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7 Beauty Tips for Looking Younger
2012-05-10 17:41:00
Ever since Eve took that first bite of the apple, the human race has been obessed with beauty. The truth is we begin the aging process just as soon as we pop out of the womb. Every day of our lives our bodies slough off and regenerate new cells. The speed at which that process takes place when we are children is vastly different as we get older. Every day you are bombarded daily with commercial messages and beauty tips that attempt to lure you into believing that the most recent miracle drug is just what you need to fight off the ravages of Mother Nature. We are living longer as a whole. Singularly, that can be a curse or a blessing, depending on your perspective. The best route to natural beauty and healthy skin is to take care of what you have. Sounds simple, doesnt it? The truth is that your skin takes a beating from the environment every single day. Here are some of our favorite beauty tips for keeping your skin fresh and healthy: 1: Stay hydrated and do it with plenty of water!...
Mad Men Beauty Tips from the Pros
2012-03-21 05:10:00
By Amanpreet Dhami Spring has arrived, which means it?s that time of year again?yes Mad Men time! With season five premiering on March 25, we?re all dying to find out what will happen of Joan and her supposed pregnancy. Plus, are Betty and Don really a done deal? But most of all, we miss the ...
DuLash Dual Acting Eyelash Gel review
2011-01-14 19:00:00
Abracadabra, make my eyelashes grow! Ok I wish it was the simple but it is not. It might not be that easy or quick but did you know you can have your very own thick, luxurious eyelashes in 3 –... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Getting Married Soon? Six Makeup Tips for the Bride
2011-01-13 19:25:00
Like all major events in our lives some need a bit more planning than others. We all know that getting married is one of the biggest events in a woman’s life. The worse thing you would want is... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Shapercise, what is it and how does it work ~ My Review With Giveaway!
2011-01-10 19:19:00
When I first got asked about if I would be interested in doing a review for Shapercise powered by ShaToBu. I said sure sounds like fun. They asked my weight and height and send me a pair. For someone... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Gabriella Cilmi Beauty Tips
2010-02-08 04:14:00
Gabriella Cilmi offered some beauty tips in a video at her official web site. The Australian pop singer suggested to use dry shampoo and gave her secret on how to accentuate your cheekbones. Watch it...
10 Budget Beauty Tips or How to Look Gorgeous on the Cheap
2009-11-18 05:29:00
Does your tight budget make even drugstore beauty products a luxury? No worries. You can still have beautiful skin and hair without buying a ton of (or even any!) products.
By: GirlPaint
TIFF 09: Red Carpet Beauty Tips and Trends
2009-09-18 18:11:00
Since this week is all about looking red carpet ready - due to the Toronto International Film Festival, we thought it was the perfect time to ask a beauty expert for their tips for looking hot on the red carpet. Greg Wencel, COVERGIRL Makeup-Pro, answers our questions. 1. What do you think will be the hot ...
Article about Health and Beauty tips
2009-04-07 12:52:00
We want to build new traffic for our site, so we are planning to write with articles for health and beauty tips and so as to attract younger generation to improve traffic. Topic will be health and beauty related and focuses on Herbal products. The article should give more importance to herbal products for effective and safe health. Article should recommend some beauty tips and to provide health advise for general information. We need article writer for a long term writer to write with original and fresh article. Article must be 500 to 600 words need. Interested freelancers send your profile with us.
Hair Gems
2009-02-10 11:48:00
If you want to update your hairstyle without having a cut, or perhaps you want a new look just for a day, invest in some gorgeous hair accessories. Clips or hair bands, there are a huge range of pretty pieces to add that extra sparkle to your day. Of course they are functional too, keeping your hair out of your face or neatly tied back. Johnny Loves Rosie have a collection more
By: MioBlog
Valentines Day - Kiss it Better
2009-01-28 11:26:00
Lipstick has been a girl?s best friend for decades. There?s nothing sexier than rosy red lips, making it the only accessory you need for surprising your partner in lingerie this Valentine?s Day. The only thing which could make lipstick any more appealing more
By: MioBlog
Perfumes Become More Intense For Winter
2008-10-24 10:52:00
Perfumes will be getting more intense this winter and have promises of lasting longer so that you can wear them right to the end of those festive gatherings. Many perfumes we know and love have had a make-over to create the headiest range ready for the party season. Dior have extended their more
By: MioBlog
Women Choose Beauty over Food
2008-10-23 10:44:00
As the credit crunch worsens, it appears women are not willing to sacrifice their beauty regime when needing to tighten finances. Nearly 1 in 3 women would prefer to eat less rather than skimp on beauty products and three quarters consider make-up and body treatments everyday essentials. The survey was conducted by beauty shopping site who asked 1000 women about more
By: MioBlog
Skin Care Tips
2008-08-31 03:41:00
I think was every woman gets older they become more concerned with their skin and the proper way to care for it. I can honestly say that I fall within this group, even though I haven?t encountered many problems. (At least, I?m not a candidate for plastic surgery yet.) Many skin-related issues occur because of dry ...
