emails. A person’s bank a...
By: WATblog
Azelia Banks soma e segue
2012-01-22 20:31:00
Depois do estrondo que foi a sua estreia com “212″, Azelia Banks procura dar o melhor seguimento à sua (ainda) curta mas promissora carreira. Nesse sentido, a jovem MC/rapper terminou um ano e começou o outro a todo o gás com a divulgação de duas novas canções, a saber “Liquorice” (em Dezembro) e “NEEDSUMLUV” (em Janeiro). Mas vamos por partes. Em “Liquorice”, Azelia Banks utiliza a faixa rave “Pineapple Crush” de Lone como base sonora para disparar rimas a uma velocidade estonteante fazendo uso do seu flow característico e da sua língua afiada para nos descrever situações com uma conotação ...
Azealia Banks soma e segue
2012-01-22 20:31:00
Depois do estrondo que foi a sua estreia com “212″, Azealia Banks procura dar o melhor seguimento à sua (ainda) curta mas promissora carreira. Nesse sentido, a jovem MC/rapper terminou um ano e começou o outro a todo o gás com a divulgação de duas novas canções, a saber “Liquorice” (em Dezembro) e “NEEDSUMLUV” (em Janeiro). Mas vamos por partes. Em “Liquorice”, Azealia Banks utiliza a faixa rave “Pineapple Crush” de Lone como base sonora para disparar rimas a uma velocidade estonteante fazendo uso do seu flow característico e da sua língua afiada para nos descrever situações com uma conotação ...
Gister weer DCI Banks van Canvas opgenomen ... lekker van de week kijken ..
2012-01-22 10:42:00 Gister weer DCI Banks van Canvas opgenomen ... lekker van de week kijken .. net zoals Above Suspicion (itv1) vanavond @DetectivesRadar yesterday from Twitter - Comment - Like
Elizabeth Banks is the quintessential Versace woman at the NYC screening of
2012-01-21 09:32:00
Actress Elizabeth Banks attended The Cinema Society & Gilt Man with Grey Goose screening of her new film “Man on a Ledge” at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City. She channeled her inner Versace woman, wearing a black gold studded look from the Italian fashion house’s Spring 2012 collection. Her one-shouldered mini dress ...
Christina, Robin L Banks, Sade Mc Queen and 14 more joined Fashion Industry
2012-01-18 03:23:00
Christina, Robin L Banks, Sade Mc Queen and 14 more joined Fashion Industry Network
DCI Banks opgenomen van Canvas HD .. iets met brand ..
2012-01-09 20:25:00 DCI Banks opgenomen van Canvas HD .. iets met brand .. @GetGlue #DCIBanks 19 hours ago from Twitter - Comment - Like
VIDEO: Tyra Banks on Live with Kelly
2012-01-06 17:49:00
Earlier this week, Tyra Banks visited the Live with Kelly show. Check out the interview.
Banks Want To Completely Outsource ATMs. RBI Says Wait. Will It Help?
2011-12-29 09:42:00
Private Banks have re-initiated the bid to introduce completely outsourced ATM models in India. Banks’ earlier such proposal in 2006 was out rightly rejected by RBI. However, the fresh appeal should be accepted feels a key advisory committee of India’s finance ministry, chaired by DK Mittal. Further bad news is that the committee is also of the opinion that charges can be levied on all ATM transactions, irrespective of the type of ATM. What are these “Types” of ATMs? All Automated Teller Machines or ATMs are basically money dispensing machines which have a very secure linkage with the Bank’s accounting system. However they are segmented as per the operating procedures Banks adopt. So far, Banks have been forced to adopt the “Brown Label” method. In this method though most of the ATM-related operations are outsourced, banks are responsible for three core features: Putting cash in the machine, addressing customer grievances and branding at the ATM site. Currently, AGS T...
By: WATblog
Hizbullah tied to ?massive laundering? of South American drug money through
2011-12-27 16:34:00
Hizbullah is using U.S. banks and other financial institutions to launder hundreds of millions of dollars of illegal drug revenue. Officials said the revenue stems from trafficking in South America and is funneled to purchase cars in the United States for shipment to Africa. Hizbullah tied to ‘massive laundering’ of South American drug money through ...
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