Beauty Tips & Grooming
2008-07-23 14:14:00
Looking your best is always simpler when you have the perfect beauty items to hand. There are a multitude of beauty products to use for those who are aware of exactly what they require.Following a natural beauty approach provides overall good health and this will significantly impact upon the way you look. Regardless of how ...
On-Set Beauty Tips!
2008-06-02 09:01:00
On Friday, I shot a little scene for my friend's pilot, "Grean Teem" (yes, it's meant to be misspelled).I played one of two girls who spends the night in a "green" bus (I'll leave the rest of the plot to your wild imaginations...).Acting is always incredibly exciting and fulfilling, but there's tons of downtime before and during shooting. I, of course, tend to find refuge in the hair and makeup trailer. With all of those amazing products, what beauty whore wouldn't love herself some cosmetic therapy?!The hair and makeup artist working on this shoot was the lovely and talented, Cheryl Calo. She gave me big, flowing, "bed head" curls and smokey eyes (we were going for a sexy, "just-rolled-out-of-bed" look).Cheryl Calo and Sarah HowardHere are some of my favorite products that were used:Mac Strobe Cream ($29.50) on the corners of the eyes - Calo says the cream, "makes the eyes pop like a filter." Eyes become brighter and more youthful (I immediately noticed a difference).Presc...
Ditch and Make Up
2008-05-27 13:00:00
So much for a bank holiday! I had been envisioning a day where I could while away a couple of hours outside on a lovely sunny afternoon. But no, the heavens opened and dictated that I stay indoors and spring clean my room from top to toe. I didn’t get too far. I realised that just ...
Wacky Beauty Tips That Work Part 5
2008-05-22 07:09:00
26) Shave with ConditionerRan out of shaving cream? Do double duty by coating your stems with a thick hair conditioner. It softens the hair so it's easier to shave off and makes legs feel amazingly silky. 27) Amp Shine with VinegarMix one part vinegar with four parts carbonated water, and soak dry hair. Leave on for 15 minutes before you shampoo to lock in shine and combat dullness. 28) Exfoliate Your PitsIf your underarms start to look dry and flaky, an easy trick is to exfoliate them with a gentle face scrub to keep that skin pretty when going sleeveless. 29) Customize Your Body LotionInstead of shelling out for an expensive perfumed body product, you can make your own by pouring a few drops of fragrance into any scent-free lotion. Rub it on-the scent will last for hours. 30) "Brush" with MouthwashIf you're too wiped out after a late night of partying to clean your teeth, rinse with water and mouthwash, then use a dry toothbrush on the area where your teeth hit your gums. 31) Ma...
Wacky Beauty Tips That Work Part 4
2008-05-22 07:08:00
18) Use Soap Without WaterYou know those fancy bars that are actually too pretty to use? Toss them in your underwear or tee-shirt drawers to make your skin smell delicious. 19) Groom Brows with a ToothbrushMist an (unused!) toothbrush or eyebrow comb with hair spray to help flatten and tame unruly brows. 20) Put Diaper-Rash Cream on Dry SpotsSlather on a thick layer of diaper-rash cream to heal cracked elbows and feet. 21) Lubricate Your LashesAn easy way to draw attention to your eyes without putting on a pile of makeup is to comb petroleum jelly lightly through the tips of eyelashes to get a sexy, subtle sparkle. 22) Steamroll FlyawaysSpray on hair spray, then roll the can over your strands. The round bottle fits the curved shape of your head, locks in the spray, and flattens out frizz. 23) Spike Lotion with BronzerIf you don't have time to book a self-tanning session, mix a few pumps of body bronzer with regular hand lotion and pat it on your legs for a gradual dose of sexy, bea...
Wacky Beauty Tips That Work Part 3
2008-05-22 07:07:00
12) Boost Body Lotion with Baby OilIf you're craving shiny legs that aren't greasy, blend a drop of baby oil into your normal body lotion for extra luster. 13) Dab Essential Oil on a HangnailPut on apricot oil, the kind found in health-food stores, to protect cuticles from turning rough and raggedy. 14) Quell a Cold Sore with CreamWhen a cold sore is coming on, dab a bit of thick moisturizer, like Aquaphor, over it to prevent it from getting worse. 15) Freeze Your EyelinerIf the tip of your eyeliner pencil crumbles and smears on your lids, store the liner in the freezer for 15 minutes before use so the tip is firm and goes across your skin smoothly. 16) Use Toothpaste on a ZitUse just a pea-size amount. Let sit for 15 minutes to absorb the oil so the pimple won't get more clogged, then wash off. 17) Heat Up Your CurlerIf you have stick-straight lashes, try blasting your metal eyelash curler with a hair dryer for a couple seconds to heat it up so your lashes bend more easily. And ...
Wacky Beauty Tips That Work Part 2
2008-05-22 07:07:00
6) Soften Your Bod with AvocadoTake a ripe avocado, remove the pit and skin, and mash it up in a bowl. Slather it all over your body, let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse off. Your skin will be sooo soft ? avocado is a natural moisturizer. 7) Super-Glue a NailInstead of tearing off your nail when it breaks, put a tiny dab of Super Glue over the split, and paint a generous layer of your favorite nailpolish shade over it. Go for an opaque option (like red, purple, or coral) to camouflage and seal the crack. 8) Use Makeup Remover on Stubborn LipstickDon't try to rub off red lipstick (which makes it smear across your mouth ? not so sexy). Instead, take a cotton ball or tissue, dip it in makeup remover, and just dab to erase the dark stain fast. 9) Tame Brows with Eye CreamPat any kind of rich eye cream over brows to help keep them hydrated and banish those icky white specks that look like dandruff. 10) Buff with Baking SodaIf you find yourself streaking (not glowing) after applying se...
Wacky Beauty Tips That Work Part 1
2008-05-22 07:05:00
Toothpaste on a zit? Vinegar in your hair? Some of that ridiculous-sounding advice you've heard in passing is really right on.You've been told this line before: "Okay, I know it's weird but...." What follows is a surprising piece of advice ? about anything from clearing up a zit to taming a flyaway ? that totally does the trick. Call it word-of-mouth beauty. Sure, these tips might sound strange at first ("You put diaper cream where?!"), but there's a logic to them. We rounded up tons of such pointers (from pros as well as real girls) and tested them at Cosmo. Though a few clunkers had to be kicked to the curb, all the rest, presented here, are real gems. 1) Powder Your RootsIf your hairline starts to look greasy, dig up a big, fluffy makeup brush, and dip it into a pot of loose powder. Tap it once on the back of your hand to remove the excess, then dust it over your roots. It mops up oil and blends into your strands, so no one will know you didn't shower. 2) Scent Strands with...
Jaya Needs some Good beauty tips to look more good from Aishwarya
2008-05-19 19:51:00
Jaya Needs some Good beauty tips to look more good from Aishwarya The Dressing way in the cannes of Bachan Family was not as good as Ash was looking cute more then her Sasu ? ma, As jaya weard an Green coloured dress,was looking very different why don?t understand that our Indian Saree is much better then any other this became an Small Issue so Jaya really need some Beauty & Dressing way tips from the Golden girl Ash, At last Ash was an Miss World Lucky girl.
Skin Truths Laid Bare ? Eat your Way to Radiance
2008-05-15 10:17:00
Contrary to popular belief, beauty is skin deep ? that radiant glow or lack of it tells the whole story of how healthy or not you are. Your skin is not just an organ that protects you from external elements, feels pain and pleasure and regulates your body temperature; it?s also a mirror that reflects what you eat ? healthy foods give you a lustrous look even without the application of cosmetics, while fatty foods loaded with processed starch, sugar and salt give you acne and make you look pasty and dull. Your skin is elastic, and the more birthdays you celebrate, the less this elasticity becomes. Nips and tucks and visits to the plastic surgeon?s office aside, you can look and feel young no matter what the date on your birth certificate says ? if you follow a sensible eating pattern throughout your life. Here?s what you need to do to get that glowing youthful look and keep it for a long, long time: Do... * Drink lots and lots of water to flush the toxins from your body keep you...
Fundamentals first: your right to a ?right? bra
2008-05-15 07:40:00
If there were a guidebook to sexiness, the way there are guidebooks to Pregnancy or Machhu Pichhu, it would begin with a chapter on the right fitting bra. If you are like the former ‘me’, you’ll probably rubbish all claims about the ‘right’ bra with the same amount of disdain that you usually show to claims ...
5 Beauty Tips and Secrets Every Woman Should Know
2008-05-07 18:06:00
Here are 5 indispensable beauty tips that can help you look fabulous at every age. Standing tall, feeling confident, believing in yourself -- these are all important ways to feel your best. But as... Lose Weight Pretty Fast|Look Fit|Weight losing Tips|Be Slim
Is Honey Beneficial For The Skin?
2008-04-27 22:13:00
Years ago honey was commonly used as substitute for sugar or a flavor enhancer but during the past 10 years it has become a main ingredient in one of the best skincare products and makeup products. Nowadays honey is widely used as medicine to treat allergies, anemia, fatigue and exhaustion, poor digestion etc. Due to ...
Your Personal Cosmetic Palette
2008-04-25 22:18:00
At this day in age, anyone and everyone can experiment with just about any kind of makeup - from the sultry smokey eye to shimmering lips. That said, there are still basic guidelines to follow according to skin tone, hair and eye color. In terms of foundation and powder, that is obviously a ... Related Entries: eBay Watch: PalettesThis weeks Yay or Nay is on palettes so I thought I'd continue the theme with a palette themed eBay ...Stila Smokey Eye Palette Before you roll your eyes and moan 'not another palette', let me tell you that this Stila Smokey Eye ...Hard Candy Mix Tape Makeup PaletteThere's ipod shuffles and CD compilations, but none of them can live up to the mix tape. They took hours ...How Do You Have The Right DentistIt depends what you want. Unlike medicine, which has a separate speciality of plastic surgery, the dental profession has no ... Tags: Clinique, Lancome, Makeup Tips, lipstick, foundation, cosmetics, Sephora, hair color, Lip Color,...
Elke?s 100 Beauty Tips
2008-04-23 22:10:00
Elke Von Freudenberg. Copyright © 2008 . Original article at Elke’s 100 Beauty Tips. Oh my readers are so lucky. Why? They get to download my 100 Beauty Tips Ebook. Free. Just 27 pages of my fav beauty tips and tricks…. How to get? Just subscribe to my blog via rss or email and the download link show up in the footer ...
Bath Melt Recipe from Try Beauty Tips
2008-04-22 23:11:00
Bath melts are made of butters and oils that, when added to the bath, melt and moisturize your skin.Ingredientsone part cocoa butterone part shea butterone part sweet almond oilDirections:Melt the cocoa butter and shea butter in the microwave or in the top of a double boiler. Mix in the sweet almond oil. Pour into small (approximately one ounce) molds. Wait until it solidifies. You can put it in the freezer if you want it to solidify faster.When you start your bath, put one bath melt in the tub. The hot water will melt it.If you do not want to use the little molds, pour the entire amount into a larger container like a bowl, the bottom of a milk carton, or a coffee can. When you want some for your bath, scoop out the desired amount with your fingers.If you have dry skin, you can use this mixture as a night lotion. It melts when you rub it on your hands or face. And the cocoa butter makes it smell like chocolate!Source:
Health Supplements
2008-04-09 16:54:00
Are you sure that you get the best nutrients in your foods everyday? There are foods that are not complete in vitamins and minerals. Dieting which we always avoid some kind of foods will deprive us from other nutrients because different foods have different composition that our body needs. Like me I swallow food supplement drug for my hair, nails and skin because I can not eat foods like dairy products and some kind of fruits that contains minerals like oxalate that will help form a stone in my kidney as I have UTI. I always buy at GNC Drugstore. Well anyway if you buy online you could avail of big discount and even free shipping if you buy more than $100. Avail of discount vitamins when shopping online with promo codes for Vita Cost,,, Whole Health Products and, you can find almost all of the natural drugs and most of them are alternative medicines.I also bought cream or soap to take good care of my skin. Exfoliating your skin will r...
April 3rd - This Day in History - Catch Up on Celebrity News, Beauty Tips &
2008-04-03 06:00:00
April 3rd - I’m so glad that Hell’s Kitchen is back! Chef Ramsey can be quite a toughy…but endure the wrath of him and you’ll be molded into an amazing chef. But as much as I’d love to chat about T.V., it’s time for our history lesson: 1953 - First Issue of T.V. Guide - My ...
Five Minute Makeup, Face Makeup Application tips in 5 minutes
2008-04-01 14:22:00
Here are the make-up tricks for You can apply it to the top lashes only if you like. Defining your eyebrows immediately gives your face more impact. Use powder applied with a brush or a sharp brow pencil. Just a touch of powder blush is all you need for a 5-minute make-up. The secret is to sweep ...
Summer Beauty Tips
2008-04-01 14:05:00
Wear Sunscreen: The number one rule of thumb when preparing for the hot sun is to lather up with sunscreen that has a SPF rating of 15 or higher to protect your beautiful skin from those treacherous sunrays 2. Use Bronzer: Tanning is out Bronzer is in, let’s face it in the summer the sun gives ...
Sexy Holiday Hair - Your questions answered!
2008-03-28 17:33:00
Sun, sea and sand, does wonders for boosting your mood, but it also does wonders at destroying your hair.  We’re all wising up to the fact that we need to slap on high factor sun cream to protect our skin, but how many of us remember to look after our locks?  You may love the suns power ...
Stay Slim without Sweating
2008-03-28 16:05:00
Stay slim without sweating is possible if you want to carve those fats out in your body using Liposuction. Many people especially the celebrities are hiding something. Yes they will tell you that they have a hard time losing their body fats using diet programs and tiresome exercise to show you that they have patience and perseverance but actually they used those many tubes in the private clinic to suck fats from their big ugly body. They mislead the public but that is the thing of the fast. Now they are proud to say that they have undergone such operation. They are proud because it means they have lots of money and they could afford such expensive procedure. Now there is a famous clinic in Beverly Hills, Los angles that offer liposuction and the clinic is managed by an expert where in fact he was interviewed in CNN and other well known TV shows. Doctor David M. Amron M.D. is a guru in this field. His revisional liposuction is different because he will not let his patient sleep when ...
True Romantics Think Pink
2008-03-28 15:39:00
As the days get longer and the evenings get brighter - I too reflect that change; by swapping my wintry warm orange toned blusher (it’s a lot less frightening than it sounds) for the softer, sweeter shade of pink. As I try to resist the urge of breaking out into Aerosmith’s Pink, let me tell ...
Nose Surgery in Los Angeles
2008-03-28 09:08:00
My classmate in college was having a make over for a lifetime. He was tired of seeing his flat nose that makes him a very typical Asian. We all knew that Asian's flaw is the form and size of our nose. We did not meet since college, but last year he went home for a reunion and I can see the difference. He worked there in United States as a caregiver for more than 10 years. Actually in terms of money, they have it even here in the Philippines so working for himself in United States was just for fun. I did not realize that he had a secret plan until he came last year. Well he did not deny that he did something to his nose because he said that it was really his dream to have a beautiful nose ever since. He told me about rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, CA which is very popular and even Hollywood actors are some of the customers there. He was categorized as Asian and operated under Ethnic Rhinoplasty. So I asked the website address and I saw that there are many operations sample done and mos...
Nose Lift Surgery
2008-03-28 08:37:00
As I have written before I am in favor of any surgery if you need it badly. In the Bible, there is a passage there that you could not change what God has given to you. Yes it might be true but did he give you the best one? Sorry but all are born not equal or maybe it is way how we look for beauty. Not all pointed nose or Caucasian noses are good to look at. There are noses that look like parrot's beak or witch's nose as we described. Asian noses are less pointed that some have small bone structures on them. Whatever it is, it depends on the trend and how people defined beauty. Another thing is if a person was a victim of accident and it causes it to deform, this needs special operation to regain confidence and of course to have a better image. Actors can also do this because they need to look good in camera. Businessmen as well are OK to have a surgery to enhance confidence in corporate ladder so to speak. But doing it for vanity is I think a big sin, but you have lots of money, w...
For FREE beauty tips and advice
2008-03-20 18:31:00
There are a lot of sites which provide free tips and advice on many topics, but there are a few which really give you honest advice and tips. As beauty or looks are important and a sensitive matter for all, sites with beauty tips are also in demand. I have selected some links where you ...
Best Beauty Tips For A Healthy And Natural Look
2008-03-19 00:00:00
‘Beauty is skin deep’, so goes the good old saying. But, that does not rob the charm of enhancing your looks. So, hey there, beauty conscious, there’s just no harm in having some of the best beauty tips up your sleeves. For looking and feeling beautiful is a sign of health and happiness. And in ...
Bridal Hair Video Demonstration
2008-03-11 05:49:00
Joe Carol’s Tolga Ackay creates an elegant up do with plenty of height and drama and teams it with rose petals and a beautiful tiara. Created by Atlantic Multimedia Ltd for Brides magazine. Go to for more inspiration. Advice on Marriage, Brides, Diamonds and Weddings. Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved. Sister sites: Raise Your ...
Heaven Scent: Smell like you mean it!
2008-03-07 16:40:00
You’re sat in front of your dressing table, going through the motions, perfecting that Hollywood glamour girl look for the big night in town. You’ve got it! The glossy curled hair, the thick lustrous lashes and the painted lips; but you’re not quite done yet, because there’s one last thing you need to put on ...
Easy makeup beauty tips
2008-03-06 11:03:00
Easy makeup beauty tips for real women. Look beautiful and feel great everyday.
Get Glamour Fast with this Bridal Hair Updo
2008-03-05 05:55:00
Joe Carol, one of London’s famous beauty salons, is giving us an interview and demonstration. Senior Designer Tolga Ackay creates an elegant up do with plenty of height and drama and teams it with rose petals and a beautiful tiara. It takes just half an hour to create this special hair do! Wow. Advice on ...
Beauty Tips for Teen Girls
2008-03-03 10:55:00
Perfect beauty is an elusive concept, but if you can feel good about yourself by enhancing your looks, you may find more joy in your life. Makeup and clothing is an issue for many teenage girls. Mineral makeup is the latest breakthrough in women's cosmetics. Most mineral makeup is safe for sensitive skin. It gives a natural "bare skin" appearance while evening out skin tone and covering up acne and blemishes. Many women deal with dry skin at some time during the year (usually winter). There are simple beauty tips you can follow to reduce the affects dry skin such as drinking plenty of water, avoid over-washing and taking vitamin E. Having clear, hydrated, glowing skin is a common goal among many women.Beautiful hands and nail care start with basics, and not having raggy, bleeding cuticles is a primary step in having presentable hands. Nail-biting usually starts in early childhood as a toddler with some people never outgrowing it, while others only return to an earlier to nail-bitin...
How to have Now Brows!
2008-02-29 18:51:00
They say the eyes are the windows to your soul; but if you ask any obsessive beauty buff, they’ll tell you that it’s the eyebrows that are the tantalizing gates that frame them!
Shahnaz Hussain Simple Beauty Tips...
2008-02-29 10:06:00
SHAHNAZ HUSSAIN BEAUTY TIPS: 1. Apply sandalwood paste on pimples and leave it overnight. 2. For acne / pimples, simmer neem leaves in water. Cool and strain the water and use it to wash the face. 3. For acne, make a paste of tulsi leaves and apply daily, washing it off after 20 minutes. 4. To cleanse pimple-prone skin mix two teaspoons each of cucumber juice, lemon juice and milk. Dip cotton
Eating For Beauty
2008-02-28 10:37:00
Macrobiotic eating A macrobiotic diet includes plant­based foods, limited amounts of white-fleshed fish, limited amounts of fruit, and very limited amounts of salt. Dairy products, eggs, foods with artificial ingredients, hot spices, mass-produced foods, meat, vegetables from the nightshade family (such as peppers, potatoes, and eggplant), poultry, some fish, shellfish, warm drinks, and refined foods ...
Lisa Shepherd on the Oscars
2008-02-27 13:11:00
We’ve already heard about who won what at the Oscars, but most people are more concerned with who wore what and most importantly what was everyone’s hair like. The 80th annual ceremony, held in Hollywood was all about glamour as the celebrities opted for splashes of red on outfits, lips and of course the carpet.  One-shoulder dresses ...
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